Ian tells Ashley no one would know if she gave him a h*** j** under the covers & he could help her out too.

POV Holder: Frank Next POV: Aug 18 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 20 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Shane Next HOH: Aug 13 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Boogie And Frank
Current Nominations: Boogie And Jenn
Have Nots No Have Nots This Week
Last Evicted Houseguest Wil
HOH temptations Britney Safe this week, Boogie gets 10grand


11:30am Frank, Boogie and Ashley head into the kitchen to make breakfast. Dan is in the arcade room reading the bible. Ashley says that she had to ask for early stipend just to pay her bills and says that her parents who had no means to help her said that maybe she shouldn’t because it will look like you are too greedy and they might cut you. Big Brother cuts the live feeds.

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11:50am – 12pm Ian is out in the backyard talking to Dan. Ian tells Dan that Joe is supposed to give them an answer today about who he is working with. Dan says that no one will figure it out and no one will rat you out. Ian says that we will just blame Joe, no one will believe Joe, right? Ian says that Joe’s word dirt. Dan tells Ian that he will be fine as long as he doesn’t sell incriminate himself. Ian says oh no I wouldn’t, I just feel dirty. Ian says that he just feels bad about it and that he had to talk to Britney about it last night. Dan says that he would pay to see Ian’s diary room message. Ian says that it won’t be mean. Ashley joins Ian on the hammock. Ian brings up how Britney asked her to get his batteries because he had morning wood. Ashley tells him that Joe had wood out here on the lounger. Ashley then tells Ian about how Britney caught Joe mastu*bating. Ashley says that she is having that problem too, all the blood rushing down there.. Ian tells her that he can help her out with that and that maybe she can help him out with it too. Ashley says Ian!? Ian tells her that no one would know if she just gave him a H*** j** under the covers. Ashley says that they could still tell. Ian goes to leave and tells her to consider that offer.
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12:20pm – 12:30pm Joe is up in the HOH room talking to Shane. Joe says that the funny thing is that they wanted to know my answer by noon and I woke up at noon. Joe says that Boogie said in the last few days he has talked to Ashley on a gaming level and that she not airy or dumb. Joe says that they also threw Ian under the bus saying that he is fraternizing with the other side. Joe says that Boogie said that Ian is on their sh*t list. Joe says what is funny is that is that they are telling me everything. Joe says what is great is we can use Ian for a vote and pretend to bring him in to our alliance. Shane says we should do that. Joe says that they threw Jenn under the bus too, saying that she has no social game, she hasn’t won any competitions, she can’t win anything. Shane tells Joe to tell Jenn that. Joe says that is the first time I have seen him throw her under the bus. Shane says that we can use that as ammunition. Joe says that once I heard that Ashley is with then 100% and Ian is wishy washy… I am not with them. Joe says he is going to head down stairs and if you hear anything its because I told them no DEAL! I am going to make it a public affair… Shane says that he wants to see that!


12:30pm Joe and Ashley go into the have-not room to talk. Joe says that obviously the lines are drawn and I am just going to say it how it is…. I talked to them last night. I can’t just make a one week deal, I want to ride to the end, if we lose, we lose. It comes down to what side you want to be on and who you want to be with. Ashley agrees and says that she wants that too. Ashley says that is why she talked to him and wanted him to know that she didn’t cheat and that she wanted the noms to stay the same anyways. Ashley says that she is picking Frank and Boogie’s team. She says that she thinks she is nothing to them (Shane, Danielle, Dan and Britney) Joe says that he is going to make a decision today, as it stands he needs to talk to Boogie one more time. He says that he has a few more questions for him about the he said, she said sh*t. Ashley says we are in the best position in this house. Ashley tells Joe that if Jenn stays in the game she is out for blood for you. Joe says yeah and I don’t know why. Ashley tells Joe that even if he goes to that side she still wants to be friends with them. Joe says if Boogie goes that means there is only one more week before we aren’t safe. Ashley says yeah that’s the thing, we are targets if he goes. Joe says that he thinks he had a panic attack yesterday. Joe says talks about the cheating and tells her that if he thought they cheated he would have told someone, cheating is cheating. They call it advice, but cheating is cheating, it’s the same thing.


1pm Joe, Frank, Boogie, Ashley and Jenn are out on the backyard couch talking about random stuff. Britney, Ian and Dan over by the pool telling personal stories from school. Joe goes to the bathroom and tells Danielle that he talked to Ashley about how she is 1005 with Boogies team. Danielle asks well who is she voting for. Joe says that she is voting out Jenn. Danielle asks are you serious. Joe says that he is going to tell them NO DEAL! Joe says that Frank just told him outside that if Dan goes home Shane wants to work with Frank. Danielle asks if he has told Shane that yet? Joe says no he just told me. They talk about how they need to tell Britney that Ashley is with them 100% so she needs to be careful. Danielle says that she knew Ashley would do that. Joe says that they threw Ian & Jenn under the bus so we now have ammo to use against them.


1:20pm – 1:40pm Jenn, Frank and Boogie are talking on the couch. Jenn says if you happen to stay this week it is going to be a murder scene. Frank and Boogie say that it is going to be a murder scene either way. Jenn says that she can’t wait to talk to Shane too. Fu*king Di*k! Jenn says that she blames Dan for getting her nominated. Frank says that they are already sweating, we need to win HOH and go at them. They talk about how they see that Britney is trying to distance herself from any responsibility. Joe heads out by the pool and then after a bit he heads inside with Britney. They go to the bathroom and Joe tells Britney and Danielle about how he is going to tell them no deal. Joe heads back outside. Britney tells Danielle that they haven’t even talked to her yet. She says that she will bring up how she heard they brought up her name in the living room the other day. Danielle and Britney head out to the pool.

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2pm Joe and Jenn go into the arcade room to talk. Jenn says that it’s tough to go up against Boogie, even though she has been told she is the pawn. Jenn tells Joe to keep in mind that Boogie has been here before and that she is a fighter and wants to be here. Jenn says that she will stay true to her word. She says that Boogie has won the money and has a child at home to get back too. Joe says that he will leave you with this; it is absolutely I have not said anything in hell about you, and without a shadow of a doubt that you will not have my vote on Thursday (you will stay). He is not voting her out and she does not have to ever worry about it. They hug.


2:10pm Jenn and Danielle are in the storage room. Jenn says that she knows that Danielle knew she was going up on the block. Danielle says that she heard that she might be, but that she didn’t know for sure and thought that someone else was going up. Jenn says that she remembers a day when they told each other that they would tell each other if they were going up. I know you knew, I just had a feeling! Danielle denies it and says that she has her back and really didn’t think she would go up. She says that she even went up and asked Shane what the hell. Jenn says that Shane had other options and that he just made a brand new target from me. I can win stuff and I have a tight social game! Danielle tells her that she has her back and that she will not vote her out. Danielle tells her that she really likes her and wants to be her friend. Danielle says that if you go out there talking about me then we will have a problem. Jenn says that people have seen a new Jenn and I will continue to be like this, I am fired up! Jenn says and to be up against Boogie he has gotten out of worse situations so I know I am not safe as the pawn. Danielle starts crying and says that she wont vote her out, I wont put you up and if you and I were in the final 2 I would be happy if you won. Jenn says that she was asleep the first while because I didn’t need to be fired up and now I am. Jenn ask I need you vote. Danielle says that she has it. Danielle asks are you going to be coming after me? Jenn says I don’t want too, I feel like I have bigger things to go after than you. Danielle tells Jenn she had her vote, Britney’s and Dans vote. They hug it out and leave the room.


2:25pm – 2:40pm Joe, Shane and Dan are up in the HOH room. Joe is telling Dan and Shane all about his conversations with Frank and Boogie. Joe tells them that Frank and Boogie are going to be pissed at me because I made them expose all their secrets to me and got them to expose Ashley too. Joe talks about how they exposed Ian too for fraternizing with both teams and that he can’t be trusted. They talk about using Ian but knowing they can’t trust him. Joe says that last night Boogie was telling me Restaurants, Restaurants, Restaurants. Dan tells Joe that Boogie won’t help you with anything outside this game. Danielle comes up and tells them that she had a talk with Jenn and that things are better. Joe says that when Frank and Boogie talk to him again he will tell them no deal! They talk about how Joe will tell Jenn that Ashley is campaigning against her right now and when Jenn finds out she is going to blow up! Shane says that they will name their new alliance “The Head Hunters” (Dan, Joe, Danielle, Shane and Britney)

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2:45pm – 2:50pm Dan and Jenn go into the storage room. Dan tells her that she should know she has his vote. Jenn says that she knows Boogie and that she knows it is something he can pull off. She says that she is concerned that she is not just a straight up pawn. I get pissed and then I chill out. She brings up that Boogie does not need the money he drives a Bentley. Dan tells her that if he wins she is untouchable. I will not come after you or vote you out. Dan says that you never did anything against me and you did say that you said that I was dangerous but you told me you said that. Dan says no matter what you have my vote and there is no way I would change that even if it was 7 votes to other way. Dan says I will do whatever it takes to keep you in this game and up against him are you kidding me?! Jenn says that its hard because she is up against Boogie who has done this before and has a partner in crime. Dan tells her that after this week is over you will have options because both sides will be pulling at you. They hug and leave the room.


2:55pm Ian and Danielle are in the storage room. Ian says that Frank came up to him and told him that someone told him his vote is up in the air. Ian asks do you know who would have said that? Danielle says no, it must have been Joe. Danielle tells him that she would never do that to him and that they have his back. They leave the room. In the kicks room Frank and Boogie are talking. They talk about how Joe is trying to fu*k with Ian and how they will confront him about it after Thursday because they don’t want to lose his vote.


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199 thoughts on “Ian tells Ashley no one would know if she gave him a h*** j** under the covers & he could help her out too.

  1. Has Ashley become the House Wh0re? Frank, Boogie and Ian…something tells me if Ian gets HOH Ashley would take him up on the offer…

    I’m going back to catching up here…

    1. @ ‘Dark Horse’…where have you been? You’re actually one of my favorite posters here besides ‘Eric CA’, ‘SK’,’WW’, and ‘Eripaul’. Welcome come back!

      1. Hey there & thanks!

        I’ve been trying to catch up…but the title of this thread caught my attention so I had to read it quick, comment then continue to catch up…but I’m back!

        I need to catch up on comments too…

    2. i agree .. first on the whore part … second taking Ian up on his purposal and third… right after Ian puts her on the block… rub rub ..chop chop ….lol

    3. if that was boogie or frank asking Ashley for a hand job, everyone on this board would be up in arms and demand production for boogie or frank to be DQ evicted. what is the fascination with Ian? this dirtbag is no different than boogie. he comes off on the feeds looking really serial killer creepy. the other side of the house opposite boogie and frank are social idiots. why in the hell is Joe giving word for word conversations he had with frank and boogie to dan, britney, shane and danielle? this is BB not truth or dare. everyone is going around giving detail information about each others conversations. holding information is a vital component in the game, but giving away information about conversations to everyone in the house is flat-out stupid.

  2. Here is the goodbye message for Boogie.

    Ian : Brrring!
    Dan : Hello, Ian.
    Ian : yeah.
    Dan : It’s Dan.
    Ian : Hey!
    Dan : Check this out!
    Ian : Let me hear.
    Dan : Boogie is going home, F/B still think I am the one who sold them out. Is that true?
    Ian : No, I did.

      1. actually i think it is perfect and what ian and dan should do… after all it is the ultimate insult to boogie to have a message like that aimed at him

          1. Totally, and Dan and Ian should totally do that because they’re pure class, what with their bible reading and asking girls for handjobs and lying saying how awful it is to drag people’s names through the mud and they don’t do that. And then two seconds later they talk about Boogie getting Botox or Frank’s hair–personal things, but they’re so classy when they do it.

            I guess most of the posters here drink tea with their pinkies in the air. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: if you’re a guy and you’re rooting for Shane and Dan in this game–and you’re not a San Franciscan–you seriously need to reach down your shorts and make sure your peaches are still there.

      This one is for you:
      Here is the goodbye message for Jenn.

      Frank : Brrring!
      Boogie : Hello, Frank.
      Frank : yeah.
      Boogie : It’s Boogie.
      Frank : Hey!
      Boogie : Check this out!
      Frank : Let me hear.
      Boogie : Jenn is going home, Everybody thinks I’m going home but they all voted to evicted Jenn instead.
      Frank : No, Really.

      Double Eviction
      Here is the goodbye message for Dan.

      Frank : Brrring!
      Boogie : Hello, Frank.
      Frank : yeah.
      Boogie : It’s Boogie.
      Frank : Hey!
      Boogie : Check this out!
      Frank : Let me hear.
      Boogie : Dan is going to Jury House, Everybody thinks We working for Shane.
      Frank : No, Really.

      Like it!

      1. dude think of something orginal to say please you have posted the same post like four times you love boogie we get it uncle jerry

    2. well i love it … as for what whats his face saying stop steal their lines… in reality it was only funny when dr will said it .. and brought booger by for his PUPPET…..LOL.. where have i heard that before … bottom line also …. booger is a looser just like his first season … and the ONLY reason he got to the end in all star was because of Dr Will .. sure want himself …

  3. Had to change my name from Jo Jo for obvious reasons. Ian is scary, he might flip his vote if he can get that hand-job from Ashley, or he might change his vote to try and “out” Joe, who he really fking hates. I won’t count out anything until the vote Thursday…not as easy as it was supposed to be!!

    1. This is true.

      And now that you mentioned it remember how Natalie was so obsessed with Matty…

      While Danielle is obsessed with Shane…oh and Janelle, Trey, Kara, etc…

      The sexual seasons seem to have a stalker personality as a houseguest…

  4. Frank (to Boogie)- “If we are sitting at the end we BOTH should get 500k”

    Later, Boogie to Frank “I should tell Joe when I get out lot’s of Food Magazines will be wanting to interview me (REALLY BOOGIE? I read a lot of Food & Wine mags and have NEVER seen even a mention of him), and I can either portray you in a good light or more or less trash you”

    Let’s not forget all the “What have they done for US?” crap.

    For real, who do these 2 think they are? I realize this is Big Brother but I have to honestly say I don’t think I have ever seen 2 people with more deluded self image than these 2. They actually genuinely think the rest of the players OWE them a win. It is crazy!

    1. Yes, Boogie’s going to help everyone out with all his Hollywood connections: Joe with his cooking, Jenn’s band, Shane with modelling, etc. etc. Didn’t realize he’s such a hotshot – NOT !!

      1. Considering the fact that they are only living in their fantasy world, yes Boogie has a lot of restaurant clout – haha. If embezzelment = success then, yes, he can certainly help you. And if clout = ego, he’s got your back. If he has so much clout, why doesn’t he have any money anymore? Maybe he should use his clout to help himself out first because we all KNOW he isn’t about himself at all.

    1. losing your virginity can be anywhere, for a guy….. Lots of guys lost theirs in an alley, some in a urinal … true story

  5. PIMP!!!! lol that is awesome….i can see ian walking away, well consider the offer….how about that ashley? thinking she has a role now? that would be awesome if she gave ian a handjob and ian still voted boogie out….lol, well let’s see everybody is up in the house except for dani….she is probly having dreams about fairies and butterflies

    1. that would be CLASSIC , and she like all other dumb women who fall for men’s lines and spread their legs……….

      Ashley: Ian? you didn’t vote for Boogie, after what I did?
      Ian: what?, did you think I was gonna do your bidding for just a HJ did you?
      Ashley: ??
      Ian You did, didn’t you? You forgot I may be a nerd, but Im not stupid, should’ve put it in your mouth
      Ashley: Ian how could you?
      Ian: Bitch I’m P.I.M.P

  6. Hopefully Ashley will be able to figure out that
    this would be a good time to make sure Ian votes
    to keep Boogie (and without giving Ian any ‘benefits’
    for voting her way).

  7. Boogie:Ring, Ring, Ring
    Frank: Hello
    Boogie:Frank, It’s me Mike
    Frank: What’s up
    Boogie:I was nominate on the block & you won POV and I still pissed off to everyone. But all voted to get rid of Jenn
    Frank:I know right
    Boogie:Well, They ignore me & go against Jenn

    1. Boogie: Ring Ring Ring
      Captain Wedgie: Oh me so happy, me love you long time Mr. Boogie
      Frank: Wtf Mike, I thought we had a thing goin on yo
      Boogie: I’m man enough, let’s menage this biatch
      Captain Wedgie: No Boogie, me your number one fan, me don’t want to share
      Boogie: If you wanna roll with chilltown you gotta be a team player
      Frank: Yeah fker, what the k!! Team player yo!!
      Captain Wedgie: Ok Mr Boogie, me give in…anything for you big boy
      Boogie: Damn straight, nobody says no to the big dog!!!

      and the beat goes on……………

      1. The Voices In EricMoonless Head says:
        20.1August 21, 2012 at 1:24 pm
        Dan: Ring Ring Ring
        EricMoonless Head: Oh me so happy, me love you long time Dan
        Ian: Wtf Dan, I thought we had a thing goin on yo
        Dan: I’m man enough, let’s menage this biatch
        EricMoonless: No Dan, me your number one fan, me don’t want to share
        Dan: If you wanna roll with Renegades you gotta be a team player
        Ian: Yeah fker, what the k!! Team player yo!!
        EricMoonless: Ok Dan, me give in…anything for you big boy
        Dan: Damn straight, nobody says no to the big dog!!!

        and the beat goes on……………

        1. Stealing my name now Captain? Can’t even fix the typos when you copy & paste? Tff lamer. Now go get that menage that’s waiting for you dude. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

          1. I think Captain Wedgie is actually Boogie’s blogger name. I have never heard someone so into themselves and self-assured that his word, just by virtue of saying it, will make it happen. So far, he is batting about -.001 on his predictions.

            1. I agree with you! You said that:
              JJH says:
     21, 2012 at 2:34 pm
              I think EricMoonLess is actually Dan’s blogger name. I have never heard someone so into themselves and self-assured that his word, just by virtue of saying it, will make it happen. So far, he is batting about -.001 on his predictions.
              I absolutely agree with you. EricMoonLess batting about -.001

              1. I love how you don’t have an original thought in your head. You just steal other people’s ideas, copy/paste, change a name and suddenly you think you are original and funny. And stealing screen names and impersonating people is just low. Now I see why you like Boogie so much. Two thieves.

                1. @JJH, I don’t know what are you talking about! The original voices in the whoever just said thar. I didn’t copy & paste and impersonate someone. Whoever did this is not cool.

    1. if Ashley was a good judge of character she would not have gotten involved with a guy who was trying to get her into porn

  8. LOL @ the conversation between Ian and Ashley about
    choking the chicken, aka, spanking the monkey.

    That took balls, Ian gets my respect for that!

  9. Ashley just made the most sense in conversation w/ Joe and I don’t think he gets it at all. Joe you are joining an alliance where you are sixth in line. Wake up!

    1. I agree, I know it looks like she’s joining a sinking ship but the reasoning behind it makes sense. She can see DDBS are tight and she’d be fifth,sixth or seventh. But with Frank/ Boogie she’ll be 3rd if Boogie survives.
      She’s probably nothing to BOTH sides but she’s picking a side where she’s higher up. She’s doing what looks best for her game, unfortunately Boogs is going home and her alliance will be annihilated and she’ll be gone in a few weeks.
      Well even if she had chosen DDBS she’ll still be gone in a few weeks. It’s a lose-lose for her.

  10. team 10k….i hope u r a female…because if you are not…i think u have a mancrush on frank…..u already have to be questoned because u r cheering for a guy that pays old men for sexual favors

    1. I’m a male, and no…Btw, that is a flase claim, that lawsuit wasn’t filed until Mike entering the BB House–extorition…

      I like entertainment is why I’m supporting Mike/Frank…The quack pack and rainman(Ian), just aren’t good tv to me…I’ll still watch because I’m a fan of the show, but after Mik/Frank, the entertainment level drops off…

      1. Joe should definitely join the Boogie/Frank/Ashley
        alliance so Joe can move up 2 people on the “food-

        (In Quack Pack+Ian, Joe is #6.)

        (In Snack Pack, Boogie, Frank, Ashley, Joe is #4.)

        If Ian leaves Quack Pack to be in Snack Pack (where
        Ashley is), Joe would still be no lower than #5 in the
        Snack Pack.

        And if Joe stays in Quack Pack and Ian goes to
        Snack Pack, Joe would still only advance to #5 in
        Quack Pack.

      2. Yeah just to be factual, I read about the lawsuit way before Mike went into the BB house.
        (I just googled and a lot of the sites with the story are dated in the beginning of August of 2011, FYI).

      3. What they should do is –
        “Ringgggg…..wow this bit is pretty played out isn’t it?”, and mime texting each other instead.
        Maybe then old man Boog would realize he needs to grow up and stop trying to live in the past.

  11. Oh yea. Once joe talks to jenn this whole thing is going to blow up in boogie, Ashley and franks face. Ashley just dug her own grave. She may be a floater but she just had her raft burst. So now it will be Ashley and frank vs the house. If your going to be a floater then just keep your mouth shut and hide behind the big boys.

    1. First of all Jenn already knows that Boogie is going to campaign against her. Boogie told her point blank and she was ok with it. Second Jenn can’t stand Joe at the moment so if he tells her anything she won’t believe to much and may think it’s coming from upstairs making her anger worse to the point where she blows up on all of them and ruins Joe’s game with the crew that hides upstairs all day.

    2. @Mike.That’s what I’m waiting for.Joe needs to go and tell Jenn every bad thing that Boogie&Frank said about her.Then he needs to make it clear that Ashley is voting to evict her and keep Boogie.But Jenn might be that stupid to still be buddy buddy with Boogie,Frank&Ashley.I mean we all saw how she’s acting a fool because she was put on the block.That girl is obviously dumb as rocks to think she’s the target.

      1. No kidding. Her “how DARE you put me up?” attitude is already wearing thin. She has done nothing but sleep until the day she is on the block. I assume, that since she knows nothing about the game, she thought that was the proper way to play (i.e. not play) and now she is all out going after people and acting like they should have her back. What has she done for anyone in the house? The best thing is that Boogie is going home and she will only have Ashley (useless) and Frank, who couldn’t give a damn about her except her vote. He would toss her to the sharks in a second. Poor Jenn (is that the tattooed ghost?) is going to miserable because she now has to do some actual work instead of waiting for someone to write her a check for just sitting there. Oh, I forgot, she is going to be rich anyway because BB keeps promoting her band so hard that she will be touring the country with Aerosmith the week after BB is over. haha

  12. Even if Joe does vote to evict Jenn, they will not get the 4th vote they need from Ian. Ian is going to be the reason Boogie leaves and i can’t wait to see Boogie’s reaction to the goodbye tape from Ian. However if Ian wants to be truly evil, he should vote to evict Jenn. That way even if Joe votes to evict Boogie, Ian could blame it on him or if they both vote to evict Jenn that would cause chaos in the house. I want to see one of these 3 scenarios happen so bad.

    1. Agree with all of that. Still think Joe is moron when it comes to this game. All he wants is to feel a part of something.

  13. ashley is brainwashed plain and simple….boogie brainwashed…..ashley has dated older men in the past, she dated an older man involved with pornos….so we all know ashley would do anything for money, she even said she needs her stipend early….joe is not goin to fold…..he is not stupid…..shane’s alliance can protect him longer….shane will get out, frank, jenn, and ashley….leaving joe til the final six….there are more people to win comps on shanes alliance….and u never know by then joe could step his game up….shane and joe have been bonding lately….joe is not stupid….he knows boogie is manipulating everybody….difference is…shane is honest, boogie is lying , how low do u have to be, to start bashing peoples character ….dans wife, dans religion, and now shane, i think its funny when they do it about danielle….becuase she deserves it….but boogie is the biggest hyprocrite in the house…lets not forget hes facing prison time for robbing innocent people of their money

  14. my predictions

    boogie will be voted out but he will return back to the house because the next hoh who wins will open pandoras box …… expect the unexpected ……

    1. I wonder how much arm twisting it will take for AG to get Shane to open Pandora’s box. In his position, I would not open it because we KNOW it is a setup to get AG’s favorites back into the game. DON’T DO IT. Last year it happened to help my favorites but I still didn’t like the meddling. PLAY THE GAME, not the production!

  15. Here is the goodbye message for Jenn.

    Frank : Brrring!
    Boogie : Hello, Frank.
    Frank : yeah.
    Boogie : It’s Boogie.
    Frank : Hey!
    Boogie : Check this out!
    Frank : Let me hear.
    Boogie : Jenn is going home, Everybody thinks I’m going home but they all voted to evicted Jenn instead.
    Frank : No, Really.

    1. Captainwedgiearchnemisis: Brrring!
      Captainwedgiearchnemisis: Hello, myself?
      Captainwedgiearchnemisis: yeah.
      Captainwedgiearchnemisis: It’s me.
      Captainwedgiearchnemisis: Hey!
      Captainwedgiearchnemisis: Check this out!
      Captainwedgiearchnemisis: Let me hear.
      Captainwedgiearchnemisis: I don’t know anything about this game except to demand on a blog that everyone do as me say. I am 100% correct at all times and no one can argue with me because me have the fact in me head that come from the voices God gave to prove me 100% true fact.
      Captainwedgiearchnemisis: No, Really.
      Captainwedgiearchnemisis: Yes, Really.
      Captainwedgiearchnemisis: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

      1. @JJH, Good one but not good enough!
        JJH:It’s me.
        JJH:Check this out!
        JJH:Let’s here it
        JJH:I’m making fun of myself & the captain agrees with me that i’m not 100% correct. I also worry that my beloved Dan or Shane will be out of the door thanks to Frank.
        JJH: No, Really!
        JJH: Yes, Really!
        Sorry Simon about the Caps!

  16. Boogie:Ring, Ring, Ring
    Frank: Hello
    Boogie:Frank, It’s me Boogie
    Frank: What’s up
    Boogie:We were nominated to go on the block & you won POV.
    Frank:I know right
    Boogie:I was outplayed by Dan and now I am going home. See you next week.
    Frank & Boogie:boohooohooohooohooo!

    1. not ture is at least worth a hand jibber to Ian. Aslo read this page for years just started posting today so great job guys keep up the great work!

  17. Whose side is Joe really on? Ian wants to be known as the biggest bad guy in BB history, and he just may flip and go against SBDD.

    1. He’s on whichever side that can help him in the moment. I do love that he is sick of Boogie and Frank’s arrogance and is also playing them. F/B think they know exactly what he is doing but they don’t have a clue. I keep hoping he will get in their faces – we really need someone to call them out and Joe will play just as dirty as they will. I would LOVE to watch that.

  18. Here is the goodbye message for Dan.

    Frank : Brrring!
    Boogie : Hello, Frank.
    Frank : yeah.
    Boogie : It’s Boogie.
    Frank : Hey!
    Boogie : Check this out!
    Frank : Let me hear.
    Boogie : Dan is going to Jury House, Everybody thinks We working for Shane.
    Frank : No, Really.

  19. Ack! The thought of Ian offering Ashley a little diddle under the covers and asking for a little wank in return, makes me want to vomit a little.

    I mean, I give the guy credit (I guess) for trying….but ick. Just ick.

  20. Ian may be a nerd, but he will be a wealthy nerd within a few years. Homeboy is going to be a chemical engineer.

    As far as Frank aka Carrot Top is concerned, he is unemployed, ignorant, and will probably only be able to offer a woman a double wide trailor and a few blunts.

    Ashley should go for Ian. That may be her only chance at getting with someone who isn’t white trash.

  21. Hey, can anyone explain something to me? What happened during the draw in the last veto competition with Frank and the houseguest choice? Today I read it on Wikipedia as a controversy and I don´t really get it. Just for the record, English is not my mother tongue so that´s why I decided to ask you guys.

    1. Frank palmed the HG choice chip, so it would seem like they picked it twice.. making sure everybody who played sucked in comps… I’m sure Production will cut that ll gem to hide it

    1. HaHaHaHaHa Ok, it does seem ‘wrong’, but no more
      ‘wrong’ than the men using Danielle’s emotions to
      manipulate her.

      Ashley could probably even tell Ian that the hand-job
      will be at the end of the season, after Ian has voted
      the way Ashley wants EVERY TIME from now on, up
      to and including in the jury if they are there. HAHAHA

      1. A Handjob offer, AFTER the season, yea someone as awkward as Ian could fall for that, but me, “suck my dick, now I’ll vote however you want as long as you’re sucking my dick afterwards” No compromise, Not givin up 500k as easy as ashley’s leg spread

  22. I am so tired of frank, boogie, Britney and Ian!! Britney and Ian are playing both sides and frank and boogie are horrible with there mouths and the attitudes! I’m sorry but boogie should be kicked out for what he said about dans wife! To think the dr thought it was a good comment disgusts me! I don’t think he would like it of they said something about his kid, but to almost imply f***ing his wife is beyond acceptable, no wonder he has so many lawsuits can’t keep his mouth or zipper closed!! I hope he leaves if this is how CBS thinks the game is played its not!! I wish his wife would call then out on it!!

  23. Advice? So was the POV an elimation challenge? Let’s say Boogs got eliminated & he began to coach Frank. So freaking what?!

    Rachel did it w Brendon on her season and last season.

    Ian was “giving advice” to Boogie in the last POV too.

    Wasn’t an issue before but because Frank pulled out a win it is?

    Oh right, this is all coming from Joe & the rest, who have never watched a season of BB in their lives.

  24. The Voices In EricMoonless Head says:
    20.1August 21, 2012 at 1:24 pm
    Dan: Ring Ring Ring
    EricMoonless Head: Oh me so happy, me love you long time Dan
    Ian: Wtf Dan, I thought we had a thing goin on yo
    Dan: I’m man enough, let’s menage this biatch
    EricMoonless: No Dan, me your number one fan, me don’t want to share
    Dan: If you wanna roll with Renegades you gotta be a team player
    Ian: Yeah fker, what the k!! Team player yo!!
    EricMoonless: Ok Dan, me give in…anything for you big boy
    Dan: Damn straight, nobody says no to the big dog!!!

    and the beat goes on……………

  25. I read a comment earlier today that the Quack Pack
    is in the process of falling apart (or words to that

    It would be really funny if Dan and Britney both
    voted to keep Boogie.


    Ashley: Let’s do it under the covers, you first.
    Ian: OK
    Ashley: Eek, what is that?
    Ian: It’s Saran Wrap, I heard you starred in a porn
    movie and I didn’t want to catch any communicable
    diseases, so I using it as a barrier between your
    vagina and my fingers.
    Ashley: Kool, that makes sense.
    Ian:Which part is your vagina?
    Ashley: All of it down there is.
    Ian: Which part do you want me to touch?
    Ashley: Never mind Ian, I’ll use Janelle’s dildo
    later, I’ll do you now.
    Ian: What do I do?
    Ashley: Nothing, I’ll do it all for you.
    Ian: You are like stink on shit.
    Ashley: Ian, get the hell out of my bed!
    Ian: Not in the foreseeable future, you are going
    to give me a happy ending bitch.


    1. ROLMFAO that’s right don’t stink flesh into things when you don’t know where it’s been…. Finger might fall off

  27. Ian should have asked Danielle for the HJ because she is desperate for attention, too bad Ian isn’t even attracted to her…

  28. wow, danielle makes every conversation about her somehow, no matter what the conversation is, she makes it about her…when will she be voted out it needs to be ASAP..i can not take it anymore….her voice is so annoying,,,,when she repeats what people tell her on the live feeds, it is so annoying, “and oh my god jennw ouldnt even talk to me when i asked her what she was drinking, she like slammed the microwave in my face, she seriously almost hit me” umm maybe because she knew u were just making small talk and that u could care less about her or what she was dirinking u dumb bimbo

    1. I’ve been away from the BBAD for a while and, since the comments about her have died down, I thought she must be laying low or something. Boy, will she be steamed when she finds out the F/B nominations took away most of her screen/whining time. Unfortunately for her, B/F’s “look at me” attitude blew her off the map this week.

  29. Ugh. I cant stand seeing people think theyre cool because theyre rolling w the in crowd.

    Joe is making me sick, as well as Ian.

    These players truly are dumb.

    An alliance of what 6 people now? How many more are they going to recruit?

    The whole entire house cannot be a freaking alliance.

    How long before these idiots realize that taking Boogie out is a mistake. I give it a week.

    They always take someone out of the game & then not 5 minutes later, huddle and talk about how they shouldn’t have did it and how much they regret it.

    These people are playing the safest scared game I have ever seen in BB. I truly cannot believe it. Where are the risks?

    1. Excellent points.

      And the saddest part is that individually, all 4 of the
      Quack Pack house guests have made a comment about
      they will be a target as soon as Boogie and Frank are
      gone. But, they don’t seem to be able to hold onto
      that thought long enough to figure out that they are
      screwing themselves by sending Boogie out.

    2. I feel the same way. absolutely no strategy in this season with this group of monkeys. everyone is going around confessing conversations to each other. frank and boogie are the only ones playing with strategy. Ian and Joe can’t even figure out how well they can position themselves in the game if they take the opportunity, and weigh in the options in having the bigger targets in the game still in the house (frank & boogie).

      1. It reminds me of playing video games with people who mash buttons. The button mashers will win a few games but will end up losing a lot more than they win.

    3. The are always “so sorry” they evicted someone because they want to claim it wasn’t them but someone else who was responsible (i.e. Brittany), even to the point of throwing her own alliance members under the bus. Once the nominations came down, you would think she never even HEARD of Shane, much less talked to or planned with him. She has no spine at all and thinks she will be able to float under the radar with this explanation but, just like last time, she will get played and evicted because she truly has no guts and is afraid of everyone or anyone talking about her.

      I don’t really mind the big alliance right now because they are getting rid of the biggest thorn in everyone’s sides – Frankenboogie. After that, they will go after each other and, usually, the plan is to try to get to the final 3 with at least one floater, so Jenn/Ashley might be around a while. But, it will sure be fun when the alliance explodes. We all know that Brittany can have a mouth on her (usually a cowardly one – not to anyone’s face but behind their back) but, when she gets screwed over, she will be calling names and selling people out like there is no tomorrow. Jenn will get all *gangster* on everyone even though she is about as threatening as a mouse. Danielle will cry that everyone is calling her fat/didn’t see her fall down/won’t talk to her/won’t let her sleep with them/don’t understand that she loves Trey even though she sleeps with Shane & their love is pure (shout out to Hayden, who is in love with me and will propose to me when he comes to the finale, etc.

  30. Alright Ian Get some! Ona serious note, stay away from Big Brother Network. They’re yanking non-offensive comments and banning people for nothing when their opinion doesn’t agree with thiers.

  31. Joe wants to be with the “popular kids” in the house…Just my 2 cents, but if Joe were to flip to keep Mike, I really do believe Ian would flip too…Right now, it seems Joe just wants to be liked by the people in power…Joe goes a lot further in this games, in fact, I would say M/F/A would take Ian out before him because they’re going to feel they owe Joe…Ian is still playing a 2 face game and will be gone soon because of it…

    Britney, Dan, and Shane were trashing Ian last night in the HoH room…

    1. Ian and Joe flip weekly. Next week they will both be where the power is.

      I can’t believe Joe feels no indebtedness to Frank and Boogie for ensuring his safety last week.
      Yes they put him on the block, but they told him he was safe, and as with everything F&B do…they kept their word.

      1. Keep their word? Hardly. They were going to put up Shane and Dan even though they were in an alliance. Boogie even admitted that they pulled the trigger first and he got played.

  32. If willie was not such an agressive dumbass he couild have done well in the game, but like brian , he played too hard , too fast but unlike brian he did not respect the game

  33. Why do so many people like Ian?

    This guy is going to grow into some weird child molester as he gets older based on how he acts in the house. True weirdo…

  34. yoyoyoyoyoyo, i taught my boy ian to be a pimp like me, and when he is done with ashley he can scum bag her, yoyoyoyo, someone stole my fuba shirt!

  35. This house is about to blow up I dont think they will be getting any booze anytime soon. Its only a matter of time before Joe’s back and forth and Ian double cross get back to Boogie and let Eagle eye hear about Ian he is running to tell F/B.

  36. Simon, are you having trouble with your website?
    I come on hear and post keep disappearing then
    reappearing. Could it be the high traffic volume
    for your site?

  37. Joe and Ian are quite possibly the dumbest BB players ever.
    Both believe they are in a tight alliance with DDSJ and they don’t realize that even if that was true, being 5th person in the pecking order of a 5 person group (consisting of two TEAMS of two) means you are the first to go.
    Both are telling DDSJ *everything* the other side (Froogie) tells them
    If they even thought for a millisecond…maybe they shouldn’t tell the other side *everything* on the off chance that they need to switch sides later. Ya think?

    I think they are just so happy to be in the popular group, they are singing like canaries.
    Things will all change next week as Ian and Joe are thrown under the bus by their “popular group” who has no need/use for them anymore.


    1. They won’t be fifth IF Frank or someone else … maybe Jenn or Ashley — is able to knock off one of the big-four.

      And who’s to say that Joe and Ian won’t eventually team-up and be THE power-pair during the final six.

      But so often a group six strong doesn’t make it to the end in tact.

    2. Yeah, Joe and Ian are on floater mode to the max right now, and if DDSB gets their way, Ian and Joe have absolutely NO shot. For someone as allegedly “smart” as Ian, why the hell can’t he figure out that he’s the 5th string member of the Quack Pack? As for Joe, he’s a desperate idiot who will surgically attach his lips to the ass of any and every HOH from here till he gets evicted. Love ’em or hate ’em, Boogie and Frank are the only ones who can put up a formidable resistance to DDSB. Ashley and Jenn are utterly useless in every facet of this game, with Ian and Joe right behind them out the door.

      It’s a shame Willie evicted himself, but I guess overall he’s no better than the rest of the dumbasses in the house.

    3. I think Ian understands the group including Britney, Dan, et al. are the popular group and Ian wants desperately to be liked, so he’ll vote with the popular group for at least a couple more weeks. Sorry Booger and Frank fans.

      Ian might want to be viewed as an “evil” player, but he wants his “evil” to benefit the most popular players.

      And Ian’s brand of “evil” won’t be truly evil, it’ll merely include underhanded, deceptive moves, i.e., stabbing his original teammates and coach in the back surreptitiously.

    4. They may be 5th in line but that also may mean they will fly under the radar for a while because there are bigger targets to go after.

  38. Boogie was irrelevant the first season he appeared … and he’s again irrelevant on his third go-around.

    The one season he won, he made deals BEFORE entering the house and he offered favors, including promises of money-sharing, while he was in the house.

    Boogie is an average player at best.

    But I will give him some credit for winning the game once.

    1. He won All-Stars, that says a lot…Dr. Will admitted in that season he couldn’t have won if it was for Mike Boogie and vice-versa…Dan’s win is weaker than both season 2 and 7…

  39. Once Mike goes, either A.) The boring quack pack is going to steam roll, with Ian finishing 5th or B.) You’re going to have sub-alliances form were the quack pack implodes on itself with Dan probably wanting to take Chef Joe to the final 2 with him…Danielle might beat Dan depending on the comps…

    Ian, why play if you don’t even try to win?…Frank will be gone without Boogs…

  40. wow didnt know ian had it in him to be a digusting little horn ball kinda proud of him even though hes destined to be the real 40 year old virgin.You know what your problem is ian your puttin the pu**y on a pedistool

    1. ha, after he gets out of the house he’s going to be overwhelmed with pu$$y! There’s a lot of crazy chicks out there that think he’s adorable and will want to “help him out”

  41. Isn’t all this campaigning nonsense pointless? Since it’s a double eviction week, aren’t Jenn and Mike both going home? Supposedly, Jenn and Mike don’t know it’s a double eviction week, but in terms of posting about who should do what–who cares? The only tragedy is that Frank didn’t leave himself on the block–that way he and Mike would both be leaving and could’ve gotten a motel room and done what they’ve obviously been dreaming of doing for the last five weeks.

    1. Double Eviction doesn’t mean that both noms go home. They’ll vote out Boogie (I hope) then will have a very fast HOH who will then immediately put up 2 people on the block. This HOH gets no room or basket – nothing. They’ll play a quick POV & ceremony. Then the second person will be voted out. Once that’s done they’ll play another HOH comp which usually is endurance – which is probably why there’s been no have nots this week.

    2. Double Eviction Week does not work that way on Bog Brother.
      The House Guest is Evicted
      The HoH is played and the new HoH, nominates 2 players (should be fun Shane, Frank and Dan are playing to win)
      Pov is played
      House guest evict all the same night.

      Now my big Question is this.
      If Brittney has SAFETY FOR A WEEK, would that include Thursday? If so would that make her safe for double elimination?
      She did have safety for a week. It would be funny to see Franks face.

  42. smh @ the new alliance…THE HEADHUNTERS. this is becoming the season of the sub-alliances. this season is headed down the toilet fast.

  43. Dan is taking these people for a ride…I atleast respect Mike because he’s genuine and his goofy-self…Dan has the personality of a sloth and hides behind his fake religion as part of his game(go visit his wife Mike, give her some excitement for once)…Chef Joe, you are truly an idiot…Mike has a bad reputation because of his previous seasons with Dr. Will, but Frank and he, have been the most honest/decent people in the house this year and made the best television…Shane lol, like I said beofe, is a dude missing his manhood–another terrible cast member…

  44. To quote Lil Wayne: “A God Damn!” These people are SO on my nerves with there running back and forth with every word spoken and breath sighed. Ian in my opinioin is NOT SMART… how can he not see he is #5 w/ duck shit but with Frank & Boogs would be a final 4?????? Joe is even dumber… he doesn’t see that NOBODY wanted or wants him and they are using his non-cooking nasty no hand washing ass??? (Put that in your hand and Jack It Joe)

    1. Thank you!
      I don’t get why every conversation they have, they have to run and tell the QP about it.
      Grow a pair of balls because the situation is not that serious.

      Frank could tell Joe ‘Good Morning’ and the guy will literally run and tell the QP what Frank said. I dont understand it.

      No strategy at all with these dummies.

    2. I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again.

      Mike was screwed from the beginning. People didn’t trust him because of his reputation from other seasons. This along with Janelle’s constant repetitive “Boogie is a threat. Frank is a threat. We need to get Boogie out. We need to get Frank out” crap, has royally screwed the man.

      Its been said so much that they honestly believe nothing else. They’re treating it like it’s the freaking gospel. No. Frank has done nothing to anybody this season but for some reason, every week, they continue to target him & what’s their excuse? Frank is a threat.

      This would be okay with me, if they weren’t saying since week one that the man was a threat when he hadn’t even won any competitions yet!

      Janelle planted a seed in each and every one of their heads & damn has it grown.

      1. Mike had no chance…Frank and him actually kept their word the entire time, and trusted Ian too, but Ian decided to break the trust…I’m proud of Mike, he played an honorable game…Plus, he is the most entertaining cast member this season, with his intelligence and all his ghetto language…

  45. Ian is gangster, just went up to the top of my player list. “no would know if you gave me a hand job under the covers”
    Who can say honestly they have ever used that line. Geez Ian is so pimp and so screwed in this game in about 24 hours when frank and boogie realize he is the mole, he is going to get lambasted!!

  46. Why is everyone up in arms about Boogie’s comments?

    Britney has said way worse things about people that have done absolutely nothing to her.

    Mike is in a situation where these people are against him, so if he wants to vent, let him vent.

    Brit talks about people for no reason & nobody rags on her about it. Instead, she gets deemed BB house comedian, when in reality the stuff she says is uncalled for and not nice at all.

  47. production please stop this fake ass wish shane wanted stalker…that pic looked so fake and u could tell it looked fixed

    1. From the first episode when they showed Danielle and Shane “flirting”, I swear, the first thing I said was Production wants a showmance so bad. The chemistry seemed force, not real at all & just plain awkward. They tried with the Ian & Ashley thing too, which was just horrible.

      They just need to let whatever happens happens. ‘Im perfectly fine with their being no showmance.

      Brendon & Rachel’s was enough to last three seasons, so I think Im A-Okay without one.

      1. bullshit their disgusting hazard of a showmance will last the rest of Big Brother life, no more showmances , UNLESS it;s with 2 , Id like to see how they act imagine the cattiness, and jealousy??? and the DRAMA, this season by far the weakest drama, which is why the rating stay low, Booger goes or stays ratings will stay low, most fans are not finding the direction BB is goin interesting …

  48. I can’t believe how much Boogie is living in the past. Chill town was like 20 years ago and the only real genius of that group was DR. Will! Biggie is trying to live up to his caliber but he can’t function in this game without Dr. Will!

  49. I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again.

    Mike was screwed from the beginning. People didn’t trust him because of his reputation from other seasons. This along with Janelle’s constant repetitive “Boogie is a threat. Frank is a threat. We need to get Boogie out. We need to get Frank out” crap, has royally screwed the man.

    Its been said so much that they honestly believe nothing else. They’re treating it like it’s the freaking gospel. No. Frank has done nothing to anybody this season but for some reason, every week, they continue to target him & what’s their excuse? Frank is a threat.

    This would be okay with me, if they weren’t saying since week one that the man was a threat when he hadn’t even won any competitions yet!

    Janelle planted a seed in each and every one of their heads & damn has it grown.

    1. Mike & Frank screwed themselves. At the start when there were teams, Mike chose to put only one egg in his basket (Frank) and kick Jenn & Ian to the curb. They then parade around and treat everyone else as inferior & a waste of time until they realize they need votes b/c they’re both on the block. They had their bromance & you can’t tell me that he was totally unaware that they coaches would come into the game. Mike will pay for being faithful to Frank & only Frank and vice versa!

  50. Boogie go home your stinky as your pet Frank. Frank has B.O ( body odor) or (Boogie Odor) , and Boogie had a bad breath according to Ian, so birds with the same odor always be backdoor. Anyway Boogie mouth is not only stinky it’s full of worm too. He looks like the villan in Spiderman 1.

  51. The head hunters & Quack pack alliance will be screwed by Frank. Dan or Shane will be out of the door. Frank will keep up a good pace. Too Bad either two. Bye Dan!

    1. Does Booger and his Bitch bring drama? ,yes, but honesty and decently is nowhere to be seen in the season by those two. They got played, before they could play the others, this week if they had won HOH simple as that. don’t make this into somethin that it’s not. booger didn’t want to play the game that’s why he didn’t vote to come back, he wanted t get Janelle out, this was obvious throughout the whole season. He did that, now he needs to go, he wasn’t wasn’t doin shit for the ratings as was Janelle..

  52. Boogie stop acting like a bitch and stop acting like your some bad ass, becuz your not. Just pack up your 80’s workout clothing and go back to your shit hole restaurants and your D-list celebrity friends.

  53. Why does Joe keep saying he is going to tell Boogie that he doesn’t have his vote and the others don’t tell him not to do it. I don’t understand why?

  54. LMFAO @ the utter BULLSHIT of Booger playing an Honorable game… Yes totally honorable him coming back to the show solely because Janelle came back, he wanted to get her out… so honorable

  55. Quack Pack or The head hunter strike first. Frank strike back with winning his 3rd HoH! Sending Dan Packing!

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