Boogie says he wants to get Jenn riled up to flip out on Joe today to get her to dig her own grave.

POV Holder: Frank Next POV: Aug 18 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 20 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Shane Next HOH: Aug 13 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Boogie And Frank
Current Nominations: Boogie And Jenn
Have Nots No Have Nots This Week
Last Evicted Houseguest Wil
HOH temptations Britney Safe this week, Boogie gets 10grand


9:10am Frank, Ashley, and Boogie are talking in the backyard. They tell Ashley that they talked to Joe and he said that all he needed was to know that Ashley would be voting to keep Boogie and then he would work with them. Boogie says that it will be awesome if we make this happen because then Jenn will be evicted and they will tell us it’s time for the HOH competition. He says they will be so stunned and have to come out here and compete. It will be You, me, Frank, Joe and Ian against Danielle, Britney and Dan.

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Boogie talks about how he wants to get Jenn riled up to flip out on Joe today to get her to dig her own grave. Ashley says that she thinks she can get Joe, she says that she knows how he thinks and says that she can get him. Boogie comments on how he told Joe that he is the last guy on the totem pole with Shane, Dan, Britney and Danielle. Ashley says that she thinks she can get Joe. She says he is all about ride or die, I am loyal! Ashley says make sure you talk game with him because he loves that. Boogie says I will, we were up until 3am talking game. Boogie heads inside to get more coffee. Frank tells Ashley that he is happy Boogie has a fire inside him again. Ashley wonders what Joe does with them up there. Boogie says that he just wants to be a part of something, so we will make him feel like he is a part of something. Boogie comments on how Joe says yesterday that you could cut the tension with a butter knife. Boogie says that it was real easy for Joe to run to them because they just laid the hammer down. What they don’t know is that we will have the votes and their power reign is over. Frank and Boogie explain that going forward we will have the votes. They start talking about scenarios of who to put up if they win, they talk about putting up Dan & Shane or Shane and Danielle.

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9:40am – 10:15am Boogie does his impression of Danielle doing her kissy face in the mirror. They talk about how Danielle thinks she has already won this because Dan has told her that since the beginning. Boogie says what you won 1 HOH and 1 POV. Boogie says I would love one fu*king week to smash it in their faces and then we win HOH! I would love for that to happen. Ashley says that is what big brother is all about. Ashley talks about how Jenn doesn’t want to be here. Frank asks why Ashley never voted for him back in the beginning. Ashley says because you never asked for my vote. Boogie says well I am not asking for your vote I am begging for your vote. Frank says that he love that the lines are drawn. Boogie agrees. Frank says that Shane told him that no matter what happens if he makes it to the end he has Shanes vote. Boogie says father Dan and his number 1 altar boy. And you know what people are thinking with that one.. I can say it without having to say it! Frank says if us four forge ahead and get to the jury that’s a “W” for one of us. I would rather one of us gets it than them. Ashley remembers how she told Frank if he wants to fly with the eagles then he needs to be an eagle. They all laugh. Frank says that he wants to grind their bones and make bread with them. Boogie says he wants to cremate them.


10:20am Boogie, Frank and Ashley talk about how the have-nots will be back this week. Boogie says having Shane, Danielle, Dan and Britney as have nots would be awesome. Frank says that if he is on a team with them he will just throw it so that they are have nots. Ashley says watch I will win an HOH on a double eviction and be up there all flabbergasted. Boogie says that it will fucking seal it if Jenn goes off on Joe. Boogie says that Jenn said she would go Brooklyn on his a$$! Boogie says yeah do it!! Ashley gets called to the diary room. Boogie tells Frank that girl is a gamer!


10:35am – 11:10am Frank is alone in the backyard and talks to the camera. He says that he hopes his family and the viewers see yesterday for how it was. He says that he and Boogie have been lied to and that they are speaking the truth. Ashley joins him. Frank says that it killed him to see Boogie down yesterday. Frank tells Ashley that Ian actually wanted to start a fight with Shane yesterday. He says that he talked him down from it and told him to let him and Mike take the heat from this. Frank says that if we get the votes and win HOH we will see a war time Ian. They talk about how Ian is just happy to have friends. Boogie says well I am about to take some of his playmates away. Ian comes out into the backyard. They start talking about the votes. Ian says that Joe is supposed to tell us if he is with us or not. They joke around that they will call their alliance the snack pack. Ian says fu*king Joe the fate of the game rests in Joe. Frank says that the thing with Joe is that he is loyal, he was loyal to Janelle. We can’t expect him to win competitions, but we will control the votes and how goes home. Boogie talks about the speech he will give and that he needs it to be a good one to cement Joe’s vote.
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11:25am Frank asks Boogie if he trusts him to take him to the final two spot, right?! Boogie says yeah of course. Frank says you know if we both make it to that spot they need to give us both half a million. Boogie says yeah like that would happen. Boogie says gamer Ashley, who knew. Frank says that he didn’t give her enough credit for how much she knows about the game. Frank says that he is glad we didn’t blow up on Joe now. Frank says that Joe said he would bust Danielle or Britney for cheating too if it was them. Boogie says integrity. Frank says that he wants Dan, Shane and Britney sitting next to each other so we can look at them in the eye when the vote is read. Boogie says that he doesn’t even want to look at Julie.

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Janelle's worn out lip

I don’t know why Froogie hasn’t told (lied to) Danielle that Shane actually did make a restraining order comment one day in the house.
They could say that Shane was joking that he will need to get a restraining order against Danielle when he gets out of the house.


That would be a great way to sew seeds of division among Danielle/Shane/Dan/Britney, but Frank and Boogie aren’t good players, so they probably won’t do that. Frank has been nominated every damn week, and Boogie has no clue that he would have been nominated alongside Frank in week 4 when Danielle was HOH, but Dan persuaded Danielle to nominate Wil instead.


Simon I’m still trying to figure out what the question mark was about. Is it just a sign that a double eviction is coming or just a clue for the next HOH? We will know Thursday I guess.


My bet is Pandora’s box…usually there’s a question mark on the door in the HOH room. I’m just wondering whether production is going to throw it to Shane or wait and see how the next HOH, HOH after the double eviction on Thursday, plays out.


My guess is that Pandora’s box will be next week because CBS will not want a DE and Pandora’s box in the same week.


I think is was just a clue about that POV they just played because it was a counting game. How many balls are in this game? I don’t think it will be relevant even if there is a Pandora’s Box IMO


All you can do is dream, Boogie. Poor stupid man.


It looks like this could be all for naught, since I don’t think they will try to(or even can) work Brit. They’ll need a miracle to happen and have Ian make a decision on his own, to not play for 5th place. I don’t have much faith in Ian, his ego surpasses his game “knowledge” at this point.


Ian wants to be seen as a villain so badly and he thinks that stabbing Boogie in the back will give him that image. I don’t expect that he’ll flip.


True. The thing is, villains don’t have to try to be villains. They just are.

What a failed attempt.


I disagree with a lot of the things Boogie says. Even though the guys on the block he is still playing the game. His plan is a long shot but sometimes long shots come in. When your opponents holding all the aces there’s only one thing to do…kick over the table.


How would sending home a villain make him a villain?



Mike is the ultimate villain (to a lot of posters here) If you want to be considered a villain, align yourself with one.

The boy is just dumb.


well, if Ian wants to be a villain like he say he wants, the only way he becomes the true villain is, if he back stabs the quack pack and votes to evict Jenn. right now Ian is acting like a diva and only if he knew how Dan, Britney, Shane and Danielle feel about him in the game. going against Frank and Shane is not a villain move, it’s a stupid move. he has no chance of winning, playing the rest of game with Dan, Britney, Shane and Danielle.


I can’t wait to see Boogie/Frank reaction on tomorrows episode during veto ceromony and also when he sees Ian’s goodbye message. They just have been embarrassing themselves its hilarious!!


Ian’s golden goodbye message :) .that will be the best tv ever!


Yeah Ian’s message might bet the best highlight if he really rubs some salt in the wound. Somebody said Dan and Ian should do a Chilltownesque goodbye message revealing Ian as the reason Boogie is gone which would be amazingly hilarious.


That would be sweet!


Ian : Brrring!
Dan : Hellow, Ian.
Ian : yeah.
Dan : It’s Dan.
Ian : Hey!
Dan : Check this out!
Ian : Let me hear.
Dan : Boogie is going home, F/B still think I am the one who sold them out. Is that true?
Ian : No, I did.


That really made me lol


I would be on the floor laughing so hard if Dan and Ian had a diary room session loke that and also briing in Joe on the side to say ditto for me too


@ERICMOONLESS, Dude It already taken! It will never happen!

Team 10K

Boogie is hilarious LOL!…I think at the moment it’s 4-3 to evict, the swing vote is actually Ian’s…I think Mike has Frank,/Ashley for sure, and will most likely have Joe–they need to flip Ian…Ian needs to realize BBDS don’t have his back while Mike has tried to take care of him since the beginning…Joe is realizing his best chance will be to work with Mike/Frank…

Mike may just pull another rabbit out of his ass, especially if Jenn implodes…


Boogie has Ian’s back in the sense that he counts on Ian’s vote. But Frank and Boogie don’t really hang out with Ian. When Frank and Boogie do hang out with Ian, their humor is often at Ian’s expense in a teasing way. Even though he is low on the Dan totem pole, Ian is a super fan and is going to think about whom he is aligned. Ian has said he only wants the experience, so being 5th is not the end of the world. Ian has a good relationship with Dan and Brit (slick vets) and an OK relationship with Danielle and Shane. He wants to help the good guys, and he sees Dan & team as the good guys. If Ian gets wind of the DDSB + Joe team, that might push him back to Boogie. Ian will not flip back to Booger!


In Ian’s eyes, Froogie are bullying him, on the other hand, Dan is taking the heat for him.That’s not going to happen.

Janelle's Giant Dildo

Don’t forget Ian wants to get the floaters out…Dan and Brit trashed Ian last night a bit up in the HoH room with Shane…


It’s also convenient for Ian to forget the only reason he’s in the game is because Boogie saved him week one.


Yet they trash him every time he is out of earshot. Don’t bet that Ian doesn’t know that.


You are so very wrong about Joe–it is 5-2 right now because Joe has been 100% with DDBS once Shane extended him the olive branch and didnt nominate him. Joe is rock solid with them and will NEVER flip to Boogie because he knows 24 hours before they wanted him nominated and out. Ian is pretty solid also simply because he loves this double agent/”evil” mastermind shit.

boogie sucks

Shut up Boogie

Fleur de Lis

Boogie and Frank are so pathetic. Can’t wait for Boogie to leave so that Frank can actually play his own damn game and not Boogie’s. They are two serious buttbuddies and need to be split up, its funny how they don’t see that.


Isn’t it funny that Boogie implies a sexual relationship between “Father Dan” and the “Alter Boy” Shane when the only two people THAT close in the house is him and Frank.


That really pissed me off. So it is ok to mock a person’s religion now Boogie? That is low.


My latest take on the remaining houseguests, purely trivial, even mean, but oh, well…

Dan… It took awhile, but the mouth-breathing has finally annoyed me to the point of no return. Why does this man have a nose when it’s so obvious he never uses it? And his game play pretty much is what I’d call the ‘psychiatrist’s couch’ approach, meaning he can avoid answering any question in that house by asking a question of his own. Example: Let’s say another HG asks him who he thinks should go home… his answer: ‘Who do you think should go home? How does that make you feel?’. And he gets away with it every time… gotta give him credit for that.

Danielle… The minute this girl gets back into the real world and sees how she’s come across to millions, she’s either going to completely melt down and end up on TMZ because she was found naked and covered in chicken blood in the yard of one of Shane’s ‘flip’ houses, or Vivid adult entertainment is going to have a new star named ‘Mercedes Badonkadonk’.

Shane… Dead behind the eyes, straight up. I said this in a past ‘assessment’, but I am more convinced than ever that this guy has just a flat plastic mound where his genitals should be, and a ‘Mattel’ stamp on his ass. And, I’m sorry, but the Boogie comments about Shane and boy bands were both true and hilarious.

Ashley… For awhile there, I was thinking this had to be an act. Am still kind of hoping it is because that would make for unbelievable viewing. However, I think I’m probably going to have to come to terms with the fact that this girl would carry a car door with her into the desert, so if she got too hot, she could just roll the window down.

Britney… Still like her more than her original season, but at this point, I’m amazed she hasn’t vomited up a huge ball of hair, fingernails, and facial skin, she picks and chews at her face so much. And if I hear ‘Do you know what I mean?’ one more time, I’m going to pray that somebody in that house slaps her face so hard, her eye sockets finally align themselves.

Jenn… My absolutely least favorite HG this season. I just can’t find a single thing about her that I can even come close to saying is ‘redeeming’. I resent her for taking up a HG slot that someone who really wanted to be in this game lost out on. Add the poorly placed tattoos, hairdo that reminds me more of fiberglass insulation than anything even slightly organic, horrible game play, cleavage that’s begging for support, and Frederick’s/Fingerhut wardrobe, all of which would work if she actually had the personality to back it up. I just want it to stop.

Joe… I don’t want to eat your food, I’m tired of your yelling, spree-shooter stare, bikini-waxed chin, chest-puffing birdlike claims that you have the ability to do anything macho, and by the way…. if your heartrate and blood pressure are high enough to have to be seen by a medic in the diary room, it might not be a good idea the second you get out of the diary room to go up to the HOH room and immediately tear into a bag of Doritos.

Ian… There is not enough Riddilin in the world to help this kid, nor enough alcohol to get him laid by any woman who’s not either a tween or a pedophile. I have come to fear that hammock when Ian’s in the backyard. Anyone who’s watched any amount of the feeds or BBAD know why I feel this way. Still, I hate to agree with Jeff, but Ian’s looking pretty tippy-toed good for now.

Frank… Always touting his honesty, seems to think of himself as a redneck, constantly jazz-hand-using-while-talking-about-how-honest-he-is, 70’s porn star hairdo’d version of Maximus from Gladiator. Actually, when you think about it, it’s pretty funny… 70’s porn star hair-do, ‘Boogie’ Nights? It’s destiny. It’s also destiny for this guy to learn all about the jury house. The day I saw him in the Diary Room, trying to fill Dr. Wil’s shoes while sitting next to Boogie, I wished a silent curse on him that Joe’s chin ferret would jump off and attach itself to Frank’s hemorrhoids.

Mike ‘Boogie’… The man resents most women. It’s so completely apparent. And just look at him if you want to know why. Of course he resents women, because it’s hard to nab a good woman when you’ve always looked like a really old one. I shit you not, I have yet to look at him and not think of a big black cauldron, a magic broom, toad stools, or eye of Newt. Appearance aside, Boogie is making for great viewing this season, but in the long run, I think he should also be proof to BB production that maybe it really is time to just do a season for once without bringing veterans in. It’s time to create new favorites, not mess with the way we viewers would like to remember our veteran favorites.

Ok, I think I got them all this time. Love it or leave it:) I actually am enjoying this season more than any other because most of these people I just bitched about I think I’ll be able to live with seeing them win. Whatever twists and turns happen, I think I can hang;)


I cringed when I saw the size of your post, but read it anyway.

Even though it was negative, it was a negative that was fair to all the HGs. I don’t agree with you on all your views but you are free to have them.

I just have 1 complaint: Who is Jenn? It seems that you are describing that tatooed guy that pops up from time to time. I think his name is Ben?


pretty much sums them up lol


I loved reading your comment. You got most of the players just right. You also said it without nasty language. Loved it.


That was hilarious! You don’t happen to have any gin or glitter?


That was hilarious! You don’t happen to have any gin or glitter?


I don’t care who wins, except for Jenn. Your evaluation of the players was funny.

BattleKat Canuck

I read all of these comments and often agree, often not..but this one. I had to reply. Too right! Laugh out loud amusement…thank you so much!

quack-pack fan

Very Funny and spot on.

I will add another layer of commentary…movie sequels

Frank: Saving Private Boogie

Ashley: Clueless

Jenn: Rogue

Britney: Laura Croft – Tomb Raider

Shane: Don’t say a word

Dan: Romancing the House

Danielle: Hell Ride

Joe: Hand that Rocks the Frying pan

Ian: Changing Lanes

Boogie: Gone in 60 Seconds



LMAO! great post.

Bring back willie

Oh boogie boogie boogie liittle do u know ians working with the other side its going to be hilarious when they figure out Ian! Betrayed them oh yes


Frank and Boogie are becoming bigger and bigger duchebags everyday!!


also becoming more and more stupid too :)


What a pair of Marys. So you all are rooting for Dan and Shane? Are they the kind of guys you’re friends with? A couple of virgins who hide behind the Bible? You need more beer and football in your lives. Does San Francisco have a Hooters?


Biff, is that what makes you a big man, football


Yes it is better then been friends with guy that has no job and no goal in life and lives with his grandmother


You mean his “Nana” after his “PeePaw” died!


Not to mention cheating in POV just to stack the POV players in their favor most likely cheated in Stay or Fold comp too Part of me wants Boogie to stay and than Danielle wins Hoh for double eviction just to nom Boogie and Frank again and Frank goes home instead cause Ian will win POV to keep noms the same Would make for a good show in super fast mode or Clown shoes where Frank and Boogie will cheat and give a shoe to the other play and bust both of them on live tv ‘


I know! I don’t know how they get WORSE but they keep exceding my expectations. Boogie is a true woman-hater but I think that come from being a closeted gay man. He HATES women because he couldn’t get a good one if he was covered in chocolate and roses with $500k sitting on his chest and a basket full of puppies.


This would be interesting. In double eviction, Quack Pack strike first then Chilltown 2.0 strikes back. Can’t wait to see Dan or Shane goes.

VA Vet

I don’t know who is more stupid, the players in the house or the posters here who think that making deals with Mike and Frank will actually be honored.

Boogies back is up against the wall and he will make any promise or any deal in order to saver his butt without having any intention of honoring it once it has served his (Mike) needs. Like his “deal” with Joe (Boogie says that he (Joe) just wants to be a part of something, so we will make him feel like he is a part of something.)

That two bit punk (Booger) need to go.


I have lost all respect for Boogie and hopes he dies on the way out of the house (his kid will be better off). Frank is nothing but a scumbag. His true colors come out every time he is in trouble. His father is smart not to want to be around him. Ashley is disgusting, look at that picture and she has the audacity to call Dani names. What a pig she is. And Jenn is just a dirtball licker who needs that disgusting face crushed in. As much as Joe is annoying, he has a brain and a decent heart. I’m rooting for Ian and Shane. Hopefully Britt and Dan are next to go followed by Boogies used tampon.



While I have also lost all respect for Boogie, Frank, Ashley and ?, I do not want any ill to befall any of them. Wishing someone dead is really over the top. This is just a game and there is no need to bring that kind of nastiness into the conversation.

Other than that, it is your opinion and you are welcome to it.


Yikes, it’s just a game. Calm down.


Nice, wishing death and a father playing a fricken game because YOU think he’s a scumbag? Take a look in the mirror, class act.


Seriously, first a poster a few days wishing cancer on someone, now this. Wtf dude, it’s just a game!!! Root for whoever you want, bitch about who you don’t like…but wishing death on someone playing a rigged game….wow!!!! smh

P.S. Boogie is a douche


I think people don’t want to be near Frank because they need a gas mask to get within 100 yards.


Boogie is disgusting. Everything he says is a sick inuendo. He thinks this is entertainmetn?

And how is Ashley going to vote? She tells Shane and Britney one thing and Frank Boogie another. It doesn’t matter. Boogie is leaving anyway because Dan, Danielle, Britney and Ian are all going to vote him out for sure and Joe is very likely to vote him out too. If Ashley is true to her first word to Shane then it will be a 6 to 1 vote. Best odds are 5 to 2 and if Joe flips, a possible 4 to 3.

Team 10K

I have it 4-3 with an outside chance of Ian flipping…Ian was telling Britney last night he was considering voting to keep Mike, plus he could be the evil villain that he wants to be…Based on BBAD last night, and the convo with Frank/Mike, I think they have Joe’s vote…


@Team 10K.When Ian told Britney that,did Britney tell her fellow alliance members(Dan,Danielle&Shane)what Ian said?

Team 10K

She did some talking to convince him not to do it, and he kinda just gave 8 ball answers…See Britney doesn’t think Ashley will vote to keep Mike, but she’s under Frank’s love spell at the moment…If Joe does make a pact with Mike/Frank, that’s 3 votes…Ian will then have a big decision on his, the bigger villain move would be to keep Mike and vote out Jenn…Ian’s is going to go into spaz mode once he learns Mike has 3 votes…


Actually, the convo between Ian and Britney last night was Ian saying he might vote to keep booger so it would look like Joe voted against them, then Brit told him Joe was already going to tell Booger the next day he was voting against him, so Ian just said “oh…ok, cool”. Ian hates Joe bad, if Joe flips Ian will keep his word to the quackers just so he wouldn’t vote the same way as Joe. It’s kinda scary actually lol


I cannot wait til eviction night. To see the look Boogies face when he realizes that all the campaigning he did was for nothing. I wonder if the crowd will boo him when he leaves now that would be funny. Frank is as good as gone next week. I think Dan will win the next HOH. He wants it and we all seen on t.v. how bad he wanted the Hoh. I liked Frank at the beginning but Boogie has ruined him. I am enjoying this season way better than the past 2 seasons. Last season Dick left early and it went downhill. Then the season before that the Brigade ran the show and they destroyed the competition. They were one of the best alliances in the history of BB but when we all could see that they were going to win from the very beginning it kind of ruined watching the show. Overall this season is great. I would like Pandoras box to come into play soon here. It would be cool if they brought 2 people back and added 2 more weeks to the show and HOH got a Diamond power of veto for doing so.


Man Boogie is pure evil! Cremate them? And Frank, grinding their bones to make bread with them? Who thinks of stuff like this…..evil doers. They’ve got a lot of demons working through them, seriously.


Boogie and his delusions of grandeur…… He thinks he is THE best player to have ever graced Big Brother! I really hope he gets the shock of his life Thursday night (even though his antics in the house keep me tuning in)… But with this season’s cast, he may JUST get out of this one and manipulate them just enough to make it! I wonder if he is such a prick in the real world?


Boogie is like a waste plant, everytime the valve opens (his mouth) shit comes spurting out. Another thing that is sad, he thinks his shit doesn’t stink. Wonder who told him he was god? What a horrible piece of art work.


My neighbor works at a waste plant so this is hilliarous, seeing the graphics in my head I’m on the floor hysterically

Janelle's Giant Dildo

Frank wont survive for long without Mike, he’ll be a lost puppy…BBDS, and rainman(Ian) will just roll until the end…


does ashley know in order to put someone on the block, u have to win an hoh?…..she is getting on my nerves….i love how they r making fun of danielle tho….boogie is such a sore loser….they have to stoop to makin fun of people now…ashley must be as dillusional as danielle….she is goin to make threats at joe….um hey ashley number one u look hit in the morning without makeup, and number two hunny….do u know u have to win iin order to put someone on the block…thats a rule sweetheart


i’m thinking the surprised face looks will be on mike and franks faces…and the vote might even be 6-1, with frank being the only vote for mike…


Who honestly want to leave a big brother winner in the game just to screw up their chances at the prise money beside if the newbies wake up coaches have to go remember


Prize money beside boogies has 16,000 already duh

Danielle's Pity Party Planner

I am afraid that question mark in the box means there’s a Pandora’s Box this week and if Shane opens it it will somehow save Buggie – which would mean the fix is in for a vet to win again this season since they think keeping vets to the end is the key to ratings – hopefully Production will be kept in check from doing this because it would mean Shane got Chima-ed twice and it would even make AG see the unfairness of that move.

Janelle's Giant Dildo

That would great…Mike and somewhat Frank are the only entertaining ones…I’ll still watch, but at this point once Frank goes after Mike, the quack scum will run through the house to make for one of the most uneventful seasons…All hell will break loose if Mike stays–production knows this…


Mike almost walked off the show already when the coaches entered the game Production is giving him100,000 anyways to continue the game just for drama


I don’t think so if production were going to save anyone it would have been Janelle, booger ain’t shit if he’s not being carried

body by jake

all u guys stickin up for boogie….do u know he has performed sexually with old men lol, and that danielle cant take a hint cant she…she took her shirt off last night thinking it will get shane in the mood….he gave her a courtesy massage….a i feel bad that u r a lunatic massage and that was about it….him and dan know how to play danielle….that is why dan picked her….he knows he can control weak minded players….jojo told shane early he can control danielle…..dan and shane both r playing danielle briliant…she is merely a pawn….


Even if the campaigning is for nothing. I would rather campaign and try than to sit in my room in the fetal position.

You guys make fun of Boogs for trying when if he wasn’t, it would still be a problem.

There’s no winning w you all.


It is not about him campaining (which can be fun to watch) it is about HOW he goes about it. His whole attitude lacks class, saying he’s going to go f Dan’s wife, implying that Dan and Shane are involved sexually, no class at all. And he has turned Frank into a clone of himself that can win comps. That is the reason for bagging on Boogie.


Who cares. Britney has said way worse things about people that have done absolutely nothing to her.

Mike is in a situation where these people are against him, so if he wants to vent, let him vent.

Brit talks about people for no reason & nobody rags on her about it. Instead, she gets deemed BB house comedian, when in reality the stuff she says is uncalled for and not nice at all.


Simon and Dawg, please repost this on this update, thanks.

To those with uptight butt cheeks, this is worth repeating:

You are such a turd! “Aspie” is not deragory, it is a “nickname” that
those with Asperger’s Syndrome use to identify themselves!

Asperger’s is a form of Autism, on the Autism spectrum, those who have
it are highly functional as opposed to the lower end of the Autism spectrum

And, yes someone in my immediate family has Asperger’s and they and
their other friend’s with same conditions refer to themselves as Aspies.

You two are as bad as Jenn’s friend who came in here trying to throw
around the “sexual orientation card” based on wicked lies, just to
garner sympathy for Jenn.

You need to get a life, you are so uptight that someone couldn’t pound
a nanoparticle up your butt cheeks with a sledgehammer.

Get a life and educate yourselves before you come on here with your
holier than thou attitude, IT VERY TRANSPARENT! (and re-turds)!

Go back and read my original comment, I was actually praising Aspie Ian
by implying that he was much smarter than Boogie.

I criticized Aspie Ian not because of his condition but because of who he is,
a lousy game player and a jerk!


Thank you Dr. will….. I am also an aspie and it bothers me to no end when people tend to think of us as a lower class of person because of our impairment… yeah we may not the social graces that nuero-typicals have ( our phrase for people who are “normal”) but we still bleed red. Some things may be harder for us and it seems like a lot of people are bullies because they can sense something is odd and choose to villianize because of it….

Will..i have a question … how has ian been with eye contact? i know he does not have the touch sensitivity ( i couldnt have ashlety do the palm reading on me )


To JLON, thanks for your comment,
to answer your question:
Ian has been doing okay on eye contact
except for two reasons.

When a conversation starts to turn somewhat confrontational
or several people are speaking in a group, Ian will tend to look
down. That’s because of all the stimuli causes a lot of his
neurotransmitters to fire at the same time and its too much
for him to process all at one time.

Not all Aspies are affected negatively by touch, some are affected by
many noises, or many colors or lots of activities.

Some Aspies never get a driver’s license, because when attempting
to drive, there is too much multi-tasking required and they become
confused and flustered.

Still other are affected by different aromas and stay away from
such crowded places such as shopping malls.

Remember, Aspergers is NOT a disability, it’s and opportunity!!!!!!!!


Dr. Wil – good for you! ref the Aspie comment. They also can get hyperacusis. I was watching last night – ( late night is boring, won’t be doing that anymore … and I wish they’d do something with the mics.. all you can hear is people chewing their food – it is possible to fix it, with today’s technology- and not a word when they are whispering..) and I guess Ian doesn’t have hyperacusis ref sound, because he can listen to that hammock screech. I have a friend who has Asperger’s, and she could never tolerate that ).I guess the rocking motion soothes more than the sound hurts – for him. I like Ian – smart man, regardless of game outcome.


You sure are acting defensive!!! I wonder why?? Trying to justify your “Aspie” name only makes you look worse.

Enough said…….


actually Dr. Will is correct … people who aspergers call ourselves aspies….. it is not derogitory ( unless someone chooses to say it maliciously) maybe you should read up on aspergers syndrome and maybe you will be more understanding …and i think he is defending himself because he understands the disorder and is an individual who has been affected by it first hand… ( having a family member with it). so do some reading and learn … instead of trying to attack someone who is sticking up for someone who cannot defend themselves ( being in the big brother house)


JLON, we were actually taking up for people with Aspergers. The original comment to Dr. Will was to ask him to stop using the term. He has often used it in a derogatory manner several times, follow his posts. Don’t have a pity party for him because he is full of it. It is one thing if people with the disorder use the term, but he is ignorant and is not entitled to use it in the proper manner. Suddenly he is so self-righteous. Maybe a twing of remorse or guilt????
I don’t need to educate myself. My Nephew has Autism. I actually diagnosed him, when his parents were in denial of anything being wrong with him. I am not in the medical field, but I am very well educated on such topics. Medicine has always been one of favorite subjects. I also believe in standing up for those that can’ t always do so. In my last post I asked Dr. Will to have some compassion and understanding because I am sure Ian has been ridiculed and misunderstood most of his life.
In return I get accused of being a tight ass ………. Typical Dr. Will, he needs to stop being so mean and nasty in his post.


Then you didnt diagnose. You made an educated guess. Only doctors can diagnose.


I’m actually finding most of you Boogie haters quite hypocritical. A large group of you posters have b****ed about his comment about “f****** Dan’s wife”, yet the stuff you guys post about him, or any other houseguest for that matter that you despise is disgusting to read. Everyone has their opinions, but don’t act all self-righteous when the very thing some of you pound on without mercy is the exact same thing, even worse than what they are saying.

Yes, many traits of their personalities follow them once they go past that door but the way this game can mind-f*** people sometimes and take a toll on their emotions will cause them to make/say irrational things or act a little out of character. None of us know these people outside the house, so stop acting like you know them from the inside out like they shot one of your family member, or raped your sister.

This is a game. They’re playing for 500 grand. Even if you have to do one thing out of character, or a bit appalling to win 500 000$…wouldn’t you do it?

I would.


Boogs isn’t acting out of character because he wants to win 500k. Him and Frank are like this in real life. Its obvious.


I think one of the big differences is we can turn off our tv’s, shut off or shut off our computers to escape from the hateful barrage should it become too much, you can not do that in the BB house. There is almost no where to go, and if this were happening outside the house, there would be a lot more restraining orders handed out.


If Booger can pull this off it would be a big brother mirical and Production wouldn’t have anything to do with it… we know he has Frank his bitch, and Ashley who while high thinks Booger is and Elf Fairy and will grant her wish. Joe is goin to be a touch sal, but that’s just 3 votes, everybody else is voting for Booger to go…… Real idiots if they think they have Ian LMFAO


I think that Jenn should change his name to Menn,
so that people aren’t confused about his gender.

Wait a minute, do ghosts have gender?


nope they are asexual


“Boogie says what you won 1 HOH and 1 POV.”

AND? you didn’t win shit, your bitch carried you.


I wanna see how the bitch plays without booger guiding him into his eviction, because that’s pretty much what’s been happening Frank get heat mostly because of booger


I am starting to wonder what Ian would do if Boogie could get Joe’s vote? I guess even is Joe did vote out Jenn, Ian could just deny deny deny and say he voted for Jenn to leave and Joe is lying. I just would love to see how freaked out Ian would be if Joe told him that Boogie had his vote!!!! He would realize he was the swing vote and panick


Boogie should be punished by the DR for what he said about dan’s wife…team 10k, no offense dude, but boogie has no chance, joe is just blowing smoke, and ian is voting boogie out, u cant treat someone like poo poo and then expect them to vote your way, that is why dan is the mastermind, if i have to put up with one more night ont he live feeds of danielle making it all about her, i will vomit, its the same routine every night, she manages to be by herself in the HOH room, they give each other massages because shane does just enough to keep danielle whipped, then he tells her he cant sleep because its too hot in the bed , so she goes downstairs, lol…she has a better chance with frank….i think frank will be able to work alot smoother once boogie is gone….ashley all of a sudden thinks she has power in this game…what’s up with that…GO DAN GO……..u r by far the best player this year… those pawns

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Dan has the personality of watching paint dry…I’m sure Dan’s wife needs some excitement in her life lol…


I bet Quack Pack Alliance started to crumbled and thanks to Frank winning his 2nd POV. Now he will strike back and win his 3rd HOH! I would love to see Shane or Dan Face when he has decided vote to evict Dan or Shane!


Frank won POV by cheating twice palming a chip and leaning back on his chair for answers
from Boogie


once boogie leaves, frank will be able to work alot smoother, do any of u notice that its the same routine every night with shane and danielle, she manages to get a massage…shane does just enough to keep her attached to him…then about an hour later shane says danielle its too hot in this bed with two people in it go downstairs, and she goes downstairs and stays up thinking about it…lol, boogie is ruthless…im seriously starting to dislike him, first the dan and chelsea thing, now its his religion, i dont believe in god, but if someone does, dont bash it u know….and i dont think boogie likes woman anyway


it doesnt look good for old mike boogie right now but he does still have 2 days to work his magic it would greatly benefit joe,ian,ashley and frank for mike to stay they get to continue to float under the radar while froogie battle it out with ddbs. Ian and joe should see this as fans of the show but most likely will not since they just arent that good at seeing all the angles. Thats why dr will was so good because he could see every possible angle that could be played out than paint the picture for everyone else boogie has a little bit of that as well but lets his anger cloud his game play.If he knew that ian was the real judas i think he could have the votes by bringing ian back to the dark side


Say what you want about Ian, he will be loyal to the Quack Pack. Remember, it was IAN that came to them wanting to team up and be the spy, not the other way around. If he was playing DDBS and had been an actual Team Boogie member, we would have seen it by now. He’s not gonna flip.

Dr. Will would never let Ian leave. He would have had him involved from the beginning. Boogie wanted a lazy summer in the bb house and pick the 1 guy that he thought would win him the $100,000 prize and really just ignored his other 2 players.


no u guys have alot of nerves….u people that stick up for boogie…..BOOGIE HAS NO CHANCE IN HELL WITH DANS WIFE…….let me ask u this…is this a fact, simon and dawg im sorry but this is fact….FACT= boogie has been accused of stealing money and paying old men for sexual favors….UMMM HELLO PEOPLE….boogie is a creep…why do u think shane said hes gonna make a joke about uncle jerry… can u stick up for a guy who stole money off people and spent it all in vegas and on drugs and on old men and his sexual fethishes….this is true, and it is not a joke or opinion, boogie likes old men…he is gay, so before u stick up for him, know that


Somehow, your Quack Pack will be breaking because Frank will win his 3rd HOH so he will nominated Shane & Dan on the block!

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I believe Boogie is allowed to offer money he won in the house to another houseguest.

If so, he should offer Jenn his $10K to self destruct, piss everyone off and ensure she is voted out.
If not, he should throw her a hail mary and do what he was going to do with Joe, but with Jenn.
Jenn’s biggest interest is her band. I don’t think she really believes she can win BB. I am guessing she is on the show for exposure and furtherance of her music career.
Boogie seems well connected in Hollywood and could offer to make connections for her outside the house.

I can’t remember what happened in the past, but if Jenn just walked out, would Boogie stay by default?

Bring back willie

Lol silly boogie you don’t know that even with Joe votes with you the quack pack has a ace up their sleeve and that’s your boy Ian I can’t wait to see his face when Julie says boogie youve been evicted from the big brother house

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Boogie could also drop a hint to Ian that maybe the coach of the winning player still gets paid – I have not heard BB say otherwise – so there is a real incentive for Boogie to get Frank and Ian to the final 3 rather than have Ian be #5 on the other alliance and first to go if anyone on that alliance wins HOH.


first i would like to thank simon and dawg for all their hard work, and for letting us express our opinions no matter who its about….alot of other sites the people in charge get nasty with you if you talk about something they already know, or if you talk about their favorite players, i have been kicked of another site for saying frank is boogies little errand boy….ok now that i said that…..dr will, i am not sold on if ian is an aspie, there are so many signs pointing to he is, but there are signs that he isnt either, i think he is playing a role of a kid who is just happy to be there ..i dont think he would have the desire to be a villian if he was an aspie…im not arguing with u…just wondering myself, now that this has been said…boogie has 2 votes…ashley and frank, joe is voting with shane, there are more players that can keep him off the block for a cpl weeks , frank is the only one that can win comps…and joe knows that, but if he goes to the other side…everybody wins comps….and they r even thinking about making joe an official alliance member….with that said….good day to all of u….


First of all I find it LOL, THAT I am not the only one that cannot stand BOOGIE AND FRANK , I call them MIC AND MAC… They are so rude but I do enjoy them when they are mad and talk about everyone…..

I cannot wait for them to see how IAN played them everyday………………………….. The laugh is on them… We will see if they are laughing to the bank when they are in the JURY house with Ian and Ashley and Jenn and Joe who they love so much….

My final 4 are Dan, Danielle, Shane, Britt…. And see who really got it……


This week is going by too slow already! Thursday needs to hurry up so I can see Mike get evicted


What an idiot Boogie is!! I never saw the seasons that he was on as a player but after watching him now and the disgusting things that come out of his mouth (Dan’s wife), it’s hard to know why Big Brother would ever want to show his leprechaun face on national tv again. If there is ever a custody battle with his son, all his ex needs to do is show clips of the live feeds to show what an unstable and evil person he truly is.
I cannot wait until we don’t have to listen to his ramblings anymore.


Jenn maybe upset that she is on the Block—But start playing the game…. Doesn’t she realize yet; that her Friends(Frank/Ian/Ashley) may want to keep Boogie and Vote her out? I am going to laugh if it comes down to a vote that keeps her in the house – and all the people that she hates voted to keep her—And her own alliance voted for her to go…WAKE UP

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Has anyone else realize that all the terminology being used in the BB House are Boogies words…. “scumbag” “draw the line” “The Wiz” Without Boogie there’s no show… I love his intelligent and Ghetto personality. This guy can sell anything to any corporation, and be in a rap video a few hours later… #Chilltown


Jenn has o be one of the DUMBEST player to play BB. She is on the block and should know Boogie is teh target especially acting the way he is. WHY IS SHE MAKING AN ASS OF HER SELF?

I am worried that Ian won’t have the balls to vot Boogie out and Boogie will stay! But at the same time, Ian will be screwed as BSDD will expose him. (Also the HOH cmpetiton will be before/After and I see Ian winning it!!! Hopefully he will be loyal to the Quackpack and evicts his ass!!

Also, I would love the 5 do do a “quack, quack, quack” as their goodbye message to Boogie!!!


Im praying Ian or Joe go and tell the tattoo girl that Ashley, Frank and Booger are really trying to vote her out. That slap in the face may knock her ass out.


“Frank says that Joe said he would bust Danielle or Britney for cheating too if it was them. Boogie says integrity.”Wow!More admission from Boogie&Frank that they cheated in the veto competition.Yet,production can care less about it.That’s why I hope Dan’s alliance screw up production plans to keep Frank&Boggie in the game.



Ashley: Let’s do it under the covers, you first.
Ian: OK
Ashley: Eek, what is that?
Ian: It’s Saran Wrap, I heard you starred in a porn
movie and I didn’t want to catch any communicable
diseases, so I using it as a barrier between your
vagina and my fingers.
Ashley: Kool, that makes sense.
Ian:Which part is your vagina?
Ashley: All of it down there is.
Ian: Which part do you want me to touch?
Ashley: Never mind Ian, I’ll use Janelle’s dildo
later, I’ll do you now.
Ian: What do I do?
Ashley: Nothing, I’ll do it all for you.
Ian: You are like stink on shit.
Ashley: Ian, get the hell out of my bed!
Ian: Not in the foreseeable future, you are going
to give me a happy ending bitch.