Paulie “I need you to F**king win HOH next week & put his a$$ (Frank) up. I’m not putting you up.”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition July 16th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 18th
HOH Paulie Next HOH July 21st
Roadkill Competition Winner: ?
Original Nominations: ?, ?, ?
After POV Nominations: ?, ?, ?
Have Nots ?, ?, ?

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Big Brother 18 Alliances Help Guide

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-14 20-15-19-822
5:25pm Havenot room – Zakiyah, Tiffany and Nicole are talking. Tiffany says I’m someone that can be super trusted. I’m like a vault. Why am I being the one targeted!? I feel like I have leprosy. Zakiyah says f**k everybody. None of that sh*t should matter. You won’t see me breakdown. Tiffany says I know it doesn’t bother you. Zakiyah says no I’ve cried when I lose but I get back up and move on. Tiffany asks why is this game so hard. Nicole says when I came back I knew what I was in for. We have your back. If you have something in your head you notice it a lot more. If someone said something about you, I wouldn’t believe it. Zakiyah says Frank called me stupid and I didn’t go up to him. Feelings aren’t facts. Tiffany says being on the block gets to you too.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-14 20-14-42-556

8:15pm Safari room – James says you can’t repair that relationship with Frank but keep everyone else close .. so they don’t stray off. James says if we were going to vote anyone out …we should have voted Paul out. At the end of the game .. when we talking you’re going to be like you called it boo. DaVonne says I cannot believe she went straight up to him and said that!! WHY?!!? James says its exactly what Vanessa did. In the last minute people went to bat for her and then she F**ked them over. Me and Paulie were like dude she’s dangerous because now she has so much information. She could just blow all of us up. I was such a risk to keep her. DaVonne says between me and you They’re going to put up Natalie. Don’t say nothing. But But ..Tiffany is the target. James says okay. James says that’s when we vote Tiffany’s a$$ out .. no changing this time. DaVonne says I went in there and talked to Bronte. Paulie joins them. James says ya’ll should already know Natalie and I aren’t going to win any smart comps. Paulie says we had her (Tiff) calm this morning and then everything flipped. Now she’s going to be on the block again. Come Saturday we’ll know if she’s still on the block again. I want her F**King GONE! James asks what if she wins the veto? Paulie says then Paul (goes up). I hate Bridgette. Paulie says I saw Vanessa’s season and what she did .. once she (Tiff) goes up there she’ll know I want her gone. I just have to win one more Comp to take her out. Then you guys need to win HOH to take Bridgette out because I can’t. DaVonne says I can’t believe he’s (Frank) going to be in jury! Paulie says I just found out from Bridgette that Tiffany did try to make an all girls alliance. They f**king kept her because they got scared of Frank winning. Paulie tells Paul I need you to F**king win HOH next week and put his a$$ (Frank) up. I told you, you were safe when Vic went up. I told you last week and I’m telling you now I’m not putting you up.
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Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-14 20-59-22-709

8:40pm Bedroom – DaVonne asks why did coming for me!?!! Frank says when Corey got all worried and I could tell you told him something about me saying his name. Davonne says I didn’t say nothing to nobody! We was final 2!!! That’s why I told you everything?! That’s why I was liek what the f**K did I do!? Frank says be Frank and DaVonne are talking. Frank says I just got a weird feeling about you. DaVonne asks why didn’t you just come to me. You knew I was a fan of you from the show!! The whole house has us divided! Two powerhouses! Come on Frank you’re smarter than this!?! Frank says I might not be. Davonne says now I’ve got to act like I hate you. Frank asks who were the votes? DaVonne says I don’t know I voted her (Tiff) a$$ out. Frank says everyone’s telling me that. If you didn’t flip them, then who did?! Davonne says I don’t know. Frank says I have a hard time trusting a lot of people in the house. DaVonne says its weird now. It’s awkward. Frank asks do you think Corey and Nicole flipped? Davonne says I don’t know .. but they’re on the same team .. maybe. Frank asks what do you think about Nicole? DaVonne says I think she’s too scared to do anything. Frank tells Day about how both James and Nicole said Day’s name on who they wanted to get out. DaVonne says oh god! Frank says I don’t know if they were trying to play to me or not. They said your name. DaVonne says if you win the roadkill I expect you to put me up .. but moving forward we need to trust each other. Frank asks who flipped on me?! Davonne says I can’t tell you.

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-14 20-43-27-461

8:50pm Natalie talks to Paulie. Paulie says I know I want Frank out next week and I can’t win it (HOH). Paulie says I wanted to get you guys to jury because that’s what you wanted. I didn’t want to win this competition. Natalie says I’m not coming for you. I’m doing what the house is doing. Paulie says I’m just tring to find out who the 5 were because it was supposed to be unanimous for Tiff to go. Paulie says Bridgette and Frank have said they wanted to come after me. Frank and Bridgette were going to cut you guys as soon as we got to jury. Natalie says when I found out who won the roadkill.. Paulie says Bridgette doesn’t even know. I don’t trust the guy (Frank). He’s a liar! He said to Day to put up me and Corey.

9:10pm- 9:30pm Paulie, Corey and Frank are talking. Paulie tells Frank I definitely want Tiffany out this week. You need to realize that some sh*t went down. I saw Vanessa’s season and what she did. Now these people put me in a situation where I have to put her up. Frank says a lot of things are going to come out in the wash after this vote. Paul joins them. Paul says she is F**King weird dude! She stares at you in your sleep. Frank asks Corey you feel like Nicole voted our way right? Corey says I don’t know. Paulie says I want to know who the 4th vote was just to know who we can trust. Corey says for all I know it was Nicole. Corey says I’m going to freak out on Tiffany this week. She is already annoying me. Paulie and Paul leave. Corey says I don’t know why its a big deal .. because we can get Tiffany out like that! She can’t win anything. Frank says it is a big deal because I don’t know who I can trust. Nicole joins them. Nicole asks do you trust me or not!? I’m sick of hearing you don’t. Nicole tells Frank he can’t trust Day. Frank says I want him to put both of them up .. and if I win roadkill I would put up Z because I don’t want them to have any votes.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-14 21-15-02-851

9:40pm – 9:55pmPaulie and James are in the storage room – James says she’s done a 180 with me .. before she way lying with me and scratching my back and now she gets up and leaves. She was in the room with Bridgette and I come in and she takes off. I was like what’s wrong and she said nothing. Its not you. I asked her if she was okay and she left. She came back into the pink room and I was barely on the bed and she sits on another bed. Like damn boo.. What did I do to you!? Paulie says if she wants to pull that fake sh*t… if everything she was doing was fake till this point or she’s doing that to make you feel a certain way. She’s not in a position to do that to you… I’ll put her on the f**king block. DaVonne told me that Frank thinks me and him are working together again. I want to put Tiffany up next to Natalie. If she’s going to treat you cold. James says every f**king season .. first it was Meg and now Nat Nat. I’m not going to chase her down. I’ll cut her like I cut Meg. Paulie says you just be a good dude like you are and support her .. she just lost her best friend. Paulie says that Paul said he might want to go up to battle next to Tiffany. Paul joins them. Paulie says when I put Tiffany up I’m going to say the reason I am nominating you is because I can’t trust somebody who says to somebody that that person is a target and then runs to them and says they’re not a target and then …runs to them to try and make amends. That’s not something I can trust in this game. If you want to play like your sister that’s fine but everyone knows what your sister did and you’re going to go home. Paulie says I’m going balls to the wall to get her (Tiffany) out. She’s going to try and align with Frank because that’s the only move she’s got.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-14 21-51-20-716

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Paulie ratio’s of speaking the F word is even higher on him winning HOH


He had a touch of HOH-itis last time. Bet it’s gonna be even worse this time. And Z’s gonna stuck sleeping in the Have Not room. Wonder if Frank will sleep upstairs with Paulie.

Vanessa Rousso

Tiffany royaly f#cked her game tonight. Nice going idiot!


You effed her game.They hate her because of the game you played Vanessa lol


Corey is delusional..”I got Paul under control”….you got hallucinations bro…..Idiot!


LOVED how most of the houseguests had their mouths or faces covered after Tiffany’s speech. Priceless!!


The speech is over…the HOH is over broad….let’s see what it’s really like on Wednesday night when production tells you what’s what.


Bye DaVonne.
Point Blank and yo stanky Period


All you people wanting Tiffany to stay and she does and now she’s even more hated by the house guests lol

Billy k

Why because of the speech? It was towards Frank so why are they mad,at her?


the plan was to blindside frank and rattle him for the hoh comp. instead she totally telegraphed the blindside, rattling those on her side, and giving frank extra time to prepare as voting takes like 10 minutes. then frank almost wins the comp and ends up safe because no one could throw it until frank was out.


Tiffany was kept to screw Frank. That’s it, it’s not like some of the house guests thought they could work with her or anything and she’s still the most likely target this week now that they can’t get Frank.


Why not just keep Tiffany and Day in and let Frank don’t with them they’re always going to be the target Talk about someone that’s spineless like Nicole also so is Paulie he is Frank’s little bitch

Powder Puff Girls

Paul does not trust Da (she is after show-mances) Tiffany (for numerous reasons) I have a feeling he will put up soft targets like Paul and Natalie and hope someone puts Da or Tiff for Roadkill or Veto.


yeah, i think paulie puts nat and paul up claiming the plan is to backdoor someone, all the while just telling everyone different backdoor targets and waiting for roadkill.

So anyway....

These people are idiots.

Frank's Farts Are Juicy

Just what none of them wanted to happen. This house is a joke! I know a lot of people hate Frank but Nicole and Bridgette are the top of my list. Both followers who pretend to be players. Paul might actually make F2 just being a pawn. James is disappointing. At this point I hope Tiff finds a way to stay just to piss everyone off!

Alrighty then

I’m just SOO glad that I don’t have to hear Bronte’s voice on the feeds anymore. Hallelujah!!!!


LOL everyone is scrambling and playing the blame game all because Frank is safe this week and his cabbage patch doll. Seems like tiffany or Day will be sent packing, we’ll see how it goes.


to our 6.+ million fans, thank you for watching our (scripted) shows.
Please, don’t take it too personal but we’re not getting rid of our mules anytime soon

production rigged it

This may be the biggest cast of morons in BB history. They went from saving Tiffany’s ass to now wanting her out in no time. Hell by the time they vote they will probably save her ass again and get rid of Natalie which would be a wasted HOH 2 weeks in a row. Bunch of idiots!!


So you expect them to keep going with last weeks plan? The plan was to get Frank out this week, he’s safe.


No one’s feelings towards Tiffany changed all week. The only thing that did was some folks thought it would mess up Frank’s game to keep her this week. She was a tool to be used and now that tool broke so she’s not needed.


Pauli should have the balls, make big move and sent James out..


Why James? Why does that take balls? Just asking?


Day cant go


Expect the unexpected LOL. I bet you Tiffanessa will be safe again this week. It’s called the “Rousso Black Magic” hahaha


I would be very careful about pointing out Vanessa’s game if I was Paulie… because he had a brother on Big Brother and they may look at Cody’s Game and the similarities. One of the people Cody screwed was Nicole who is crazy paranoid.

I figured Paulies game strategy for the next two weeks, he gets a week of safety for himself and sets up a target for this week and a target or targets for next week…, this could keep him safe another week or two, because this may be the last week of teams… actually with the numbers remaining that should have been over last week… there is not enough people to keep 4 safe already. Roadkill probably has 2 more weeks left.

I will say that Paulie not throwing it should make him a target next week….. I would be finding him suspicious because he is talking a lot like Cody… never point out something that you don’t want people to see Cody… oops I mean Paulie. Once PoV is played Paulies power is over and he will need to explain why he didn’t throw the HoH this week… he better start doing that now.


It’s kinda unfair that a lot of them (Paulie) is wanting Tiff out cos she’s the sister of Vanessa.


She deserves to be booted for wearing sunnies while secretly staring at people around the room.


Ha, Corey is throwing Nicole under the bus to Frank about her possibly changing her vote after she went to bat for him when he asked her if Corey flipped she was adament he didnt change hir vote and now he’s like maybe she did (what a fucking idiot). Haha maybe she should have stayed with the fatal 4. Corey does not know how to play BB!


Tiffany believes she is like a vault… well, more like a panic room!


What happens the first time somebody says we gotta get rid of him he’s going to turn into Cody…. did you see what a back stabbing lackey he was and I don’t think any of us are his Derrick?


That reminds me………
Pork the other white meat.
My pit would naw on his nose.
Dogs love bacon.


This whole group is not the brightest bunch. So many people not realizing the potential assets. James saying Bronte leaving over Tiffany doesn’t hurt his game. Come on man who you think they going to go after once she’s gone… Your cuddle buddy then you. Seems like the odds are in favor for a girl victory this year if the boys keep taking each other out like they do.


Just finished watching the live show. Sounded like Julie mis-read the first question and four HG were eliminated from the competition. Julie said “Glen was wearing a red tie in the BAGGAGE picture. True or false” Julie should of said BAGPIPE picture.


Listen again. I’m pretty sure she said, “VICTOR was wearing a red TIE – True or False”. And he was.

Paulie is a b*tch

Paulie: “I saw Vanessa’s season”

Umm Vanessa is a professional game player. She studied game theory. She is a beast.

Tiff is a teacher.

Sorry Paulie. I know you sat with Derrick and Cody for a year trying to learn how to win and are trying to play their game. But Tiff isnt trying to play someone elses game like you pussy. Tiff hasn’t remotely played anything like Vanessa.

Send this pussy Paulie packing in 2 weeks. Tiff is going to have to win POV to stay this week. These losers are worried their lies are going to be exposed and since Tiff is only who hasn’t lied and knows a lot of theirs they need her gone. Paulie the lying pussy ass leading that charge. He is scared as fk his Daddy Frank finds out all his lies.

Like I said since Day One Paulie is a huge pussy.

Paul just cuts on whoever he thinks is who everyone is targeting. 2 weeks ago he called Tiff a “c*nt” Last week he was on Bridgette. Now he back to Tiff. Just trying to fit in. Poor kid. Little rat running around lying about people. Just so they don’t look at him and be like why are you here?

Day is a snake and a half. I don’t even want to get started on her right now. Such a waste of air.

Nicole same.

Michelle and Tiff for final two!

Let’s do this!


Didn’t Paulie say he knows about Vanessa because his Daddy told him, and he had the feeds?


Vanessa sucks………forget you and your Vanessa shrine……
I’m gonna find your green beanie you bought off online and do you a favor and burn it you sicko!


“She studied game theory”

No shit, I would never have known …


What a waste of a week, they get out Bronte who probably could not win a Grade 1 math test and instead have Paulie win securing that Frank cannot go up… Probably the worst week thus far for this season…


What a mess… but the plan was never good considering that this “your whole team is safe” thing is bound to complicate things. Paullie could have easily thrown that HOH because he’d be safe either way, still it’s better to have Paullie as HOH than Frank. If Frank were up there, he’d be backdooring either Tiffany or Da… imagine if he also got ANOTHER Roadkill? Hahah… f*ck!

Honestly, it’s save your ass week… next Thursday couldn’t come soon enough! I very curious to see who’s coming back too! I think Victor has already defeated everyone at this point…

Sick of these people

Too many floaters in this game. Michelle, Nicole, Natalie, Corey, zakiyah. I wish someone would go after these people.


Can live feeds get better than this?! Loving it! James questioning Natalie, Corey saying he ‘s not really into Nicole, but Natalie and Corey are both riding on their game play.


Funniest line of the season, James…. “I’ll cut you like I cut Meg.” Hahahahaha. That’s hilarious! You can’t cut Meg if you didn’t have her in the first place 🙂


If that’s the case, he’s gonna follow Natalie around until she tires of the puppy and puts him down…

BB Fan

It’ll be really funny if they send Tiff home, and she comes right back. She’s the fifth person eliminating next week.