Jess “I don’t want to say the wrong thing & make it look like I’m throwing her under the bus, although it could be done.”

Big Brother Spoilers
Jack wins the Head of Household.
Jack has nominated Jessica and Kemi
Power of Veto Players: Jessica, JAck, Kemi, JAckson, Sam, Bella.
Sam won the veto & the Fiji trip.
Jack won the whackdooel power can opt for a POV player redraw.
Jessica is the pawn and Kemi is the target.

Power of Veto Ceremony results = Sam did not use the Veto nominations stay the same.

8:17pm Backyard hammock. Nicole, Ovi and David. Nicole – I am telling you, I want the comeback people to be in this house. Ovi – what if we had our own separate place and were challenging y’all? Nicole – I would volunteer. Can I convert!? Ovi – every new voted person goes there. Nicole – YEAH! Ovi – once we have all four we all compete. The twist is that only one of us comes back. And then the other three compete. Nicole – its like a second BB house. Ovi – we nominate one person and y’all nominate one person. Nicole – they should make the season twice as long. HOC – Head of Camp. We should write this show. The conversation turns to talking about how Ovi wants to write a children’s book and anyone can get it regardless of financial status.

8:30pm Dinner time…

9:02pm Bedroom. Christie and Analyse. Analyse – I am really, really, really bad at hiding my emotions. Christie – I love you so much. Analyse – I love you so much and I would never choose anyone over you and I would never get mad at you for anything. Christie – If there is ever any information that you want to ask me of if you see him (Jask) say something. Analyse – can you just tell me though when he says stuff to you? Christie – if you want me to then yes. Analyse – no just things that I should.. Christie – if it makes you look dumb. Analyse – yeah in my eyes I look dumb when he says you’re my rock. You know what I mean. That’s just weird to me. Christie – I am just letting you know that if there is anything that you did want to know … don’t feel silly and also just don’t pull away from him out of nowhere. You know what I mean?

9:07pm Backyard. Analyse, Tommy, Christie and Sam play corn hole.

9:18pm Storage room. Jackson and Kemi. Jackson – it somehow got turned into I was saying that I was going to put her up on the block. Kemi – yeah, that’s basically what she was saying to me. We never even talked about you winning HOH. Jackson – that’s what I’m saying. I didn’t say it and honestly its not a big enough deal. I’m not upset. This game is literally one big telephone game. And its like one person says one thing that gets misconstrued and it runs this way and then they just take off with it. Kemi – yes. Jackson – I talked to her after to straighten everything up. And honestly I don’t care enough. I was just going to let it go. kemi – its just the timing of everything it just happened so quick. And I’m on the block and I’m not the type of person that lies about things. And I straightened it out with her.. Jackson – no you’re good. Give me a hug. We’re good. I would tell you if I had a problem with you. Kemi – I came in here saying I was going to play hard. Don’t tell anyone this but initially if I won HOH, yeah I was going to put Jack up on the block because he said my name. Just thinking about how emotional a person I am if Jack had said its my birthday, I would have been like no. I’m such a wuss.

9:30pm Storage room. Kemi tells Nicole about the conversation she just had with Jackson. Nicole – I talked to Christie and she said originally the house was gravitating towards you but on the flip side Jess is not handling this well at all. People are like wow, Kemi is handling this with such grace. Kemi – who brought it up, you or her? Nicole – I did. Kemi – I wonder if like.. because they know we’re close. Nicole – I know. I am just going to go with it and keep level headed.

9:40pm Nick and Bella kiss. Nick – are we in a showmance?! Bella -yeah.

10:10pm Bathroom. Nick and Bella. Nick – I wasn’t trying to be this open but the way it worked out we’re allowed to. Bella – why? Nick – because Jackson, Holly, Sis and Jack are on our side and they already know everything anyways. So it doesn’t matter. Well it would if one of them wanted to put us up. I told Jess, I really do support everything you do. I’m not letting you go this week. Its about what you’re trying to prove. And I was being serious but she opened the gate up at the veto meeting. She was like I’m trying to do stuff for people that look like me. So I was like alright, I’ll play off that. I was like you’re from puerto rico, I’m from puerto rico. We have that connection. I was like I’m keeping you. You’re staying this week. I got you. I don’t know if she believe me. I don’t know if she believed me but I just don’t want us to get put up next week if she wins. I feel like I have a better chance to beat someone over you. Bella – yeah you do.

10:25pm Jess and Cliff. Jess – I just need to hope that the majority of the people want me to stay. I just don’t want to say the wrong thing and make it look like I’m throwing her under the bus, although it could easily be done. I’m just not that kind of person. That’s what kills me. Cliff – its hard. And every single person is going to respond differently to you.

10:45pm The house guests are making cookies in the kitchen.

10:55pm Hammock. Jack, Jackson, Christie, Cliff, Jess and Holly akk chatting.

11pm Boat room. Nick and Analyse talking about her having $ex with Jack. Analyse – I haven’t been with a guy since my ex. Nick – it has to happen organically. If they come to me then it happens. Analyse – the thing is I don’t date guys and I don’t hook up with guys. Nick – I know you don’t. Analyse – like I literally just hang out with guys. Nick – That’s what I was just trying to say earlier when you said you didn’t understand what I was saying. Like you don’t hook up.. but I said your number. I was shocked… Analyse – why? Nick – because I didn’t think you would. Analyse – I’m not a bad person. Nick – no, I know because I didn’t think you would. They whispers back and forth (can’t make out what they’re saying.) Analyse – I would never. That’s f**king crazy. I’m not, nothing. Nick – wow! Analyse – I know scary. Don’t say anything. Nick – I won’t. Don’t bring it up to him. Nick – I won’t. Analyse – take it to the grave. Nick – I swear to god I will. I was shocked because you said you don’t do that.. and then you did. Analyse – You know I’m just living life. Nick – how was it? Analyse – good, great! I was surprised. Nick – why? I wasn’t he’s packing heat! Analyse – really. Nick – I know he is .. you can see it when he walks around. Analyse – I mean I thought he was big but not that big. Nick – did it hurt? Analyse – no. Nick – did you actually get in the shower. Analyse – yeah. Nick – did you get butt n@ked in the shower? Analyse – yeah. Big Brother switches the feeds.

Analyse – I am very cautious. Nick – you have to be. I always have your back. Analyse – I always have your back. Nick – we could go far. I always said I would take the person that deserves it. If we got that far and we both sucked at comps, I think it would be a toss up. Analyse – I think the person that deserves to win is the person that does the most.

12:30pm Hammock. Jackson, Holly and Jess. Holly – I would feel very confident if I were you. I would feel very at peace if I were you. Jackson – you’re sittin’ pretty in tent city. Just don’t say anything to anyone that I said anything. Jess – I know Jack isn’t hell bent on anyone and I completely understand. It was a little disheartening. I had some people come up to me that haven’t come up to me before and were just a little too overly nice. Jackson – where have you been the last 20 days? Jess – exactly. Jackson – I had my first conversation with someone today. Jess – holy sh*t. Jackson – straight up! About 480 hours too late. Jess – even if I did stay I know who I would be worried.. I know I’m going up. I just hope I am cool with the majority of the house before that happens again. Holly – just win HOH.

1am Bedroom.Tommy talks about how he woke up with a b*ner while sleeping next to Christie. Nick and Tommy comment on how Christie has a natural smell that smells good.

1:20am Backyard. Ovi and Kemi. Kemi – I haven’t started campaigning. Ovi – people don’t make up their minds until Wednesday. Kemi – I don’t want to campaign too hard and start seeming paranoid. I can see how I could be seen as a bigger threat in competitions. I might do slightly better than Jess but Jess has a better social game.

1:20am – 1:40am Jack comes up to Analyse and Christie on the living room couch. He says that he’s going to bed and tells Analyse the his door is always open if she wants to come up. he jokingly tells Christie that its not always open for her.Jack heads to bed. Christie asks Analyse if she is going to go up. Analyse – I don’t want to seem like a clinger. Christie – he asked you. He came up to you. Holly and Tommy join them. The conversation turns to talking about how Kat never wears underwear and how her n!pples point in different directions. (see photo below) Christie – I never noticed they were off kilter.

2am Holly and Jackson.

3am All the house guests are sleeping.

2:45am Kemi and Jackson. Kemi – can I ask you, if you were to vote today.. who would you vote to stay? Jackson – based off of today, probably Jess because immediately after our conversation you ran to Bella. That was kind of disheartening. But as of right now, its turning back to 50/50 because you came to talk to me. If you hadn’t I probably would have voted to evict you.

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I want Jess out and ovi back. That way cliff, Ovi, Nicole, Kemi, And Sam can make a run to the end and defeat the showmamces


That is almost what I said minus Cliff and I got kinda vetoed LOL. Pushing Bella so Sam could use the veto.

Nicole tried but not soon enough and Kemi still trusts Bella so it didn’t work. I know everyone wants Jess out she’s at 55+% here but has Kemi put her trust in the wrong person and not being social screwed herself period?


She started her social game/interaction after a few days but that delay is brutal when connections are made, even temporarily, in the first couple hours. I have hopes for Nicole, Ovi needs someone to guide him, Kemi is willing to go after the big targets. My problem with Cliff is his attachments to certain houseguests. I’m hoping that if the power shifts so will he.


I get that but remember she was banished first day so she might have felt OK, let me feel these people out first. Was being me to much? In BB that’s a flaw but you can only not be you for so long… that’s why everyone looooovveeddd Jack right away then his true colors showed. Amd I think most of us dislike him right?


While we’re at it.. can we also trade Bella for David and add him to our alliance?

No fave yet

Cliff axed his game this morning running his mouth to the feeders and Christi heard it all. His game is blown.

another name

when Jack says ‘there’s no such thing as a safe word” i’m thinking quick, somebody call in a squad of doms to put him in a gimp suit, see if there’s such a thing as a safe word then. I’ve got a few suggestions for words. oh, have i mentioned i really don’t care much for walmartaquaman?
btw… what’s the effect of a 5 minute mask left on the skin for over 45 minutes? is there a chance of chemical burns… or is that just the collective wish of all kemi’s twitter fans after bella’s performance today?
wait… are bella and kemi talking game… again??? really? because their other conversations and plotting sessions have ended so well for kemi so far. so far she’s been hit by the bus and run over by the train… and now she’s booking passage on the titanic?

An ornery mouse

I feel bad for Ovi, Kemi, Nicole, and all the outcasts this season…… but there’s one person this year for whom my sympathy knows no bounds: Sis’s father (who has just been spotted at the top of a building threatening to jump).


We’ll see if sis can resist jack after saying she won’t sleep with him
I also feel bad for jacks family
He hasn’t come off great so far


Jack has no family. He has a dog. (is a dog?)


Not to sound stupid here…but who in the flying flack is “sis”? And if Bella keeps putting her swimsuit bottoms much further up her ass, they will be coming out of her mouth!

The Canadian

Thak you for asking. Who is Sis? I am asking myself the same question since a few days.

Ovi's tongue

Sis is Analyse. It is what her family used to call her before she serviced Jack.

The Canadian

Lolll!!! Thank you!


Thanks Ovi’s tongue

An ornery mouse

Ha, good one

another name

late night early morning. i’m half awake i think so hopefully this makes sense.
Nicole has been concerned that the house thinks Jessica started the black widows and has been trying to get any heat off of herself about black widow involvement by getting Jessica to say something. Nicole wanted Jessica to tell the house it wasn’t her, it was Bella.
Nicole goes to Kemi and tells her she doesn’t want the house to think Kemi started the black widows, that it was Bella.
Kemi goes to tell Jackson that it was Bella not Kemi that started the black widows.
NOBODY thought Kemi started the alliance.
Jackson is confused because…. nobody thought Kemi started the alliance.
So… honestly: did Nicole just shaft Kemi to clear Jessica’s name?
Given the last day and a half conversations where Nicole has been trying to convince Jessica…
I think Nicole just shafted Kemi to help Jessica.
Why? Nicole doesn’t want to go on the block by association, so she’s trying to get someone to offer up Bella instead.
Nobody was going to put Nicole on the block. So, she’s just gotten Kemi to take the heat off of Jessica inadvertently for nothing.

one possible Long term effect if i read storyline correctly:
Expect Nicole to climb into bed with Jackson’s side crew of Holly and Kat with Jessica. It’s a possible prediction. Don’t hate. Cliff is already in that side group secretly and Nicole and Cliff have a deal. It makes sense if you are a conspiracy theorist thinking they want to find a way to redeem Jackson.

Yeah. in bed Jackson is telling Holly * note lots of whispers started without mics so doing my best*:
he isn’t down for the 8. he wants Bella and Nick out (repeat of last week post veto Jackson and Holly talk). Jack’s on a power trip because he won’t break the 8 like Jackson told him to. Holly says Nick and Bella are out to get Jackson. Holly says Bella has been terrorizing Nicole. more whispers. Jackson says any girl would be scared of Bella, she’s scary and dangerous.
(editorial: there’s that scary and dangerous description again who have we heard that about before….). Jackson worries about Jack again because he is stubborn and won’t do what Jackson says. Worries Nick and Bella have numbers on the other side of the house (editorial… where? Jackson is in a secret alliance with two of them, leaving…. two as other side numbers?) so now he has to win hoh.
Yeah…. i’m still thinking this will come down to Jackson jumping to his side deal against the others in the large alliance if he doesn’t get his way. now giggles and jackson is hungry again.


Maybe if holly gets cut early as collateral damage he’ll go rogue with his side alliances. He has been working on those.

another name

lol. showmance destruction wish?
I’m not sure if Holly would choose her final four with Sis Christie and Tommy or her final four with Jackson Kat (or reasonable substitute) and Cliff.


Another name,

I really, really enjoy your posts & I look forward to reading your insight (even if it doesn’t always agree with mine, I appreciate your point of view & showing me a different perspective).

Could I ask you one favor?
Could you please use paragraphs?

It’s a thing with my eyes & my screen & one long post not broken down by paragraphs makes it MUCH more difficult to read in its entirety.

Thanks for considering it! ?

another name

I’m not sure of this, so maybe Simon or Dawg can verify.
Every once in a while when i get long winded, the spacing changes between the post comment box and the posted comment. It could be me overwriting and not being aware of spacing though, so surprised when i see post. lol.
Most likely for space condensing purposes?
That said, I do tend to stream of consciousness drone and write novels sometimes without consideration of spacing.
i will attempt to be more considerate.


I accidentally flagged this comment. I was scrolling and randomly hit the flag button. Sorry about that guys! ?


that’s cool .. it’ll need a couple of flags before anything happens.


Okay Nick is really weirding me out, wanting to know way too much about the Analyse/jack hookup.


He’s feeling left out as he wanted to hit that first but now he’s afraid of following not so little Jack.



Except that don’t y’all think if she’s as tiny as she looks and everyone says “average” is big to her? She did say doesn’t hook up or date so I think he’s average JMO


Analyse keeps trying to sell that “I don’t date or hookup” stuff but it’s hard to believe someone would pick up that habit while they’re on national TV and their parents are watching. Nothing wrong with hooking up with people you find attractive. Just cut the BS and own it!


Agree but I’m thinking mostly she’s tiny so average looks big. If he were that big would she be walking or talking normal?

But enough of Jacks (throw up in my mouth as I type) penis


Except Nick commented on the size also. Apparently Jack’s a commando or boxer kind of guy.


I might be wrong but maybe he’s just going with Sis to be a weird friend who’s not gay but looks. I thought you guys didn’t look or is that just in the bathroom???

Now I’m curious about what guys really think about others junk. I thought you only thought about yours …. Lordy so many questions LOL


This is true most of don’t think about another mans… Just shows how far in the gutter Nicks mind/game is.

Miss Conception

Hmm….. I do believe that you nailed Nick with your comment,a classic case of “penis envy”!


Is it possible Nick is jealous of Sis with his bro, because of Jack, not her? Could he be asking because he likes Jack. lol


I guess hanging out with guys now means losing those panties after 2 weeks ! right , u dont hook up you drop it low . that whole conversation proves how dumb that girl truly is. It tops my hobby is tanning . why is Nick obsessed with Jacks D and what he did with it ? i see a late night snuggle with tommy loud and annoying with curious nick


Nick’s turning into a dud … Sam’s gotta break free.


Ohh Jeez .. .Christie was eavesdropping during Cliff’s feed chats this morning. She may have heard him discuss his suspicions about Christie and Tommy.


Yup Cliff is f*ed … next post will explain.


And he seemed in a decent spot socially…maybe he can win something…or Nicole


Pissed at this happening .. Christie or Tommy will win BB21.

another name

As much as i dislike them, I’d prefer one of them over Jackson. Been getting the awful feeling due to edit of episodes that he’s being storylined as the winner of bb21.

another name

I’m thinking right now that every week will have target shift Tuesday.
Remember last week on day 2250 of Christie’s hoh?
Come to think of it, last week at this time it was Christie and Jackson and Holly and Jack going from room to room, all trying to gather support for their chosen shift in target to become THE next target in the game. Christie was pissed at Jack. Jackson wanted Nick gone. Holly wanted Bella out. Jack wanted everyone to hate Kemi.
This week, Christie is out for Cliff. Jackson wants Bella gone. Holly wants Nick out. oh. Jack is fake sad. Image fix week. Jack can’t Jack.
As they adjust boot orders… they forget it seems that the next evictee doesn’t leave immediately, or goes into the comeback comp with adrenalin.

Going to be an Unpopular thought:
I want Nick or Bella or Sam to win HOH.
why: fun feeds of the terror and headless chicken with a limp scrambling.
As far as what they would do with an hoh or how it would effect game: don’t care. Just want to see the scramble and Jackson’s toothgrinding jaw clenching move into overdrive.
The fact that Nick, Bella or Sam would most likely stick to the Jess with Kat as pawn script? meaningless. The fact that the 6 of 8 would collectively dervish until they spontaeously combusted? everything.


Sucks for Cliff, he was the only one giving the viewers info other than how big is jack. Christie should have kept the info to herself instead of blabbing to half the house. I have not seen one person in this house keep anything to themselves. Gather info and use it when you need it. This house is all over the place, nothing solid.