Helen to Aaryn “I have surprisingly grown to like you a lot”

POV Holder: Andy Next POV Aug 17th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 19th
HOH Winner: ANDY Next HOH: Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Jessie and Spencer
Current Nominations: Jessie and Spencer
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD
Have Nots Aaryn, Helen , GM, Elissa


9:50pm Bedroom McCrae, Amanda, Spencer and Andy
Joking that Elissa has been the Saboteur all along. Amanda: ‘This week you will be a b!tch to Jessie”

Andy tells Spencer Jessie pulled him aside and told him Helen has looked her in the eyes for two days. Andy adds that Jessie is now claiming to be targeting Helen and Elissa. Spencer Mentions how Jessie and elissa were in the hot tub being friendly just now.
Amanda: ‘That’s because Jessie is kissing Elissa’s a$$ right now”
Andy: “Look now the target will be switched back to you two”
They laugh.
Andy needs to go talk to Elissa and Helen get them to be nicer to Jessie. They just don’t need the drama if Jessie starts to scramble thinking she is going. Andy: “I’m telling you there is 19 hours of footage of me saying HELEN” (he slaps his head Joking about having to talk Helen down so many times)

Big Brother 15 N*de flashback times here


9:53pm storage room Andy, Elissa and Helen
Andy: “You guys need to get better pokers faces with Jessie she is on to it she’s come up to be three times today she’s like Helen and Elissa are treating me differently, Helen and Elissa will not look at me “
Helen: ‘Elissa just spent an hour with her”
Andy: ‘This is just me telling you .. just try to work on it better because I don’t want her to get any inkling something is up and she is and it’s with you two”
Andy: ‘Be super BFF’s with her till thursday”
Helen: ‘I haven’t seen her all day she’s been sleeping.. She needs so much affirmation..”

Andy says she wants to flip on helen and Elissa now, “That is why she is so dangerous and has to go.. every day it depends on who looks at her right.. JUDD was right about her”
Helen: ‘Does she know this game”
Andy: “Yesterday her plan was to backdoor Amanda now the plan is go come after you two”
Andy: “Even though she is irritating please be her best friend for the next two days”

CBS Interactive Inc.


10:08pm HOH Aaryn and Helen
Aaryn says if Spencer is left in the house he will be her target because she knows Spencer will put her up. Helen: “Well then that is who we take out next week”
Aaryn adds she thinks Spencer would put her up as a pawn but she doesn’t think Spencer will want her out. She thinks Spencer isn’t scared of her so if he gets HOH he’ll make a big move.
Helen: ‘He should be scared of you”
Helen thinks Spencer will try to take Amanda out because of their bad blood. Helen: “He’s wanted her out Week one with the moving company”
Helen says spencer would never go against McCrae or Andy she’s thinking the boys have an alliance.
Helen: ‘If JUDD had stayed he would have been the glue for the 4 of them .. Taking out JUDD was really key”

Helen: “MC can’t do much unless Amanda is around.. Amanda runs that showmance if you ask me I think MC is along for the rid.. he has no blood on his hands at all”
H: ‘As long as Amanda is in the game she’s a bigger target than McCrae… he’s been able to be safe.. I can’t read MC.. I still trust him alot I do I’ve trusted him since the beginning but when it comes down to his thoughts would he work with Spencer and Andy.. Maybe.. shield himself more.. maybe”

Aaryn says since JUDD got evicted Amanda never talks to her anymore. She thought they were closer but as it turns out they are not.

Helen: “I have a lot of influence with Amanda and we owe you.. I really like you.. I have surprisingly grown to like you a lot.. it would be personally hard for me to take you out of this game”
Jessie joins them

(Keep in mind Helen has been telling people she wants Aaryn out next week. Aaryn knows this because Andy, Amanda and McCrae filled her in during the 3am alliance talk last night)


10:35pm HOH Elissa, Spencer, Andy, Helen, Jessie
chatting about what Julie Chen meant when she said the Jury members are still in the game. They figure it’s either someone is coming back, The jury gets to vote MVP or nothing as the jury is technically still in the game because they get to decide the winner.
Aaryn thinks someone is coming back she’s sure of it.
Helen: “As long as we’re all on the same page it’ll be fine.. that person better be good at winning comps”
Aaryn: “It’s annoying me that Gm is hanging around Spencer a lot”
Elissa: “why”
Aaryn: “I can’t stand Spencer.. I think he’s fake” She adds he’s Parading around the house making up all these stories acting like he loves us all


10:54pm Helen and Jessie
Jessie: OK Helen I have something serious to talk to you about”
Jessie says she felt like when she said to Aaryn Jessie was targeting Amanda she threw her under the bus

Helen: “I’m sorry everyone kinda knows that”
Jessie: ‘Well how does everyone know that”
H: “It’s going around you had that Huge fight in front of the house..”
J: “Well you saying it makes it sound like more than a rumour”
H: “I’m sorry it came out that way i’m happy to fix it’
J: “I don’t think you can fix that.. I am on the block this week and that is going to hurt my game”
J: “You are becoming more distance with me and I don’t know why”
H: ”Sorry I thought It was public knowledge.. Judd made everyone know that”
J: “I didn’t know that was public knowledge”
helen says JUDD and other people told the house she was going after Amanda
J: “you leave me in the dark with conversations that deal with me that leads me to believe you are not looking out for me”
H: “Listen jessie lets not forget.. you were the one that tried to flip the house on me and Elissa”
J: “How was I trying to flip the house on you and Elisa”
H: ‘You were trying to get Amanda out you were trying to change the power in the house.. Candice said you were flipping the house on me Elissa, McCrae and Amanda”
J: “OK I have never ever come after you ever before.. you are trusting Candice more than me which is basically putting everyone ahead of me”
Jessie: ‘Candice was the one telling me that all four of you were in an alliance”
Helen: “Let not forget you were running around the house saying Elissa and I do not need the money”
J: “I said that to one person in a moment of anger”
H: ‘A bunch of people were there I was told”
J: ‘NO it was McCrae and Amanda those were the only two people in there and I said it in a moment of anger and I apologized and you accepted my apology”
Helen: “Other people have told me to that you said it all over the place”
J: ‘Thats not true”
J: “Will you ever give me the benefit of the doubt ever I have been nothing but loyal to you for the past three weeks”
Helen storms out says she a liar

(helen will now tell everyone in the house this conversation. Keep in mind that Helen knows Jessie told Andy she wants to go after Helen and Elissa now. )

You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using the flashback feature.. It’s just like a DVR and is super easy to use. click this link for a Free Trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds


11:19pm Backyard MC, Jessie , Specner and Andy

MC saying if JUDD wasn’t MVP he’s going to be so pissed. Amanda: ‘He was still coming after me”
Amanda and MC leave. Jessie goes over her conversation with Helen. She highlights that once she got to the bottom of things Helen stormed off.


11:23pm Bathroom Elissa, Jessie and Helen
(prior to this Helen was in the HOH with Aaryn. Elissa and AManda. Amanda was telling Helen she better squash this thing with Jessie because Jessie is going around telling people her and Elissa were coming after Amanda. Helen wants to go confront Jessie. Elissa doesn’t it takes some convincing on Helen’s part to get Elissa to do it)

Helen: “can you explain why you are telling everybody we’re targeting Amanda”
Jessie: ‘Because you were”
Helen: ‘No we weren’t.. no one is going to believe you Jessie”
Elissa: “we never said that Jessie”
Jessie: Yes you did”
Helen: ‘OK i’m not even going to fight with you because it’s not worth my time.. you’re the one on the block”
Helen storms out
Elissa: “I never said I wanted Amanda up I just said I didn’t want Candice to go”
Helen comes back into the bathroom
H: “Why are going around saying this to people.. I thought you were protecting me ”
Jessie says she was protecting Helen until she found out Helen was using her and lying to her.
Helen: “If we wanted Amanda out we would have done it”
Helen: ‘Ok ceya.. you are leaving thursday”
Helen goes into the kitchen opens the glass door and says “She leaving Thursday”

Elissa comes up to Jessie asks her why she is saying she was targeting Amanda.
Jessie: “There was a conversation where Helen said you were on board with getting Amadna out”
Elissa: “I never said that”
Jessie: “Helen did then”


11:37pm HOH Helen, Andy and Jessie
Jessie says Helen got her and Elissa together and they were working towards trying to get Amanda out.
Helen says she was only doing that because she wanted to see what Jessie would do. Helen adds she never wanted to get Amanda out because she needed Amanda to get JUDD out.
Helen: “I never had any intention of getting Amanda out until JUDD left this house”
Jessie: “So either way you are lying to me when you are telling me you are protecting me”
Helen: ‘Jessie you have lied to me a ton”
J: “no I haven’t”
H: Yes you have.. and every week we have this conversation and I tell you this isn’t the week to get her out”
J: “Andy did she not ask you and JUDD this is the week to get her out”
Andy says he talks a lot of scenarios with Helen and he never thought it was a definite plan.
J: ‘It look liked a definite plan from my end.. so basically she was setting me up”
Helen storms out “I’m done I’M DONE”

Helen comes back “Oh my gosh.. I never was setting you up”
J: “You just admitted to setting me up you said you wanted to see what I was going to do”
Helen storms out again “I’m DONE i’m DONE”
Helen comes back “I never set you up jessie”
Helen says it was never a plan to get amanda out .
Jessie: “You can say that but I know otherwise”
Helen: “you can think whatever You want’
jessie: “OK and so can you”
Helen: ‘OK so we are going to disagree that is fine”
Jessie: ‘Helen you got Elissa and came to me saying I have Elissa onboard”
H: “I never did”
J: “Yes you did and you just looked to the right that means you are lying”
Helen storms out “OK OK I’m DONE”
LOL and she’s back
Helen: ‘I never lied”
Jessie points out that Helen has stormed out 3 times already.
Helen: ‘I never meant for Amanda to go out of this game before JUDD”
Helen: ‘I’m not going to let you argue with me I’m done i’m so done” and she storms out again
Andy stars talking and she comes back he says he only heard the plan the one time and said it wouldn’t work that was the last he heard of it.
Jessie says that was the last she talked about it to and now she’s getting thrown under the bus.
Jessie brings up Helen keeps storming out of the conversations., She wanted to talk to Helen at the pool table but helen just stormed out because Helen wanted to make sure she got to Amanda first to throw Jessie under the bus.
Jessie: “I had to do this to defend myself because I am on the block this week”
Helen: ‘OK great ya keep doing it .. go do it.. i’ll take it all … go I’m not on the block”

Helen storms out for the last time.
Jessie: Well that was very mature”
Andy: “I’m not going to lie to you you got to fix this”

Jessie says Elissa and Helen told her to go start making out with JUDD to get his vote because then we wouldn’t have needed Andy’s vote.

(Jessie rehashes everything to Andy.. Helen rehashes the conversation with everyone in the house 3 times over. I’m not going to bother covering it all

You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using the flashback feature.. It’s just like a DVR and is super easy to use. click this link for a Free Trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds


12:29AM HOH everyone but Elissa and jessie
Helen is backtracking about the “Kissing Strategy” She says Elissa is going to explain it basically had something to do about Jessie getting back in good with JUDD by kissing with him and flirting with him. (The kissing Strategy was Elissa’s idea to get Jessie and JUDD back together so they had JUDD’s vote to evict Amanda)


12:35am hot tub Jessie and Elissa
Elissa wants to know why she brought her into the conversation tonight. Jessie says she was explaining the plan last week and you were part of the plan last week.
Elissa says she wanted Spencer out last week she never “technically” wanted Amanda out.
Jessie: “I don’t even know why you are talking to me after the comment you made to me upstairs do you know how rude that was”
Jessie: “To look at me and say are you on any medication that is probably the rudest thing that has been said all season”
Jessie tells her everyone in the house talks about Elissa and how crazy she comes off. Jessie would have never said that to Elissa.

Elissa: ‘Well what comes off crazy that I do”
Jessie: “I dunno ask everyone in the house.. everyone talks about you behind your back”
Elissa: ‘Really.. like what and When”
Jessie: ‘Just how loopy and weird you get.. all the time every day”
Elissa: “Like who are the main people”
Jessie: ‘Why would I tell you that you just insulted me in front thousands of viewers”
Jessie: “It was a really f**** up thing to say Elissa.. it hurt”
Elissa: “I’m trying to be nice and you are pushing me away”
Jessie: ‘You didn’t even apologize for your comment”
Elissa: “You didn’t apologize for your comment”
Jessie: ‘Which was what”
Elissa says bringing her into a conversation that wasn’t accurate.
Jessie: “Elissa you were involved.. if you are not going to tell the truth what did you want me to say”
Elissa pulls a Helen and Leaves says she just wanted Spencer out.


Jessie and Helen are arguing at the chess board.
Amanda and McCrae listening in from the bedroom

The argument is fairly long basically it comes down to Helen denying that She brought Jessie into the storage room and telling her they had Elissa on board to vote out Amanda. Helen says she honestly cannot remember saying that. Jessie says how convenient. Helen pulls a Helen and storms out


1:10AM Jessie listens in one Amanda, McCrae, Elissa, Helen and Aaryn. She learns that she’s going home, everyone has been lying to her, Andy told Helen about her wanting to target Helen/Elissa, etc etc..

Aaryn says that Jessie thought Andy was working with her and she told him something in confidence that he told Hleen, Elissa, Amanda and McCrae.
Helen: ‘I never brought up Andy to her”
Aaryn: “She saying Andy said something to Y’all and it got back to her”
Helen says she brought up with Jessie that someone told her Jessie has been saying they are not close anymore. Jessie told Helen she only has told one person that. Helen: “I just said I didn’t know what that conversation is and denied it.. Even though Andy Told me I stilled denied it… I was like I don’t’ know what you are talking about”
Aaryn: “That is why she knows the house is against her.. she now knows everyone has been lying ot her”
Elissa laughs, “Opps”
McCrae: “It’s going to be way easier to get her cigarettes”
Amanda: “Oh my God McCrae”

Jessie sprints to the HOH to confront Andy about telling Helen that she could be coming after them. Of course he denies it.

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“…Elissa is kissing Elissa’s ass right now.”

Lol. I know that was a typo, but I can’t help but think she probably could kiss her own ass with all her yoga positions. Ha.


Did anyone pick up on Aaryn saying that she has to redo lines? She was saying this to GM at the beginning of BBAD on tonight’s episode while they were painting their nails?

Production than ordered her not to talk about production.


I think Aaryn said that she messes up a lot and had to redo her lines. Then, production ordered her to not talk about production. Then Aaryn was like, “Whatever, I don’t care anymore.”

Simon, did you hear that too?

I’m beginning to think this show is rigged. SMH.


Type Amanda Zuckerman wins Big Brother 15 in your browser and check it out. I didn’t want to believe it but the rumors may have a bite…..Wow
Today’s question: If BB is a scripted show would you continue to watch and spend money on the live feeds?


Yap It seems everyone reports to Amanda and do what AMMC alliance tell them. Andy has never told Helen/Elissa that they plan to backdoor either one of them
but tells AMMC everything that Helen tells him. I cannot wait when he is caught really working for AMMC alliance.


Re-do lines for the show yo


I just heard it on Big Brother Afterdark. When production yelled at Aaryn, she sai “Whatever, I’m over it”.

So What Else Is New

It isn’t called Big Brother for nothing – production is, has, and always will be the director (or dictator). And of course they redo shots; it’s a television show with very few live sessions. Don’t you remember last year when they had to retake Frank selecting his veto chip (and then of course, Frank cheated during the process with no ramifications from production)?


Did anybody catch when McCrea Andy Amanda Spencer and some more people was talking about they meat each other in bb boot training and how McCrea said that he wasn’t going to like Nick David and Jerame and they got to go back home because he and Anday both said they told their family their is some people that they no that they arnt going to get along with

Bob Loblaw

Listen close when they host the competitions…you can tell some of the host comments are recorded after the fact in DR to cover messed up lines. I imagine they also do re-takes if they screw up talking in the DR too.

Big Brother Fan

Holy god you people if Big Brother was scripted these would have to be the best actors in the world! The live feeds are hours of footage…..do you think they remember hours worth of lines?? You all need to relax a bit.


AMANDA is a disgusting horrible human being . She is forcing sex on MCRAE . If any of us did that it would be called rape ?

Just thinking

I agree…it would be called rape in the real world….call CBS and give them your comments …if enough people do they might listen…there was nothing entertaining about it and it could give the wrong ideas to someone who sees it and thinks its ok because nothing happen to her after she was done. Maybe with enough complaints maybe CBS will do something besides ignore it. I am just getting tired of watching everything Amanda is getting away with, all of the sh#t going on in the house this year is giving the show a bad name. Yes it’s a guilty pleasure to watch, but this year is too much


I read a lot of shit on here but that one almost was the limit. “Forcing Mc to have sex with her”. LOL Who knows any 20 something guy who needs to have sex forced on him. Wow, that was pretty funny.

No Way

Its not rape if McCrae did not fight back. In the state of Texas, if a woman just lies back and doesn’t fight, then its not rape.


is helen 5 years old? jeez. stop storming off after a confrontation that apparently didnt go your way. the sheep turned into a baby, wah wah.

helen is clueless

Wow Helen what changed from this afternoon when you were blaming Candace for her problems with Aaryn and GM and thought Candace will have a hard time getting a job because she should’ve been more mature and stayed above the fray???

The DR

Nope, that was my plan all along!

Jokes on you Helen

The best moment of the season will be when Amanda and Aaryn stab Helen in the back by sending her home with a Backdoor must watch tv.

helen is clueless

Yeah I was rooting against Amanda but once Jessie is gone, I can’t wait to see Helen’s mug when she is put on the block. Hopefully by Amanda or her new (fake) f3 alliance member Mcrae. Sadly Jessie will take the blame as they will say since what Jessie said might be true, we have to let you go Helen. Oh well Helen you should have taken a shot when we handed you the tools.


What about if Arryn, GM and Elissa vote to keep Jessie; MC, McManda, and Helen vote to keep Spencer; Ooops then Andy has to make a final decision, Darn that would put blood on his little hands. Bless their hearts. Arryn wins HOH puts up Helen and McManda or anybody!!!! GAME ON


That would be some good TV.

Simon: You’ve coined another great phrase, “She pulled a Helen” – by storming off during an argument. LOL


GOD Helen! Go make some rice! Okay, bad joke, I know. But she is really f*cking annoying. Sheesh

Mississippi Girl

Simon, you have already turned us all into bumbling idiots with these drinking games. I may just have to storm out of the room if you keep it up.


Don’t worry, I’m sure Andy will join them momentarily…


You just do not like her. Sorry Simon I could be wrong.

Jess Kowalski is f-cking awesome

in a house full of fakes, kiss asses, chicken sh!ts, brown nosers, assholes, racists and bullies, the only person there that is worthy of my time is Jess

all on her own against the entire house and she jedi mind tricks the house into admitting that its actually her going home this week, foiling the blindside, and jess takes helen to school on how to win an argument, whilst being truthful, assured of herself, and mature and measured…how many times did helen storm out? six times? just like with the amanda arguments, and the mean girls plus jeremy picking on her, jess won by telling the truth, and not backing down

i can only hope that she gets saved by a DPOV, a second veto, or pandoras box(surely a pandoras box is needed now – today(tuesday)), or she may get voted back into the game in a twist, or win her way back in via a twist…if she gets voted out i will not be watching any more of the season, because any of the others winning it makes me sick…bizarrely the remainder of the season can basically be summed up with the following scenario: with mccrae a mere passanger watching on, its andy, helen, elissa, aaryn, gina, spencer all trying to push each other out of the way to see who can stick their own head all the way up amandas asshole for the longest amount of time, submissively doing anything it takes to keep amanda safe(the cbs bb insider claims of amanda being the predetermind winner look very strong)…absolutely no f-ckin way im watching that sh!t as i believe amanda should no longer be in the game for a number of reasons: she is good friends with executive producer of big brother allison grodner(a majorly unfair advantage), and she talked about raping and killing candice and jess, as well as being a full blown racist and then having the nerve to say she isnt a racist…as helen would say, if jess leaves this week, im done…so cbs and production if you have any brains, you should come up with a scheme to keep jess safe, as she is the only one going against the grain, and the only one trying to play her game, rather than amandas game…it disgusts me even more that all the mean spirited people in the house are ganging up on the only one there who is genuinely a very nice warm person with good heart

i would hope that if some jurors have a chance of getting voted back in that people strongly consider voting back in jess, as she will go after amanda and helen and it would make for much better entertainment…in the same way i hope people consider voting for jess as americas favourite player…i certainly dont want any of these other f-cktards getting the 25k, and even elissa fans would agree that elissa is loaded and there are others that need that money alot more than she does…i want it to go to jess

she may not win the game, but jess has impressed me way more than any other house guest, in terms of her character, and quite frankly she is the only one of the 16 that i would like to see back in a future season


Aaryn, you dumb girl, keep laughing it up with the group against Jessie. I will lmao when they turn on you and It. Is. Coming. Elissa is waiting patiently and no matter that her “person” is your new buddy Helen because that ugly bitch face will cut your throat right in front of the whole house and Elissa will blame your drug use/adderral abuse as the reason why.


I said it once and I’ll say it again….Helen’s so called game is f**kin embarrassing. she thinks she has uncovered the greatest mysteries of every BB house guest this season. Helen has been wrong about everyone and everything in the house.

production rigged it

Just shows that not only is Helen a 2 faced lying bitch but now she is also a chicken shit too. Jessie confronts her and instead of staying there an having it out she leaves, just proves that Jessie is right and she knows it now too. As much as I can’t stand Amanda at least she didn’t leave when they got into it. Good for Jessie sticking up for herself Helen is just a chicken shit who can dish it out but can’t take it. I can’t wait until they stab her in the back and when she walks into jury hopefully Jessie will start laughing at her like Dani did to Jeff back in season 13.

If Jessie came back into the house with a DPOV she would turn the house upside down. People would be running all over the place because they have already talked about if somebody came back just voting them right back out and saying they better win comps when they come back. But if she came back with some protection and got put on the block and then used it they would all shit their pants. The best scenario would be if she came back won HOH and got rid of Amanda or Helen, one of them left and then the next week got put on the block used the DPOV and then took out the other one. Talk about ratings going through the roof, this is our only hope of anything remotely exciting happening. Fingers crossed…


Please send your ideas/suggestions to CBS. Something BIG needs to happen to improve the balance of the season. I have found myself relying on this forum for updates ( I can’t get feeds in the Caribbean ) and watching re-runs of Everybody Loves Raymond when BB is on TV.


Helen is being a puppet of production not knowing that she is being portrayed so badly. She is different from week one and two that now I firmly believe rumors that this game is design for Amanda to take the money. They are all being fed or redo their lines during their diary sessions. Helen has had long diary sessions and more diary sessions. Hoping Andy is exposed to Helen/Elissa that he is working soley for AMMC alliance. Andy a puppet for AMMC.


Yes, but didn’t Helen also say that because she isn’t as witty as aMANduh, DR has to feed her lines to make her sound funny and interesting? Never before has a show made me want to rip my hair out more. I keep telling myself it’s JUST a show, but sadly it’s a reflection on our society ….


No, Jessie coming back would be useless. Yes, she’s figured out she’s being targeted (they were stupid & made it obvious), but she really does blow with the wind – she’d do whatever the last person who got to her told her.




Where is Andy when you need him?! The ONE TIME. Lmao. “Helen!” He’s gonna freak out. Yay! Finally an interesting 10 minutes.

Where's The Rat

He popped out of the house.


I don’t know what Elissa is leading (after No One) as the favorite left in the house…she is a spineless floater with no skills at competitions. I detested Rachel but had respect for her because she was a hell of a competitor. Why is Elissa there???


The ONLY reason Elissa is at the top of the list is because of her sister Rachel’s fans voting for her. She has done nothing for the game, and walks around with a smirk on those botox lips. What has she done in this game? have I missed something?

This Season Blows

She also enjoys looking down her nose at the other houseguests while snottily insulting them, because she thinks she’s above the rest of the house.

Some of her greatest hits:

– “Are you on meds, Jessie?”
– “You look like a stripper, Amanda. You resemble an ugly stripper. Do you realize you look like a stripper in that outfit? x1000”
– “People need to stop gossiping about GM’s eating disorder!” (before launching into a rant about GM’s eating disorder)
– “Everyone besides us in here is mean and trashy!” (while she’s talking to the woman who stole things out of other people’s bags and wouldn’t pay back her Katrina loan)


I must have missed out on this last one – who stole things out of people’s bags & wouldn’t pay back her Katrina loan?


she is above them and it’s hard for her to pretend she is not 24 hrs a day. these are very low class people with very low morals. the only thing about elissa I haven’t figured out is why she was willing to go into that house at all. and don’t say money because she doesn’t need that little bit of money to deal with what goes on in that house. remember she said early on that rachael told her to go and brenden told her his advice was to not go.

Girl, Interrupted

While I’m not a fan, at times, her sarcasm and wit is hilarious. She really doesn’t seem to care what she says, or to whom she says it too. For me she’s pure comic relief.


Elissa is a spineless, lying worm of a woman. She has done NOTHING this season except disgust us whenever she is on the screen (which is way, way, WAY to much). She has no business on this show but she thought that she could win with the support of her sister’s fans (I just threw up on my mouth). Yuck is the best word I can use to describe this waste o oxygen. That said, she is not as disgusting a that fat sow Demanda.


In real life she made one of her bridesmaids get her braces off early so she wouldn’t ruin her wedding pictures. I guess she has never heard of photoshopping. She is pretty cruel.


She’s playing the dopey alter ego to Rachel until she feels she’s in trouble. Seems to be working for her.

give me a break

Elissa and Jessie are leading in the poll because they are the least offensive people in the house……everybody else is just trash and racists..


I. HATE. HELEN. NOW. I was watching the live feeds during the lame fight that just happened, and she’s soooo full of bs. I can’t stand her.
& everyone on the free live feeds website is all for Jessie.
I love jessie now, I hope she gets a coup de tat.


I just realize ..The lives of the radical 4 (Aryan, GM, Amanda Spencer) will never be the same outside in the real world after all this is over. Spencer will no doubt be fired from U.P.R.R. and may have to answer some question to the police. However the other 3 faces a different problem. Because of the racial beliefs of these 3 was brought out in the open on National TV, Whichever one of these embarrass excuse for a human, does not win the $500,000, had better watch their backs for the next few years.(Especially Aryan & GM)Aryan being in Texas may be safer than GM in NYC. (Lots of Blacks and Asian there, that might want to have a little “talk” with the blond heifer.With the fact that all 4 of them have had ALL of their personal info spread across the net…I can’t imaging what those 4 all are going to have to go through on the outside after this is over(except the winner and maybe Spencer) . Hell my own Asian home boys and my bros all said “Good thing those beatches don’t live here.


Unless Spencer does something on the job, he is in a union and it would be very difficult to fire him. Aaryn and GM? In a month you won’t even remember them. I feel sorry for GM because she really is a loser in life, but Aaryn will bounce back nicely; acting career is out though-she’s horrible at that. Also, there is no way that Amanda is twenty eight-thirty eight is more like it.


Didn’t he admit to doing cocaine or something on the job in the live feeds? Also, if his actions even outside of work cause harm to his organization or their reputation, he can be fired – union or no union. UPPR has confirmed they have received numerous complaints about Spencer’s comments and behavior, particularly the latest “joke” about children, so he is a liability. sicko.

I think he should be more worried that his father is a judge and how this is reflecting on his reputation and career!!!


Jessie said that Elissa said that Aaryn said that Spencer said that McCrae started to say but Amanda took over and said that GM said, ” THIS IS THE WORST SEASON OF BIG BROTHER, YO!”

This Season Blows

…but then Andy walked in on GM saying that and immediately went running to Demanda with the news. GM will be evicted unanimously next week as a result. :)


Andy the rat. When will Helen/Elissa/ Aryan/Gm find out that Andy has been selling them out especally Helen to AMMC alliance. Hoping this gets expose next week to these women except Amanda and turn against Andy backdooring him.


I think evicting Amanda would mess Andy up more than evicting him would. First, Amanda, by any means necessary.


Too bad Jesse didn’t follow her when she stormed off because once again she could handle being confronted.

Assuming she makes it to the end (I hope she doesn’t), Helen is really trying to help someone else win 500,000 with the way she burns bridges.I could see people voting for Amanda over her if they both made it to the end. For the simple fact that Helen tries to play mind games and befriend you on an emotional level and than will try to mob for daring to question her or have a two-way conversation.


Yeah Helen is definitely flustered.
Helen: Elissa told Jessie to kiss Judd to get back at Aaryn (OOPS) I mean ah what I’m saying is I’m explaining it wrong. Idk ask Elissa

Helen: Jessie I only said I wanted Amanda out to see what you would do (OOPS)
Jessie: either way you’re not protecting me (nice catch)
Helen: (oh oh I’m busted) I’m done I’m gonna stomp my feet and leave, I mean it this time


Wow Helen plays dirty. These people in power are always power tripping just because they have the controlling alliance, it’s like can they be nice at all Jessie probably pretty much knows she’s going home try a little class Helen. I hate how people treat each other in this house. It’s so awful that Helen and Amanda have turned into Jeremy and Katlynn bullies, something they hated in the beginning of this game. If either of them win this game I am disgusted!


Yep Helen plays dirty — She’s successful in playing in Chicago politics — she is the embodiment of Chicago-style politics.


See, and that is one of the biggest problems with this season, imo… The tone was set out of the gate.

Certain parties were being bullies. Certain other parties stood up to those bullies one by one, and wound up adopting the role of house police. Then the police turned into the bullies! WHO WATCHES THE WATCHMEN?! lol

Beyond that? I think the biggest problem is that everyone came into this season looking for a big headline grabbing “showmance”… Not just looking to hook up, but looking for that awesome state of name-combined existence that only the hollowest of people draw meaning from…

So, and once again just my opinion, the fundamental problem is that everyone came in the house with their fists cocked and legs spread; all looking to win some sad legacy, instead of the top prize


It’s “Animal Farm” all over again.

production rigged it

Elissa must have selective memory loss, everytime somebody tells her she said something she says I never said that. I distinctly remember her being on board with getting Amanda out, because that’s why she told Jessie to go seduce Judd for his vote

If I was Jessie after Helen said well you’re going home on Thursday I would have said that’s fine I knew that already. Then I would have said this and listen very carefully even if you make it to final 2 which you won’t because you’re going to get backdoored but if by some miracle you do you still won’t win. Then I would have said this is why nobody actually likes you except Elissa everybody else can’t stand you they just play nice to you to your face and now with me in jury along with Judd that’s 2 votes you won’t get and after we get in Candice’s ear you won’t have her vote either.

After this I would just start laughing and say I knew I didn’t have a chance of winning but the funny part is that you actually thought you did. I’ll be seeing you in probably about 2 weeks at the most. Good luck you 2 faced bitch, then I would have walked off.


Elissa can’t admit that, she knows they are after her, she admits that she goes out next week. Helen is so stupid in the way she handled Jessie., pretty sure she just painted a target on herself, and pretty certain she will try to move it to Elissa. I think Elissa game plan is to just agree with Helen, half time I am not certain she is listening to anything Helen said. Actually, I don’t think she is thinking about what anyone said, she just nods, smile and said yeah.


Mcranda was already talking about getting Helen next week but now they know they have to. They are lying to Helen to her face that they believe her but in private they know Jessie is being truthful. And I agree Helen handled this whole thing poorly from targeting a sure vote against Amanda to forgetting Jessie had some secrets that could her.


Yap but the disadvantage of Helen is Andy. She thinks Andy is loyal to her and Andy does not tell her that AMMC plan to backdoor either Helen/Elissa next week but Andy tells AMMC all info he gathers from Helen/Elissa. I just hope that Helen or Elissa wins HOH next week otherwise there will be no balance on this show and Amanda Zuckerman win with all her puppets doing her dirty works. The only dirty works Amanda is doing is Mccrea.


The real RAT ANDY is not loyal to Helen/Elissa alliance and Helen do not seem to get that Andy is bringing her and Elissa down. Zuckerman is sitting pretty plotting things with Andy rat Helen!s plan and reports to Zuckerman. Helen/Elissa saving grace is to win HOH this Thursday and hopefully Andy the Rat is exposed. I cannot wait for that guy to go up on the block with Amanda. The one that rat to flip the house was Andy , his alliance is to AMMC.


hahaha I love it. Jessie seems to be able to keep a level head when in a confrontation, unlike Amanda and Helen.

Helen is just so god damn annoying… Every time she talks it’s like a pep talk – game related or not, whether she’s cooking, cleaning, doing anything. Unless she’s fighting with someone, which is only ever the person on the bottom. She’s so fucking annoying. I can’t wait for her to leave.


jess is very calm, measured and logical in her arguments

i love watching her kick some ass


How could you not love Jessie after that confrontation. Good for her she is the only one with any guts in this season. It was great for her not to back down from them. She is the only one I hAve respect for in that house.

Mr Shane

Helen making Aaryn doing all her dirty work, telling everyone Judd was this masterfull machiavellian game player , lol , saying this was the biggest play yet…Amanda thinking she is not portrayed as a racist, because “she had sex with black guys” my gosh, and thinking Judd is the MVP, Andy thinking that GM maybe America’s favorite, and Aaryn and GM thinking Candice is the one who looked bad in the fight…..wow they are ALL delusional, can’t wait when they all come crashing down to reality when they get out, I mean that will be the show right there AFTER big brother, not during, how pathetic is that…..


Don’t forget she also said she couldn’t possibly be racist after her Peurto Rican shower comment because…..that’s right – she slept with a Peurto Rican too! Is that her answer to everything? Is this now replacing the “I’m not racist because I have [insert ethnicity here] friends”?

production rigged it

So I guess this means that Helen just shot everybody’s plan to blindside Jessie this week all to hell huh? I’m glad Helen did this because it just means she’s digging her own grave that much faster.


if we ever get to vote someone back in we all need to vote for someone who will flip this house.

production rigged it

That would be Jessie then.


No. Jessie’s done a good job of assessing the situation (not like they didn’t make it obvious or anything), but I don’t think she’d have the fortitude & level-headedness required to come back in & effect any change. They’d all just vote her right back out. Judd, on the other hand, could potentially rally the guys (if there any left) or one side and change things up.


anyone being voted back in particularly judd would be a slave to amanda and mccraes wishes

except for jess, and she gets my vote to come back in if there is a twist

the only one there trying to week after week make the game more interesting for the viewers and risking her own game in doing so, to attempt to turn the tide of monotonous predictability


you say jess does not have the level headedness and fortitude needed

she is the most level headed in the house, and has a great amount of fortitude

a few weeks ago…

helen: jess is the sanest one in the house

spencer: i agree, she is very calm

she has been treated terribly by all 5 mean girls(amanda, helen, aaryn, gina, kaitlyn), plus jeremy and judd this season, as well as being disrespected by nick, mccrae and elissa, and has arguably had to put up with more crap than any other player…amanda, gina, aaryn for the entire season…jeremy and kaitlyn and judd for approx a month…and now the entire house against her the last 2 weeks

she has handled herself well considering what she has had to put up with

i have massive respect for jess


Name Says, I agree with you 100 percent. If I had to vote for my favorite player at this time for the $25,000 it would be JESSI.

You go girl!

Rio Seven

I don’t think Aaryn is going anywhere and this is the reason…either Amanda/Mcrae or Helen/Elissa will need her vote to break up the other couple. So Aaryn, Spencer, and GM have a shot to go further, if Amanda/Mcrae and Helen/ Elissa try to back door each other.


My best friend, who’s opinion I value greatly when it comes to television worth watching, told me he watches Big Brother. I thought I’d give it a whirl and started with the best – season 2.
I loved it.
It is the only season I can say did any justice to the Big Brother franchise and as far as I am concerned, will never happen again.
I think they (Grodner) have completely ‘sold out’ and if they have reached the point of feeding lines to the ‘contestants’, it’s over.
I don’t regret having spent the time watching, especially the master himself, Dr. Will Kirby (the one and only true competitior).
He never ever resorted to attacking people (not once). He had the unique ability to make people enjoy being around him and to make people laugh.
My opinion is that it was a masterpiece and should have been left in it’s purest form.

DR Hacker

Simon, might I suggest doing a poll for least favorite in the house. Earlier in the season Aaryn and GM would have run away with this, I am interested to see the results now.


Simon i would like to see you do 2 polls…

one for who people would vote back in if there is a twist based on current jurors: candice and judd…but add each new name as more jurors go to jury, like probably Jess this week

and one for who people are voting for americas player 25k

Roisin Dubh

After Thursday, Helen becomes the target. I know they say Spencer but I think she buried herself. If Aaryn or Spencer win HOH, she’s going up on the block. I think Ahandjob will tell them to pull the trigger.


I’m waiting for Helen to say she was “threatened by Jessie. I’ll be surprised if she makes it to jury, but if she does, she will have a hard time getting votes. I’m sure plenty of people will be bitter towards her, Judd, Jessie, and maybe Candice sure will be. And it is obvious she was being controlled by Amanda, and people voting strategically will vote for her, Aaryn, or McCrae over Helen. Maybe she’d have a chance on snitchy Andy. To think she was my favorite during the second week, kind of embarrassing YOU KNOW.


It already happened. Helen acted all scared that Jessie is going to track her down after the show and hurt her. It was ridiculously unbelievable.


Aaryn and Helen are lumping Judd and GM, along with Jess, as possible psychos that will cause trouble for them after the season is over. It is really ludicrous.


For real??? This is ridiculous! Should we remind Helen (who apparently has not heard a single racist comment with her own ears) that Amanda wanted to knock Jessie;s teeth out and rape her limp body? GM has threatened to jump and beat up Candice numerous times and little Jessie isn’t afraid. WTF???


Well…Jessie tried. She was smart enough to sense that Helen/Ellissa (her so-called allies) were selling her down the river & wouldn’t even look her in the face more-less vote for her to stay…. Picks up on Helen selling her out in front of Aaryn & confronts her. Of course Helen knows she is lying so goes right to Amanda/MCree to try and cover her tracks. & with Judd out, who is the one person that can confirm Jessie is telling the truth & it was Helen’s idea to vote out Amanda? ANDY (The Rat). No surprise he adopts Helen’s lying version to calm both sides. Fee sorry for Jessie, once again she is the fall guy for the House (Herd) mentality. She’s tried to play the game…(unlike all the other sheep) & finally caught Helen in one of her scheming lies. So tired of Andy protecting and covering the tracks of Helen/Elissa and Amanda/McCree. Jessie will def. get my vote as America’s Favorite!!!

P. Benatar

It’s possible Elissa (with some help from the DR) knew exactly what she was doing – making sure Jessie knew she was the target – puts heat on Helen and gives Jessie the chance to go out with guns blazing. Whatever the reason, the rest of this evening can only get better.


When will Helen, Elissa and Jessie realize that the real rat is ANDY. Andy is bringing down Helen/Elissa. Andy reports to Amanda all info he gathers from Helen and the other houseguest but he never tells Helen/Elissa that the plan is to backdoor either one of them next week. What is going on here that Amanda and Mccrea just make out all season like King and Queen and everyone especially Andy report to them all info but nothing gets back to the other side on what AMMC alliance plan to do? Rigged rigged..?.?


AMANDA admitted she wiped her BUGGERS! on the EVICTION couch 12:34am Cam 2 PST because she couldn’t find a tissue! REALLY!!! How OLD is SHE? That takes A LOT of class not to use a tissue or wait but wipe on furniture.


I think the BBUS series needs a refresh. Look at what they did with BBAU. This season and last season for BBAU are really good and have a great cast. I think CBS needs to replace Kassting, and also replace Grodner and the other guy. This show is getting stagnant and repetitive. Its so repetitive that most houseguests know what comps are coming up and know when things are going to happen. I used to love seeing the houseguests flip out over a twist because it was new and not known. I hate watching these houseguests know how to get through a twist before it happens. Like this last double eviction, everyone knew what would happen, it was just of matter of how it would happen. I just would like to see CBS refresh the series and make it a little bit more real.


I did some research on this ‘Amanda Zuckerman wins Big Brother 15’ found it to be interesting. I would never watch BB again if this were true, not that I don’t want her to win, but the idea that we are duped. Might just go lay down some big money bets with some fools and take Amanda!…… Don’t do me wrong CBS!! :)) :))


HAHAHA! Finally something happened! hopefully jessie realizes she’s going home and takes advance to say everything she knows about people.. Might as well go out with a BANG!


Simon, only I know.

Mr Shane

It’s official, Jessie knows she is leaving BB on eviction night, no longer blindsided, it pains me to see her desperation to get the numbers, no deal could possibly be made…..Now this fight has also shown Elissa’s true colors , she is not all that (plastic) saint that poeple portray her to be, asking innocently if Jessie was on meds or something is passive- aggressive bitchiness…..

This Season Blows

Rachelissa’s true colors have been on full display all year, but her delusional fans will always give her a pass and ignore it while criticizing everyone else in the house for the same thing.

Amanda's Towel

What’s up with Jessie? I need to see this feed

helen is clueless

Man I wish she wouldn’t have said that to GM and Spence, to America. I just don’t want Mcranda to think she is lying. Right now they believe her and they were already targeting Helen next week so it probably won’t matter. And production was worried this was gonna be a boring night.

helen is clueless

I hate when my proofreading is lacking

Man I wish she wouldn’t have said that to GM and Spence, *JUST* to America. I just don’t want Mcranda to think she is lying. Right now they believe her and they were already targeting Helen next week so it probably won’t matter. And production was worried this was gonna be a boring night

Addition: simon i would love to see Jess get a coup d’etat.
Helen and Elissa already starting with the “I’m so scared to sleep” antics.
Helen: I’m afraid she’s gonna hunt me down after the show.
Get a grip Helen, you’ve been lying to her face, she heard you and Andy at the door so you can’t spin more lies, and she’s pissed. You surprised?

Amanda's Towel

Bravo Jessie is all I gotta say. I got the feeds just to watch tonight. Excellent A++


Jessie is the girl that keys a guys car a couple months after they break up “for no reason” when in reality he just didn’t know how to tell her he can’t handle all the neediness and never planned to hit it and quit it, it just happened that way. I wonder how many cars she has keyed between tubs of hagen daz?


i have a feeling something is going to happen tuesday…pandoras box, and it will save jess

simon time for a BBCA style fake DPOV pic for jess


Congrats to Jessie for not laying down. She may be coming home, but at least she is going to stir the shit up for the rest of the sheep and the opposing dictators. I would love it if, Jessie was able to expose Andy for being the “fink” that he is. Sadly, he’ll probably just deny everything. I also can’t wait to see the hissy fit thrown by Helen when she ends up on the block.

Aj Hollering

i have a new drinking game when can play when Helen is PO’ed how many times she says she is “DONE” and when she storms off.
Can someone tell me who is telling the truth, I only vaguely remember what happened last week


When Jessie gets voted out Thursday.
I hope she tell Helen out loud you have my vote:)


For shits and giggles…

It would be interesting to see if BB decided to hit the “reset” button after this next elimination and bring back Candice, Judd and Jessie. Then have double evictions for the next three weeks. It would be “priceless” to see everyone’s faces that are currently in the house.

With what Candice, Judd and Jessie know between them would throw everyone’s game and strategy in a state of flux. It would be the “outcasts” vs the “house”.

One can only dream and hope…


Bringing back Candice, Judd and Jessie would be funny except that DimWit JUDD would go scurrying up to his Queen and her puppy McPussy telling them that he is still loyal. Would they please take him back. He will work with them. He would be whining and crying, begging to be back with them.


if there is a twist, dont vote judd back in, he will side with amanda

vote back in jess for maximum entertainment, she will go after amanda and helen, and because jess is awesome


Aaryn started screaming at GM after she kept bringing her name up! Then when GM tried to talk quietly to calm her down Aaryn was yelling at GM so she followed her out of upstairs down the hallway saying bring it if you dare!! Aaryn said SHE was so scarred of GM because she challenged her. These guys are NUTS!!! Now AARYN is trying to justify IT!! by saying GM is Bipolar!! to Helen or anyone who will listen lol


And this is how you loose a jury vote, Helen, Andy and Elisa..

Jessie's Gurl

Can’t blame Jessie for stirring the pot. She has nothing to lose and can expose the liars.
Depends on the day of the week who I despise the most. Helen has is worst than a stained toilet bowl.


Wow, Helen just secured her place to be evicted next week…even Aaryn knows that Helen is lying to her face. Not a single person (besides maybe Elissa) will campaign for her, I can’t wait for her to be backdoored and see that she had no idea what was going on.


Everybody should know the drill by now since they have been doing it to all the evited houseguest. You tell people they are safe no matter what. And when they do it to Helen, she won’t know if it is true or not. More big time paranoia to come.


Haha Jessie just got my vote for America’s player after this:

Jessie: “Basically .. My plan of action in a very lady like manner is just going to be to blow everyone’s shit out of the water and do my best to turn people against each other”

Bob barker

Andy is such a little chicken turd and is so paranoid about getting exposed. I can’t wait until he is nominated along side Helen or Amanda just to see how he reacts. Personally he would be public enemy #1 for me. I just don’t understand how the other houseguest can’t see through his bs. I guess that’ll be at least 4 more weeks until that can happen since they’ll have to finish off spencer, GM, Aaryn and Elissa first. As a fan of BB since it started I’ve never missed an episode but I’m seriously reconsidering until at least the final 4 and then it would be out of curiosity who won that would make me watch the finals. Please America vote jessie back in if the opportunity presents itself!!

Mr Shane

Thank god for Jessie! When she said: ” I’m doing this for the bb fans” putting everyone against one another and going out with a bang! At least someone gets how painful this season is….cannot wait for her eviction speech and yes I wonder how CBS will edit this drama…..


I think CBS is going to have a huge problem on their hands if one of the racists/nutjobs (Amanda, GM, Aaryn, Spencer) wins. I wonder just how celebratory Julie will be at the finale if this happens.


if amanda wins there will surely be major investigation into the rigging and pre determined winner claims, and the grodner/amanda/cbs relationship

there will be people camped outside of cbs demanding answers as to why they gave opportunity to a woman, who talked about killing and raping fellow house guests and being consistantly racist and offensive, to win 500k, and why she was in the game in the first place if she is great friends with grodner


Wait……aaryn and gm got into an argument also???


Wait…..aaryn and gm are now in an argument??? Is that true?


Best line ever:

Helen pulls a Helen and storms out.



Helen, relax already. Stop blaming others okay.


Mr Helen just threw up in his mouth.