“I hate to say it because Alyssa told me everything..”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Turner
Nominees: Brittany and Michael Ameerah and Terrance
POV Players: Nicole, Taylor, Michael, Brittany, Turner, Jasmine, (Joe is host)
POV Winner: Michael/Brittany
Veto Ceremony: Brittany/Michael us the veto and Turner puts up Ameerah/Terrance
Havenots: Alyssa & Indy

Lock your ranks in before midnight


Festie Besties:

Turner & Jasmine
Joe & Monte
Daniel & Kyle
Brittany & Michael
Alyssa & Indy
Ameerah & Terrance
Nicole & Taylor

In case you didn’t know Ameerah is getting evicted.

11:33 am Kyle to the camera
Kyle – lets recap. Jasmine wins the HOH we have the PO Pack. POOCH left and all the boys scattered so we felt tied with them even though we didn’t feel comfortable with them at all.
Kyle – the girls made is obvious there was a girls alliance. Alyssa didn’t tell me about it she told me about Monte’s final two with Ameerah, She told me about the old skool alliance. She spilled the beans on everything, With that in my mind going into this week IU was like OHH shit.. SO me turner, Monte, Joe were up here talking and all of a sudden I started doing the numbers. and I realize they had 7 people and there’s only 7 other people remaining in the house. So why not work with each other. So we have us four. I know I have an alliance with Michael and Brittany called the outsiders. I know they’ll come on board that’s six all we need is one more. How is the lost little puppy that got bullied that wants a home?
Kyle – TAYLOR. so we formed that plan three days ago. I brought in Brittany and Michael then we brought in Taylor. They’re all about it.

Kyle – we’re all in with the leftovers alliance. Ameerah is so confident that she’s staying she’s not even thinking there’s a chance she’s going home Because she has the PO Pack which has us three guys and Girls girls girls which is basically all the girls and she has old Skool which Daniel and Nicole. So literally she thinks she covered every angle.
Kyl e- the only angle she doesn’t have covered is from behind.
Kyle – they think Turner is off his rocker and he threw up random people by accident.. WHY Ameerah why.. I hate to say it because Alyssa told me everything. I did tell her guys.. I do like Alyssa she has shown a couple red flags to me personally Dating wise I was like I don’t know if I love that. Her UBBER jealousness and I’ve seen signs where I had a conversation with Taylor. Alyssa got frustrated with that so I had to Apologize. Don’t love that.
Kyle- I like her but I came here to play this game. not to get into a showmance. It’s tough it’s a tough Situation. Showmance is not in the cards. Maybe in jury house or after the game which I am totally open to which I would love to hang out with her.
Kyle – I told everyone about Ameerah working at GOOGLE. I talk too much..

Kyle says Ameerah told him she makes 300k working at Google. “ohh damn ok that’s a lot so of course I tell everyone.. it’ get back to her and she corners me in the storage room and she’s like you told somebody. I was like no I didn’t”
Kyle – you have to lie every second in this house.
Kyle – we have the 7 that is solid.. I’m worried that Joe, Monte and Taylor might team up. Monte and Joe are super TIGHT. Joe is like POOCH. He thinks he’s so slick having all these conversations but I think people see right through it.

Feeds flip….

12:10 pm Monte, Turner and Kyle
Monte says Indy is trying to set Turner up as the target for next week. “Which will play to our benefit because we have the votes to keep you”
Monte – Ameerah doesn’t feel all that great about trusting Nicole and Daniel. I told her this morning Nicole brought me to the side. ‘She was like HEY I want to check in with you because I’m really feeling conflicted about my vote blah blah blah’ She was like ‘where’s your head at.. I could stay loyal to POS Pack.. which I know is BS.
Monte – I was like I’m voting with Po’s Pack to keep Ameerah so I reported that right to Ameerah.. Basically Nicole is basses her vote on my vote just to let you know if that’s your close HOMMIE.
Monte – After this whole thing goes down depending on what the vote count is. the closer it is the better if it is a 6 to 5 it’s actually better. If it is a majority of people..
Monte – what am I trying to say.
Kyle says it’ll hide the votes.
Kyle – Ameerah came up with this whole Turner put me up by mistake thing on her own. We just let them come up with something whatever comes back whatever sounds good I think we roll with and Adjust. We don’t have to do the narrative.
Kyle notes how Paranoid Jasmine has become.
They agree the distrust in the old skool alliance is increasing
Monte – I think it will be a 6 to 5 vote. Ameerah told me last night Nicole and Daniel they pulled Terrance to the side and said they weren’t voting for him. They told Ameerah that they told Terrance they weren’t voting for him.
Turner says he’s been keeping tabs on Taylor talking to her.
Monte says she’s “Sharp as a tack” Adds that he had a conversations with her and she knows they have to keep their distance to maintain the optics they are not together.


12:26 pm Getting ready for the day

12:50 pm Monte and joe
Joe – I wasn’t in any alliance except for that stupid POOCH thing everyone knows about.
Monte – I told you that Po’s Pack was the only thing I was involved in. After the tail end of last week I knew that sh1t was dead me and Kyle talked about it.
Joe – I heard last night that Jassmine and Ameerah were talking and your name was being mentioned a thousand times.
Monte – really
Joe – I swear to god. They were going I don’t trust him.. It was you non stop and not in a good way.
Monte bring sup that Ameerah thinks Turner is America’s Player, “Ameerah, she thinks we’re voting for her me and Kyle. We’re playing a long with that”
Joe – jasmine is lying about what she does and stuff. Ameerah is trying to get me in an alliance that she already has or is building and I’m not going to do it. I know Ameerah doesn’t fully trust me. She wants to see if I have something that is bigger than her. She’s throwing me the bait as like you can come with the rest of us or i’m going to start something with the rest of us. To give me a chance to betray anything that could be harming her. I’m not going to bite. She’s going to do that with a lot of people though.

Monte says he’s been trying to push the heat onto Nicole and Daniel. “saying they are very emotional players. they play with their hearts on their sleeves”
Monte- I’ve been feeding that.
joe – Nicole and Daniel have been wildly prancing around this house. They are acting HELLA Cocky.. I don’t know why. Daniel and Alyssa are feeling very comfortable cause they’re good with both. Nicole I don’t know where she’s going. She trying to talk to me like she was going to vote for Ameerah because I think she thinks I was going to vote for Ameerah.
Joe – Ameerah is already trying to expose people. She tried to expose Nicole and Daniel. The people that are being brought up now are you, Alyssa, Nicole, Daniel and jasmine a little bit.
Monte – the Ball is right under Ameerah’s nose. Alyssa has been feeding Kyle information every since they started getting all lovey dovey.
Joe – Ameerah told me last night that Nicole and Daniel knew that Taylor wasn’t going up.
Monte – Becuase Turner is the mastermind…
Joe – Turner dropped the seed.
Monte – He told Jasmine about that and jasmine is spreading it like wildfire..
They laugh
Joe – now they are all like what the f***
They can hear Indy yelling about something
Joe says Ameerah thinks Indy will be going up soon.
They agree Taylor isn’t “Super Shady”
talking about Ameerah and how she played forcefully.
Monte – You strong armed getting POOCH out people saw you strong arming
Joe – You cannot force your way through this game.
Monte – once she’s out that other side is going to shambles. You know who will be leaving that ship? Nicole and Daniel.
They laugh
Joe – Ameerah is a lot smarter than all of them.
Joe – Ameerah it took all 7 of us what she did alone last week.
Monte – lets not give her too much credit POOCH did put himself on the block.
Joe – the longer she stays in the house the stronger she gets.
Monte – Nicole is SO emotional.
Joe – I told everyone I want Turner and Taylor going home. (as a ruse)
Joe – I want Nicole to go home. I’ve seen her snap on a few people in a very passive way.
Monte – either one, Nicole from a social perspective and Daniel from a competition perspective
Joe – Trust me Nicole is not showing her full cards.
Monte asks if it’s about her work
Joe – trust me.. it’s her story to tell
feeds flip .. when we’re back.
Joe – She slipped up. She subconsciously to get us out because what we know can hurt her game. When she made the slip up she bawled crying and ran to the bathroom.

Joe – PO did try to start a all girls thing.

2:30 pm Daniel and Michael
Daniel says he loves both the nominees, “I want to make a decision tonight and let the other one know”
Daniel – I don’t want it to be POOCH 2.0
Daniel asks him where his vote is going.
Michael says he doesn’t know has a soft spot for Terrance because they were both nominated week one. “I do think Ameerah is the bigger threat overall but also is it smart big threats early because if that’s how it goes eventually you are the biggest threat”
Daniel – if we’re good with her it helps us if she wins a veto .. lets keep fighting until we have to kick people out
Michael – she’s so good at competitions if you keep someone who is good at competitions that won’t put you up there’s a benefit to that. I have talked a bit with Terrance I haven’t talked to Ameerah yet.

4:40 pm Daniel and Nicole
We start in on the conversation a moment late.
Nicole – from what I gather Yes
Daniel – that sucks.. either way it will suck.
Nicole – From everything everyone is telling me the votes are going in her favour
Daniel – do you think it’s a bad move if I give him a sympathy?
Nicole – no

4:47 pm Brittany and Michael
Brit doesn’t trust Terrance she used to but not much now. “Things he’s saying isn’t adding up”
Michael – what did he say
Britt – he told me he thinks he has Daniel’s vote but not Nicole. Do you think that’s true?
Michael – Keeping Ameerah is a WAY bigger risk.
Britt – next week I mean.
Britt – if we want Indy, Jasmine, Alyssa in Jury.
Britt says before they say they want Ameerah, Daniel and Nicole out before Jury they have to make sure they are “IN with them” (the surviving girls)
Michael – yeah that’s a good thought.

5:08 pm Joe and Jasmine
Joe – How I move forward in the game affects you so I need your permission for something
Joe – If I win HOH I want Turner but you are shielding Turner.
Jasmine – i’m what
Joe – you’re shielding him
Joe – I hate what he did this week he f***ed me up leaving Taylor in here
Jasmine – he f***ed everyone up leaving her in here. She can put me on the block, Daniel, YOU on the block.
Jasmine – what I heard today was that the real target wasn’t able to be put up because of who they were with
joe – That’s true
Jasmine – and I found out that he is following POOCH’s plan
Jasmine – first it was YOU then it was supposed to be Ameerah
Joe – he’s got to go.. he’s got to go.. that Boy is a wild card..
(LOL OMG it’s too funny)
Joe – I love Ameerah and Terrance.

6:06 pm Chit chat and Bumper pool

6:30 pm Ameerah, Alyssa and Nicole
Ameerah – This was not needed at all for anyone’s game. This was not needed.
Nicole – if you want to take a jab why not wait?
Ameerah- there was no need for this at all. it was un called for (LOL)
Nicole – do you really think that Taylor will save your ass.
Ameerah – he’s up in HOH by himself listening to music
Alyssa says she was up there and all he said was “I’m not going to have all these snacks you can eat them”
Ameerah- I think he wants to go him
Alyssa – the other day he was like f** this game anyways it doesn’t really matter
Nicole – I feel that he was struggling and the only way he knew to feel better about that struggle was to really f*** sh1t up
Nicole – technically he’s really f***ing shit up
Ameerah – he did
Indy joins them.

6:27 pm Joe and Jasmine
Joe goes on about wanting to work with Ameerah and wants to take out Turner (all BS). He’s telling her that because she’s his bestie and will have to go up as well.
Jasmine – I don’t want to win this next HOH I just don’t want to be on slop
Jasmine – do you think I have teh votes to stay
Joe – Yes I wouldn’t put you on the block unless you had the votes to stay.
Joe says he heard a rumour that two people knew what Turner was doing this week
Jasmine – who told you that? You can be real I don’t care I’m just checking
Joe – I think it was Ameerah..
jasmine – ok good
Joe – Maybe Nicole.
Jasmine won’t say who Turner told. “He never told me and I’m his festie bestie”
Jasmine goes on about needing “one more week” off slop so her ankle can heal then she’s good to go.
Joe offers to go on slop for her he doesn’t want to see her on slop in that condition “I’ll go son slop for sure”
Joe – I want to work with Ameerah so I need Ameerah to stay. I love Terrance too but I’ll do what’s best for my game.

Joe – I’m so close to Ameerah personally. People already know. These two are up together till 6 am, they’re laying in the bed together
Jasmin – you think there could be more is that what’s happening here
joe – me and Ameerah?
Jasmine – ok let me get on out of here then
joe – she is cute but no showmance for joe. She’s a f***ing genius I love that.

6:41 pm Ameerah, jasmine, Brittany, Indy, Alyssa
Jasmine – he thinks you are so cute and so smart and such a turn on.
Jasmine – he likes strong women
Jasmine – he was going through his plan
Ameerah – ohh he has a plan now? he’s getting scared
Jasmine – he doesn’t like Turner.
Jamine says joe doesn’t think she should be on slop and he will be on slop for her if he has to.

They talk themselves stupid about Joe and Ameerah showmance.
Jasmine – he’s as sweet as pie.. but that mind.. ohhff.. in the real world I have to pass you off.

Jasmine and Alyssa leave. Ameerah tells Indy and Brittany all she needs are the girls and two more votes. She feels it’s 100%
They start chit chatting.
Brittany says her dad was the CFO of AT&T

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I lost all respect for Daniel and Nicole two entitled bullies

Lynn Wheeler

They are mean people


Yep I couldn’t agree more. Who thought I’d be cheering on Joe and Monte but here we are! Lmao


Yes and Turner is pleasantly surprising me I like him to

Aunt cece

After watching what these gaslighting asses are doing to Taylor, I am now firmly on her side. She has done NOTHING to deserve the crap they’re pulling on her. I was an early Daniel fan but he is the worst of them all.

Bb fan

Im really upset. Big Brother is allowing the house guest bully Taylor. How dare daniel and Nicole?

Enjoying 24

WOW! Either Grod is doing a great job editing or this house COMPLETELY misunderstanding Taylor!!


Just wait until they show the chaos that occurred after the veto ceremony

The Beef

If there’s more coming that was worse than what that jackass Daniel was shown doing tonight, he’s going to be doing a lot of apologizing once he gets booted out of that house. Both of them really came off looking like pompous a$$holes, but Daniel to me was much worse, as he wasn’t even in there when Taylor was talking to Nicole, so he doesn’t even really know what was said between them.

He may be looking for a new job once this thing is over with – in fact I’d bet on that. He’s going to be hated for the way he’s treating Taylor, and she’s certainly done NOTHING to deserve it!


Taylor has done absolutely nothing wrong. She’s never once been so much as rude to somebody. Everything they’ve said about Taylor is complete lies. The leftovers are finally beginning to see it although it’s not like any single one of them considered stepping up and defending her at any time.


I’m watching the show right now. It’s disgusting how that whole house watched the 2 house bullies Nicole and Daniel berate Taylor. How can they all sit there and say nothing? Cowardly sit by and say nothing. I’m disgusted that those housemates don’t have an ounce of decency in their body to do what’s right and stand up to the bullies that they are. They are no better watching this trash happening in front of their eyea.No amount of money would stop me from putting them in their place.
I’m furious watching this episode and wish I was in there to stand up for her.


My feelings exactly! I was shouting at them through my TV screen. I can’t remember the last time I was this livid at something I was watching. Wish I was there to give them both a piece of my mind. I wasn’t a Taylor fan before but now I’m cheering her on. That poor girl, she must feel like she’s going crazy or living in an alternate reality the way they were coming at her like if she had actually done something wrong. You could see the shock and confusion on her face. Absolutely despicable the way she was treated. And with Paloma, if anything she was the one that was nasty towards Taylor in telling her that she didn’t want to hear her apology. So in conclusion go Taylor go, kick those girls asses! Lol


Give me a break, have you ever watched BB before – that was so mild. it’s people like you who get so offended over the littlest things and cry bully and or racism that’s killing this game


I’m afraid I have to disagree they have made their attacks on Taylor personal. She had no one to process the attacks with until the leftovers. I cannot think of one season when someone was personally attacked and isolated.

Nicole claimed Taylor was passive-aggressive. She needs to grow up Tayor was trying to support her. Nicole was looking for someone to trigger her. I could not imagine her as a cop.


 I cannot think of one season when someone was personally attacked and isolated.”

Then you have not watched most of the seasons

The Beef

You must have missed Season 19. Paul’s mob went after Cody Nickson, and then his showmance Jessica Graf in the same manner, simply because he had the audacity to not go along with their “big group”, and chose to oppose Paul. It got very personal and nasty very quickly, and once they got those two out, they turned on each other, one at a time, and some of those got personal too, at least that’s my recollection of it.


Yes, that was just ugly. I voted Cody AFP just to spite Paul.

Julie Chen

This isn’t double rainbow happy fun time, it’s Big brother. Try to enjoy.


These feeds are lit!! Joseph’s birthday will go down in history as the day my hopes & dreams of a better future for our beloved BB was renewed. Monday’s drama is unmatched in recent history. The Leftovers have not only flipped the house; they have flipped my opinion of the members themselves & the season overall. Ameera is 100% certain she is staying. She has no idea she’s a dead girl walking. Even she is convinced that Turner made his move with no backup. It is going to be glorious to watch the cool kids commence their circular firing squad as the Leftovers take down the Cruel Chef, Evil Elvis, & Jazzy Jas. Will Jas exit the house via scooter, boot, cane, or will the guys have to carry her out to Julie? Thats what I want to know.

Paul Sucks

Glad the live edit is exposing what an ass Nicole and Daniel are.

On another note, mad props to Brit for hauling Michael up that tree to win the veto.


How can Jazzmin just straight up decide not to do a competition? She should be kicked out for that, they medically cleared her and she just said no, causing her parter to automatically lose.


You’re not really surprised that jazzy jazz is not participating in a competition or that she’s milking her ankle injury to the nines, are you? It doesn’t even look swollen. She’s gonna ride that ankle as an excuse until somebody kicks her ass out the door.

Palm Oil's Meds

The show literally modified the comp for her and she still “passed out.” JassMEAN is a hot mess! lol


Lol, Simon, I say give Joe an Oscar for how good he’s been playing his part all week


For real! Joe is showing another side here, not just a jock, the dude is actually starting to play the game!

Reality TV

An Oscar are you shitting me LMAO the girls don’t trust him at all and knew he was lying. Every time he walked out of a room the girls knew he was full of it so how does this warrant an Oscar?? Just because you piss your pants doesn’t mean it’s raining Jack!


Watching The Challenge right now and boy is the host sadistic!!


Haha, TJ loves the trivia competitions when he gets to drop or catapult people, he does it on the regular Challenge as well.


tjs the best. He doesn’t play games. If you want to win the money, you have to earn it. He would have kicked jaz out the moment she “hurt” her ankle. I don’t think Jaz will ever be asked to go on the challenge!!


Seeing X go home made my night. What an egotistical git!


This is my first season watching. TJ was so funny!


I thought the same thing. It was awesome to see XXXXXXXX eliminated, and at the hands of XXXXXXXX and XXXXXXXX, two people he turned on in BB23. Excuse me for mentioning The Challenge USA on a Big Brother website, but there is a Big Brother connection.

Palm Oil's Meds

Derek X, Kyland and Alyssa need to move on and accept the fact that they got outplayed.


Love TJ! The contestants had it easy this time. On the MTV Challenge they play the Trivia Comp over water.


I am watching it too. Best episode ever! TJs’ maniacal laughter every time some one fell, and bonus of X going home.

un autre nom

Jasmine wants one more week before being a have not… because of her ankle.
Not because EVERY conversation she has she’s either chewing, has food in her hand or lap, or within arms reach… but because of her ankle.
Just admit you’re a stress eater. Jeepers.
Seriously, She’s going to be trying to find bb21Jackholes snack shower like a portal to Narnia if she ever gets have not.

un autre nom

Now i have the movie scene of Precious running with the bucket of chicken in my head. Only there’s a cart now with squeaky wheel sound effects.



Mad Max

As we say in the “real” southern accents……”Well Bless Her Heart”


Lately I have been thinking of her as Blanche Dubois from StreetCar Named Desire

Let’s Play Fair

That is an insult to Blanche…

un autre nom

So far, Paloma and Pooch have both gone the ‘you only see what producers want you to see’ route.
Myself, i think perhaps a better way to handle it, is to go back, find out what people did see that bothered them and address thought process. Because you can’t really justify what people didn’t see if you don’t acknowledge what they DID see.
This has always been the problem with the you don’t see everything argument, it fails to acknowledge and address what was seen and how it was perceived.
If one of them came out and said ‘okay, give me a minute to catch up with what you are saying and what you saw, then actually watch it, and process the viewer perception vs intent, and Own the intent but acknowledge the perception… I think it would be an easier road than ‘you didn’t see everything… but i’m gonna ignore what you did see.’


That type of argument also makes one think that they have never watched the live feeds since we who do see more than the casual tv viewer



un autre nom

I’ve been wracking my brain trying to remember the recommended foods to avoid for IBS.
If I’m not mistaken, high glucose, fructose, and syrups are a no. gluten and wheat corn and rye or processed foods are a caution. Beans and carbonated beverages are a no.
so doritos, sprite and popsicles fall on the no side.
Someone tell her.
evil grin.


CFO of AT&T???? DAMN! Brittany grew up with money!


It seems like every single bb player over the years already has tons of money. Grredy MFs!


After seeing the show tonight, all I have to say is I wish I was in the house. I would have stepped in and defended Taylor when Wimpy Ass Daniel, and the bitch Nicole took turns bullying Taylor.

‘Watching the show tonight, I have no respect for Daniel or Nicole. Nicole wants so bad to fit in and be accepted with the mean girls, but seeing her on live TV, Nicole is a nasty, messy, cold hearted cruel person. Daniel is a waste of space, he is led by whatever Bitchy Nicole wants, a 35 year old Elvis impersonator?? I would never hire him !!

Nicole & Daniel have shown who they really are, they are bullies, and losers as far as I’m concerned. You could not pay Daniel to treat a man the way he has treated Taylor, Daniel knows that a man would have put him in his place, I can’t stand Nicole or Daniel.


Daniel and Nicole are two entitled bullies with anger issues. They are so aggressive around Taylor. What Daniel said when he nominated Taylor was so crude. Joe and Kyle took her under their wing to let her know it was not her problem. I love the leftovers alliance. Get the clicks out.