“A lot of times with big votes at tribal council people get up & start talking & chaos ensues… that method could be leveraged in big brother”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Turner
Nominees: Brittany and Michael Ameerah and Terrance
POV Players: Nicole, Taylor, Michael, Brittany, Turner, Jasmine, (Joe is host)
POV Winner: Michael/Brittany
Veto Ceremony: Brittany/Michael us the veto and Turner puts up Ameerah/Terrance
Havenots: Alyssa & Indy

Lock your ranks in before midnight


Festie Besties:

Turner & Jasmine (She’s also safe)
Joe & Monte
Daniel & Kyle
Brittany & Michael
Alyssa & Indy
Ameerah & Terrance
Nicole & Taylor

How Nominations will work: One pair will be nominated
How the Veto Player Pick will work: Turner/Jasmine, nominated pair, and drawn pair
– If one of the pair wins the veto, the other is also safe.
– If the nominated pair comes off the block, Turner would nominate another pair.
– Eviction: One of the pair on the block will be evicted

7pm Bedroom – Kyle and Michael.
Kyle – its just the quiet before the storm in the next couple days. Michael – Brittany I and I were talking about how Joseph and Monte are most at risk. If things get exposed what do you think would be better having a 6-5 vote? Or a unanimous vote? Kyle – I don’t think a unanimous vote… I think exposing the alliance by trying to get a unanimous vote is a bigger risk. Like how would we even approach the girls? Michael – something like Pooch last week… like I don’t know if the votes are there. Kyle – I don’t even know how we would do that. I just know with PO’s Pack its so simple that she has the votes for us to be like hey I don’t know if the votes are there… she is going to be like well who!??! What do you think? Michael – yeah. Kyle – I am open to it but I don’t know how we could execute that. I think the best shot is Daniel and Nicole voting to keep Terrance and then instead of having it be 6-5 .. have it be 8-3. Michael – yeah. If it does come down to that the three would be Alyssa, Jasmine and Indy. Kyle – yeah. Michael – we would just have to make sure one of those three didn’t win. Kyle – right. So the risk of having it be 6-5 is having those 5 piece it together with us 6 are the ones that got her (Ameerah) out and then us become the target. Michael – it sounds like they don’t trust Daniel and Nicole. Kyle – that’s what I was thinking .. if we could get Daniel and Nicole to flip that’s their own alliance flipping. Michael – yeah and I guess they would be more mad at Daniel and Nicole.

Kyle – do you watch survivor? Michael – yeah. Kyle – I don’t know if you’ve noticed but a lot of times with big votes at tribal council people get up and start talking and chaos ensues which forces people to make split decisions that they’re not prepared to make similar to the Pooch thing. All of a sudden on the day of eviction chaos ensues and Turner ends up flipping on his best friend. That method could be leveraged in big brother where like the day of everything is good and then all of a sudden chaos ensues. “I don’t think she has the votes?!” “Why?! Who told you that?” bla bla bla bla… “I think Daniel and Nicole are flipping.. Michael – they would probably still think they have me, you, Monte, Alyssa, Indy and Jasmine. Kyle – I hate to say it but .. I really don’t want to do it but you and Monte say ahhh.. Kyle’s flipping. Brittany joins them. They float the idea by her. Kyle – they’re going to know we flipped either way. If you guys go and say Kyle .. something or other .. promised Terrance his vote or something. And then they would be like oh sh*t if Kyle flipped what are the numbers now.. You, Monte, Indy, Alyssa, Jasmine … and if Nicole and Daniel flip. Michael – So it would be like the votes aren’t there. Kyle – exactly. But then it would put a lot of pressure on me which I don’t know if I feel super comfortable about. Michael – what if one of the girls spilt the beans on the girls alliance or something?? Kyle – we just don’t have a name. Brittany – they would assume its me. Kyle – but we just don’t know the girls alliance name. Do you know what its called? Brittany – I do know. “The Girls Girls” I was formerly a member but have since been ghosted but now conveniently a member as of today again. Kyle – of course. The stuff that Alyssa has told me is legit. I could be like Alyssa told me about Girls Girls and she told me about Old School. Terrance joins them and the conversation ends and then he leaves. Kyle – at what point do we tell him that he has the votes. Michael – I don’t think we tell him at all. I don’t want him to say anything to anyone else. Kyle – because we have to think about after when he stays because I wanted to tell him too because I want him to know that we’re the ones that kept you. Brittany – Ameerah is feeling VERY safe. VERY safe and I just think we keep it that way.

7:45pm – 8:20pm Dinning Table – Everyone is eating dinner.

8:25pm – 8:40pm HOH room. Ameerah and Nicole.
Nicole – this is the only quiet place to talk. Ameerah – I don’t have anything. Nicole – no, that’s okay. I’m just checking on you. Ameerah – I really want to talk to Monte. Nicole – really have to talk to Monte. Ameerah – he is laying on the couch with Turner. Nicole – that’s the part that I.. Ameerah – Turner feels comfortable with him. I can see Monte making him feel comfortable. Nicole – yeah for sure.. I think the whole Oasis thing is fine.. BUT they’re going to blindside Turner on Thursday?! That’s what I want to know. Ameerah – that’s what I want to know too. That’s why I want to talk to him. Nicole – here is the thing.. I WANT YOU HERE! Ameerah – I know. Nicole – I am looking you in your eyes and telling you I want you here. I want to see where that goes. Where Monte.. What happens with that. Like if you guys flip this vote its going to be f**king ugly in here .. it is going to get crazy! I already know that Jasmine is not going to keep her mouth shut if the vote is flipped. Ameerah – If the vote gets flipped I don’t think Alyssa will keep her mouth shut either. Nicole – I don’t think any of them will. Ameerah – Monte might think he has Joseph which is fine but.. Nicole – but like since you trust him, what is he just going to start replacing people? Ameerah – and if that happens, he can’t be trusted. Nicole – if you go home on Thursday, I can’t trust him at ALL! Ameerah – should I just blow up the whole thing when I walk out. I am not even going to blow it up because I know you guys got it covered. I don’t want to do that because I would be throwing you and Alyssa under the bus. Nicole – oh no, I don’t care! You can do whatever you want to do. Ameerah – OHHH I would shut that sh*t down!! Nicole – you should. Ameerah – because he is doing me dirty. Nicole – if you go home its because he did you dirty. Ameerah – correct! 100%.

9:25pm – 9:50pm Bedroom. Nicole and Taylor.
Taylor – how are you doing? Nicole – I’m good how are you? Taylor – I’m good. Nicole – I mean, I am pretty shitty. Lets be honest. I am very torn. Taylor – torn? Nicole – yeah, between f**king Ameerah and Terrance. Taylor – well yeah. Nicole – I feel like I am the only swing vote in the house but I am also feeling like there are a lot of rumors going around. Taylor – like what? Nicole – just like there’s bullsh*t.. like somebody said that yesterday Monte was crying.. Taylor – about them being on the block? Nicole – I don’t know. We had all gotten into a little thing in here and then I f**king got pissed and then I left. Something was said and I took it the wrong way. (When does Nicole not take something the wrong way!?) And then I was like I am f**king done! I went outside, they came out and we hashed it out.. we were all fine but then somebody said Monte was crying. No he wasn’t! Taylor – okay!? Nicole – Ameerah and Terrance are my two closest people in the house so like how do I choose? And it all has to do with who is better for my game.. and they’re both better for my game. So for me its like f**k I am just going to have to say goodbye to somebody. I am not mad about it because we’re not on the block. I am in the middle. I’m torn. Taylor – I won’t judge you for whatever decision you make. Nicole – I don’t think I will be able to decide until the day of. What have you told Terrance. I’m asking because he thinks he has your vote? Taylor – I told him the whole reason why I came here was so that black women wouldn’t be villainized for being good at the game and it doesn’t make sense for me to vote out Ameerah. Nicole – then why does he think he has your vote? Taylor – because I told him earlier when we were on the block together that I would always have his back. Nicole – oh okay, so you haven’t spoken to him since? Taylor – not about yes I will give you my vote. Nicole – we don’t need any of the guys votes to keep Ameerah. But the problem is it will draw a clear line in the sand to Turner if we do that.

9:55pm Bedroom – Michael, Ameerah and Monte.
Ameerah – he (Tuner) kept Taylor but didn’t give her the bully.. that’s why I’m confused. Like he made a big speech about bullies and then put me and Terrance on the block. Why not just put the bully on the block? Monte – I am not really sure what his thinking was on that. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Turner is a unique individual. I can’t really get a read on him. Unless you have some theories? Ameerah – I have a theory that he is America’s Player. I think he had to get Taylor off the block. Monte and Michael – Oh I didn’t think about that. Ameerah – keep it between PO’s Pack because I don’t want anyone else knowing. I am watching him to see what kind of weird sh*t he does. Monte – I thought that was old seasons. Ameerah – they haven’t done it since season 16. Michael – but then why would he put you and Terrance on the block. Ameerah – I don’t think it was that, I think it was take Taylor of the block.

10:25pm Bedroom – The house guests are hanging out chatting.

10:23pm Bathroom – Taylor and Monte.
Taylor – we’re still good right? Monte nods and says yeah. I got you because Nicole was telling everyone oh I need to talk to Taylor. And I am like what the hells is she.. Taylor – She wants to get on the same page of who we don’t want to see on the block next week. I told her I don’t want Brittany and Michael. Taylor – she everyone knows I’m close to them. Monte – I think that’s a pretty good bet. Taylor – she said Kyle and Daniel. I told her for now I would honor that. She says if I change my mind if I’m HOH she respects that.

10:50pm Bedroom – Jasmine is doing Alyssa’s nails.

11:11pm Bathroom – Nicole and Monte.
Nicole – between you and I what have you told Terrance? Monte – I’ve entertained his conversations. Nicole – but have you told him he’s safe? Have you told him that you would vote for him to stay? Monte – I didn’t give him any direct.. Nicole – he knows I am in the middle… here is the thing, I’m his number one and he is not my number one.. and he knows it. Now he knows it for sure. They’re both beneficial for my game in the long run. What do you want to do? Monte – PO’s Pack is all I really have. Nicole – if that’s what you’re telling me, then that’s what we do.. because we have the numbers as females to keep her.

11:50pm – 1am Storage room. Kyle and Ameerah.
Kyle – I think they’re all trying to get on Taylors good side. Or like maybe just make amends? Ameerah – no, everyone is scared because she might get HOH next week. Kyle – oh yeah. Ameerah – I noticed it too. I’m like oh now everyone talks to Taylor! Kyle – and I was like how are Nicole and Daniel going to build that relationship again? You literally yelled at her two days ago .. don’t talk to me till final. Ameerah – people literally geta away with that stuff. Kyle – no people forget. Ameerah – Taylor is not dumb. She might use them to her advantage but she will not trust them. Ameerah – so I have the numbers this week. Kyle – do you think it will be unanimous? Ameerah – it won’t be unanimous. Terrance doesn’t think he has Daniel and Nicole .. but I don’t think I have them either. But I should have Nicole because of PO’s Pack so she should not be doing that. Kyle – has she confirmed with you? Ameerah – she has. Kyle – okay, that’s good.

1:20am – 2am Bedroom – Daniel, Nicole and Ameerah.
Nicole – so basically Turner put you up without realizing that he didn’t have the numbers to get you out. Ameerah – I am definitely the target. Nicole – of course you are. He clearly thought that everybody was going to vote you out. Daniel – he is going to be f**ked when we keep you. He’s going to be like oh sh*t. Ameerah – because I am going to be out there stretching for the H-O-H! Here is the thing the house still wants Taylor out. I am afraid she will come for you (Daniel). Nicole – I am worried about Taylor getting HOH. Daniel – but what is good is every single one of use are playing for HOH. Ameerah leaves. Nicole to Daniel – good job Turner.. you literally made a move that non of us would have made. Daniel – nope! Facts! And hopefully America knows more and is like wow what a big move because right now it ain’t sh*t. That’s not a big move. Nicole – its not! A big move would have been to put up Monte and Joseph. Period! F**k, I have to say goodbye to Terrance tomorrow. Nicole starts crying. Daniel – I f**king love that guy. Nicole – tomorrow is going to suck real bad. I hate f**king crying. Daniel – cut that sh*t out .. only with me. I am just joking cry all you want to. He’s not gone yet. Now you’re making me change my mind again. Nicole – this game is wild! Daniel – what a sh*tty f**king replacement… it makes no sense! None! Nicole – when I get HOH and I put them on the block.. Votes to get him out would be Ameerah, Indy, Alyssa .. no I don’t think Alyssa would vote him out… Monte, Joseph, Brittany and You. That’s 7 votes to get him out if I put up Jas and Turner. The talk turns to past BB comps.

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Kyle is my favorite at this point, because he seems to always want to do things that are good for TV or create great feeds. How AMAZING would this live vote discussion be if it actually happened???


Except that he may have screwed up in one of his moves since Ameerah confronted him


Nicole is always trying to investigate and dig for information, does she think the mean girls don’t notice what she’s doing. They don’t trust Daniel or Nicole, and you know Jasmine has told the mean girls know Daniel & Nicole knew Turner was not putting Taylor up.

Daniel is hanging out with the guys, nicole is with the girls, and guess what, they are all laughing and talking and including Taylor. Wow, they are so obvious, they need Taylor’s vote, don’t they think Taylor is smart enough to see what they are doing, since when do they all hang out where Taylor is, and make her feel included.

The mean girls are so obvious, and since when does Daniel hang out with the guys playing Bumper Pool.

un autre nom

Nic isn’t just digging. she’s planting seeds. ALWAYS with the smack. Nic was unhappy that Britt gave information to Ameerah.

Me being a smartass:
So, apparently Britt wasn’t to speak to Ameerah? Is she to write a request, slip in under Nic’s door, knock, and wait for a response before giving the information to Nic so that it can be rebranded appropriately before being given to the person on the block that is actually IN the alliance that Nic isn’t a member of? (Nic is not officially a Girls’ Girl). Nic is not officially in ANY alliance with Britt at Nic and Daniel’s insistence.

Daniel played bumper pool with the guys for 2 days when he was trying to prove that 6’3″ makes him an alpha male, Waaaaay back in week one.


Thanks for reminding me about Daniel hanging with the guys back in week one, still don’t like him one bit. Taylor was very nice when he came with his sorry apology, it was really nice how she turned to the camera and asked America to not give Daniel a rough time when he’s out of the house. Daniel is still scum to me.

You cracked me up with your comments about Brit not getting permission to speak with Ameerah, I am so over Nicole, I just can’t with her, she is just so annoying.

She talks about Brit lingering and hanging around, not knowing when to leave, but do you notice how Nicole comes where anyone else is, and she just lingers as well.

Nicole was trying her best to get as much information from Taylor tonight as possible, I can’t wait to see how she spins her so called intel, and adds things to make Taylor look bad when she reports back to anyone who will listen to her.

un autre nom

Nic / Ameer convvo.
If Ameer is voted out she plans to expose POS to the house on her way out the door.
House members that know already:
Aly, Ameer, Kyl, Mich, Mont, Nic… PLUS: Dan, Britt, Turn, Joe.

So the big reveal shocks
La-z-boy, Jabba, Taylor and Indy.

un autre nom

Possible preview of coming events

BB21 PREVIEW 4.jpg
un autre nom

Monte mentioned POS in front of Taylor. She didn’t react.
So… did we miss her being told on feeds?
IF so…
now the only people shocked will be… Nic and Ameerah’s OWN ALLIES?


I kind of hope she does — and then Kyle yells back “now that’s how the OLD SKOOL players used to exit” or something along to that effect.

The Beef

Isn’t it funny when people who think they are playing this great savage strategic game of Big Brother, do something like this (an OMG shocking reveal), only to discover everybody already knows anyway, and the great savage strategic game they thought they were playing, was only in their heads? THIS is the true beauty of a blindside like this, and why EVERYBODY loves to see that reaction on the face of the person (and their cohorts) who just flat out KNOWS they have the votes to stay, only to find out they are leaving when the vote count is read.

I believe Ameerah is going to be so shocked by being voted out (not to mention upset), she may just forget to even try to expose Po’s Pack, not that it would matter anyway for the reasons you have already pointed out.


As much as I like the leftovers a steamroll is not what we want. So hoping for a hoh win from *shudder* Nicole, Daniel or Jasmine.

A Nicole hoh would reach the 5th dimension of cringe

un autre nom

I sorta want to see the chaos of an Indy HOH.
I know. I know.


I honestly don’t know how much chaos Indy being HoH brings chaos to the game. I do however see Indy trying to request a number of certain things while she’s HoH and Production saying “You’re HoH not the Queen big England”or some variation of that

un autre nom

The chaos:
who spirals?
who does she actually confide in?
what do her one on ones look like?


Who spirals? There may be a lot of eye rolls instead. As far as her one-on-ones, I wonder if anyone has the crib sheet of questions that last season’s HoHs asked ( I forget whether it was Kyland or someone else who came up with those questions) because she may need it


Definitely cringe – – and possibly comedy. If she held her emotions in check & didn’t nominate Monte/Joe upfront and held the power going into the POV ceremony that would be the opportune time to spill they know about the ‘Old Skool’ alliance and would require some careful planning/theatrics (sort of how post-POV went down).

Sure they could tell the truth & put it on Ally but the more compelling choice would clearly be pinning it on Evil Elvis.

Do we know if Nic shared with Michael that EE also knows she’s an ex-cop? If Monte or Kyle were to tell her they had to vote out Ameerah bc her friend Vile Elvis spilled the beans about Old Skool & also told Kyle you’re an ex-cop! She would lose her mind.

Imagine him leaving on her HOH.

Pass on the other two getting HOH again – they are both already on my screen far too much — I want them off it altogether NOT back in the HOH where we have to see them more.


Did EE tell Kyle that CC was an ex-cop?

The Beef

I don’t think so, but that doesn’t mean they can’t pin it on him does it? After all, if he did tell him, would he admit it if he did? NO! As far as I know, she’s only told 2 people (EE and Michael) and TTO’s point was if Michael knows that EE knows, they can leverage that knowledge, tell Kyle (and maybe one or two others for effect) she’s an ex-cop, and then BLAME EE for telling him! That would for sure turn CC against EE since he “revealed” that secret info about her, plus he also revealed OS to TOS, so he obviously can’t be trusted, and thus must go OTB.

It’s strategic lying to get your opposition to do what you want done on their HOH! Would it work? Who knows, but it would certainly be worth a try if CC wins HOH, Ameerah was voted out, the Leftovers are still holding strong and their goal is to try and ensure that Elvis has also “left the building”.



Did you see Britt in SR she was debating whether to tell Michael that she’s a hypnotherapist – and at the end said “should I tell him the secret Vile Elvis told me about Cruella?”

I mean WHAT OTHER secret could he possibly have? (mind you I also thought maybe he planted a lie/secret with her to see if she would run & tell anyone & they’d use it against her to put her OTB)


As far as I know she’s only told Vile Elvis & Michael (although Brittney said something weird in the SR “should I tell Michael the secret Vile Elvis shared with me about Nicole” — what other secret could he possibly know about her?).

I doubt Vile has told Kyle – I was just suggesting if they think more than one person knows then it would be perfect to frame him.


I wouldn’t mind Cruel Chef winning HOH (at least Taylor is safe and can play in Veto) but I would want her FOUTTE-esqe HOH reign to go like this:

Cruel Chef nominated Monte/Joe with Monte being the target based on her conversation with Ameerah that they would blame him for her leaving.

So that’s fine and it is the best move if it works of course but my scenario is Monte/Joe win the Veto and obviously use it.

Hopefully Cruel Chef nominates Turner/Jasmine as the replacement and not Brittany/Michael (she would never do Daniel/Kyle and I doubt she would do Indy/Alyssa so Monte/Joseph/Turner/Brittany/Michael would be the only options to target really during her HOH reign.

If Cruel Chef really thinks she can get Turner out but The Leftovers save him and evict Jasmine on Cruel Chef’s HOH that would be fire as he says all the time smh… ??

If she isn’t as dumb she will make the replacement nominate in my scenario Brittany/Michael. If that happens hopefully Brittany goes home (again would bring the girls down to 5 (guys would have 7) but someone in The Leftovers wins HOH right after.

Rachel not Rielly

I wouldn’t mind if EE won and nominated CC and taylor thinking they have the votes and CC being evicted on EEs reign. That would be a perfect FOUTTE move.


I don’t think Ally/Indy are necessarily safe with CC. With Ameerah gone the lady she’s next closest to is Jas.

She’s flipped out over the Ally gaffe which I’m still kind of laughing about b/c there was NO WAY Indy would’ve ever known CC said that – despite all her dramatics.

Indy is also high on EE/CC hit list so I could see her putting them up thinking Ally would stay (although she wouldn’t).

Per above, my favorite scenario involves getting Vile Elvis up but given the personality there is the potential for a different bizarre scenario that would be a BB first. PUTTING HERSELF UP!

Cruella & Vile talk non-stop about how they have the game figured out – are the best players she can’t even resist DR segments where she brags like how she would throw POV b/c she needed her target gone.

The crazy thing is with her ego imagine how bad the HOHitis would be. It’s not even far-fetched that if the POV was used in her re-nom she would put herself/Taylor OTB spouting how EVERYONE wants this so I’m going to do what none of you could do (to the glee of the Leftovers & BB fans everywhere).

All that said – I want Taylor, Michael or Britt to win HOH – & get out Vile Elvis (he’s become so vile I’ve switched up the Evil moniker to VILE).


I would like another week or two of steamrolling and then it can switch. I really want Nasty Nicole and fake Jasmine out next.

How many weeks until Jury?

Paul Sucks

Please no Jasmine…I just can’t take those DRs.

un autre nom

Here’s the subtle cracks i see that are going to widen in Leftovers:

  • Monte was telling the guys Terrence and Daniel don’t call the shots. Reality: Terrence is a vote for him he thinks (the cookout talk week one) and Daniel is intimidated by Monte. He’s aiming for all the males kept safe again.
  • Monte saying for his cover in the house he has to go after Taylor and Nic (my read on him? he doesn’t actually care which one goes).
  • Joe is warning Kyle about Alyssa (cutting off his role in the group as intel gatherer) while he is still stringing Indy and trying to schmooze the outs people (Michael, Britt, and especially Taylor) he’s up to something.
  • Turner wants them to play the game without the malice. There’s malice coming.
  • Michael Britt and Taylor still want Daniel out but the alpha boys are waffling when it’s just Pound around.
  • Britt and Taylor are already worried about the male heavy jury, and being expendable in a 5 man 2 woman alliance.
  • The fact that there IS a pound suballiance.
  • Kyle already said to the group, if we lose hoh and Monte/Joe end up on the block we can still be a good 6 without Joe. He’s already thinking about it.

Why is Nicole so fixated on getting Taylor out of the house. She is making herself look like a fool talking with Monte right now about backdooring Taylor, I’m so glad Taylor already told Monte about the talk with Nicole. Nicole just said her word is bond, that’s hilarious!!

Nicole repeats herself over, and over, and over, she has the same conversation with all of the houseguests. Her conversation is the same conversation, over and over, She has said 10,000 times, stop checking on me, stop interrupting me when I’m talking with someone, blah, blah blah. People can’t wait to get away from her.

I just hope she is taping this show, so when she’s at home, she will see just how much she made herself look so stupid going from person to person talking about getting rid of Taylor.

I just want to know why is there so much Taylor hate? Why is Taylor enemy #1, why is Nicole that person going from person to person, bad mouthing Taylor, Nicole is a really crazy, nasty, mean, two faced, dirty game playing snake.

She can’t see how annoying she really is, now she’s cornered Taylor again, Monte was able to get away from her, nobody from what I can see really likes Nicole, she is really so damn two faced, and I would never trust her in this game, and I am starting to think in real life as well !!! Please evict Nicole ASAP.


So basically what youre saying is that Nicole is a typical cop. No surprise there…


The women were green-eyed jealous of Taylor the second she walked through the door. To me it looks like Taylor initially intended to flirt and work with the guys (no different that many other previous BB females), but this was indeed her original sin and of course the curse of being a gorgeous woman. They are small-minded mean girls, mean spirited and just nasty – an embarrassment to the human race.

Reality TV

An Embarrassment to the human race is making game related decisions in this game off of your race and what you look like which is exactly what the cookout did last year!!

An Embarrassment to the human race is the fact that people such as yourself probably celebrate that as a huge accomplishment what the cookout did and how dirty Tiffany did Claire backdooring her because she’s white!! That’s nasty and ignorant!!

What’s even more messed up is that you’re too small minded and ignorant to not even realize that the girls did not trust Taylor from the jump all because she was telling the guys the womens intentions of targeting them. In addition to Taylor not talking game giving the women any men info when all she did was hang out with them !! That is game related you bum!!

If you think the women this season are worse then Tiffany and the cookout who made freaking decisions last year off of race then you are completely messed up and have a f#&ked up version of reality!!


There’s seriously something wrong with you. Go to drugs somewhere else. The cookout was never ever mean and nasty to people in the same way that people are being to Taylor this season for no reason at all. What the cookout did was pretty damn amazing considering they kept the entire house in the dark. I don’t care if you don’t agree with it but you’ve got some serious issues to work through I suggest therapy

un autre nom


Nic asks Monte to make Nic and Taylor the renom next week.
snicker snicker guffaw. m’kay.

Jasmine telling Ameerah that Daniel and Nic are working with Turner because they knew Taylor wasn’t going on the block. Jasmine thinks Nic and Dan are keeping La-z-boy.
Took you long enough Jabba… did you have to take a break from sharing this 4 hour old news for some chickenwings?
Jasmine is starting her hatebrain on Nic now. Nic and Jasmine going toe to wheel in the future? Does winner get custody of Baby Elvis? Oy.

Ameerah questioning Kyle about her new job being out in the vernacular of the house. Kyle denies and says maybe Alyssa overheard or something similar to that. Oop.

Daniel whining to Nic is her achilles’ heel, he’s twisting and turning fact to get Nic to vote with him to get rid of Ameerah because he’s feeling like he doesn’t want to share attention. Because they’re the swing votes dontchaknow. If you don’t… Nic will tell you.
This is a hard week for Nic, it’s so tough to not be a nominee, as planned. I mean, she’s had to be fake decent to Taylor, she’s had to be civil to Britt and Indy and Alyssa… all while worrying that Monte is trying to get rid of the women…. that she wants out of the house, in a line. sideye.

Ameerah chooses now to tell Kyle about Oldskool (didn’t name it). He hinted for DAYS after Alyssa told him. Now Ameerah says Daniel worries her… 2 hours ago she said he was cute. She’s spilling everything a week later after it’s all bin knew. Should have followed her instincts instead of Nic’s gut. Kyle says Nic and Elvis are keeping La-z-boy. Monte joined.
Ameerah’s thought that they pick different besties after eviction has Monte telling her to join up with Jasmine, and Kyle…. wheels turning. I’m not liking the wheels in this case.
Ameerah says Britt already said Ameerah had her vote, so she doesn’t have time for the bs.
She’s upset the one person in the house she isn’t in an alliance with is HOH. um…. is that something you should say?

Jasmine is trying to butter up Taylor. Heaven’s to betsy I bet her IBS is acting up because dammmmn i can smell the shit from here.

Elvis and Mommie Dearest wonder why the bullies aren’t on the block. They ask Joe. Joe says it’s supposed to be a wakeup call. Nic says damn, she wouldn’t have thrown veto if she knew and they could just send Britt’s ass home. Dan and Nic are saying Turner is a bad liar because he doesn’t commit to his lie.

Elvis went through Paloma’s stuff and pilfered sunglasses Jasmine tells the storage room crew of Monte Alyssa and Kyle. (me: dear Grod, ask paloma to count her knickers). Jasmine / Ameerah tell Monte / Nick that Tuner told NIc / Elvis that Taylor wouldn’t be renom. Turner should have told the house. Monte asks why the people that knew didn’t prep anyone. Ameerah suspects Taylor knew and is the third person on the list.
Dan was mad that they (GROD) didn’t give him a second week as HOH because Paloma left, Ameerah shares to the gobsmacked blow up doll reaction face of Jasmine. If he won next HOH, Dan would nominate Nic and Tay because the house would keep Nic says Jasmine.
The Britt and Taylor trashing begins from the girls. It’s a trial to have to be nice and not isolate them is the point. Kyle bit his nails a lot for that part by the end.

Ameerah gloats to Nic and Dan that she definitely has the votes. She says the house still wants Taylor out. Elvis prattles like a third grader that doesn’t want to go to school. Nic plants the seed that Ameerah freudian slipped and said they wanted Nic out (she didn’t but now you have Nic’s possible narrative when she has her own private waffle wednesday tomorrow). Nic wants to put Turner on the block.

Elvis and Mummy are discussing making out with Ameerah. If one can’t the other definitely has to. Dan’s new favorite is about to be 24. They’re going to keep Ameerah so that one of them can brownchickenbrowncow with her. barf. okay so they can flirt with her and maybe get to make out with her and maybe..

Jasmine caught Joe and Kyle cuddled up with Taylor. Oh that’s gonna be a thing. there was power whispering going on. no clue what the three were saying when Jasmine rolled by.
Jasmine tells Joe that Daniel wants Ameerah out (doesn’t want to be on the block with her if she stays).

This is getting embarrassing.
Tapping out for sleep.


OMG — seriously that ^^^ Jasmine line had me spew my coffee EVERYWHERE (too funny AN).


So does Nicole the chef cook for them?


Not all of the time

un autre nom

So Michael’s ideal final five is:
Michael, Indy, Jasmine, Taylor, Britt.

The jurors in his ideal world include Terrance, Nicole, Turner, Monte, Kyle, Joseph.
So one quick question:
How the Hell does he think THAT’S going to happen???
Michael wonders if Old Skool was a rumor created by Monte and Joseph to get Britt to flip, but ultimately doesn’t care because the girls’ alliance had him on the outside and bottom.

I’m not sure I understand one thing from last night. okay two.

  1. I still don’t know who Nic and Daniel think are the two bullies who should be on the block.
  2. I still don’t understand the mental gymnastics that they used to come up with Taylor was bullying Nic and Daniel.

Any help would be appreciated.


Taylor & Indy (no coincidence they are the 2 people EE & CC consistently vilify).

I took that OS leak differently (and I could be dead wrong) I thought he was brainstorming out loud (i.e. how do I spin this so Monte/Joe go OTB – or use it to take one of them out).

And the reason I thought that had a lot to do with the fact he was the first person Kyle told about drunk Ally’s spill (b/c she also told him Monte/Amee had a F2). Michael asked the name of the alliance & for him to confirm who was in it.

When Kyle did & came back the fact it was called “Old Skool” & Terrance was in it confirmed its veracity & made it believable b/c Terr had approached him in W2 about creating something like that. Factor in he’s also aware there’s no way Vile Elvis would want to be in an alliance with him b/c he wants him out.

As for your second question – who knows. Vile has convinced himself that one Taylor conversation with Pal pushed her over the edge. The same way these two avoid all their bullying actions they’ve chosen to ignore all the nasty Pal moments. We’re dealing with vile people here so who the heck knows.

un autre nom

remaining houseguest from a bestie pair gets to choose another bestie group to join.
Who does Terrence join? Who would Ameerah join?
How does this increase the likelihood of a steamroll?



If accurate, This doesn’t necessarily increase the likelihood of a steamroll in my opinion but comedy could ensue depending on who that person chooses to attach himself/herself too

The Beef

If accurate, what do they do if that group gets picked to play in the Veto? Play 7? What about if they get nominated? 3 on the block?

Seems to be too many problems with that particular solution to the “what to do with the block survivor” question, but I don’t have a better one myself, so I don’t know what they’ll do. I still think it’s a sh&tty twist, even though it’s turned the game on it’s head this week, which is a good thing.

Rachel not Rielly

I think it will end up being that terrance (assuming he stays) is safe for a week unitil theres a new single player and they become a team.


Logistically, that seems difficult to navigate.I was thinking when Julie said the safe hamster wouldn’t be safe it simply meant the HOH would have the option of nominating just a pair or a pair & a single (ie: 3 OTB). And in POV that person would get to draw a player from the bag to play so they’d have 3 pairs playing (HOH /Pair nom/& Single Nom/+picked player).

As for who they’d pick to sit beside — I think both pick pairs with big targets. So Terrance picks Monte/Joe & Ameerah picks Taylor/CC. The latter b/c staying would’ve meant Monte/Kyle voted to keep her.


FYI. There’s reporting that tonight’s episode won’t include the veto ceremony but will include the formation of the Leftovers (which was on the feeds) and Nicole and Daniel’s confrontations with Taylor (which weren’t on the feeds)


I hate when they do that…Wednesday’s are for Veto. Leave the viewers hanging until tomorrow.


There’s so much material. Sometimes it is done when there is too much material that is necessary and can’t be left on the cutting room floor

un autre nom

I think there’s more to it than that.
They’ve hidden a lot of the pile on mentality this season, so introducing it means material, sure.
However, what I noticed with bbcan10: multiple times the veto ceremony wasn’t until Thursday to boost viewership of the Thursday episode.
I’m not saying Thursdays are down this season. I’m saying they may be trying to boost them even more.
That way they can increase adrates for section one and two commercial blocks on Thursdays.

un autre nom

Britt is coming ominously close in her hyperhypnotoading gamebotting to Terrance.
She is giving Terrance way more than she should.
She isn’t outing the Leftovers yet.
She’s just giving him WAY too much.
She’s outlining too much house structure to the house La-z-boy that says too much to Nic and Dan.

Remember when I was saying they’ve given her a lot of information and shouldn’t let her free range?
They let her free range. Just saying.

Terrance to Michael is saying Monte and Joseph are too relaxed, and he hasn’t gotten to relax the whole time. um. who gonna tell him? I mean… really?

un autre nom

Anyone else see the disservice this season’t cast did to themselves?
The valid game reasons to target and get rid of both Taylor and Britt existed.
If they had stuck to those, would the fanbase have turned? I Don’t know, but they’d have a lot less to be angry about.
The original reason that was taken to Daniel by the men to get rid of Taylor? She’s strong, and she could win comps. That’s a valid game reason. What happened after that and continues: that’s the problem.
The original reason for Britt? Can’t trust her, she says too much to non alliance. That’s valid game reason. What they do after that, that’s the problem.
Yes, Ameerah came in with spoilergirl info. Yes, Jasmine was already hating Taylor (given comments she’s made I’m thinking her envy is greener than Indy’s toenails right now).
That’s accurate.
Nic jumped in because Daniel was afraid of the scary woman in the case of Taylor, and for Britt? Can’t have someone that observes when you are planning to play shady. Does she own that? No. she doubles down and doubles down again, because as she said last night, you have to commit to the lie.

I think, if they stuck to game reasons and didn’t low blow personal attack behind backs, repeating the personal attack tweaked in every retell… we’d have a different season.


Remind me – what was the SpoilerGirl pre-show intel Ameerah had?

un autre nom

all i’m SURE of (i don’t remember seeing a retweet or any mention of it first hand in real world) is mention of look out for a pageant queen on this season. There was also one (possibly same one) about a former police officer. not sure if they were the same message.
Ameerah added her own bias. Upon heaing, Jasmine added it to her list of instant gripes.
Turner also mentioned it a day ago.

I also think both Alyssa and Ameerah, and a couple others, were advised by production to watch some past seasons of bbcan. No idea why.

un autre nom

2 alliances? oh. hmmm. Way more than 2 by week 2.
Fistie Beasties and Elvis attacks prelude.
Post Noms D/R
Turner pre enlightenment.
Britt nobody embraces me but Michael (outsiders was a thing by this point)
Nic? hates Taylor.
Taylor? Britt and Michael have been cool to me but i have to stay off the block.

Time Flip Target flip segment.
one on ones shown after noms. starring Ameerah and Terrance. That’s a choice.
time flips back
Turner and Monte: Taylor target does Nic agree. Nic agrees.
Nic d/r doesn’t want to throw…. since fricken when?
Taylor Monte talk. Colorism talk. leaving out the family talk.
Monte dr respects Taylor’s story (not what he said at this point in week).
Boys get together. Girls have alliance. Alyssa spilled reveal…. but not the OldSkool that the edit has left out (hasn’t it?.. they’ve left out Outsiders, Nightshift, Old Skool and Femme Fatales).
Pre-Pound talk. Targeting Ameerah. Bringing in Michael and Britt if we must, then using Taylor for now was the thinking in this meeting.
THE POUND is formed. Friday night/Saturday am.

The guys knew Taylor was playing veto the night before they picked veto. just saying.
Surprise Surprise: Taylor and Nic are selected.
survivor of eviction doesn’t get immunity.
Nic wants to throw. She’s a competitor with integrity issue about throwing comps… she threw HOH and said she was throwing HOH in d/r…who… what…. really?
Nic out of d/r crying. Clears the room. Says it’s throwing comp that’s causing it. Really? Throwing HOH was NOT a problem. She told Dan she threw HOH. He did too.
Jasmine regular voice d/r…. hope her mom is okay.
Nic has integrity. Didn’t have a problem with Taylor. Daniel is making it about him.
mouth covered talk. They could have overdubbed anything there. lol. I’m kidding. sorta. I remember Dan and Nic plotting next week’s moves, Britt or Indy out. Lots of cuts here.
Taylor talks to Nic, and it’s an edit.
She thought it was passive aggressive. Ameerah was in the room and didn’t picture it as passive aggressive.
Dan blames Paloma leaving on Taylor.
Ameerah thought it was not ill intent.
Nic commits to the lie. She knew people thought it was her mom. She LET them believe it. She is capitalizing on this situation.
Daniel TOLD her that was the house worry.
Joseph thinks this is undeserved, he’s never heard Taylor say anything intentionally malicious.

Harness. build puzzle.
Jasmine fear of heights. Passes out.
There IS a lingering doubt if real or fake to me. I can’t help it because she’s been using her foot injury, and couldn’t use it this time. I know. I’m a rotten jerk. Can’t help it.
She’s medically cleared and says no due to fear of heights and anxiety.
Britt slow hulking and Britt/Michael communicating where pieces go.
Taylor, not doing so good, and getting little communication.
The Leftovers Alliance is born. Saturday night / Sunday morning.
The edit is and is not smelly.