Dani “You [David] don’t know how to play this game! Just stop! Let me get you the rule book one more time!”

Head of Household Winner – Tyler
Have nots – Bay, Janelle, Cody and Enzo
Nominations – Janelle & Kaysar
Power of Veto Players are -Janelle, Tyler, Kaysar, Cody, Bayleigh, Memphis
POV Host: Christmas
Power of Veto holder – Cody
Power of Veto Ceremony – Cody Doesn’t use the power of veto Nominations stay the same.
Safety Suite – Enzo wins Christmas is his plus one.

7pm Havenot room. Enzo, Tyler and Cody.
They talk about the havenot beds and how its not that bad. Enzo – sleeping in here at night is dope yo! Cody – sleeping in here isn’t the issue. They hear production in the walls. Cody – that’s the issue! Enzo – you got Production coming in and out. I swear I am going to catch one of them one day! I am going to grab one of them by the leg. I’ll bring him right in. Watch ..I’ll be waiting! I’m a set a trap!! I’ll set a trap and grab one of them YO! Cody goes out side the door and tries to see if he can hear Tyler and Enzo talking. Tyler – yo f**k Cody! Enzo – Dani is spreading all types of mad sh*t! Tyler – I wish we had Pauli. Cody comes back in and says – I think I heard F**k, Sh*t and Cody. Tyler – I wish we had Pauli instead! Tyler heads out to see if he can hear. They agree you can’t really hear anything with the furnace vent blowing above the door.

7:50pm HOH room. Cody, Dani, Enzo.
Enzo – I already talked to Janelle yesterday.. I don’t want to talk to her again. Dani – oh she will talk to you again. Be prepared. Cody – I feel like every week no matter who is on the block ..the group of people that are there are going to decide with nothing that you say to them. Dani – but that’s not a typical Big Brother season. That’s not how it normally goes. Like I personally have flipped votes the night before. Cody – when were on the block.. Dani – yeah. Cody – well that’s you. Dani – I think the newer Big Brother is not like that. It is very group mentality. It didn’t used to be like that. In general everyone just goes with the flow. Dani – He (David) looks so depressed today. Cody – because he f**ked up! And the thing is I would normally just go up to him but .. you just dogged me. Dani – you (David) don’t know how to play this game.. just stop! Let me get you the rule book one more time! Cody – the thing that pissed me off the most is that Tyler went out on a limb for him. Dani – to help him yeah. Cody – and then he dogged Tyler and I got dragged into it. But my basses are kind of covered because if I sit down with David and Day .. I’ll be like who brought up Day’s name first?! I’d be like did I bring it up or did you bring it up? Dani – you’re like waiting for this conversation. Enzo – just say less YO! Take a nap! Cody – you have to be like Dani .. I’m the best player here just shut up.

8:30pm HOH room. Memphis, Cody and Tyler.
Cody – I feel like I should go find David.. Memphis – let him sweat a little bit. He doesn’t have anyone in the house .. let him run and then pull him back in again. Tyler – I can’t believe he did that. Cody – I a pissed. Memphis – its crazy to me that he would do that. Cody – I didn’t expect him to go to Day and hit it hard. Tyler – And then come straight to me and admit that he did it. F**k .. at least throw me under the bus and keep me there! Don’t tell me you did it. Cody – I hate that he made it sound like I pulled him into a room. Memphis – you’re not on the block .. what the hell are you doing!?

9:25pm Bedroom Janelle and Cody.
Janelle – people are like if you have the votes .. we will vote for you to stay. They’re waiting for someone to say a name. Cody – oh great! Janelle – do you have any questions or concern. Dani told me as long as I have the votes her vote. Janelle – its better for your game if I stay. I want to work with you and Cody.

Lounge room. Enzo and Janelle.
Janelle – have you heard anything>? Enzo – I am hearing that people are shook of you. Have you talked to people too or are they still feeding you the same bull sh*t. Janelle – I talked to Cody and he said well I don’t want to be the first person.

10:55pm Lounge room. Kaysar and Enzo.
Enzo – you’re not a target of mine bro! I like you. Kaysar – you have no idea how much I like you. Enzo – I like you and Janelle. You’ve never heard me say anything about you. And I’ve never heard you say anything about me. You’re in my good graces. Kaysar – and you never would hear anything. Enzo – I like both of you guys. I am torn. And in this house right now if I say what I’m doing …people will use it against me. Kaysar – I respect that. Enzo – there are a lot of wild cards in here. I am not falling for any traps! I know you and me have that connection .. we’re always breaking each others balls.

11:17pm Bathroom. Nicole and Dani.
Dani – this season is way more boring than your other season right? Nicole – yeah. Dani – ok, just checking .. Same! I’m just bored!

1:12am – 1:45am Lounge room. Day and Bay.
Day – I think I figured out a plan. Bay – what? Day – I’m still working on it. If I win HOH ..to make them have to choose a side. Bay – explain? Day – I’m still working out the details. Bay – Janelle told Kaysar if he wins HOH he has to put up NicoleF and Dani and he was like are you sure I shouldn’t put up Dave? And she was like KAYSAR!!! Day – Up put them up and if one of them should take themselves off the block.. then put up.. Bay – MMmmmmHHHmmmm… yup because she is the link and she didn’t play safety suite this week. And so if that is the case that is brilliant. My original plan was put up Ian and Nicole. If I put Nicole up next to a Kevin or a Dave .. they’re going. Nicole next to anybody other than someone on our side .. Nicole is staying. I don’t think Kaysar is going to win anything. The only person that can pull it off is Janelle. Bay and Day go and get Enzo and Cody. Bay – the vote .. still a little bit torn. You know how I feel because we need a little bit of stirring up. And I am not really sure if Kaysar is going to be the one to do it. But we need your opinions. Enzo – I don’t want to flip because if we flip ..our alliance is done. Cody – we don’t have the numbers to do that anyways. Enzo – I like Janelle because she will go after the other girls. Bay – I know Janelle has a problem with Dave and Nicole. Enzo – part of me does want to keep Janelle.. but then it will f**k up our alliance. Cody – NicoleF feels like if people keep Janelle she is going to take it personal. Bay – but why do we care what Nicole thinks.. she isn’t in our alliance. Cody – but we don’t want to alarm people. Enxo – if one of us gets on the block we have five votes. We just can’t have both of us on the block. Cody – you have to stop running around saying I like CODY!

2am – 2:45am Havenot room. Enzo and Cody.
Cody – Did you see that .. Day and Bay just want to have convos so that they feel like they’re in the loop. Did you like that cover up with Nicole. If we did that NicoleF would blow a f**king fit! Enzo – its not the time right now. Cody – and NicoleF knows about the slick six. Cody – but I said the right thing .. Day wanted to hear that I would go after David.. because she is still paranoid about the guy alliance. And you know what I will f**king put him up so that she doesn’t get paranoid. I have no problem doing that. Enzo – yo we’re going to get caught in their lies yo! Enzo – Day and Bay have nothing but us. I think if Christmas wins HOH she is coming after them. Cody – Christmas comes to me and is like .. can I talk to you.. She asked what was going on with David. So I told her .. Then she says I am pretty good with Kaysar .. I might just put up Day and Bay. I was like holy sh*t! Enzo – That’s our pit bull yo! Cody – I was like holy sh*t it is going down! If that does happen and one of them comes down .. they’re going to expect us to save them. What do we do? Enzo – we get the whole house to vote her out and we vote to keep her. Cody – That’s how next week could go! That would be insane! Enzo – I just don’t want Ian to win HOH. I don’t know where his head is at. Cody – why.. Dani, NicoleF, Ian and I have have something going, we’re fine! We’re going to have to pick and choose our battles. When we have to draw a line in the sand. Enzo and Cody talk about shows and other random things.

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BBAS2 baby

Please flip the votes I’m begging you BB Gods

also can Cody start wearing a damn horse mask for the rest of the season so we don’t have to see his ugly expressions? Producers, get on it!

Feeds Gold

if david wins hoh it would be a fun week of clown world hell for them all haha

end of sunday episode david does noms…

“i have nominated…you…because…you know…well…i played last season…and…you know…i…was out right…away…you know…and…i returned…this…season…for all stars…and theres been…certain predictions…lies…speculations…and…you know…its hard…and…the lies…so many of them…and…i read…a book…on emotional…intelligence…and i…said to janelle…in the…storage room…that she…tried…to get…me out…week 1…and…i told her…theres so many…lies…speculations…”

**announcer guy interrupts mid speech of david: tune in wednesday night to see the epic conclusion of davids nominations speech on biiiiiiiiig brrrruuuttttthhhhhhaaaaa**

Luci in the Sky

That sounds soooo fun! I approve and now will wish for it! It would serve them all what they deserve. Of course Tyler would convince him to put up Kaysar and Day.


I think if David wins HOH. He will forget and get so confused that he will nominate HIMSELF!!!!

Deborah Knox

I think that David is faking it. I remember last season when he was in the house he could not play,he had it all figured out (alliances) before the other players did. He is playing dumb.


Production granted him access to DRs and Live Feeds

Lady E


another name

OPERATION CLEAN THE IMAGE: aka Tryin to Shit a Shitter
Gee. Enzo Cody have not chat before bed.
Look at that.
Enzo saying he met and hung out with Cody and Derrick.
Two breaths later saying making pregame alliances is a bitch move.
Saying he’s sure Janelle did that (take a look at the crowd thronging around her vs the crowd jumping all over themselves to get into a 2000th alliance with Cody).
He says this to Cody. Tooooooooo COOOOdy.
oh puh-frickin-lease.
Heir apparent of pregame stategizing Cody.
Oh Enzo. Always so willing to help out production in a cause… to help the image of a season you’re on. That is getting soooooo many complaints about pregaming that a scapegoating is necessary.
Too many people have spilled too many beans for anyone that has watched feeds not to be saying what the hell was that other than damage control?
Sorry, that pushed down my respect for Enzo a little. And he was actually up there in estimation except for the yo yo yo thing.
Don’t bullshit the viewers. They’ve already heard the talk around the house.

Serious note. Enzo brought up Dani Nicf and Ian having a deal going. This afternoon. To Tyler and Cody. Cody says nothing. Enzo says his new soldier will be Bay.
Tonight Cody tells Enzo he has a thing going with Dani Nicf and Ian. That Bayleigh is the target.
If Enzo isn’t thinking this is bull… and Cody is keeping secrets from Tyler and himself, he’s an idiot. Like David level idiot.

All Stars???

Any 40 year old that calls himself the Meow-Meow is an idiot.


Especially bc of its origin ( insert green puke face emoji)


I want to throw up every time i hear that. I like Enzo the player but he is repulsive to me. LOL


Dani to Nicole: “This season is way more boring than yours, isn’t it?” Nicole – “Yeah”. Even the players are bored.

Just Sayin'

Even Dani admitted that most seasons aren’t like this and that their huge alliance is making it boring. Ughhhhhh I had such high hopes for this season


I think what they mean is that there is no one for them to have sex with, so it’s boring.


Hello Enzo! Did you just hear Cody say an alliance with Ian without you!


Dani’s ego is out of control

Feeds Gold


All Stars???

That might be hereditary. Her dad is Evel Dick.


really? I actually think shes way too nice this season. Im craving for that mean girl to come out. But I guess mother nature changed Dani? She`s just soo nice and lovely to everyone.

All Stars???

Wait until someone puts her on slop.


What show are you watching again ???? LOL

Golden Gate Granny

Why do many of your ridiculous comments have red font?

Looks suspicious.

Save BIg Brother

The production should do a random pairing HOH competition to save the season. This team alliance stuff is boring and so predictable.


Things would change easily if Dani decides to turn against the guys. Just like she did in season 13 against the Power Couples.


Out in lala land David and nasal whiney Nicole should NEVER have been part of BB Allstars. Both are SO irritating. Was a long time fan but not this season

another name

Let this sink in. Chances are one or both of David and Kevin will be deciding the winner of Big Brother All Stars.
Tell me that isn’t THE most depressing thought.

All Stars???

An even more depressing thought is that someone drags David or Kevin to F2.


And if “All Stars” does drag David or Kevin, i think the best part of the season would be David or Kevin winning. All Stars should want to beat the best of the best but this house isn’t full of true All Stars.


SMH, such spineless players for being an “all star “ season.


Only boring people are bored.


Dani has a whiny , valley girl voice…. to hear both Princess Tuggy & Dani in conversation is like nails on a chalkboard


If they don’t flip the votes it will be the boys and Nicole F at the end. Once the girl drama jealousy starts it gives the boys the shoe in for the win. Unless Nicole cries and pleads and gets to the end again.
What will this season bring with space cadet David? At least the houseguests reactions to him is partially entertaining. Didn’t think it would take this long to clue David in on his wierdo game ways. I still don’t like Dani though. Going after Janelle I feel will ultimately be hers and the other females downfall because the boys typically stick together until the end


IMO it shouldn’t matter if male or female wins, I think the best player should win. The girls have to stop playing the game with their emotions and use facts before making their decisions. I feel they would make it further.


I agree. It’s nice to see other women work together and not be catty. However with production shenanigans and how the game has worked, female alliances rarely have the success as the male alliances. Totally agree about the over emotional aspect. It’s exhausting.


every time I see Cody, Tyler or Enzos name I just skip through. Im done with them already.
I wish Dani had overheard them bad mouthing her, and then she turned on them and kept Janelle. There`s still time…. Production should fill her in

Julie's gerbils

Nurk, my man! you’re right up my alley!


“Bay – but why do we care what Nicole thinks.. she isn’t in our alliance”

C’mon Bay! Notice the red flags!


Okay, this is probably an ignorant question, but what exactly is the definition of a “floater” that the BB world has settled on?

There seems to be a lot of controversy and disagreement over what a floater actually is or does. Can someone help me out?

I’ll admit, I began watching during season 12 with Rachel’s classic “floaters you better grab a life vest” remark.

From that I guess I assumed a floater was someone who didn’t do much in the game: doesn’t win comps, isn’t officially in any alliances, has no real allegiances to anyone, and doesn’t really contribute anything game wise and just sort of floats through the game without really playing. Basically sitting back as a non target/non threat as the bigger players take each other out.

However, I’ve heard that it is more complicated than that and floaters actually actively go back and forth between alliances and gather information and use it to their advantage (like the rat strategy). & while people may take issue with this strategy, it is still technically playing the game. I guess I always thought floaters didn’t really play (based on Rachel’s comment).

So, what’s the correct definition of a floater? And if it is someone who goes back and forth between alliances, what is the difference between a floater and someone who “plays both sides”?



so here are my thoughts on it: in old-school, it was basically contestants who didn’t pick a side (which is what janelle is used to and why she is having difficulty playing this version of bb). some people (jun, james r) have used this concept in a strategic way to help them get further in the game, while others didn’t know how to maneuver their way between alliances. in new-school (season 15+), floaters now seem to be whoever is not in a majority alliance, all trying to just survive week-to-week, with no strategy to flip the numbers (they will just float to whoever is in power without solidifying anything, and most likely end up on the block soon). in this specific season, i think the term has changed again, since pretty much everyone has multiple alliances and floating from group to group. i actually think it’s a brilliant strategy, except it’s boring when everyone in the house is using the same concept, so now it looks like one giant alliance taking out whoever is not in it. looking at this season, here is how i would place everyone: non-floaters (ian, janelle, kaysar), old-school floaters (kevin, david), new-school floaters (bayleigh, christmas, cody, da’vonne, dani, enzo, memphis, nicole, tyler).


Thanks for the clarification. It’s still confusing lol but I guess that makes sense given how the game has changed over the years. I’ve now watched all the seasons now and I guess I thought players like Jun and James R and even Ian fell into the category of ‘playing both sides’ rather than ‘floater’ category but I guess there is some overlap between the two terms in the old school definition.

I’ve heard the term ‘coaster’ floating around as well and maybe that’s more appropriate for what Rachel called floaters. People just coasting through the game without doing anything.


I would agree, these new school floaters are pathetic! Block voting is so stupid and boring. No one wants to rock the boat. I miss the days where each individual person voted out who they wanted out. All this BS of it’s the HOH’s call and everyone votes that way. HOH should put up 2 and they decide individually who goes. Bring that back.


Brad is right. The true term of the word was someone who didn’t pick a side and shifted their allegiance every week based on where the power is. Ever since Rachel, people have been misusing the term to mean someone who doesn’t do anything (like win comps). It’s just like how the original term for a backdoor was someone who didn’t get to play in the POV being put up on the block but now some people are using the term to refer to a renom even if the person did play in the veto.

Golden Gate Granny

Yes! And while we’re on the subject of game terms…

It’s not a “buy back” when evicted houseguests compete to get back in to the game. It’s a “Battle Back.”

All Stars???

I think Frankie came up with “buy back”… just 1 of the thousands of annoying things about him.


The best was when Jocasta almost came back and started talking in tongues

The Beef

Actually there was a season when production asked the returning players how much of their winnings they would be willing to give up to get back into the game? Not sure which season it was, but whoever gave up the most was the player who was going to be let back into the game. Does any body remember that and what season it was? Turned out to be a production hoax, as they didn’t require them to give up anything, but the “buy back” was sort of true that season, sort of.

The Beef

I looked this up – It was actually in BB3 that they asked the returning houseguests how much they would be willing to give up to get back into the game. They used that information to eliminate two of the four players trying to get back in, and the remaining two were then voted on by the houseguests still in the game. Amy was voted back in over Eric. Although neither won, they would not have been required to give up their winnings had they done so (both agreed to give up half to get back in the game). This may be where the term “buy back” came from.

another name

originally coined by Jun and Alison in season 4. Jun was the master of it at that time. She gathered information from each side, and dispensed little bits of it to the alliance in power (the season was set up as 2 teams the chosen players, and their real world ex’s).
The basic premise was to prove yourself indispensible by being the house spy, and steering the house target with the information you’d dispense. It wasn’t just the passive keep yourself safe by tattling to whoever was hoh. It was choosing what to tattle and who to tattle on in order to make sure your own targets were being knocked off. It started off with a much more active role in the game, and was extremely difficult to do in the house. Many weeks the information that Jun dispensed was the reason a house target was chosen. In the end Jun was chosen winner by a very bitter jury, only because Alison’s method of sleeping with the men on the cast in addition to floating was considered more distasteful than lying to everyone and saying rotten things about them.

By season six it became a dulled down version of running information from side to side by telling each side you were spying for them. This was April’s game. Information as currency for safety without actively focusing the information in order to steer targeting. April got caught, and tucked in with the nerd herd group. She was eventually the target of Howie’s outrage for flip flopping.

From 7 to 11, it was dulled down even more to anyone that wasn’t in a major alliance, but ran information to every hoh no matter what side in order to keep themselves off the block.


If BB cared about the long time fans of the show (and would like to keep us), they would throw a wrench into this pre-game alliance BS. It’s not like they don’t believe in interference. Bust this sh!t up!!

What a freakin let down. I want an All Star season with just OG and OG rules and yes, bring back the food comps!!!

As for David. I can see why he would be given a 2nd chance to play because on his season, in the very short time he was there, he appeared to be the only one who had a good read on the house. I wanted to see what he was made of (Yes, it has been a disappointment. I expected more.) BUT HE NEVER SHOULD HAVE BEEN CHOSEN FOR AN ALL STAR LINEUP!!

Maybe do a show of people who didn’t get a chance to play but showed promise. (Maybe ask fans who they would like to see??) Just don’t put them in an ALL STAR show.

I know it’s been said before but stop casting people who are not fans, don’t watch and just have no freakin clue!!

Thanks! I needed to vent. ????

Deborah Knox

David did have a good read on the house that is why I think he is faking it.


Production granted him access to DRs and Live Feeds


If Janelle was a beast she would start some drama and stir the house with some lies or expose the mini alliances. But hey I am asking to much she is boring just like Kaysar and the rest of the floaters. Is it me or dani is getting annoying.

Golden Gate Granny

Why would she blow up her game while she still has skin in the game? Tsk.Tsk.

Competitions for everything

This is such a disappointment. Something has to give! Give them something to do! So we have something to watch.Comps for food! Something!!!!

Forget everyone knowing who is going up ahead of time and the whole house voting together. Bring back shocked faces on those going up and going home! Have them vote who they want!

Kats Alien Bitch

Most players who win do so because they were part of an alliance. Since this group knows this, it looks like alliances were partially formed before they came into the house

It is smart game play.

But it is incredibly boring to watch. The only drama is the HOH and the Veto.

An inevitably the alliance members start to become arrogant, and I rarely have cheered for anyone who is a member of the dominant alliance because they become unlikable.

All of this to say – smart players aren’t necessarily interesting to watch. The last Survivor season was great, but maybe BB just doesn’t lend itself to all start in the same way.


How were these players choosen to play in All-Stars? I’m thoroughly confused by the amount of floaters we have this year. It’s like they wanted the house to be one sided. Such a shame to watch this season. I’m happy to see Kaysar and Janelle but thats about it. The rest can suck it.


I think it was difficult to get players to come on the show. I’m sure they asked better players to join but maybe they couldn’t do it. That has to be the case cuz most of these players are horrible people.


Too many all stars tried to play all star pre game and once word got around also add covid, social media and some seeming compliance issues and we got this cast. The one’s who were was left.

another name

Someone had mentioned Analise and the Challenge.
Don’t quote me, just telling you what i’m seeing. two sources are saying due to the season 21 leaked group chat, she has been dropped from the cast. One of the sources indicates the entire cast that was on that chat list has been put on a list of do not call. The other says Lolo from cbb2 as well as Jay and Natalie from Survivor will be on this season.

Golden Gate Granny

The Trump ads this site gets (even through my excellent ad blocker) is really starting to piss me off.

In no way is the US better than it was 4 years ago. Stay off my escape from your chaos, White House Occupant.

Kraken OD *thud*

Deplorable enemy of the state

Can’t wait for the Democrat tears!!! MAGA 4 more years! Unfortunately it just means they will burn down more small businesses until they get back the only thing they care about-power

another name

Really… all my ads are for alcohol, sleep aids, single russians want to meet you and island or cruise ship travel. Maybe my ad blocker is just now letting through 2015 material like it’s current.


We can’t control the ads only to deny certain categories. I did put a request for no political ads. If you are seeing political ads they probably aren’t in the Political category. Kinda a sneaky trick from advertisers.

In an ideal world, we could run a Patreon account and be ad-free but it won’t work for us. So OBB has to live with it. If it wasn’t for the ads this site wouldn’t exist.

another name

Oh i have no problem with ads. I just wonder why the alcohol and sleeping pills are right next to each other. what are they really trying to say to me? That this season is living death?


OH man yeah that’s a deadly combo.

Mine are all eBay ads and I haven’t bought anything off eBay for 8 months.

another name

Haven’t drank since my first stint as a bartender as my night job while working another career 9-5.
Have never taken a sleeping pill. just complain about being an insomniac a lot and search relaxation techniques for pain management and sleep.


Weird. I’m surprised this place is plastered with Kraken ads.


Most of the ads are targeted using some combination of cookies and search history. If you are getting political ads it’s likely you’ve recently been reading or searching about political issues. Mine are usually tools, furniture or farm stuff. Today’s it’s all doughnuts…nearly every ad I’ve seen…doughnuts…I really want a doughnut…

All Stars???

Those ads might be more appropriate… anyone watching these feeds either is drunk, can’t get any sleep, in need of a mail order bride or could use a vacation. Especially Simon for the drinking and vacation!


Mine are ads with a little girls face asking for blood donation? I’m anemic and can’t give blood, lol!

Golden Gate Granny

Ohhh myyy! This has been interesting. Glad I brought it up… it’s actually funny now.

Simon/Dawg? I care about what you do for all of us enough to never bitch about that Agent o’ Chaos on here again. Promise.

***I do always click on all the clothing ads so you get some extra clicky bucks. xoxo


Hows SF doing? Still cleaning up human feces on your driveway?

Golden Gate Granny

San Francisco is beautiful. You’re buying in to propaganda. Much like Hitler’s adoring fans did.

another name

Discussion of goodbye speeches.
Dani says if hers doesn’t go over well, she wants production to call Dom and cancel her social media. Oh Dani, Dom already chopped your twitter. A week ago. Her speech: a copy of Janelle’s season six bye bitches speech. Nothing original about Dani. Nothing.
I half expect she’s lying and her message will be nice, she’s just trying to get everyone else to be a dick.

Nicf’s sounds like victim noise. “really wanted to work with you, you had other plans, heard you don’t want to come to my wedding so consider yourself uninvited.” Anyone remember any time Nicf wanted to work with Janelle? I mean… gee, like Janelle isn’t going to get the straight story. THAT was just more of the same narrative production is using. Someone is being mean to totally innocent Nicf.

In other news, Dani is now pushing Cody to cut Bayleigh before Da’vonne (because of Nicf’s discomfort in reality) and saying don’t go after Ian (because it would make Nicf sad?) what the blue bloody hell is this crap? Cody telling his one alliance oooh Nicf wouldn’t like it (she’s not in the alliance), and Dani pushing Nicf’s agenda around the house. Production cleaning her image and game, making anyone that calls her out for the reality look like a villain. REALLY? No, I mean REEEALLLY? Really sick of this. At this point if Nicf took someone out in a boat and threw them overboard to drown them… Production would say Nicf was teaching them how to swim.

And of course David is still Daviding. Such an absolute insult.

Lady E

Someone mentioned on Twitter that Janelle & Daniele (even their names rhyme LOL) wore the same dress on the finale night (Season 6 & 8, respectively).

another name

yeah. i remember that actually from the time. lol. because I think Janelle was a veto host for a comp called Janelle-vision in 8. Dani won it. Even then it seemed parrot.

Lady E

Oops Season 7* lol

My 2 cents

And Da saying last night that she won’t put Nicole on the block???!! What IS this insanity???? And we thought Dan’s mist was strong…


Sorry i hate this season I am watching the tv nights but turned off twitter because I just don’t care about these people. All their personalities have morphed from when they were first all in the house as nobodies and innocent to this inflated egos crap. Just boring tv I just don’t really care who wins.

With you knowing everyone you miss the experience of seeing someone walk in the door and grow throughout the summer and either love them or hate them but part of the intrigue was getting to know the people. This year that excitement is gone, you know who they are and most of them are not lovable at all. Even the showmances as much as people complain was fun watching people slowly get attached to people. This year none of that and it has really made it boring tv.

Such high hopes but it’s turned out to be a dud.


Since we have to say goodbye to on of our favorites tonight (thanks to the jealous idiots in the house) here’s a look back at Janelle and Kaysar Season 6 https://youtu.be/BTkcltqWZOY


Tonight will be heartbreaking for me.


Over here aching over the jealousy game play.


Aww thanks for that!


started watching season 6 between this seasons show., haha

another name

Oh. look at Kevin talking to Da’vonne.
Giving Da alllll the information that Janelle has given him about who pregamed and how they came together… as if it’s his own original thought.


What’s everyone opinion on Dani’s game?

At first I thought she was doing alright but now i’m seeing cracks all over the place.


Being more whiney than game play. The jealousy switch screwed her sense of BB game up. I’m sad over it

another name

She needs to be focusing on one person at a time in terms of gossip. The problem is she gossips to A about B, B about C, C about A. In a house with 4 days lockdown where everyone is in fake alliances with each other.


She is overdoing and going to dig her own grave


Simon, I totally agree with what you said, till just recently I thought she was positioned the best in the house, but lately she’s slipping, letting info out in conversations that can be added up a little at a time and show the full picture of what’s going on. Personally, I think she’s gonna take the hit from her own alliance (not the fake ones). She talks too much and isn’t very aware of how she’s coming across, like when Bay said she felt cornered by her.
Just my thoughts, I think she’s a bit of a mean girl.

Lady E

Dani should’ve worked with Janelle, Da, & Bay. It would’ve been the female Brigade! Instead, she is helping someone else become a two-time winner.

Golden Gate Granny

I want to give her a high five!

In the face. With a shovel. Preferably the one she’s digging her own narcissistic grave with.

And say: Love, Dad


Why cant you people just be grateful we even got a BB season this year?
Stop all the crying and complaining, sheesh


With this cast, I wish they had waited until they could get real all star quality instead of who’s in the lobby? They are in. People are more selective picking up day laborers in front of Home Depot.

another name

vote of 8-3. enzo hinky votes again. the other 2 votes aren’t who we expect.
hoh: i don’t think it will be on feeds, just a gut feeling we’ll come back to a bunch of tired houseguests and we won’t get hoh confirmation for about ten minutes of feed.

Golden Gate Granny

Your premonition skills are excellent!

The funniest part for me was when Julie was choking on her tongue & mouthing “WHAT?!” at the camera with Dani’s (save her ass with Janie on the outside attempt) vote.

Have you (or anyone else) ever seen our ChenBot that discombobulated & thrown off over ANYTHING before? Dani’s vote rocked her so much she totally had to scoop her jaw off the floor to ask the next vote, Nozzcole, who she votes to evict.

That, for me, was a BB first. Julie forgot to “expect the unexpected.”

The Beef

In honor of Janelle, and JUST for today, I have decided to give her a FIVE ranking in the rank the houseguests, and all other houseguests a ONE, just for today. It’s her last day in the BB house after a stellar career, and I just think she deserves some recognition for that. So she gets a five from me, everybody else gets a one, just for today!


Heck yeah! I’ve actually gave Janelle a 5 everyday I’ve voted, also I give both Nicole’s, David and Kevin a 1 every time. Everyone else goes up and down based off how I think they’re playing and my mood towards them at the time.


I am tired of seeing Nicole aka the snake, sit around doing nothing. If they do not get her out she is going to float her way into a win again. ugh


Who would’ve thought that the BB1 version of HGs being voted out of the house would have best suited BB22…


booooooooooooo …. #BBUK