Big Brother 22 – Kevin “He called me a racial slur to my face. He told me to go back to whatever country I came from.”

Head of Household Winner – Cody
Have nots – Ian, Kevin, Memphis, Nicole A
Nominations -?
Power of Veto Players are -?
Power of Veto holder -?
Power of Veto Ceremony -?
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11pm The Big Brother 22 All-Star live feeds turn on!!!

Most of the house guests are sitting around the living room chatting.

Janelle – who are you happy to not be here? Tyler – no one. Who are you happy to not be here? Dan? Janelle – no we’re friends. He called me before coming here and told me I had to do it.

Cody talks about not having alcohol in sequester but wished he did. He says that on his season he blacked out after drinking 5 beers. He said he woke up the next morning and was like never again. This was the longest I’ve gone without a drink.

Bedroom – Christmas, Nicole, Daniele, Da’Vonne. Da’Vonne tells Daniele that she already saw ants in the bathroom. Christmas, Nicole leave. Daniele – who do you not like? Da’Vonne – Nobody. I was very shocked by that. I was expecting to hate a lot of people but like nobody. Nobody. Daniele – yeah everyone seems really nice which is worrisome too. Da’Vonne – yeah because when the table shakes .. they don’t shake! They are going to shake! Bay and Nicole A join them again.

11:25pm – 11:40pm In the bedroom. Kevin, Daniele, DaVonne, Bay, Enzo. DaVonne – how was it playing with Chima, Kevin? Kevin – She’s amazing. She’s a strong woman. Janelle joins them. Kevin – we’re talking about people kicked off the show. DaVonne – I would have loved to be a fly on the wall just for that week. Kevin – she didn’t throw it (her mic) in the pool .. she threw it on the grass and it bounced. Kevin – There was a player that was actually racist .. he called me a racial slur on the show.. Like not even suggesting. He called me a racial slur to my face. Janelle – I remember that .. the surfer guy right? Kevin – yeah. He told me to go back to whatever country I came from. So me and Chima were like oh hell no!! Daniele – how do you get into that like week one?! Especially with you? Like?! What did you do to upset him? Janelle – didn’t he leave week one!? Kevin – yeah? And she didn’t take it well. She wanted to do a speech like there are racists and misogamist and then she took in a way that she spiraled. And I was like nope! Not going to catch me. Keep moving .. I just kept moving. She just kept thinking it was rigged. I was just glad this time they did that bias training.. DaVonne – they went DEEP! Kevin – the sexual harassment thing was good too. Good job Big Brother.

11:50pm Bedroom – Christmas is talking about her wervice in the military.

11:53pm Storage room. Kaysar and Nicole A.
The cameras switch mid conversation. Nicole – that really means a lot coming from you. Kaysar – what really irritated me and pissed me off was when you were telling the truth and trying to set the record straight and they were just absolutely mean to you. And at the end of the day I’m a nerd at heart.. just trapped in this body. I just don’t appreciate people treating people that way. Nicole – Kevin was asking me why didn’t I defend myself. And I was like its different than in the real world. Kaysar – its a mob mentality. Everyone feels like they’re on the side of the right. And its okay when you’re in a group to treat someone poorly. Its just not okay. And you handled yourself so well. Nicole – thank you. That means a lot coming from you. Kaysar – you have such a trusting demeanor. Nicole – and so do you. Kaysar – I appreciate it. I’ve been told I was too trusting. Nicole – I am what I am. I can’t be a puppet master. I like you so much. Kaysar – the feeling is mutual. They hug.

12:08am – 12:20pm Nicole F. and Daniele talking about going into sequester. They both agree it was so hard. Daniele says that Dom taught their daughter to say love you mama. She says when she heard it she just balled. Nicole says that she watched two episodes from her season and wanted to barf. I was disgusted. I opened my mouth when I shouldn’t have. I needed to watch the turning point in my game and see who I got out of that. They talk about how its good they’re both in different rooms. Daniele – everyone is fangirling over her (Janelle) and Kaysar. They agree they like Keesha. Daniele – are you cool with Cody? Nicole – yeah. Daniele – he seems really nice. I’ve never talked to him before. Nicole – I’ve got to make sure we’re cool but.. Daniele – I just didn’t want Nicole A. to get it (HOH) .. she’s the only one I didn’t want to get it. Nicole – me neither! Daniele – she wanted me to be on her pod cast and I ghosted her. Nicole – me too!! I didn’t even open the DM. Daniele – I did and then ghosted her. And David is here? I was really confused by that! Nicole agrees. Nicole – I am glad I am not HOH. Like who is he going to put up? Daniele – I know because the people I would put up are not here. Nicole – I had it planned.. I had a speech planned. Daniele – that’s aggressive. Nicole – I thought Josh was supposed to be in here for Christmas.. Big Brother cuts the feeds.

12:40am – 12:50am Cody comes out of the diary room “Who wants to see my HOH room!!!?” All the house guest head up to the HOH room. Cody can’t seem to get the key to work. DaVonne – are you sure you live here? He finally gets it and they head inside. They all check out his room and basket. Nicole – man there’s no fish in here either?! I guess there’s no fish this season. I guess they couldn’t go to the fish store.

1am HOH room. Most of the house guests are sitting around in the HOH room chatting. They talk about their experience coming out of the house on their past seasons. Memphis talked about how paranoid he was thinking people were following him or filming him. Enzo says the first night out of the house with his wife in the hotel room was “just weird!” Memphis – you never recovered from that one. (because he and his wife divorced after.)

1:23am Janelle, Ian, Kaysar and David are talking about past house guests. Ian says that

2:20am Janelle and Memphis are talking. Memphis – what are you thinking? Janelle – Don’t know. Memphis – I think everything this week just needs to shake out. Janelle – yeah. Memphis – I feel like every time someone pulls the trigger ..its like see ya! I don’t know about Cody. Like he is going to want to find someone next week knowing that he can’t compete. Janelle -right. Memphis – there might be some leverage there. Memphis – I don’t know. I can’t believe we’re back in this house!

2:25am Bedroom. Janelle and Kaysar.
Janelle – what do you think will happen? Kaysar – with noms? Janelle – yeah. Kaysar – I don’t know but I am trying to play a better social game this time. Janelle – I think its me. I just have a bad feeling. Kaysar – is anyone going up there talking game? Janelle – In Cody’s HOH room? No. Kaysar – Everyone is just pretending everything is fine? Janelle – yes. Kaysar – noms are tomorrow? Janelle – they are? Oh I don’t know. Kaysar – I am guessing because we are going into straight one week ..into eviction. You’ve got to talk to him. Janelle – Yeah I know. I feel like he is going to want to work with someone strong because he is going to want to be protected next week because he can’t play obviously.

3:15am HOH room. Cody and Tyler. Cody – you know I got you. Tyler – when I walked in I was like yo lets go dude! Cody – I wanted no part of this first HOH …and then I walked out and the people that were lined up .. I dunno bro I can’t trust this stuff. Tyler – I know man. Cody – when I saw the people lined up I was like I am not going to end up going up on the block the first week. Tyler – no its good man. You’re going to get everyone’s stories pitching to you. Cody – but I am more laid back. I am not the one that is going to initiate the convos. That’s why I just wanted to see who is talking. Who is hanging around here. Who is not trying to make my job as easy as it can be this first week and don’t come and talk .. I have no problem. I just wanted you to know. I wanted to say something to you in this storage room. Tyler – okay thanks! Tyler leaves. Cody – lets go!

3:35am Most of the house guests are in bed or getting ready for bed..

3:53am Havenot room.
4am All the all stars are sleeping..

7:08 am – 8:40 Memphis and Kevin look to be the first two up.

Just chit chat between Memphis and Kevin for the first hour.

9:00 am wake up!

Memory wall

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Brace yourself folks Cody is targeting Kaysar and Janelle… It’ll be in the next update.

Larry Pooper

Thats so scary Simon!! Scary indeed

Feeds Gold



That Safety suite twist for two that I hated with all my soul about an hour ago I’m loving it now. 🙂

Feeds Gold

i wonder if there will be a safety suite comp later today then noms on friday

The Beef

Boooo! I understand that he’s younger and would go for the “oldsters”, but I love those two!

Golden Gate Granny

Good catch on the production protocol comments. Always appreciative in/of knowing those particular nuggets they (production) try to keep from escaping from the Hamster Cage.


So glad to be back here, definitely needed it. Just made my first donation for this season.


Thanks noname. Glad to be back seeing some familiar names

another name

The ants have already made the first move in the war.
The flies have joined them in solidarity.
*somebody* that annoys me has already whined a couple times.
*somebody* i’ve never cared for has already said they’re allowed to go to bed as of 10pm. On night one of feeds.
They’re already discussing having had bias training. Gee. Uh. Yeah. Multiple levels of eyeroll considering the proclivity of production to cast people FOR their bias to create buzz and controversy. Happy they’re having bias training, let’s see if they continue it in the future with a non returning player cast.
I…. think Dani and Nicolef might have decided to work together. Sounds like Dani isn’t going to be working with Janelle and Kaysar any time soon… but i’m not sure if it’s my audio or room audio. So i’ll mini rant for a second:

Audio issues in some rooms are annoying. So of course that’s where EVERYONE congregates to whisper talk.

-Dani is making an error if she’s teaming up with Nicole, imo. Nicolef has, in both of her seasons, backstabbed every female ally she’s had in order to get in better with the guys in the house. People can change, but their basic tactical nature doesn’t.
-I get the feeling (and have had the feeling since the episode) that Kaysar MAY be an early target along with Janelle. Call it ego on the part of some of the “All Stars” if you want.
If I’m wrong, I’m wrong. Just initial impression.
-They are saying Tyler and Christmas were expecting Josh and Kaycee. Oh well.
-They gave them watermelons??? excuse me. I need to lie down. I’m having reeeally bad flashbacks. No wonder team ants is in the bathrooms. They think that’s where the have nots will be taking their secret meals without repercussion.


If you remember correctly big brother 16, Nicole got stabbed by a supposed best friend Christine to join the bomb squad and detanators. Christine in her nominating speech saying to Nicole “I’m going to return this knife to its rightfully owner knowing it can never be used again”.

Which made absolutely no sense when she was the one who joined the boys alliance. That alliance was determined to get the main competitor out in Nicole and Donny, which meant Christine was doing the dirty work to help the detonators and the invisible houseguest Victoria go farther. When she only got evicted one place after Nicole.

Part of the reason why Christine got horrible boo’s was because of her flirtation with Cody when she was married and also how nasty she was to Nicole when Nicole was being her friend for the first half of the season. That within itself that speech alone about nominating Nicole and trying to return the knives to its rightful owner after she’s claiming she had been backstabbed when Christine was the one who joined an all boys alliance shows how Christine completely backstabbed Nicole by Christine joining an all boys alliance acting as if Nicole was the one that did it.

Christine chose to be at the bottom of the totem pole and do the dirty work of the detonators to remove the rest of the remaining houseguest. The fact that Christine only made it one placement farther than Nicole shows how bad that was. Even on Christine’s back door move from the infamous BOB chain game were Caleb was trying to sit out and then trying to make Frankie lose production came in and told Caleb he couldn’t mess it up .

This was a huge detriment at the time to Nicole‘s game as she was second HOH trying to get Frankie out she loses HOH. As Production stepped in preventing anyone from Frankie to lose it even go look it up on YouTube Zac Rance talking to Kathryn Dunn went on and on about how awful production was when it came to that battle back trying to send Frankie home. He mentioned Not only did production take about another 14 hours or so to rebuild a new competition because they knew they were going to throw it so Frankie would lose. Production came out there and specifically took time away from the house guest in the competition to prevent Caleb from throwing it production stepped in preventing anyone from Frankie to lose it. Zac rance went on and on about how awful that was in how production doing whatever it took to keep Frankie . As the week plays out and Zach rance won the POV Nicole gets back doored by Christine so obviously Christine was the one who joined the all boys Alliance.

Even Davonne herself said on the jury round table coming back to big brother 18 for the returners was about “redemption”. They wanted to do anything they could to win the game it didn’t matter, I wouldn’t doubt those Moments from the backdooring of the suspicious Frankie chain B.O.B and how Christine completely flipped on her alone played in to Nicole‘s head the second time around when she played big brother 18!!!! Especially when she got done in by a group mentality that used her supposed then friend/ally Christine to do the detonators dirty work taking her out and the rest of the house.

She was in the room and HOH when they were forming the eight pack alliance!!! That’s not a coincidence that she tried forming A huge alliance after what we saw on big brother 16!
I mean the bomb squad was more than half the house, and Nicole was on the complete outs of it. Saw that and, surprise that she joined a huge alliance a second time Early in the game.
She went after Jozea and that side of the house because they were coming after returnees. And part of the reason why that 8 pack alliance fell apart and why everyone who was in it got hosed was because there was dissension amongst Frank Tiffany and Davonne. They all three had it out for each other and they were in the same alliance they didn’t like each other and that put Nicole in a horrible situation because it wasn’t like she had anything against them but then because they all didn’t like each other she had to be in an awkward situation to support them when they were supposed to be in Alliance from the beginning but it was their personal problems that caused a stir and it made it like Nicole was the bad person because you eventually have to choose if not remove those people because they cause problems and potentially bury your game only because you had casual game talk with them. In reality they all three had it out for each other and they were in the same alliance they didn’t like each other and that put Nicole in a horrible situation because it wasn’t like she had anything against them but then because they all didn’t like each other she had to be in an awkward situation to support them when they were supposed to be in Alliance from the beginning but it was their personal problems that caused a stir and it made it hard really for anyone else in the house to associate with them. So instead of Nicole trying to be in a alliance friendly with all three of them she eventually Has to pick a side of those three houseguest if not none at all. And the fact that Tiffany, Frank, And Davonne went out in succession says it all and how much they blew up their games because of their problems in communicating with each other.

And though she tried initially working with Frank and he tried to throw her under the bus a few times to Michelle and Davonne it wasn’t Nicole‘s fault that there became dissension in that group.
You can’t say she’s a snake by keeping face and trying to keep peace amongst those three houseguests when their problems lead to there own downfalls.

She had to lie and be nice to them in front of their face so that those three didn’t hate her and remove her from the game. When Frank and Davonne became so gung ho on getting each other out. When that happened she totally had to lay low and cling to Corey hang out with the other boys because she was trying to eliminate her target and herself threat as the whole house was trying to call her out. That strategy obviously worked because she didn’t get nominated until the final four even though nutty people like Jozea called her a snake on day one.

And her move to go around Michelle as co-HOH when it was 5 on 2 The two just being her and Cory she was able to convince them to put up Victor and Paul which was unbelievable considering the circumstances Paul calls Michelle a C*nt In yet Michelle still votes for Paul next to Nicole. It was a true wonder that Nicole pulled that move off going through Co-Hoh already referring to Nicole as a snake at that point because what ensued was that it gave Nicole the opportunity to play both sides because Paul and Victor were pissed that James Michelle and Natalie took that option to take them out so when victor came back it put Nicole and Corey up in a great spot to get to the end game. That move alone was unreal. And Nicole convincing Paul to take her to the end when James was a bump on the log all of season 18 says it all.

You can’t say Nicole is a complete Backstabber when you take into consideration what Christine did, The falling out of the eight pack, and Danielle even admitted herself last night she lost big brother 13 because she turned on her own alliance. Nicole played a great big brother 18 game regardless, because she showed she could go around people to do her bidding and her dirty work to get her ahead in the game. That shows she deserves to be an all star like Danielle. And if her and Danielle decide to be together or decide to turn on One another at some point so be it; Its Big Brother.

another name

Victor, Chill man. joking.


People Need to wake up and realize. Acting as if Nicole is the biggest snake in big brother history and a backstabber in both of seasons, is complete nonsense. If that’s the case people don’t understand the game especially what took place in both those seasons (16 &18)


The main reason to root against Nicole is that she won already. WTF is she doing there in the first place? Everyone has to admit that she only won because Paul Scum selected her instead of James.


Anyone who has won Big Brother is an All Star! Getting to the end IS a huge part of the game. As a matter of fact, the game depends on it. And she WAS the was the one backstabbed in her first season and if it wasn’t for the fact that she was a female, it wouldn’t even matter, nor be mentioned. Backing a woman in this game just because she is a woman, the making a “girl’s alliance”, has always lead to a huge FAIL in their Big Brother experience. Make an alliance with the person… not the gender, not bc of their sexual orientation and not bc of their race. Period. That is how I live my life wherever I have been. It would serve everyone well. I wouldn’t be on a Girls Alliance either, they have a 100% FAIL rate on Big Brother. ??

BBAS2 baby

I am super duper excited to see how this season will play out, there’s a lot of great players and I feel like I’m rooting for everyone at the moment.
Oh and I think this safety suite twist might be that game puzzle after an eviction that Kaitlyn failed to finish and got out.

Here’s to a memorable summer (and fall)

another name

Possible alliance talks so far: I think.
Nicolef and Dani. Each talked about who they like and don’t like.
Nicolef and Ian. Each talked about who they like as a group.
Janelle and Kaysar downlow (like it’s not already assumed).
i get the feeling Kevin and Memphis are feeling Janelle out.
Enzo is not leaving that HOH room until he can get Cody to shake on a final 2 and agree to form a brigade 2.0 Tyler is trying to outlast Enzo. Let’s see who wins.
Tyler is pulling his deer in headlights crap he pulled last time that had Bayleigh calling him a sweet little wounded baby bird. I think Dani is falling for it.
Tyler won. he got the coveted i have your back from Cody.

I don’t think allll of Hallowe’ens brain spasms were caused by the painkillers last time. Listen to her have a conversation (whistles)
Meanwhile, a conversation between Keesha and Kaysar is like the blond leading the blind (eyes widened).
Janelle has a good 15 years of bb gossip and backstory, and plans to tell the feeds all about it. Personal Opinion: talk fast, they’re gonna come for you real quick.
David talks about social game and reading people. David is one of the first to duck out of HOH. OOOO-kay.
Opinion: the nicole thing against nicole is starting already. My thought: F doens’t like that the A got a good girl edit. because F covets the good girl edit and doesn’t want to share the nice girl stage. Sounds WAY more plausible than F’s theory that A would be a backstabber. Not on brand at all. She kept a damn showmance at final 4. Yeah, she’s a backstabber.
STILL think Cody will target Kaysar JUST becaue he hasn’t pregamed him. His body language when Kaysar is in the room is NOT favorable.
Good Night.


Wouldn’t it be smart for Cody to nominate the two people who have already won the game, Nicole F and Ian?


EXACTLY what I was thinking… besides, would be enjoyable seeing Nicole F whine and complain afterwards

another name

i’m still having my first coffee, so this may sound a bit more blunt than i intend. Smart and Cody aren’t two things i generally put together. He and Nicole were supposed to be tight enough after their season that in the next season Paulie (wretch) referred to Nicole as family and like a sister. I know it’s a few years later, but that would be a marked change. As soon as he won my first thought was damn, now they’re BOTH safe.


If Cody taking out kaysar is the most kraken path this season can take. I expect this to happen. Damn will I be pissed


Seattle Kraken?


Probably made that Nicole A was such a terrible character too


Woke up to pull the ranks for the first day and man had a couple surprises.

How on gods green earth is Cody higher than Kaysar.

another name

It’s big brother. Doesn’t that make it Grod’s Green Earth?


Lol you are correct


I am sure that will change soon


I gave him a one this morning so as long as people continue that trend.


I did too


I’m surprised how high David’s rank is…

Out of Sequester

OK, technical comment…

After 21 seasons, you would think production could make sure a DOOR would open on a live show.

After 21 seasons, you would think JCM would be a little more polished. If it’s possible, she sounds more green and more proud of herself than ever.

After 21 seasons, where do they get there production crew? Local news casts run more smoothly.

After six months, I am glad BB is back on the air. Technical annoyances aside, its good to see.


With Nicole F not being single this season I don’t think she will back stab a girl. Her and Dani are really good friends so I think Dani will be her “man” this season. Honestly I don’t like Christmas; he could use the excuse she won money already so… It is going to be really interesting why everyone is saying the have no ill will with anyone.


Good point. With Nicole’s thirst quenched she might now play the game of big brother


I don’t think she is capable of playing!!! All she does is whine and complain.


Back again for another year of fun! Greetings from Argentina!


Greetings Fede!


Cant get the live feeds to work, keeps saying I need an internet connection lol. Janelle back again? She needs to be the first one out…


I’ve been trying to get the POP live feeds going but so far nothing.


Yeah this is her 7th attempt?


I guess it’s just me but I didnt want to see Nicole Franzel there again. I hate her fake “I’m such a good girl” persona, and am worried about Victor now, since she has a problem with hooking up with whoever in the house and breaking up with them for the next one she meets in the house


I don’t care for her either. Hopefully she isn’t around for much longer. I agree with a previous post – Cody should nominate the 2 that have already won.

On a side note – I am SOOOO glad that Paul and Josh are NOT on this season……


hey i love your site, been following it for years


Thanks for coming back Tony. This should be a fun season


Is Dani already starting with her mean girl attitude? Geesh that was fast


First year on the feeds, and a great one to start with at that!!!


Man is the audio bad this year.. what the heck!


They’ve had to isolate so it’s probably some of the people’s kids setting up the mics, checking the doors, etc.

another name

Seems like two of the cams are better audio in general than the other two.
Also seems like HOH has a bad audio connection.

Kristine R

Just want to shout out that I had to get a new phone this week and one of my big concerns was…. will my old OBB app transfer over?!?! Good news, it did! Still rocking the app even though my phone likes to remind me it is out of date 😛

Looking forward to this season! Still not sure how you have an Allstars without Dr. Will, Mike Boogie or Dan G, Jeff/Jordan….


I’m happy with the cast… however I would like to see the comp beast (male and females) take the game. Eliminate the non threats and let’s make it a blood bath of endurance! I just don’t want to see people carried to the end that can’t win a comp! One positive note: Thank goodness there will be no showmances!!!


since when are comps the end all-be-all of BB?


Welcome Back…
Week one is usually the barely knew you no harm not foul week… but these guys all know each others games.

I personally would nominate Nicole and Ian Week one… they won already.
Of course I don’t know any of their relationships outside of the house… some of them love each other some of them really hate each other…. and I never keep up with that gossip.


Hello Dawg and Simon! It’s been along year! How are you both doing? I am a teacher working from home and saw most of Netflix, and other streaming media’s shows already! I am ready for some BB2020. Don’t remember the blonde with the crazy birthday party at all. I may need to search her later, her BD party must not have been that memorable. So far liking the cast, but not the mean girls toward the sweet Nichole. Jealously already. Not sure why Christmas is there, she was member of the attack pack with Paul. Where is Paul? Was he even asked? hahahha, so glad he is not there or his cronies form his last season. Open up your Paypal account, I am ready to pay you the money I would have spent on live feeds.


Heya Tomasa! I’m surviving 🙂

Glad to see you back.

I’ve purged all of BB10. Keesha feels like a whole new player to me.


Hey Simon, great to see ya again. Been following OBB for several years and it’s like visiting old stomping grounds every year in here. Glad you guys come back year after year. On that thought, I can’t believe so many have forgotten Keisha. She was great on BB10, was happy to see her back. Cheers Simon. Looking forward to BB22. ??


Hey RuKidNMe. Welcome back


Welcome back guys! Great to start another BB season. Solid cast (obv would rather have Dawg in the house than David though 😉

– I really wanted to root for Dani D, gonna be hard to watch her on the feeds if her #1 is Nic F, ugh

– I had heard if you’re rooting old school, they should win first HOH and go after Cody/Tyler, sure enough they seem to be tight

– No clue yet what will happen this first week. I wasn’t getting super-friendly vibes between Cody and Memphis so far? Or he could stay low-key and throw David up there, just guessing he doesn’t have too many ties. Possible female noms: do you take a big shot and go after Janelle right away? Try to send Shitmas packing with her $5k?

Enjoy all!!!


Dawg and Simon, I’m looking forward to a season of great recaps! I just made my first donation of the season. Thanks for sloughing through for us!


Thanks, Bibbobaby! the support is much appreciated. it’s what keeps us going.


I don’t understand why people hate nicolef. I personally don’t and didn’t care for nicolea. Who cares which one is actually the nice girl. Nicolef has a strategy while nicolea hopes someone will bring her along. Anyways, let the blood bath begin!


I think NicoleF lost a lot of fans after her season of laying in bed with Corey. Before that, she was relatively liked. NicoleA is becoming insufferable. I’m realizing now I might have only liked her last year because there were so few people to like that season.


I agree with not liking Nicole A but what specifically dont you like about her?


I’ve watched like 3 hours of feeds now and I can say this feels 100% different than the last 5 seasons. Everyone is so much more mature and established in life it’s not filled with 20 year olds looking for Instagram followers..


I’m going to be going on about this all season I think. The difference between a early 20’s cast and a 30’s cast is night and day..

Feeds Gold

true, but its an overly nice/mature cast with good self awareness, im hoping that doesnt make things too calm, stable and boring

i do enjoy a mix, where theres some loose cannon players with an erratic, feisty or wild streak


Very true it could swing too much in one direction.


That’s why I actually liked Celebrity Big Brother. They weren’t a bunch of 20-something “babes” and “hotties” looking to get famous and/or get laid. They all make these giant alliances and vote as a group. No one went out to try to make things happen. They just let a few dictate this huge group. I think I will enjoy this season much more!


That was definitely the strategy in recent years, which made the first few weeks kind of boring.


And that was a great call, one that I think had been asked for yet ignored by CBS recently.

Feeds Gold

if i was cody i would put up christmas(who just won $5000) and david, the 2 alternates who arent worthy of allstars…nobody would care if those 2 went up

if veto is used, backdoor franzel


Sounds like a winning strategy to me.

Feeds Gold

big meech and derrick would enjoy that too haha


Nobody is putting David up anytime soon. Otherwise they will be called racist.

Golden Gate Granny

Meh. David is dangerous because no one knows his gamey behaviors. At all. Everyone else has knowledge of the levels of strategy and backstabbory every one else has done or not done.


Bayleigh was recently on a challenge show on MTV where she went batshit crazy without Swaggy, fought day and night with Kaycee and quit the final challenge. I hope she goes fast. I won’t be able to stand this season with her and Nicole F. ?? both annoying.


Bayleigh is insufferable. They also claimed that Swaggy Scum is making a million dollars a week so I don’t know why she suddenly needs the money. No surprise she quit on the Challenge once her entitled ass realized she needed to sleep outside.


WOW a million a week .. didn’t take long for her to give us some outlandish number. now he can buy 10 teslas a week paid cash.


The most loved, Janelle, hanging out with the most unwanted, Bayley and Christmas…

I like the Double D Connection with Dani and Day, that could be a team that gets far.

With everyone in the house looking to prove themselves, and most looking to win for the first time, the obvious first two noms could be Ian and Nicole F. This house isn’t big enough for two former winners.


So glad to see my fav Kevin on. I like 13 out of 16 players. Luv Enzo, but he smacks real loud when he’s eating, got to remember to turn the volume down lol


I’m liking Kevin so far too. lotsa great characters in the house even ones I didn’t like on past seasons.


I have always liked Kevin, just not with Natalie. I will never forget his fight with Ronnie, and the LML that he and Natalie told

Feeds Gold

cody trusts snakeole way too much…they seem super close, im really surprised after derricks tweets


But did he see those tweets?

another name

Janelle and Bayleigh have clocked Tyler and Cody’s secret alliance already. Which one spills that the other knows to Cody or Tyler first? To cement their own safety? I’m thinking the whole Bayleigh / Tyler uncomfortable thing is a ruse to keep others from knowing they secretly have each other’s back. Just an opinion, no need to quote history to me.
So far it seems like NicoleA is doing exactly what she did last season, missing the forest for the trees. Saying she’s out of the loop. Nope, being out of the loop one season is understandable. Being out of the loop when you know what to expect a second time is just poor observation and a lack in social game planning. Sorry.
Dani is repainting a target on Kaysar and Janelle to Da’vonne. She hinted such to NicoleF last night. Is it a cast of two old school women with comp records so they just can’t get along because the one that ISN’T AS legendary to the fan lexicon takes offense?
Cody NicoleF convo:
they are thick as thieves. Knew it.
Cody not plus on Dani (calls her sneaky).
Cody worries about Dani and Janelle banding together (bad read, Dani has been painting a target on Janelle to both Nicole and Da’vonne).
Nicole wants to get Dani to start a girl’s alliance. with Bay and Da. Nicole will then run all the information back to Cody. (Gee didn’t clock that a mile away).
Cody is wanting to target Kaysar and Janelle or Kaysar and a pawn (Keesha’s name came up), with Janelle being replacement. He seems to have forgotten about the safety suite premise already.


Dani was the one most wanted to lose comps while most wanted Janelle to win. I think your take on Dani’s jealousness is spot on. If she was smart she would team up with Janelle, Kaysar, Memphis, Keesha, Ian, and Nicole A


Not much to comment on except glad Josh, Kaycee and Paul not on. Should be interesting season. Nice to have you back Simon and Dawg!

Fruit Loop Dingus

Wow, you guys are Trump supporters!? Reelection ads all over your site now!? Well, that’s surprisingly sad…


Sigh .. You know we don’t specify the ads. I didn’t make a deal with the republicans or Democrats to put ads on the site. Our ads are served through Google Adsense we just rent out the space to Google they pick the ads tailored to the user and site content. The other day I was looking up speakers on eBay and now that’s all I see speaker ads.

We’re not even American.

Fruit Loop Dingus

Got it, Simon, thanks. I didn’t know how ads work and didn’t mean to piss you off. Thank you for the explanation.


Sorry didn’t mean to come across pissed. I’m a grumpy old man.. 😉

I’m going to see if I can get us exempt from political ads it’s not good in today’s climate.


Yes to ditching the political ads please! I have to continuously see Trump ads pop up while reading OBB now and click on them to get off my page. There are so many!


Why is Davonne allowed to make racial comments about not voting to evict anyone “Who’s skin looks like mine”? If another houseguest with skin not like Davonnes made the same comments they would have been kicked off of BB 22. This makes Big Brother a racist by supporting those comments.


? You’re so privileged and racist if that is what you think. Have you not noticed how the people with the most marginalized identities are the ones being picked off? This season is full of prejudice, it’s just subconscious. Doesn’t make it okay. We have seen them pick off anyone who could belong to a marginalized community or who may be sympathetic towards them. Literally that is what we have seen. The alliance running the house is all white, cis, straight, neurotypical people. It’s like I’m watching teaching material on subconscious prejudice 101.