“I ain’t even f***ing tripping! I’m coming for you because you were coming for me!” – Brandi

9pm When the live feeds go live a bunch of the house guests are hanging out in the kitchen chatting about random things. They all head into the living room to play charades.

Movies, TV shows, Books, etc.

James gets up first and does James Bond. Mark questions if that’s a movie or a character. “That’s not a movie!”
Ross gets up and does Leave it to Beaver..

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Mark does GoodFellas.
Marissa does the Two Broke Girls tv show.
Ross gets up and does Sex and the City.
Mark does Saturday Night Fever
Shannon does Jim Carrey
Chuck does Dancing with the Stars
Omarosa does The Apprentice
Brandi does Jumanji

9:50pm HOH room – Shannon is counting / studying the photos on the lounge room walls.

10pm They feed the fish and talk about how the tank needs to be cleaned. Metta holds up a Be my Valentine to the cameras.

11:20pm Big Brother opens up the backyard and the house guests head outside. They’re all sitting around chatting and drinking. Brandi says Chuck went to Shannon and said that he wanted her gone. Brandi – I did hear that y’all put me up so that’s why I put y’all up. I didn’t put you up (Mark?) but I put you (Chuck) up. I ain’t even f**king tripping. You know why I am coming for you because you were coming for me. Mark – I think you’re kidding. Brandi – no I’m not. its tit for tat. Omarosa takes Brandi inside. Brandi – nobody gets to put baby to bed. Its not my first f**king rodeo! I know what I heard. Omarosa – say goodnight!
They talk about Brandi’s drinking. Omarosa – we have to protect her from herself. Metta – Brandi turns on during live tv time. The others talk about how Brandi creates drama. She made a living out of it.

Marissa, Brandi and Shannon by the laundry machines. Marissa – Shannon told me that they were coming for you (Brandi). Brandi – I don’t think you said that? Shannon – no I did! Brandi – so let me go back and say it. Shannon – But I was telling you that in confidence. Brandi – but they want to get rid of you anyway. Shannon – oh my god! Brandi – but its true. Shannon – don’t throw me under the bus. Brandi – they did .. and by the way we are going to f**king murder them! Shannon – they didn’t know that I told you that. Brandi – they hate you anyway. Shannon – I know they hate me anyway but lets not make it worse. I am trying to be nice to them and not have them hate me. Brandi – they don’t want it. You’re their biggest threat. Shannon – I know. Brandi – and god forbid you have a vagin@ on your side. Shannon – I am trying to make friends with them so they don’t hate me. Brandi – you c*nt (She’s saying you can’t)! Shannon – I am trying so hard, don’t throw me under the bus. Please. Don’t mention my name because they won’t tell me anything anymore. Brandi – I’ve got your back 10 f**king fold. I will literally take off my clothes and lay them on the ground to show you how much I love you. Brandi – let me emasculate them a little bit more..

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Shannon heads inside and says to the camera if my alliance doesn’t win this week I am out because she is throwing me under the bus because she is drunk…

11:30pm Kitchen. Ross, Brandi, Ariadna Ross tells Brandi – we can’t get emotional. Brandi – well they can f**king suck it. Okay, guess what.. put me up! I don’t f**king care. Ross – we’re trying to protect you and we’re trying to protect us. Brandi – they’re trying to protect their egos and their small d**k size. Ross – just trust us. Brandi – I trust you.

11:35pm Bedroom.
Brandi – I have never felt more protected than with you guys. I am more alive with alcohol. Ross – but its my life too. Shannon – is that your new boyfriend? Brandi grabs the squash and mounts it. Shannon – butternut!
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Time to start ranking the houseguests on Celebrity Big brother. If you’ve missed the Sneak Peaks we’ve had a few, Herehere and here . It’s a short compressed season, Could be some fun 🙂

Nothing has changed with the ranking system since BB19. If you forget how it works here’s the skinny.

You apply a ranking from 1-5 to each houseguest using one of these two pages: Voting (with images) and Quick vote (without images)

You have until the end of each day to “Lock in” your ranking. Each day the rankings are compiled and viewed on the grid.

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OMG Brandi is a train wreck.

Double D

I hope they get alcohol every night


Whatever meds she’s on, pretty sure they shouldn’t mix with alcohol. She IS a trainwreck. Sad actually.


Butternut, butternut oh butternut! LMAO – Best thing about that whole LIVE FEED I think. You have to love Brandi and the drama she brings.

Fruit Loop Fungus

Here we go again. After last season I said I would not watch but my B.B. Anonymous group folded once the celebrity version aired!
Damn you CBS once I was out you pulled me back in.

Alcohol seems to be the game ender for contestants.


BB Anonymous… Hilarious! :- )


I’m so confused haha. So Shannon won HOH. And one person can change that…so what happened from there?

I watched a few mins of After Dark but still can’t figure 100% whats up. Keisha was in the HOH bed so she is HOH now? Told you I’m confused. Ha. I told myself I wasn’t gonna buy the feeds. Damn this game!


It is simple. production want Keisha and Omarosa in as long as possible in the hope they will dish on Bill Cosby and Donald Trump respectively so they have once again manipulated the game by gifting Keisha HOH and Omarosa immunity. Random luck my ass!


No offense but that is the lamest conspiracy theory ever. Ha. So Keisha and Omarosa are this seasons “Productions Choices” to win. Ok. I guess we can all stop watching. One of those 2 will win.

Say I if you care about hearing about Bill Cosby or Donald Trump. *crickets*

Just me

Simon – Dawg
Is there any way you guys can put names on the photos at the top of the page? I only know 4 of these folks and I can’t remember the names of the others.

Interesting first show…except I’ve had enough of Paul already! Stop bringing him back…he wasn’t that interesting on his own season. I really think Shannon blew it by telling Omarosa she knew the hairspray girl. That will probably come back to bite her in the butt!


Sure thing. Maybe later tonight.


Is it too early for me to say BBB Celebrity is stupid boring? Celebrities? Who are these people?


Well you can say it’s “stupid boring” but I guess you like “stupid boring” cuz you on a site devoted to Big Brother and are obviously watching.


You took 10 secs to reply with that? You’re stupid boring, rofl! Are you a CBS rep?

Bo Man



Omarosa winning a “random” contest to get safety for the week tells me everything I need to know about how this season is going to go. Puke. I wish production would stay out of it.


Brandi can’t have “feels” about this – voting someone off is the goal – her ego is too important to her. Who cares if she is the first one voted off. I don’t think she will be voted off .

I was disappointed that the former UFC champ – Chuck Lidell didn’t win the HOH – that type of excersice is his jam!

Peter holeczek

She was a train wreck on celebrity BB UK last year


Love BB UK…Watched every season, both the regular show and the celebrity seasons. Wish our show here in US was like their show. It’s not even close to as good!