Celebrity Big Brother Ranking

Time to start ranking the houseguests on Celebrity Big brother. If you’ve missed the Sneak Peaks we’ve had a few, Here, here and here . It’s a short compressed season, Could be some fun ๐Ÿ™‚

Nothing has changed with the ranking system since BB19. If you forget how it works here’s the skinny.

You apply a ranking from 1-5 to each houseguest using one of these two pages: Voting (with images) and Quick vote (without images)

You have until the end of each day to “Lock in” your ranking. Each day the rankings are compiled and viewed on the grid.

Here’s how it looked for Big Brother 19.. it’s a lot of fun looking at patterns as the season progresses.


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Botox Pelosi


Do you have a personal favorite?


Keisha, Mark, or Shannon – honestly, have no idea who the others are.


Anyone but Omarosa. Fix is already in.


I want Omarosa to make it to final 2 then lose. And I hope America is the deciding vote.


I need a houseguest pic reference block below the comments

I’m needy.


P.S. Hi Simon and Dawg!


Ok. I love James already for not having the unfortunate experience of being exposed to the Apprentice. As far as Ross goes, my opinion hasnโ€™t changed; heโ€™ll be eaten alive in that house


well loved it so far gamechanger hoh over throw it but i think shannon will have it still wonder how much they gettn paid to play just 2nd timers get pay to play


like andrew brady bb uk was paid 12k


I’m rooting for James because he’s the only person who I know of and because he seems genuinely nice unlike the rest of them who are just there for the money and fame.


Brandi already trying to create fake drama. That is her thing. She thinks they want her to get drunk and be a mean girl. Maybe they do…but blah, so fake and played out. Boring. I’m over her.

Shannon is going to play these fools. I see no way she doesn’t win. She has a little Vanessa in her. Poker players are game players and in a good way. Always thinking game plays and how to win.

Rissa and Ross are too “Ok we are the adults here. Let’s be everyones friend and keep everyone in line” Sorry. Not gonna work. You gonna lose. Ha.

Chuck is always just like wow I hate these people. Ha. Does he ever stop eating?

Mark will let Brandi get to him and he will be out of house because he will just want to go and not fight to stay. I hope Shannon realizes this all women thing won’t work long term. Every season first night we see women gather and say “Ok a woman needs to win this season. I think we should stick together and pick off the men” Women win the show sometimes but this whole first night we gonna pick off the men..no. Production won’t let that happen. Ha.

Omarosa will jump ship soon. I think Shannon made mistake telling Oma that she knows Rissa. Oma will try to use that against them later.

I don’t get the backyard area. It is still outdoors but has roof for winter? It’s 75 in L.A. in Feb. Maybe get down to 59 at night at most. They could have totally open backyard.


They had to close the backyard because they need to constantly build for comps since the season is so short. Plus if they lock Brandi and Metta in there for long they might just lose it.


My fav’s


who are the stongest manipulator’s and will will?