Celebrity Big Brother Day 1 Ranking Results

Hey Everyone!

Hope you are all enjoying the new Season of Big Brother. It’s been a fun start. Last night Dawg caught some of the late night chats and charades. Though I am a bit skeptical that we will see any Drama lke we did with Big Brother 19. Too many “brands” with potential book deals in the house at one time. Still I’m sure some of these celebrities won’t disappoint and if they do the fans will have to pick up the drama slack. 😉

Either way the stories in the house are fun.

This early in the ranking we usually see large swings in popularity. Nothing has changed with the ranking system since BB19. If you forget how it works here’s the skinny.

You apply a ranking from 1-5 to each houseguest using one of these two pages: Voting (with images) and Quick vote (without images)

You have until the end of each day to “Lock in” your ranking. Each day the rankings are compiled and viewed on the grid.

Not surprising that Shannon is ranking high. She’s a true blue Big Brother fan.. (she’s one of us.. lol) Chuck is awesome and Omarosa much like Shannon is looking to be a power player. Why is Brandi so low? (I’ve never seen the show she’s been on) Marissa was ranked 3rd.. huh? What about James and the horde of screaming teen maslow fans, where are they?

Voting (with images)

Quick vote (without images)

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I actually really like Omarosa so far…. who would’ve guessed…. lmao


Give it a second, one can only hide their crazy for so long. And the crazy is strong with that one.


Check out what Omarosa had to say on the live feeds about Trump’s White House on YouTube. She says we should all be worried. Looked pretty sincere to me. I never was an Omarosa fan but I believe her here.


Bet they promised omarisa the win to get her on the show.

Guy From Canada

Did the random pic of 5 on the show without showing the card give that one away?


Shannon has horrible women to work with. Abandon all chick plan and Rissa and you form alliance with Mark, Ari and Metta. Once James or whoever is gone this week then you 5 can steam roll till you get to final 5.

Mark has half a brain. Metta is someone everyone likes. Ari is loyal. Rissa I dnt love but Shannon likes her is why she in the 5. Ha.

Too much Botox

Brandi is so low because she’s insane. She was on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Felt sorry for her the first season, but she’s got such a shrill voice and is totally irrational, vulgar, and inappropriate. I thought she was in her 20’s when she was on that show due to her behavior, but she was in her 40’s.


Keep that third eye with Omarosa. She’s a B.


Ari, Chuck,shannon,Metta should form an alliance.


Brandi’s and James mutual dislike for one another is hilarious and entertaining.
She’s a mess
He’s conceitedly arrogant.


Omarosa whispering when talking about Trump? LOL, you’re on a Reality TV Show with microphones and cameras! Rehearsed and pre-scripted “real” conversation designed to hype up tonight’s ratings. But great performances by Ross and Omarosa!


It’s Big Brother. People whisper so other houseguests can’t hear.

It’s fine your entertainment of the show comes from ripping on it but ever season people cry about a pre determined winner. Paul was going to be the winner last season according to one of your fellow tin foil hat wearing friends. Every season people whine all season about how so and so is going to win. 90% of time. Wrong. People cry that every move in house is scripted and plotted.

Production does steer houseguests to make certain moves in game. They DO NOT tell them to lie about personal stories. Think what you want and if the enjoyment you get from the show is cutting on it. That’s cool. More power to you. But you are not welcome to make up lies.


Brandi is doing too much too soon. But she is being what she said she is – desperate – and it shows

Lady Bug

Truth Sam.


After watching the first episode, I want Shannon to win. Due to her care and love for animals – that is all that I need for who I would want to win – she proves to be an awesome person!


Shannon is smart and physically strong and it was fun to watch her elicit information from the men without sharing any scoop. The men did not hold up very well under her scrutiny. They marched up to the HOH room with the idea of returning with Intel, but failed miserably.
Having said that, I noticed that Shannon gave up what was supposed to be a “secret” between herself and Marissa within minutes of entering the house, and to Omarosa, of all people. Mark and Chuck, on the other hand, seem to have kept secret their “outside-of-the-house” friendship.
I hope Shannon hasn’t put too much faith in the “all-female” alliance. Lots of free-thinkers in the group, which after last season’s debacle with Paul, is a refreshing change.
RE: Meta World Peace- Big Brother is not for rookies. He said at the beginning, ” I don’t know anything about Big Brother.” And that was abundantly clear when he expressed surprise that one could, “make deals.” He had better be a quick study, especially if he intends to wage “war.”


I’ve seen shows Brandi has been on. She was on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Famously Single (I think that’s what it was called) and Celebrity Apprentice. I hated her on all the shows. She is a psycho. She is a sloppy, nasty drunk (alcoholic in my opinion). She is so mean and vulgar if you even say the slightest thing wrong to her. She hits below the belt. I thought at first she was going to be chill but as usual her true colours came out once she had a few drinks. I’m sure her low ranking stems from her previous tv history. Oh and also her ex is Eddie Cibrian, he cheated on her with Leanne Rhimes. He divorced Brandi and married Leanne. Brandi has been very vocal on social media and tv about her hate for Leanne. She’s very childish about it even after like 8 years. After years she needs to grow up and get over it.