“I actually have to win now. I’m not going to let an opportunity with her on the block and us not having to put her up slip by “

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Tommy
Have note are: No Have nots this week, Jack, Tommy, and Jackson were given punishments as part of the veto.
Nominations are: Cliff, Kat & Christie
Power of Veto Players are – Christie, Cliff, Kat, Tommy, Nick, Michie
Power of Veto holder –
Power of Veto Ceremony –
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9:41 am Christie, Sis, and Nick
Nick about Cliff – He’s such a f*er he’s such a snake
Nick calling Cliff a Snake says he heard Cliff tell Jackson he would pick him for Veto if he could. Nick adds that he offered to take Cliff down if he won the veto so Cliff isn’t trusting Nick.
Christie – do you think Michie will take Cliff off. the point is to get me off the block. I’m worried if Michie wins it
nick – you think he’ll actually take you off
Chrsitgie – I hope he throws it
Sis says Jackson will keep the nominations the same.

SIs – didn’t sound like there was a lot of chips in there.
Nick says he’s winning the veto and then he’s flipping Nicole.
Sis – we’re getting her to flip if that means I have to go up to .. F8ing Nicole.. I don’t know what to say

9:46 am Cliff, Jackson, and Holly
Jackson – I got you big HOGG I’ll do everything I have in me
They are agreeing Christie picking Nick to play in the veto means he’s got something worked out with her. otherwise, Christie would have picked SIS
Cliff leaves.

Jackson – I actually have to win now. I’ll win and keep them the same. I can’t risk you getting put up.
Jackson – If she picked Nick, Nick is working with them and we aren’t
Jack says if Nick wins it he’s using it on Christie

Holly says Kat is worried about Nicole because Nicole and Nick are really close. Even though Nicole has an alliance with them.

Jackson says Tommy, Christie, and Nick will all take Christie off.
Holly – 50 / 50
Holly – Yesterday Kat was saying Nick hates Christie. She said he would vote her out.
Holly – everyone hates Christie but they’re scared to take a shot at her. Sis hates her but she sleeps in bed with her
Jackson – I’m not going to let an opportunity with her on the block and us not having to put her up

Jackson says he has to win the veto and leave the noms the same.

Holly – Christie made Sis cry the other day.. She’s a bully, She’s mean.
Holly – Sis the other day said she hates Christie now she’s buddy-buddy
Jackson – she has to be

Holly impersonates CHrsitie in the bathroom last night – “this isn’t fair this wasn’t supposed to happen. There’s two nominees I didn’t get put on the block this is not fair this isn’t how it works”
Holly – She’s really sour about it
Jackson says that field trip was America’s least favorite player’s it was supposed to be Jackson, JAck and Christie.

10:06 am Sis, Jackson, Holly

Sis – It’s smarter for us to still work together for NOW..
Jackson – us 5
Sis – FOR NOW, if we don’t we won’t have numbers.. At least I won’t
Jackson – why did Christie pick Bick
Sis – Becuase Nick said he would take her off.. is that bad?
Sis – She was going to pick me but I told her I was too tired and if ti’s OTEV I won’t do well. I don’t know whit.

Sis is claiming she can be trusted because Sam told her “SO much sh1t” and she never told anyone.

10:07 AM Christie and Tommy
Tommy reassuring her that Jackson is going to throw the Power of Veto competition
Christie – I hope he realizes if he uses it Holly could go up
Tommy – exactly

10:23 am Sis and Jackson
Sis pushing to bring the group back together
Jackson – it goes against every grain in my body working with her

Sis – from talk I heard that some people from that side were upset that you weren’t put up on the block. So that means you would be the next biggest target if she left.
Jackson – alright I’m going to go Shower real quick

10:29 am Sis and Holly
Sis going on about CHristie being the shield for Jackson
Holly – the thing is. Look at Nick he went from being the number one enemy to on nobody’s radar. Christie might do the same. She’s on everyone’s radar right now.. I don’t know I don’t trust her she was going to put me up. Like what the f*. She went from sleeping in my bed during my HOH to two days later saying she’s going to put me up.
Holly – I did literally nothing
Sis – people were getting upset thinking you were campaigning for Jackson
Holly -everyone was campaigning for Jack how is that any different.
Holly says Christie, Sis, and Tommy were all campaigning for Jack but for her to campaign for Jackson she’s now a target.
Holly says the things Christie said about Jackson were not OK
Holly says Christie says not okay things about everybody.
Sis – you know how I feel. I don’t trust her but I hide it because at the end of the day she’s a number for me and she will have my back
Holly – maybe
sis – only if it would benefit her yes
Sis – She’s a number and always a bigger target

Sis continues to work on mending things between Holly and Sis
Sis – trust me it’s really hard for me to work with her.. She’s a f*ing number
Sis – Nick will work with us to
Holly wonders if she and Michie were replaced with Nick.
Sis – hell no

Holly says it’s hard for her to work with Christie “it’s what she said about other people how she’s burnt other people how she attacks people’s character”
Holly – I’m sorry she’s literally, I feel she is a mean girl. I didn’t come to play Big Brother to be in a high school clique I have to bow down to the bully so I don’t get put up
Holly – she’s literally a high school bully. She’s mean to everyone she talks shit about everyone
Sis – I know
Holly – she talks over everyone she makes every conversation about herself.
Holly – she always gets what she wants. Everyone is afraid of her.
Holly – She lies and then she cries to get out of it
Sis says she really does trust Nick again.
Sis asks her if she feels close with the other side
Holly – not at a game level
Sis – they’re putting me up if we get one of them out this week that’s one less number and we’ll have more. Once they’re all gone we go after each other
Holly – the only thing that scares me is her

10:20 am Tommy and Jessica
Tommy says it “breaks my heart” to find out about how the other side of the house felt like the outsiders.


Noon – Jessica and Tommy are up in the HOH Nick Joins them.

12:19 pm Cliff and Nicole
Cliff – I’m disappointed Nick got pulled up would have been great if it was you or Jess.
Cliff – Michie swears up and down he wants Christie out. Christie seems to think they made up

12:58 pm Cliff Studying the memory wall
Cliff – How glorious will it be they get their a$$es kicked by a 54-year-old baby boomer member of AARP
Cliff – if I am to win it means I am focused more, I want it more and I’ve prepared more
Cliff comments how everyone else is laughing.
Cliff – why would you not prepare for this thing
Kat joins them. Cliff tells her Nick has turned.
Kat – I’m glad Jackson is playing
Cliff – I hope if he wins he pulls one of us off or keep nominations the same. As long as we can keep her up there.

1:27 pm Kat and Cliff
Cliff says Jackson may have been the primary target.
Kat says Jackson being safe is good for them this week
Cliff – as long as it goes our way. it’s big brother there’s twists in the game it could have been worse
Kat says she believes in the Angels “I really think it will all work”
Cliff – if Nick has jumped ship it is tougher
Kat – Nick has definitely jumped ship
Cliff – but if we can get Christie out then sudden;y who is he jumping ship to. Tommy and Sis that’s not much of a chip
Kat – I don’t want him on my side he’s already tried to get Nicole to go to that side
Cliff – I believe it absolutely believe it

What the

1:32 pm kat and Michie
Michie – If I win I’m keeping them. For a couple of reasons. You have a better chance of staying against him and I love Cliff but I don’t want to see you go anywhere.
Michie – I don’t want Holly to be the backup option because he was going to put me up
Michie – My goal this week is to keep Christie on the block and send her home
Michie – the problem is getting the votes for Christie
Michie says Nick has jumped to the other side and Nicole/Nick are close she may have to.
Kat – I have a good feeling. I want to win the veto too. I think it might be best if you win becuase..
Michie – Best case scenario is I win it and not use it don’t take offense.
kat says she won’t

1:45 pm

2pm Kitchen. Cliff is looking at the memory wall and talking to his wife. I am going to drive you crazy .. laying in bed next to each other. How can I not snuggle right up next to you. MMMmhmmm.. wow! I so want to be home. These guys are all talking about trips to Vegas and Cabo.. hanging out at bars and all that. Ah.. I will make my appearances and all that but then I’m coming home. Coming home and back to life where I know who and what really matters. This is a studio sound stage. These are contestants. We may have connections but Sharon and I have the love. All due respect to Jeff and Jordan who found love in here but you’ve got a long way to go before you find the love that Sharon and I have. I love you Sharon. I can’t say that enough times. It gets lonely in this house. To know my life isn’t just about me .. its about something greater than that .. its about family. Cliff starts studying the days / events of the season. Cliff – regardless of how it goes today, I can’t say how happy I am that we got Jack out. Maybe in the end it doesn’t matter but that guys was the linchpin for that side. Other people have a chance now.. but it can’t just be me and Jess doing it. I am trying to look at these pictures but from a puzzle standpoint. Not my strong suit. That is going to be hard.

2:15pm Outside the HOH room. Nicole and Kat.
Nicole hugs Kat. Nicole – I love you. Kat – I love you. Kat – I don’t want to go. Nicole – I don’t want you to go either. Kat – I don’t want Cliff to go either.

2:40pm ….

HOH room. Christie and Nicole. Christie – I feel like I am in a weird spot this week with being on the block because if I stay on the block, I will probably go home. Nicole – I wouldn’t even put yourself in that mindset though. Christie – I think that is why I am down about it because everyone is super close with Cliff and Kat. Nicole – I am worried that I could still be seen as a flip flopper. Christie – no, I don’t think people see you as that. Nick always says you the best person in the world. He talks trash about everyone but not about you.

3:10pm – 3:34pm Christie – there have been two occasions where you were the target and me personally and Tommy sat in a room for literally 40 minutes .. I swear on my sisters life .. America .. it was on footage and talked about quite a bit. Sat in a room to convincing someone that it was the dumbest thing in the world to be a target. I just want .. I’m sure you can figure out what I am talking about. Nicole – yeah I think I know. Christie – You are not even a little bit on my radar. You, Jess or Kat are just not. Like I don’t want to work with people in the house that lie. And that is not you, that is not Jess and that is not Kat. I see who’s lying and its not you. I don’t care if it has to be brought out in the open. I really hope and I pray that me or Tommy win this veto. I know he feels its unjust…

3:34pm Big Brother blocks the feeds for the power of veto competition..

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Nick the super genius sees that America has sent 2/3 of the people he’s been hanging out with this week on a field trip (and the last person probably wasn’t voted in because he was the HOH).

Given this newfound information, Nick makes the intuitive decision to draw a line in the sand and he says that THESE are the exact people that he should align with… the very same people that America hates.
Good. Grief.
First Nick walks up to Jackson & asked him if he was going to “dump “IN” Holly last night (all class, my man) and then he willfully (and proudly) intimidated Nicole.
The pièce de résistance though, is Nick calling Cliff a “f$cking snake” for wanting to choose Jackson in the POV, because “trustworthy” Nick told Cliff that if he picked him and Nick won, he’d take Cliff down (when in reality, Nick would’ve thrown the POV to Christie). Hypocrite.

Pot meet kettle, guess what? You’re a f$cking snake.
This guy has:
ZERO instincts,
ZERO redeeming qualities,
ZERO self preservation and
ZERO self awareness in this game.
He’s in for a very rude awakening when he leaves the house & finds that all of his clients have taken their children elsewhere for therapy.


Ita not like Jessica , cliff , kat and even Nicole include then in any group or alliance. His best way to get to the end is with the shooters . Maybe he is also see them as easy to beat in the end .


Problem is, he may get to the end but only chance of winning is if he sits next to Sis. Maybe that’s his plan?


He’s just an idiot.


I totally forgot he was a therapist, so they say anyways. He is one nasty person, that only says stuff about unlaoding in chicks. So gross, i cant stand him, and I bet Bella feels the same hopefully.


I sure hope so Lynn. And I hope that everyone in NJ sees this and stop taking their children to him. He is one of the nastiest guys I have ever watched on TV and BB needs to bring him in and warm him to stop or he will get kicked out!! If I were in that house I would have already been in his ass for the nasty comments he has said. I do not stand for that kinda ridiculous stuff. I am a kinda woman that will call anyone out in their crap ?. I would vote the way I wanted to and I can read people very well. But I’m sure because of my mouth and the the kinda person I am I would have been voted out early. I don’t and will not put up with people’s crap ?!!!!! And men like Jack, Jackson and Nick well all I can say is I would have called them out and told them all how nasty, pathetic, ridiculous and ugly they are!! Just like Jack and Nick were saying how much they spend on a date. The first date my husband took me on was amazing he spent over $250 on our meal and drinks ?!! And they both said they spend $80 to $100 dollars what cheap skates they are!! And the way NN goes and humps TT just makes me sick I honestly think he would do very nasty things to Jack or TT if they asked him too. Well I’m done. Sorry for venting to everyone!! I just hope the NOMS stay the same and CC goes to the jury house and gets to be with her BF!! Then NN and SIs to follow.


Even though I think he would enjoy it, you prolly don’t wanna be IN his ass, at least based on what Christie was sayin lol


Bella is now homeless. She was living with her boyfriend. That is over now. Was planning on being with Nick after the show…..that looks out now. Not sure if Nick even wants to be with her and now after seeing him being so gross surly she can’t want to be with him now.


You would think that Bella wouldn’t but desperate people do desperate things.


Nick makes me want to take a shower every time he speaks now. Who would’ve thought he’d be even worse when Bella left?


I can’t upvote you enough!


You absolutely could not have said it better. This guy is a weirdo sicko who has no business working with children or women.

An ornery mouse

I hope Jackson really is motivated to win and keep noms the same, and the fact he’s saying this to Holly makes you think he is.

I was concerned about something like Cliff, Kat, Jess/Nicole VS. Tommy, Christie, Nick/Sis….. especially with Cliff’s leg situation and the high probability this will be OTEV. But having Jackson in there feels a little better (unless this comp winds up having a considerable mental component).


I know everyone hates Jackson, with good reason, but you have to admit at least he’s finally starting to play a smart game. He’s very aware of his former alliance gameplay and seems to know what they’re going to do. If the outsiders are smart they will use Jackson to get s5 out.


You said it yourself. They will use Jackson to get the others that he will be next.
So if he wants to play a smart game he will get cliff or Jessica out this week or the one after.


I haven’t been a Jackson supporter at all this entire season long.

I think there were many, many times that Jackson forgot that the cameras were on 24/7, and he has said some VERY derogatory things (things that he’s definitely regretting now, based on his toned down demeanor in the house).
That being said…
I was very impressed with Jackson last night.
When Nick asked him that DISGUSTING question of whether he was going to “dump one in Holly?” Jackson looked at Nick with disgust and I believe Jackson just said to him “this conversation’s over” and he walked out of the room.

I appreciated that Jackson wasn’t drawn in to Nick’s creepy, demeaning conversation.

So annoyed with dumb players

I totally agree. I’m not a fan of Jackson but let’s give the credit where it is due. Plus Jackson not being such an a$$towards people makes Nick’s nasty actions show even more. Hopefully he is the next to go.


For some odd reason, I think Michie was given information about what the rest of the world feels about him so he can ‘adjust’ his persona (and have a better edit) but the other hamsters have not had this benefit. I don’t like Jack, Crusty, Tommy or Sis but I don’t feel they’ve been given this info. Regardless of how bad they all have been…giving on the heads up to cool it and not the others is not fair game.

But I guess if we are talking fair game Crusty and Tommy already have the greatest advantage so how much more fair game should they get???

So annoyed with dumb players

It just goes to show how fixed the show can be.

BB Crusty Crab Shack

fingers crossed for either Cliff, Kat, or Jackson to win veto……” CRUSTY staying on the block is a MUSTY!”


I never thought I would be rooting for Jackson.

BB Crusty Crab Shack



Yep…people who hate him and people who think he’s alright are united today for him to win and keep noms the same!

Boo Hoo Christie

The dream scenario would be Christie gets voted off in a unamious vote.

So annoyed with dumb players

Byeeeeeeeeeeee. Crusty the Clown.


All of a sudden we have a classic season! This one will rank in the top 5 when all is said and done.

Go Chrissy go!


Omg you are delusional… Shes played both sides of the house since the beginning of the game, week 1 and 2 she was running to Jessica and Nicole crying that jack was bullying her ect ect. Christie is a joke, she has to be the dominate alpha in the room!
I’m so happy to see her squirming on the block and will love it if Noms stay the same and she goes home. She needs a reality wake up and being voted out is just what the Dr is asking for


Please tell me you meant Go Christie go as in going OUT of the house?

So annoyed with dumb players

Literally. GO Christy GO!!

So annoyed with dumb players



The stupidness coming from Sis’s lips I can hear the marbles rolling around in her head from here — I just can’t
She didn’t want to compete in Veto because she was so tired ??!! Maybe she should be evicted from the BB House because all she does is lay in bed all day.


I’m still trying to figure out how the heck this whiny, lazy piece of furniture ever played collegiate-level soccer.

BB Casting Call

…admission scandal entrant, rich daddy big bucks paving a smooth and easy golden road for his princess.


she was probably “hanging out” with les the perv moonvies to get her spot on the show . remember she said she only hangs out with guys to Nick . then later that night she was hanging out in the shower getting JACK HAMMERED .


Go Padres!!


And think of Jack’s big ole schlong.


lmao gross ha

Danger Will Robinson

Secretly, Sis would love to be evicted so she could lay in the bed all day with Simple Jack


she gonna climb the bean stalk

Danger Will Robinson

Probably not much of a bean stalk!!:)


girl needs her rest from being JACK HAMMERED in the shower everyday !


I find it interesting that Jack said that she had the game figured out. There are certain things she says that are right in the money. I wonder if she is playing dumb. Is she maybe low key playing both sides of the house?

But then again, Jack’s judgement is poop too. So she probably is pretty dumb.


Any game related thought Analyse has comes from the DR.


Note to Nick – When Evel Dick is even calling you out on Twitter for being creepy, then that’s a sign that you are C-R-E-E-P-Y.

Note to Christie – If you don’t want America to hate you, stop acting like an A$$HOLE on national television.

Note to Sis – No note for Sis because she’s not smart enough to understand it.

Note to Tommy – High kicks and “I love you” platitudes don’t mean jack squat when you’ve been in cahoots with the Pro-Defamation League President for the past 50+ days.

Note to Everyone Else – Vote out Wicked Witch of the West while you can. Cheering for Cliff, Kat, & Jackson on the veto!


This. ?

So annoyed with dumb players

Lmao on your note to Sis.

SD Bird

Chat Time With Jess

When she is on a hunt for Truth/Verification, she moves information along.
But, I never know if it’s a Net Gain for her.
I want it to be . . . sometimes she is rather insightful.
However, getting there is so exhausting to watch.

Jess – please stay with the Outsiders.
Nicole – please stay with the Outsiders.

Nicole – Just keep saying so very little and let Nick fill up all the empty air. His needs trip him up with his doublespeak. He has this internal battle between his ‘psych training’ of letting people speak & jumping in to finish thoughts/sentences.
He & Christy tie with how facts are blatantly twisted upon retelling . . . his is wishful thinking . . . hers are calculating.

Nick – you need more caffeine before playing & losing.


I agree about Jess…I want to listen to her convos but I can’t, without screaming “spit it out”….it is agonizing! Why is she up Christie and Tommy’s ass all the sudden ?


I agree with Nicole’s talk since she seems more rooted and aware… please don’t let Nick scare you into something that is not you. Stick to what has been proven and you will be safe.


I’m actually happy that Holly stood up for herself when she said what’s the difference between me campaigning for Jackson when you all were campaigning for Jack. Problem is that she said that to Sis-you know the one to say she’s too tired to compete. Please just self-evict then.

I don’t care for Jackson but he is at least self aware enough to realize that America did not vote for their favorites. So what does he want to do? Play in the veto, keep the noms the same and let America take the blame for getting Christy out. Probably the first time this whole season I agree with anything that has come out of his mouth.

And finally I don’t think there is enough of a donation that any of us can make for Simon and Dawg to truly compensate them for having to listen to the “therapist” speak. He is truly one of the most disgusting houseguests ever. I so wish he had lost that veto and Sam was still in the house.

Julie Hansen

I’m getting really confused. They are talking about Jack, Jackson and Michie. Is Jack back in the house? Could they please just call him Jackson? We aren’t as dumb as the producers think and can distinguish between Jack and Jackson without their help.

another name

Playing the what if game for a minute.
What if Nicole and Jess stay loyal to Kat and Cliff? When Kat and Cliff jump to Holly and Jackson (anyone that doesn’t see that coming is being willfully blind) then Nicole and Jess are screwed. Kat will jump to the other two in a heartbeat. Cliff has wanted to play with ‘boys will be boys’ Jackson since week one. Cliff would forgive Jackson anything, even Jackson not using the veto if he were to win. He’s the third apologist for Jackson behind Holly and Jess. He’d forgive Jackson, but if Tommy or Nick won veto he wouldn’t forgive Tommy in a month of Sundays.
What if Nicole and Jess float this week? If Christie or Tommy (who are we kidding Tommy will throw) or Nick (who might or might not use it come Monday) win veto and Christie is removed they SHOULD float. In order to float, they have to set up the illusion before veto that they might be amenable or at least flexible. Looking like they are static and unwilling to listen before veto endangers them as possible veto renoms more, even though Tommy is an idiot that will keep Holly safe from touching the block because he thinks he can resurrect the alliance that died weeks ago and was just a sham from i’d say week three onward.
What if Christie is still on the block after veto ceremony: 95% Christie goes. meh. Oh well.
If Christie comes off the block who goes? 60/40 split.
Assumption: if Christie comes off the block there is no replacement nominee. If either of Kat or Cliff come off the block, there will be a replacement unless production REALLY REALLY wants Christie out.
Replacement nominees ranked by chance of renom at this moment from highest to lowest probability: Nicole, Holly, Jess, Nick.
Who does each nominee (even Christie) have the best chance against ranked from highest to lowest probability: Nick, Holly, Nicole, Jess.
Chances of leaving this week if nominees remain the same ranked highest to lowest probability: Christie, Kat, Cliff.

One last question: has Kat been asleep for most of the afternoon? We pretty much know Jackson and Holly have. What’s the deal? Oh. No napping has gone to the same place as no cheating as a have not I guess. Yeah, I’m still calling out the double standard. The double standard that marks Grodner as the seventeenth houseguest always peeves me. Grodner’s flying monkeys being so damn obvious peeves me even more.

J e t s jets jets jets

Kat is already with H&J

another name

we know that. it will only be a week to a week and a half before the others realize it to be true.

the Chic is now a Chick

Even after Jack leaves Sis can’t get away from the C*ck,……..a doodle doo!!


Does anyone know why Tommy voted to evict Jack during last ceremony? Just curious since they are so close.

On a separate note: I miss the basic BB game play when you just had POV’s and HOH’s. Over the years BB has added so many twists that it messes with the basic skills of the game (mental, physical, social). I realize CBS wants to keep audiences entertained and remain watching but sometimes the original format becomes too compromised.


He knew jack didn’t had the votes. Same for nick.
They want to keep jackson on their side.


Didn’t work.


Meanwhile Crusty has been doing nothing but yackity yacking to Nichole how much they fought to save her many times, how much they love her, how much Nick supports her, yada yada yada trying to get her to go to “their” side in the vote. Hope Nichole keeps her brain and doesn’t drink the kool-ade

another name

When I am thinking of Nicole’s game, and removing any bias I come to the conclusion that she’s damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t drink the kool-aid. In what world are Holly and Jackson keeping her around long term? an undiscovered world because it isn’t happening. Kat has heard Holly mention nominating her if she were to win HOH, and not told Nicole, as well as Kat herself saying she would get rid of Nicole, so she doesn’t actually have Kat in her corner. Given Cliff’s soliloquy this afternoon, and his lumping of Nicole and Jess with the HOH crowd, and the fact that he threw both Nicole and Jess under the bus to Jack, Sis and Tommy before Jack’s eviction, she doesn’t have Cliff in her corner either unless she wins the next HOH and then he’ll be in her corner until the veto ceremony. She doesn’t have Sis in her corner. If she votes out Christie, she pretty much loses Tommy and Nick. She’s left with Jess.
From the looks of things, while she may or may not be the supposed swing vote this week, it’s irrelevant. Her alliance is a sham to half the members, and the former alphas that will be left see no value in her.
It doesn’t matter what Nicole does, she’s been put in the discount barrel by almost everyone left in the game.


Simon, I trust you that you have had your shrine up and working smoothly! We are all are concentrating on Cliff Kat and at least this time Jackson so that we all can enjoy seeing the shock and dismay in the faces of Crusty and Tommy Tunes.!


Ok I am waiting patiently to hear what is going on with who won the veto!!!! Does anyone know yet!

Boo Hoo Christie

Tommy won. Yuck!

BB Crusty Crab Shack

`F**K Tommy won


Ugh it says Tommy won..fudge!

Roll Tide

Tommy won the veto, so America’s dream is crushed. Question: I haven’t seen it yet, but did CBS help him so their girl stays?

Just me

Looks like Tommy won POV damn it!


And so I guess the Field Trip was a bust other than letting them know they aren’t as well liked as they think and giving out a punishment. Would have been better if it had come after the veto but I know that would never have happened. Kind of a pointless twist yet again.