“I’m so depressed, I feel like America hates me, I don’t know how I look, My personality is really strong”

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Tommy
Have note are: No Have nots this week, Jack, Tommy and Jackson were given punishments as part of the veto.
Nominations are: Cliff, Kat & Christie
Power of Veto Players are –
Power of Veto holder –
Power of Veto Ceremony –
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12:03 am Nick, Sis, Christie, and Tommy.
Christie – IF I win the veto blow it up I don’t give a sh1t
Tommy – I’ll say this only in this room, I think Kat is more dangerous than Cliff
Tommy – Number 1 he’s a guy I don’t want a guy going out this week
Tommy – number 2 I respect him and his game so much (don’t you love it?)
Tommy – If Cliff is on the block at the end of the week I can say to Cliff I have people that will vote the way I want them to vote. I heard you want me as your number one target
Tommy adds if Cliff offers him 2 weeks of safety he’ll tell Cliff he’ll get him the votes to stay. Nick and Tommy both saying they want Cliff in the house “I value his word moving forward”
Tommy – THe goal is to get you off the block this week, Make the deal with Cliff and Get Kat out. I want to get out of this week with no blood on my hands.
Nick pushing for them to pull Nicole into their group.
Tommy – what you preach about your mind and the power of intentions your thoughts the universe. I think you are in a negative place
Christie – I’m so depressed
Christie cries – You know what I think it’s about I feel like America hates me
Tommy – no
Christie – I think, I don’t know how I look. I know that’s what it really is about. It’s not even about wa wa I’m on the block like how did I wind up in that comp.
Christie – because of me that felt so strongly about the things Jackson did and how he portrayed himself the way he spoke to kat, Me, and the way he played dirty tricks.
Christie – almost in a way me feeling so strongly I could have made myself the villain and it’s freaking me out I don’t want my family to see and think of me as a bad guy
Sis – there was one thing that was safe.
Sis and Tommy agree it would have been Jack and Jackson up on the field trip had Jack stayed
Christie – it was me jack and Jackson
Sis – what if America wanted to get you the safety vote they were scared.
Christie back to worrying how she is being taken “My personality is really strong”
Christie – I was given this chance to keep myself safe and I choked.
The HOH room goes on and on trying to make Christie think she’s not hated. Nick says it was the “recently effect”
Nick says Christie is coming off the block tomorrow and he’s going to flip Nicole the vote will be 4-3 on Thursday.
Tommy again going on about how Michie is voting their way “I’m not going to rely on it”
Nick doesn’t sound convinced they have Michie’s vote

Nick – none of these f*ing dorks are taking us out (Says the biggest dork)
Sis – you’re f*ing right
Nick – f* that black widow bullshit I’ll be the widower dog you ain’t taking me out I will self evict before Jess gets me out of this game bro
Tommy leaves to do a Diary Room.
Nick brings up Flipping Nicole. Christie goes on about how much she LOVES Nicole “I fought for that girl”
Nick – f* kat and her dumb ditsy a$$ bullshit she’s smart as f*, F* Holly being fake, JAckson was being fake the whole time I f*ing knew that he was being a snake to me
Nick – Jess needs to f*ing go bro like tomorrow I f*ing can’t stand her bro she’s f*ing bad
Sis – Jess is scary
Nick says if Jess is in the house Jackson has to stay.
Christie- so you have to take her out
Nick – I’ll take her out gladly
Nick brings up Jess talking always about equality yet she says she’ll vote for a girl to win only because she’s a girl “That’s f*ing bullshit”
Nick asks them what would be said if he told the house he’s not voting for someone because they are female “that’s discriminatory it’s ignorant”
Nick – yo are not discriminate me because I’m a male
Christie and Sis both say “I love Jess”
Sis – I love what she stands for Equality and body positivity
Sis – I’ve always been a girl that doesn’t agree with the whole feminism thing (sis never learned what feminism was after 4 years in a US university)

Christie – I don’t think in the real world she’s a man-hater she knows she lakes in physical comps here she sees this as her best bet.
Christie- I don’t thin kit’s right that she’s only purposely nominating guys
Christie goes on about having to be so fake because of the show they are in and she hates it.
Nick going back with lusting about reforming a 6 person alliance. “Take out Jess, Holly, Jackson”
Nick – then it will be Nicole, Cliff and you three and we duke it out
Nick – not like it is a three but that’s how we will pitch it.
Nick goes on about how Nicole is his girl “we’re super tight”
Christie – I see Nicole as a very timid MEEK girl that hasn’t made any game moves and hasn’t won any comps. She’s not a threat.
Nick says Nicole will put up Jackson and Holly if she wins next week
Sis – yeah
Christie says Kat is “Inauthentic” because she flipped to “Michie’s side”
Christie now going on about Kat, Holly, and Michie knowing each other
Sis points out that Christie has a HUGE crush on Michie that is why she keeps going back.

12:35 am Kat and Christie
Kat Crying about being on the block is worried Tommy doesn’t like her. Christie says it wasn’t personal “he has to have a game reason”
Christie says it wasn’t Tommy original plan things happened and forced him.

Christie gives Kat her shirt to use as a tissue
Kat – it just hurts my feelings. I get it it’s a game.
Kat continues to cry and whimper “it hurts”

Christie – everyone in this house loves you if it’s the three of us on the block on Thursday I am going home
kat – you are not going home
Christie – KAT are you serious

12:33 am Holly and Jackson
Jackson – Nick said yeah I’ll sleep in the RV .. you’re going to put PAUSE PAUSE in her
Jackso – he said are you going to DUMP oni
Holly – ewww
Jackson – IN front of Christie and Sis
Holly – ewww
Jackson – I was like what the f* she’s not a waste management basket are you kidding. He goes Well I didn’t want to say it
Holly – eww.. what is wrong with him
Jackson – are you going to dump one … pause … pause … pause .. IN her .. you going to dump one…… in her
Holly – that makes me want to vomit
Jackson – yeah
Holly – thank you for saying something because that’s not OK
Jackson – especially when you’re not there
Jackson – Christie though thought it was hilarious
Holly – I’m sure she did

1:05 am Tommy’s punishment is now complete
Tommy strips down to his underwear
Nick – look at that baby Carrot

1:50 am Cliff studying the memory wall and dates. Kat joins them
Kat – there’s a chance it could be OTEV

2:18 am
After Kat leaves Cliff going on about being 25 years older than anyone in the house and can still integrate and survive.
Cliff – it hasn’t been easy. I’m tired of putting up with Bowl humor and pimple popping and Hip hop music during the lockdowns and people who are not nearly as funny as they think they are
Cliff – there’s a lot of lost souls in here there are people still trying to find there way through this life. I am already on the other side of that journey. So much crying and emotions. It’s just a freaking game.

6:00 am Sleeping

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Cliff’s insights are bang on.
These kids are indeed lost souls and immature.
Really sad state!!!
Time for Christie to go to jury.
Go Nicole


Cliff- “and people who are not nearly as funny as they think they are“
That’s the funniest thing anybody’s said this season lol


All I can say is Nick is despicable…when he starts to make Michie look decent that’s pretty bad, really bad.

Roll Tide

Wish Sam would have stayed instead of Nick.

Sansa Stark

I was thinking the same thing! At least he had values.


That’s what I said. I went from not caring much about him to realllllyy disliking him. Him, Christy, Tommy, and Sis are the worrssttt!


Something is definitely off with Nick. His comments are just gross and nasty. He gives me the creeps. Ick


He is a douche canoe and the fact that he’s some sort of therapist scares the crap out of me


The best thing that comes out of this is if this is really publicized in New Jersey just so people can be informed and make their own decisions if they want their kids or themselves to see him as a therapist


Tell me he doesn’t treat kids!


I’m not sure…he said he’s a therapist and others have said for kids…but I don’t know if that’s a fact. Sure hope it’s not!


oh my God! I hadn’t even thought of it that way, but it’s so true!!!

Fruit Loop Dingus

I didn’t think I could dislike him anymore… I do. He is unwatchable on the feeds.

Susan Corbridg

I sure wouldn’t let him council my child. He is filthy inside and out.


It’s like Nick decided the douche level can’t dip below a certain point so he’s overcompensating for Jack getting the boot.

I'm Holly, but Not Jason or Michie's Holly

Get busy building!


And we need to manifest that Christie stays on the block and goes home on Tommy’s HoH, it will be EPIC!! Seriously so glorious, a freaking chef’s kiss!


No, I think Nicole hell even Jess so they are safe and take Kat off. Oh who cares just so Tommy, Chomper (OMG how you take her eating and talking is beyond me. I would have given up) Nick and Analsye. Cause if Christine is on the block don’t you think she’ll go?
Kat-Nick and what’s a noun girl
Christie-Nicole, Jess, Holly and Jackson
Even if Jess still likes Christie (I’m not lying when I say I would not have made it in the game or watching live feeds with her eating) which is DUMB but even if she votes for Cliff it’s still 2-3-1 so bye Chomper

And Nick gggrrrr I hope he’s next, I kinda want to keep Analyse in as long as possible only to drive her nuts that she’s away from Jack…. LOL


She needs to win so badly. I will so disappointed if she doesn’t.


Who needs to win? Christie??


What happens if Christie comes down? Will there just be the 2 noms or does he put up a replacement?


Previously the third nominee had no replacement.


Yesssiirrrr!!! Shrine+manifisting snakes….nobody can beat us!

Mary Altman

I am manifesting as hard as I can Simon LOL


Hope you have the best Kraken to offer when you put the shrine together. When Kat wins, Christie’s and Tommy’s reactions will be priceless!!


Right now aren’t there enough votes from Jess, Nicole, Jackson and Holly to get Christy out of the game? So the only ones we don’t want winning the Veto would be anyone taking her down.

Just me

I wonder if any of them have done the math. With only 10 people left, 3 on the block and 1 HoH who can’t vote (except in a tie), there’s only 6 votes to be had. That means it’ll only take 3 votes to send someone home.


you need 4 or it could be a 3-3 tie and tommy would decide.

Just me

With three people on the block? I don’t see a scenario where one of those three don’t at least get one vote, but it’s possible.

BB Casting Call

One side pushing for Kat, the other pushing for Christie, no one is talking about voting out Cliff. If it stays this three person nomination, all votes will be between Christie and Kat,

I'm Holly, but Not Jason or Michie's Holly

Please “universe” let Christie and Tommy lose the VETO! Like I’ve said before, I’m ready for Christie’s picture to be off my feeds.
Nick likes Nicole in the game because he thinks if its him vs. Nicole, he will win. I’m not so sure about that. With this crew, I think if ANY female is in F2, a lot of the females in jury will vote female. I, personally, would not vote like that, but I’m not young and naive either.

I’m hoping the comp isn’t too physical so Cliff can have a shot at winning. It would be cool to see Cliff win a physical comp. I just worry about that happening.

I told my husband I wish BB would pick someone like him…almost 54, goes to the gym 3 times a week, and is smart! Cliff has 2 of 3 of these qualities. Go Cliff!!!!


Cliff was saying last night that he hopes it isn’t OTEV because of the physical component & Christie said that if it is OTEV, she’ll DEFINITELY win.

Ugh, she’s SO unlikable.

BB Casting Call

Kat will win OTEV


Nick is truly disturbing and, ironically, in need of counselling. He’s too desperate to “fit in”. He lacks boundaries.

I’m confused, which “team” is Nick playing for (in the game & sexually)?


I’m not a fan of Bella but if he wants to try that’s cool he should have never asked Bella to be his GF. He’s not even a smart floater. You don’t bash people as you float from power to power. At some point someone will find out you freakin A$$ (not you Nick sorry) he just pissed me off saying F Jess…. you weren’t saying that last week and that group needs to learn you vote how you want not how the HOH wants. He could have voted for Jack told Tommy and forced a tie but OMG I’m doing what the HOH wants …. IDIOT! I think he wants to be the new Jack and it’s coming off worse cause instead of racist he’s more like JC was, I don’t know just gross and stupid. Just something about gets worse every day


I don’t believe he’s floating anymore. I think the dude is full on with the nasties. And that, in my opinion…brings him near the top of my target list. Mainly just because he does have a little influence left with some on the side of the house I’m rooting for. OMG they just said “manifesting” on the news right as I’m typing this. lol

BB Casting Call

I think he is on the spectrum…..social awkwardness, picking up on others talking about topics of sexual nature, only for him to take it way over the line.

Does he even remember Bella? He fell for her quick and even quicker forgot about her….first kiss?


Christie, Nick, sis, Tommy have to be some of the nastiest people ever on BB and are so dumb or ignorant they cannot figure out how badly America hates them!!!! Praying to the BB Gods that Christie is out of the house this week and let us pray stupid Sis self evicted!!! Nick has already lost his job for his actions in the house!!!!!


Yep…we can refer to them as “the nasties” now :p

BB Casting Call

Confirmed lost his job?


I doubt they’ll make an announcement before speaking with Nick but it’s possible he resigned before coming into the house. Most normal folks can’t put a job on hold for 3-4 months. Cliff might be able to depending on his exact expertise.

Sis's Werewolf

Nick – look at that baby Carrot

Creeper McCreeperton at it again. Asking Jackson if he is going to “dump one” in Holly was yet another example of how this guy’s mind works.

Honestly starting to wish this “dork” was on the block instead of Crusty

House Stark

Nick could always get a job playing that creepy Burger King in commercials.


I wonder if dr is ever going to tell him how bad he looks to the viewers. He’s destroying his credibility with his words and actions. I never say anyone disgusts me but Nick truly disgusts me.


Oh, don’t worry Christie….. it’s not just you that America hates. It’s all your little friends, too 😉

BB Crusty Crab Shack

Is Nick blind or what? He wants to hang with the “Cool “ side and refers to the other side as dorks, but does he not see that America doesn’t like ( despises) that side of the house , that’s why they voted them on the field trip? I can’t stand him , not only is he sexually inappropriate, but he came off as threatening and intimidating to Nicole last night. If Bella is smart, she’ll ghost this creep after the show, but something tells me they are probably more alike than not and she’ll welcome him with open arms (and legs)


It shows how smart he is. As most of those who partook in the field trip realize…America is not their biggest fans…Nick moves over to the nasties. Michie has moved up a little on my likability meter…not like way up…but he’s not as bad as he was acting in the beginning when he was teamed up with Jack.

Danger Will Robinson

“Bella who????” – Nick


Bella’s looking for some internet fame so if he thinks it’ll get her attention she may stick with Nick. If sticking with Nick doesn’t seem to bring in the numbers or hurts them she’ll toss him aside.


Yes Christie America hates you and your minions.


She needs to schedule an appointment with NIck asap.


That’s one of the best comments of the season!! Hahaha!


Does Christy really think she was voted to go on the field trip only because of her actions the week before? Just more proof of this generations total delusional mentality.


I refer to them as Generation AH. I mean we were all AH’s at that age, but you have to admit that they brought it to a whole new level. Not all of them, but many.

My Two Cents

Dear Christie: We “manifested” this spot on the block, just for you. Enjoy!
XOXOXO – The Live Feeders


I’m just ready to see CC and NN out of the house ASAP please BB!!!! And then SIS next!!! Please Please!! America is just so tired of looking at them. NN is the most nastiest person I have ever had to watch on TV. He makes me so sick!! And he parents have to be so proud!!! Let’s hope it goes our way again this week!! Come on BB GODS!!


Shouldn’t there be at least one more person? Wouldn’t Cliff, Kat, and Tommy pick, so there should be someone else, right?


HoH chose two tokens. Only six people will play.


Let’s goooooooooo! I want Kat, Cliff, or Michie to win!!!!! All 3 would take either Kat or Cliff off. Or is it better for one of those 3 to win but leave noms the same? That way they will have the votes to send Christie out. Actually take Michie out…I don’t want him to win. I’d rather Tommy and the nasties think that Michie and Holly might still be working with them. So goooo Kat or Cliff and leave noms the same. Nicole, Michie, Holly, and Jess all vote to send Christie home…Blindside…done! lol

BB Crusty Crab Shack

Ugh, Nick……but being the weasel that he is, he’ll probably just throw it


I love it…Nick is livid that Cliff chose Michie to play…hahahahahahaha!


Nick’s mad that Cliff didn’t fall for his lies. He thinks he’s smarter than he is. Someone needs to call him out and open Nicole’s eyes.


Ugh Nick….He is probably dumb enough to use the veto on Christie.


As long as Cliff and Nicole are here at the end of the week I will be happy!


Nick is so gross.


Cliff is like a fine wine, he outshines every one of those posers on the six shooters in instincts, class, intuition and wisdom.

Cliff’s family must be so proud of him.


The DR need to drop the hint that America is over her constant talking, crying and booger wiping into her eyes business. Get that girl some tissue please.

It’s not a “strong personality” that bothered us. It’s your behavior as a whole. It’s Disgusting. She is a mean girl who is arrogant and not self aware at all.


I could be wrong, but by “strong personality”, I think Christie really meant “complete narcissist”.

Dalia Hobelman

Preach Cliff Nick is a dirty bastard hope someone gets him out the way he degrades women is pathetic hope they call him out like jack

Jan Nan

I never thought I would want to see Nick go before Jackson or Christy, but I want him out yesterday. I can’t stand the way he talks about my girl Nicole. I hope she blows smoke up his a##, and then plans his demise.


I know this is just a game. But when you get people like CC saying I swear on my sisters life and I swear I’m not lying at all Jess just makes me wanna get into that house and shake the hell out of Jess and Nicole and tell them wake up!!! I can’t wait for all of them to get out and watch the BB show. They are going to feel so stupid!! And I pray that all the people in NJ sees just what kinda person they have been taking their kids too and drop him like a hot potato!! If they haven’t already!! All these people are going to feel like crap ? when they get out and see they were so played by TT and CC and that they knew each other. I wish I could be a fly on the wall for that!! I just hope Nicole don’t keep falling for all the things NN keeps telling her!! And I wish to the BB gods that NN comments about Cliff, Kat, Jess and Nicole would come out and that Kat would call him out in front of everyone in the house and make him look more ridiculous than he already is!! And see him squirm!! And see just what he has to say about the mean and awful things he has been saying behind their backs. But when they are in power he sucks their ass. It’s time for a house meeting and start calling them out on their crap ?!! I’m done ranting!! Just please BB let CC go and be with her BF in jury. Then NN next. I can’t wait for SIS to be on the block and TT. Let’s see how they do. And how much they like it.


Christie’s depressed because she KNOWS how she looks.


I gladly vote to evict Nick the Creep