“AM to PM” Episode 1 Big Brother Show by Andrew and Peter Monaghan


Big Brother Fans do yourself a favor follow Andrew and Pete’s new BB web show Am to PM. They’ll be covering Big Brother 17 and some of the drama that occurs outside the house in social media. This first episode was great lets get their views so they do it again 🙂

In case you never watched Big Brother Canada Andrew went deep in Season 1 making it to day 64, his brother Pete is a Big Brother Scholar. Watch the freeze challenge video from Big Brother Canada 1 it was a great Challenge featuring both these stooges.

Follow them on twitter @Pete_Monaghan and @Drewmanji74

Get the feeds !! !!! !!

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Pinocchio Obama

Thanks for the heads up Simon. I will check them out.


Simon or Dawg, do either of you know if the live feeds are available in Canada?

Heather in BC, Canada

My ALL time FAV moment from BB1 US to BBCAN 3…is when you had to freeze, Andrew, while they let your brother in to check out the house and say hi to you. BEST MOMENT EVER! and lots I’ve talked to agree.

By the by, the U.S. did not invent Big Brother the show or the concept, so who knows what Will is talking about anways.

Please search for a Facebook private group called “Big Brother Elite” and send them a message to join. Quite a few previous BB houseguests are members, plus fans, all hang out together to chat, argue, post opions, and get the goods on everything going on in BB. I found your podcast b/c they posted a link to it in “Big Brother Elite”.

Loved seeing you guys and hope you do more…I’ll be watching for ya 🙂 Love it! (sorry I shouldn’t have said that last thing..that was going too far, there, sorry.


Thinking it’s time Simon and Dawg does a vidwo. Hmmm


They named Alec as the DBOTW but didn’t explain why.