The House Guests know Adel’s on a TASK but can’t let him know they know or let him complete it!

POV Holder: Jon Next POV April 12th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 14th
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: April 17th
Original Nominations: Sabrina & Rachelle
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Neda, Arlie, Rachelle and Heather

BBCAN2-2014-04-13 12-01-56-165

2:30pm – 2:55pm Big Brother totally blacks out the live feeds.. When the live feeds return Arlie, Allison and Jon are in the kitchen / living room. (Big Brother has given Adel a task to ask each of them out on a date to get one of them to say yes. But Big Brother also told all the other house guests that he is on a task and that they can’t let him complete it.) Adel heads upstairs. Jon comments on how bored he is. Heather and Neda are outside the HOH room in the chairs where Heather’s talking about Valentines day with her boyfriend. Adel asks Sabrina if she will go on a date with him tonight. Sabrina says no! He keeps pressing her to go on a date with him and then she says no, I’m on my period! Adel asks Rachelle in the main bedroom if she will go on a date with him and she says no .. maybe when I’m off slop and can eat.

3:25pm – 4:10pm Out in the backyard Adel mounts Jon on the weight bench and holds his throat asking him if he will go on a date with him! Adel threatens to pour water down his throat. Jon says no. Adel then dumps water down his throat and keeps asking him. Neda thinks Adel is trying to make them cry. She says I think he is going to try Sab’s first then Allison then you (Heather). Allison says I won’t, I would laugh. Neda says I hope he doesn’t do anything stupid from what I said. Allison says its almost been an hour, he came out at 3pm. Neda comments that Adel has 2 hours to try and complete the task. They comment on how he’s in the diary room probably asking for more time. The house guests know that Adel is on a mission but they can’t let him know that they know and they have to keep him from completing the task. The house guests talk about how they are allowed to tell him they’ll go on a date tomorrow .. as long as they don’t say today.
BBCAN2-2014-04-13 11-56-58-309

Up in the HOH room – Adel is talking to Neda when the feeds return and she is telling him that she really doesn’t want to be around him. She says that she is pissed at him and if she is around him she will explode. She says maybe later tonight after I’ve cooled down I can talk to you but not now. Adel says I just can’t figure out what I did wrong though. Neda leaves and Adel questions what’s going on. He then says that he is going to beat this mission!

4:10pm – 4:35pm Adel heads to the bathroom talks about how Neda is mad at him and he has no idea why.. He asks Heather if she will come talk to him in the bedroom. Adel and Heather talk in the bedroom. Adel asks her if she will go on a date with him and she says no maybe another day. Adel then tells her that he is really sad and asks her to talk about something sad. Heather says she doesn’t want to talk about something sad. Adel then starts talking about his Dad being in the middle east and how he is really worried if something happens he wouldn’t know. Heather says that Big Brother would definitely tell you. Arlie joins them and Heather leaves. Adel talks to Arlie about how mad Neda is at him. Adel tells Arlie that he told Neda we should take out Jon. Arlie says that Adel shouldn’t have said that especially not this early. He says that is why she is probably mad. Adel says I f**ked up. Arlie says Adel can fix it though. Adel says he is going to go talk to Allison but runs into Sabrina and asks her again if she will go on a date with him. Sabrina says tomorrow yeah. Adel high fives her. He then tries to talk to her trying to get her to cry. He says that he is so ashamed about the way he treated her. Adel says I need to sit with someone emotional because no one else is emotional.. he starts telling a story about his brother and then big brother blocks the feeds..

4:35pm – 5:20pm The live feeds are blocked…

5:20pm – 5:30pm When the live feeds return – Heather, Neda, Allison, Arlie and Jon are sitting at and near the kitchen table talking about random things. Arlie says f**king Delly’s rattled! Meanwhile up in the bathroom – Rachelle says she’s far from sweet isn’t she! Sabrina tells Rachelle… I am going to shut my mouth until eviction! Arlie comes in and when he leaves Sabrina says F**KING B***H! WOW! I REALLY WANT TO PUNCH HER OUT! Rachelle says yeah I know I’ve wanted to since day two! Sabrina says WHAT A F**KING STUPID BITCH! WOW! WHAT A STUPID B***H! Rachelle says she’s an insure human that thinks she’s cool. Sabrina says when I catch her outside this house I am going to make her cry for the rest of her life! You think you can f**k with me in here! Big Brother then blocks the feeds again..

5:45pm – 5:50pm When the live feeds return the house guests are talking about how they won the reward. Arlie asks big brother when they will be getting the reward because last time they didn’t get it for days. Sabrina asks Adel if everything he told her was real. Adel says yes. Sabrina says good. Adel heads up to the main bedroom and says you f**king big brother c**ts tricked me HUH!? The whole house tricked me! Adel laughs. In the living room the others laugh about how Adel actually thought he failed that mission. Adel comes out from the bedroom and says you guys suck! The live feeds get blocked again.. when they come back Heather asks Adel how much of what you told Sabrina was true. Adel says I am not going to swear on my religion any more.

5:55pm – 6pm In the bathroom – Heather congratulates Sabrina on a good job. Sabrina says that she is just glad its a reward that everyone can enjoy. Down in the living room – Rachelle yells out OMG PLEASE LET THERE BE A DEEP FRIED EVERYTHING!!!

BBCAN2-2014-04-13 14-55-17-760

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WOW Neda is full of herself…whats her reason for not wanting to be around Adel?? I’m beginning to like her less and less everyday


She’s doing it for the task! Did you not read the review or watch the video?


She gave an excuse so Adele can’t finish his task. It has nothing to do with her being full of herself..that’s why she will talk to him later.


I have to agree with you…..Neda is becoming too big for her shoes! I used to like her, but now she is on a high horse! I do not want her in the Final 4. I would like to see Jon/Heather/Adel/Arlie in Final 4.


She was actually being really mean to Adel. It was completely unneeded for a successful completion of the task.


I agree that neda is full of herself


why is allison so liked on the poll? third, really?? she sucks!! TEAM HEATHER <3


I have no clue either, she’s played a brutal game. Unless Andrews been voting for her over and over. Or there’s a lot of fans out there that like hand jobbing Sheman.


“Sheman”? Really?


Ahhh…ok. I knew the house was on a mission, but didn’t realize Adel was as well. Is Sobs suppose to be keeping him distracted by talking his ear off or is she just monopolizing his time during the task to get as much air time as possible?


Probably both. She is an opportunist. She will take full advantage of it. But, Adel is trying to make her cry when Sabrina knows he is so she isn’t so that they can win the task.

Pretty funny because Adel is pouring out his soul, trying to get Sabrina to cry, and he’s probably thinking “Damn, she cries everyday and now she won’t even shed a tear.”



Heather- it’s mean how she said Allison brought this on herself??? How??? They are making it personal…which is exactly what they said they don’t want it to be. Man thigs are changing


I feel so bad for adel 🙁


Im confused.. is Jon planning to backdoor alison this week?


Yes, except that she has her secret veto and it’s all going to backfire tomorrow


Production got what they wanted with taking out Allison for the POV comp….thanks to DELIII


Ugh if the gremlins stay especially Sabrina. Rachelle I can stomach..maybe.


JoNeda are going all Kendrew.

Amazing Grace

Sabs will lose it when she see how Ro Ro is campaigning behind her back


Yeah Ro Ro will be the next one who won’t be allowed to come to Montreal


Listening to Sabrina argue with Rachelle in a previous clip was painful. I know a person who is much like Sabrina and it doesn’t matter what the situation, it has to be about her and if there is ever any conflict, she is the victim and has a pity party. It makes for a very tiring relationship because it is so toxic and is very draining. The best thing for Ro Ro is for Sabs to be evicted but it’s too late for Ro Ro to redeem herself except that she is a vote for whatever alliance she gets into. This promises to be another interesting week It’s about time

Thank you to the moderators for all the work you do. I could not suffer through all the live feeds


I wonder if this is one way production influences the game. The show has what it wants- Jon is going to put Allison up and she will use her secret veto- so maybe they introduce tasks like this in the house to keep the contestants from talking about gameplay so much and perhaps changing the scenario they want to happen- with everyone involved in the task, it keeps their mind from the game for a day. I mean, it’s an interesting thought.


I think the tasks are twofold, one they do give the housemates something to do with their long boring days and there is some entertainment value for the viewers. The Australian version of BB which is totally different from the US version uses tasks all the time. for instance there is a weekly task that the housemates have to do to earn their food budget and if they don’t win, they are on staples (they don’t have “have-nots”). They have a talking fish instead of a talking moose who assigns tasks as well. I think the Canadian producers have tried to use the idea of task to distinguish themselves from the american version of BB. I personally like the idea of tasks for their entertainment value.

another name

off topic question that has been bothering me:
last week, Sabrina said outside of the house she was going to remove all of the houseguests from her facebook except for adel because he always leaves the most encouraging nicest posts………
so, when did everyone become social media pals? and how are they knowing who says what on social media right now?
Sabrina’s comment was made around the time sara was named as replacement nominee. I think it was even noted in the summary for that day on this site.
so….what’s that all about? I thought sequestered meant without outside contact.


I think I remember that. Sabrina said she was going to delete or unfriend everyone on the other side on Facebook but Adel, because he always said nice things to her. I think it’s because Adel told Sabrina she had a nice body one time. It’s on one of the blogs that Simon and Dawg posted last Sunday or Monday, right before Sarah was named the replacement nominee = I believe.


Yeah, that doesn’t make sense. The only thing I can think of is that it was just Sabrina babbling some nonsense, and facebook is a sort of reference everyone would know and it’s a bizarro way of expressing that Rachelle is her friend in the house- otherwise, it directly contradicts everything we know about the people in the house and how they entered- I didn’t think they knew each other before they went in the house.

another name

glad that someone else remembers it (i’m not making up stuff in my head, such a relief). it just made me wonder if the cast members are given access to social media within the game environment…making everything completely questionable. i’d like to hope not.

bb is a house full of crazy

What did Adel say to Sabrina?

bb is a house full of crazy

What did (I’m assuming Heather) do to piss Sabrina off so much? Did she stick up for herself again? Sabrina doesn’t like when you don’t agree with her or become one of her minions.


I just laugh when Sobs makes threats about what she will do when she gets out of the house. She has the biggest wake up call coming to her when she gets out and the only one who is going to be crying is herself…

I HOPE when the Allison back-door backfires, everyone scrambles to recover and her ass gets voted out. She thinks she is safe and getting too cocky. I want her squirming for the rest of the week…


It’s bugging me how wishy washy people are on the players this year; you should remember it’s a game and their playing to win. Just because they turn on someone doesn’t mean their a horrible person because eventually they all have to turn on each other.

another name

of course everyone is becoming wishy washy.
having spent the last month putting the sloppies players on a pedestal while hating the first five alliance players, viewers now find that they have no one to complain about. so now they are trying to find the newest villain to hate.
it’s easy to hate Sabrina: she’s insulting, loud, and abrasive behind everyone’s backs. that means she’s got bad character, not that she had a bad strategy going in to the game. she’s not a physical or endurance threat, she’s a social player. even now her social game is feared despite her poor character being exposed.
it’s easy to hate Rachelle: she’s insulting and crude. she attempted to be an under the radar psychological manipulator, but lacks the maturity and ability to do so. two years of classes in psychology don’t make you a clinical psychologist. she tried to back that up with endurance ability. her endurance ability is still feared by the other players in the game.
those are the givens. BUT, they don’t possess any actual power, and quite frankly are just one pie in the face away from being a bad laurel and hardy film.
with that said: now that the favored players are the big players in the game everyone is scrambling to find the next big hate. considering they all exhibit character failings… good luck with that. now that they aren’t the sympathetic classic hero archtypes fighting back against the odds their true personalities are showing. maybe power corrupts, or maybe it just exposes the true character a person possesses.
it is possible to defeat someone without becoming the worst possible version of yourself.


If Allison uses her veto first hand before the replacement then I think Jon and neda will be saved.
Allison’s not safe & she knows it that’s why I’m hopping she will use the veto .


Why would she use it before replacement, she would rather eat it, dah….Are you watching this game ??? She can use any time during POV even after nominations, as long as it is during POV ceremonies. As long as she is not put up she isn’t telling anyone she has it.


Just watching Slice, Alison finding secret room .. That hostess ??? sorry can’t remember her name, says this veto is 3X as good as the one you have been hearing about in the house??? Adel’s was good forever to take someone out of veto comp. If Alison can only use hers once how is that 3X better???


Simon and Dawg are doing an incredible job on this site. Just not having to listen to Sabrina wail and moan one more time is worth its weight in gold
However ….I have come to the conclusion that the North American version of Big Brother is not for me..I find it just plain boring and mind-numbing.
It’s all about competition and not a social experiment like the UK and AU versions.
We don’t get attached to the house guests because they all become scheming little weasels right off the bat when they come in, they have no personalities, no vocabulary except f*ck every 2 words , no imagination, no sense of humour . All they give us to watch is nose-picking , eating their boogers, pissing in the hot tub, and mean puerile schoolyard behaviour, .
Even the Diary room is not a real diary room where the house guests can show their real selves to us. What we get to see is rather more like scripted reality tv commentary decided by production .And by the way, why does Jon keep shouting at us every time he’s in there?

Even Big Brother has no personality and is an non-entity in this version. Nope not for me.
This Big Brother is slop

Just an opinion

Adel! Adel, Adel, Adel – The C WORD? WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?

His true feelings are showing – and he just dropped right to the bottom rung. See what happens when he finds he gets played by “girls”? He also exhibits entitled tendencies but just in a different way than we are normally used to. No way will I ever support someone who uses the C word.