Sabrina – “I wonder when I leave here if there will be a lot of guys after me”

POV Holder: Jon Next POV April 12th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 14th
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: April 17th
Original Nominations: Sabrina & Rachelle
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Neda, Arlie, Rachelle and Heather


6:03pm Gremlins in the bedroom
(Standard gremlins conversation.. everyone is stupid, everyone is mean to us we’re going final 4 with Jon, we’re the best)

Sabrina complaining that Heather is calling her “brina”. Rachelle says Heather is gross to be around. Sabrina says she doesn’t care if she goes home this week. Rachelle – “Sabrina.. Allison is going this week”
Rachelle says they have a really good chance of final 4.
Sabrina says the other side are a$$holes she never did anything to deserve them being mean to her.

Sabrina – “I want Heather gone”
Rachelle – “And Adel”
Sabrina – “Hopefully it’s a double eviction”
Rachelle wants Sabrian to stop saying she wants to quit.
Sabrina reassures her she will no quit she’ll fight till the end. “No amount of money is worth being treated this way “

Sabinra calls Heather a “puff of psychoness” mentions how HEather stares at her while hugging a pillow and not blinking. Rachelle calls Heather the fakest person “EVER”

Sabrina says people are openly mean to her in the house at least they are nice to Rachelle.

Sabrain – I can’t believe so many people didn’t like Andrew.. He’s so nice.. she’s aogt such a good heat.. it’s just his delivery”

Sabrina says her family must be upset watching the house be so mean to her.

Sabrain – “I don’t even understand what the hell did I do to these people”
Sabrian – “Get over it..

Sabrina says she hates Heather the most..says “Heather just go away you stupid ugly Girl”
Sabrina – “I can’t wait to tell to her face I hate her f***ing guts”

Sabrina – “I wonder if when I leave here there will be a lot of guys after me”
Rachelle – “I hope so”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-13 15-42-29-008

6:40pm Arlie and Gremlins

Arlie says he’s worried to say anything to them because it might get out.

Arlie – “Something I say right now could give you stuff to say to the other people”
Arlie says him and another person have planted a very powerful seed in keeping them both this week. THey will come talk to the gremlins later and they can work something out
Sabrina rattles off a bunch of reasons why keeping the gremlins is good for their game.
Sabrina says Heather has got to go.

Arlie tells her not to get a million percent excited right now. He still think both gremlins saying “Its within the realm of possibility..” Arlie says he’s got one person with him who is a large target in the game. They want to work with the gremlins.

Sabrina asks him who do they want to backdoor this week, is it the person that won’t budge? Arlie doesn’t give a clear answer.

After Arlie leaves Sabrina tells Rachelle ‘We’re going to be final 4”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-13 15-53-25-524

7:00pm Gremlins in the bedroom

Talking about Arlie not knowing what is going on in the game. Sabrina saying it will be great to see what he did to her happen to him.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-13 17-15-26-603

7:13pm Arlie and Jon HOH

Arlie brings up his conversation with the gremlins. Adel comes in and they talk about how talking to the gremlins right now offers them protection in the off chance a gremlin wins next week. Jon says there’s been something “UP Ned’s A$$”
Arlie warns them sooner than later Neda will turn on them.
Adel – “Her and Heather are getting in fu***g deep”
Jon – “The way she’s acting with me something’s up”
Arlie points out that Neda will know if she gets to final 5 with the 3 boys still in the game she is in trouble.
Arlie – We’re getting close to having the votes, We’re in a really sexy spot

Adel – “We’re going to win this one of us three is going to win 100 thousand dollars.

Arlie – “I think so to”

7:32PM HOH
Production – “Houseguests please get dressed up, do not take the time to do your hair and makeup just get dressed up for a fancy evening.”
Allison – “FAncy evening I’m bloated as sh1t”
Production – “You only have 10 minutes”

10:30pm Feeds still down

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Sabrina: the answer is no.


Maybe with white suits and a net


Lmfao!!! Best line yet!


On the bright side, once they let her out of the psych ward her and Andre can stay a cooking show. “Cooking with Boogers”


Damn. Every time I think Sabrina cannot get any more delusional, she surprises me. I want to be there when she rationalizes the BB fan hatred she’s captured.

Who is worse? Sabrina or Aaryn? Aaryn delusional and flat-out cruel. Sabrina, delusional and delusional some more.


At least aaryn had the looks … sabrina has absolutely nothing going for her… Her personality makes her hideous


I think Sabrina’s prettier than Aaryn, both inside and out. And I can’t even stand Sabrina.


Lol…Sobs is so frggin’ delusional. I can’t wait for the reality check coming her way when she leaves this game…


Sabrina: “I wonder when I leave here if there will be a lot of guys after me”

Thanks for my laugh of the day

The guys will be running the other way as fast as they can go

Did I Miss Something?

I’m still not understanding the infatuation with Heather. Did she do something to Sabrina and Rachelle that I completely missed? This girls are freakin mean, saying things totally unnecessary to the game. Like Andy and Spencer did to Elissa.


Sabrina’s hatred is because Heather is slim and pretty. Sabrina is fat and nasty, so she has a complex about any girl that meets an ideal she only dreams of.

As for Rachelle, I believe her hatred is simply a manifestation of Sabrina’s hatred. If Sabrina were not in the house, Rachelle would likely get along fine with Heather.


I agree about what you’re speculating about Sabrina. Minus the fat and nasty, cause well, we don’t have to stoop to her level with the name calling…

About rachelle though, it seems like she has disliked heather from the get go because she says she hates the stereotypical blonde ditsy personalities… Which at first made me think she will be a very smart cerebral player. But I was so wrong! Reading her hateful talks with Sabrina makes her sound more like the “stereotypical blonde ditz” kinda mean girl that she claims to hate. And I hate to admit it but from first impressions, I thought I was going to like her and root for her. Lol


I stand by fat and nasty 100%. She’s not American fat, granted. She’s not obese. But she is overweight. As for nasty, her cold sores, her finger up her nose, etc. That’s just nasty. There’s a reason she’s known as Slobrina, it’s not because she leaves her clothes lying around on the floor.


Agreed. If she is so content with dishing it, why should she not get a taste of her own medicine? Her character is straight up disgusting with the name calling and the “Janelle, jon got cold sores from neda’s _____” all these are a testament to her repulsive character and i hope she gets resounding boos when she exits the house. She is the worst human being i’ve seen in any big brother house.


I think Amanda and Aaryn still take the prize for most horrible people to play BB.


In her interview (before the show started), she said she hates girls with squeaky voices. She hated Heather immediately. Rachelle is just a ‘mean girl’ and bully. She walks around saying I’m so annoyed right now. I’m legitimately pissed right now. She’s extremely immature and acting like a spoiled brat. She has been told it seems that she’s really pretty when actually she’s just slightly average.


I agree with your comment except about Rachelle’s looks. I do think she’s really pretty–on the outside.


Sabrina is more delusional than I thought. I believe she is worse in real life because right now she is somewhat controlling herself because she knows she would be instantly evicted if she got out of hand too much.
Her friends and family should really get her help after this.

I actually want her to leave this week so that she can spend the first week of jury alone and possibly getting help from psych.


I agree with you Ayesha. She really does need help. She has selective memory and some type of delusions of grandeur.

I feel bad for Rachelle, sitting there and dealing with her. Then Sabrina starts doubting Rachelle and questioning her loyalty.

BTW Rachelle is on slop Sabrina, quit eating popcorn and all your meals and snacks in front of her. If Rachelle did that Sabrina would go crazy (even though she already is).


I agree, just listening to her hurts my head. She never makes any sense. One second she is saying she wants to fight to the end. And the very next thought out of her mouth is no money is worth staying in the game. She is just lucky she has Rachelle in the house, because anyone with a brain couldn’t handle talking to her for longer than a min.


Is it just me, or are Neda and Arlie plotting each other’s demise in front of Jon? He’s gonna think something is seriously up and will take them both out


I agree with you on the first part but not the second. Neda is the only one seeing through Arlie right now, and Arlie realizes this. So right now it’s just a matter of who gets to who first. And at this point I think Neda is going to get to Arlie first because they are both relying on Jon but Jon has put a majority of his trust in Neda.

So I think once Allison takes herself off and if Jon puts up Arlie then Arlie is going home because most likely Allison, Neda and Rachelle will vote to keep Sabrina and that’s enough right there. Also just for insurance Neda will probably be able to swing Heather’s vote since Heather believes her and Neda are taking each other to the final two.

But it all depends on who goes up once Allison comes off.


I don’t know about the rest of you but I am so confused. Everybody has made deals with everyone else so many times and has so many side alliances that except for Allison, I have given up trying to figure who is with whom, who is lying to whom or who is telling whom the truth.

All that is clear, and even that is up in the air, is that Allison will go up if and when one of the Gremlins comes off, and she may or may not use her red veto. Other than that, there have been so many final 4, final 3, final 5, final 2 deals made with mostly the same people in some or all of the deals that I’m lost.

So, I will just wait until Thursday to see the house of cards come tumbling down and maybe by then we can see some real deals made. It’s so frustrating trying to decide who to root for when they change faster than the weather.


Let’s just hope Allison feels very insecure and before the ceremony she uses her veto so maybe Jon wont use his Veto on ratchell and just vote out Sabriana. I mean after all it”s a game and there are possibility for anything right.


O my god that woman is demented. She’s describing Heather but thinks its herself. She’s gonna need to spend some time in an asylum after this show is over by the looks of it leaving Ro alone at the spca.


Arisa Cox @arisacox For #BBCAN2 fans – Alli can use her super pov AFTER all switcheroos are made!


how is alison in the top three for favorite house guest?

game-wise she has done nothing – other than j**k-off andrew and throw herself at arlie


A good h**d j*b is worth at least 15%.


People like underdogs, as long as they aren’t Sabrina. Not sure why people don’t like Allison?! She’s not going around talking s**t about anybody other than Adel. (Which she has a reason to) If people dislike her because she was into Andrew, then that’s pretty pathetic! Seems like the fans on here are just as bad as Sabrina and Rachelle, only difference is our comments are basically anonymous and not shown on TV. Why is Adel or John popular? They both talk more s**t than Allison. Only ones that deserve their spot in “popularity” are the gremlins!


I think a lot of people were struggling to pick 3 favorites and just picked her randomly lol. I know I had a hard time thinking of 3.


If only we knew which convos are real and which are BS. Sabby knows she has F4 all over the place. Knows(thinks she does) that Allison’s going and Neda plus Jon = F4. The Arlie thing is fluff and she made that clear. Neda the douchebag may be getting into trouble with the boys! Then again Jon has consistently gone back to her telling her what he says to the boys. Jon, Jon, Jon I just shake my head at where you have put yourself.

Tomorrow at this time Veto will have been played. Allison will be backdoored and she’ll play her veto and the biggest decision of your game happens. Deli, Arlie, Heather or yes even Neda on the block. Neda isn’t going up and Adel stays off over Arlie. Jon my boy you put up Arlie you end your game. Put up Heather then you need to rethink who your playing with because right now your playing a terrible HOH.

Heather is the only good renom for Jon’s game. Then we’d get a real scramble. Allison pissed and Ratchet after Heather presuming Sabby is still on the block. Lets presume Deli and Arlie both want Heather to stay and Ratchet obviously doesn’t. Allison has no problem voting out Heather as she knows she was getting backdoored and low person on the totem pole. Does Neda send Heather to the jury? It’s a BIG question on so many levels.

Do you think this group of geniuses are actually thinking jury votes. I sure don’t at this point. Neda draws the line in the sand and Arlie has comp ability. Allison isn’t going to work with Joneda after the betrayal. Allison, Arlie Adel in the next HOH comp versus Sabby, Neda and Ratchet. Endurance a possibility and we have a crap shot. Does Neda really want to try and get out Arlie and Allison with the Gremlins if Arlie is not on the block this week. The whole thing rest on how Jon thinks on his feet this week during the Veto ceremony and who he renoms.


I don’t agree with you Stan. I think Jon’s only option after Allison plays her secret veto is to put up Arlie. He can back track with Arlie after…he has to put up one of them! Even if Arlie leaves… Heather and Adel will stay loyal. If Arlie doesn’t leave, then he will recruit the others and he definitely will be gunning after Jon. Arlie will try and take out Jon/Neda without even blinking at his first chance…so Jon better take him out first! Ideally, Allison would have been great to go first…but that won’t be happening now!


I’m not an avid live feeder so I might have missed it, but what did Neda do or say that makes her a douchebag? From the summaries I’ve read here and the show, it just seemed like she is the most normal and down to earth of the girls (and well, Heather is ok too)… Sure she plots and can be conniving but it seemed like it was always at a game level. Idk maybe I am missing something?

Russ from Van

Sabrina – “I wonder if when I leave here there will be a lot of guys after me”

Wow. Is she in for a rude awakening.


Sabrina, Sabrina, you’re so fat and ugly with the meaness shining from your pores. You look like an old hag! Which man is going to lust after you, unless he does what you were mimicking on the After Dark Show when Rachelle and you were talking mean about Heather and Rachelle wanted to know how Heather’s boyfriend could stand her. Remember when you went astride Rachelle and covered her face with the pillow to demonstrate that Heather’s boyfriend would have to cover her face to sleep with her and Big Brother called you out on it? You big fat, ugly, mean, nasty, nose- digging slob!!!!! You make me sick just looking at your ugly face!




Slobrina is Reallly Slobby but honestly without her the show would be sooooooooo boaring

bb is a house full of crazy

Yes Sabrina, there will be a lot of guys after you. All of them Doctors…..of psychiatry. And they will probably offer you gifts, like free food and lodging and lots of conversation. I bet they even give you some clothing to wear…some pajamas, maybe a robe and possibly a nice shirt with extra long sleeves fashioned with many buckles.

Oh Hai

Slobz: “I wonder (picks nose) if when I leave (eats booger) here there will be (plucks her pubes) a lot of guys after (farts) me”



I Love BB !!


Did anyone else notice Arlie picking his nose , playing with it and eating it while heather and neda were putting nail polish on the tampons lolol . What’s up with everyone picking their nose and eating it …..


Oh god, I can’t even… it’s so effin gross!


Best line of the day by Rachelle… “I Hope so” when Slobrina asks if guys will be after me…… It’s almost like Rachelle meant “They better because I damn will won’t be around you”


I dont understand how rachelle and sabrina go on about how mean people are to them, and then in the next breath go on about how ugly heather is and how much they hate her!!! fuck

Pinocchio Obama


The answer is NO.


Get out your tissues marylin, cuz next week your going on the block!!!


I have noticed that ever since Allison told Sabrina that the houseguests thought she (Sabrina) is mean that she keeps saying the house is mean to her. Almost every conversation she uses the word “mean”. She is like a dog with a bone, she can’t let anything go. I still can’t figure out the hate for Heather. It all sounds like jealousy to me.


I agree! Nobody is really that mean to her. They haven’t been saying much from what I’ve seen unless it’s game related. They just call her out on her sh**! That doesn’t make them necessarily mean. What she’s been saying about people being ugly and the things about Heather’s boyfriend, and her message to Janelle, Jon’s girlfriend, about Neda’s v@gin@ causing hius yeast infection is way past mean. It’s just plain malicious. She doesn’t realize that harping on how they house thinks she’s mean and saying that she isn’t is just old. She seems to be concerned about how she is viewed in the episodes. However, there are plenty of people watching the live feeds, so she’s not fooling anyone. I hope she realizes how awful she’s been on the live feeds and what people have truly seen her say and do. (that goes for a lot of other houseguests too!)!


Jon and adel are soooooooo annoying!!
They are worse than Sabrina


Simon now how is it look like? Is Jon using the veto or not???


Slobrina is just really insecure & a hot emotional mess she’s an actress & mos def lies alot cuz she wants ppl to like her…she does have a good heart tho & i believe she keeps it real with Rachelle & i love their little bubble they live in….She is not ugly but she is very slobbbby & i’m sure theres guys out there that would like her, she works is ambitious cooks well & seems to be able to nurture..she is annoying tho & talks wayyyyyyy tooo much shittttt


Arlie is the most annoying. Stop freaking yelling at us in the diary room. We hear you!!


That award goes to Peter…trying to be Dan…


Peter is a HUGE fan of wrestling. That’s where his persona/voice comes from. He’s not trying to imitate Gheesling, he’s trying to imitate wrestling heroes.


He needs better, quieter role models to emulate.


Arlie’s voice sounds soooooo fake his eyes look creepy he has no heartttttt


Did I miss something? Why wouldn’t Jon just not use the POV this time and leave things the way he nominated?

bb is a house full of crazy

My guess is production got in someone’s ear (Neda?) to put Allison up. Jon didn’t want to make a big move against his new alliance, but seems to be changing his mind.


Well Neda is definitely the one who got in Jon’s ear…

But you are right…production most likely influenced this decision…in order to force the scarlet POV to be played.

another name

adel was responsible for Allison’s nomination after his diary room call. he took her out of the pov game. that told allison her alliance doesn’t trust her.
he jumped the gun, which necessitated everyone jumping the gun and moving allison up the list by two weeks.
neda wouldn’t mind it, however, because she is intimidated by anyone spending any time with jon. jon is neda’s physical protection, while neda is jon’s psych protection. ANY one that neda sees with jon too much is neda’s target. that’s why she dislikes allison, that’s why she dislikes arlie. neda doesn’t want to turn on jon until somewhere around top 4.


I tend to think this is not Jon’s first choice either – I believe he would not have used his veto, and left his nominations as he first announced them. I wasn’t aware that Production has as big a role in this show as it appears they do……… first the whole “break up the first five” thing, this, and a few other questionable events makes me think this might be my “one night stand” with the show. I thought it would be a lot more “real”. 🙁

bb is a house full of crazy

one hundo!! sorry, couldn’t help myself.

Russ from Van

I’m very much against the Emmett/Jillian strategy session, as I would rather see the remaining 8 play it out without too much outside interference. What do you guys think?

another name

yeah…. in the season of fixes (oh, I mean secrets) they’re going to stop now.
especially with a Canada vote on the jury rumor.

another name

currently watching the jon wins hoh episode.
the hoh competition was the longest span of time jon has gone without touching himself.
completely edited out the possible have/have not game throwing plot.
completely edited out the jon/Allison flirtation. actually most of jon’s flirtations have been golden edited from air.
the additional commentary from jon arlie and adel makes them seem like absolute jerks. that wasn’t enthusiastic excitement… that was cocky posturing.
neda’s additional commentary is quickly painting her to be the newest villain.
viewers of the show that don’t watch feeds or read the sites don’t know the sloppy seconds started plotting to turn on each other in earnest the moment jon won hoh. the episode only viewer would think arlie, adel, allison and heather haven’t proposed any thoughts of breaking the alliance at all.
so weird. but not at all surprising.


Arlie Is A Sociopath & His voice is soooooo annnnnoyingggg


All you commentators need to get over Sabrina, geez its called a game anplaying it very well….doing and saying what ever it takes to keep her in it and she is doing great….now, for all you name callers take a look at yourselves before name calling….GROW UP PEOPLE..

Russ from Van

For the next episode, I hope they can include clips of Sabrina farting in Rachelle’s face, and the Arlie/Allison flirtation. Come on Slice, lets give the fans what they want to see!


Rachelle says heather is gross??? As she eats another booger


I have a sneaking suspicion that when Jon uses the veto on Rachelle, then all hell breaks loose, I’m sure that Arlie will go up and be voted out because they would rather have Sabrina ( a complete train wreck) over Arlie the Compition Beast and absolute ticking time bomb. He has to open his eyes and realize that he’s not always going to be safe.


Arlie & his cross eyes looks like a washed out john travolta & his voice is soooooo dammm annoyinggg….Him & heather get the most nausiating voice awards…Arlie defines poker face he’s nuerotic he is smooth & sly but i cant believe he can get any one person to trust him r they alll reallly that dumb?? he has no emotions & he was playing two sides he needs to gooo asap b4 anyone else….get that snake out the houseee!!!


I pray rachelle gets saved then allycat goes up & then She vetos Arlie & they all vote him offff ughhh he is sooooo annnnoying


I’m very afraid heather will go up after Allison plays the veto. If that happens I really hope sabrina is sent home, but who knows anymore. I might vomit if the gremlins slide into final 3 or 4!


jon may need a gremlin incase his plan a dont work so he will save them & veto allison little does he kno shes gonna veto her own self off then he will put ul Arlie i hopeeeeeee & the Gremlins r still kicking…


I can see the Gremlins having there own Reality show like ‘backpacking with gremlins’ & they go on travel adventures…they are entertainingg to watch


Seems Like Rachelle is Sabrinas pet & Would be lost without Sabs but the truth is Sabrina would be more Lost Without Ro Ro

Just an opinion

Adel has really dropped in my estimation lately. He said the “C” word on Sunday after the challenge was exposed and I developed instant disgust for him. It was completely uncalled for – not that this word is ever “called for”. Hints to his true feelings sneak out periodically even though he does his best to smile and be the jokester.

There has always been something “off” about him that I can’t quite put my finger on, even when on the surface he seems sweet, kind and loyal – but my alarm bells have always been ringing. Something just doesn’t quite fit right.

Just an opinion

Maybe you all can help me with something.

1) Sab is obviously delusional.
2) Rachelle’s bio says she is a Psych student.
3) Rachelle “exhibits” no mind of her own.
4) Rachelle offers no help and no insight into the mind of Sabrina.

So, what gives here? Does Rachelle exaggerate her Psych status? -OR- Is Rachelle unable to transfer the words she absorbed from a book into a real life situation? -OR- Is she truly brilliant (yes, I am choking on that word!) and planning on writing a thesis about manifestations of abnormal behaviour when she grows up?

I am just saying!

Just an opinion

A lots of guys after Sab.

Nope, sorry Sab. We now know more than anyone ever needed to know about your mental, emotional and physical state. No guy in their right mind would want something like that.

NOTE – To guys who think they can change her – you can’t. She is too far lost in her delusions of her own wonderfulness. The MINUTE you challenge any of that, you will become the enemy. Your relationship is just plain DOOMED.