Sab’s reasons to vote against Rachelle “All of Canada isn’t going to like me going against my Alliance”

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 7
HOH Winner: Heather Next HOH: Apr 10
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Sarah (Slop Pass?), Kenny, Rachelle

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-04 14-40-48-625

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-04 14-43-27-530

5:42pm HOH Rachelle and heather
(Adel is dancing listening to HOH music during this conversation)
Rachelle says she can’t explain why but if she goes up on the block she is going to go home.
Heather – OK

Sockpuppets lounging around

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-04 14-49-38-908

5:53pm Have nots Rachelle and Sabrina

Sabrina has told Rachelle if her and Kenny go up it’s putting Sabrian in a very tough position. Sabrina ould have to vote out Rachelle because she has trust and loyalty with a group of people from the beginning.

Sabrina – “I trust you more than anybody that is not the problem it’s a horrible position I’m in”

Sabrina – My biggest fear is you will never talk to me again”

Rachelle tells her she’s not going to hate Sabrina if she votes her out she just would never do it, Thats why she doesn’t get what Sabrina is doing

Sabrina – “You don’t understand what a big deal this is it for me”

Sabrina tells her if she turns on her original alliance she’ll have Arlie, Sarah, and Allison coming after her and all of Canada will not like her. Rachelle thinks Canada would be dislike her more turning on Rachelle.
Sabrina tries to turn it around and make Rachelle feel sorry for her./ Sarba says if Rachelle was in the same position and was going to vote Sabrina out Sabrain would understand. Sabrina now says “just to f*** me in the a$$ they are going to put me up against Kenny.. And you would vote against me now”

Rachelle – “I never said that”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-04 15-10-44-805

This is what we see before the feeds get cut.. I have no idea what is is for.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-04 14-46-26-729

Random kenny shot fridays

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-04 16-10-21-105

7:10pm Feeds come back

Allison is putting away clothes, sock puppets are gone. Everyone one is resting on beds.. a bit of chit chat..

Adel – “Tomorrow is nominations.. then a break then POV”
Arlie – “It’ll be same day”

Heather – “You haven’t heard me faRT once since we’ve been in this house”

Jon – “All I keep picturing is walking down there and just seeing fu***g PAul, Kyle, F***g Anick.. sitting around the f*** chair”
Neda – “Ahh sh** up”
Jon – “Paul’s like whats up dudes and i’m like HOLY F*****”

Feeds gone..

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Problly just another way to fix the game for the whiney fans, I hope if Any of you people ever get in and are doing well, I hope production fucks you over just like they did the “strong” side. Such a joke


I totally agree with you. I’m all for twists, such as pandorad box. But completely screwing over people’s game by giving canada the ‘power’ is a joke. Whether we liked the players who got screwed over or hated them. I don’t think it was fair. Arissa even said [to Andrew] “if it wasn’t for canada this week you probably wouldn’t be out here (along those lines)”. These players went into the house to play a game against Each other, not against canada. I personally just don’t believe that canada having hoh was fair by any means. I think how the US big brother used America to vote on an MVP kept the game fair and still in the house guests control.


So you think production shouldn’t have gotten involved and the bullies should have won the entire game, thus taking away any enjoyment, spontaneity and marketing revenue that the game would have garnered.

Lemme educate you a little bit; BB doesn’t care what you think. Anymore than it cares what i think.

Are you honestly so self-absorbed that you think this is for you? It isn’t.

It’s a way to make money. That’s it, and that’s all.

Talking about purity of game means you’re more naive than the guys in the house.

This is about keeping viewers tuned in, and how many commercials for Fantastic can be sold. That’s all.

While this might not be “scripted” Like some tv, production is always interfering. They have to justify their salaries.

So whining that production got involved (and you are, completely, whining) is as ridiculous as anyone who is rooting for the other side.

Maybe you’re a bully in real life. Maybe you’re insecure. Maybe you’re a eunuch. I don’t know, and i don’t honestly care.

The fact that you’re complaining that the client, in this case, us, the viewers – are complaining that they aren’t getting what they want, while paying for a subscription to slice, just shows how sheltered you are.

Yes, maybe the rules have changed – as someone below wrote, the rules change all the time. And big brother has the power.

You want to cry that Canada got the power? It’s simple then. Don’t watch.

You’re assuming this is for you, and that is where you’re wrong. It’s for the network. The show’s creators – whomever owns the rights.

The fact that you tune in each week just means they have an audience To slam people who don’t agree with your point of view shows that not only are you so insecure about your own views, you can’t handle change. Which, you know, is kind of the premise of the entire show.


Congrats. You missed the boat entirely. .


Wow!! Big speech.


Your a douche!

Everyone has an opinion, but apparently yours only matters! Everyone bow down to “Kev”! Lmfao at least your essay made me laugh!


Your a loser lmao I agree wit the first guy . Their strategy was strong not right for Canada to screw that up


That’s such a cop out statement to make and hide behind. There is NO guarantee that Heather, Jon, Neda,or Adel wouldn’t have won and put him out of the house because they were all gunning for him anyways. Just because they aren’t considered threats to win challenges doesn’t mean that they couldn’t have.The reason he is out of the house is because he refused to try to save himself!!! Being on the block is no guarantee of going home unless you give up and die like he did right after nominations. If Dan Gheesling taught us anything it is that.


I agree ….ive watched big brother for years…this is the first season i find unfair…production should never have allowed canada to screw with the game…if your doing well they screw you over? I liked andrew i thought he was playing the game well….canada didnt like him because he was kicking butt? And actually a strong player….now there letting a bunch of losers take over.


No Canada didn’t like him because of his fowl and disgusting mouth. He was selfish, arrogant, and couldn’t keep his mouth clean. He called two women horrible names and didn’t even think he did anything wrong. I’m Happy he left he deserved it, and Canada did him and the house a huge favor.


BBC has rigged this whole game in my opinion! After last season they figured they should take control so one alliance doesn’t dominate. I get Andrew had asshole tendencies, but that’s most likely why he was cast. Let the game play out the way it should without outside interference. Why do people like Adel so much?? Because he clings to losers? That makes him cool? He hasn’t done shit in this game! He is this years Andy! He’s gonna end up winning cause BBC will make sure of it!! He will be forgotten a week later just like Andy! (I really had to google who won BBUS last season). This season is a flop already unless BBC gives the real game players (Ika, Andrew, and Kyle) a shot to return and flip this house upside down!!


TL this is the best comment ive read all season i feel the exact same way and how about the recent rigged hoh comp there was malfunction my ass arisa


Face it Canada didn’t like Andrew, we could have voted for someone else. And plus it’s not the first time the viewers had a say in the outcome of the game. He should have realised that it’s not just about winning the competitions it’s about winning the fan’s


I disagree. Big Brother isn’t what it was when it first started. These days if you’re going into the BB House you should be prepared for anything to happen at anytime. So if youre not ready to strategize and play the game.. dont apply.


How do you say, there the strong side, they don’t look all that strong right now, while their self destructing. Sarah’s whining about going home, Sabrina has screwed herself since the beginning, with constant lies and defaming people’s characters. Do you think that wouldn’t have caught up with her? Andrew never had any strategic play whatsoever other than being a douche and riding everyone else’s coat ales. And who’s to say even without the twist that this wouldn’t have happened anyway. Also twists are part of the game. If you weren’t smart enough to be able to be a decent human being and not act like a whiny goof all the time, and had some time of social game, maybe they would of had a chance. And who had the advantage right off the bat by being out in the house as a group of 5 by themselves? Anyone with half a brain would have formed an alliance then and there. Nevertheless, the first 5, other than Arlie would have self destructed anyway, due to the lack of intelligence and maturity.
Wait, TL, is this really you Andrew writing this you nose picking douche?


The way you talk to people who disagree with you here and hate on the people you dislike in the house is downright nasty. You seem like a really angry person.


Umm, I sound angry? Did you read the post that I was responding too. And I’m not an angry person. I had a smile on my face the whole time I was writing that. 🙂
I do believe everyone is entitled to their opinion, even if their wrong. Take it easy, I’m just kidding!


Given that you’ve chosen an insult for your handle, I figured you might be a pretty angry person. My bad for making an assumption. Do you just think it’s funny to call Sabrina a pig? To me, it seems like you’re just sinking to her level, which basically means you can’t really complain about her behaviour. Don’t get me wrong–I think her behaviour is terrible. I just know that bashing her online isn’t constructive.

ihate sarah

UGGGGHHH…’name’ please just shut up!…you have been saying the same stuff on here to people like your the “proper police” its soooo annoying just give it a break!


Back atcha!

Douche hater

Strong side … Lol we shall see winning 2 hoh’s
Doesn’t make them the strong side .
Canada had a vote and we voted against a bunch
Of egotistical douche bags .. It’s time to reward
Good intelligent game play no more bullies
And alpha dogs who think they run everything
And everyone . I guess Some of the f5 should have
Been smart enough to know that they are being
Watched constantly and well it’s obvious that
They were not like by the majority so go cry
To someone who will care about your
Strong team .. Not that strong are they ..
Lol they are all falling apart .. Cause they are
Used to getting whatever they want . Weak ass


Your comments make you sound like the kind of douche you claim to despise. Do you not see the irony in that?

Douche hater

Ya ya I’m a douche because I call out bully’s
And self serving assholes lol . I do not let these types
Of people walk all over me and I’m the bad guy lol.
Here’s a tip .. Grab yourself a shovel and dig
Yourself some dignity :0


Vehemently “hating” people does not make you seem righteous. It makes you seem angry and bitter and… douchey.

Douche hater

Ya ya your right .. No
I don’t treat people who are respectful
With disrespect . If they are disrespectful….
Why join them when you can beat them ..


Well said Sabrinasapig and Douche Hater.

Massengill Cleanser Lover For your Hating Pleasure

First off I want to address your last statement of the First 5 being “weak ass bitches”, If it wasn’t for Canada and the sympathy vote the “underdogs” wouldn’t be doing shit, & thats a fact. The Underdogs became underdogs in the first place because their game sucked a fat one. I can definately tell your a welfare recipient and someone who feels you should be given something for doing nothing.

Next you say “its time to reward good intelligent gameplay and no more bullies”. So let me see, Ika’s HOH in your eyes was some of the greatest game strategy you’ve ever seen. She should be next to the legend Dr. Will or Dan Gheesling probably in your little feeble brain. She went after Heather who was absolutley no threat to her, solely from what I can gather as just a personal grudge about looks, being that was all she talked about, and her dumbass still couldn’t get her out and now she is gone, and Heather wasn’t even in First 5 alliance. What a waste of a HOH, could be on of the most epic failures at HOH in BB history, and their has been some pretty bad ones.

Third you say Canada voted against a bunch of “egotistical douchebags’. I forgot am I watching Big Brother Canada where players were auditioned and picked to play in a cut-throat game of manipulation, lying, competitions, challenges to win a prize or is this Canada’s version of Mr. & Mrs. Congeniality where contestants pat on the back, kiss ass, hug it out, and smile to win a grand prize( except for Adel, he gets to lie about certain powers, throw other players under the bus, lie on the Quran, call other houseguests names with complete immunity because he’s an “underdog and a minority.) I actually like Adel by the way, he is rather entertaining.

Look I am all for twists but this is pure manipulation by BB Canada to appease the audience and not reward the actual players. THe same people that are bitching and complaining about First 5 would still watch If the Canada didn’t get a vote and First 5 was still trucking along. People loathed Amanda last year on BB 15 because she was vulgar, drama-filled, but great strategist. The live feeds got boring last year after Amanda got taken out, and thats a fact.

By the way thanks Simon and Dawg, been coming to this site last couple of years and you two are excellent at keeping everyone informed, great job and love the site. Just wished their was a comments section people that actually like the game and strategy of the houseguests not all this trivial nonsense most people post, when they are just as bad as the people they are complaing about.

Douche hater

I work very hard and have earned everything I have lol
And I probably pay more taxes than you .
I’d like to hear why you think F5 is such a strong group
I’m actually really curious how you can think this ..?
With the exception of Arlie the rest are in my opinion
Useless game players who would have all eventually been evicted.
I’m a true believer that hard work and dedication
And being kind to others will make you a winner
At the game of life . But that’s just me . So please
Explain to me how exactly this F5 are a winning
Group ?

Douche hater

Ps .. I never said Ika’s gameplay was good lol
Don’t put your dirty douche water in my mouth lol.


WTF show have you been watching? BB and I mean US and Canada last year production has screwed the HG’s Production screwed Emmit out of 100K last season. I like Jillian winning better personally! 😛 And to this day I believe Topaz voted incorrectly at productions direction. And season after season AG has manipulated the show, it’s direction, and the HG’s. So Canada got a vote for a week. Sure it was over the top to screw 1st 5. They’re in the business of ratings. They likely have focus groups telling them who’s popular ect.

HGs are puppets to be manipulated that’s what they signed up for. Watch the hamsters on the wheel round and round they go. JC that’s why we watch the show! Then come here to gripe about it! LOL And if they had won HOH this week they’d be in complete, if only temporary control. Your “strong” players are going bat sh*t crazy in part because they have some pressure put on them.

Reality check

Strong team you say lol
Andrew = no strategy except riding Sabrina’s
Coat tails … Womanizer
Kenny = riding Sabrina’s coat tails , cuddling
With Sarah
Sabrina = rat fink , playing all sides ..liar
Sarah = bashing heather, crying, riding Sabrina’s
Coat tails , tried to use her sexuality
To woo Jon (fail ) and lets no forget her
Lame attempts to threaten … Cause threatening
Always wins people over.
This is not a winning team and that is why
Arlie knew it would be him that ended it cause
He saw everything above … No game just
A bunch of clicky douches


Sabrina has stop this “im the deciding vote” spiel. Bitch your not the deciding vote…..even if you vote out rachelle (if she’s even up), i’ll be

Adel: evicts Kenny
Jon: evicts Kenny
Neda: evicts Kenny
Sarah: evicts Rachelle
Sabrina: evicts Rachelle
Allison: evicts Rachelle

Therefore the votes will be 3 to 3 and Arlie is the deciding vote….and it looks like Arlie will vote out (probably) kenny….


There is no point speculating before the veto comp is played.


Wrong! There are 10 HGs thus 7 votes. If it’s Ratchet and Kenny then your missing Arlie I believe. No HOH deciding vote this time. Kenny votes… Jon, Neda, Adel it’s all about Arlie not Sabby though she could be 4/5 it’s Arlies play. Allison likely votes Ratchet over Kenny along with Momzi. It would be funny if Kenny got Sabby plus a flipper(Jon) to save Kenny. Now that would be great TV. Bad for the outsiders though.


I disagree. Watch BBUK or BBAUS. Those consist solely of fan manipulation.

No where does it say Big Brother Canada has to be a carbon copy of BBUS. From the first day of the first season with Suzette answering the phone in the pantry this series has been a hybrid of both US and UK.

This is a the reality of Big Brother Canada, if you don’t like it that’s your opinion to have but watching one alliance steam roll a season is not entertaining to me.

Also, I think we’ve all accepted that fact that at this day in Reality TV age, a lot of shit is fixed and edited.


ALSO, if it wasn’t an actual malfunction don’t you think they would have EDITED it out of the episode???

It had aired hours ago. If they actually wanted to be unfair to the F5 they could have done it without anyone knowing. But they showed it.

That leads me to believe that it may very well have been a malfunction. None of their lights lit up, even the people who pressed it after Rachelle.

I hate 1st 5

Hahahaha seems like all of a sudden we are seeing some 1st five fans here. I suspect its Andrew Lmfao. Hi TL, seriously r u Andrew? :p

I hate 1st 5

Hahahaha seems like all of a sudden we are seeing some 1st five no fans here. I suspect its Andrew Lmfao. Hi TL, seriously r u Andrew? :p


Allison’s hat bothers me so much that I’m mad at myself for being so annoyed by a hat.


Maybe your annoyance for Allison is being projected onto her hat? At least thats my excuse…I find myself having less and less tolerance for most of these house guests by the hour.

And for cripes sake, Rachelle…keep your knees together. Who needs that shot filling up their screen…


Definitely possible! Haha. Poor hat.


🙂 Thanks for the giggle 🙂


Lol – I actually think the hat is adorable.

As for Allison – she seems like a down-to-earth person to me, but I don’t get her game play at all. What is she thinking? And the hand job…. no. Gawd.

ihate sarah

lol what do you exspect…we have gary and peter doing a side show..(gag)


I have to disagree. I’m not usually a big fan of Peter and Gary, but Peter made my whole night when he call Andrew a bald whiney bitch. Took the words right out of my mouth!


I’d like to see Kenny survive the week. Most of the others have zero strategy and it will be boring if all the interesting players get booted now.


here is Kenny`s strategy , do as I say and kiss my azz. don’t piss me off or I will threaten you .. you have to love me … gag puke and puke again…


I’m sorry… just because they are not showy does not mean it’s not strategy…. I’ll tell you that both Arlie and Neda have great streategies… a lot better than Kenny… but I guess it’s not showy enough for you to see…


Kenny doesn’t talk to anyone besides Sarah. There is no strategy, or smarts, in that. Arlie is only playing him for just as long as he can use him. Kenny is not stealthy, or good at gathering information, and doesn’t even bother to be nice to people. Whatever his strategy is, it’s not working so far.

hidden dpov

will the hidden dpov be unleashed to find on sunday

so its the period after veto comp on saturday

but before veto ceremony monday?


im hoping kennys side doesnt get the dpov as if they do, jon would likely go up, replacing kenny on the block, and kenny would have the numbers, with sarah the deciding vote for 4-3 to vote out jon

this scenario would suck, unless arlie could get one of the kennys crew girls to vote with him

whichever side gets it will send kenny or jon home (or maybe sab or adel if the regular veto is used as well as the dpov)

arlie, heather, adel, jon or neda have to get that dpov when it comes into play sometime in the coming days

i also would enjoy seeing neda get a marsha task


anyone thinks its strange kenny was singing diamonds by rihana as he left chatting with heather in hoh

i really hope the dpov is not a set up to save kenny

heather, adel, jon or neda has to get that dpov


Kenny was singing it yesterday as well. It is very possible he found the veto. He is much to calm about being put on the block.


I agree 100%!! I hate interference from production! The first five was strong for a reason. I’m not here to watch sub-par gameplay. Ugh John, Adel and Neds..


first 5 having loose cannons like sabrina and sarah and andrew

and arlies willingness to flip on them

it was always bound to fail

if canada werent in control of last hoh, i think first 5 could well have taken a hit last week anyway

you are overestimating the first 5(only won one hoh) and underestimating the outsiders


The thing is, they would probably have imploded on their own, precisely for the reason you mentioned. But instead of letting that happen, production interfered–seemingly just to guarantee that Canada’s favourites would make it a bit farther. I guess they were afraid of losing viewers. Seems way too manipulative to me.


have to expect in big brother canada there is going to be more fan involvement so i dont have an issue with it if done sparingly

if it ends up making the season more exciting and unpredictable, which it did, then i think its ok

what something like that does, is that players have to be more self aware, that all of their actions could potentially impact them in the game


I get that. Good to keep the players on their toes and such. But I don’t think production should have quite this much influence on power shifts.


it is what it is

you either accept it and enjoy the show or not


Speaking of 1/5 who do you think sent them in 1st? That would be production. You think Sab came up with this on her own? Production loaded that 5 up for a reason. Gave Sab the 1/5 right down to the name probably. You think Dan came up with “the funeral” in BB 14. That was classic AG IMHO. The changed direction on 1/5 when they saw it was working to good. The public wasn’t liking those HGs very much as well.


even arissa hinted as they went in is this going to be the first alliance of the season

another name

i don’t really get what you mean by loaded up… because on paper looking at their character-types, the first five does not come across as a power model. the impulse control issue guy, the closet gay for game guy, the plus size overly insecure girl, the oldest girl and the weird guy. yup, those have been the social model of the alpha crowd. said no one. ever. if the perception of their personalities, added to thier complete domination of the first four weeks had not occurred, these houseguests might have been viewed as the ulttimate underdogs when viewing their character profile archtypes. i’m not endorsing the first five, nor am i claimiing to be a fan of either alliance. i’m observing the character models just as the casting department would have. if the first guests into the house had been the uber jocks, and the pretty young girls, that would have been loading up the entry order.


Hmm…. there are 10 houseguests and 9 bags…unless I miscounted??? I can’t tell if the last one is 1 or 2


Looks like 10 bags but the two on the far left are empty..


I’m pretty sure they told Heather she didn’t need to pack.


Little does most people know.. Arlie is stirring the pot… when Rachelle survives that eviction.. they are still going to think Sabrina turned on them… OMG ..this is getting good…


It is fun to see Kenny’s side and Jon/Adel’s side going at each other, and whatever the eff Arlie is doing in the middle, but it will stop being so good if Kenny leaves and snoozefest Rachelle stays.


I want Kenny to go home ASAP but I would not be too sad to see Rachelle go home #karmaIsABitch


Secret veto maybe? Some one has to find it sooner or later…


lmao @ Adel’s dancing! He got really into it


It’s a game.

It’s run by the Big Brother.

They make the rules.

They can change the rules if they want.

It’s their game.

People that go on BB sign a contract, knowing BB has all the power.

Just because it was or wasn’t done before doesn’t mean it has to or shouldn’t be done again.

If it bothers some people so much what is going on in the house, don’t watch or read the comments.

You getting upset and angry won’t change the game but will raise your blood pressure.

Stay healthy and read a book instead.


Books can make you angry, death of Sirius Black anyone?


Hell ya! lol.


But the Harry Potter books are interesting, all of them. Some of these HGs are far from interesting.


Exactly Natyn! And it blows my mind that people actually think that they were playing a great strategic game. Not even close. The only reason they got through the first couple of weeks was because of Sabrina’s bullshit and the immaturity of the people she could manipulate. That would have caught up to her real quick one way or another. You have to have a good social game in BB or your done, and none of them had one. There’s a reason why Dr. Will and Dan are known as the kings and its not due to immature high school behaviour or bullying. It’s all about social play. Why do you think Arlie’s gonna be the only one left standing? All those first comments were probably posted by Andrew in different names anyway.


You have GOT to be kidding. Dr. Will was a totally bully. His entire alliance said the meanest shit about other people. Just because he never got emotional about anything does not make him a noble player.


The same advice should be given to all the people who are so full of rage against the first five alliance. Feeling that level of hatred for strangers on a tv show seems pretty unhealthy.


It’s not unhealthy .. We all encounter these types
Of people in our own lives and we don’t have to put up
With bullying , manipulating , self serving and arrogant
Jerks , That all cry when things get tough for them .
It’s not unhealthy to tell assholes they are assholes.


I think I must have really missed a lot of the bullying somehow. What bullying are you guys referring to? All I’ve seen is people bitching behind other people’s backs, which is mean as hell, but doesn’t constitute bullying in my book. None of these people seem afraid of each other, so what bullying are you talking about? That’s a sincere question–I’m not taking the piss.

You don’t just mean threatening people about putting them up on the block do you? Because that’s standard BB strategy.


Shunning someone is a strong form of bullying.


rachell this is just how ika felt …. sabrina use you to send your vote home karma lol


These ridiculous tasks BB comes up with to keep the housemates busy are just ridiculous and juvenile. Then again, look who they’re dealing with — the ridiculous and juvenile.

Sorry, Sabrina is making me cranky. I can’t take her anymore. Not one more minute. She repulses me to the very core.

team adel

I’m so happy I voted Allison in, because it gives my cuzin adel a bigger chance of winning love u cuz


Finally a silver lining to the Allison fiasco! This upbeat attitude must be a family trait 🙂


could have not have said it better Random!!!!


makes no sense that just for one week they have huge power then they don;t anything


plus Canada has a way bigger advantage than every houseguest in the house cause of live feeds see everything in the game and these blogs while the houseguest don;t have cams


in every part of the house


This is Big Brother expect the unexpected, thats how the game works. Its not going to be easy. The second you think your safe is the second BB throws a ranch in the game. You have to be able to adapt your game to get you further like Arlie, see he knows whats up. In a few weeks I bet all you Jon lovers will be hating him soon cuz he talks too much and has shown his hand to all the house guest. For example in US BB15 at the beginning people loved Amanda and how strategic she was the first 3 weeks then she started getting a big head & acting like a fool. I see Jon going down the same road if he gets a ounce of more power. Remember you heard it from me first hehe. I’ve see this happen so many times one week you like this person & the next week you want them gone.

ihate sarah

why does arlie want to take sarah to the end?


i really think he just wants her for numbers and would rather go with adel, jon, heather, neda to f5 and one of heather or neda to f2


Although… he might want to take Sarah to the end with him because she’s playing a similar game. He might think that she’ll be more disliked by the jury.


she is too much of a loose cannon who has already threatened to blow up arlies game

i think he would prefer the smoother route of heather or neda in f2

arlie, jon and adel will be taking each other out from f5 onwards and the last of the 3 standing will take heather or neda


Sabrina, u will be hated no matter which way u vote. there is no redemption for u. ever.


after they packed their bags does anyone know of they were locked in the backyard? that would be the perfect time to hide the diamond POV in the house. they might have thought that the fear of an instant eviction would make the house guests paranoid enough to look around the house for “differences”. thats what i would do. they should just keep doing weird random stuff around the house so the house guests get paranoid enough to start paying attention. i mean they cant really announce that there is a hidden Dpov in the house, they have to do something to get a house guest to find it. i doubt they would hide it in plain sight.


Andrew is a bully pure and simple. Being a bully is not the same as having a “good” game. Canada made the right choice because players like Ika did not make the right choice. Should have put up Andrew and Kenny and if one of them won the POV then she should have put up Sabrina. The whole country saw this play and Canada made this play when it became HOH. Canadians can differentiate between a bully and a good player. Andrew calling Heather a “dumb bitch” was way out of line and I am surprised Production did not call him out on that. Heather was playing her game and for Andrew to call her that is unacceptable. Arissa and Peter certainly brought up his misogynistic comments when they interviewed Andrew right after he got kicked out.


When did the “dumb bitch” comment happen? I missed that.


It happened twice actually. Both times when Canada could see and hear for themselves. The first time was him calling Ika an ignorant bitch when she shredded the letters. Kenny called her one too. He called Heather a stupid bitch because she selected ‘Houseguests choice’ in the POV comp he was on the block for. Kenny and Adel begged to be picked and she picked Adel.


Did this happen face-to-face?


Andrew and Kenny were locked inside the house. Ika was outside but they could see each other. Both gave her one finger salutes on both hands and called her an ignorant bitch while looking her. We heard, she only saw. They called her worse afterwards to her face. Heather was a few feet away when she was called one.


Andrew that douche he did not apologise to canada even after
Arisa did mention his behavior ..pluse this morning on a interview by global canada tv he was cocky and arrogant and still did not apologize at all!!!


I keep reading about this DPOV, but do we know for sure that it is a DPOV? The website says “one lucky houseguest will discover the secret Power of Veto”. It doesn’t say anything about it being a special veto, just a secret one. Did I miss something or are people just assuming it is a DPOV?


Whenever they the meter was displayed to the HG’s one flanking screens diamonds were rotating around. Since viewers know the meter is related to the release of a veto in the house it seems the displayed diamonds imply it is a DPOV.

The HG’s are convinced the meter releases an upcoming twist since the last time it ran Canada became HOH. (so far the meter releases positive events).

This is why some posters are questioning Kenny’s singing ‘diamonds’ by Rhianna might indicate he has found the veto. If he has he has not divulged it to Sarah.


It’s labeled as a social experiment and evicted house guests see ‘Psych’ before they’re released. We saw that in last nights show. Perhaps while the feeds are down the Andrews of the house are acting out. Really acting out. Google what is a sociopath and tell me you don’t see Sabrina in her full glory. Andrew is a time bomb. I don’t know if production is interfering but I hope they are for the benefit of the sane people there who might get really hurt. I’m not a fan but Rochelle is really really hurt while her BFF giggles away without an ounce of empathy. Intervene away Slice. This isn’t entertaining anymore.


I think I must have missed a lot of the behaviour you’re talking about, because none of them seem that dangerous to me. Nothing I’ve seen even begins to compare to Amanda from BBUS trying to intimidate Elyssa verbally and physically (so much so that Elyssa hid for a while) or Amanda or Aaryn saying racist stuff to Candy. Yeesh.


Do you watch the live feeds? You’d see it clearly if you did. The unedited version. Sabrina unleashed. Scary stuff!


Sabrina is just wierd. She is nowhere in Amanda’s league for intimidation.


Rumor on social media that Anick may be coming back into the house. Also rumored that these puppets could be used as a group therapy for the HGs by Anick as punishment for Rachelle eating when she was a have-not

another name

i’ve mentioned my displeasure with production’s heavy handed manipulations a lot. i hate it. go ahead and say it’s for advertising dollars or hey, they do it all the time with editing, or point out how other programs and how they manipulation their respective games. i’m not going to argue your points, i’m not a sock puppet making drooling nose picking touchmyself farting think i’m superior or playing dumb streaking lying pander to the cameras or hide from them to fly under the radar contestant. i’m one of the viewers. i’m one of the people whose consumer dollars support or refrain from supporting the companies advertising. i’m one of the people that watches the feeds and the programs to notice how editing alters character perception. and i’m one of the people that chooses to watch or not watch the other programs with the fully informed knowledge that they are popularity contests. this does not invalidate my opinion that this season of big brother has been too heavy handed in manipulating the game. go ahead and hate my comment, go ahead and hurl personal insults or attempt to cyber bully me because you don’t like what i have to say, that won’t alter my opinion. if you are prepared to say that production has not been overtly manipulating the game to an outrageous extent, make your point, present your evidence and perhaps even change my mind.