Big Brother Spoilers “We have a 2 week window to get rid of Helen” -Amanda

POV Holder: Andy Next POV Aug 17th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 19th
HOH Winner: ANDY Next HOH: Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Jessie and Spencer
Current Nominations: Jessie and Spencer
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD
Have Nots Aaryn, Helen , GM, Elissa


Big Brother 15 N*de flashback times here

5:44pm Kitchen Helen, Spencer, McCrae, Elissa, Amanda

Helen says she’s done with Jessie maybe after the show there will be some clarity but right now she’s putting words in Helen’s mouth.
MC thinks that Jessie is done freaking out on people, “If she gets alcohol she might flair back up.. but I think she’s done “
Helen says she’s trying to get Amanda and McCrae again Elissa, Helen and Aaryn.
Elissa says Doesn’t she know she needs more than 2 votes to stay this week.
Andy: “She thinks GM will vote to whoever I tell her to.. GM is on board with all of us Duh”
Andy: “here’s the deal girl your ship sunk a couple weeks ago I carried you as long as I could”
Elissa: ‘She’s such a good player” (She may be saying this sarcastically)

Andy about Jessie “She was not backdoored.. I gave her a chance to save herself”
Andy: “We did stack the veto competition against.. we did blatantly plot so she couldn’t win the veto”

CBS Interactive Inc.


6:02pm Bedroom Amanda and McCrae
Amanda mentions that Helen came up to her and told her Spencer is the target next week.
Amanda says if Aaryn gets power she will put up Spencer and Elissa if one of them come down they will backdoor Helen. McCrae adds if one of them gets power it will be the same plan but if Helen wins Veto they will put up Elissa.

McCrae says he wants to tell Aaryn they are going to have a fake plan to Backdoor her with Helen, Elisa, Andy, McCrae and Amanda. They are doing this just in case Helen or Elissa wins HOH this will keep Amanda and McCrae off the block.

McCrae doesn’t want Elissa/Helen to be thinking about going after him and Amanda she wants them to be preoccupied with Aaryn and Spencer.
Amanda doesn’t think Helen will put up two members of the 3am alliance especially her and McCrae, ‘Helen is in the three person alliance she won’t do that”
McCrea: “She will think she has the votes to keep me”
They run through scenarios if Helen wins the HOH and puts up Spencer and GM. This will give spencer more reason to put her up if he wins the HOH the following week. As long as only 1 of them gets nominated they will have the votes to evict whoever they want.
Amanda says they have a 2 week window to get rid of Helen.
Amanda: ‘because the first week we say we are going to backdoor Aaryn and we don’t that 3 person alliance is done.. then the next week Helen has to go home and if not we’re screwed”
(3 person alliance is Helen, MC, and Andy.. it’s a fake alliance)
(3Am alliance is MC, Amanda, Andy and Aaryn it’s real)


6:25pm Spencer and MC on the couch as other Amanda and Helen build stuff for the McCrae and Amanda wedding.

MC and Spencer talking about the potential of Jessie getting drunk at their wedding and going off on everyone.


6:36pm Storage room Andy, MC and Aaryn

Andy says he’s been talking to Helen and Spencer and Aaryn is fine with them. he’s sure Spencer is not coming after Aaryn anymore.
Aaryn leaves.
Andy says Spencer will definitely put up Helen and Elissa. McCrae says they should tell Helen they want to backdoor Poopie just in case Helen gets the power so she will put up GM and Spencer. If POV is used and Aaryn goes up they have the votes to keep Aayrn and they will vote out whoever is up against Aaryn. McCrae explains this way it keeps the 3am off the block and maintains their number advantage.
McCrae: “I want to talk to Poopie first so we don’t blindside her”
You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using the flashback feature.. It’s just like a DVR and is super easy to use. click this link for a Free Trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds


7:00pm Amanda’s wedding dress

Amanda has put a request in so that the have nots can drink for a hour.


7:07pm Andy and McCrae
Andy says they are in a really good spot right now and he likes the idea of selling a fake backdoor Aaryn plan to Helen.
Andy: ‘I think Poopie is in a really good spot to”
MC knows Aaryn will not like the plan but she needs to trust them this is the best way to make sure the 3 am alliance does not go up. MC explains to Andy they need to get Helen out within the next two weeks. Especially if they tell her the plan is to backdoor Aaryn and she doesn’t go home. It’s imperative they take Helen out the following week, “She’ll know we f***ed her over”
Andy says Spencer trust them both more than anyone else. MC knows Spencer is smart and is probably piecing things together. Andy: ‘I have to be more careful when I’m talking around him”



7:40pm Amanda and Aaryn getting ready for the wedding. the guys are out in the backyard talking with Helen about their favourite movie

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Helen is such a fool to believe everything that Andy spoon feeds her.

Uri Dequad

MUST SEE!!!!!!!
Big Brother 15- The Saga
Parts prequel thru part 7



Get out of here Will we know its you behind that fake name. LOL. Helen is a fool this is a downfall in her real life as well. She is a lobbyist for a political party that has condoned racial slurs against her own race. This is why she is so fake see seeks acceptance in the wrong places and it will always burn her. Next week when she is back-doored will be proof of this.

Uri Dequad

Amanda’s t!ts are too big and too fake!!!
( . ) ( . )


After watching the live feed tonight, yup “I’m Out of here!” The honeymoon was over before the wedding, enough is enough. Crappy cast where being mean, nasty and bullying is given a playform. BB, pull the plug! You had an opportunity to show us your moral footprint and well, you did and it sucks!


****Warning***** NSFW *********

here’s Demanda’s wedding dress when she let her BOOB out…..


Yep, Amandabeast’s boobs are full of silicone

Uri Dequad

????Jessie is behind the 8 ball




Andy has everyone under his control. I can’t even read much of the blog anymore because I’m sick of the gameplay and these people are horrible at Big Brother in general. I have the live feeds and log on for about 30 minutes a day and check…but still nothing.

I love to check this blog for the comments that the users leave though, so thanks to all the users for entertaining me when the players cannot.


As a sidenote, I have a hard time believing she has any kind of government-related job. Her info page says she’s a political consultant so my understanding is she deals with important people, but I doubt I would personally hire her in any capacity, or even take her seriously, just based on the way she speaks. I can’t help but block out most of what she says, and typically just wait for yet another “you know” and “like” so I could slap my forehead over and over. It is unreal to me that someone with a professional career can speak like this. She is an airhead and a wannabe intellectual.


Just watched Candice bb15 YouTube it’s clear that some saw the racial line get crossed and they just went with it because it was weak point to break both Candice and Howard I don’t know I think when these people watch the videos and feed they will feel badly I mean they just have to and I feel badly for these people honestly ESP Amanda Gina Marie and Aaryn. The were playing a game but Aaryn targeted Candice instantly I do believe that in defending herself Candice fed into the stereotypes which didn’t help but these people are so gung ho on the money they lost sight of many things. Just wondering bloggers who are not of ethnicity do you all really hate people who are not white mainly do y’all hate blacks truly be honest


I’m white and in all honesty the behavior of these Hg’s fits closest to the way that we look at non-whites.

Sure we smile in your face and pretend that we are decent and tolerant but once we are in the safe confines of our own “privacy” we enjoy expressing our hatred for you.

Candice and Howard never had a chance in a house were people use terms like “Ni99er-insurance” and “Peurto Rican Showers”……how can you expect to build relationship/friendships when your HG’s give you nicknames like “Black-Candace” & “Black-Mamba”, “Aunt Jemimah” & “Dark Knight”?

Amanda said it best at the beginning of the game when she referred to the non-whites in the house as “outsiders”,……..Howard and Candice were never seen as the same and their differences were always highlited, everything from their “nappy” hair to their “big-butts” to their “dark” complexion.

Who could forget the laugh fest when Amanda and Aryan were discussing how Howard and Candice private-parts probably taste like watermelon……or Aryans observation that the Black dish were segregated and on the bottom of the tank.

This is a household were GM can bitched the English language and it’s seen as “cute” but when Candice says “axed” in place of “asked” it’s met with a condescending correction by Aryan who relayed the story and correction to a smiling David.

The strongest hatred that has ever existed on this planet is the hatred that us whites have for Black people, if you study history you cannot deny this so you can’t expect any other outcome for Howard and Candice and you can expect Helen to be next.


Wow ok thanks it’s clear white people hate blacks and it goes way back. But dare I ask why ??? And to all others who are of ethnicity I hope they read this post. Whites at the core truly hate black people. You even got thumbs up for your honesty why do whites people hate black people so much??? Be honest again


People are just ignorant. I am a white woman married to a black man. He is the greatest thing and person in my life. And my white family… him too. NOT ALL WHITES HATE BLACKS! I do believe, however that a lot of these haters and bigots on the show are having these feeling and saying these things because of the way they were brought up. Parents and adults are definitely somewhat to blame.

We Know You Do

That person is not speaking for all whites, just like one black person can’t speak or represent for all blacks. In the end the only words spoken that matters will be the words we hear on our judgment day.


Ok but majority at the core whites hate blacks thanks and if not they just tolerate blacks but in truth black people are just nappy headed and monkeys on welfare and ghetto. At the end of the day white people just secretly hate black people based on the fact that they have skin pigment that blocks them from the sun rays thanks


WOW! Well, I certainly hope this is not true. I have worked with many people of all kinds of ethnicities, nationalities, & races and there’re are good and bad in all – I just judge people individually after getting to know them.

Wow is a racist idiot!

That’s why my black husband is very highly educated with a great job making a great living and supporting his family! Meanwhile, you are still counting your pennies trying to keep your place at the trailer park! Dumb ignorant pathetic excuse for a human being!!! I feel sorry for you and your mother!

Read Deal

You are one ignorant bastard!

We Know You Do

LUKE 12:3 “But there is nothing covered up that will not be revealed, and hidden that will not be known. 3″Accordingly, whatever you have said in the dark will be heard in the light, and what you have whispered in the inner rooms will be proclaimed upon the housetops.

Hebrews 4:13
Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him to whom we must give account.


Not defending what they did but hey Candice had absolutely no business looking through the other girls things and taking them without asking. That is pretty disgusting and if you want to blame anyone blame Spencer for starting the whole mess and thinking it was funny afterwards. Besides that in my opinion Amanda was the absolutely worse one with GM not far behind and then Helen. Yes, Aaryn was mad but part of that was because of Spencer and Candice just thinking she could take what she wanted and did not need to ask. That was a pretty sorry of Candice to do and being in pageants Candice knew that was a big NO NO!!! Pageant girls would of knocked Candice out if she had done that to one of them at a pageant. Trust me I know.


I miss Dan and Ian


I wish there was a “They’re all awful” option for me to select in the least favorite poll. Also did anyone else hear on the feeds Amanda talking about Howard and Candice and saying “we’re cuter, we’re white” or something along those lines?

Zingbot Fan

I don’t thing anyone in the house ,except for Jessie who is on the way out, has the courage to put Amanda on the block. Grow a pair people.




Jessie should go to the wedding and start coughing really loud and laughing when the question is asked “Does anyone know why these two should not be BB wed speak now or forever hold your piece”. Disrupt this damn joke. I know McCrae’s mother is hoping this crap gets somebody. Or BB Production has two surprise guests for the wedding: McCrae’s hometown girlfriend Jessica and Amanda’s boyfriend from FL. How interesting would that be?


Cannot wait for Hell-en to be voted out of the house.

Say What

I wonder when Helen gets to the Jury House will she and Judd discuss whether its time for the rest of the house to evict Amanda yet. I think Judd might go for it, but Helen would say not this week.


Please get amanda out 1st.wana see her cry those fake tears.except when mccray wouldn’t let her win.what a selfish person!. Get out &take u weird guy with you


Helen saying that Jessie is crazy is the funniest thing I heard all summer!! They are weak players and act like high schoolers. Too bad CBS is editing it to favor Helen and Amanda, who are seriously disillusion. They are like it is so because I said it and that is all you need to know.


I really wanted Amanda to leave but it will be very funny to watch Helen walk out of the door because of Amanda. Helen you should have got rid of Amanda weeks ago it is on you


That is everyone wish including Helen but up until now she still does not have numbers. As we can see that Andy is loyal to Amanda and reports all info gathers from Helen and Elissa and does not tell anything to Helen. The onlly way they could get rid of Amanda/Mccrea is if Helen or Elissa wins HOH. Hopes that Helen realizes that Andy is the rat/mole on their alliance and selling them out to Amanda.

Aaryn is fugly

My dream would be if they got this trashy racist bitch Aaryn out already. Then they can get the slob duncemanda out, and then get rid of the rest of the filth that makes you wish for a nuclear winter. Such as GM, Spencer, and Andy.


You sound more hateful and aggressive than Amanda.

Holding my excitement

The way this big brother season has been going Aaryn or Gina Marie will win HoH Thursday sigh


Helen and Amanda are the only ones playing the game. Helen just does it in an annoying way, where as Amanda does it in a crazy way! I like how dumb they are. if Elissa or Helen wins HOH. one of them will be going home. BB production knows this, there are NOT going to let anyone win BB except for Jessie, Elissa, Helen or Mccrae.


Helen is playing the game but I’m not sure what Elissa is doing. She’s just been lounging around the last few weeks doing whatever Helen tells her to and throwing out a snide remark to someone now and then. They can barely edit her into the episodes because of how inactive she is.


Unfortualtly Ellissa would have been on board to evict Amanda a long time ago but trusting Helen has hurt her game. Like Andy who continues to talk Helen out of doing what we all want.


dang Damanda makes one ugly bride .. and that dress …LMFAO …. Rachels garbage bag dress looked a heck of a lot better… but then again … regarding Demanda .. ugly is as ugly can be …lol

Get a Clue

And Helen’s response to that “wedding” dress? “It literally looks like a designer wedding dress!” Seriously?!?!? So ridiculous! Helen’s delusions manifest every time she speaks. I’m really looking forward to her eviction. It can’t come soon enough, although I do wish Amanda was leaving before her. The BB bride and groom separated during their honeymoon — that would be hilarious! I can just hear her pitch — “You can’t get rid of me during my honeymoon!!!” What is that old saying? Distance makes the heart grow fonder? If I had my wish, Helen would take out Amanda next week, and then McCrae would take out Helen the week after.


She makes everything ugly. Is that a sheet she’s trying to turn into her gown? It would only seem so fitting considering their always in their bed




Opie Cunningham really put has no clue!!! I think his downfall will be his own doing. The jury will be made up of people that can go back and put together where all the information and lies came from…… Mr. TMZ himself. That’s not good game play. That’s being a tattle tale!!! I voted no one for my favorite player
And I need Dawg to add multiple choice for my least favorite player. Drinking game time again. ” worst cast ever”. (drink)


Helen sucks, she back stabbed and voted out people who would have been loyal to her and tells all her secrets to biggest tattletale rat of the season. Helen is a fool and I CANNOT WAIT to see her face when she leaves next week.


And she knows Jessie would’ve voted Amanda out. On the live feeds before the fallout, she actually said a pro of keeping Jessie is she knows Jess will go after Amanda. BUT if Jessie won HOH next week she would go after Amanda ONE WEEK, let’s all say it together, too soon, so she had to go. Now she talking about backdooring Amanda next week anyway. So not only did knowingly help evict a sure vote against Amanda. She’s doing it for no reason. Can’t wait until this bites her next week.


I think, I would have been a Helen fan if she didn’t make this game move. Getting rid of Candance and Jessie ( the 2 who will vote against Amanda). So, if Helen puts up lets say MC and Amanda and one of them wins the veto and is taken off the back and a replacement is put up, let’s say spenser.

The votes will be:

A A – Spenser
Helen – Am/Mc
Ellissa – Am/MC
Andy – Spenser
Mc/Amanda – Spenser
GM – Spenser

She wouldn’t be smart enough to put up Andy who will not vote out Am/Mc … or would he? And, they will all cry during the voting ceramony.

So, she is really late!!!


What? MCPuss and Demeaning having a fake wedding and rubbing it in all their faces and everyone still wants to kiss their butts and keep the showmance in the house. Yes, Helen ALL of you are mentally unstable and you will be like Jessie when you get backdoored. LOL

Sure Thing

Come on, so we are to believe that this travesty of a wedding is supposed to be real. So BB is going to spend 30 mins of our time showing us a wedding. I guess the female viewers are suppose to gosh at this wedding and say the bride is glowing. McCrae doesn’t want this relationship. When a guy feels that he’s the girl in the relationship, then something is wrong. When a guy makes $200.00 a week and his new bride says he needs to make $200,000.00 a year, then there is no chance. Ok, BB has now officially gone for the ridiculous.


I CANT STAND HELEN. she supports all the wrong people in this game (aaryn, amanda, andy). they all been in the big brother house for too long; they have all lost it.


Helen or Elissa getting evicted next week sounds good to me.


HELEN! HELEN! PLEASE let it be HELLLLLEN. She is going to feel so stupid

Grendel + Smaug are not human!

Grendel the Troll is to Beowulf as Smaug the Dragon is to Bilbo Baggins!
Spencer is naughty! We are about to see “superfriends” Helen + Amanda
create two armed camps! this is going to be rather vicious & unpleasant!

Digoro Itto

It’s beautiful to watch the incredulous Helen get led to slaughter.

The poor woman actually thought her treachery would lead her to the money but in the end she will be blind-sided, back-stabbed and tossed to the side by the same people that called her Kim Jong and said she tasted like egg-rolls and ate cats/kittens and should be serving them rice and kissing their asses.

I wonder if they will do the nail-salon jokes at her eviction.


2 week wuindow to get rid of Helen?

They could’ve gotten rid of Helen this week which was the PERFECT chance since their alliance won the hoh and veto, but instead as usual they make weak move #8. I guess it’s better to take out a minor threat now, and take a huge risk in Helen/Elissa winning the veto and hoh whether on the block or not, giving them the chance to turn 1st?

Guess Amanda isn’t as “smart” as people claim? She’s just lucky the house is full of sheep and idiots.




Who want to see this wedding? I don’t. Please guys shut off the live feeds. This is a BB Joke.
Remember they said give them notice when the wedding is happening. Who cares!!! I’m not watching that crap of a wedding.
I guess they productions thinks that will make up for these pass boring weeks.


Amanda is so fugly looking….looks like a drag queen tbh.

Kettle...the pot is calling...

Your comments are ugly….and you named yourself after Jessie’s c**t. What’s up with that?


Comparing that filthy dominatrix wannabe to a drag queen is an insult to the fabulousness of a true diva drag! I danced with a fabulous drag boy the other night, out of costume and girl he could move! Plus, he could give a lesson to Aaryn about how to do your eyebrows so they don’t look like two dark caterpillars that died on her forehead! just sayin’…other than that, I agree, she’s butt ugly!


Look at that wedding dress, made from those stain sheets. Omg. I’m sick! Just thinking about it.


Jessie, please get drunk and curse out Amanda and Helen!!!


My Lord when are they gona open their one has balls to get eather helen or amanda out.if eather wins who would win the $.jury haten on them.get them 2 assholes out!!!


Helen saying she can’t recommend Jessie is a farce, she has proven she has no integrity. She is so 2-faced. Chances are she’s racist too which is why she pretends she didn’t hear anything of that nature. Just because she’s Asian doesn’t mean she isn’t racist. She sure wanted Howard and Candice out fast. Go figure.


I had a hard time believing she knew anyone who works for facebook. Looked more like she wanted to sound like she was “important” again.


Just when we think we”ve identified the biggest xenophobe in the group, another one rears its ugly head. This time it’s Helen. I can’t believe she told Elissa she hasn’t heard any racist comments in house and believes GM & Aaryn over Candice.

Isn’t Helen also married to a Caucasian? No wonder she doesn’t stand up for her own. Watching her be blind sided will be awesome because she definitely wll not see it coming. Simon pls take a screen capture of her face when it happens.


On the feeds tonight the she-devil Helen told her daughter Arayn that she loved Candice but feared to support her because she didn’t want to draw the wrath of GM and Aryan and become another minority target at the hands of the Gestapo-girls.

What a cowardly little worm.

Jess fan

Jessie is the only one in this game with any guts. Bb needs to throw in a surprise! Jessie stays and has all the power! Now that would be a great twist!


Who the heck is Poopie?


Thanks Simon


I forgot to respond with my name


Goooooddddd!!! Let the hate flow through you!!!! Geeezzz such sh!tty hatefulness everyone on this board is no better than the house guests.

Right On

BD22, you are so right, there’s more hateful and derogatory comments here than on BB15.


Back under your bridge, but thanks for visiting!

Danity Kane

LOL either the houseguests are REALLY stupid (by really, I mean REALLY), or the rumours of Amanda being the pre-determined winner of Big Brother 15, are true. I think it’s the second one- it wouldn’t shock me one bit.


Do they actually think that this will ‘entertain’ America?
They’ve been feeding them topics in the DR all day.
The Blind and the Gloom walking down the aisle.
Same sex couple.


McCrae should be in the dress and the horrible Dom-wannabe should be wearing some pants!


“Amanda has put a request in so that the have nots can drink for a hour. ”

They get request like that?

Oh, wait maybe Elissa can get drunk again and call out her “friends” in the back again?

Yes, let’ the have nots drink.. Can we possibly get them some “hard liquor”?


Wouldn’t it be awesome if CBS’ ratings are in the tank when they air this so called “wedding”–no one watching!


Everyone should cancel their live feed(that would get their attention)because there is nothing going on worth watching. If they lost 40 or 50% of their live feed money I bet they’d change something up. Try it , what are you going to miss. You can always read the blogs and after you read 2 or 3 you’ll find out you really didn’t miss anything because there really isn’t any game playing going on. Don’t complain if your not willing to try and do something about it. Send CBS a message that will be heard immediately. Say no to this shitty cast. Tell them we want no part in making these pieces of shi- famous.


ugh, jessie, go after andy, duh.

he’s the one to really attack due to how he was the one that leaked the vote out demanda plan a few weeks ago, and it was his idea to F’ you over with the lying about you being safe due to being such a pussy and not wanting drama.

while you are at it, F’ with the wedding. smash the cake, screw up the aisle, whatever you can.

la la la

Any is such a rat I cannot stand looking at him. I would love for him to get blindsided in the next few weeks but I doubt that will happen!


If they were smart someone would drag his pathetic ass to final 2… what is he going to say he did in this game!?

This sucks

On top of all the other disasters, One hour drinking request for have nots?!?! This isn’t really big brother, this is a joke on all viewers. We’re all being punked!


Jessie should turn that wedding upside down. I would it up he dress, mash the cake, rip up tne orange carpet. I would make it
The wedding from HELL! Lol I think I’m going crazy thinking about the things I would do to turn out that wedding. They would be
Running for cover. I would be pushing Gina and Amnda so hard they would probably knock me out cold. Objective: get one o them
Evicted. Lol. Or better yet scare Helen so bad she would sel evict. Lol


Now that’s a wedding I would watch! Wish you were there! It would be great if Jessie dragged McCrae off to the honeymoon suite and locked the HOH door behind her! Something tells me McCrae wouldn’t put up much of a fight!


Naahhh I promise if you were in the house you wouldn’t do not one of those things you just said.


Helen has to win the next HoH in order to put both Amanda & McCrae up.
if one of ’em wins PoV, then put Andy or Aaryn up. The three “A”s are
Aaryn, Amanda and Andy. Helen needs the three of them gone to win
the game. At this rate, she’s going to join Candice & Judd so fast it isn’t
funny if she trusts Andy totally and he remains in Amanda’s hip pocket.
Helen has bollixed up the opportunity for a last minute deal with Jessie
that instead would send Spencer out the door. The “superfriends” are all
about to go into civil war mode. The gameplay is going to be fast & furious
as Jessie exits with panache & true grit. the next 48 hours are critical to this!


No, remember the game is so predicatable …. I to commented that Helen put up Am/Mc and ect ect …. but whoever wins will put up spenser, Gm or Elliss and backdoor the otherside.


Correction. Burn the dress. Lol


So who’s walking the groom in the white dress down the isle, Uncle Creepy?


its getting old people with the Amanda bashing seriously she is actually playing the best game


I agree completely. With GM speaking so much filth and acting psychotic and Amanda actually keeping to herself and not bothering anybody you would think people would give Amanda a break.


Amanda reminds me of Angela from the movie Sleepaway Camp in that last pic.

MC should probably be the bride.


No original thoughts on this board. Andy is funny as f*ck. He is. He just plays the game of BB. Stop your bitching people. Go to therapy then


Andy who? Amanda who?

Butters Mom

Jessie needs to go all “carrie” on amanda as she walks down the aisle and throw something that looks like BLOOD all over her dress… I doubt it will phase Amanda since she already has blood running down her legs most of the time but McCrae might run back in the house crying and screaming…. COME ON BB… ENTERTAIN US!!!


weird. Carrie popped into my head too when i saw amanda in the white sheet. hope she washed it first!!!


You are sick. Judging from your post, Amanda has way more class than you! And that goes for some of the others posting here. You’re somebody’s mother??? Scary.


Not a South Park fan I guess… there is probably enough DNA on that sheet she’s wearing to create many, many more bed bugs to infest the house. Last night that crazy trashy whore said they were postponing the wedding til next week. I guess she wanted to rub this in Jessie’s face!

Butters Mom

ahhhhh… no class…. ?! and yes… I am Butters Mom! Amanda is a whore! Accept it… don’t try and reflect her actions on others… she has sex on the rag and then gives bj’s and doesnt know what NO means when McCrae says it over and over again…. I’ve never raped any one… Amanda has… on camera… I think that at the very least gives me more class than Amanda.


Sendz us a pic of yurself r u hot! I wood lik to take a stik of butter and lube yur ass up wit it andz showz you howz to take a big choclate stik


So is aaryn helping show Amanda the correct way to wear a white sheet?


Wait that sounded bad there is no correct way to wear a white sheet I meant aaryns opinion on how to wear one, I think everyone knows what I meant. No more commenting while in this daze this boring cast puts me in… Sorry


no apology needed!!!!
just let all the people
here read into it what
they may, enuff said!


Yes, cut two holes in it, put it over her head. Tie rat Andy at he bottom. She already has the rope on Put it around her head and drag her down the aisle.


That comment made me laugh out loud! Too funny!


that’s so good




ROTFLMAO!! Thanks for that, Bill!


A fake wedding. Fake alliances. Fake boobs. Fake hair and nails. Fake friendships. Fake Big Brother.


It’s almost like visiting Beverly Hills…

Butters Mom

Its the Housewives of Big Brother!


Does anyone seriously care about this lame Amanda and MC showmance and their stupid fake wedding… I’d rather have a root canal 5 times in a row than watch it or even read about it. It’s Not cute.. funny thing is they think the viewers are enjoying this


Well, they thought we would like nail parties as well. So, you know.