Aaryn says to Ginamarie – You f**king followed me into the hall and chest bumped me like a F**KING PSYCHO!

POV Holder: Andy Next POV Aug 17th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 12th
HOH Winner: ANDY Next HOH: Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Jessie and Spencer
Current Nominations: Jessie and Spencer
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD
Have Nots Aaryn, Helen , GM, Elissa


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1:25am – 1:40am Jessie heads out to the backyard where Spencer and Gina are sitting on the couch. Jessie says that she just heard the plan to evict me through a wall, so it is really good for ya’ll because if ya’ll make it far then I will be votes for either you or GM. Ginamarie asks wait what?! Jessie says because no one told me anything, Jess. Jessie says yeah. Spencer asks so what happened? Jessie says oh I just listened through a door way and I heard everybody saying everything. It was really easy. Gina asks who was talking? Jessie says Amanda, McCrae, Helen, Elissia, Aaryn. Gina asks Andy? Jessie says he wasn’t in there but they all basically outted him that I was the target all week and he has been lying to me saying I wasn’t the target that Spencer was going to go. Jessie says I am actually glad this happened because now I can go to the jury with a clear conscience and that I have been right about everything that I’ve been suspecting that people have been lying to me and treating me like dirt, ya know. I am cool with it, that I heard it come out of everyone’s mouths. Spencer says I am sorry bro. Gina says I didn’t even know. Jessie says well if either of you make it to the end they you have my vote. Spencer and Gina say thank you. Jessie says just be careful because if Andy can lie to my face like that.. Jessie says I just finished talking to Aaryn in the bathroom and she asked if I was okay. I was talking to her, venting to her. I was talking to her about everything being okay then came out side took a drag of a cigarette and came back inside and Aaryn was in the room telling them everything. They were all laughing and joking about how they were all getting be out and I was going to be sitting in the jury with Judd and just being basically despicable human beings. Spencer asks do they know? Jessie says oh yeah, I talked to Andy and told him that I heard everything and he got this look on his face and walked into the havenot room. And I was like yup! Jessie says I know both of you aren’t involved, I can’t wait for everyone that has screwed me over and greet them as they come into the jury house. I don’t think I will do anything on the live show but.. Gina says don’t go down like Candice did. Jessie says no, I don’t think I will go off on people I will probably just hug you guys because what I just heard, I will never forget that! Gina says just be a lady like you are, don’t go out like Candice. Jessie says no, I will use the opportunity to thank my family and to talk about how I played this game. And how I played this game – I was a fighter. I’ve been on the block 4 times and I basically got to jury, to be the third member of the jury house on my own two feet. I learned that I do face adversity with grace and I didn’t know that about myself. Once I heard that conversation, I knew the war was over. Jessie tells Gina that Aaryn talks bad about you all the time. Gina says oh I know. Jessie says I don’t really hear a lot of bad stuff about you. I don’t get why everyone lied to me this week? Why would you f**k yourself for jury votes, don’t they know how this works. Jessie says that Helen has been lying between her teeth. I can’t wait till all of the people who think they are rock solid, I can’t wait till they all go after each other. Jessie says my plan of action is to blow everybody out of the water this week and expose everyone for who they really are and to leave with a big smile on my face and basically make everyone hate each other. So ya’ll just sit back and watch because it is going to be entertaining. This house is full of liars, it’s a liar’s den. Jessie tells Spencer that I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt because I didn’t hear it from you that you knew about this. Spencer says I have been feed the I am going to with the house thing. Jessie says Aaryn is a rat, Elissa/Helen/Amanda/McCrae are working together. Andy is closest with Elissa but I still believe that at this point he is telling them everything, everything. I will be rooting for you.

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Meanwhile in the bathroom – In the bathroom Andy is talking to Amanda and McCrae. Andy is asks what was said so that he knows what to do with it. Amanda says they were just talking about how she is going home and Elissa said something about her being on meds. Andy says well at least this was entertaining and helps pass the time. Andy says this is why I want to take Helen to the final two because then I can be literally everything that she has done has been spoon feed by me. They talk about how the jury will perceive this. Amanda says she doesn’t feel bad because she tried to flip the house on me few times. Andy says maybe I will get pandora’s box tomorrow and really shake up the house. Amanda tells McCrae that he shouldn’t have go into the room alone with Jessie after. McCrae says I don’t need you to hold my f**king hand. F**K THAT! You’re crazy! Amanda says ah REALLY!? Do you want to take that back or do you want to hold onto that one? Are you going to take that one back? McCrae says no. Amanda asks are you going to apologize. Andy heads over to the sink and McCrae says f**k you Andy you stay in the middle of this. Amanda says you aren’t going to apologize after she said I am using you and the only reason you like me is because I have big tits. Andy says that he is worried he will have his first confrontation tomorrow. This is now the third person that has yelled at me. McCrae says he knows his fight is coming with Elissa and it will be a no holds barred f**king blood bath! I am going to f**king eviscerate her and then rain in blood! Andy says we have to win HOH this week. They all agree that they think Helen buys their alliance. We have to make sure she isn’t worried about all of this. We have to just continue to make Helen and Elissa comfortable. Helen joins them and says sorry I don’t know how all this happened. They discuss how it all went down again. Gina joins them and they ask her what’s going on out there. Gina says Jessie pretty much knows she is going home. She isn’t talking bad about anyone. Andy heads to bed and says he is going to lock the HOH door. Gina says that Jessie is just saying that Aaryn has been saying stuff about me but I just told her that I’ve heard it all before. I don’t know what’s truthful and what’s not. Gina heads back outside.

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2:25am – 2:50am Amanda, McCrae and Aaryn are in the back bedroom. Amanda says that as long as the four of us stick together we are fine. Aaryn says that tonight really back fired on me because now she (Jessie) is talking sh*t about me and turning people against me. Amanda says it doesn’t matter no one is listening to her. Gina joins them and Aaryn asks what Jessie is saying out there. Gina says oh nothing much just that you talk sh*t about everyone. Aaryn asks if its anything specific or what? Gina says no and its not thing to get upset over or fight about. Amanda says we all talk sh*t about each other. Gina tells Aaryn there is no need to get upset of start a fight. Aaryn leaves and says I will start a fight if I want to, I am sick and tired of people telling me what to do! Gina heads out of the room after. Gina and Aaryn heads out to the hot tub. Aayrn explains that the only thing she has it that she would put up Gina but that is just something I had to say for game talk. Gina says it’s not a big deal I don’t care. Aaryn says that now we have to sit around for 3 days while Jessie goes off talking sh*t. Gina says she doesn’t think it will be so bad. Aaryn says Jessie heard us say some horrible things about her. Gina says well when she came out here she didn’t say anything bad, just that she heard you guys talking. Aaryn says this all started when I was shaving my legs up there and Jessie was talking so much sh*t about Helen, just railing the sh*t out of her. And I was just nodding. Aaryn says I told her maybe she needs to work with Amanda and McCrae rather than against them. Aaryn says that Jessie talks so much sh*t about everyone. We all talk sh*t about everyone I am not going to let this bit*h do this to me. Aaryn says I should never have talked sh*t with Amanda and McCrae in the rainbow room. I should have just kept my mouth shut. I am not going to be cool with her throwing my name out, like you’re game is over just f**king relax.

2:55am Elissa and Helen are in the havenot room talking. Elissa brings up how Jessie said that I was ditzy. Helen says I am sorry she said that Elissa. Elissa says I don’t care, I have surface conversations with people because it’s no one’s business to know about my personal life or my husband’s business. Meanwhile Jessie is trying to eavesdrop on their conversation again by putting her head up against the havenot door.


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2:50am Up in the HOH room – Spencer tells Andy that he will make decisions with him and work together. Aaryn joins them and says that apparently now Jessie is telling Ginamarie that I am talking sh*t. Andy says Jessie is going to try and raise hell! Spencer agrees. Your best bet is to just lay low and ignore everything. Gina joins them. Gina brings up how Jessie heard everything and thinks that they all think she is a joke. Aayrn says no one said she was a joke. Spencer says no but that is how she interpreted it. Gina says she didn’t say anything bad about anyone. Spencer says she said she would keep her speech classy too. Aaryn says if she is trying to raise hell then that isn’t being like a lady. Aaryn says well my name got brought up outside. Gina says it was nothing. Aaryn starts getting mad. Gina says why you getting all nasty mommy, relax! Just don’t fight with me, we are cool. Aaryn says listen I am not going to sit here and relax. Aaryn gets up to leave and tells Gina that she is being f**king annoying. Gina says you wanna f**king check yourself again! Aayrn leaves and Gina follows her asking her to be a big girl and talk to her. Gina says I will f**king follow you all around this house! Aaryn says get the F**K AWAY FROM ME! Gina says that she will get Jessie and bring her up here right now so you can see what she said. Aaryn says she is just annoyed right now. Leave me alone and just drop it! Aaryn goes back into the HOH room. Gina follows. Aaryn says LEAVE ME THE F**K ALONE! Gina says well you are acting like a f**king psychopath. Aaryn says leave me alone. Gina heads down stairs and starts yelling everyone wake up, just so everyone knows Aaryn is yelling at me and if you want to come join the show it’s upstairs in the HOH room. Gina goes into each room waking people up telling them to come up to the HOH room. Meanwhile in the HOH room – Aaryn complains asking why Gina can’t just drop it, it was over. Why can’t I just walk away?! Andy agrees. Aaryn says god she is f**king crazy.

Gina brings Jessie and McCrae up to the HOH room. Gina asks Aaryn if she wants to yell some more. I just don’t want people to get it twisted tomorrow because you and I were butting heads. Aaryn says I don’t care what people think. Gina says I was sitting up here and you were jumping down my throat. Aaryn says I was over it, you kept bring things up and I kept trying to. Aaryn says that you f**king followed me into the hall and chest bumped me like a F**KING PSYCHO! Gina says I didn’t attack you. If I did they would have called me into the diary room. Aaryn says well they probably will. Jessie keeps saying thanks GM. Jessie then leaves. Amanda tells Ginamarie that Jessie was smirking the entire time. She wants you and Aaryn to fight. She was smirking the entire time. Andy agrees. Amanda says she is trying to get you to flip to vote her to stay. She wants Me and McCrae to flip but we’re not dumb, no one is doing to that. Stop fighting because you are both doing what you want her to do. Amanda says she is going to bed. Gina says I was trying to be your friend. Aaryn says I just wanted to go to bed. Gina says that she offered to be a havenot because you were on it and I wanted to be there with you because you are my friend. Gina leaves. Andy tells Aaryn to not feed into the drama. Just hold your tongue. Aaryn continues to talk about how she can’t believe Gina just did that after I have tried to be nice to her. Aaryn heads down stairs and says I can’t believe that just happened.


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3:20am – 3:30am Aayrn runs into Jessie and tells her that she wasn’t trying to start anything with her. Jessie says that Aaryn didn’t have to relay their entire conversation to the others and says that she heard it all. I don’t trust you. Aaryn says fine. Jessie goes and puts her head up against the havenot door again and then says that Helen is such a f**king C**T! Aaryn heads into the havenot room. Jessie tells Spencer that she plan is working. By the time I leave I am going to have all of you guys hating each other. I will spare you though. Jessie then goes and puts her head on the havenot door to listen.
Meanwhile Aaryn heads into the rainbow room and talks to Amanda and McCrae about the fight with Ginamarie. Aaryn tells Amanda how Jessie just called Helen and Elissa c**ts. Amanda says can’t believe it.


3:35am McCrae leaves and then comes back from the bathroom. He comes back and says as soon as he opened the bedroom door Jessie jumped back and got into bed. He says that they he went to the bathroom and came back she was with her ear up against the door. McCrae then gets on the floor and looks under the door to see if Jessie is listening in on their conversation. Aaryn tells Amanda about the fight with Gina and says that she was legitimately scared. She is bipolar! I don’t know how they let her in here. I have never had someone chest bump me before! Amanda asks if she’s told the diary room about it. Amanda says just lay low tomorrow and be your normal chipper self. Aayrn is just worried that Jessie is just going to keep trying to get everyone to fight.
3:45am Helen and Aaryn are talking in the storage room about the Jessie. Helen says that she is worried for our safety. I am a mom and I have kids I am worried about her coming threatening my family. Helen says I am just worried she is going to grab a kitchen knife and stab me. Aaryn says she won’t do that but she will try and turn us against each other. They talk about how Gina is scary when she gets like that. She flips from being a psycho to being happy the next moment. Helen says I really hope these people aren’t mentally unstable. Aaryn says I think they do put mentally unstable people in here. Helen asks if Judd was stable. Helen and Aaryn list off the people that are stable/unstable. Aaryn says that Gina is crazy! Just be careful if you ever cross her! Aaryn says that Gina asked in the diary room if she could hit Candice in the jury house and they said no, the rules still apply. That’s how scary she is. Big Brother cuts the feeds. When they come back Aaryn and Helen head to bed.


4:15am All the house guests are now sleeping..

8:30am They are all still fast asleep.

10am – 10:50am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the live feeds return – Aaryn is awake and in the kitchen. She grabs her drink and heads out to the backyard couch. After she finishes her drink she heads back to bed in the havenot room. All the house guests are back sleeping with the lights on.


11am – 11:50am Aaryn can’t sleep after trying to go back to sleep in the havenot room and gets up again. She heads to the bathroom and puts on her workout clothes and puts on her makeup. Meanwhile all the other house guests are still sleeping. After 45 minutes of getting ready to work out, Aaryn heads out to get on the elliptical. Helen is also now awake and getting ready to do her morning run.

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197 thoughts on “Aaryn says to Ginamarie – You f**king followed me into the hall and chest bumped me like a F**KING PSYCHO!

      1. Jessie is saying all the things we all have been saying ? Howard was right they should have voted out AMANDA and it would have changed everything . Now Amanda wants all this to happen why ? Jessie will be voted out ? Then Spencer or Gina Marie maybe Helen . The evictions will be Jessie next then Spencer then Helen . So Jessie ,Spencer , and Helen or Elisa . Howard was right all along he told them Amanda and Helen were the ones everyone should have voted out . They kept Amanda in the game and it has all been down hill .

      2. HOWARD is back in dirt poor MISSISSISSIPPI thinking didnt i tell Jessie and them all to keep me there and vote out AMANDA . Howard looked at all of them and told them what AMANDA and Helen were gonna do after they voted him out and it ALL HAS COME TRUE ?

    1. HELEN is a C U N T…whats the problem? Applaud for Jessie please she is spot on! My only complaint is I wish GM would have beat the ever living dog piss outta arryon. Two reasons:
      1. Aaryon needs a wake up call in life, what better way then to get your ass beat for your shitty attitude you constantly have.
      2. GM would be sent home and we would never have to see her again

        1. Saw it last night, just went back and RE-listened.

          Just to be clear, Jessie said “Dude Helen is such a F’ing C*** too”.
          Exact words. Cam1, 3:20:26 AM.

          I liked what Jess did last night, but the listening at doors thing kind
          of dropped a few points off her score, a little juvenile it was.
          Next couple days should/could be interesting. Hopefully she keeps
          herself riled for our entertainment.

          1. When Jessie learned that she was going to be blindsided and sent to jury, she lost all trust and is now guarding herself by any means possible. If she can learn of any more comments that might fuel the rage between the other house guests, then she is going to do it. Good on her for eaves dropping. It is how she learned of her demise in the game, so it is working for her. Besides, she is bringing some drama to a very boring season. Way to go Jessie!

      1. The fact that GM asked BB in the diary room if she can hit Candice in jury house counts as a direct threat in my opinion and she needs to get booted asap! IF gina-marie lays a hand on Candice in jury house, Candice better sue b/c BB is aware of GM’s intentions/feelings and did NOTHING!

        Loving Jessie’s game except she shouldn’t have said much to GM/Spencer other than she has their votes. She also shouldn’t have been smirking when GM & Aaryn were fighting because now they will make a concerted effort not to fight thereby completely diluting her plan. Do these people not play poker?

      2. Really…it’s bad enough to hear that word on the show but can you not use it here? It’s really a nasty term for a woman and since you dont know any of them personally maybe you should step back from the show and relax….

    2. HELEN is a C U N T…whats the problem? Applaud for Jessie please she is spot on! My only complaint is I wish GM would have beat the ever living dog piss outta arryon. Two reasons:
      1. Aaryon needs a wake up call in life, what better way then to get your ass beat for your shitty attitude you constantly have.
      2. GM would be sent home and we would never have to see her again

      1. Another double post under two different screen names. Why don’t you change your screen name to Fake Name?

        1. LOL on Fake Name! Name/Yes/? has been caught twice posting the same post under two different screen names on this page alone. What a loser.

          1. If you look at the times of the post, I assumed that they posted it without a name and realized it and then posted again with their name
            9:15 9:16

    3. Last night I was After Dark and they said that production believes they are boring. Therefore, ALL OF A SUDDEN theirs a big fight. I really think it is fake or they asked Jessie to kick it off for some material to show on Wednesday night. Before this they had nothing.

      Andy makes the show bad. Whenever, they try to make a big move he goes and tell Mcranda, who gets away with doing absolutely nothing.

      GO Eliissa!

  1. This season blows. Since I’ve heard so much on here about BBCAN I’d like to watch the season – is there a good place to go for the episodes?

    1. Big Brother Australia is the best I have seen, its actually more of an event for Australia than a tv show. Everyone in the house has to vote for at least two people to put up and out of the top three last season and top six this season one of them are voted out by australia not the house guest. Its a funny show with alot of twists and it never gets boring. Canada was also pretty good this year. You can see them all on youtube. Not trying to be a hater but this season we have is so boring and predicatble, i only now watch on thursdays to see the person i already know is getting evicted, just to see if they will start havoc. I come on this site reguarly and you guys entertain me more than the show, thank you simon and dawg for all you do to make us more entertained than the show does.

      1. Australia Big Brother is like the Super Bowl or a James Cameron film. Huge everything . Youtube search Australia big brother you will see how they present the show LIKE A EVENT .

      2. LOVE BB Australia!!!

        High production value, great cast, true social experiment and great comps. BB (voice) is so awesome. He is compassionate when needs to be, witty, and stern when housemates get out of line (verbal warnings, removal of luxury items etc,). I also love that the public gets to vote.

        I also love how they tell the audience what new variable they are introducing and what the potential effects will be on HGs.

  2. thank you to simon and dawg for making it to where i only have to read about these horrible people instead of watching them.

    worst big brother season ever!

  3. The biggest shock for me right now is the fact that on your poll the favourite after No One is Elissa. Really? OMG! She is a ‘zero’ at playing this game for me. Is the mere fact that she is Rachel’s sister really make her that special? I just don’t get it.

    1. I don’t hate Elissa, she hasn’t really done much other than align herself with Helen. She would have been out week 1 or week 2 if not for the MVP twist….so I definitely agree she doesn’t deserve too much credit. This season is just very difficult to judge given the lack of truly big moves. Helen and Amanda have dominated so far, though more due to the passivity of the rest of the house than by anything strategic that they have done.

      1. The real RAT here is Andy who is loyal to AMMC alliance. He gathers info from Helen and Elissa then runs back to report to AMMC. Helen and Elissa disadvantage is Andy. He keeps on misleading Helen. Andy rats on Helen to Amanda but do not rat Amanda to Helen. Helen and Elissa saving grace is to win HOH Thursday and backdoor either Andy or Amanda. Jessie and Helen do not realize that Andy is the mole on their side. Andy does all the dirty works for AMMC and the only dirty works that Amanda does is make out with Mccrea and get awarded half a million dollar. Dumb Andy and he thinks that AMMC will not dump him. Is this Amanda Zuckerman show?

    2. Frankly, I kind of dig her game…. She’s playing the “discretion is the better part of valor” gambit, and I don’t think she’s getting enough credit. She’s letting the rest of the f**king morons run their mouths. I doubt it’ll get her to the big payday, but it’s clever and also has the advantage of letting her keep some little bit of personal dignity by contrast.

  4. i love the listening at doors strategy

    jess is taking a flame thrower to this rat ship

    you have my vote locked for americas player 25k jess

  5. …..CBS Update

    CBS would like you to know we have received your emails of concern pertaining to BB Show. They are appreciateded. Because your voices and threats have been heard the following advisory has been updateded.

    “Big Brother is a reality show about a group of Rapers, Racist, Idiots, Child Molesters who have no privacy 24/7. At times, the Rapers, Racist, idiots , and child molesters may reveal prejudices, acts of rape and other beliefs and actions that CBS fines very entertaining and would love to share with the public. Views or opinions expressed by a Houseguest are those of the Rapers, racist, idiots, child molesters speaking and do not represent the views or opinions of CBS. Only what we fine to be highly entertaining , violent, Job loss, and which bring in the most ratings. Viewers Wanteded. Viewer discretion is adviseded”

    Rated: -BBXXX
    Caution: Menstruation Blood ,Violence , and Rat Infestation.
    HOH Room: Enter with caution, but do enter often.

  6. HOUSTON WE HAVE LIFT OFF!!!!! LOL OKAY JESSIE YOU ARE THE QUEEN LOL. The only issue is you should get the house guest angry with each other, but keep it to yourself. Spencer will continue to be the pussy he is always talking about……..and tell the house what you are doing.Trust no one!

  7. Omg please just cancel this season production needs to reduce the prize to $50,000 as punishment for this being the worst season of bb history. This is absolutely the worst cast i have ever seen. These people also need their us citizenship taken away, they do not deserve to be americans

  8. Omg please just cancel this season production needs to reduce the prize to $50,000 as punishment for this being the worst season of bb history. This is absolutely the worst cast i have ever seen. These people also need their us citizenship taken away, they do not deserve to be americans

      1. You must have a terrible life Pinnocchio. Its obvious you see the politics in everything. Now this worthless reality TV show, you want to bring Obama into this discussion. What’s the point? Is Obama responsible for rigging the game? My mentioning it to you will only give you a platform to vent more about Obama and how is ruinning the country. Let me guess, we should swing the country right and it will save us all. Got it….can I now go back and enjoy my show without all these left wing and right wing references? If I promised to vote Republican will you stop with the political references. Its getting so hard to escape any part of your day from these wing nuts. They have politicized sports now, politicized the movies, now I can’t read a stupid BB blog without left or right references.

        1. Agreed with both of you… But maybe PO’s screen name means something else? Perhaps he thinks Obama was a marionette, but is now a real boy…

      2. Nice face on this double posting poser. If your going to pee on someone you really should give them a towel to dry off. My favorite is the thumbs down he is giving you for schooling him.

    1. They are all going to be freaking about Jessie blowing up the Jury House with the truth now. If I was Spencer or GimaMarie I would keep the fact that Jessie said she would vote for them if they make it to the end on the down low or else they will be targets.

  9. Run Jessie Run!

    Yes! Jessie will leave this week, but at least she is not going to be blindsided. Jessie now knows that Helen has been lying to her. Also Jessie is going to burn the house down on her way out. Jessie exposing Helen’s intentions about Amanda out in the open doesn’t look good for Helen. It’s not like Amanda didn’t know about it already from Andy, it just makes it harder for Helen to pretend that the final 4 deal with Amanda is still good.

    Thank you Jessie! Finally someone also exposed Andy for all his back dealing and information gathering. Yes Jessie Yes! Burn it down on your way out.

    1. I agree I also want her to get between Amanda and McCrae. She should try flirting with him so that Amands goes crazy with jealousy.

    2. So, the HGs don’t like to spend the week with people who know they are going home. Do they think they are at a resort or the BB House? How long did they think they could manage blindsiding people as the numbers and alliances dwindled. These people are idiots!

      1. “So, the HGs don’t like to spend the week with people who know they are going home.”

        lmao, love it!!!

        Dear HG’s of BB15,

        It is with deep regret I greet the news that your own duplicitous behavior has resulted in an unpleasant arrangement for you.

        Understandably, planning out your evictions days in advance and then lying to the target likely makes for a less suspenseful experience in the house. And I totally get how having to sit beside someone you’ve already killed off in your mind probably does get a little awkward. I bet it even gets a little boring!

        Which brings me to my final point. Yeah, no doubt it’s boring for you… But you chose to be there. Do you really think we are enjoying watching it any more than you are?! NO!! So make some f**king moves, already! If the tedium of conversing with a foregone conclusion is too much for you, maybe don’t be so damn predictable.

        So congratulations to the ultimate victor, whoever it may be…. You just got paid $500k for being the most buoyant and uninteresting person in America, and claimed the title of Bored Brother 15!!

        Yours truly….


    3. Yap wish that Helen and Elissa will realize the Andy Rat Is the mole on their side and bringing them down. Andy rat on Helen but Andy will not tell Helen and Elissa that Amanda plans to backdoor either one of them. Hoping for an HOH wins on either Helen or Elissa to win HOH and Andy get exposed on his alliances all over the place.

  10. Yesss! Finally somebody is raising some hell in the big brother house! lol

    although Jessie seems to be upset because she is not getting her way and a bit pouty,
    i do enjoy watching her stand up to the house of bullies, racists, and followers! lol

    this season has disgusted me throughout, and i still irk anytime Amanda, Aaryn, Spencer, or Gm even open their mouths…
    but moments like this make it worthwhile :))))

    now i can only hope Candice returns to the house, even if she is quickly evicted again, the houseguests faces would be priceless :)))

    1. Ugghh…Candice might be a fine person, but she did not play the game well at all….not that it would have done her any good. Judd or Jessie coming back could be interesting, though. Too bad Howard got voted out a week too soon.

      1. How could she play well when she was being called gol-digging b!tch, c***, black Candice, monkey, degenerate, Shaniqua all the time?

        1. Candice blew it when she called Spencer out (can’t remember what week they all seem the same) – he was trying to make a move and OK I Love You told Candice Spencer was throwing her name around – so instead of Candice going to Spencer she blew his cover – not a bright move on her part.

          1. Spencer had thrown her name out several times before and he was the one who made up the hat incident between Candice and Aaryn. And has called her gold-digging bitch and whore many many times.

    2. If nothing racist had been said in this house I doubt any one
      person here would step up and want Candace back.

      She truly was not a good game player.
      She started out seeming to be smart, but honestly I think she overheard
      way more than she ever figured out just by deducing it in her head (I watched
      her lay in bed alone during the last days. Room was very quiet…you could hear
      convo in the cockpit pretty clearly.)
      I think most of her info was eavesdropped into her lap, lol.

      Once she got on the Howie train she was headed for doom anyway.

      They also need to ban hopeful actors/actress’ from this show, most of them
      have no clue how to play, they just want to be the next famous for doing
      nothing celeb.

  11. I wish Pandora Box would be put in the HoH room, they have to decide as a house to open it or not, and they all say yes, then they open it and inside is all of their bags packed for them with a ticket home and as they are sitting confused, a whole new cast comes thru the door downstairs as they watch from the HoH TV.

    1. Well, apparently Helen is worried that Jessie is going to start coming at people with knives. Good grief. Every day I dislike these people a little more. Not one person in there that I’m genuinely rooting for.

      1. helens comment about jess going after her with a knife or coming after her family is just absolutely ridiculous

        have a little class helen…jess beat you in an argument…deal with it with some maturity

  12. Finally, some drama! I’ve been resurrected from my BB coma. Jesse may be going home but she’s going out with a bang, entertainment for us.

  13. Jedi Knight!

    Helen thinks she’s a Jedi Knight. Helen is going to tell Jessie, what you heard me say is not what I said. LOL! With a wave of her hand, Helen thought she could convince Jessie that its all in her head. Unlike Elissa, Jessie seems to be able to resist that mind control of Helen. Elissa, next week ask Helen is it time to vote out Amanda? Then when she does that Obie Wan mind trick on you, and says it not time padawan. You will be the last one to realize its to late to do anything now. Because Howard, Candice, Jessie….will all be gone and you are left with the Mean Girls that don’t like you. Helen whose not taking you to the final 4 and Amanda/ McCrae who hate you as well.

    1. the “im done ok ok” strategy and walking off only to return moments later, multiple times, is pretty weak

      helen made to look like a fool by jess

  14. hey helen, F’ you!!!

    thats utter bull$hit to try and tell aaryn how you think jessie might come at you or your family with a knife. you wanna talk about who in the house may or may not be unstable, then make sure you include yourself. especially after that bull$hit.

  15. Jessie hit the nail on the head….Helen and Elissa are cunts. Hooray, somebody in the house recognized this fact. Except Jessie you missed a few like say Demanda, Aryan, GinaMarie, RatBastardAndy, and McPussy are also cunts. Spencer, yeah well, he is a special kind of stupid. I hope Jessie goes into the Jury House and tells the members already there that no one deserves the 500k. Why would CBS want to enrich any one of this misfits at the end of this horrid season?

    1. Yeah but im sorry Aayrin saying GM is a nutt job witch she very well is sounds really fucking out their coming out of Aaryrin mouth okay how many times did GM say clam down why are you getting mad about why do you want to fight with me or her( point here is were you tell if somebody is a big ass is out there and lie none stop) if a person that you said stuff about isn’t mad at you and really don’t what you said about them is telling you don’t worry about it she didn’t say nothing and you want to fight the person then you know Ur a very fucked up person also this reminds me of what Amanda did to Howard with that he told me he wanted fuck me and I felt very unsafe then here is Aayrin GM just chest bump me wow really do we a pattern here Helen about Jessie I feel me and my family life is in danger and GM is just a lil deferent because she is the one saying she wants to hurt Candice these people are so fucking unreal I say end the game nobody gets shit because they don’t deserve shit because all they gave us was a really shitty show I say give Jessie 15.000 so she can pay her mother the money back that’s she post and have a lil change left over because she gave us this lil lol moment here where people should know that Aayrin Amanda GM and Helen are no better then the lil boy that cried wolf!!!!!

  16. Hey Aaryn we are busted lol……WHATCHA GONNA DO GURLLL LOL ahhh ha ha ha ha, you lost your cool because jessie heard you talking shit like you have always lol, don’t talk crap if you can’t own it………WHERE’S YO CLASSNOW BITCH, WHERE’S YO CLASS.,,,,, WHATCHA GONNA DO AARYN

  17. Jessie’s exposing everyone and starting fights is amazing, i love the shots of her listening to people’s conversations.

    I hope that there is a big twist this week.

  18. This is by far the WORST BB cast!!! No watching BB again, the producers are so stupd just like the people in the house.
    It is boribng, racist, stupid, hate the people in the house.

  19. OMG! Jessie, who knew you had it in you to wreak so much havoc in just a few hours. You totally have my admiration and respect. Go out with guns a blazing.

    Helen, how does it feel to be called on your BS? Ok, you know….

    Andy, how does it feel to be known as a snitch? Master plan, yeah right….

    Aaryn, how does it feel to have your only friend get up in your face and say “bring it”? Why they always picking on me…

    Elissa, how does it feel to get caught in all the drama? Oh well, should’ve just laid low….

    Gina Marie, how does it feel to know your friend has been talking about you behind your back? This is how we roll in Staten Island, yo….

    McCrae, how does it feel to go into nicotine withdrawal when Jessie hides those stoogies? That damn Amanda is making me her bitch…

    Amanda. how does it feel to be the Queen Bitch of the BB Season? Well, that was me and AG’s master plan…..

    1. SPENCER SAYS: Hey, I know I’m not doing much to get noticed, but how could you miss me! I am the big pervert with my hands down my pants. talking about little children in basements, lurking in bathrooms when girls are showering, and basically hiding in plain sight!

  20. The funniest thing is the way Helen takes off running and calling people liars when they expose her! What an idiot. LOL

  21. Gina is a role model for young women!

    Gina is telling someone don’t go out like Candice. LOL! Yes, don’t go out like Candice. Just have nomination speeches like Gina. Have imaginary boyfriends like Gina. Have an eating disorder like Gina. Gina has so many postivie qualities. I wonder why the pageant officials said Gina is to insecure and fired her. Gina could be a great role model for young women.

  22. Wooohooo…go Jessie! Raising hell in BB house. They pushed Jessie to the limit and she is sticking up for herself. Wild night last night. Aaryn and GM going at it too. Helen’s rampage against Jessie was such bullshit…Jessie knew the truth and wasn’t gonna take it laying down. Jessie will definitely have them all fired up by eviction night..two days of her fury…lmao!!

  23. Jessie is done…but she could still become America’s player. First things first, take what you know and embellish. Jessie knows that Helen and Elissa are vested in being portrayed as nice. Let them know how Candice, Judd, and herself all know that they were the backstabbing villains. Play up how they are the dirtiest players in the game and lie to everybody about everything, while pretending to be sweet and nice. Jessie knows Andy is a rat and him telling Amanda about the 4am meeting with Howard put her in this predicament. She’s gotta call Andy the house floater, running with stories to Amanda, then to Helen, then to McCrea, then to Elissa. Then she has to go at Aaryn, calling her the rat. The one who does the dirty work as she’s told. Then she’s gotta go for the weak spot, which is confirm everything she heard Aaryn say about everybody, including the racist stuff.

    If she still wants Amanda’s head, here is the coup de grace: She tells the house that Amanda has her vote and she will work everyday in the jury to get others to vote for Amanda. And it will be easy since they’re all afraid of her and do her bidding. At least Amanda is an upfront c**t, while McCrea is led around by his d**k, Andy spreads rumors and lies. Helen pretends to be a motivational speaker, while cutting people down behind their backs. Elissa is a ditz who was only kept for her MVP and stays because she does what the mean people tell her to do. Aaryn attacked Candice and Howard for being black and Helen for being Asian, and Andy for being Gay…and she’s kept solely because we all know she could never win the game. Amanda has her vote and she will tirelessly work in jury to show how she has controlled every one of you and this game. Jessie says she will be working without any of you having a single word to say and free to tell everything she knows. Once she’s secured Candice (telling her all about Helen, Elissa, and Andy’s lies and how they absolved Aaryn and GM) and Judd (telling him that Helen buried him, making up lies) then she just needs two more votes to pick the winner. Then she says when Spencer and GM follow me out the door, I will make sure they understand how Amanda runs the game and all the rest of you are her drones.

    If she convinces them Amanda is the frontrunner in the jury, the house will look to cut her sooner rather than later, if only to negate Jessie’s campaigning..

    1. I really hope she throws down these last few days… no wonder the little racists, manipulators and rats are scurrying. None of them wanted Jessie making any speeches or revealing strategy before she left. She can still go out with class, but stink the place up a bit by throwing all their trash back at them!

  24. gotta love all the whiners on here. Just because the show doesnt go the way you want, you all want the show canceled. Yet you all still are here every day and continue to watch the show. BOOOHOOO

    1. i can tell you i will not be watching the show after jess leaves

      i will keep a look out only to see if theres a vote back in for a player

      otherwise i have zero interest in watching any of the remaining people and i dont give a sh!t who wins, i dont like or respect any of them or find any of them entertaining apart from jess

  25. Helen is a idiot. She really thinks Jessie would grab a knife and stab her on a TV show for everyone to see. I knew Helen was nuts but this put it over the top. Simon/ Dawg, was Helen saying you know you know or okay okay as she was telling Aaryn she was afraid of being stabbed?

    1. What would be awesome is a pandora’s box that saves both nominees this week. Andy would have to put up GM and ???? Do it CBS!!

      1. I hate GM but why just her when really Aayrin Amanda and Helen is just as bad as she with the shit they are saying all for of them need a beat down and a big FUCK YOU BITCH GET TO STEPING!!!!!!

  26. LOL! Now Gina and Aaryn want us to beleive that they are the embodiment of being a lady. Oh my, this is to funny. The chick from Brooklyn is now going to tell us what it means to be a lady.

    1. If GM and Aaryn are ladies, then I’m the greatest gentlemen that ever lived…

      And I know, that’s some BULLSHIT!!!!

  27. Good for Jesse. I was hoping she found out that she was the one going home. These people are the type that act like you can’t defend yourself when you see their BS. So they label you crazy or try to pin your behavior as inappropriate all the while they are trying to screw you over. And Helen is ridiculous with her attempt of painting someone like they are mental. She needs to look in the mirror. I can’t believe she had to nerve to say that she was scared as if Jesse is so psycho she would stab her with a kitchen knife. I thought the insults couldn’t get any lower. That’s pretty low.

    1. Helen said that about Jessie is just like Amanda saying that about Howard and Aayrin saying that about GM all bullshit so they can they don’t feel safe in the other person gets pulled out of the game and they bitch ass get to stay

      1. and to me helen saying that sh!t about jess with knives and coming after her family and calling her mentally unstable is almost as bad as amanda saying she wanted to slit jessies throat, knock her teeth out, string her to a wall and sodomize her…yes amandas comment was alot worse, but helen is making up lies about jessies character and morals, and thats just wrong, trying to infer jess could resort to killing or hurting people…for these sort of comments amanda and helen should be thrown out of the game, they should be ashamed of themselves

  28. Well, it’s official… Andy hiding in his HOH room with the door locked because Jessie is angry puts a big red cherry on the top of his lame ass HOH sundae. If he’s in the final 2 what does he say: I spent my HOH taking down the big threat of Jessie, not using the POV to make a power move against a real player. If McManda or Hellissa win HOH and don’t make a move against each other this week we can call this season a wrap. I mean OFFICIALLY! Come on Jessie, throw an extermination bomb into that house of cockroaches and bedbugs!!!!

    1. Don’t get me wrong Im happy at what Jessie just did but why vote for her to go back inside the house or Judd they was told how many time about them sane people in they saw and hurd stuff but chose to to do anything about so I say bring Candice back because she knows she have nobody but herself and Judd will go back being a sheep again

      1. forget that

        to use bill lumberg style from the movie office space…

        if there is a twist, if you could go ahead and vote jess back into the game that’d be greeeeat mkay, thanks a bunch

  29. I’m glad Jessie blasted Aaryn Helen and Elissa however Elissa doesn’t really have any game play but throwing Helen and Aaryn out was great I really don’t want Helen or Andy or Amanda to win ESP Helen I want Helen to go to jury and be a good sport about it “hey it’s just a game”

    1. I would take Andy over Aaryin any day to win the people that really shouldn’t win the game what so ever from worst people to the I guess if somebody have to win then I guess. Starting form the most worst and hated is Aayrin Amanda and Gm then it goes Helen Andy Spencer and McCrea then Ellsia and Jessie like that and in that order

  30. I just read all the updates from today and Helen is seriously a sociopathic narcissist. She has no emotions, she lies, plays head games and is delusional. She cannot seriously think Jessie is going to knife her in her sleep. I thought her telling Aaryn she was just like Janelle was delusional but man, this takes the cake. I hope these houseguests vote her out next week. Oh, and McCrae…….Judd was NOT MVP. Should have thought for yourself.

  31. Ah! Aaryn, you just realized that Gina is crazy? It was alright as long as that crazy was pointed at Candice, but now that you can’t control that crazy. Well its pointed at you and its uncomfortable. Aaryn said how nice she’s been to Gina. LOL! Every chance Aaryn gets she talks about how Gina is messing up her game.

    Oh my, Jessie called Helen and Elissa c&&ts. Only Amanda, Judd and Spencer can do that. LOL! Aaryn would never say something so offensive about anyone. LOL! Can you go to the tapes. Ah! Aaryn you have said a lot worse about Candice and Jessie.

    Helen is now working Production. Jessie is unstable and may get a knife. I need her out of here now, I am uncomfortable. Deal with it Helen, you had it your way for the last 3 weeks. Give Jessie her week, she earned it.

  32. once again, an ethical player has done something that has me really liking them before
    a grand exit. i really wish 3 people were up on thursday, i indeedy get the feeling that
    poor jessie is going out the door & that spencer has less odds of a backdooring arrive.
    she is being true grit personified. even if there is no showmance in the jury house, i do
    hope candice, judd & jessie will focus BS detectors on the final three in about 2 months!

  33. “Helen says that she is worried for our safety. I am a mom and I have kids I am worried about her coming threatening my family. Helen says I am just worried she is going to grab a kitchen knife and stab me.”

    The fuck?? I’m guessing they were talking about GM?

    And about “Mentally Unstable” people, their names are Amanda, Helen, Aaryn,GM,Jeremy,Judd,Elissa, Howard, and Spencer. The rest are more normal.

    Why is Helen keep talking about “her being a mom,and having kids”? I know parent; that don’t constantly talk about their kids, she could be lying about that,

  34. “Aaryn says I think they do put mentally unstable people in here.” I don’t know, based on the meds being handed out his year I’d have to say, Yes Aaryn, they do.

  35. Do any of you watch Breaking Amish LA? They have one woman who is into witchcraft and they play this excellent creepy music for her at the perfect times. Good editing. I’m imaging that this music is playing in the house as Jessie is listening at doors, hahahaha

    At least the next three days might have some comedic value and entertainment if nothing else. So far, it’s been a snoozefest,

  36. i would love this drama a lot more if the c word wasn’t being thrown around. ppl are playing this game way too personal with so many derogatory words. you’re all supposed to be playing a strategical game of lies and deceit!

  37. It is amazing when Candice stood up for herself she got negative comments but now that Jessie is doing the same thing she is getting positive comments. Vote Jessie for America’s favorite

    1. Totally different game players – Candice was a hot mess from the get – have you been watching?
      Candice had no game play AT ALL white man.

      1. Jesse’s game has been no better than Candace’s game. Both at the bottom of the totem pole and on the outs. But we all know Candace is your favorite Gina Marie.

          1. but hate and disrespect is still hate and disrespect and jess has had to deal with it constantly from the get go from amanda, aaryn, gina, kaitlyn, jeremy, nick, mccrae, spencer, andy, judd…and now helen and elissa too

            but the way jess has dealt with that has been very impressive indeed

            and remember candice had howard for support whereas jess pretty much had nobody 100%, as judd was just a fake

            jess has had to deal with someone who hates her so badly(amanda), that amanda openly discussed how great it would be to knock jessies teeth out, string her up to a wall, slit her throat and sodomize her…that kind of vicious hate outweighs racism in my opinion

            jess won all the major fights against the mean girls and jeremy…then with amanda…then with judd…now with elissa/helen

            she is a very strong character jess, and as each day has gone by my respect for her has grown

            1. Okay people both ladies “Candice and Jessie” have dealt with some cruel, nasty, hate, hurtful comments and issues in the house. Not one person can say which lady had it worse, some people handle such issues in a different way, such as one may say screw it and get over it, while a more sensitive person being bullying could harm themselves “teen suicide”. The bottom line is we will never know if the bullying in the house towards these ladies will affect them long term or not. I’m very disappointed BB has allowed such cruelty to continue in the house. Sticks and stones may break your bones and words and KILL YOUR SPIRIT. Years ago such actions would have caused serious repercussions for the network, but now people say “just get over it”. The world is growing more and more immune to evil mean hateful people, sad but true. We don’t see or hear the men speaking so harshly towards another man, I’m proud to be a woman but it’s painful to know we as women can’t lift each other up. Jealousy and envy is a horrible sickness, yes the mean girls are jealous of C and J.

              1. Jealousy IMO is not why people in Big Brother do or act the way they do – the ultimate goal is half a million dollars. Your looks, race, ethnicity, number of children, marital status have ZERO to do with it. Sorry to break it to you. You are deemed a threat because of a) manipulative abilities b) charisma c) physical strength – for the most part.
                That’s the way I’ve always seen it played

      2. Can you explain to me how Candice was a hot mess. Is it not ok for her to stand up for her self? How would you feel if you were in house with a group of people of a different race that made racist comments towards you?

        1. Maybe you should ask Candice that question – it was completely nauseating to watch here on the live feeds from the beginning and that is my opinion. I don’t need to explain it to you. She was gutter, ratchet, didn’t have the job she claimed to. Didn’t have the life she claimed to, was running up tabs on the American people and looking for a husband. It’s all on film so I don’t have to explain further.
          She left in a clown suit – nuff said?

        2. I hated Candice for multiple reasons, I despise her naturally tanned skin and her curves which is why I was pleased when my girl Aryan made fun of the size of Candice’s booty.

          I hated the fact that she has a Bachelors from Xavier and that she’s won Beuty paegents as a teen and as an adult which include Miss Louisiana and became the fist African-American to do so. I hate the fact that she is a speech-therapist and has her own paegent-consulting business.

          Most of all I hate her because she used to be an NFL cheerleader for the Houston Texans and I always wanted to be a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader.

          If Candice was unattractive and unsuccessful in life I might like her but when I compare her to myself it makes me very envious and jealous and I begin to dislike and hate her.

          It felt good inside to see her and Howard broken-up and evicted when our Arryan/GM toke over the house and I was glad that GM interrupted her final speech.

    2. Maybe it has more to do with everyone else with a mind of their own being picked off and she being one of the only ones left at this point in the game . I don’t know. And not everyone was against Candace for standing up for herself. Gina Marie dished it out and continues to do it. I’m glad she did and wished she would had done it two weeks earlier instead of going to the Howie Island.

  38. I can’t help but wonder why Hell doesn’t just hire some scorned women. One word of advice to any man that Jessie dates in the future, always be truthful.
    Go Jessie

  39. Okay seriously, I do not get this..
    I agree, this years BBCAST are far from interesting and pretty dull… but you keep on asking for big moves but then when that happens all the floaters stay and then you complain about how everyone is a floater… I feel like you people would enjoy a BigBrother more if the cast where all phisically strong and metally strong, who all do really well in competitions and have the best social game!!!!`

    And Jessie, why is everyone a fan of hers… Shes horrible at compitetions, has no social game, and was nowhere to be found in the first month.. She’s a hypocrite (like most of them) and she lies as well… Elissa might be the only nice person left in this house but she is SOOO DULLL

    And why everyone hatting on Weasel Andy… I love this dude… I find he is playing the best game, so sneakyyyy… soon elissa will get the boot and then he will finally align himself with either Helen or Mcrae and then, boot out Amanda and Helen…


    1. Who in the house is good at competitions other than Aaryn? This year is all about social game, and it is even weak in that regard because up to this point everyone has been so passive. Andy has played both sides well, otherwise, everyone has just cooperated with each other to move along.

  40. Where was Andy when all this went down – hiding under the bwankets shivering? Fu**in rat. They’re all rats – some are louder than others.
    Amanda and Helen – the biggest female scumbags ever on Big Brother.

        1. anyone coming back will get targeted

          i would rather judd did not come back as he is a c-nt and he would side with amanda

          jess would target amanda and helen, allowing maximum entertainment and drama

    1. the thing that annoys me is that brendon/rachel fans will likely prevent what the majority of fans want, and that is jess getting americas player

      elissa is not worthy of it and definately doesnt need the money…i would really love to see it go to jess

  41. Elissa we seen you pimping out Jess to get Judd’s vote. And we also seen you with Helen telling Jess that she was on board with going after Amanda. Oops, you lied.

  42. Way to go Jesse!! I hope they all turn against each other. Finally someone has the balls to confront each of them. Now to bring back Candice, Judd and Jesse to rule the house!!!

    1. I think Candice and Judd are suquestered somewhere separately so they don’t compare notes. One of them will probably come back. They did not interview them because they do not want to risk them hearing anything to help their game. I would love it if there is a Pandora’s box and the punishment is that Andy has to take Jessie and Spencer off the block and he has nominate two other people for eviction.

  43. I bet 80 percent of the whiners here with th “This season sucks, worst one ever” rant are in all actuality, still watching the show and or feeds. And nope, the show will go on, the prize money will get doled out anndddd guess what…at the end you all will still be crying and stompin your feet.

    1. And when the football team I root for isn’t very good, i still watch, and still complain about the qb and coach. We like the show, we’ve watched for years. This cast does stink and those in charge have coasted more than would be allowed in most seasons…but I still watch, waiting for something to finally happen. If it doesn’t, oh well. See ya next year.

    2. Actually, I’ve stopped watching after the first episode this season when all the racist comments came to light. As long as Aaryn, Gina Marie & Amanda was in the house, I said I wouldn’t watch again. It appears that I will miss the whole season since Amanda has this game wrapped up.

  44. Elissa is wearing me down.

    At first I thought she was an extra from Rupaul’s drag race, but now I can’t stop fantasizing about her beefy legs, man hands and adam’s apple.

    That he/she has my vote for America’s favourite and maybe more???

  45. Sorry Rachel but your sister really is a bit of a cunt. But then she did surround herself with the biggest bunch of cunts imaginable – Andy, Amanda, McCrae and her highness queen cunt Helen.

    Meanwhile, Jessie and Judd shone out like a beacon of uncuntyness. I hope they get married and have lots of babies. That’s the only happy ending I can think of right now.

      1. The biggest C in the house is McCrea, I have never seen in real life a man lose his balls so quickly to a woman……….Question of the day, will McCrea get his balls back after the finale?

  46. BBCAN is on Youtube and it’s great. The guests actually are not on SSRI mind altering pharmaceuticals. I guess most Americans are put on drugs at school. Amanda is too old for Adderal and an addict wearing nicotine patches while smoking, drinking and popping speed. A total mess. Aaron is probably sick in the mind (ADHD) and needs the meds. Don’t they screen people and find normal folks? The worst thing anyone has said on BBCAN was “effin redneck” and a sincere apology was given and accepted. Canadians are showing us that they are far more civilized than this American generation of drugged up misfits. Big Pharma wins BB15!!

  47. The Staten Island Troll Doll should have been on Bad Girls Club – she asked the DR if she could hit Candice in jury and they told her the same rules apply – NO.
    She thinks she’s gonna get paid $13,000 for having a fight? Scrapper/bottom feeder – with a crown to boot.

  48. Ize b so tyred of deez to girlz an all da shit dey b talken to evryone.dey tink dey iz so smart likes nun of us wentz to skool like dem. all dis racest bs is pissin me an my niggas off so bad. I am boutz reede to giv uo. Ize b 2 good for dis grop

    1. Oh my god dude Like this season is friggin awesome we can even go tanning like to get some color to appear more alive and healthy dude, like we can eat
      Hot-dogs and drink buttermilk and like mock other cultures to show our natural hateful nature.

      Dude it’s like so cool dude.

  49. I wish there was some way Jessie could manage to come back after she completely wrecks havoc inside the house! Finally, someone’s making moves — it’s just unfortunate it has to be on the way out the door.

    I remember when the first episode aired, Jessie was one of the ones I disliked most with her whole, “I’m prettier than everyone in the house, etc.” package. Now she’s the only one I even remotely want to root for.

    1. i wouldnt take too seriously the jess “im hot” lines…she was just joking around, like her comment there can be only one hot brunette…its harmless, and said in fun, especially compared to the things the other girls in the house say

      jess was my favourite from day one – i thought she had strong character, warmth and spirit

  50. Why do people like Elissa? I’m not really cheering anyone on really but I don’t really get why she has unconditional support from a lot of people? She’s done absolutely nothing for 2 months and if she actually makes it to the final 2, I don’t see anyone voting for her to win against anyone else in the house. I’d say Aaryn or even Ginamarie would be more deserving winners despite their comments and behaviour.

  51. If CBS and the producers want to “save” this season. They need to find a way to keep Jessie in the house. She is the only one brave enough to stir things up and go after the big dogs. This will be a classic Superhero story of one person trying to fight the evil doers in the house. I am definitely team Jessie!!! Make a twist in the game so that she can stay and fight the evil.

    1. with how horrible most of the house guests are, jess as a character is kind of like a super hero…her individual against the house mentality reminds me a bit of ryan gosling in the movie drive, a one person army fighting back against the evil scum

  52. Hey Simon and Dawg … first time I have posted this season. With a houseful of such incredibly flawed people, like so many others, I have had zero interest in any one player. Jessie might be the exception at the moment. Obviously she is off to jury house. I hope that as more and more players join her, she will be listened to so that they understand how misplaced their loyalties have been. Maybe then they will see how badly they have played the game and totally disappointed viewers. CBS might also realized this season has really tarnished the reputation of Big Brother for those of us who respected great game play.

    1. Watched about half of last year’s season but lost interest. It seemed to go on forever. I’ve come to the conclusion that I now only like versions of BB with HoH and VETO. As far as I know only Canada and the U.S have this format. Shame. Used to like BBUK but the last two seasons have been awful.

    2. yes i do

      i think tahan is gorgeous

      bbuk has been awesome…i think gina will win

      looking forward to bb canada – i think i may like it even more than bb usa…i really liked season 1 and im looking forward to more youtube posts by simon for season 2 in february

  53. Loving Jessie right now!!! Helen is the biggest game player in the house she constantly lies and manupulates great to see her finally called out for it! Now call out Amanda and Andy and it will be amazing lol! This is great!

  54. What a shit disturber HELEN is. To shift the focus from herself back to Jessie, Helen decides to spread the word that she is afraid for her life (as though Jessie will knife her in her sleep)

    1. the problem is brendan/rachel fans

      why even bother having the vote?

      even if elissa slept 24/7 she would still win the vote, similar to the consecutive mvp votes

      i would be so happy for jess if she gets it…she has pretty much sacrificed her own game 3 weeks in a row to attempt to turn the tide of monotonous predictability and to make it a more entertaining season for us, at the same time standing up for herself against a steady flow of hate from numerous disgustingly horrible sheep players…you have to respect that

  55. Now is the perfect time for the best twist…coup d’état! Negate the two noms (Spencer & Jessie) and put up two new Noms, with no time to scamble for votes! Rats in the water!

    1. except that we all know that if Andy had to take off Jessie and Spencer, he would put up GM and Aryan so as not to upset the house (Helanda). Im thinking the only twist that would actually work is for them to DPOV (too late for a coup d etat as they have to let the viewers know its coming to give everyone time to vote).
      I just dont see it happening….sigh….

  56. So these bitches are all talk and nothing? “I have never had someone chest bump me before!” Really Aaryn? That’s what you have such a big mouth. GM and you deserve a beating à la Madea. GM’s just full of it, she’s so overdramatic that people stupidly assume she can hurt them. She might be able but there’s always gonna be someone crazier than her. And Helen fearing for her safety and shitting her pants because of Jessie! Can someone deck this pathetic coward? She feel safer around her former bullies than her friends, fucking sellout!

  57. Before this season, I never looked at the posting boards for BB. I watch every season, but am not a superfan. I just watch for the mindless entertainment of a silly reality TV show. The bed flipping incident is what led me to reviewing the posting boards this season. I was curious if others felt as I did, that this display of racial bigotry far surpassed the normal jibes/taunts and backstabbing of prior seasons. I was happy to see the vast majority also felt this was over the top obnoxious behavior (racist behavior will always have racist supporters but at least it’s a minority opinion). Now I look at the boards to see what’s going on, and skim through the comments. Frankly, some of the comments are more obnoxious than the words and behavior of the HG’s! Some of you are extremely ridiculous and absolutely illiterate! It’s hysterically funny to read and know that you have made BB such a part of your little lives.
    Get a life. There are 3 “strategies” to playing BB: 1.) Strategically (Helen and Amanda). Forming alliances by picking the people that can be manipulated, win competitions, or do dirty work for you that ultimately benefits your game. 2.) Win competitions (Aaryn). Of course, if you win HOH, and winning competitions is your strategy, you have to be able to do something for yourself with the HOH wins. Bowing to another on nominations is giving it to the strategic player. 3.) Floating (Elissa, Andy, Spencer, McCrae). Yes, this is a strategy like it or not. If you are someone who is not good at competitions, and/or strategic thinking, floating will get you to the end, and, if you don’t piss too many people off, you may just win. Saying your strategy is “playing a good social game” is the same as floating. Then there is GM who doesn’t fit in any of the 3 strategies mentioned because she has NO strategy. I think she is just happy to be on BB, but will likely be the most devastated once the show is over whether she wins (not likely) or not. Finally, there is Jessie, who unless something really big happens, will not be around after eviction this week, but I would classify her as a floater as well. She’s tried to be strategic, but too little too late, and she didn’t command the same presence as Amanda or Helen.
    I don’t care for Amanda, and Helen seems annoying, but would have to say they are playing the best strategic game, and technically one of them should win. Have they both made errors? Yes, Amanda in outrageous behavior, and Helen in telling too many stories that have tripped her up, but I wouldn’t count either of them out yet. Aaryn can win competitions, but until she makes a move on her own, for what is best for her game (primarily I think taking GM with her would be best), she will not have a chance. One of the floaters winning? Most likely will be the case. I think this is what bothers viewers the most is that a floater may win. It bothers me though to see comments like “Andy sucks! He’s such a rat floater!”. Isn’t Elissa, Spencer, and McCrae in this same category? McCrae is probably the worst of the 4. Pretending to be a strategic player, but is really just an Amanda floater. At least Elissa doesn’t try to act as anything more than a floater, and Andy is trying to make floating an art form. Spencer is hanging on by a thread and dumb luck.
    Of course there is still time for twists and turns, redemption and demise, and, for us viewers, more boredom and fireworks, but in the end, this is and should be viewed as just a stupidly entertaining past time. It’s why I liked watching Super Nanny. It’s fun to see that other people’s children behave worse than my own. Or, in the case of BB, that other people behave worse than I do, and I can always be a Monday morning quarterback thinking I would NEVER behave/talk that way. In conclusion, don’t HATE these people. Dislike their behavior or words, yes. Be appalled by it, yes. We truly do not know how we would behave in their shoes. We are not in the fishbowl. It’s easy to judge from the outside looking in. I feel no sympathy for any of the contestants (other than Candice with the bed flipping incident); they fully signed up for this. I feel sympathy for us viewers because with the bed flipping incident, our mindless entertainment was swept away in a downward spiral of disgusting behavior that is no longer fun to watch. I watch now because I am too curious as to how it will all play out on finale night and the days there after. I really could care less who wins, and this has been true every season. I may root for a certain player (I still want Helen to win at this point), but I am not devastated if my favorite gets evicted or doesn’t win. It’s just a silly game. Should there be another season of BB, it should be the one that will be most boring. This disgusting season has been predictable in evictions, but I wouldn’t say it has been boring. If anyone enters the game after what’s taken place this season, and is not aware of how their words and behavior will affect them once they leave the house, then the name of the game should be changed from Big Brother to “House of Fools”. CBS should go with an All Stars show next season before trying fresh faces again to allow time for this epic season of filth to be cleansed away.

  58. She was not joking in the beginning at all. I dont know how you could have got that she was kind hearted or anything like that in the beginning. Not gonna lie, dude, you sound a little obsessed with all of your “Jess” comments.

    1. calm down man im sure you’ll get over it

      if you dont like her thats your choice, but there are plenty here as you can see that like and respect Jessie

  59. As a huge survivor fan i decided to watch big brother to waste time,at first okay now its a piece of shit like worst cast i hope theycancel this sho and someone beat the shit out of amanda,aar yn,Gm,my friend is going to beat amanda since she lives 3 blocks away also she going to bringg 4 of her friends so amanda prepared to get jumped you fat ugly pancake ass

  60. If Helen is freaking out about the kitchen knife scenario, I’m wondering what she’ll do when she hears the Amanda spiel about slitting Jessie’s throat, stabbing Candace & knocking people’s teeth out by slamming them into the wall. I don’t remember Jessie ever threatening anyone physically. I take it Helen wasn’t in the room, when any of those conversations took place. She’s in for a rude awakening when she hears some of the vile things said.

    1. the people in the room who were ok with, and joined in with, amanda saying she wanted to knock jessies teeth out, slam her into a wall, slit her throat, and sodomize her…

      amanda (said all of the above with chilling menace, with a grin on her face, and was enjoying herself with the conversation subject matter)
      spencer (mentioned how they could use Jessies tears and blood as lube in the killing/raping scenario)
      mccrae (listened)
      andy (was cool with the conversation subject matter and said Jess would just be thankful they are keeping her)
      judd (listened and laughed)

      not sure if anyone else was in the hoh at the time

      for the video of it google: youtube Amanda Zuckerman Talks About Killing Jessie

      when helen sees and hears this footage, she is going to be shocked, and will wish she had listened to jessie when week after week helen kept saying its not the time to evict amanda when jess wanted to

  61. Oh Helen, give me a damn break. You’re a mother and are worried for your safety and that of your family because Jessie is calling everyone out on their bullsh*t?! She is creating a hell of a drama scene but seriously, instead of trying to run from the impending confrontation by hiding behind fake fear for your safety perhaps you should stand up straight when she confronts you and take it like a grown up. Really, did y’all think you could run around talking sh*t, lying, beings rats etc. and NOT get caught?? That’s sort of what the game is about…I’m also looking at you, Andy.

    And really, out of everyone still in that house, JESSIE is the one that makes them wonder “how the hell they got in the house?”


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