Adel says Neda thinks you had no reason to use the secret veto, she thinks you’re playing both sides.

POV Holder: Jon Next POV April 12th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 14th
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: April 17th
Original Nominations: Sabrina & Rachelle
Current Nominations: ADEL & Arlie
Have Nots Neda, Arlie, Rachelle and Heather

bbcan2-2014-04-15 06-21-09-410
9:15am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Adel comments how it’s weird how there’s more people in the slums than in the bedroom. Adel says you’re not going to believe how much snow is outside. In the kitchen – Sabrina says the logic is there to keep him because you, Heather, Neda and Adel are a final 4. Jon tells her that the fact of the matter is that you Rachelle, Neda and I are the true final four. Sabrina says he said you swore on your family and your dog that you wouldn’t put you up. You also had the chance to take him off and you didn’t. Sabrina says I really want to sit down and discuss it with you and Neda. Jon says me and Ned’s talked for the first time since it all went down and we definitely want to talk to you. Sabrina says the four of us should sit down. JOn says when people are desperate they will say whatever you want to hear. Sabrina and Rachelle head out to the pool to talk.

In the bedroom – Adel heads to the bedroom and tells Allison that obviously I had a melt down with Sabrina yesterday ..which isn’t good for me. It is what it is, I don’t care. Allison tells Adel you’re staying no matter what. Adel says that Ro is stronger than Sabs we need to keep her and pull her over to our side so then its 3 against 3 to beat them. Big Brother puts them all on a backyard lock down. They all head out to the pool area and talk about what the snow is like where they live. Adel and Sabrina keep saying wind shield factor. Allison corrects them and says its wind chill factor not wind shield.

10:15am Adel and Allison talk by the workout bench. Adel says that Neda and Jon are a pair no matter what. He says that Sabrina is that biggest sell out in this game. It makes sense to her but I don’t get it. Adel says Neda, Jon and Heather are together. The Gremlins will try and work with whoever benefits their game better. I know Heather has your back, she saved you. I’ve been saying it forever that she has your back. Adel tells Allison we are in the middle and can pick which ever side we want. Adel says Neda and Jon are strong. Allison says I don’t know how they’ve made it this far together. Allison asks do you actually think they’ll break up the Gremlin’s before us? Adel doesn’t think Neda wants to break them up yet. Adel plays out scenarios. Allison asks you think Jon actually wants to do the Gremlins, I think he wants to keep them in his back pocket. Adel tells Allison that Neda thinks you had no reason to use your secret veto so she thinks you’re playing both sides. Adel says I’m a hustler. I like to smoke weed and party. I’m not good at English, I never was. People think I’m a dumb dumb but I can figure this sh*t out. Adel continues to play out different scenarios. Big Brother opens up the house again and

10:35am – 10:45am In side Heather complains to Allison about how Sabrina is annoying her because she keeps getting upset about absolutely everything and anything. Allison says everyone just needs to relax. Allison tells Heather I am not going to screw you, I have you back. Allison says I know in the four of us .. would you take me over them? Heather says yes. Allison says I know Jon would take Neda .. I don’t know if Neda would take Jon. Neda wouldn’t take me over you. Using that thing yesterday freaked her out. I haven’t talked to her yet but..

BBCAN2-2014-04-15 07-37-54-814

BBCAN2-2014-04-15 07-54-27-635
Sabrina says I can’t wait for you to go home and see that they little quiet people are the ones that are talking bad behind their and people like me are the ones that if I have something to say I will say it to your face. Heather apologizes to Sabrina for the things she said. Sabrina says I hated you the last couple days! I have a lot of people that are my friends outside this house because I am a nice person. I appreciate your apology. I think that you being nice is a façade. Heather says you saying that hurts me. Sabrina says you are not my favourite person now .. well because you said mean things to me.

10:55am – 11:20am IN the bedroom – Arlie talks to Rachelle & Allison saying that when someone wrongs me I get them back 10 times worse. I am a soldier for my friends. You two could be my Charlie’s Angels/Arlie’s Angels! If you guys come with me I will be a f**king warrior! We could crush their souls! All the house guests head to the kitchen to eat and hang out..
BBCAN2-2014-04-15 08-00-45-709

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I blame Heather for this debacle, Why did she turn on Arlie when he was the first one to try to bring her in to an alliance?


I like that word…debacle, you don’t hear it much these days, but you are right, they are in one hell of a debacle right now 🙂


How is it Heather’s fault? Neda is the downfall of the sloppy seconds. She turned on her alliance too soon and it came back to bite her and Jon in the ass.


It was all Neda who coaxed Jon and ruined it for him. Of course, he allowed her to control his decisions. Too bad for him and now ge has to face the consequences! Getting rid of Arlie would be best for their game and Allison is the one to decide his fate!


Heather is not the person to blame…..rather Jon is the one at fault for allowing Neda to run his HOH….he should’ve stuck to the original plan and got rid of Rachelle, instead he was swayed by Neda to use his Veto, which is what led to this whole mess.


OK finally leaving a comment, I hope my views aren’t too controversial for the site (kidding)

First off, Adel wtf are you doing telling Allison Neda fears Allison is playing both sides? That’s just gonna make her feel the need to ally herself with Rachelle and Sabrina thus evicting you.

I’m not a HUGE Arlie or Adel fan, but I kind of want Arlie to leave. He’s a big big player but I feel once he’s gone some of the players that haven’t been playing will start to do so. Furthermore with Arlie gone the possibility of more little alliances will increase.

(I feel like I’m rambling)

Hopefully this coming week Sabrina or Rachelle (Sabrina) wins HOH, if not Allison. It would be interesting to see who they target. I know this might be a little too far fetched but I want the final 3 to be Neda, Sabrina, and Heather.

Thanks for the site Simon and Dawg, and to all the BBfans out there, good morning, from Texas(:


heather is the one that ones allison out next week. i hate hypocrites.


Yeah. Funny to see them both talking crap to each other’s faces to reassure them of their lies. 😀


allison constantly says she’s at the bottom of the alliance with heather and them (even AFTER arlie was up), showing constantly that allison does not trust them. and then this week she SAVED SABRINA with her POV, when she didn’t even need to use it. why would heather NOT want her out…? allison’s allegiance has never really left sabrina.


It annoys me how she always complains about being everyone’s last choice and yet never gives anyone reason to let her in and be trusted.

Heather was an outcast and is now making allies and getting traction because instead of whining about being shunned, she made real connections with other. HGs and showed that she can be of use to them. FFS, stop whining when you’ve been handed almost every opportunity and advantage in the Game, Allison!


All Right………………..I was confused before but now I’m not only confused but dumbstruck. Just who is with whom for real? Who is playing whom? When it was explained to me a while back, I thought I understood but listening to Adel and Allison has me mixed up again, so I will just throw my arms up in the air, sit back, not make any judgements about who might win and be an observer, because this game has been thrown in the blender so many times it’s impossible to separate the alliances. I doubt even the HGs know who is with whom.


I was just thinking the exact same thing!


Initially I thought she would stay true to Heather for saving her twice, but then it appeared she was with Arlie. Hey come on she does love to have a big man to protect her.

Then the Adel convo seemed real, but she has told the other side (Arlie’s angel’s) info so it appears she is on board with them.

The problem is Adel IS 100% accurate because the Gremlins will take each other and Arlie will NEVER take her to F3 or F2 so how does this really benefit her when Adel is offering her an alternative to go deeper in the game.

Ally is a numbers girl & for some reason she reminds me of the Friendship Alliance and Cappy. She wants to take out John for Andrew because of their connection. BUT Arlie is really the one who screwed him over because John and Andrew never really had a true alliance.

Bottom line, for now she is with the Gremlins & Arlie. Have no idea why she doesn’t see she could use her power to a better advantage and still get out a big target right now that would benefit her but hey it’s Allison so who knows. She certainly played the crap out of pretending to be upset to save herself just to have the options to pick where she wanted to be but once she hears the boos on Thursday I wonder if she’ll second guess her choice.

Sabrina is the most narcissistic, egomaniac we’ve EVER seen on Big Brother and I’m at the point where I want to throw up in my mouth every time I hear her say “Do you understand”. For her to continually tell people they were rude to her when she has said the most personal and disgusting things about people in the game is so frustrating. I can’t remember EVER disliking a player as much as I do her. It’s ruining the season for me. The one and only power I want Canada to have is the option to vote out a player. It would make the overall game so much better if we didn’t have to see or listen to her (in my opinion).

I was holding out hope Adel could get her to see her numbers truly were better i.e. Final 2 with him, Final 3 with him and either Rachelle or Heather (her choice) but apparently it’s more important to run back to the woman who called you a whore and ugly. Bet she’ll be really happy when she gets out and discovers the truth.

What is also amazing is how much Arlie is getting away with. He told Allison what Sabrina said and she still is willing to over look it. Is she dumb? He will take her out as soon as John is gone even before Neda and Heather. DUH.

Oh well, unless production pulls some major chit, say goodbye to Deli (who has been the most entertaining, kind and cleanest person in the house this season). Yes I want to see strategy but I just can’t stomach Sabrina.

I would imagine production must be freaking out if they are thinking long term about the game because Sabrina, Rachelle and Arlie have been the lowest in the polls forever and they are setting up a Final 4 of them (final 5 of them and Heather). Great we’ll be able to watch the Gremlins treat Heather even more abysmally than they did at the start of the show. Wonder how many viewers they’ll lose over pushing Allison to play that little game just to get one good week of ratings.

With John not being able to play what are the odds of Neda or Heather winning after being on slop over Arlie, Rachelle and Allison. Unless they have something tailor made for Neda or Heather it’s over.

Even if Heather or Neda win, the show has lost it’s luster because the inevitable sell out by the Gremlins of Arlie/Ally will occur, except this time Neda/John won’t even entertain a discussion with them. Can you say PREDICTABLE. Arlie was right he just needed 2 more weeks and the game is all his, in fact when they keep him this week he’s already won.

Odds are it will be Arlie’s angels winning and then they’ll be an epic POV next week and then the season is pretty much over because either Neda or John will leave followed by whichever one remains.

I guess in reality this truly did make the most sense since the Gremlins and Heather have ALL been saved by N/J/H on more than one occasion but it meant NOTHING to them. How ironic is it that Sabrina lied to everyone’s face in her alliance but they all apparently forgive and believe she didn’t now while they (and we) listen to her calling the other side of the house bullies for speaking directly to her face about her lies.

The only thing I’m looking forward to is the audience BOOING LOUDLY as Adel gets ousted Thursday and cheering WILDLY when he exits.
Thanks BB Production… NOT

Wind Shield Factor

Adel just doesn’t have any strategy at all. He wants to align against Jon/Neda, and then take out the gremlins?

Art of War 101 Deli: Always fire the first shot!


‘Arlie’s Angels’ haha!
I love it.

mark anthony

arlie is proving himself to be every bit the legend he was making himself out to be. he is a calm collective assassin.

just an opinion

It’ll only work if people lose their ability to think and fall for it. He has PROVEN himself that disloyalty is key for his game. Why on earth would anyone think he would change now. He is a snake and needs to be thrown out. Anyone can win if they pander to vindictive, egotistical, no-brains that suck up all the air in the room (Sabrina!) She spent most of the time congratulating herself on how Canada would love her play, and how she and Arlie are loved by Canada as they are the underdogs -??????? – colour me confused! What is in her Koolaid?


if arlie stays, its because sabrina convinced rachelle and allison, not arlie.


Jon is an idiot, he should have stuck to the plan to get one of the gremlins out this week. This is what he gets for listening to dumbasses like Neda and fucking Heather. He got a little too scared and was manipulated into throwing in Arlie and now he’s fucked. Bye Adel


In their defense, they had NO idea that Allison had a veto. Their strategy was quite good, because Sabrina and Arlie up, meant Neda, Heather and Adel would vote to evict Arlie. PLUS, Rachelle would probably vote to evict Arlie in order to keep Sabrina, but that wasn’t even necessary. It was a brilliant plan, IMO.


Agreed – their biggest mistake was forgetting that Allison might have found a veto in the house. Pretty easy mistake to make.


I want Arlie gone just because I really like Jon and Neda but I agree if Arlie were to stay it would make each week more interesting !

Arlie's Angels pls.

Can their alliance PLEASE be named Arlie’s Angels!!


Gremlin angels. Too funny.


I love Adel but no. He has no game. I would like Arlie to leave cuz he is too confident. If Neda is smart, she would work on Rachelle and tell her to vote out Arlie then they can blame Allison. I feel like Rachelle is conflicted and is being pushed by Sabrina. Since Rachelle votes out Sabrina last week, maybe she has it in her to go against what Sabs wants. This has been a crazy week, from the Gremlins being on the block to trying to backdoor Allison now Arlie. Can’t wait till Thursday.


Sabrina is such a foul pig. “I have such a huge heart, I do anything for anyone..” when you need to say it over and over, clearly you’re trying to convince yourself and others. I can’t wait until she leaves the house and sees how terribly she came off despite producers trying to give her a good edit. I wish they would have just stuck to their guns and got a gremlin out this week..


Whoa there’s two Michael’s now. Time to change my name I guess.




Wouldn’t the best move for Allison be: keeping Arlie?


Allison using the veto was the best move for her game. As a Sheyld fan she knows the game is about numbers. By saving Sabrina she now has the numbers for this week and hopefully has a shieid for next week.
I don’t know if she was aware she was setting herself up to be the swing vote this week or not. If she was, it was a good move.
Allison saving Arlie this week would benefit her game. I Like Adel, but I like the potential of her disrupting the house.


I agree Allison pulled a good move yesterday. She’s no more a disaster.


Why do ppl like the Shield. What did they accomplish? Peter made one of the worst moves in the history of Big Brother.


Sorry if this was already discussed.. why do the Sloppy Seconds still think they have Allison on their side? Why else would she put a member of their alliance at risk by taking Sabrina off the block if she wasn’t switching sides?

I personally prefer the members of Sloppy Seconds and don’t like Sabrina and Rachelle, but if Allison does switch sides this is a really great move for her (even if it’s clearly aided by production).


I haven’t seen very much of the feeds today but last night Allison was with the gremlins.


Arlie = good gameplayer, but annoying person! What does he think he is some kind of wwe superstar saying things like “crush their souls” he tries waaaay too hard to be a big brother legend, but he’s not. Its easy to be clever when you are playing against people who can’t win comps and have no clue how to play the game! The way Arlie talks when he is trying to sway people is just downright creepy, Allison should take him out before its too late otherwise he is gonna coast to final 2.

Nana Jo

Slobrina is the most self-deluded person in BB history. I hope someone creates a montage of all the mean, nasty things she has said about Heather and others, starting from week one. She keeps saying, “you’ll see when you watch the show”… We ARE watching and we DO see! Sabs has been treated like a princess by the other HG’s these past two weeks compared to the disgusting way she has acted in regard to others, most especially Heather. She is completely irrational when it comes to Heather and has been since the beginning. She initiated shunning Adel and Paul, too. Her meanness has nothing to do with strategy or game play. It is an innate part of her psychology. I don’t think she has ever had to take personal responsibility for her actions in her life. Everything is everyone’s else’s fault. Result: an extremely unpleasant girl who is unable to see, feel or empathize. Add to this some horrible personal habits and you have the whole package that is Sabrina-the-Queen-of-delusion. I also truly believe that not a single one of these HG’s will want a thing to do with her once the show is over, and that will ultimately include Ro, too.

Okay, rant aside …. This season could be dubbed “Days of the flip-flops”. For sure, none of them will ever need a pair of sandals in that house!


Very astute. I hate Slobby, but Arlie is right to woo her and Rho. It’s their only chance to stick together, bound in disgust.

I liked Jon, Neda and heather, but this blunder is inexcusable. They deserve to be broken. I actually want to see Allison and Arlie at the end.

Simon, thanks for the feeds. You’re a saint. 🙂


Actually the only reason their blunder is inexcusable is because Allison had the secret veto, otherwise it would have been smooth-sailing. Jon did have to make the first move, he may not have gotten what he though was the perfect chance ever again. That being said, i didn’t want this to happen this week. And I weep at the thought of Sabrina feeling like she duped people.


Yeah, many fans, even the ones on here wanted Jon to make the first move against Arlie… Until it Allison used her veto. But before then, many fans thought Arlie wouldn’t even think twice about putting Jon up so Jon should take advantage of this chance while he can…

I mean nobody in the house knew Allison had that veto. We as an audience knew it was a bad idea to put Arlie up at the time because of Allison’s power. But the HGs don’t know that.

Would Jon’s game have been better of if he had left the nominations the same? More than likely. But given what they knew before the POV ceremony, it made sense to think it’s the perfect chance to get rid of a stronger player (Arlie).


Very well said!! “Aligned in disgust” —cant wait really!


Wouldn’t it be the best move for Allison to keep Arlie?


Unfortunatly I doubt Sabrina will ever realize what a douche she is. Its not like she knows about sites like this where they really get exposed, if she did she wouldnt keep saying to other hg’s when you see the show etc..of course when they see the show its not gonna have the bs she said about Ika bumping into her, or all of the nasty things she says about other houseguests, etc..

Nana Jo

I disagree. Sabs will be obsessively googling herself afterwards, watching every Youtube and video, every blog article, every bit of BB she can find. She won’t be able to help herself. And the more she finds bad, the more she’ll be convinced that everyone is mean and out to get her, and that production has just given her a bad edit. It won’t provoke any soul searching and she won’t learn a thing.


Sorry for duplicate!


This is a great Season!!!


Watching feeds now—neda trying to con Sabs! (isn’t possible)


Mann fuck fatbrina keep adel doo