Sabrina denies talking behind peoples back “I didn’t say anything horrible. wait until you see this at home”

POV Holder: Kenny Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 7
HOH Winner: Heather Next HOH: Apr 10
Original Nominations: Kenny & Allison
Current Nominations: Sarah & Allison
Have Nots Sarah, Kenny, Rachelle

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-07 16-19-23-510

7:20pm Bedroom Sabrina and Allison

Sabrina breaking down into a tidal wave of tears. Says she cannot believe that Allison has done this to her because she trusted Allison and loved her, “I’m not pissed I’m hurt cause I really liked you.

Sabrina – “I was honest to you … “
Allison explains to her she had no choice she was going home and Sabrina knew that.
Sabrina – Yes I’m not going to lie to you but I was honest about where my vote was.
Sabrina whimpers – “You are having fun up there when you know they all hate me and they are bashing me”

Allison says She’s heard Sabrina had said some awful things about her in the past the past.

Sabrina – “Fine you’ll see what I said.. I didn’t say anything horrible.. all I said was Why is she taking Andrew away from em”
Allison – Ok fine.. OK Sab.. this is not at all a personal move

Allison tells her the only way she stays in the game is to join the other side.

Allison says the entire house thinks Sabrina is mean..
Sabrina thinks it’s just the other side trying to make her not like me.

Allison doesn’t think that is the case, Allison says Sabrina was mean to Heather and her in the past.

Sabrina wants ALlison to disclose all the things the other side is saying about her being mean.
Allison just keep repeating that this is the only way for her to stay in the game.

Sabrian – Have I ever been mean to you
Allison – not to my face
Sabrina – not to my face… perfect can’t wait until you see this at home
Sabrina now claims she was not mean to anyone and wasn’t stirring sh1t all season she asks if she’s ever seen Sabrian being mean to anyone in the house

Allison – I’ve seen you talk about Heather behind her back..

Sabrina – So i’m going home next
Allison I don’t know I went from going home to whatever the other side has.

Sabrina – You went over the the side that hated Andrew… you did what you had to do for your game.

Allison – I’m not going to lie about it but people are saying you are mean..

Sabrina says she very good at this game and she does realize things, she would have

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-07 16-34-13-176

Momzi comes in and says she wants to give everyone a huge she wants to leave happy just like the way she came in, “I even hugged Arlie”

Allison says there was some passive aggressive stuff going on early today.

Sabrina – I was super hurt i just have to get my emotions out of the game.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-07 16-39-20-889

7:35pm Rachelle and Sabrina poolside
(If you want to listen to Sabrina deny doing all the thing she did for the last 3 weeks watch these videos)
Sabrina says that Andrew will never talk to Allison again for what she is doing.

Sabrina explains her conversation with Allison and how the entire house calls her mean. Rachelle says Sabrina isn’t mean../

7:40pm Kenny and Allison Storage room
Kenny says he wouldn’t be able to do to Momzi what Arlie. Kenny says he’s not going to roll over he’s going to fight for HOH harder than ever before. Allison crying about how crazy the day is. Kenny tells her not to waste any tears there will probably be plenty more. They hug and leave.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-07 16-42-46-504

7:47pm Neda and Sabrina poolside
Sabrina claims she never lied about the things she said about Heather. Neda thinks their first five alliance was a cool idea and good for them for keeping it going for so long. Sabrina claims that is why Canada put her and Andrew up because they were so strong.

Sabrina says Neda would say mean thing about Heather so why is everyone calling her mean.
Neda denies saying anything they can roll back the tapes she never said Heather was creepzilla, creepy disgusting etc etc.. Neda would only nod and smile so that she wasn’t ostracized from the group.

Sabrina is taking HUGE offense to the house calling her mean. She tells NEda that NEda is making the game personally, “I’ve never been mean to you.. have I been mean to you”
NEda – I don’t know what is being said when I’m not around”
Sabrina keeps telling her everything that is being said about her is false and will be known once they are out of the house watching the show. (likely the broadcast only showed 1/100th of what Sabrina said about Allison and Heather)

Sabrina – I tried to be loyal to people and it backfired.. I’m not meant for this game.. Sorry You thought I was mean.. “

Neda said that 1st5 made good game moves.. Neda leave, Sabrina asks her to go get Jon.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-07 17-08-53-814

8:13pm Rachelle cries..

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This is why I can give Kenny and Sarah a clean slate but not Sabrina or Rachelle. I really do believe that Kenny and Sarah are sincere in their change of heart – even if it came from a warning from BB. They’ve admitted what they’ve done, are remorseful and are making amends. Sabrina and Rachelle are still lying and putting themselves up on their high horses setting on their pedestals.

This shows that Kenny and Sarah aren’t like this in the outside world. Emotions are just running high in an atmosphere where there is nothing BUT the game to think about. Sabrina and Rachelle, however….


What warning did BB give to Sarah and Kenny? I didn’t read that (though I could be blind if I missed it!)lol.

Sabrina is so full of crap, she’s believing her own lies now and also in complete denial. It’s sad…She will have the shock of her life once out of the house and catches up on the season and sees videos of herself saying stuff she claims she never said. Kenny too, I really hope he isn’t such a jerk as he’s shown to be one in the house.


That’s why I think there must be some level of delusion going on, because her tears seem genuine. She seems like someone who has no impulse control, and no real sense of personal responsibility–like she doesn’t understand the principle of cause and effect.


I think you’re gullible.
I’m sure this sudden change of behaviour is sincere – they’re sincerely afraid BB will edit them as they truly are.
This isn’t a spontaneous change of heart – this is rational self-preservation after pointed questioning or a blunt reminder of who controls what gets seen.
Worth as much as a wooden nickel.


You’re entitled to your opinion but I don’t think I’m wrong.

Kenny and Sarah were saying really horrible things about the others. Things that would hurt their family and friends who were watching. At the height of it, the cameras that were on them turned off for quite awhile. Kenny and Sarah weren’t’ shown this whole time. When the cameras came back, they were 100% different people. Kenny even said they were warned by Big Brother.

That’s just putting 2+2 together.

Props to Neda

Neda deserves an award for sitting there and taking all of slobrinas bs. I loved watching Neda defend herself too! Go Neda!

another name

okay… i didn’t want to be the type of person that comments on non-strategic or non logical assessment points of view.
as someone that has been victim of bullying, as well as the person that stood up to people insulting and bullying someone else, and to my own shame the person that sat back and nodded to stay off of radar… i have the personal experience to back up what i’m about to say:
don’t congratulate neda for sitting back and nodding in agreement with the girls when they were insulting heather. that didn’t take any personal conviction, it didn’t make her a better person. it made her part of the pack. being complicent through silence is just as great a moral offense as actively attacking. by saying ‘i didn’t actually say any of it’, you don’t mitigate the fact that you made the pack of attackers look one person larger by standing with them.
absolute cop out. just as bad as the others.


I feel the same way about Arlie. Before Andrew left, Arlie told Sarah that every time Andrew would go on a tear, he’d just nod and agree. I recognize that both Neda and Arlie went along with things because they didn’t want to ruffle feathers, but come on. Doesn’t mean you have to be an enabler of bad behaviour. A simple “Whoa! That was a bit much” is a start.

another name

truly. the true mark of a person with integrity would be to say,”guys, there’s really no need to insult people. nominate and vote them out, otherwise this is just cruelty.” does that big brother player even exist? that would be the first actual player i would support and endorse, rather than sticking to just assessing strategic moves and counter moves. it would be nice to actually respect one of the players in the game instead of trying to overlook bad character and poor sportsmanship so that they don’t all make me sick time after time for their hypocricy. maybe that’s why i get so frustrated every time an alliance gets power just to behave as negatively as the alliance before them. don’t point out any one player as less guilty than the rest. that’s just overlooking bad behavior and going for the lesser of two evils. lesser of two evils doesn’t mean good.


another name

neda continuously told ika, sab, rach and sarah to get off the hate train of bullying heather

neda is not heathers mother

she did the best she could to get the other girls to knock it off, whilst trying to not cause too much friction and make herself a target

you see now they are cool with each other, heather and neda


for me standing ovation for the emotional and mental strength and disciplne neda has shown this game

could you imagine having to deal with sab and sarahs cry baby sh1t all season?

i absolutely cannot wait for when sab and sarah are evicted so i dont have to listen to their moaning, bitching, bullying and crying anymore

team neda, she is great, always gives me a good laugh, and for me without her this season on live feeds would have been alot less fun, i think her humour is awesome


I really hope people on social media take time to make clips of all the shit Sabrina has said about everyone. She keeps saying that people will see the truth when they get home and so they deserve to get the whole truth. The show doesn’t even cover half the story.
I’ll personally send a link of this website to all the house guests when they are out lol of you guys don’t mind.


Ayesha, please do.

another name

as long as the link includes all of the nasty vile things every houseguest has said about each other, i would not be wholeheartedly against it.
but if it’s simply the things one houseguest says, that would be sinking down to their level. and truly, to what end, once the game is over do you really think any one of them cares what they said about each other? and since the houseguest in question will already be vilified, to what end? the reality of public opinion will already mark her as most hated houseguest. oh no, if canada ever has an all-star heroes vs. villains we’ll have to go through more of sabrina’s greatest emotional breakdowns. be careful what you wish for: big brother’s sister karma is watching. we might have to watch her again.


JC this isn’t PC it’s BB Can 2!

I’m directing this at all feeders not an individual. Have you watched the feeds from BB USA. The talking behind peoples backs in BB Can is preschool level junk. Watch the big boys and girls do it on BB USA. This is pure light weight stuff! Get PO’d at Sabby for lying about is perfectly fine. Some of the writing here gives me a good laugh on that. But this BS about write one write all go pound a PC HOOP where the sun don’t shine.

If an individual wants to post on social media fill your boots I say. It’s called freedom of speech donkey. If you don’t like poor Sabby getting the ridicule some feel she richly deserves YOU spend your time and efforts posting the rest yourself! PC whiner who does not get BB. It gets intense and nasty. I’ve NEVER seen a season without it. Everybody singing Kumbaya for 75 days would be a complete borefest for Christ sake!

Well I’m ranting this PC stuff regaurding some feeds is a little much as well. Go back and read some of the comments from BB USA 15 on OBB. Simon or Dog will tell you it can get intense, mean spirited and nasty at times. We here following BB Canada are way more civil. I like both dynamics and prefer neither. Usually it’s what’s in present time. I tend to mix it up during the BB USA season! PC is ok sometimes but this thing … BB has evolved to be a slice of nasty from time to time. It also has perpetual lying and liars. If this isn’t something you can stomach perhaps entertainment of a different sort would serve you better. The choice is yours of course.

But let me rant if I want, curse if I want and stay off the PC stuff. PC does not equal BB on the feeds or on OBB thank God. Please also don’t confuse the disgust I have for bigotry on the show, feeds or here with the point I’m making about lying in game. I was bullied daily from the time I was 11 years old. What someone says behind your back can be nasty and foul. But it isn’t bullying to me. The result can lead to bullying and others doing “the Neda”! The Neda’s of the world are more dangerous than the bully in some ways. You stand up to the bully and punch him in the nose you may get to keep your lunch money the next day. That’s a metaphor not a suggestion for violence for those PC folks by the way. You can’t “punch” all the Neda’s in the world in the nose. Changing people core values for the better is much tougher than throwing a right fist.

another name

i’m not sure if i completely understood your point of view, so please answer this question to show me if you are pro or against this statement:
“sabrina lies, but they all lie so they are all guilty of lying.”
is that being PC in your opinion? don’t really know what the acronym HOOP means… apologies for not being up to date on acronyms, i’ve only started reading threads and commenting in the past three weeks.


you are absolutely obsessed with having to call out everyone for everything, or nobody for nothing

why cant a poster call out just one houseguest if thats what they want to do?

if you want to call out everyone then go for it

obviously the level of intensity and harshness of all the houseguests comments is going to be on different levels depending on the houseguest


stan wtf? your neda remarks in the last paragraph are absolutely ridiculous in my opinion, and unnecessarily and undeservedly disrespectful

there is a reason you got so many dislikes, and most of your posts get so many dislikes


I’m loving the drama! The gremlins succumbing to the pressure of being on the outs. Adel handled this situation way different from how the two are acting now. Kenny, although I want him out, seems like a cool guy (maybe production talked to him) but he earns my respect with how he acts.

ihate sarah

sabrina please JUST STOP..the damage is already done..your game is just sit and wait to get picked off!


Well maybe not. Neda has stated to Heather that Sabrina might be a good one to take to final 2. Heather declined the suggestion and maybe it was in jest.

Having all the game moves disclosed today and finding out that she (Neda) was not really a part of any of it may have her thinking who she wants to take further.


I think Heather was right, don’t bring Sab to the final two. Sabrina may now be thinking that everyone hates her but that would be her strategy and when she tells that to everyone in the jury house they might just give her the win. Get rid of the Gremlins now or Allison might actually bring them to the end. And if Sabs does go to the end she WILL win.


I really think Sabrina genuinely doesn`t believe she ever lied. It`s like some sort of psychiatric condition where she tries to justify everything she does to make herself a saint.


Oh brother… I wonder if Sabrina has selective memory, and actually thinks she hasn’t been saying horrible stuff behind people’s backs.


Has anyone else noticed that whenever Sabrina talks to someone from the “other side” she’s in tears and PLEADING and begging to be believed. Then, when she reports that conversation back to HER side, she makes it sound like she stood her ground and was authoritative and unmoving in her emotions.

Among all the lies, crocodile tears, emotional train wreck, manipulation, self-delusion, and drama queen rudeness that Sabrina exudes from every pore, it’s this habit of relaying a different version of conversations that makes her deplorable to the public.

Kenny and Sarah have made amends and Sabrina continues to talk and talk and backstab and dig her grave even deeper. She will not fare well after this game in the public eye.


Jack, I disagree with you on your assessment of Sarah and Kenny taking the high road. Sarah is definitely sabotaging Arlie’s game, however nicely she is doing. Again Sarah is in rationalization mode. This is what she does. Spew and then say ‘oh my bad’. (Kenny is similar and this is why they are so tight).

For some this ploy works. It seems to have you convinced. Myself, I am not.


It could just be strategy. But if BB staff actually chastised Sarah and Kenny for acting like a couple of asshats, it might have been the reality check they needed. For now.


awwww, cry me a river


SOBina has to get over herself! Always the victim. Boo-Hoo. Poor me! Can’t stand listening to her.

bb is a house full of crazy

Sabrina is going to go cross-Canada postal on everyone involved with BBC2 after the show is over…lol That chick is certifiable.


sabrina you are hunted by all your lies &personal attacks.
Can’t wait to see what’s next .

Douche hater

If Production did intervine and tell Kenny and Sarah
To cut out the bashing that’s pretty pathetic that a grown women
And man have to be told they are acting like aggressive
Wild dogs .. They knew what they were doing
And they thought they could get away with it ..
Then BB came in and slapped there hands and all of
A sudden they are regretful … Bullshit I don’t buy
It . They are a mean spirited group who’s true
Characteristics come out when they are
At the bottom … Absolutely telling of their
True nature . Aggressive whining brats
Who have never had to face adversity
In there lives .


You don’t know enough about any of them to make that judgment call.


That comment may be true relative to their lives outside of the game. But within the game, many of the statements are true.

I have trouble believing that either of these players came to the decision on their own that they should shift how they are responding to this week’s situation.


I was referring to hyperbolic statements such as “Who have never had to face adversity In there lives.” (Not my spelling.)

None of us know what these people have been through in their real lives–beyond what they share on the show (and even that we have to take with a grain of salt).

another name

whoa, dude… chill a second.
you don’t know their life stories any more than the rest of us.
maybe they have faced adversity, maybe they haven’t. you can’t make such a sweeping statement without factual validation.
if production has indeed reached out to them and asked them to tone down their behavior, it wouldn’t be a big stretch.
by the same token, if production had reached out to other characters and asked them to play up or down certain aspects so that
the public liked them more: not a surprise.
golden edits have been given to sarah, kenny, adel, jon, arlie, and surprisingly sabrina. compare the feeds and notes on this site to any aired episode.
if you weren’t as angry and agressive as your all caps comment would lead readers to believe, sorry for asking you to chill.

another name

oh, it wasn’t all caps. sorry for asking you to chill.

Douche hater

If they are behaving this way over a game then
It is my opinion that they have not had very
Many bad moments in life … And maybe they need
To learn a few lessons .. Like how not to be a
Totally bully and verbally abusive piece of shit .


No No and No

See you and others are missing the point completely. If production did intervene they likely shouldn’t have. Sarah and Kenny may have seen BB USA. You think Grodner would have warned them or interfered? Not in a NY minute. well they film in LA actually! hehehe The stuff we are seeing on the feeds isn’t entirely kind but it’s part of the bargain with the show. The family comments likely should have been reigned in but the rest is standard low level nasty talk. AG would not be happy seeing those in production stopping good material for the show. When I say good I mean bad but not for the shows ratings. As nasty puts butts in the seats!! 😛


Another thought: I find it weird how the house hasn’t noticed the complete 180* turn that Kenny and Sarah have made. Have any of them even questioned it?

Also, Kenny now has a slight advantage in knowing how how and why the public felt about him. The warning is a game advantage that no the others don’t have. It’s outside information. The rest of the house continues to bash others, which I believe will be what wears thin on the public and could very well sway the public’s opinion — again.

BB DEFINITELY has a HUGE affect on the outcome of this game.

another name

historically, people in the house already have outside info.
heather was taken to the hospital. said people knew her and the other houseguests. didn’t elaborate. probably at the behest of production.
the entire house knows first five players were on the outs with public opinion after canada’s hoh. even sabrina, she just doesn’t want to admit it because she’s said a few times she has an inferiority complex and can’t stand being hated.
production routinely calls houseguests into the diary room. we are not usually privy to what occurs there.
funny that it hasn’t been noted that jon’s shift from suck up to the power holders to cocky in your face i’m the s#it came after a night of constant calls into the diary room during the time between ika’s eviction and the announcement of canada’s nominees.
or the extra production soliloqueys like adel’s canada i need your help while in hoh surrounded by canada flag pillows for that matter. that was pretty beaten over the head.
the players are well aware of their perceived characters and stand in the game just by the amount of time they are called in for diary room testimonial.


Mama Mia – WHAT A PERFORMANCE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pinocchio Obama

Oscar worthy


It wasn’t that good.


R: You’re not mean – you’re real – you’re a lovely human being. Sobs: Well that means a lot to me because you spend 24 hours a day with me. O M G
She forgot to add: ..and you don’t have a mind of your own so that means nothing to me. Rachelle if I want your opinion, I’ll give it to you. OK Perfect.


Well let’s face it–Rachelle makes the same kind of nasty comments, so she can’t say/think Sabrina is mean without it reflecting back on her own behaviour. Neither of them seem to have much–if any–self-awareness. They act like they’re in middle school.


“Sabrina breaking down into a tidal wave of tears”… well, well, OBB. You guys are getting’ mighty fancy with your narration!! ;P

ihate sarah

kumbaya my lord kumbaya…ok enough of this shit lets get on with the game!


I LOVE how her talk with Allison has amped up the delusion, denial and crazy in Sobs. She is cornering everyone, asking if they think she is mean and now the 1st 5 are going to have to coddle her for who knows how long. And Sarah’s excuse for trying to get her to shut up is, “Some people will sell their souls to get further in the game…” and then when Sobs asked her if she is mean, Sarah says, “No offense, but I don’t give a shit…” and then recovers by adding, “about this game anymore…”

Miss M

LOL! At Sabrina crying. She’s such an actress there were barely any tears.
I find it funny that she sits around talking shit all day and when someone calls her mean she explodes.


1Bitch down another 4bitch to go!! 🙂
Let’s cut the crap and continue the game


Sabs. Resident psycho in the house. Nobody in that house calls her out, they all just nod and hug her afterwards. Honestly, I’m so proud of them for not freaking out on her. I swear I would not be able to hold myself with her. Damn.

ihate sarah

omg watching sarah acting like she is all nice and loves everyone is sooooo hard to watch(cringe)like we are gonna forget all the shit you said in the house in the last 40days/hour ago…this fake”love fest” has to stop…AHHHH my ears are bleeding from all the lies coming out of her mouth right know!!
the worst is the snake saying i love you all but i love kenny the most in a ‘sibling’ sort of way..HAHAHAH..please sarah just admit that you are in-love with a gay/bi guy because that is what it is!!


Goddamn can someone super glue Sabrina’s mouth…every season of BB they always have the girl who is the biggest delusional hypercrite

& is it just me or does Rachelle look old for being 20?


The stress is wearing on her. And so much negativity and hatred within someones mind definitely ages a person. But mostly it is the ill conceived lipstick.

Reality check

I’m not buying Kenny and Sarah’s instant
Turn around .. If Bb did step in .. Then thanks to them .
If they hadn’t they would still be bashing away .Sarah has been
Heather bashing from day one . Lack of self esteem I imagine
Or plain old bitch anyways . Sorry doesn’t cut it
Here is something I was taught at a young age
There is a plate .. You grab it and throw it on
The floor … It breaks … You say sorry …
Look at the plate … Is it still broken ? Yes
Sorry doesn’t me shit . I think in the long run
Both Kenny and Sarah will receive what they have
Given .

another name

i don’t like the idea you propose that an apology has no meaning.
if someone apologizes for their actions, and changes the actions that caused the transgression, you are saying they are still not worthy of forgiveness.
a world without forgiveness? don’t like that idea very much at all.
i don’t know if the change in behavior is authentic, but neither do you.
i’m willing to reserve my judgement, and give benefit of the doubt until i’m proven wrong.

Reality check

I’m just saying that it takes a lot more then just sorry
To forgive mean … Hurtful behaviour displayed by Kenny
And Sarah . Actions speaks louder then words and so far They have
Spent 40 days bashing Heather and 1 day being sorry .
As far as I’m concerned they are mean bullies
Until they PROVE otherwise .


Famous Sabrina saying: ”I swear on my life! I swear on my nona! I swear on my dog! Look me in my eyes, my pupils are NOT DIALATED, so you know I’m not lying! I’m not a mean person! I’m not a bitch. Sarah, do I sound like a bitch?”

She is clearly delusional, and has lied, and backstabbed so much, she can’t seem to keep track of her lies, and now has convinced herself that those lies were the truth. The ”sloppy seconds” alliance has been on to her for weeks, even her beloved Sarah and Kenny were talking about getting rid of her because she is “a loose cannon, and an emotional wreck”.

She keeps telling the house guests that she can’t wait until they get outside of the house to watch the episodes to see that she hasn’t been backstabbing or lying. Guess what Sabrina? The jokes on you when they do because tapes don’t lie! So, unless Sabrina plans on using mind control (this does not include Rachelle who clearly has a easily manipulated, tiny brain), and erasing past episodes off the internet, including all the hate messages geared towards her, she may has well wish she was Harry Houdini.


I wish someone would tell Sabs they don’t care about the tapes. That they will play the game based on what they know at this point of how she is playing.What’s on the tapes is irrelevant to now.


Everyone is saying Kenny and Sarah have made a 180 turnaround but I remember hearing Kenny telling his side int the hot tub room that the only way they might be able to get Arli back on side is to be nice and calm and maybe he’ll feel guilty and come back to them. This is all game


I love how the “good side” is all hunky dory with each other now but once Kenny, Rachelle and Sabrina are gone they will have no one else to go after and then they will have to start tearing each other apart.


Sabrina is so completely mentally ill it’s not even fun to comment anymore. She’ll watch herself on youtube and still won’t be able to see how hurtful and hateful she is. She will never ever get it. She’d have to possess a shred of empathy to get it and that isn’t a human quality she was born with. I’d say I felt sorry for her parents and I do but they’re to blame in part.
I honestly can’t believe Slice would stoop to casting such an unstable personality. It puts Sabrina in danger and all the other HG’s at risk and it makes for lousy TV. Kudos to Allison for dealing with her teary it’s all about me always, breakdown with such professionalism. Slice should be paying her Nursing wage to deal with their casting mistake. I probably won’t be posting much because I can’t watch this anymore until Sabrina is gone.


I really hope these houseguests go back and watch the live feeds because if not they will not realize the shit that was being done in that very house


Is anybody buying what Sabrina is selling?


After watching how Sabrina went on yesterday, especially towards Allison, who she was gunning to get out since day one, I dislike her even more, which I didn’t think was possible. Sabrina, you are one mean girl! I hope you read all of these comments and learn from them. At least Neda had the decency to offer to “hug it out” after your chat with her. It’s all about Sabrina, always was! Truth hurts I guess.