“Vic thinks he’s so big and bad.. He’s pretty soft.. I felt him I was like you are soft” – Corey

POV Holder: Paul POV Competition June, 24th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony June, 26th
HOH Nicole Next HOH June, 30
Roadkill Competition Winner: Frank
Original Nominations: Paulie, Jozea, and Paul
After POV Nominations: Paulie, Jozea and Bridgette
Have Nots ?

Big Brother 18 Alliance page

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-27 21-10-41-538

9:08pm Da’Vonne, Michelle and Corey
Corey telling them all the times today he “Rattled” Victor by making advances towards Natalie and telling stories about how Natalie is always touching him
They all laugh.
Corey – He was not happy..
Michelle – Corey go work out so I can watch

Corey – Learn to breath buddy (watching Paul work out)
Michelle says Victor would get kicked out in a planet fitness because he makes so much grunting sounds.
Corey says his friends would make fun of the way Paul works out

Corey going on about hearing Paul using the word “retard”
Da’Vonne heard him say “I would beat JAmes’ a$$” if James did a prank on him involving cinimon .

Corey – He thinks he’s so big and bad.. He’s pretty soft.. I felt him I was like you are soft

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-27 21-22-18-099

9:21pm Jozea and Paul
Talking about Magic.. Of course Paul use to be very good at it and still sorta is..
Paul says when he was in middle school he was really into magic but all the other kids sooner or later got into it and started copying him. He lost interest shortly after that. He says Magic is like riding a bike, ‘Magic is brilliant once you learn it”

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-27 21-26-34-096

9:21pm Hammock Nicole and James
JAmes going over his conversation with Bronte and NAtalie. Highlights that those two girls are not really close to Victor. They want to go with the majority vote this week.

Nicole – and you are going to make them think Jozea staying
James – wel.. Duh.. I’m going deep under cover but I know where to come home to
Nicole – Ok perfect
James – Natalie and Bronte are together.. That’s obvious
Nicole says Brointe is coming after her.

James says Bronte has a crush on Paulie, “She says Oh my Gosh he’s eye candy i stare at him all the time”
James says he’s bonding with natalie and Bronte, “I can see the hurt in their eyes.. They will feel so betrayed”
Bciuole – you’re getting attached
Jame s- that’s the name of the game we’re here for business..
Nicole – you better be
James laughs – what do you mean you better be.

James warns that once Jozea leaves people will be scrambling.

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-27 21-33-46-588

9:34pm HOH Da’Vonne and Tiffany
Studying the dates. They argue about the difference of Veto and POV Ceremony.. Tiffany says there’s a difference one of is when they pick the players the other one is when they nominated the replacement.
Tiffany asks her what she thinks about Frank’s abilities as a competitor. Da’Vonne doesn’t think Frank will try unless he has to.
Da’Vonne – like right now he doesn’t need HOH
Tiffany – he wants to.. If one of those girls win HOH they’re putting two of you up.. I think we all need to win HOH.
Zakiyah comes ups.. Start talking about Bronte having the hots for Paulie.
Da’Vonne needs to talk to James but he won’t leave the girls alone, “He won’t detach”
Da’Vonne heard Bronte scream out that the Singers and actresses are going to be the second person evcited. They are thinking she was implying Zakiyah.
Da’Vonne wants to get Vic out before Bronte.
Tiffany asks Zakiyah if Bronte is saying this because she likes Paulie.
Da’Vonne says they need to talk to James because he was in the room when Bronte said that.
Tiffany says Bronte is a stronger player than Bridgette and Natalie.
Zakiyah says she thought Paul was stronger than Bronte until he said to her “WE have to keep Jozea in if we don’t we’ll be lost we’re sh1t without him
Da’Vonne – where did they get these people from
Da’Vonne says for Jozea to get people to say that statement means he’s playing some kind of game.

Zakiyah start to impersonate Bronte, “She’s creepy”
Says she was making food with her and PAulie and she doesn’t trust Bronte to do something to her food. Zakiyah thinks Bronte has a sinister side.

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-27 21-40-58-259

9:35pm Corey, Michelle, Zakiyah and Nicole
Corey talking about Natalie rubbing her foot on him. Victor noticed and asked him if the girls are on a mission to egg the guys on.

Zakiyah tells them that Paulie was the one cuddling her “It was so awkward”
Sounds like Paulie was producing a lot of heat, “I was embarrassed”
Nicole – don’t be embarrassed that a guy likes you
Zakiyah – makes time go bye
Nicole brings up that Bronte likes him.
Nicole – He’ll protect you I think .. that’s good to have
Zakiyah – Ya

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-27 22-32-26-251

10:31pm HOH Fatal 5
Michelle going on about how she needs to lose weight
Nicole and Zakiyah thinks she’s being silly.
They are worried about James. Nicole mentions how James said it’s going to be hard to hurt Bronte and Natalie.
Nicole doesn’t think it’s fair that James is still good with the other side. After this week it’s game on.

Tiffany asks Nicole what would she be doing if she wasn’t on the show.
Nicole says she would just keep busy.
Nicole – I needed this in my life.. I absolutely needed this I had to just go somewhere and not think.. ” Feeds cut
Nicole talks about being with hayden for 2 years, ‘He’s super cool down to earth fun.. we’re just two completely different points in our life.. he’s 23″
Tiffany – you still love him
Nicole – I don’t know.. we’ll always have that love for each other.. he wasn’t the boy I fell in love with… I’ve never been more in love my entire life.
Nicole says the long distance part of the relationship is what hurt it, they never lived in the same state.

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-27 22-52-33-847

10:42pm James, Bronte and NAtalie
Bronte saying she’s working with her team because that is what Big Bother wants.
James- I wish I had a stronger bond with Vic
Natalie says she never talks game to Vic
Bronte – they talk to me a lot
Bronte says Jozea, Paul and Victor plan to move in together after the show they have a big bond, “Ride or die together” it’s obvious they don’t even try to hide it.

10:52pm Jozea and Paulie joins them
James says the vote is going to be tight.
Paul and Joeza saying Jozea has the votes.
Bronte- why is Paulie so comfortable
Paul says he had a heart to heart with him earlier today… he’s making the best of his time here..
Bridgette joins them.

Paul says he would put money on it that Bridgette gets at most 1 vote.
Paul – to make it a easy first eviction we decided on Paulie
Jozea – we gave him a olive branch and he tossed it

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-27 22-50-16-597

10:50pm Jozea and Da’Vonne
Telling Da’Vonne he’s got the votes he’s solid.

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-27 23-26-07-088

11:24pm Corey telling a story about girls that Photoshop their instagram pictures.
Corey – These girls can edit their f***g pictures
Corey says they can make themselves look thinner, Larger butts.
Natalie says a lot of people do that for cellulite.

Corey brings up his buddy met a girl on bumble and she turned out to be in a wheel chair. He had no idea, when he went on the date he was completely surprised.

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-27 23-42-48-508
11:42pm Calling the newbies creepers as they spy on them from the HOH. Michelle gives out extra critiques about Bronte, Bridgette and Natalie.
Paulie says Frank told him not to pack.

Michelle says she never seen someone that shifted targets like Jozea before.
Tiffany brings up Jozea telling him that his group of 7 will be revealed soon.
Paulie – he knows he’s super slick and this is live
Paulie impersonates Joeza’s Ecviciton speech

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-27 23-57-57-465

11:58pm PAulie,. Bridgette and Joeza

Paulie is questioning why the HOH bunch is talking to Paulie so much.
Paul wants to get rid of James.
Joeza says he’s close to Da’Vonne she wants roll with them. Joeza adds they are going down in Big Brother history. Their team was started from the get go.
Paul says he came into this game wanting his natural instinct to take over, he didn’t want someone else game to interfere.
Jozea – In a game this early I know how to use my words..
Paul says Tiffany is “F***G weird”, for wearing sunglasses in the house when it’s dark outside, ‘You look weird’
Bridgette says as long as they keep winning HOH it doesn’t matter what the other side does.
Paul and Jozea say James and Nicole are the ring leaders of the other side. (OMG what sort of twilight zone am I in that Nciole and James are ringleaders of one side of the house)

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Hey Bronchitis! NEWS FLASH – Even if Paulie had cataracts, he still wouldn’t find you attractive!


I’m guessing that is Zakiyah? I think she’s actually a dude with that voice.


No, actually I’m talking about Bronte!


What a big mess …
Jozea is Out of his mind , paul.. idk about him but he’s acting like he’s on real world so is victor. Bronte is something else , bridgette wow after what you said ( you’ll be lucky if you still have a job after the bb house) , and Natalie will be sticking around cuz she isn’t on anybody’s Radar YET .


Wait.. Did I miss something? What did Bridget say that could get her fired at her job!


The other night they were talking about Tiffany

“Jozea says she (Tiffany) came out here to listen .. and got caught off guard by Natalie. Paul says oh of course f**king dumba$$ B***H! Paul says look in my eyes ..I f**king hate that girl (Tiffany) so much … If she died right now … The girls all say no no no.. Paul says look guys I’m an a$$ hole. Bridgette says I would resuscitate her. Then we’d shave off her eyebrows.”


Not quite, but equally evil.

Paul hates Tiffany, but when Bridgette made that comment about how she’d resuscitate “her” and then shave off “her” eyebrows, Bridgette was talking about Michelle, not Tiffany. Still very f’d up thing to say (especially since Bridgette is a nurse! That’s why Michelle was telling the live feedsters that Bridgette should be fired; she should not be allowed to work in any healthcare/nurse capacity if she’d entertain that kind of thing, even in a hypothetical situation.


I don’t think it’s a fireable offense. Was it dumb, sure…but I doubt her employers would take it seriously.

Jimmy 64

Don’t you love when all these alliances plan 4 or 5 weeks ahead
it never goes right . I can’t wait to see the look on Jozea and Paul’s
face when they vote Josea out . It wifi be better than the look on
Dustin’s face from season 8 !!!!
Where the hell was Frank on bbad ?

King Jon

The 3 Stooges ( Paul, Jozea, & Victor) smh and lmao @ the narcissm…….the spy girls and their plotting in ear shot of Tiffany….getting played by James….Frank and his farts…..ahhhhhh summer is here!


This Paul/Jozea/Bridgette hot tub strategy session is next level.

OMG and Natalie drops a truth bomb on them, explaining the whole majority alliance but they don’t believe her. Lol.


I just can’t anymore with Josea, Paul and their loving family! Jozea says he’ll get them through getting rid of all of them (vets, Tiffany, Michelle) after Paulie is gone. Then they’ll be a family and decide on who goes out next. He knows he’s the leader because he’s the messiah and leader for them; and that he watched season 16 and that’s all you need to know. ???? Paul agrees… Just watch 16 and you know what to do. Why is Bridgett even listening to and agreeing with Jozea?! Paul is his right hand man. Sounds more like Charlie Manson and Tex Watson, to me! Completely delusional, grandiose, narcissistic, hilarious and incomprehensible behaviors, but entertaining to watch!
???????? Just heard from Josea, Paul and Natalie that they don’t know who “that Rachel Girl” is, but they heard she’s a badass and want to hang with her when this is over. LMFAO
Grab a life vest!!,


I’m can’t with Bronte’s voice. I know it’s not her fault, but I legit forget and think there is a little kid in the BB house.


In bed probably ????


Corey is really not helping himself fight off the gay speculation here.


He felt him and he was soft……….. That is how it begins. Corey believes he can stiffen him up given the chance

The Usual Suspect

I couldn’t help but laugh while Jozea, Paul, and Bridgette were all in the hot tub. Thursday is going to be great.


I am like are they really that stupid ? how can you be so far off…well that is what happens when you only watch BB16…Jozea on Thursday and then either Bronte or Paul next week


Jozea and Paul have to be the 2 most clueless idiots to have been HG’s in that house in a long time. It does explain it since both have said they only watched BB16..and how were these 2 picked? Its insane how those 2 can have no clue about what is really going on, if Jozea spent more time listening instead of just snapping his gums and talking about himself he could have a better game. I mean for him to claim(on the feeds tonight) that the House is “clearly united against Paulie” is INSANE !!!! this week has been so long Jozea needs to go and ASAP.


They absolutely said that 16 is all you need to watch to know how to play! After everyone they want out is gone, then it will be fun,fun,fun! Then everyone can choose to go up and they all choose who to evict. I did notice that Bridgett did say, “but this is big brother!” for a moment, but it didn’t matter and she went along with the nonsense.
Like I said in my last post, Jozae, Paul and Natalie have no idea who “that Rachel girl” is, but heard that she sounds like a badass. They want to hang with her when then the game is over.
As I said before, grab your life vest!!!


Is Paul really that dumb… Nicole and James being the ringleader…. seriously lmao… did he not watch those seasons of BB at all, since when have James or Nicole become the mastermind, they were both removed my the masterminds in their season… lol and among the vets obviously Frank is the challenge beast, Nicole and James only does well in certain challenges.

Also, these newbies don’t seem to be aware of the situation at all…. “just keep winning HoH is fine” what?!? If you’re not the majority, they can just win roadkill and steamroll you whole ‘team’ to the ground… wake up and play this game

And since when do people draw such a clear line in the first week, can’t even hang out with people from the other side, these people are getting paranoid fast, it’s just the first week and they already be like OMG he is hanging out with them again… Nicole could really ruin James’ game…. if there’s anyone she needs to look out for its Da


Hey Bronte! Have you made this calculation yet??
Jozea = Devin minus Steroids + Crack


Ok….liking this season so far. Clueless camp (josea, paul, vic) are very entertaining. I agree that Thursday will be great. Why does it seem like it’s taking a month to get to Thursday??? Nicole is going to lose it if she keeps up with the paranoia. Don’t like the way she is targeting James. Now is the time to hold your allies closer…too soon to think about cutting them. Da is impressing me. She has her finger on a lot of alliances. Seems like she learned a lot from the last time. Hope she goes far.
Did Paulie really say he liked Frankie?????? YIKES!!!

Kimberly Team Veterans ????

Bye Bye Jozea! I can’t wait to see his face when he gets evicted. ????????????????