Paul “You [Michelle] look like Buzz Lightyear without the helmet!” Bridgette “You’ll ruin her!”

POV Holder: Paul POV Competition June, 24th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony June, 26th
HOH Nicole Next HOH June, 30
Roadkill Competition Winner: Frank
Original Nominations: Paulie, Jozea, and Paul
After POV Nominations: Paulie, Jozea and Bridgette
Have Nots ?

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-28 00-22-52-811

12:15am Backyard – Paul, Jozea and Bridgette are talking by the hot tub. Jozea says the only votes against me are Tiffany, Corey, Michelle and maybe James. That’s it! And worst case James or Frank vote against me, I still have the votes and everyone else to Paulie. That’s a straight no brainer! Paul says I think you should keep pissing Michelle off. Bridgette says she gets mad if I’m even in the same space with her. Jozea says keep being in the same space with her. She might be the one vote against you. Bridgette says waste your vote B***H! Do it! I’m on your team. Bridgette says Frank is one person I can’t lie to. Jozea says I can’t lie either. Jozea says the rest of the summer will be fun, fun, fun, fun! We won’t have to stress about nothing. Paul says leave Tiffany and Michelle for me. I will be like you (Tiffany) wear sunglasses at night .. that’s weird! And you (Michelle) look like Buzz Lightyear without the helmet. Bridgette says no don’t say that .. that’s mean. You will ruin her! Paul says no, I’m not a bully. I won’t do that. Natalie joins them. Natalie says I think there’s an alliance between Corey, Frank, Nicole, James, Mich, Tiffany and Paulie. They ask her if she knows for sure. Natalie says its just what she’s observed. Paul says I’m telling you Frank is a bigger problem then Paulie. If its 6-5 then we know Frank didn’t vote with us.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-28 00-31-29-797
Outside the HOH room – James asks Paulie if he’s worried. Paulie asks why should I be!? James says no, you’re good. James says you only need to fake it for a few more days. They’re going to run scared. It’s going to be 7-4. James says we’ve got the numbers, they think they do but they don’t. James says just keep letting them think they’ve got it in the bag. Then on Thursday .. let them scramble.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-28 00-11-54-311

12:40am – 1:10am James joins Bridgette and Paul by the hot tub. James says he feels bad because Paulie is sitting up there sad. I told him I was going to vote with the majority of the house. James talks about how on his season they tried to get him out and they couldn’t because he kept winning. James says the same thing happened with Frank too. James and Paul head inside. Jozea and Natalie continue talking. Natalie says we need to stay tight and throw fake fights. We need to play dirty now. Everyone is playing dirty.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-28 00-43-57-856

1:25am – 1:35am Bathroom – Paul tells Jozea I was thinking we should fake a fight to confuse people. Jozea says not until this is over.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-28 06-05-07-578
Paul and Jozea stay up till 4:20am in the Safari room giving advice on how to play big brother. If you think they’re doing a great job within the first week you should flashback on the live feeds and take notes.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-28 06-05-52-519

Bridgette and Paulie both stay up till 4:40am talking about random things.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-28 06-08-03-178

7:27am ZZZZzzzzz
(Mornings can be slow I’ll start adding updates after lunch PST)
8:55am lights starting to come on nobody up yet.
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“Jozea says the rest of the summer will be fun, fun, fun, fun! We won’t have to stress about nothing” LOL

Min O'Pause

Look at the flowers Jozea, look at the flowers.


Nice Walking Dead reference! =)


Jozea is going to graduate on Thurs, from HG to evictee. He can go back to doing make-up tutorials on youtube.


The Messiah needs to leave in time to be abducted by a UFO so he can do makeovers on his Alien friends and be back in time to host the Grammys.


After Thursday, He won’t have anything to worry about and he can have all the fun he wants where ever he wants.


Paul is the type of HG i detest the most, he thinks he is so entertaining by being loud all the time. He believes he is funny but really all he is is annoying. On top of the fact that he has only watched BB16, why is he even on the show since clearly he is no fan of it? another fame chaser who just wants to use BB to get attention. Can the casting team stop recruiting people like him, Jozea, Nathalie etc…how insulting is it for real fans who have been watching since season 1, some who have tried auditioning several times and these are the HG”s that get picked


You wanna shotgun a beer? I’m gonna shotgun a beer. Who’s shotgunning a beer with me? You gonna? I’m gonna. Let’s do it, shotgun a beer. Man, I shotgunned that beer. Did you see me shotgun the beer?…. *crickets*


Yes, Paul. You shotgunned a beer and now you’re drunk. We get it.


Bronte (Minnie Mouse Voice) Hey everyone lets have a party and watch Paul shotgun a beer..Danald! Mickey! gather round and watch Paul shotgun a beer..come to my party…please come to my party YAY Paul!”


It also drives me crazy when he talks in his D.R sessions he refers to himself as “your boy” like all of us are rooting for him and he’s our player of the summer”


Yes! Me too!
Nobody with sparkles in his beard will ever be my boy. Lol


I quit for a few seasons and decided to see what this year would be like….and I’m none to confident of being held. They just don’t seem to have any grip on casting in a way that could make each season feel fresh, rather than a bunch of people who either want to be famous and are just obnoxious or think they’re “experts” on the game, overplaying from the first minute with transparently obvious “strategy”. The producers are missing the boat.


I agree. Although this cast is better than some lately, and are at least a little entertaining, I would love to see is a house full of Derrick’s or Janelle’s. People who strategize and are good at the comps. These “over the top” personalities almost ruin the show. Fill the house with all smart people and it would be way more interesting to watch the manipulation and masterminding.


It goes with the concept of this casting team that 20 something are far more interesting and better tv because of the “drama” than late 30’s 40’s 50’s and up. Its no longer about BB its more Jersey Shore.


Wow!!! 18 seasons of BB and Jozea, Paul, Victor, Bronte, Natalie and Bridgette are the most clueless bunch casted!

They are overplaying too quickly. Underestimating the other HGs. Overconfident and clueless at the same time. They have no strategy or game play. Their powers of observation and read of the game and HGs borders on …….. what’s the word …… let’s just say a potato has a higher IQ than this group combined. Eureka … the word is imbecilic and/or non-existent.

Jozea’s exit will be priceless and well earned. Next exit pecking order: Paul, Bronte, Victor, Natalie and Bridgette.

The veterans are playing a much game than their seasons …. thank the gods.


That’s because they aren’t interested in winning… Just getting air time!


I don’t know if I’d put Natalie in with the others, she did say she thinks 7 of them are alligned; only ones she is missing are Day and Zak.Considering how close Jozea and Paul think they are to those two, she’s probably taking their word for it.


Well when you got so many HG”s who have never watched or barely watched a season or two this is the crap you get. Nathalie saying how she has never watched Rachel but “respects” her for what she did on the show…Paul/Jozea who have admitted to watch only Bb16…Victor who probably has never watched any season….and yet the casting team continues to push on the fans people like them. I believe there needs a change in that casting team, get new people in

King Jon

Can’t wait for the fireworks on Thursday……would love to wager a bet on who is gonna lose their sh*t first…..easy money is on Paul

Misty Beethoven

I agree that Paul will lose his mind, especially if the vote count is not given. Watch for Vanessa-level paranoia to set in. Should be fun – I’ll have the popcorn ready!


For sure Paul will be upset, however he has tried to “snow” the others with his comments. He actually believes he still has Paulie as his buddy when he in fact is the one ensuring Jozea with stay. I tend to think he might be like Austin i.e. all talk no action.

I think the one who’ll show via actions might be Victor. Mean girl Bronte hasn’t held back in terms of her cutting words either, so I won’t be surprised if Paulie were to say something to her if she loses her cool either.

Bridgette will run to Frank and Natalie will prob just be quiet.


How can tiffany think she can get away with the hats and and sunglasses indoors to cover her eyes? Really put some thought into the strategy, huh? On BBAD talking to Frank with a wool cap pulled over her face…come on. I’m waiting for the interrogations to start, the emotional blackmail, every sentence starting with “obviously”.
So glad for the rules changes. Refreshing that every convo is not about throwing comps. “I swear I will try”, “you better fight to win” . ugh…so boring.
If it’s true the eviction votes will be secret that will be perfect. No more “gotta vote with the house” nonsense. Even though it would be fun to see josea face when he only gets 2 or 3 votes, better to make them all wonder.
With these rules bullies like Vanessa wouldn’t last long…tiff – should rethink her stategy. Not gonna work this year.


Either Vanessa and her sister are extremely similar or production cast her to play the part of Vanessa. It’s not good for her long term strategy and I can’t tell if SHE is really playing the game.


Bully lololol


There will be talk about throwing comps if they continue to have only the losing team compete for HoH! Twists this season suck more than BotB!


Tiffany is spot on the ditto of Vanessa. That’s not a good thing. The hat/sunglasses crap is nonsense. Hope James does something to that stupid hat…….Not a fan of Tiffany.


So, you consider voting in the DR not secret. SMH! The HG’s can only go by ones word. There really is no way to prevent “vote with the house” nonsense unless the script says otherwise.


Why is everyone saying that the 2 black girls are good looking?! They are ugly as sin! Zakiah or whatever looks like an angry chima. And Davone, looks like she might go all out ghetto on you, her face contorting like its made out of tire rubber.

And just in case some of you might (will) accuse me of picking on the black folk, I thought that Amber Borzotra was hot. Danielle Reyes was kickin’ and Candice Stewart was beautiful!!!
So don’t even go there like you have with the presumptive nominee.

A Girl Has No Name

Damn…your post is stupid.

Better to be silent and thought a fool then to open your mouth and remove all doubt…


Sweetie, you really should take your own advice, you walked right into my trap like a dog licks vomit off a sidewalk.


Zakiyah got ass

A Girl Has No Name

It wasn’t a trap. Stop trying to pass your stupidity off as something valid. It was a stupid post, and I’m being generous. You, sir, are extra – and I’m done here.


So says the little rat caught in a trap with the moldy cheese scattered out of its reach.


Zakiyah and Davonne are fine Zakiyah got a fat ass


Sunglasses? Buzz light year? Paul tried too hard. It’s embarrassing.


Thank you BB for the female eye candy this year (except for a few).More pool area shots would be nice too !!!!!


LOL at Natalie being completely right and everyone ignoring it, maybe she’s smarter than she lets on.
These people are so arrogant and nasty they deserve to leave.


Natalie got ass


I am not sure they ignored Natalie or that they are too sure about Da and Zak.


Paul, Bronte and Bridgette are so gross. All they do is sit around in their little group of outcasts and talk crap about other people. They make things way too personal. Paul tries so damn hard to look cool and Bronte tries too hard to eat it all up and act like a ‘pretty girl’. I can’t wait to see them all go home, hopefully before jury.


I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I would rather deal with Frankie again than Joz.


You would think that at first, but the stupid sh*t coming out of Jozea’s mouth is at least hilarious. Frankie wasn’t funny at all, he was just so try-hard.


The only upside to Frankie compared to Joz is at least Frankie actually knew a little bit about the game of big brother. Oh and Joz still has yet to put on a pair of shorts or pants. He literally spends the entire time in his underwear (not even boxers lol). It’s so ridiculous. Smh

Oh and also Frankie didn’t call himself “the messiah” although Joz did just say he doesn’t want to call himself that now, now he’d like to be called “the savior”. I don’t like Frankie but I’ll have to agree that Joz is actually worse. Im starting to think bb did it on purpose to flip off all the Frankie haters. Lol


Maybe Joz has a pair of tight blue shorts!!!!

Johnny Depp

People are taking this too serious way too soon acting like this bunch is awful like season 15. Enjoy the show/feeds or stop watching. In the past, people often complain about rather having fresh people that aren’t familiar with the game to see how it plays out versus superfans that know everything; and we finally get it so now they complain non-stop about the newbies being clueless and whatnot?!


Let me get this strait, RoadKill is a secret comp each week, where the winner is whoever Production says it is. Frank is a comp beast so he could have really won but who knows and what about next week? Production finally has complete control of the game!



Franks' farts

Safe to say, HOH will never win RoadKill


I imagine Natalie is very popular with the West Virginia viewers. There has been quite a bit of flooding there recently and they would love to have flotation devices handy. Me not so much. I hate when cute girls feel the need to go plastic. But to each their own as they say


As someone from the beautiful state of West Virginia I just want to say, Too soon Dan, too soon! 2 dozen people lost their lives, thousands lost their homes and everything that they own. Small towns have been completely washed away and you think it’s ok to make jokes! I certainly hope that you will never have to experience anything like this.

Almost Heaven

As someone from the beautiful state of West Virginia I just want to say, Too soon Dan, too soon! 2 dozen people lost their lives, thousands lost their homes and everything that they own. Small towns have been completely washed away and you think it’s ok to make jokes! I certainly hope that you will never have to experience anything like this.


We love us some Natalie.
Natalie for the win!


Natalie is great


Why is she great?


These newbies are the worst sooo clueless…Paul, Jozea and Bronte are like the worst players in Big Brother history and that’s saying a lot. The veterans may be outnumbered but one of them will win simply because these newbies are sooo out of it…newbies time to stop bashing people personally(is this high school)and focus on the game at least it will be entertaining to see them picked off one by one!


Mama Day studying with Tiffany for comps – I almost fell off my chair !!! She is keeping her close and gaining her trust, and what’s more is it’s ACTUALLY working. Meanwhile Zak is falling off the deep-end with jealousy for Paulie.
Bronte and Zak are a fight waiting to happen over Paulie and I have the feeling MD wants that to happen – If only because Bronte will be less focused on Nicole.
The only way I see this Fatal 5 working out and not being found out from the 2 boys is if one of either Zak or Tiff gets sent home and right now I think the better choice would be Zak. Which is where I think MD’s head is at also. – Which is what I think you are seeing being set up right now from Mama Day for the coming Week’s.

Alice in Flames

Hi BB Alias aka Sam and others. Hope your idol “mama day” does well.

You are really making a strong effort to claim she is this great mastermind game player. You are so afraid of Tiff that you now claim Tiff being friendly with Day is all Days doing and part of Days master plan.

When your precious “Mama Day” leaves house before Tiff I’m sure that will really be all part of Days grand scheme.


Mama’ Da is playing so much better than expected, seems like she studied her behavior from last season and has adjusted well so far, I know, only been a week but I’m still impressed.


Jozea is Walter Mitty delusional. But the bigger problem is the newbie minions can’t smell BS when its feed to them!


Hopefully this is a season where we have the power shift from week to week not a 1 side dominating for 6 weeks.
The newbies aren’t dumb (It’s hard to say that after some of the tings they say but for the most part they aren’t ;0 ) they just haven’t played the game before, haven’t studied it or had a sibling coach them. Plus it;s their first time and in comparison to teh vets they look ridiculous.. These are the best players people to cast! nobody is trying to play “Dr will’s game, Of Dan Goosling.. or form the next brigade” they are just stumbling around. It’s going to be fun watching them learn the game make mistakes recover and adapt.

The first 2 weeks must be the hardest and having to not worry about those first time nerves and uncertainty gives the vets and their allies a HUGE leg up.

Also.. no words/interviews from Glenn after he left. I’m thinking production is storing the first batch evicted houseguests in sequester. An insurance policy in case too many Vets get evicted. Some twist can bring them back in. I’m just hoping CBS keeps the shenanigans down this year. The lower ratings may mean they do something drastic..

For now though this is a great season liking it a lot. Really only 1 of the houseguests i’m finding VERY annoying. The rest are cool to watch.


Which one? Paul, Bronte, or Joz? Lol


Simon please tell me you aren’t enjoying the twists!

I’m hoping it doesn’t continue on the same this coming week. If it does there’s a chance half the house will be immune from being nominated!
And treating HoH like a punishment for the losing team! (Wanna be HoH? Better throw the comp)
Well I guess with 3 noms, the HoH is like a punishment, because the 2 or 3( pov replacement nom) noms by the HoH can ALL stay (roadkill nom gets evicted) The HoH can piss off 3 potential players for nothing!


I hate the twists by default but am reserving final judgment to see how things pan out. I’ve seen big twists work out and produce entertainment before could happen again. (Cross fingers)


The twists only get irksome when it seems production is trying steer the big brother ship to save one of the pets, either fan or production.

I’m reminded of the Team America mission where they could make up their own mission. I’m thinking it was hoped they’d save Donny but instead we got a Mango show.


I really don’t think they will make the means to being eligible for HOH the same each week. Surely they won’t keep where if your team performance sucks the most you have a chance at being HOH. That would be insulting to fans of the game IMHO.


I think all these changes hurt their ratings more than anything. It is impossible to keep track of what’s going on just by watching the broadcast episodes — with teams, nominations, special powers.

The superfans may love it but the casual fan just gets confused.


Agree! I hope Glenn does come back. We never got to know him. It would have been nice having an older person I the house with a “possible” broader range of perceptions. More life experience in general. Remember Remy? Lol


Sadly, even if Glenn comes back, he’s screwed. He’s twice as old, not eye candy, and he’d have to be very smooth to get a shot at entering into the cliques. There are too many things that’ll set him up as the wounded animal and easy prey.

I think older players are at a distinct disadvantage until they cast multiple older people in the same cast. Derrick grew his little beard in an effort to appear younger and he was only 31 or so and he was still nearly the oldest one.


Agreed. It would be different if they would select a wider variety of ages for the show. One person that is 15+ years older than the rest of the cast is pretty much a sure thing that they will leave quickly.


ITA Simon, must be tough to stay fresh & bring viewers back after 18 years in the social media age, it’s far less about a social experiment or game. The instagram kids who come in with their own following are in it for exposure & are the new breed in casting. Austin, Twins, Frankie, Boogie, Mr. Pectacular, now Paul, Joz, Bronte, Bridge, Natalie, Vic are all there for airtime, queuing up endorsements, hollywood contracts, insta-mega-fame platform with handlers grinding out their IG while they’re HG’s so their goal is to be scandalous, cool kids, bullies, primpers, pumpers fighting about who’s uglier, who’s fatter…. it’s a 24/7 interview video chat you tube “talent” show. The game is now irrelevant, the money not enticing, the rules inconsequential and the “feeders” resented (let’s put a counter on how many times Paul tells us to FU during endless self promotion monologues). They strut around saying Paul’s the better “beard” than Donny, Joz the better “gay” than Frankie playing who gets more airtime… and the winner is…(fake boobs, bikinis & AusTwins). Now that ratings plummet, Production takes more mystery control to manage outcomes for show survival, which is apparently the new game. And since people like “real games”, watch ABC Game Night Sundays instead & Bachelor/ Bachelorette & MTV which is less about true love or comps & more about public fights & meltdowns as entertainment.


It would be nice if they reformatted the game. More of a age range. More diverse cast. A lot of people who started watching when it first started stopped watching. Make it a real social experiment.


Completely agree, why alienate season 1 thru 10 viewers, toss in four 40 & 50-somethings, contestants that probably watched all the seasons live.




I though Michelle was a “super fan”. I don’t understand why her and Nicole keep questioning James’ loyalty. James is girl crazy, yes. He pranks a lot, yes. But what I took away most from James last season is that he’s loyal. Out of everyone, I would question his loyalty the least.


Nicole is becoming mega paranoid and insecure. Though I think for Nicole this is subsiding as James has been pretty upfront to her and Da’Vonne about his conversations with Natalie/Bronte/Bridgette

By the way Michelle takes every opportunity to bash the other girls and talk about her body imagine in a negative frame makes me think she’s a bit jealous of them.. I dunno there’s something weird developing it’ll to be fun to see it metastasize this season.

Which vet will be the first one to break off?


Originally I thought if Nicole doesn’t get her paranoia under control, she would be the first vet to break but now I think with the bonds that Da’Vonne has made with the newbies, she will be the first vet to breakaway.

There’s always a learning curve, the newbies will figure it out after Jozea gets voted out and then things will get interesting.


I’ve got Michelle down as this year’s “Houseguest most likely to have her entire life derailed by appearing on Big Brother.”

Clay's Undercutt

Da’Vonne is going to be Da’Gone when it comes to being loyal to the vets- James’ social game will ultimately cause her to question his loyalty and she’ll think he’s sketchy and use that as an excuse to flip those funky braids into fishing lures for the foolish newbies.
I think James is loyal… and really all he is doing is getting his ego massaged by the newbie girls~ they think they are craftily supplying a little MSG for his noodle but all the while he is actually scouting out hiding spots in Pauls beard.

Danielle's Cankles

Hey y’all. Remember how I ran the house my season. I put on a few pounds, but Victoria’s Secret invited me to be their top lingerie model. I told them I couldn’t do it, I’m practically a doctor, y’all.


Danielle Reyes was beautiful. That VS job was below her. Her husband is a lucky man.


did you mean Danielle Murphree?


No, this was BB3 and All Starz


I heard her new house has mirrors everywhere so she can continuously gaze at her own reflection.


” If you think they’re doing a great job within the first week you should flashback on the live feeds and take notes.” LMAO good one Dawg!

Eric wenb

I think that the roadkill twist will make it more interesting every week.Anyone can switch sides without telling anyone!!


I am enjoying this season so far. Only a few to hate, three vets to enjoy watching again. Lots of good looking to eyeball. But, the most enjoyable part is reading how much Simon is enjoying it. He’s had a couple of torturous seasons so its good he gets to enjoy one. BTW, was I dreaming or did the “messiah” really not know who zingbot is?


BBCAN4 made me appreciate BBUS a lot this year 🙂


Simon In a nutshell what are the major differences between BBUS and BBCA? I want to try to figure out how to watch it next season. I always hear BBCA is much better:)


BBcan 1-2 (Still on slice) : Pros = Entertaining cast, Fun Feeds, entertaining time all around. Cons = way too many twists. Final 4 game changing twists etc etc..
BBCAn 3 (Move to global) : Pros = decent cast, so so feeds, had entertaining moments. Cons = WAY WAY WAY TOO MANY TWISTS. Almost like rolling the dice
BBCAN 4 (Move to global): pros = free feeds. Cons = highly unlikable cast, ridiculous game ruining twists, not really a game just a show with random things happening

I watched very little of BBCAN4 but Dawg who watched a lot of it would share my opinion on Season 4. I loved BBCAN 1-2.


Thanks Simon

Canuck fan

I completely agree … BBCan4 was a complete joke … there was so much going on and so many production interfering “twists” that I would have to say it was completely pre-ordained who the winner was going to be. Also – the cast was very unlikeable! I’m not sure that I will watch next year in Canada (if there is one)


Did Sharry from bbca have a smoking body (__¡__)


That’s really interesting. I loved BBCAN 1 & 2, and I think BBCAN 2 is one of my favourite Big Brother seasons ever (granted, I’ve only watched from S12 + in the US, but I went back and watched 1, 5, 6, 9, 10) BBCAN 3 for me too was too all over the place, but I found four to be entertaining (though I totally agree about the cast being mostly unlikable outside of a few houseguests.) I’m wondering what twists you considered Game Ruining?


I forgot to mention the first 2 seasons they had bottles upon bottles of liquor all on the feeds.. crazy fun. Once they moved to Global that all dried up.

I would have to go back to check out all the twists. I just remember big twists always getting dropped into the game either late in the season or during times when certain “Favorites” were in trouble. I know BBUS does this.

I dunno.. Maybe i’ll give it another try for BBCAN5, if Dawg ever gets cast i’ll watch again 🙂


Seriously, they let them drink like wild during the first two BBCANs. I really did miss that. Jon + Allison drunk was one of my favourite moments from the show.

Totally get what you mean about the twists in BBCAN4, but I felt like 3 was actually worse for that. To be fair, I basically already don’t recall a thing about 4, though, which can’t be a great sign regarding its quality. I basically blocked out everything except for Cassandra + the internationals. I hope in 5 they get back to basics a bit. I’d love them to do an All-Stars soon, despite it being early. I’d love an All Stars season with virtually no new twists, just a bunch of great players playing the game.

Dark and twisted

No dear, sadly, you weren’t dreaming….that fool had absolutely no idea who zingbot was????

Dark and twisted

No dear, sadly, you weren’t dreaming….that fool had absolutely no idea who zingbot was????

Dark and twisted

No dear, sadly, you weren’t dreaming….that fool had absolutely no idea who zingbot was????


Which one does Simon find annoying? I hope things aren’t one sided too.

Butters Mom

Where was Frank last night on after dark? Sleeping?


probably , Franks sleeping a lot.

Ohio Fan

I still think a lot of older people ( like me )need to be on BB. I think the challenges would be hilarious to watch…as long as no one gets hurt …..


Agree 100%


About 3 or 4 years ago I made a suggestion on this site that BB have an “oldies but goldies” version. Could not believe the number of thumbs down I received. It seemed that many people do not fully appreciate the entertainment value and the wisdom of the geriatric crowd. It would be preferable to hgs who have only watched an edited version of one season. Thankfully though, BB US does not allow on air nudity as the UK does.


I think the biggest problem with getting folks in their 30’s -50’s is the fact the season is now 100 days. That leaves out most people with any kind of regular job, unless they are trying to switch, people willing to be away from family (wife, kids, etc.), or they are the same fame obsessed types we have now.

500k after taxes comes to about 360k. Not bad but many people might not think it would be worth a total life upheaval.


Am I the only one who believes there is NO WAY that we make it all the way to eviction without the cat being let out of the bag? I honestly cant remember the last time there was a “Blind Side” eviction. Every dang week of the last 4 or 5 seasons the evictee knew they were leaving before the live show started.


Natalie (of all people) has almost the entire majority alliance figured out; she was explaining it to Paul and Bridgette last night. Except they didn’t believe it. Paul was still convinced that Frank and Day are with him.

So Nat and probably Bronte seem to know which way things are going. Only question is whether they will try to rally the newbies or just jump ship and vote with the vets.


Also, your memory is a little shaky because Austin and Vanessa last year were both blindsided, along with numerous people in double evictions (Jackie, Christine, etc.)


I wasn’t counting any of the double evictions, and I did forget about Austin.
Vanessa’s wasn’t really a blind side, she was final 3 right?


She was final 3 but she really thought both Steve and the twin was all for taking her no matter what. Steve played her and he made the right choice. Austin walked out bare-footed. Most of the rest though knew as soon as the person won HoH.

Alice in Flames

Just because someone makes a negative comment about the season or the show they shouldn’t be scolded. If their way of enjoying BB is bashing it and the cast and producers then let them have their fun. They are watching just like you.

You have your fun your way. If someone else doesn’t share your way of enjoying the show so be it.

My enjoyment is many fold. The show is one of longest running ever because so many love it. And so many others love to hate it. Formula for success in pop culture.


How dare you have an opinion other than mine! If you died, I’d resuscitate you and shave off your eyebrows!!!

Huge sigh

Jozea all confused and asking who’s Zingbot ?!!!


Stop it, seriously? 😐


This show sucks. I hate it. I hate every seasons cast. I want to torture then murder every cast member. I hate Julie Chen. I hate her husband. I hate all the producers of the show and all their dumb new twists and comps and manipulation of the game from the diary room. But I can’t stop watching and spend five hours a day yelling at my computer and the live feeds.

I need help I’m sure. But for now Big Brother is my guilty pleasure. The pleasure as someone said earlier “I love to hate”


Sorry if I missed this somewhere, but I heard the votes won’t be read during Thursday’s live eviction?


It was one of the rumors pre season. Not sure if it’s official. Sure hope it it.


Not announcing the vote numbers will likely make Pauls head explode and this is something I need to see. Just glittery beard fur, all over the living room.


As long as we get to see their votes, I’d love for the house guests to be in the dark about who got what number of votes. It’ll definitely make everyone paranoid because they’ll not be able to match votes with people.


Seeing as the vets are all pegging James as the one they are most worried about. I’m kinda wanting James to break free form a group with select few newbs.


I think that’s another reason he’s hanging with the girl newbies…besides the obvious fact they are female.


I miss having a super fan castmate! I would like to see a super fan with this vets. Especially a secret super fan!

April in Paris

I miss JohnnyMac!!!