Paul “F***ing dumb@$$ B***H! (Tiffany) I f**king hate that girl so much! If she died right now..”

POV Holder: Paul POV Competition June, 24th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony June, 26th
HOH Nicole Next HOH June, 30
Roadkill Competition Winner: Frank
Original Nominations: Paulie, Jozea, and Paul
After POV Nominations: Paulie, Jozea and Bridgette
Have Nots ?

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-27 00-24-13-309

12am – 12:35pm Cam 3-4 Backyard – Bronte, Paul, Bridgette, Victor, and Jozea are talking. Bronte says they put up Bridgette so that in a couple days they can come to her and say we’ll save you. Paul tells Jozea you need to confirm with Zakiyah. Jozea says she’s not going to flip. She’s with us. Natalie says I told her this isn’t the bachelor. Natalie says she’s interested in hearing what the votes are after. Jozea says he thinks Michelle is an air head. She’s just here to float around. Jozea says that every time Frank walks past me he gives me the eye. (Winking that he’s got me.) Jozea says Frank told me I’m good, I’m good and he’s a church going man, he’s not going to lie. Jozea says she (Tiffany) came out here to listen .. and got caught off guard by Natalie. Paul says oh of course f**king dumba$$ B***H! Paul says look in my eyes ..I f**king hate that girl (Tiffany) so much … If she died right now … The girls all say no no no.. Paul says look guys I’m an a$$ hole. Bridgette says I would resuscitate her. Then we’d shave off her eyebrows.

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12:40am – 1:05am Cam 1-2 HOH room – Zakiyah comes up to the HOH room and tells DaVonne the whole conversation the others were having talking about Tiffany. Zakiyah says they were getting nasty! Jozea joins them and then leaves when Michelle and Nicole enter the HOH room. DaVonne is shocked they were talking about shaving off Tiffany’s eyebrows. They’re being some b***hes! I dont think I could tell her how harsh they were about her. Paul said I don’t care if Tiffany passes out and dies .. then I’d resuscitate her and shave off her eyebrows. Nicole asks oh my gosh what did they say about me?! Zakiyah says it was mostly from Bridgette. Like I don’t trust that girl. Don’t trust her. Zakiyah says for some reason they think the vote will be a tie. Nicole says I would never break the tie for him to stay. Zakiyah says he said then that b***h (Nicole) would go right after. Zak says Bronte is smarter than she puts on. Michelle says I am so glad I’m not a part of that group. Zakiyah says it was nasty. Nicole says I can’t believe the would say something about her (Tiffany) when she was passed out and sick. Zakiyah says that to me was just ugly. Michelle says I would be surprised if they start saying off colour jokes and stuff. DaVonne says snatched his a$$ (Paul), but I’ll keep it cute. Michelle says they’re going to look like mean mean people. Zakiyah says especially Bronte. Michelle asks was it mostly Bronte or Jozea. Zakiyah says mostly Bronte and Paul. Nicole says I need need need our team .. alliance to win HOH! Michelle says James needs to throw it so his team doesn’t win. Zakiyah says oh he’s on board with that. DaVonne says I told James if I win HOH and get to pick whos havenots .. he’s going to need to take one for the team because I need to weaken Victor. They continue to talk about Bridgette talking about wanting to shave off Tiffany’s eyebrows and resuscitate her. Michelle says I hope she (Bridgette) loses her job for that. I hope she never works in a nursing home again.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-27 00-45-31-647

1:20am Bronte, Tiffany, Bridgette and Natalie are hanging out by the hammock. Tiffany is telling them about the emotional intelligence retreat she went to that was an amazing experience.

1:25am HOH room – DaVonne, Michelle, Nicole and Zakiyah continue to talk about the others. They talk about how Bronte straddled a box. Michelle says if I was a guy I wouldn’t be attracted to her. Nicole says lets not stoop down to their level. They need to go for strategic reasons. Tiffany joins them. I think they think they’re fooling the guys and I think they have their separate alliance. DaVonne says they do. Michelle asks who do they have Paul, Victor, Bronte and Natalie. They only have 4. Zak says they think they have Frank and James.. that’s why this eviction is going to be funny.

1:30am – 2:45am Paulie talks to Frank and Corey. Paulie talks about how Bronte cracked a joke about how he wouldn’t be here. He says then she came back and was laughing with Bridgette about it. Paulie says he was about to go off. He thanks Frank and Corey for keeping him level headed. Frank says Bronte is making a bigger target on herself. Paulie joins the girls in the HOH room. They’re eating chips and chatting. Paulie brings up how annoyed he is at Bronte. I’ve already warned her so many times … that out in the real world is what sets me off .. and I’ll break your jaw. She is a little brat. I would have more respect for them if they kept talking behind my back. The conversation turns to talking about Victor. Paulie says I’ll bate him to take a swing at me. I bet he has a b***h a$$ punch too. I’ve had years of bating people to take the first swing.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-27 01-57-21-516

2:50am – 3:05am Paulie says I wish they were more spread out over more teams. There’s three of them (#TeamUnicorn – James, Bronte, Natalie, Victor) in one team. Nicole says that means they could potentially all be safe. Paulie comments that he is 100% being egged on in the diary room .. They’re just feeding it. Big Brother blocks the feeds. When the feeds come back – Nicole asks Paulie if he is going to tell Corey everything that’s going on. Paulie says oh yeah. Nicole says because then he’ll tell Frank. Coming from you will be better. If you decide not to tell him, then tell me and I’ll tell him. Paulie says I have no problem telling him. Nicole asks Paulie if he has a bed? Paulie says he’s sleeping with Paul. After this week I’m going to tell Paul to sleep with Victor .. he’ll no longer be welcome sleeping in the bed I’m sleeping in.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-27 03-02-54-477

3:15am All the house guests are in bed sleeping …

7:16am All houseguests sleeping

8:50am houseguests waking up

10:21am Houseguests have woken up and are milling round the backyard, kitchen chit chatting. (Simon here, I won’t be posting anything until after lunch PST But don’t worry if something important happens It won’t be missed when I publish. )

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Damn, shots fired. But hey, Paul, way to own being an a$$hole. We already knew it, but it’s nice to hear it coming straight from the bearded horses mouth.


True colors showing Paul, Bronte, Bridgette,Victor have mean streaks a mile wide… hope Tiff doesn’t find out. Nicole can take it, that’s why Da gives it to her straight, but glad Zak is getting the goods on Newbie/ Powerpuff team. Frank & James gotta know, stop hanging so tight with them. They’ll figure out they’re getting picked off on Thursday.


Ha you are buying what Day is selling to the other girls about Tiff? The irony of Day calling Tiff too emotional.. And then Nic saying that Tiff can’t find out anything because she is going to run downstairs freak out and try to talk to everyone. Tiff didn’t do any of that.. however Nic finds out Bridge said something and she immediately runs to everyone in the house and whines and complains about its not fair that Bridge and Bronte want her out.

That being said, I do think if Tiff heard that about her she would probably flip out.. however think about if Day heard that about her- she would flip out too! I just find these girls so hypocritical. I do like Nic but she is lacking a bit of self awareness.


Da, Nic, Tiff have all done their share of crying but Da is just straight up direct with everyone to protect her team from flying off the handle, and talks about barely controlling herself. Tiff says herself crying, paranoia, anger/passion runs in her family, she loved emotional intelligence retreat she went to with Van. But Tiff compares herself to Vanessa who has a reputation & says things like she’s just about to go off on the other side, which causes Da, Nic, Frank, Zak, Paulie, Corey & Michelle to reassure her so the blindside followed by the next HOH remains in their favor. Tiff is very quiet, doesn’t talk strategy, so her anger or passion builds, the Newbies don’t like that she stares, isolates, wears sunglasses indoors, they think lies about bi-sexuality, want to shave off her eyebrows, don’t care if she dies etc. They taunt everyone & Paulie wants to break their jaws.

Frank has been training Paul, Bridge & Bronte on morning feeds bb strategy & to “play nice” while Joz runs around fanning flames repeating all nasty talk demanding his breakfast. So if the 8-pack + Paulie don’t keep talking themselves down, Paulie could get ejected for fighting, and they won’t get Joz out as planned. This wait till Thursday’s vote is a powderkeg, excruciating for everyone & plays into Joz hands.

Alice in Flames

You seem to want to compare Tiff to Vanessa but claim that Tiff always compares herself to Vanessa. You can keep typing lies about Tiff but that won’t make any of what you say true.

We get it you like Da and have made that clear on a few screen names. But you like your fav Da must fear Tiff because you can’t stop talking about her.


What does any of this have to do with my comment? Day has already started planting seeds in her alliance about Tiff because of her OWN paranoia. (Audrey 2.0). Day tells it straight? Straight like when Tiff gave her a slight attitude when she questioned her why does she think she is the target and Day tells Frank “She went 0 to 9000 freaking out, she was just out of control and then she went down stairs and freaked out about it with Michelle for over an hour” – even AFTER Michelle acted confused by the line of questioning “was Tiffany freaking out? Umm no? She was fine” .. Or how about when she tells Zak that James was saying we need to be careful with Tiff, he doesn’t really trust her when in fact DAY said that to James (Audrey anyone???).

Oh and the best yet to Zakiyah “After that freak out last night Tiff is my target, she has to go, I don’t like that at all” But yeah you are right Day is straight forward and doesn’t overreact and is completely calm and rational….


I’m on everybody’s side, see all HG’s pov and responding to posts about Tiff & Da. First line said all the girls are doing their share of crying, and the team is holding each other down while they’re under attack. Frank was the latest to worry about Tiff for his own reasons, not because Da’s got some diabolical plot to destroy her, IMO. The other side has another list of reasons that have nothing to do with Da. Tiff’s got a handle on it & Frank’s retraining newbies not to be so vile. We all get opinions based on feed transcripts which are facts, not some fantasy all the posters are against Tiff. She brings her sib up more than anyone to explain her moves, venting etc. keeping track of who wants her out & who doesn’t know Van link, all reasonable but understandably intimidating to some HG’s.


You mean the bearded lady

Unbattled Block

Hi Lily, Totally agree about the shots being fired. Best case scenario is in a couple weeks we are rid of Jozea,Paul and Bronte..Worst case is they survive next couple evictions

Layla Kai

Paul is just being an asshole for attention and to play up this character ala ED.
Did I miss something, why are they all down on Tiff?


The difference is that Evel Dick would tell you to your face, whereas Paul says it behind your back.


That boy Paul sounds sissified

Layla Kaii

100%. That’s why Evel remains one of my favs and Paul can go kick rocks


The only reasons I got that they don’t like Tiff:
Joz “she is a vermin” Nat “why do you say that?” Joz “She is just quiet, doesn’t talk to anyone, never gives information and just observes”
Paul “I hate her, she wear shades inside and watches people, she is so fake and is lying about who she is”

So in conclusion, they hate her because she isn’t being fake with them like the others and doesn’t suck up to them. But just wait until the blindside on Thurs and they find out how many are actually being fake to them.


Paul can’t decide if he wants to be the villain or the clown, and he’s failing badly at both.


Wait. What? When they were talking about someone passing out again, being resusitated and then having her eyebrows shaved off they were talking about Michelle, weren’t they? Michelle was the one that passed out before the feeds were activated.


Well, maybe they WERE talking about Tiffany but when Zak retold the story upstairs (starting at 12:38) she said they’d been talking about shaving Michelle’s eyebrows. I’m so confused. :-/


They were talking about Tiffany but Zakiyah misinterpreted it as Michelle (I think because she too was thinking about Michelle passing out). The only thing Zak thought they said about Tiff was she was a rat, which is what they kept from Tiff.

chief beef

like the cast odd mix which makes for good laughs we could draw a line between the newbie and vets teams as dumb and dumber with the vets only being dumb. the group added to vets for eight pk are actually to be commended as they definitely read something correctly to see that the newbie team was all loser/wannabes Corey,Paulie, Michelle Zak,and Tif at least. We realize one could go quickly when they realize its 9 not eight. Or am I mistaken that when they named themselves Paulie was missing. they still call it 8??? Or do they not count Michelle who was in the room.?


Feel bad for Natalie, long term She’s caught in the cross fire. Seems like a nice girl. Granted no game plan. But, she’s still trying to figure out the game. And is basically harmless.


Natalie is awesome, James is awesome….final 2


Natalie is great.


Mayo Girl?


Mayo girl is Michelle. Natalie is the one from Venezuela


i meant mayonnaise, from the prank lastnight

BB is life

Bronte isnt near hot enough to be a mean girl or a bitch. She thinks she is this sexy chick. Lol. Not. Paul the desperate midget pathetic wanna be rocker told her shes the hottest girl ever so now she delusionally believes it.

That side…Jozea Natalie Bronte Victor Paul Bridgette are not even loyal to eachother. Natalie and Bridgette will leave them in a second when they realize the truth that that side has no power.

Get me to Jozea’s exit interview with Julie where he tries to act like this doesn’t bother him because he is above all this. Can’t wait!


I’m expecting to see Bronte and Bridgette crying this thursday when Jozea gets evicted, that will be gold. Last blindside I saw was Austin and it was not that satisfying, last blindside I really enjoyed was way back in BBCAN3 with Parhar.

I’m still debating whether I would like the revolution to win HOH just to see how strong fatal five is and how good are they when they are in hot waters, having said so I still don’t want to lose any of the five yet.


I guess Paul thinks he is cool or hip but he looks and acts like a fool IMO. Dressing up with the earrings and the oranges in his shirt. He was the only one who was trashed after what a beer and a glass of wine. (now I do not drink so I am sure I would be pretty buzzed with a couple of beers but he is supposed to be some kind of rocker tough guy?) Between that and his whole thinking him, Vic, Jozea are running the house is pretty laughable. He is what he says he is……….a d*ck


Im so happy to say that season seems to go pretty well. I can usually spot the sheep but this season seems like theres nobody which makes real interesting unlike the past three seasons! I hope we git a big brother 6 out of this


I hope there’s a punishment where Paul and Tiffany wind up being handcuffed together, then Paul drinks into oblivion and Tiffany shaves off his beard. When he wakes up, Tiffany chides, so you want to shave off my eyebrows you effing b*tch!? She then takes a pair of DULL scissors and cuts off Pauls’ nut sac with his gonads full of future despicable little bearded babies and throws it into the river. When Paul complains, Tiffany cold cocks him and sends him into La La land. Might not happen, but would be nice.


The internet provides for a vast array of links to therapeutic services to help you with any Paul issues you may have.

He’s quite unpleasant but it’s too early to get this worked up as we may get stuck with him for a bit. We all may need professional help.


Remind me not to get on your bad side.


Zakiyah said something about Bridgette not deserving jury when talking about which newbie to target last – for some reason I found this really funny, like Zakiyah is a bitch but she’s the kind of bitch I respect – she’s hilarious haha, unlike Bronte who is just basic


I am so glad that conversation ( the eyebrows ) was overheard. Because Bronte can no longer be considered just a sidekick to Vic and Paul. She is just as much a leader, as Vic is, in that little 3-some.- Paul likes to talk when he has an audience around him but I truly do believe that Vic and Bronte are the evil ones to watch out for. The sooner they are up on the block the better.

Weightless Worm

Evil. Heh. Literally Hitler.


It amazes me that year after year these house guests still believe that people won’t lie to them about their vote!
Shows you exactly who knows about the game and who doesn’t!


At least half the cast is usually really dumb – like I’m thinking about BB Canada and the people they cast are fans of the show and play their hardest, so unless it’s the same person who casts both maybe Us casting could learn from Canada


I heard something about Michelle passing out on After Dark last night, then they alluded to Tiffany passing out in this recap – (maybe that was just “wishful thinking” about wanting her to pass out). What’s going on? Why are people passing out? Was there a physical comp[ that I missed?
Anyone have the story on Michelle passing out?


Yes I gotcha.
When Jozea took off his shoes, Michelle passed out.


Stop it… You know the messiah only wears sandals


This just shows how big brother illiterate Paul is. Making comments like this on live feeds? Only makes people hate you idiot.

See the difference between him and Nicole. Her response is don’t stoop to their level. Smart.


I was just wondering if the feeds are available for Canadians this year?


Not without some hoops to jump through. You need a VPN and a Prepaid American Express credit cared


Durn Canadians, always trying to steal the feeds!

Canuck fan

it’s just that the US version is way more interesting than the Canadian version! Way bigger personality types…. we would never find someone like Paul in Canada – we’re way to busy being polite to one another and saying sorry when someone else bumps into us!


The first 2 seasons of BBCAN were great and I enjoyed them more than some BBUS in teh past. About 1/3 of the way into BBcan3 and the wheels came off and that trend continued throughout BBCAn4.


Hell yeah! Love me some Jillian. Great season.


I hate the vets especially James his new Meg is Nicole uhhh so boring
I really r rooting for the newbies I do not want another season 13

Misty Beethoven

Is it me or has Corey been quieter than normal? Wasn’t sure if he got told to zip it with those rollicking stories of animal abuse. He just seems to be observing more than interacting. I haven’t been able to watch as much as I usually do, so don’t know if it’s just what I’ve seen.


Watching AD from last night… Paul and Bronte are such idiots. I mean, REALLY, really idiots. Just making total fools of themselves. Bronte is a donkey-faced airhead who thinks she’s some super-intelligent beauty queen. Paul is just an ass for the sake of being an ass. Trying way too hard. He seems like he’s a total loser in real life who’s trying like hell to appear ‘cool’. Good luck with that, buddy.


Bronte is definitely not an airhead, she’s working on a Phd in mathematics. Note also that she told Paul that she was bad at math, she’s not an airhead but she’s acting that way to throw people off. She’s still managing to make herself a target though.


The good, Bad and the ugly, love this cast.
right off houseguests have set their mark. hoo haw
the ugly in my opinion is not about looks but their personalities, they are a trio of girl bullies
Bronte, Bridgette and Natalie, and if Paul was female i’d put him there too
Gonna be a good summer of TV and live Feeds!!!

Unbattled Block

Wow. It is HIGHLY important they get Paul out ASAP !! He could singlehandedly spiral this season down the line of BB16, which would suck bigtime

Bronte definitely thinks way higher of herself than she should as well


Thursday cant come soon enough !! And Frank watching Joeza face when Julie calls his name. Franks said he going to brand Joeza’s face in his mind when it happens to keep and laugh about !! Frank for the Winner this year !!


sunday night episode did horribvle in the ratings


I’ve heard. I never watched the episode except for the Thursday show to find out the results. From the feed angle this has been a solid season.

I wonder how it will fair with the Olympics starting… AS long as they keep the feeds on i’m happy 🙂 however with low ratings comes the needs for producers to do something drastic in the form of poorly thought out twists.


Game of Thrones finale last night too, but casting is really diff this season, very age & body centric type mean girl personality casting which may not appeal to all demographics. Survivor does a little better ensuring more viewers see themselvez in a couple of cast members. The cast talks up DR as stoking rivalries, combined with the alcohol, like they’re going for an MTV Real World / Challenge vibe.


but they went against celebrity family feud


I feel like the show started off way too strong. Right off the bat it is very nasty and hostile. The people getting the most air time are Bronte, Jozea, and Paul which turns me away because they are cretins. Victor, Bridgette, Jozea, Paul, and Bronte don’t seem to understand how to play the game and have no gameplay. There was no time to get to know the houseguests and get a liking to them since Paul and Jozea decided right away to start attacking Nicole and the vets.

So I guess it’s good that the house isn’t so friendly and wimpy that there is a “house” mentality, but it is off-putting how unlikable a lot of the houseguests are. There also is an awkward atmosphere to the house since people didn’t get to know each other.


remember how people complain how there no twists but now people will complain there to many twist!


I think most people’s problem with the twists is it seems they are used by production to control the outcome or to steer the story.


Celebrity Family Feud (ABC) – P 1.5/5 7.79
Big Brother (CBS) 1.5/5 5.39


missing alliances from the guide-the revoultion,nicico,thebroalliance,daycole
,power puff girls,dayiah


Wow the newbies are so bad at this it’s hilarious. If only they would shut their mounts for a second and just look around. For instance, this is the second time i’ve seen an image of Zak cuddling with Paulie. That body language alone says she’s not voting him out. Yet Jozea is counting on her vote. SMH

Unbattled Block

Hello Dawg/Simon

In seasons past, you guys would list the alliances and who was in them. Will you guys be doing that as this season goes byas well ? It makes following them easier

Thanks again guys


Missing a few but this is what we have right now

I’ll get it updated tonight.


Paul’s parents must be so proud of the way he talks to women.

Give Me A Brake

Paul has parents????


wow i can’t believe those threats from paul. he’s so over the top. just because tiffany is quiet and doesn’t hang around them all the time? how can they not see that they don’t have any of the the vets or tiffany’s vote? zakiyah and paulie are always hanging out together with the vets… it’s so obvious. on the other hand, im surprised the vets and paulie are loosing bridgette to the other side. if they put in a little more time, im sure they could get her back as a vote, especially for paulie, her teammmate.


am I the only one who thinks bronte looks like tori spelling???


That cracks me up. I just told someone that I thought that Bronte was “The Poor Man’s Tori Spelling”!! I’m glad I’m not the only one who saw it!! 🙂


Did Zakiyah accurately relay the convo to Davonneand Nicole about what they were saying outside?


Nope… she thought they were talking about Michelle but they were talking about Tiffany. It wasn’t intentional at all.. but everything else she said was accurate

Misty Beethoven

Corey very quiet – do you think he got a warning after the godawful goat story? What an idiot!!

Froot Loop Dingus

As far as the ratings being down, it’s no wonder. I watched last night and the whole time I was thinking surely there was something more interesting that happened than James and Frank dancing and some of the other useless stuff they showed.

I don’t want the BOB to come back but they need something better to show.


Teams , the most awful decision made by some dumba$$ . I don’t think I cant watch this boredom . then have the losing team pick which loser is hoh ? that was another stupid a$$ decision . how about they all speak a foreign language too CBS ? idiots !


Tiff is just as weird as her crazy a$$ sister. first I would burn that f n hat . then I would vote her out as fast as I could . I swear they are the same person . talk the same walk the same paranoid the same act like methead the same . she gotta go !

Give Me A Brake

My instinct has always been anti-veteran in situations like this season, but not this time. Paul, Bronte, and Jozea are such arrogant, delusional and clueless scumbags I want the vets to wipe the floor with them. Hope those three clowns go home in 3 straight weeks.