“He [Memphis] has to play he has to win and he has to use it on her [Keesha] otherwise one of them is going home”

Head of Household Winner – Cody
Have nots – Ian, Kevin, Memphis, NicoleA
Nominations -Keesha and Kevin
Power of Veto Players are -?
Power of Veto holder -?
Power of Veto Ceremony -?
Safety Suite – Kaysar & Janelle
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12:30 am NicoleA, Kevin and Da’Vonne
They’re talking about who lingers in the HOH room.
Da suggests that maybe Cody is just part of the group because
Da – I didn’t think Cody is in a big group unless he’s playing the f* outta me (it’s the latter)
da seems convinced that Cody is just being dragged into the “group” because he’s the HOH and people are kissing his a$$.
Kevin – you don’t think he’s entertaining those conversations
Da – I don’t know
Kevin says David is an outsider.
Da – He doesn’t talk to me
NicoleA says she didn’t play with David much last year “He went home so early”

They talk about there being a small core group like a bullseye with an inner ring and an outer ring
NicoleA – I don’t think we’re on the bullseye
Kevin – we’re not even on the board

Da’Vonne is adamant that Cody is not part of a large alliance
da – he’s the HOH once his reign is over he’s not inside the group
NicoleA says Da has such good intuition she remembers Da from watching her. (ZOMG)
Kevin – you know what is 100% I can say there is an alliance in here and people are saying no. No one is talking to me about nothing.. that means there’s a big a$$ alliance here if they are having the same sorta thing they’re is a significant situation going on
Kevin agrees that Da’Vonne intuition is correct with Cody he’s not the leader of it “He’s just a pawn.. he’s the muscle”
Da – because he won HOH
NicoleA – what scares me and I like them a lot but Tyler and Janelle are always together (ZOMG haven’t seen them talk once)
NicoleA – it could be them too
Kevin – If I can throw out here who I think is in this alliance I thin kit is Janelle, Memphis, COdy, Tyler, Kaysar that for sure is happening
(Jeepers these people are clueless.. sigh)
Kevin – then there are peripheral people that they are entertaining
Da’Vonne says it will break her heart if Ian is part of the alliance
NicoleA says he might be part of it but at the bottom.

Nicole and Kevin going on about there being a core of four people and they are telling another 4 they are safe.
Kevin 0- there’s a centre ring and an outer ring

1:00 am Kevin and Keesha
Kevin says he wanted to win the HOH he feels every competition you need to try in.
Keesha – yeah I didn’t throw it by any means .. don’t get me wrong I thought about it. Even the safety pass are you regretting not playing in it
Kevin – absolutely I feel like I’m going to look stupid
Keesha – that would be two of us.. but I had a conversation with him.
Kevin says he can see himself looking back at this episode thinking to himself “I’m so dumb”
Keesha says early on nobody wanted to rock the boat everyone was waiting for someone to make the first move.
Kevin says he’s going to take every chance he can from now on.

1:02 am Kaysar and Janelle
Kaysar – they’re not going to expect anything from NicoleA or Ian. No one ever expects anything out of them
K – I need to get Memphis alone tomorrow to convince him of what is really going on here.
Janelle says Memphis won’t want to use the veto
Kaysar – he just wants to float and hang out? how did he play his game last time
Janelle – Uhh .. I think he worked with Dan and Keesha for awhile
K – so he doesn’t take risks
J – I guess I don’t know I don’t remember
Kaysar says there’ a girls alliance forming
Janelle doesn’t think there is anything like that happening
K – Bayleigh told me
K – I asked her if there are any alliances and she said yes people are talking and they created one and it’s all girls and she named the people
J – who did she name everyone why would Bayleigh tell you that
K – We’re going o win HOH next week and we’re going to bring her in she wants to work with us she trust one person and that is Da’Vonne. So Da’Vonne and Bayleihg, Ian and NicoleA, Keesha, and Memphis. you need a big alliance to take down that GUYS and Nicole and the girl’s alliance there’s too much sh1t going one right now.

Kaysar says the house see them as a pair they were the first target Keesha and Memphis are the secondary targets
Kaysar – Memphis is going up if she takes herself off.
Janelle – yeah agreed

Janelle tells him they can’t do anything until they win HOH next week, “It’s pointless”
Kaysar – there’s a veto tomorrow what if you get picked
Janelle – we have to keep a low profile.. you and I are safe what the f** like are you crazy. I hate to give advice but maybe just a little bit
Kaysar – why don’t we sleep on it
J – yeah. If you get picked you have to throw it. If you gun for it and save Keesha then what happens Memphis goes up or NicoleA
K – I need Memphis to win it
J – he will never do that
K – I’ll convince him..

Kaysar wants to try and convince Memphis to win the veto and use it on Keesha. Otherwise, Memphis is going to be the replacement nomination if the Veto is played on Keesha.
Janelle doesn’t think he’ll be able to convince Memphis. Kaysar says he has to try. “I’ll try my best”
Kaysar tells her had they not been aggressive they would have been on the block right now.
Janelle says if they hadn’t they would be in the spot Kevin and Keesha are right now wishing they had played in the safety, “at least try you have two chances to save yourself that way”
Kaysar points out exactly what he said happened. Kevin went up as the pawn after nominations he cried went up to the HOH and confirmed he was the pawn.
Kevin – the day before Kevin was super emotional because Cody told him he was the pawn.
Kevin – I’m not trying to save everybody I’m just saying we have to build a buffer between us. If we don’t have a structure that side will run amok and annihilate us because they have the numbers week after week.

Keesha wants KAysar to slow down and remember they are safe this week he needs to throw the veto and lay low
Janelle – if you play for veto you can save her
Kaysar – no it won’t work there’s only one option (Memphis winning)
Kaysar says the other option is they try to lobby the house to vote out Kevin “Which is not going to happen it will create a massive cluster f* everyone will expose their positions it’s not going to happen”
Kaysar – really the two options are; He (Memphis) has to play he has to win and he has to use it on her otherwise one of them is going home (Keesha and Memphis)
Kaysar says he wanted to come into this game and lay low for the first couple weeks “but look what happened”
Kaysar – we can’t blend in they put us both in the house and look at what happened.
Kaysar – you and I can’t just blend in.. they put us both in the house together .. it spooked the hell out of everybody
Kaysar – we have to win HOH and we have to form the alliance by next week.
Janelle agrees but they have to win HOh first.
Janelle – I don’t think we should show our cards. We gotta lay low it’s only day 3. If you start acting like you are helping helping helping you’re just putting a target on Memphis.
Kaysar says he’s going to try once with Memphis then let it go and leave it from there
Janelle – yeah

2:10 AM NicoleA and Kevin

Talking about being outsiders… “It’s the story of my life”
NicoleA – like my sister always says some people need to work harder.
Kevin – some people have a current behind them pushing them ahead other people have it pushing against hem.
NicoleA says in a way the current is pushing behind them because they are here.

2:20 am NicoleA, Da’Vonne and Kevin
They’re talking about who should Kevin pick for the veto.
Da – I don’t want any of us to be causalities this week
Nicole – all my people left the first second third-week last year. I was in the house I lost all my friends.. it’s frickin de ya vu

Kevin is trying to figure out who the replacement nomination will be he thought it would be Memphis but Kevin thinks Memphis is working with the other guys
NicoleA agrees adds that Memphis is really “Chummy” with Cody et’ al

Kevin now saying that he thought Janelle and Kaysar were the targets but now they have become “the puppet masters” (This group is lost)
Kevin – I think Tyler and Janelle are puppet masters
NicoleA agrees says Tyler and Janelle are the head of it and they both have their minions on each side
Kevin says Janelle is the one in power right now and she’s not the HOH

Kevin – I think I’m the target.

(At one point these scholars think Janelle and Tyler are working together.)
Kevin thinks Bayleigh is working with them Nicole suggests it’s everyone but them three.
Da’Vonne says if Bayleigh was working with the bullseye she thinks she would have told her.
Kevin – Janelle is running this game

3:10 am Ian and Cody
Boilerplate pre Veto conversation it’s been going on for awhile. Ian tells Cody if he wins the veto tomorrow he won’t use it. Cody says he won’t use the veto the nominations will stay the same. They go over a play by play of when the bombsquad exploded. ETc etc ..

Ian heads to sleep at 3:18 am on his way out he says he wants to work with Cody and confirms he won’t use the veto. adds that he likes David.
Ian – I just like his Moxy I just like his spunk

3:22 am all feeds showing sleeping houseguests.

7:00 am sleeping

7:10 am Kevin and Enzo
Kevin says he was relating to Enzo because everyone else in the game has preexisting relationships in the house
Kevin – that is playing a factor they already had pre-set somethings
Kevin – they are connected by something. Cody’s brother is on the challenge.. they all hang out at parties whatever.
Kevin – I feel like .. I don’t want to put you in a bad situation. WE moved in together/
Enzo – if it’s between you and her I’m keeping you 100% bro.
Enzo goes on about how he never talks to Keesha.
Kevin – I will never come after you this entire game and we can keep this on the down low.
Enzo =- I know you don’t have anybody in this house I don’t have anybody in this house bro

Ian joins them Enzo leaves “I hope they let us sleep till 10 yo”
Kevin asks Ian if he would consider keeping him in the house
Ian – yeah of course
Ian – I like you but I like Keesgha as well.
Kevin – I’m wasn’t coming for you
Ian – we don’t know how the veto will shake out. I feel like I am closer with you

8:10 am. For the last 30 minutes, Kevin has been talking to himself in the bathroom. He thinks Janelle is the mastermind of the house and is the reason he’s on the block. He’s also suspecting Tyler is involved. (ZOMG)

8:30 am Memphis and Kasyar
Memphis – I’m not 100% confident I wouldn’t go up. I thought I was going up when I saw Keesha’s face on that screen
K – can I tell you something I had a sense he was putting me up .
Kaysar explains Cody was going after the two “Iconic” alliances in the house they are him and Janelle and Kessha/Memphis.

Kaysar explains that COdy putting Memphis and Keesha up rattles too many cages. Adds that the best thing for Cody to do is tell someone they are the pawn and go after the other person.
K – worst-case scenario she takes herself off..
K – I don’t want you to do home I don’t want her to go home. I’ll be honest with you I want to work you guys get the hell outta this week.
Memphis says he doesn’t trust Keesha and she shouldn’t trust him they played the whole game together and he “f**ing booted her out at final 4 over a old F***ing bastard”
Memphis – the crazy thing me, him and Keesha were thick as thieves we looked after each other the whole f**ing game.
Kaysar says he never knew what their relationship was like he never saw BB10 he doesn’t want to force something that’s not there.
Kaysar – you do know there’s an alliance that has already formed
Memphis doesn’t think so.
Memphis says at this point he wouldn’t use the veto on anyone, “Unless we’re going to backdoor someone”
Kaysar asks if he trusts Cody
Memphis – I don’t trust anyone but I don’t feel threatened by him at this moment. Three weeks from now yeah maybe.
Mem – I am comfortable looking out for her but I can’t sit there and be like Keesha I’m taking you off the block.
Memphis says this early in the game using the veto on Keesha is a bold move.

Kaysar – at the end of the day I’m getting a sense of where the trends are going.
Kaysar thinks Cody is going after pairs.

Memphis says Keesha was saying she knew she was going up
Kaysar – that’s because I talked to her before she was going up.
They agree to continue the conversation later.

9:40 am After some “fish” on the feeds the houseguests are now up getting ready for the day.

9:46 am Memphis and Cody
Memphis going over parts of his conversation with Kaysar.
Memphis telling Cody that Kaysar thinks that there’s an alliance against Janelle and him.
Memphis brings up KAysar saying “Dude you need to watch out”
Memphis says Kaysar is going to spin himself out of this game.
Cody – Janelle maybe Da’Vonne they think there’s this guys thing.
Cody – it’s week one
Memphis says kaysar thinks there’s a master plan in this house. “he thinks there are these layers”
Cody says Janelle is super tight with Evil Dick “I don’t play with him”
Memphis says Janelle and Kasysar are spinning out.
Memphis – Kaysar thinks you put Kevin up as a pawn and you told him that
Cody – really
Memphis goes on to say that Kaysar thinks he and Keesha can work together. He highlights how he stabbed Keesha in the back final 4 on his season she cried for 2 days.

Memphis – If I win the POV I’ll just leave it.

Memphis talks about a 6 person alliance he lists off some people he likes. Tyler, Cody, Christmas, Bayleigh
Memphis says his ex-wife did Dom and Dani’s wedding.
Cody tells him the person he wanted to put on the block was Kaysar.

10:10 am Dani and Enzo
Dani – there’s little chitter chatters here and there
Dani says she’s worried about Cody and NicoleF being seen together. “Every single person is like they have to be working together”
Enzo says he’s not sure if Memphis is with Janelle and Kaysar. “I need to feel it out you know what I mean”
Enzo – I like Da
Dani – her and Bayleigh are obviously a pair and I think they talk to Janelle we have to be really careful what we say to them.

Dani – I’m really excited to go outside. If I’m not playing I’m still going to ask questions about the rules just so we’re out there longer.

10:45 pm Da’Vonne and NicoleF
Da – do you get a vibe there might be a big alliance in the house.. you do?
NF – with guys yeah.
NicoleF mentions that production called all 8 guys into the DR last night.
Da – on the outside it looks like no one is talking game but I’m not that dumb makes me feel there’s a big alliance and I’m on the outside.
Nicole says it’s like 16 all over.

Da – how do you feel about the people on the block right now
NF – I really like Kevin. I like them both
Da – me too
NF – I would be more sad if Kevin left
Da – I liek Kevin but as a fan I like Keesha.. Sh’es such a sweet gitlr
NF – Right away I liked her a lot because she’s all about animals. She’s like a midwest girl.
Da – do you think COdy will put you up? I don’t think so
NF – He played me ..
Nicole goes on about how on season 16 she never got to play with Cody a lot and he burnt her bad.
NF – he very well could put me up.
Nicole says during nominations yesterday the main camera was pointed straight at her and she was sweating

11:21 am Cody and David
Cody – how bad do you want to play in the veto if I get houseguest choice you want to play
David – Yeah
David wants to win the HOH next but if he also wins this week’s POV he might be seen as “Coming in hot”
Keesha comes in.
They bring up how Ian is throwing up on the slop.
Kevin comes in says the slop is a “new version of slop.. it’s a pellet version it’s stopping up inside of us none of us have used the restroom”

11:35 am Enzo and Dani
They both don’t want to play in this Power of Veto competition.
Dani – I want to chill to make fun of everyone
They both say they don’t talk to Keesha at all.
Dani – you would want her out more than him?
Enzo – I would think
Dani wants Keesha out also. “I think all the girls want her to stay more”
Enzo – Kevin’s got nobody in this house keep him in the house he’s desperate.
Dani – Keesha was really good at her season too
Dani brings up how Keesha and Christmas are both playing dumb with the game rules.
Dani impersonating “When we draw players for the veto who draws them”
Dani – like you were here till final three like stop
Dani warns him that all the girls are talking about the strong guys getting together names. Memphis, Tyler, Enzo, and Cody.
Enzo says he just wants to be tight with NicoleF, Cody, and Dani. (Stab me… just f**king stab me)

11:43 am Janelle and Dani
They both don’t want to play in the veto they just want to go outside having been locked into the house.
Dani – have you talked to NicoleA
Janelle – she’s really sweet I like her a lot I’ve talked to everyone but David
Dani – David is very nice and polite .. just surface stuff.
Janelle – did Cody say anything about who he wants out
Dani – No, I asked him.
J – do you think he’s working with NicoleF
Dani – she said no she said she talked to Derrick all the time so I don’t know
Dani says she can’t believe Frankie isn’t ion this season she loves him
They talk about Rachel and how much they love her.
Dani brings up the Rachel/NicoleF feed.
Dani – NicoleF said they were trying to sue her
Janelle – wow
Dani – that’s what she said
Janelle – I don’t see Rachel doing that why waste your money
Dani – I think it was defamation of character.
Janelle says Kasyar is really excited to play “I’m like you really need to calm it down”

11:57 am Keesha and NicoleA

Chit chat about the have nots room.

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Miss Impression

Has David gotten lost in some hidden room again?I see no posts of any conversations he’s having since night one.Is he talking to anyone?


Makes sense. Technically Dave is a newbie considering when he left the game his season. I am hoping we get to see Ian play 2 sides of the house again. Also I am having trouble believing Dayvonne is this gullible so waiting to see what moves she makes next week

The Beef

I don’t see how she can make any moves when she has absolutely no clue what is going on inside the house.


He is currently talking with Dani


So with some of these guys, I think Veronica could have been an all star…she had nice hair at least.


Who’s Veronica? You mean Victoria?


That is the joke.. everyone called her Veronica because she was so nonexistent that her name couldn’t even be remembered

another name

Da’vonne… what’s the Codyblinders thing you have going on? painful.
NicoleA… what’s the isolate yourself and cry about being isolated crap? self-fullfilling prophesy.
Kevin… how is the house target that isn’t on the block due to a safety comp you didn’t try for… the Head of the Snake? Janelle is head of the snake? oh. okay.

Not sure what is more painful:
Watching the wait and see maybe tomorrow procrastination that is Kaysar and Janelle when it comes to alliance building (bad stage version of Waiting for Godot)
Watching the three blind mice willfully ‘choose your own adventure’ style strategize and get the whole story wrong.

So the alliance of 4 has about 12 members. Even members of the 12 don’t realize alliances are forming… what the deuce?

another name

So who had
Dani cracks the seal using the name ‘Ratcole’
On their bb22 bingo card??

Bb fan

Keesha for Veto


My gosh watching Da’vonne and NicoleA lose all their intuition skills is painful. Kaysar is the only one who knows what the hell is going on, and it looks like he has to drag these people until they get their heads out of their you know whats. I mean Kevin, Day, and NicoleA thinking Janelle and Tyler are working together and are puppet masters WTH!?!?

Linguini Pants

“(At one point these scholars think Janelle and Tyler are working together.)”

“Scholars” Hahahahahah! Meanwhile, back in reality, Memphis is blabbing everything to Cody that Kaysar, obviously Janelle’s No.1, said to him. Scholars indeed.

another name

So. If this is their first actual substantial in house conversation (that I’ve seen)…
why does it totally sound like they’ve been buddied up for a while?
(cough cough just thinking about who is close to whom and just how much pregame alliance building would have been happening).
My suspicious mind is getting close to constructing a tinfoil hat.

another name

Oh hells ya. lol.
Should have had 2 weeks of audio feeds for pregame. LMAO.


yep. all this tells me, Janelle and Kaysar are toast, no matter what they do….. sigh……. Cody told Memphis he was targeting Kaysar, that’s not what he’d tell someone he barely talks to…


Thats true… if they win a couple of early comps, tides could change…
stupid Memphis..lol

another name

I’m suspicious when any of them say they didn’t talk to anybody else pregame.
I mean.
Sure. ooo-kay.


It’s a shame that Memphis has to get himself involved with this. As far as Cody, it only enhances my distaste of him


Crap, darn you Memphis. What happened to old school players keeping their freaking mouths shut. Damn, I guess Janelle was right to tell Kaysar to wait until after they win HoH and not speak to Memphis, that it was too risky. If Memphis had any sense he would’ve listened to Kaysar, or at the very least sat on the info and kept it to himself.

The Beef

Or since he obviously has a pre-game alliance with Cody, maybe he’s going to share that information with his teammate. Big mistake by Kaysar, but it’s about the only thing he’s been wrong about so far in this game.

Daniela Bucciacchio

Actually he’s been wrong about a lot … Kaysar is paranoid not intuitive and he’s already being noticed for gaming eat hard and fast … there is no Cody/Tyler/David alliance which he’s been spewing and there is no big alliance already formed… all he knows is Cody is HOH, any all star Bb player knows that means a lot of people are talking to you… Janelle will be better off when he’s a goner

Feeds Gold


Linguini Pants

And any player that didn’t at least harbor a doubt that Cody and Memphis, both out-played by their masters, that these Number Twos would not work together, whether it happened or not, are just willfully blind to what could “possibly” have been a plan going in. And of course NicoleF is there playing her old tried and true slithering snake rat role.

“This is looking like one big pre-gamed circle jerk.” Agree!!


I did not know much about Kaysar at all, and wish he was not there. But ….oh boy. Hes so smart and gets things easily. Hes probably the only 3rd male HG I like. ( other 2 Devin and Cody (Jessica).


Did Cody just call David “Kevin” twice, to David’s own face? If David doesnt pick up on Cody not giving a shit about him, i dont know…

Feeds Gold

yes and Cody did that yesterday as well!


WOW… he did that yesterday to David? And David didn’t even correct him… wtf

All Stars???

Maybe David figures if people don’t know his name, they won’t be able evict him. ?


I wonder if they’ll let them use a photo line up to point out who they are evicting. Samuel L. Jackson vs. Lawrence Fishburn…

another name

As Chatanooga and Notthederrick discuss forming an alliance with Groundhogday, Taylor, his wounded babybird mama and spawn of Eveldick….
A large part of my return vet season nightmare is spoken allowed and the worry comes to fruition.
So. Is Keesha actually only on the block so less trashy Paulie can strangers on a train scratch Knoxville’s back? I mean, he could just bury the hatchet with her, but it would be so much easier to just have someone get her out quick? A possibility we haven’t really considered. Then he can act all sad, and nobody nominates him for a while because nobody wants it to look like pairs are targets just for being pairs?

I’m being the Jozea. Scenarios.

Feeds Gold

the importance of winning the first hoh…the relationship building opportunities are critical…Cody is going to be well protected

Memphis being Codys lil rat to screw over Kaysar(sinking his game even further) this morning pretty much turns the season into a pagonging, unless Kaysar or Janelle win the next hoh, with such little opposition against the forming majority…if Kaysar or Janelle win, it will be incredible seeing the cockroaches scatter and to see the level of who throws people under the bus…if the majority win Janelle/Kaysar go up, and if the out of the loop players win they will be convinced to put up Kaysar/Janelle

Memphis, Dani, Enzo seem to be the only old schoolers to have pregamed? the rest playing catchup?

Dani is submissive to snakeole, i find it strange…i thought Dani was a badass alpha? snakeole screwing over Dani will be hilarious(“why oh why did you bite me snakeole? dani well you knew full well i was a snake before you let me in”)

so many females trust snakeole(why? utterly bizarre knowing her history…wtf happened in preseason? did she pay most of the cast $ if they agree to work with her?)

the house giving the best player there the easiest possible time…Tyler(nobody targeting him other than maybe Kaysar? wtf?)…yes hes a nice guy, but all of them other than probably David watched his season

David, Christmas, Nicole A, Bay, Day, Kevin clueless out of the loop non players, they just sit and wait for things to happen

Ian just waiting to get outside to form a final 2 with the hammock

Keeshas out unless she wins veto

Dani and snakeole are extremely jealous of Janelle…i need to see a clash between them before Janelle leaves

Goddess Janelle and oracle Kaysar unfortunately looking likely pre jury boots…hopefully theres a pre jury battle back

3 of the highlights for me so far…Kaysars amazing correct predictions of everything happening, and Janelles hilarious impersonation of snakeole – (gets out of showmance bed week 9, “hey im ready to play now”) haha…and Kaysar/Janelle correctly playing the safety to save themselves

Im finding the season a little boring…theres no loose cannon types, its so muted and pleasant, with very little drama, and with cody and co various groups perhaps forming as an umbrella type majority with mutual interests, im starting to get the feeling its going to be quite predictable, no big power shifts, and instead a majority controlling everything until they have to turn on eachother

i dont know what happened in preseason with derrick and dan…but it seems like many in the house are doing everything they can to make things as easy as possible for tyler(who is the best player there by far but should be being targeted with how dangerous he is) and snakeole(who is one of the least trustworthy and irritating players with not the best social game but strangely many there want to trust/work with her)…has derrick setup snakeole to go far with his tweets being bs? really strange that cody is trusting the least trustworthy player there snakeole seemingly more than anyone else as his #2

if its a summer of snakeole lasting a long time, the most irritating player there to watch, feeds are gonna be brutal to get through

this is not allstars…too many clueless, boring or irritating players…its more of an all returners season, with some all stars included plus way too much pregaming

as much as i like past players returning, i prefer all newbie seasons, no preseason gaming, and alliances forming naturally in the house, with everyone coming in on a level playing field with nobody having prior relationships…things have been slow with game talk due to alot already pre determined in preseason

Linguini Pants

“Ian just waiting to get outside to form a final 2 with the hammock.”

Hahaha, Funny!!

Feeds Gold

i like ian – hes having a bit of a tough time and hope he does well

Feeds Gold

the clueless players thinking Janelle/Kaysar(the most targeted players) are running the game…

then why the fuck would they play in the safety comp(wasting that power and unable to play in the comp the next 2 weeks) if they are running the game, geniuses?

Feeds Gold

i find the pregaming has damaged the energy of the season

too many chillin, content with the work they did before walking into the house


People on Twitter are dragging Derrick and saying that he ruined the season of Big Brother. They’re accusing him of getting an 8 person alliance together pre game with the help of Dan. If all of this is true, I already know the season for me is ruined.


I didn’t like 15 or 16. Derrick is trying to make sure that Cody wins. Somehow, I really hope that this alliance is exposed and broken up. On Twitter they’re calling him fatso, pig, porky pig, etc

Guy From Canada

Yup. Derrick posted his kids watching Cody talk about them…..and about 3/4 of the replies aren’t about his kids. If I’m allowed to post a link I would


I saw that. Something about “Uncle Cody” ?


Paranoia city! Day already thinking that Janelle & Tyler ( aka Taylor per Memphis) are working together and are the puppet masters, lol…. Kaysar has a good read on ppl, wish Memphis would align with him but looks like he’s gonna be part of the Cody/ Enzo group…. hmmm, pre-gaming seems to be a thing

Feeds Gold

dani hated tyler on his season

i know shes with dominic, but look at the way dani looks at tyler…her eyes light up

tyler picks up kevin to go along with his other pieces

big brother is not meant to be this easy

for tyler it is…instead of being the most targeted as the best player there(from a very recent season), its just another day on the beach chillin with friends without a care in the world

Starry night

Dani seems to be dug in with Cody.


All the obvious Pre-gaming has ruin would could have been an epic game. It’s clear that Cody, Nicole F, Dani, Tyler, and Memphis has some sort of an understanding before the game even started. It would have been even worse if Kaycee and Josh remained on the cast.

Right now the outsiders are (probably in the order they will be targeted) Keesha, Janelle, Kaysar, Bay, Day, Nicole A, and Kevin. Enzo, David, and Ian worked their way into the graces of the other side of the house. Christmas will surely float to where the numbers are.


Swore I was gonna sit back and just enjoy game play, but how can I not root for Kaysar? I’m feeling a Kaysar HOH this coming week….still lmao that some of the hg think Janelle/Tyler are the puppet masters and running things

Daniela Bucciacchio

*too hard not eat lol