“He pretty much set off a bomb and now he’s sleeping like a baby” – Paulie

POV Holder: ? POV Competition July 16th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 18th
HOH Paulie Next HOH July 21st
Roadkill Competition Winner: ?
Original Nominations: ?, ?, ?
After POV Nominations: ?, ?, ?
Have Nots ?, ?, ?

(Crazy night) 1
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Big-Brother-18 2016-07-15 02-53-52-379

2:49am HOH Corey and Paulie
Talking about getting Natalie out. They’ve talked to James and Paulie think she’ll be on board with it. They will work with JAmes if Natalie get nominated and leaves.. Sound slike Tiffany is still their target and Natalie is the pawn.

Corey says Zakyah and Nicole will be onboard with them.
Paulie – TIffany is this year’s victoria’s she’ll never win..
Paulie says he linked up with Corey first week he’s his ride or die. Paulie says that Nicole and Zakiyah are cool girls but his true interests are to go to the end with Corey.
Paulie says he didn’t want to relying on competitions to win the game his plan all along was to use his social game.
Corey – we can sway people where we want them, MIchelle will do whatever the hell I tell er to do
Paulie says he’ll cuddle with her call her “BIG MEECH”
PAulie – as long as we keep Da close enough so she’s not on the outskirts
Corey – I hope we can get rid of Frank and Bridgette

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-15 02-58-46-301
2:47am Tiffany and Frank Have nots
Tiffany they’ve been lying to me all week.
Frank is trying to figure out the votes. Tiffany says it doesn’t matter they all wanted the numbers to go a certain way they all wanted him out.
Tiffany – Zakiyah she’s a snake in the grass .. Paulie is calculated but not as smart as you think
Tiffany says they were all a$$holes to her, “I’m a OK competitor, You’re a strong competitor Bridgette’s an amazing competitor”

Frank – you me and Bridgette need to beast it out
Frank adds that regardless if they lose the other side has to put up their own people they can[‘t put up Bridgette or Frank. They need to get Roadkill and work from there.
Frank – even if we don’t win it they have to out up a Zakiyah, or PAul
Frank- we can talk james into not voting out Natalie..
Frank – Me, you, Bridgett, James.. We only have to flip one more person and that could be Michelle
Tiffany – this is game on Frank.. wait i’m nervous
Frank – don’t be nervous
Tiffany we should have done this from day 1
Frank I know
Tiffany – don’t tell Bridgette at this point
Tiffany – we should have done this from Day 1 I should have talked to you
Frank – even if they win Roadkill they’ll have to put up their own people the most important thing is POV on Saturday..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-15 03-11-51-191

3:02am Tiffany and Da’Vonne Safari
Tiffany telling her she know Da’Vonne was telling Frank everything. She says they’re specific she told Da’vonne that she heard back from Frank. She’s pissed everyone has been lying and playing her.

Da’Vonne denies it and says it’s just Frank getting in her head.
Tiffany- lies and deceptions.. You are cutting so many lies.. YO made a final 2 with Frank
Da’ – Tiffany I love you I swear I love you
Da’ – Frank, you gotta be smarter than that
Tiffany – Academy award to all of you.. This game I’m over it right now..

Zakiyah – what’s your move..
Tiffany – what does it matter..
Tiffany – I have nobody in this house.. You guys are the f****g worst.. The way you f*** treated me these last two weeks nobody deserves that..
Tiffany very upset by being betrayed starts to cry…

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-15 03-10-20-198

Da’Vonne is laughing

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-15 03-10-33-192
Zakiyah starts laughing..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-15 03-08-19-194
Tiffany – I’m glad you think it’s funny
Da’Vonne – you need to pull it together
Tiffany – no I don’t give a f***.. I don’t give a f*** i don’t have one person.. You know you were the only person I had you have to be true to one person …

Da’Vonne tells her now the house is going to shun her because she’s blowing up
Tiffany – I have been shunned.. everyone is treating me like I have leprosy
Da’Vonne starts hugging her “time out time out for big brother..”
Da’Vonne – I need to you be a little stronger
Tiffany- I don’t trust Paulie, Nicole I don’t trust anybody.. I’m not part of any alliance I’m just here to get picked off..

Da’Vonne – DO NOT ATTACH YOURSELF TO FRANK.. That’s not the way to go please don’t do that..
Tiffany – nobody has my back right now.. I’m roadkill right now
Tiffany- you guys were the worst to me

Tifany – 30 f***g days.. .all because people do these things.. People don’t talk to me I don’t know who to trust..

Tiffany says at 2am she’s pull aside and people tell her they’re going to keep her.
Tiffany – Corey last night told me you wants you gone. Everybody in this house has been playing me
Zakiyah and Nicole come in .. They say Frank is doing this all to her.
Tiffany – tells them the thing she’s heard specific thinks.. It’s hurtful
Zakiyah- say she’s been truthful to Tiffany
Frank rolls in “You OK Tiff.. “
Tiffany- I don’t give a f*** free agent here.. No f***ks
Da;’Vonne we’re comforting her
Frank – doesn’t seem too comforted.
Da’vonne letting her let it out.. It’s been a long 30 days
Tiffany keeps saying she has zero f***s tells them every time she walks into the room people leave (Nicole) “We don’t have to have personal attacks in this game.. That’s not cool… not cool”

Frank says when he walked by it looked like they were ganging up on Tiffany
Da’Vonne – get your life Frank..
Frank – seems like a mean girl sensations going on
Da’Vonne – you’re a dick
Paul cruises by
Da’Vonne – is that what it looks liek to you
Frank – i’m older and wiser than Paul..

Frank leaves.. Tiffany, Paule, Da’Vonne, Zakiyah and Nicole in the Safari room.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-15 03-09-26-191

3:09pm Paule and Nicole listening in

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-15 03-27-35-447

3:27am Michelle and Frank CAm 3-4
Frank says people want him out
Frank – Tiffany came out of the DR crying.. It seems like she’s being shit on by a lot of people.. I don’t like the people talking shit about me to her then they voted her out.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-15 03-34-16-509

3:34am Frank and Bridgette
Frank tells her not to look for drama like he does

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-15 03-40-24-503

3:35am Paulie and Michelle
Michelle about Frank – “He really thinks I got his back
Paulie – He’s just fishing for information..
Michelle says James and Natalie are being sketchy points out they went to bed already
Paulie says Tiffany would be safe this week all she needed to do was stay against Frank
Paulie is going to nominate Tiffany tomorrow and her mind will explode.

Michelle – she needs to go I don’t want her to be safe this week
Paulie – in order for her to stay she has to beat me at a veto competition and i’m going hard..

Paulie says as long as James is with Natalie he can’t trust her
Paulie doesn’t know where Da’s heads at he’s down to keeping it to their 5. (Showmances and Michelle.
Paul wants the boot order to go – Tiffany, Frank , Bridgette, Natalie then Paulie. at that point if James wants to get rid of Da then we’re down to the 6 and 5, “Once we get to 5”
Michelle – do what you need to do
Pauli e- we have to make things smooth these next few weeks.. I never wanted to win certain thing.. You know what I mean.. But once I say Frank was going to win..

They bring up Tiffany lying to them about Vanessa being their sister.
Michelle and apulie agree they love Paul, :”he’s the man.. I would chill with him (outside the house) .. He’s smart and has good morales”
Paulie – I would keep him safe before natalie… and I would keep him safe before DA

Paulie says he wants the 5 of them with James and PAul final 7 because it would be chill and fun
Michelle – James will be so much better with Natalie
Paulie – ya… all our personalities mesh together
Michelle is scared if Bridgette or Natalie make it further than her.
Paulie says Tiffany is acting crazy
Paulie starts talking about his dad always getting the live feeds. Talks goes to “Compassion” and how Natalie has no Compassion when he talks to her so he can’t trust her.
Michelle says there’s no compassion with Natalie
Paulie says he asked Natalie who she would put up and she never answered him “She doesn’t care.. There’s no room for life vests to keep floaters around”
Michele – she’s not a floater .. a buoy.. Just sits theres does nothing.. At least a lifevest floats around a buoy sits there does nothing.. Buoys go home.

Paulie says Nicole forgets conversations she’s just good at “Memory stuff.. “
Paulie now saying when people tell him something he “Locks it in” he may forget it 3 weeks down the road but if they bring it up he’ll be able to recall it. Says Nicole can’t do that.

Paulie – Anything Frank, Tiffany and Bridgette says is bullshit and anything they use is bullshit..
Paulie now saying he’s the one that pulled Paul in now they can trust him.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-15 04-05-46-918

3:54am Safari room Nicole, Da’conne, Zakiyah, Paul, Corey and Nicole
(Bullshitting Tiffany as she cries )

Tiffany – oh my god i’m going to be portrayed as the crazy girl..
Tiffany – can someone cry with me
Nicole – if you tell me what you’re mad about.. I can tell you’re upset with me and it’s bugging me
Tiffany says she feels she’s been played all week.
Nicole – My heart’s going 150 right now I have no Idea what I did to you (Voted her out lied to her)
Tiffany is having trouble explaining…
Nicole – we’re on your team tiffany it’s in our best interest to stay in this game.. He [Frank] got exactly what he wanted
Nicole explains that Frank is trying to cause drama
Tiffany – I’m going up tomorrow.. I’ve come to terms with it.. Everybody played their cards..
Da’Vonne – i’m going to kick franks a$$ that’s for sure.. That I know… that I know…

Everyone places the blame on Frank says he’s starting all this and he’s got to go.
Nicole says Bridgette and frank are laughing in the other room. Zakiyah agrees.
Da’Vonne – She went from a cabbage patch kid to a tickle me Elmo
Tiffany – I need food I need sleep..
Paul – today has been too much
Tiffany – another week on the block good times..

Tiffany says she’s sticking to her guns “No F*** given”
Paul – I like those guns stick to those guns”
Tiffany says it’s nothing specific to Nicole she’s just in defensive mode..
Pual – “4 years NEVER cared” (hahahah)
Da’Vonne and Nicole say Frank is smiling seeing Tiffany cry because he wants to cause Drama
Da’Vonne says what Frank tells Tiffany she needs to take with a grain of salt.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-15 04-07-31-919

Tiffany tells them Frank is only one person he can’t do a hole lot in the game. She questions what benefit is there for him to help her.
Nicole says it’s because in the case she wins HO next week he doesn’t want to be a target. Nicole adds that from Tiffany’s speech it was obvious she’s targeting Frank.
Nicole – I don’t get what Corey and I did to hurt you
Tiffany says Corey and Nicole are on her team they should have at supported her
Corey – aren’t you glad you’re here though.. another week.. does that mean anything

Tiffany laughs.. “oh my god.. what are you saying right now.. am I glad you guys kept me around another week
Corey – well ya .. we’re good team mates.. we helped out (fu)
Tiffany takes this as we kept you safe be happy with that.
They tell her it wasn’t ‘Like that”
Tiffany – so you’re asking me if I’m happy another week.. do you want me to self evict? because if I wasn’t happy I would just self evicted.
Corey – what.. I want to know what did we do

Tiffany – I’ve been a puppet for everybody to use..
Tiffany brings up Nicole going to Frank saying “I’m so annoying I can’t stop crying I’m a cry baby.. all this bullshit.. ”
Nicole denies saying that, “You believe what you want to Tiffany.. do you want to believe Frank”

Nicole says she would never tell Tiffany personal things other people are saying and for Frank to tell Tiffany the personal comments Corey made is dirty.
Da and Zakiyah agree
Nicole – I’m agree.. Corey did not deserve that.. OHH MY GOSH..

Nicole says Frank was kicking her when she was down.. “Hurst me that someone would do that in this world.. I don’t care if you are a stranger or a friend.. it’s not something you do..”
Nicole – I never said anything personal about you I’m not a digger
Nicole says she can’t stand a good person get hurt says Corey is so hurt by this.. “I can’t stand it you are believing things coming out of this… (frank) .. telling you hurtful things.. would you do that to me.. ”
4:11am – Tiffany asks them for alone time..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-15 04-13-24-908

4:14am Bathroom Nicole and Da’Vonne
Sounds like Frank told Tiffany some of the mean (personal) things they’ve been all saying about Tiffany. Nicole doesn’t think that’s nice to tell Tiffany mean things they’ve said.
Nicole – I’m so mad i’m shaking.
Da’Vonne – she just told me she heard Corey say the other night Corey wants me out of this hose..
Nicole – to who he say that to
Da’Vonne – She didn’t say
Nicole – I don’t believe that.. do yo thin Frank told her to say that
Da’Vonne – I dunno, I hope that’s not true and i’m praying if conversations like that happen you tell me
Nicole says it never happened.
Nicole – I don’t know what to do at all
Da’Vonne – Frank is a bad situation
Da’Vonne says Frank is playing dirty she’s not going to go up to the HOH she wants to stay down here to keep an eye on frank .
Da’Vonne – He’s dirty.. he’s dirty… heeeeee’s dirty… he’s dirty (yes that dirty)

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-15 04-41-25-478

4:17am Nicole, Zakiyah, Paulie, Paul, Da’Vonne
Da’Vonne says they have to calm Tiffany down she knows too much and they don’t need her to spill it all.
Zakiyah – he’s the devil.. (Frank)
Da’Vonne – I love her she’s cute but she’s gotta go that’s bad..
Pauli joins them
DA’Vonne says Tiffany is a wreck.

Paul explains
Paul – she went to Frank to throw us under the bus.. Frank fed off that threw us under the bus to her.. Telling her shit about Corey.. Thats why she went crazy.. then when they were consoling her Frank came in here and said.. looks like y’all bullying her we have 3 mean girls and 1 crying..
Paulie – He pretty much set off a bomb and now he’s sleeping like a baby
Da’Vonne – walking around smiling skipping though the house..
Paulie – He literally caused some chaos..
Paulie – we know every move he makes.. We know she’s going to get clipped..
Paul – pots and pans are coming out
They bring up frank saying to Paul he’s been in the house over 100 days including the first season. Frank wanted Paul and everyone to know he had more experience in the game.
Everyone has a good laugh at what Paul told Frank
Paul said – 4 years ago never cared… turned around kept talking..
Paulie – We’re tagging tiffany this week… frank next week if we can’t tag him Bridgette then Natalie..
Paulie says he watched the last season and Tiffany is playing the same as Vanessa..
Paulie – at the end of the day he’s got to beat everyone next week.. And everybody the week after that.. He’s not super human he’s not the person that can win everything…

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-15 05-32-44-449

4:28am everyone in the HOH counting their money, Showmancing, laughing at all the drama and chaos.
Nicole – if she wins Roadkill she’s putting me up
Michelle – she’s going home it doesn’t matter..
Paulie reminds them all it was Frank that started all this he’s the one to blame.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-15 05-36-23-508

4:30am cam 3-4 Paul and Frank
Trying to figure out where the votes were
Paul – theres two.. there’s two ofdd man out.. 1 odd man out..
Frank – why would that 1 man lie to me.. theres something bigger going on we’ll figure it out

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-15 05-39-25-978

4:28am Tiffany and Da’Vonne
Tiffany saying it was so obvious that last night it was a last minute decision they were going to keep her.
Tiffany – it was 100% last minute decision
Tiffany says they were all talking about seeing the look on franks face..
Da’Vonne says the alliance are the 2 showmances..

Tiffany says they need to work with Frank to get Corey out. DA’Vonne says she cannot trust Frank.

Da’Vonne – You can’t let the game stress you out like that..
Da’Vonne says Coreyu is pissed off
Tiffany – I don’t care.. I Don’t I already know I’m going up it doesn’t matter. I wish I had more fight in me.. it’s not fair I’ve been put on the block for all these f***g weeks

Da’Vonne says Tiffany is on the block because of Frank getting mad at her after their fight.
Da’Vonne says 100% this week Tiffany was supposed to go home.
Da’Vonne – Me and Michelle we cried, we cried, and we prayed that we could get those damn girls to flip their votes.. Frank wanted you out and he told everyone I wanted her out and everyone was going to vote you out.
DA’Vonne adds it was only James, herself and Michelle that wanted to keep Tiffany.

Da’Vonne – we cried and we cried.. how can we flip these votes.. and finally we were able to flip them
Tiffany asks how they flipped it..
Da’Vonne says Michele planted a seed that Bronte was going after Paulie, “that’s all it took.. that fast..”

Da says she was worried Tiffany was going to call out the Fatal 5
Tiffany – that doesn’t even exist.

Tiffany wants them to team up with Frank to get Corey out.
Da’Vonne wants Frank out, “I don’t trust him”
Tiffany – I don’t either.. but we can use him to get those f***rs out of here
Da’Vonne can’t trust Frank at all..
Tiffany thinks this could be useful.. She wants to use Frank to take out the showmances.

Da’Vonne says if they can get Corey up with Roadkill she’ll vote him out.
Da’Vonne tells her to bring the idea up with Frank but don’t tell him her name because he’ll use that run to the other side and Da’Vonne can’t keep up the charade.

Da’Vonne – I don’t want Frank in this house…
Tiffany “Nicole’s more of a threat than Corey.. can you tell no f** given.. ”
Da’Vonne – no one is going to vote out Nicole.. you need to turn that sh1t down”

Tiffany – I don’t think she trusts yo .. Nicole.. you’re definenlty on their radar
Da’Vonne – I knew that
Tiffany – I like Zakiyah.. but she’s fake.. a snake in the grass.. that whole thing with her curling my hair this morning.. .. c’mon..

Tiffany – you got to stop playing both sides Da
Da’Vonne – it’s sketchy telling you sh1t

Tiffany – PAulie’s so fake..
Da’Vonne says she’s onboard with getting Corey’s a$$ out.
Da’Vonne- You’re a smart girl.. be careful with Frank

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Everyone stayed away from Tiff because they thought she was unreliable. Now here she is proving them right. This girl cannot have a moment without a major meltdown. It must be exhausting being a round her.


To be fair, I think most people would be upset after Frank told them all the mean things said about them by people that were supposedly your friends.


I think it’s amusing that fans get so caught up in the game, picking favorites, they can’t empathize. Tiffany is emotional, unstable….so you either cut her at 1st chance or you have to manage her closely.

Tiffany was the 1st to see Frank as a threat, a position everybody now shares….and everybody was fine using her as a shield. They literally made ZERO attempt to hide this. It’s absolutely transparent to Tiffany and the feeble attempts to explain above only confirms it. They used her 1st to sacrifice to placate Frank, then to save to go after Frank….and because they left her twisting in the wind until 2am last night, she saw her speech as “I’m screwed anyway and apparently my only hope is to show I’ll remain as a shield from Frank since just one vote flipped during the day and I’m gone”….and they got mad at her for it, acted like they didn’t even know her. Again, more confirmation she’s not been clued in, so whatever she does is wrong.

Game or no game, if I’m in a setting where I know my allies aren’t allies and everything that’s real happens when I’m not in the room, then my best ally is the only honest person…the one we agreed as not being friends. They targeted each other, openly, everybody else hides. They all drove her to Frank….and she STILL gave them the chance to reel her back in, but instead they lied badly, acted like they were the injured party, or just laughed at her….and these are the fan favorites on this site….

Tiffany the Female Chauvinist

This break down is completely different than Van. I actually feel sorry for Tiff, I saw the break down coming on the feeds. All the seasons I have watched, this is first time I actually felt sorry for someone. Most the time I am like this is a game…quite crying. These girls are mean girls.


Couldn’t agree more. 99% of the time crying drives me up a wall….but on this one I take no issue. I’m not above using somebody like this if I were in the game, but gameplay and humanity would force me to ensure she never knows until after the show, after we’re out of the fish bowl prison of that house. And I’d be planning my explanation at the wrap party because even though it’s a game, we’re still people.

She’s been treated far worse than “it’s just a game” and these people are more concerned with plotting their between votes cast celebrations for the cameras than they are playing the game well

Tiny trump hands

When Paul cried everyone thought it was adorable and raced to comfort him, and nobody called him unstable.


I’m glad to see that there are compassion people here who are not all trashing her. BB chooses a mix of people knowing full well that some of them are inclined to be overwhelmed with emotion, and that the group mentality is to shun those people and blame them for their plight. It’s an exploitation of the mental health stigma of our society. Yes, she is an emotional person. But she’s also responding appropriately in some ways to the ostracizing. She first became emotional b/c she wasn’t certain if she was truly a pawn rather than a target. That’s a very common scenario, and likely her instincts were kicking in b/c in reality, no one ever truly had her back. So yes, she has a harder time than the average person in reigning in the anxiety and stress response. But the emotions she’s experiencing are very appropriate human responses to the awful nature of people that this game brings out. Da and Z laughing in the face of a deeply upset person? I like Da, but that’s just cold and only validates exactly what Tiff is feeling. Nat was kinder, seeming to feel concern and reaching out sincerely to offer some companionship, as well as perspective that it’s only a game. Meanwhile the other HGs are saying that Nat has no compassion. The house brings out the worst in most people. I’d say that the viciousness of the HGs is the real flaw, rather than Tiff’s emotional problems. Not to mention that emotional problems are not character flaws, they are a recognized medical condition.


I admit I wanted the chaos and fall out that I knew would occur with the house flipping and keeping Tiffany. After all it’s just a TV show purely for entertainment – right? I really do feel bad now because these are real people with emotions (some more unbalanced than others) and some people who will do anything for gamessake. Especially preying on someone’s emotions to make the situation worse. I love reading these great blow-by-blows but I’m feeling really shitty enjoying it and hating the emotional upheaval it’s causing.


To be fair, if you are trust worthy; if you truly are a vault and you just gave that speech then you are not in the room having this conversation with your target.
(Claiming you are alone… Hello, 5 people voted to keep you. It doesn’t matter why… for what ever reason their interests are aligned with yours so you should be building on that going forward. Make the best with what you’ve got. This is how you create chances to win the game).
Going off on people because you take everything personally proves your game play is a big threat to everyone.
Sure hearing (the truth) from Frank about what people said to him about her has the potential to be very upsetting but you never should have heard it. The fact that you are in that room, having that conversation after giving that speech proves your emotions overrule everything else = you cannot be trusted to protect your game or the games of people working with you.


But you’re pretending Tiffany or anybody would see anything other than a continuation of the status quo, where she has to win or every week is a whim if she stays. You’re describing Paul’s spot, which is be a sycophant, rat everything, and hope for an opening….but he is in the loop, knows he’s not a target. Tiffany isn’t in that spot. She’s not a pawn, she’s a human shield.

You can disregard her because her logic is expressed with emotion….but the logic is firm. She has no allies and the only honest person she sees is the guy that targeted her. Her best bet after Victor has always been to blow up the house. Because her spot can’t get any worse. She’s always next to go in the status quo, but a re-shuffled house could make other targets rise in priority.


The game is not static. If you are on the outs but are being saved for a specific reason then you exploit that reason while looking for cracks in the status quo while being solid, reliable and consistent you bring information to your allies and strengthen their game. Your best chance is to fall off the radar. Say what you will about Paul’s position but he could very well be underestimated and a real threat to win if he emerges as a comp beast because now he is considered a solid and reliable vote to help get rid of the so called big targets. Not standing for something often appears as though you stand for nothing. Regardless of how the fake allies are acting / treating Tiffany, how is it a safe or even her best bet to switch up again?


All due respect but you’ve created a fantasy of how the game works. This deep in, Tiffany has no openings and is completely not included in conversations. So she can be treated like a pariah and hope to make jury or let out the truth, shift the social dynamic, and either her lot improves or she goes home. She doesn’t want to spend the next few weeks isolated, hoping somebody on the outs in her fake group decides she can be used again before she’s the sacrificial lamb.

You’re either a subscriber to the “just make jury” strategy or you’re blinded by your desire for Tiffany to play her part for whomever you’re rooting for….which would seem to be anybody but Frank, since you’ve done all this mental jiu jutsu just to make it seem anybody who does anything that could possibly help him is ALWAYS the wrong move.

Tiffany the Female Chauvinist

That last paragraph is perfect!

Describes many in the comments section.


You said she (Tiffany) should hold firm and bring information to her allies to strengthen their game. What allies are you talking about? Tiffany has no allies. She never did. I thought in this last week that DaVonne and Michelle might be allies but they had no problem selling her out in a heartbeat, even blaming her for the vote flip. Last I knew the people on the block don’t get a vote, maybe they changed the rules when I wasn’t looking. If she chooses to try and work with one or more of them in the very slight chance that she stays, they might be able to rebuild but will probably never trust each other completely. If she chooses to throw everyone under the bus as a game strategy or even as a little personal payback she has every right to do so. She owes them nothing. Why strengthen someone else’s game when they are plotting your demise? The closest Tiffany has come to actually having an ally was last night and that ally was Frank. Is that a team I’m rooting for? Not necessarily but, if the two of them managed to turn this mess around to their benefit I would at least give them credit for good game play.


There’s a reason no one in the house has picked her up in a real alliance. If she were in any way loyal or knew how to socialize just a bit, people would jump at the chance to have her in the group. That is because in BB votes mean everything and one extra vote is extremely important. It goes to show what a shockingly bad player she is that all 12 or so people don’t want her.

Tiffany the Female Chauvinist

Cindy, if you have the feeds go back and watch exactly how this happened. Tiff broke down to Nat first, to be honest as a girl it was warranted. Tiff already knew everyone hated her. She got Frank, they used each other to figure out what exactly was going on. Frank was still in the dark. Frank and Tiff still don’t know exactly what is going on, how deep everyone was talking crap about them both.

Tiffany the Female Chauvinist

I am not a Tiff fan. But to fair, she was used like a piece of meat. The only reason they kept her was to spite Frank. They gave her hope that she was in a group last night, hence her speech last night. She would have never said that otherwise. This break down is different from Vanessa, Tiff legitimately is getting treated like crap. She looked like a stray puppy last night, walking around the house, what ever room she went into everyone left. I saw the break down happening before it did. Da is the ring leader behind all this, she really is a classless b*tch. I don’t care who wins this season as long as it isn’t her, she can go back to her sh*t life being a card dealer.


Davonne is nothing more than a Go Fish dealer at a Fischer Price casino. She is one of the most overrated BB players I have seen to get so much air time. I cant believe they couldn’t find another returnee besides her(& throw in the whiner Nicole as well, nothing more than a coattail rider). The one I find foolish right now is James. He should know that Day is waste to work w/ or side with. His best bet is to round Natalie up & talk to Frank, Bridgette & Tiff & try to flip on Paulie, Day & the rest of Catty 4. Paulie doing a lot of work to protect those girls when they couldn’t buy a comp win to help him out if they had Bill Gates money.


What is she suppose do do now idiot your a fool sunshine


Yeah that’s right. Shun someone because you think they might behave badly then congratulate yourself for being right because you shunned them. Brilliant. They are paying for their poor gameplay here. You want to use someone as a missile you’d better be ready for the blowback and they find out they were just a missile.


The house is a pressure cooker. Tiffany was excluded almost from the get go with little real reason other than she’s Vanessa’s sister and she cried early. The she, unfortunately. began exhibiting some of Vanessa’s peculiar traits and she was isolated. No one tells her anything, people leave when she comes in, many times they don’t even offer the obligatory, I got your back! or I can see us working together later…

3-4 weeks of no meaningful interaction will drive anyone over the edge. The Nazi’s did an experiment in WWII, the had prisoners move a large pile of dirt across the yard one day, the next they moved it back, after 2 weeks some of the prisoners ran into the fences until they were shot. An extreme example but the psychology fits, she sees no purpose in her big brother life…


Do these people expect that they can treat someone the way they have treated Tiffany these last 2 weeks, and her remain loyal and not blow up their games? Are they that gullible? She is not stupid, but has appeared naïve only because she didn’t know what was going on. They have lied to her and about her since finding out who her sister was. Paulie has been like a dog with a bone and hammered on her leaving to everyone. She didn’t talk about other people or spread any rumours to be treated the way she has. I actually hope she gets evicted. She doesn’t deserve the treatment she has been, and is getting in this house. They all, with the exception of Natalie have been just horrible. Even her speech to Frank was orchestrated by Paulie and Corey.


I’ll agree with you on the point that Paulie and Corey are douchebags.


Am I the only one that thinks Corey is a little bit on the gay side?


Im gay and have a good gaydar…Corey is Gay


Big Brother only allows one gay guy on the show each season so Corey’s not gay…he just appreciates the male form…and…well…really into bromances…and may be willing to bat from either side of the plate.


In the first episode he pointed out that Victor was hot, and he made the Fruedian slip about a guy sleeping with 10 GUYS to Nicole…. Personally, I speculate that his 9 year relationship ended because he wasn’t sure he wanted to be with women anymore!


They’re very mean to her 🙁

Tiffany the Female Chauvinist

Yes and it is deeper than the usual BB catty fighting.


“Paul wants the boot order to go – Tiffany, Frank , Bridgette, Natalie then Paul”

That crazy Paul!


Tiffany is going to flood this damn house with tears! This bitch needs to stop, we do not need Noah’s Ark 2.0 and we don’t need another Vanessa for a 2nd straight season. CHILL TF OUT GURL!


OK, now I see why ppl call her “Tiffanessa”, she trying to whine to get further in the game just like her sistser Vanessa did. It’s possible that she planned to play that card when her back was against the wall, but that won’t work twice.


Vanessa’s freak outs were an attempt to keep people off balance without any real source to her freak out. Tiffany has a source and no one is sympathizing with her at all and it just further alienates her from the group. It’s not a game move and the stress is really getting to her.


Tiff’s 9 Lives are just about over, after her meltdown tonight, no one can trust her. She wants to go over to the dark side. Fine but I can’t see her lasting in the house much longer. Just like her sister Vanessa she is mentally exhausting with little entertainment value. Her small clad of fans on twitter may disagree but warching her mini breakdown tonight gave me PTSD!!!


What has Bridgeti said about Brontes eviction?


It’s hard to say anything with your lips pressed firmly to Frank’s ass.

Min O'Pause



Paulie’s obsession with Vanessa is starting to become creepy. Also, according to his logic, (ie-Tiffany IS Vanessa) that would make him Cody. Then it would only make sense that he should be considered the biggest threat in the house, since Cody made F2 and Vanessa got evicted before that. It would also follow then, that Cody,….er, I mean, Paulie should remember that Cody didn’t win. So Paulie, according to his own logic, that a sibling is an exact duplicate of their sibling, should be prepared for second place-always a bridesmaid, never a bride.

One other thing-Paul, I was really starting to like the guy but he is kind of an asshat. Lying, for no other reason than to pile on to the trash heap that Tiffany was already buried under, just so he could feel like part of the cool kids club made him look sad and pathetic. He thinks that since they invited him to sit at their lunch table that makes him part of the group. He is not, nor will he ever be, part of the inner circle. It’s sad that it is so obvious to everyone but him. As an outsider I was pulling for him, as a follower I don’t, as Tiff would say, have any f**ks to give about what happens to him. He should never have spoken out so much against bullying if he was going to turn around and join the bullies only caring that the target wasn’t on his back.


All right Vanessa, we know that this is you


What do you guys mean? If someone treated me the way they have Tiffany in a house where you have no one id probably get a mental breakdown. And the girl is upset and Da and Z are laughing. Of course she should blow up their games. What else does she have left? They’ve all been snaked but shunned her out and basically told her they were going to blindside her but decided to save her last minute to piss of Frank. Not cause they liked her but to use her. I mean what loyalty should she show. To top it all of, they “comfort” her and then talk shit behind her back knowing she’s right to be upset about all the awful things that have been said about her. You don’t have to be a Rousso to have that kind of a breakdown.


She signed up for a game where people lie to you. She knew that better than most.


It’s big brother. Everyone lies and gets lied to. There’s a difference between a lie regarding game play and what’s happening to Tiffany.


I’m sorry but I really don’t see how what is happening to Tiffany is any different then what happens to at least one house guest in almost every season. It was done to Jeff in Season 11, it was done to Rachel in season 12, it was done to Candice in season 15… just to name a few. I however have never seen anyone lose their shit like Tiffany. I think this game really might be a little to much for her to handle. I saw this coming though a mile away. I do wish she would grow tougher skin and use the hurt and anger to move forward in this game. At this point she has nothing to lose. Her mistake was having an all out breakdown (very publicly) she should have just did it in private and then used all the shit she has on people to make a few significant moves in the house. Now she has alerted everyone to the fact that she completely rogue and it just opens her up as fair game, easy pray to people like Frank and Bridgette who will do exactly what Da, Nicole and the rest of them were doing which was using her. And it paints and even bigger target on her back with the other side of the house. (Paulie, Cory, Michelle, etc.)


regardless of it being a game…no one should be shunned…and Michelle wanting them all to shun Tiffany this week pisses me off. Hope she ends up getting shunned when her time on the block comes up and see how she likes it. Karma isn’t the only bitch…


The ugly is starting to show in some of these players. Michelle is near the top of the list of ugly.


It honestly didn’t just start.


Michelle’s ugliness started at her entry video. I don’t remember her exact words. But she basically said. She doesn’t like overweight people. Then she got in the house and noticed she was the bigger girl in the house. (not calling her overweight just everyone else are twigs).


Reading Michelle is easy….She DESPERATELY wanted Bridgette’s spot, sitting at Frank’s feet and EVERYTHING she does is straight out of the “woman scorned” playbook. She didn’t drive the keep Tiffany movement to help her own game (why’s she shunning her now, rather than comforting and calming her) or her allies. It was all about Frank and sticking it to him….and if he was really the evil, dirty, lying, thieving guy people here say, he just turns on the charm and she will do what he wants. But Frank saw her “psychology” is both a liability and an annoyance.

I’d bet sometime this weekend people will see Michelle (Paulie already does) and they’ll start offering her up as the new sacrificial lamb to Frank, knowing with her obsession, she’ll be dogged in seeking revenge, never once considering winning the game.


Self-righteous indignation, prolific denials = I am lying to your face and selling it hard… but I am not smart enough to know that, in acting this way, I am broadcasting my guilt… (hopefully you are more of an idiot than I am and actually buy my bs).

Speaking of not smart enough… Nicole defended how unfair it is to poor Corey (not being sympathetic to Tiffany – just challenging her to prove they screwed her and if she can’t then Frank must be the liar… bad, bad Frank how could he tell Tiffany what Corey said about his personal feelings about Tiffany) not that Frank lied; or made it up… but that Frank told her Corey’s thinks of her.

Nicole is going to have a melt down worrying about all the crap she has been pulling coming back on her. There is a lot of time before the next eviction and little Nicky is going to crack and blow up her own game. No way she contains her worry and guilt!


Nicole is, was and always will be a fruit loop dingus.

She is a terrible player by any and every measurable metric. She is COMPLETELY self-involved. She will eventually (in the not too distant future) blow up both her and Corey’s game. Any other competitors getting too close, risk having their games blown up as well.

Align with Nicole at your own risk. She is a better enemy than ally!


In the beginning I hated a majority of the cast (Paul, Tiffany, Da, Frank, Victor, etc), and actually wished more characters such as Natalie,Nicole, Michelle and Paulie were cast this season. However, Its strange now. Natalie is boring as hell (game play wise). Nicole is clingy to Corey, And Zakiyah is connected with Paulie. It’s seems for some reason Big Brother is turning into the dating show.

Have they all forgotten that it’s only one winner?

Anyways, I hope Nicole, Corey, Zakiyah, Paulie. Natalie, James, go home in this order. Lets all be honest, even if you are a fan of any of the above cast you know neither are really playing the game to win. Example (Natalie) ” I just want to be in the Jury”……” I am in love with James”…. etc

Anyways, what do you guys think?

Big Jim

Sounds good to me


For me, I found Michelle nice at the start but not a fan of her now. Maybe that’s because she’s leading the charge against my boy.

But Paul surprised me. I thought he was a 100% douche in the first couple of weeks. Now I kind of understand his personality more and don’t mind him so much. At the start he seemed to dominate conversations and was fairly self centered. He still does that in my opinion but it kind of makes more sense personality-wise.

I think Paulie has an excellent social game and will almost definitely be a returning player. I am rooting for Frank but he has played way too hard and talks game non-stop.


@LegendLength I totally agree with you. I hated Paul in the beginning, and didn’t mind Paulie. However, I don’t mind Paul that much anymore, I just hope he makes some good moves, instead of dick riding other cast.


I see your points, but if I was in there I think I’d be happy just not being first out. Jury would thrill me.


I really hope they break up the teams this week. I’m sick of them. Let them play on their own.


Oh I agree. It’s a horrible twist. The HoH should be the only person with safety. There’s already PoV for the rest.


To make the whole team thing worse, the competitions have turned into solo comps but the results are given to the entire team.
Production tweaking the twist in response to the HGs throwing the comp and pulling down the entire team but not abandoning a poorly thought out twist entirely.
The team concept cannot end soon enough.


The comp where they had to get the balls in the racks would make sense to protect the whole team because it took the whole team. The problem is similar to the botb, where the house guests essentially defeated the purpose by just having one guy throw it. It seems they tried to remove that possibility but then made the team thing just obnoxious.


Tiffany is making her game worse but what else is she supposed to do Frank is her only hope because 4 people are safe and Paulies not going to put up his own alliance they had to turn on her….I think Frank would work with her but if he wins veto no way he’s using it on her too risky to piss everyone off…he’s going to lay low this week I guentee it Frank cares about Frank!


I agree. I think she senses the main group are feeding her BS, especially the conversations that just happened late tonight. They were trying to hard to blame everything on Frank and convince her they love her. But Tiffany knows that if they were really on her side they would’ve included her in strategy meetings etc..

One thing i found slightly amusing: A couple of nights ago Corey was talking with Nicole and Paulie outside. He kept saying how grateful Tiffany was going to be that they saved her. But of course anyone who’s watched BB before knows that never happens. You can save someone in week 3 but in week 5 they are gunning for you. Love him or hate him, Corey is pretty naive. The other players should try to take advantage of that actually.

Min O'Pause

Corey is a psychopathic animal torturer. Frank should aim his ass in Corey’s direction, spread his cheeks wide and light up a long juicy one with a bic lighter. Karma, baby.


Agree. Look at what has happened to the folks who saved her this time. Talk about buyers remorse. Even if their callous treatment caused this F-bomb filled meltdown no one with any sense would want to align with that emotional mess. Best for all concerned to sort out fact from fiction move on and get her the hell out.


Yes they made a mistake saving Tiffany. How stupid can you possibly be? You wanted to backdoor Frank without him knowing and yet you wanted to keep Tiffany. This cast has gotten even more stupid.

I cant wait for the nomination ceremony, when shit truly hits the fan. How are Nicole, Da, Paulie, Zakiyah back peddling once Tiffany is nominated? ‘Oh we love you Tiffany please don’t cry….but you need to leave this house and oh yeah don’t trust Frank’.

If they are smart they would backdoor Tiffany. Firstly because it make her believe that she is safe and that maybe she is included into an alliance. And mostly because they can either put her up on Roadkill and claim it is Frank, or after Veto Ceremony.

At the end of the day if Tiffany saves her ass this week, a lot more people are going to be in trouble, and a lot more people will be snitching. I personally hope she saves her ass. I don’t like Tiffany and hated Vanessa but I wanna see shit hit the fan.

Do you guys want Tiffany to stay or leave?


Of course they made a mistake saving Tiffany, what do you expect from a bunch of nitwits that together may have two functioning brain cells!

If one really wanted to get Frank out, they should have followed the original “Frank plan” and evict Tiffany. Then neither Paulie or Michelle should have even competed to win the HOH. In that case, Nicole wins HOH (based on last night’s pathetic “performance” by the geniuses).

Then let Frank help pick a strategy for the week and actually use his two preferred nominations. Set him up, make him feel comfortable, hope he doesn’t get to play in the VETO and then backdoor his ass. Almost the ENTIRE house would have been down with this simple plan.

But the mental midgets couldn’t keep their egos in check.

Da’Vonne can’t separate the personal from the game. Sure what Frank did to her was inappropriate! Sure she should have told him about it and made him stop. Absolutely she doesn’t have to like him going forward. But use your head girl! Use him as a meat shield, buddy up close to him and when the time is right, four or five evictions from mow, THEN stab him in the back! Revenge is a dish best served cold.

Paulie (who has played a decent game to this point) can’t keep his competitive nature in check. Why in the world, when the number one target is Frank, would you want to even play for the HOH? If you win, you keep your target safe! Did you even try to throw the comp? Is your ego that large?

Nicole and her puppy Corey are on the verge of self-immolation. Nicole is not very bright, she is a bad strategist and a terrible liar! She is way too self-involved and she also can’t separate the personal from the game. And Corey, boy genius, is following her lead. LOL!

James thinks he’s at summer camp. The rubber duck is more likely to offer up coherent and effective game strategy.

And last but not least, “sweet” little Michelle. She’s is looking to recapture all of the charm, poise and personality that made America fall in love with Christine two seasons ago.


What the hell are you talking about? Everybody’s already pissed off at Frank and he knows it. Why wouldn’t he keep somebody that’ll work with him? lol


Frank needs numbers. He KNOWS he’s in a predicament. It would not surprise me at all if he won veto then pulled Tiffany down. Not one bit. He’s definitely not scared, and knows they are all coming after him. I don’t think he’ll hesitate at all to cross them after what all just happened.

Joe Kerr

Michelle is f’ing terrible. She is the worst. She orchestrated the “keep tiff” campaign. Talking about floaters like she’s some great player. She made one “shake up” move and it blew up in her (as well as everyone else’s) face.

I don’t like Tiffany, but I’m damn glad she blew everyone up. In the words of John Lennon: Instant Karma’s gonna get you…


I kind of laughed when she mentioned Natalie being a big floated. She needs to look in the mirror. She pretty much Da and Zakiyah puppet/rat.


She has big floaties.

So Sad

Michelle is a turd.
Nicole is the worst.

Save Nat.


Lol at DaVonne talking about Bridgette: “She went from a Cabbage Patch Kid to a Tickle Me Elmo”


Yep nothing like a good midget joke.


This is HYSTERICAL! I love seeing Tiffanessa losing her shit. It makes me laugh too. And I couldn’t stand Da last season but she is killing it right now. I mean, come on….who wouldn’t laugh at Tiffanessa’s melt down? The fact that she is blowing up everyone’s game is trifling and I love it. I will stand by Nicole to the end because she acts like such a ditz but yet she’s pretty smart. Corey is gay and needs to come out and Paulie…well, I don’t like that mo fo. However, I will say and most of you will agree with me that as much as it’s annoying, this season is much better than last year! I love all the drama and flipping the script…it’s why we watch Big Brother! I was worried that it would be another everyone voting with everyone else year.

The Long Term

These long term games are sooooo terrible. Honestly these people are just handing the final four to the showmance. Literally everyone is so obsessed with getting Tiff and Frank out, that they failing to see what happens after the fact. If Day and James had any long term sense they would squash what ever issue they had with Frank and team up, to get the showmances out. But I can see where Da comes from not wanted to trust Frank to run his mouth to others. James is just doing not playing smart at all, he needs to protect Natalie and is doing a terrible job of it. Frank, James, and Da’s days are about number, everyone just wanting to make it to Jury… Terrible game plays all round.


I would consider Frank being in a showmance…


With his left hand or his right?


This season has more snitches and rats than the movie the Departed!

Min O'Pause

I think if Tiffany could keep it together she could be a major shit stirrer in this game and I could root for her. Makes the game way more entertaining.


Tiffanessa is smart, but she doesn’t have game smarts. I’ve heard her complaining that nobody comes to her with any game talk and that they avoid her. THIS IS A PROACTIVE GAME! She needs to get off her lazy ass and stop hiding behind those sunglasses and Audrey blankets, circulate and dictate the game. Of course that will never happen and Tiffanessa will continue to be the same paranoid, crying, sniveling piece of shite. Jozea had more game play in him.


I know Frank has said and done some things that set people off but I still prefer him over the majority of the other house guests. How did the others expect Frank to react to them jumping ship with their votes? Did they really think he wasn’t going to get pissed and tell Tiffany every bit of smack that was said about her? Hell, I would tell her everything too. He has to rebuild an alliance and she can be a part of it. You can have game play without slicing a dicing every aspect of a person verbally. I would love to see Frank upset the apple cart for those that flipped. On another note, wth is wrong with these people that they think everything going on between James and Natalie is fake? Is it because they all know that what they have going on in the house is? I don’t think James will tank his game for her but I don’t think he is going to let them evict her without making an effort to see her stay. He should think about talking with Frank, Dora the Explorer, and Tiffany. IMHO, I can’t stand Paulie and his HOH big head, Corey is a tool, Nicole is once again more worried about a guy in the house than the game itself. Mama Da is so tickled she has Zak as a gf in the house and is focused on not playing the way she did last season that she is missing the boat on some things. Paul is…well he is of no consequence. He reminds me of the old cartoon with the little Chihuahua bouncing around the the big bulldog. Zak is mean girl that will hang on Paulie till drops her like a hot potato and will then turn complete whackadoo. Tiff is not her sister and I didn’t expect her to be. Bridge…not expecting much there. Natalie, well I think she is just trying to enjoy her time in the house. I think Frank wants to win it and has made some stupid moves and I am not sure he can recover. James…I just like James. He is someone I think I could be friends with.

Honestly Kinda Team Frank

I loved Frank before this season for being the lone hero knight against a house of wicked people. Then it was exposed how much of an asshole he was with his smacks on the butt and other things so I hated him. Now I love him again just because he really knows how to keep “the house” on its toes. A big alliance guiding the house every week getting what they want is boring, and I’m glad to see Frank and Tiffany now working together to make something fun happen. Frank’s competitive prowess and his knack for causing drama by telling the truth or lies just makes Big Brother so much more enjoyable. He’s kind of like the return of the evil manipulator niche that used to be more common. Funny how I loved him for being the “good guy” and now I love him for being the villain.

Min O'Pause

I’m thinking a Frankiffany team could really explode this house and get rid of this ” herd immunity” method of play. Two wolves among the sheeple. The more I consider it the more I’m liking it.


Teams keep too many people safe and that creates the nastiness. Can’t wait until Cabbage patch playing without safety. And Frank. The entire game will flip with Frank trying hard to cover his ass for all his decision making and meanness. I have never seen a bigger, dumber p@ssy than Paulie. Obsessed with Tiffany playing like Vanessa. So far the only thing she has done the same is cry. She isn’t as competitive. Nor as manipulative or scheming. She went along with everything her “alliance” has decided. I don’t know if she should still be there other than they always keep the weak players they think they can beat..


Agree about Paulie. I wouldn’t b surprised to find hm, at some point, sitting there, sharpening wooden stakes and stating, with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY, that she is a Vampire and he wants to take her out. If he says it about 10-15 times each day, we may actually have a staking! His manner of trashing people bothers me.


Da and Frank were bound to clash. They both think they know best and they both want/need to run the show. I think Frank fired the first shot when he thumped Da’s behind. It was his male chauvinist pig way of trying to let her know that a man should be the leader and that as a woman she should know her place. Of course Da responded to that with a hell to the NO He Didn’t! And it has been on ever since. I don’t blame her I would too but it is a shame that Frank has derailed Da’s game more than any of the other females. Da I admire as a strong woman and Bridgette makes me sad :(.


Frank didn’t derail Da’s game, she did that all by herself!

Why not outwardly except Frank’s apology, get in good with him, use him as an attack dog and meat shield and then, when the time is right (five or six evictions from now) if Frank is still in the house, stick the shiv into his back.

Remember, revenge is a dish best served cold.


Michelle looks like 160 pounds of cottage cheese stuffed in a burlap sack and beat bloody with a pipe wrench. That scallywag ought to be chained to a radiator and punched in the mouth daily with a roll of quarters.


WTF?! Someone missed their anger management group.

Min O'Pause

Been out to sea a little bit too long there sailor?


I’m just trying to figure out how one beats cottage cheese bloody.


Ummm…with a pipe wrench. Reading comprehension.


She’s fugly!

Paulie is a b*tch

Ok deep breaths people…

This is good. You see what Paulie’s whole game is. He sat with Cody and Derrick and tried to learn from them how to become Derrick. Of the two he chose to be Derrick over his pussy brother who rode on Derricks back like the pussy he is to F2.

Paulie thinks that Tiff sat with Vanessa trying to learn her game. No Paulie she isn’t you and trying to be someone else. And by the way you are playing a shitty Derrick. You think Corey or Paul are going to be your Cody and F2?Haha. Good luck bitch.

Tiff is right on and has wanted to bust up the fake “showmances” Corey Nicole Zak and Paulie are all snakes and Tiff knows it. She isn’t going to fully team with Frank but he is useful in taking down the 4 Snakes

Day knows Tiff has been honest and knows she herself hasn’t and that Tiff can expose her. She wants to keep Tiff close but yet target her with the 4 Snakes. Day needs to pick a core and stick with it. Either roll with Tiff or the four snakes. You can’t win doing both

Tiff is actually in a decent spot. Alone but smart enough to use people from diff groups. Michelle still can be used by Tiff. Michelle plays to whatever room she is in. If she is with Paulie she will say she hates Vanessa and Tiff. Thats what he wants to hear If she with Day and Zak. “Frank is the devil” If she is with Tiff “I know they all are liars I feel lied to too”

Michelle rides all fences but I truly feel she feels the closest to Tiff on a trust level. Michelle is smarter than you think. Js.

Sorry went long.

It’s getting good!

Butters Mom

Michelle is insecure and unstable… Tiffany is insecure and unstable… this must be where you are seeing them as a good match to work together. They are both emotionally unstable and neither will win.


Michelle should have splinters in her @$$ from riding the fence.


I like the alience tiffiny frank bridget to come together that will be good
I hope tiffiny or frank wins pov in roadkill
day did started all this she did
in frank now knows Nicole lie to him this is what I wanted the beast is coming out
in if tiffiny stays they think she going to put up frank but she not she going in a deferent way
like I said before I belive pual puile corey will be going before frank


Ok so Frank did enough to earn the ire and target but now that he is being used as the easy scapegoat for all these people to hide their own decisions and actions.

You may be mad Nicole but mostly you are terrified. Terrified at the possibility people will hear what you have said about them; that everyone will know the truth about you and your manufactured nice girl image will be shattered. There are so many examples of Da’Vonne, Corey, Paul, Michelle, Zakiyah, Bridgette, Bronte etc projecting onto others the descriptions that best describe themselves but this is going to be long enough as it is.

I prefer an honest, in your face, obnoxious, misogynistic @$$ to the pathetic, frightened, whiny, back stabbing, game denying, blame avoiding pieces of s… that are so many of the others. To quote Da’Vonne: Frank is a dick… but at least he isn’t pretending to be something he is not (true he is not very self-aware / deluded but he believes his sh1t). He owns it even if he does not apologize or see anything wrong with what he says or does.

There are so many options available to each HG in all these situations. The choices they make; the actions they take are not the product of a constructed game plan / role play… their spontaneous emotional reactions reveal the honesty beneath… for all that is despicable about Frank the ones that pretend to be better people than him (the ones lying to themselves and everyone else) are far worse… as they deny the things they say and do.


I don’t know why you people all like Day/Z/Michelle. The girls are haters. I know Tiffany is a psycho, but to just laugh straight in their face while she’s crying, that’s just the sign of a mean person.


I hate saying “I told you so!”, but… I told you so.
It was stupid to keep Tiffany. I mean Vanessa 2.0.

Here’s what I wrote would happen 2 days ago:
Frenchie says:
“July 13, 2016 at 6:53 am
Regardless of “who’s more annoying to live with”, I agree with Paulie: Vanessa is a way bigger threat.
Bronte might go against him / them if she wins HOH, but she said to several people that she doesn’t want to win HOH. Plus, she’s not that good at comps – despite telling everybody that she’s a physical threat. And giggling with the powerpuff girls about fooling the rest of the house – sorry, you might act EVEN MORE dumb and useless than you really are, but that doesn’t change the fact that you are very dumb and useless to begin with!

Vanessa might “officially” be on “their side” as of right now (until thursday after the eviction, then all bets are off!), but she’s made deals with the powerpuff girls, has said she’d go after Paulie, and would certainly spill the beans to Frank to try and make a “they’d never expect us working together!”-deal.
In this game, what’s the use of having an “ALLY” if that ally makes you feel miserable and scared of getting stabbed in the back all the time? Whether Tiffany makes them feel that way on purpose or not (to squeeze more info out of them through fear), that’s how she makes them all feel.
At a time when Paulie really was on her side, she’d still question him all the time, tell him she feels he doesn’t trust her, etc. He’d comfort her, be there for her, tell her info, and she’d still not tell him about the 8pack or the fatal5. Still, after Frank had told Paulie about the 8pack, she told Paulie that SHE felt HE wasn’t transparent to her. I mean… really?!? Obviously with her, you can’t win. She takes without ever giving back, and still wants more.
When Paulie told her Frank had just told him Victor told Frank he’d put Tiff up as Roadkill, she freaked out, started crying and once the entire 8pack minus Frank was in the room, literally pointed the finger at Paulie and said “Paulie told me Frank said… Frank told me he didn’t know! So Frank lied to me!” She hurt Paulie’s game with that, several HGs discussed being angry at Paulie for telling her stuff.
People say she’s not her sister. But so far, I have yet to see any significant difference between the 2. Mannerisms, looks, way of interrogating people, way of switching the waterworks on just BEFORE getting to some gametalk,…) She’s a bad ally to have.
All of this regardless of the fact that it must be traumatizing to live with such a type of player: Spanish Inquisition meets Waterworks meets Eternal Victim Card. :/
Sorry, I already got sick of Vanessa last year. I can’t stand the idea of having to deal with Vanessa 2.0 any longer. Tiff is being very subdued right now, but don’t be fooled: If she stays after thursday eviction, she’ll be back to business as usual.”

Frank and Tiff for F2

It seems everyone on this board is butthurt whenever their fav player/players gets talked about here.

You like Nat and James? Don’t get all butthurt and hate on anyone who doesn’t.

You like Frank or Tiff? Don’t be a hater and get all butthurt and mad if people like Tiff and or Frank.

You like Nicole? Ummm why? LOL!

I’m out.

An ornery mouse

Frank to Bridgette: “It’s all my fault really. I talked too damn much, I was too impatient to get people out.”

Understatement of the season so far.


So why can’t Bridgette see Frank is an a$& he just sent home Bronte! Yes she was voted out but she wouldn’t have been on the block if wasn’t for Frank! Open your eyes girl your expandable as the rest of them when Frank is done with you after he gets what he needs


This is a game and it’s called big brother. I don’t know what you thought that you were watching.
Tiffany has no one to blame for the position that she is in but herself. Her victim mentality may be how she gets her way at home but is getting old as a way to play the game. She actually came into the game with an advantage of knowledge about the game (if she even watched her sisters season, which it doesn’t look like she did because she seem completely unaware that social game is a huge part of play) . Other players came in blind to even what show they were going on and have picked up the fact that there is a game at play here and that they better get into the game.


She’s aware of the social aspect but no one will communicate with her. She’s in a void and the longer she is the more unstable she’s becoming.

Nicole's coin slot nostrils

Paulie is a bitch you are so right.

Ok, remember way back when Paulie and Tiff had that chat and she told him Vanessa was her sister and you all thought oh these two could be close and work together? As soon as Tiff told him that, Paulie was mad another sibling was in house and his ego was out to prove he was THE BEST SIBLING. He has had it out for her ever since. Also knows she is the better sibling and he fears her like the plague.

To understand Paulie you need to first understand he thinks he is gods gift to everyone and anyone who might make him look bad or question his greatness must be cut off.

skeptical onlooker

Paulie is paranoid to the nth degree about Tiffany. He’s a scared liitle wabbit because he thinks she’s going to be like Vanessa. He’s the chicken..screaming ( The Sky is falling, the sky is falling *)..
And SO obvious…strutting around like a bantam cock..without a shirt.
When somethings in your face the entire time…it’s hohum.
Btw…Natalie is much too nice for this game. She makes the other females in the house( not Tiff)..to be shown for the B*tches they are.

skeptical onlooker

I’ve been pulling for Tiffany..but…after watching the live feeds…Tiffany just can’t keep her s**t together.
I understand her falling apart…I don’t blame her.
However…when she had all the 2 faced c u next Tuesdays in the Safari Room…she just basically shrivelled.
She just gave up.
Paul is the worst. Yeah..he’s funny..but the biggest weasel. He’s Andy with a beard.
Nicole is just pathetic. I never liked her. That has changed. I now loathe her.
My last little bit of hope for Tiffany is to win POV or the Roadkill.
Maybe…just maybe…if she can win one of the comps…she will gain confidence…and strut her stuff…and get a game going for herself.
Oh…and if she does…put Nicole or Corey up as the RK nominee.
I may have to not watch the feeds if Nicole is ever on the block. She’ll make Tiffany seem like An Amazon.

Sho Nuff

That scene where the two black girls mock and berate the poor crazy white latino girl will not play well on TV.

Juliana From New York

Tiffany is not Latina

Eagle Ears

Did Nat and James break up?


Against popular opinion, I was really rooting for Nicole and, honestly, she probably had it made if she wouldn’t have made the incredibly bad decision of flipping to keep Tiffany. From what I could tell, Frank truly wanted her in his alliance until at least F2 or F3. Her name never came out of his mouth (that I know of) as someone that needed to go. As annoying as I find him, he is a very strong player that has staying power even when odds are against him. The showmances alliance seemed pretty solid for the near future too. What’s more is that NO ONE else was targeting Nicole. Others were targeting Corey to reel her back in but everyone was pretty much on board with her. Now Da, Tiffany, James, Michelle, Bridgette, and Frank have her on their radar to some extent. I guess she’s proved she really is a froot loop dingus =(

Tiffany is a loose cannon and emotional wreck and really doesn’t help anyone’s game. Keeping her was the worst decision of the season so far for everyone’s game (except Frank’s). And I love how suddenly Da and Michelle can’t stand Tiffany. OMG, I want to scream, laugh, and slap them all at the same time. Frank may have wanted Tiffany out but is using the flip to his advantage. It also gave him the knowledge that there is significant division within his “group” which is going to give him an entire week of being safe to reassess the situation and re-align with people. Then he’s going to go balls to the wall for HOH next week.

I have no idea who to root for at this point but at least these morons are providing us with drama and entertainment for the next week.

Butters Mom

Agree with you 100%.

Cancel reply

She’s not a froot loop dingus she’s THE Froot Loop Dingus


I TOTALLY agree with everything you wrote, but I think you forget that Nicole didn’t *know* she could trust Frank. We knew he was being real with her and wanted her in an actual real alliance, but she can’t see all that we see. And he did out Nicole to Michelle (Michelle then spilled to Da) that Nicole was involved in that conversation about getting Da out. So, Nicole had reason to mistrust him at least some.

Depants Mode

Tiff and Nat are noms.
Frank wins Roadkill.
Corey is Roadkill nom.
James wins POV.
James saves Nat.
Paul goes up as renom.
Frank, Bridge, Tiff, James, and Nat vote out Corey.

Depants Mode

Should read:

Frank, Bridge, Day, James, and Nat vote out Corey.

Natalies fake eyelashes

Hey Donald.

Glad you came back to the Donald screen name. Enough with the hater stuff on 35 other screen names.

Be Donald. It fits you. Having 34 other names is beneath you.


– Interesting theory (You just made a couple mistakes)

1. Natalie does not like Frank since he nominated one of her friends, but also hates Paul since Nicole snitched on him regarding the relationship between Natalie and James.
2. I doubt James would use the Veto if he won. Moreover I think Paulie would tell him not to use it, since he seems to have created a FRIENDSHIP with Paul.
3. Why would Day save Tiffany and instead vote Corey?

They only way Tiffany will be safe is if Frank, Bridgette or Tiffany win the power of veto. Anything else, Tiffany will be evicted.

Showmance this Showmance that

Da would vote out Corey because her main thing is breaking up the showmances.


If Corey is ever up, day will vote to evict him. She knows he’s been throwing her name around and has said he wants her out. Day is itching to get rid of Corey/Paulie because she thinks it will bring nic/z back to her once they are away from the showmance. She would definitely be a vote against Corey.


First it was all about tearing up his family jewels stash, now all Paul talks about is “pot and pans”. Stop talking about it and do it, you stupid idiot! (the pots and pans part) I wish he’d do it so that it brought attention to him and he would become the target. He’ just a scared littlle punk who says stuff just for shock value but doesn’t have the balls to carry it out, Maybe he doesn’t have the balls because………..never mind, get rid of the fecal beard!


How long will this team thing last? Next week Meech’s team will be the only one with four and the other teams will be deceminated. At one point, if production keeps this team thing going; when Meech’s team wins HOH, that means half the HGs will be safe from eviction and the pool of possible evictees will become small. At this point I’m kinda rooting for Meech, but that is fluid, subject to change.


I am sure that it will end as soon as they bring back on of the first 5 evicted


Bolt cutters are used to break off padlocks, They exert extreme pressure to snap them off. Someone needs to use them on Bridgette because she is so far up Frank’s nether regions, Frank at this point is telling her, “Say hello to my little friend”, while referring to his small intestine. Or is Frank talking about his penis?


I hope Bronte is the evicted HG that returns to the house. She knows how to play the game and is not afraid to make moves. Her mistake was aligning with all the wrong people:
Natalie: was recruited, and doesn’t know any strategy
Bridgette: simply wants to be nice to everyone, especially Frank’s anus
Paul: talks about ripping off his balls and making big moves but doesn’t follow through because he doesn’t have any balls, maybe they haven’t descended? Or maybe the rabbi cut them off instead of the foreskin?
Victor: so in love with his body that he didn’t have any time for the game
Jozea: “messiah complex” what else is there to say!?

So you see, Bronte didn’t have a chance lining up with the losers in her group, give her another chance and she’ll win BB18. And please production, slip some testosterone into her cereal to take that squeak outta her voice!


It sucks Bronte was evicted…they should have voted Paul out. I do really hope Bronte comes back…and would be nice if she comes back same night Bridgete goes home.


How is anyone supposed to work with Tiffany? She did it to herself. They are locked up with her 24/7 for like what the past 30 days? Of course they are going to walk out of the room when she comes in, they don’t want to talk or deal with her anymore. She gets on people with “I’m safe right” with her sunglasses on. They wanted to keep her around as an ally to help get Frank out…. more than to thow it in his face.. more numbers their way. She could have really worked that angle. She just isn’t good at big brother you have to adjust, like Paul did. Sometimes you have to win comps which she hasn’t done. You have to know what when and how much information to share and to who. From what I could tell she studying pretty hard for the HOH comp and still lost.


So sick of the double standard. Vic was lied to led on and laughed about behind his back. Not to mention Josea.. But I guess it was ok because they deserved it. Bronte also misled until the last moment and then given the boot. No chance to plead her case because they ALL promised her she was safe. But Tiffany who was an original member of a big alliance and has had many chances to play strategically F’s up her game by being weird (sunglass/hat wearing sister clone who cries at the drop of a hat who needs constant coddling to keep her from spilling confidences and blowing up her alliance members) is considered a bullied victim. All of the people on the block were bullied! At least they kept their sh*t together. She got saved and boy is everyone regretting that.

Michelle is sneaky hot

Funny how Paulie keeps trying to convince everyone Tiffany is this master game player like Vanessa and in same breath says “Tiff is this seasons Victoria”

Unless that was a typo by Simon or Dawg…the house should start to catch onto Paulies crap.

I also agree with person that said Paulie wants Tiff out because he wanted to be only sibling this season and now wants to prove he best sibling and last standing.


one rule should change is that 3 on the block should vote against other you just never know what going happen i bet paul would been swing vote last night!


Yeah, that is a really good idea, would be very interesting


would have been tied 5-5 i think!


time drop the safe rule to!


Paulie is a smug idiot.


Pauli is just like his brother, a p#$$y