Big Brother Spoilers Nomination Results “We capsized the boat we didn’t rock the boat we capsized it”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition July 16th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 18th
HOH Paulie Next HOH July 21st
Roadkill Competition Winner: ?
Original Nominations: Tiffany, Natalie, ?
After POV Nominations: ?, ?, ?
Have Nots ?, ?, ?

Paulie nominated Natalie and Tiffany for Eviction. Next competition today is the Roadkill.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-15 09-11-28-472
9:10am Nicole and Da’Vonne
Getting their hair ready.. Da’vonne has been doing her hair since 6am

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-15 09-43-04-164
9:31am James and Da’Vonne
Da’Vonne – apparently Corey said he wanted me out..
Da’Vonne says she doesn’t trust Nicole or COrey.

Da’Vonne – Tiffany called out Corey. And Nicole Got pissed.. She got red in the face.. For Corey..
James – damnn.. He’s in too deep
Da’Vonne – I was like wow she went off..
Jame s- if you’re on the block with Corey.. I’m scared to death
Da’Vonne – she’ll vote me out.. 100%.. I don’t trust none of the showmance..

James – Franks going to put Corey up if he wins.. That wouldn’t be a bad thing..
Da’Vonne retells a story from Tiffany. Tiffany said the showmances want Da’Vonne and Frank out.. Frank approached her and said it she can get 5 people together he’ll put Corey up with Road Kill.

Da’Vonne says she thought the flip happened when Nicole and all them rolled in the room
The votes flipped happened when Corey went up to Tiffany at 2am (Thursday) and said i’m going to vote to keep you in the house..

James says if Frank or Bridgette win anything they will do Damage, “We capsized the boat we didn’t rock the boat we capsized it”

Da’Vonne – one thing she did bring to my attraction Corey, Paulie, Zakiyyah and Nicole are running the house they are a four.. We need to do something to break that up.

Da’Vonne – James I do no trust Nicole when it comes to that Boy
James- I wouldn’t be upset if we can send her a$$ home.. If she’s doing all that sh1t she doesn’t need to be in that game.. I’m so mad at all the vets right now.. You realize if we’re stuck together ride or die we would be running the house..

Jame s- PAulie is putting PAul and Natalie up
Da’Vonne- no he’s putting Tiffany and Natalie up
Hames says this morning at 5 he told him it would be Paul and Tiffany .
James – he’s going to tell him bluntly he wants her (tiffany) out of this house..

Da’VOnne – this house is legit about to get divided if Natalie and Paul are on the block.. You’re going to have them wanted to get Natalie and us that want to get Paul out..

James- that’s what I like about Paulie he’ ain’t scared to do his thing.. I promise I’ll never blow you up.
Da’Vonne – I’ll never blow you up

James – do we jump on Tiffany Frank bandwagon or Paulie and Corey..
Da’Vonne the only reason I don’t want to get on the Paulie bandwagon.. They will always be a foursome. .

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-15 09-31-58-199

10:48pm Feeds have been down for a while for Nominations..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-15 11-34-46-628

11:20am Tiffany and Frank

Tiffany says to not trust Nicole, “She’s the fakest one of all of them”
Tiffany – if I win I’m putting him up
Tiffany says paulie doesn’t want to sit next to Frank in the final 2. They are using the two of them.
Tiffany – I feel into it like a retard.. I woke up this morning.. By the way no more of this crying bullshit, “Half of it was strategy by the way.. I know how to tap into my f****g crying.. I play into it.. i pulled in the girls.. ”
Frank – you saw I was willing to come in here and go to bat for you
Tiffany- that was strategy f****r, I’m not stupid..
Frank – I heard there was yelling..
Tiffany 80% of it is strategy.. it’s gotten me this far.

Tiffany says Da’Vonne is on the outside of the Showmance alliance.
Frank – you sure
Tiffany – 200%
Frank – Ok i’ll put Corey up
they fist bump Frank leaves..
Frank – there’s hope there’s hope

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-15 11-26-03-275

11:35am Storage room Frank and Bridgette
Frank – Change of plans if we win we need to put Corey up
Frank doesn’t think they have the numbers to send Da home. Tiffany told him she has 1 extra number to get Corey out so he figures they have a chance to get one of them out now they should take it.
Frank – sounds like Nicole is one of the worst.. sounds like all they do is sit around talk shit about me the entire time..
Bridgette – really… dammit
Frank – James and Natalie can roll with us.. They all lied to us
Bridgette – OK i’ll put Corey up if I win…

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-15 11-30-56-674

11:28am Nicole and Frank
Niciole- are you mad at me
Frank – no… you and Corey are all I have right now
Nicole – I feel so bad for Corey..
Frank – if you lie to me you better not take a shot and miss
Nicole – what are you talking about
Frank you know what i’m talking about..

Nicole – I’m pretty sure you made Tiffany really mad at Corey.,.
Frank – I didn’t say anything.. about the hips and sh1t
Nicole – no..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-15 11-45-33-638
11:44am Kitchen
Corey talking about passing out during the Nomination ceremony.. Blames it on not sleeping over the past 3 or 4 days.
Big-Brother-18 2016-07-15 11-48-22-698

11:47am HOH Paulie and Zakiyah
James – It’s been brought to my attention that Nicole said to Frank I was going around telling people about a all girls alliance.
Paulie hasn’t heard that.
Paulie – Frank is trying to piece it together
James – I want to confront him.. I didn’t say it..
PAulie – I don’t think she said it.. if there was somebody confirm it with Corey.. there’s three people trying to stir up crazy paranoia because that’s all they got.

Zakiyah goes to get Nicole so they can clear this up.
Paulie says Corey is on their side
James says it was Da that told him Nicole was saying that.
Paulie thinks Da was trying tot keep her cover
James- she shouldn’t had blown my name like that
Pauli e- I don’t know about Da.. I think she’s helping Frank out a little bit
james- Me and Da are Really close.
Paulie says Corey has Nicole “On lock”
Nicole comes up with Zakiyah.. they chat about Nicole “Name dropping” him
Nicole – I have no intentions of making people mad..
They tell Nicole Frank and Tiffany have teamed up.

Paulie says they need to take out Frank and Tiffany and all the trouble will be gone from the house.
Paulie – somebody needs to call them out.. (I’m sure Cody would call them out.. tomorrow though)
Zakiyah – everythign they say is buuuuullSh1t
Paulie – Tiffany comes up with things.. IN HER HEAD..

Paulie is going to start causing sh1t with Tiffany he’ll tell her that him and Frank are still working together and Tiffany is still the target.
Paulie – really make her feel like she’s alone.. she want to create bullsh1t and paranoia.. I can make up lies too.. I’ll create so much paranoia and doubt in their minds.. I’ll do it to Frank through Bridgette.. I’ve already started..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-15 11-52-06-552

11:52am Natalie and Bridgette
Doing dishes.. Natalie says she’s not mad being up on the block.
Natalie – I’m not down.. I woke up pretty happy I knew I was going to get put up on the block..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-15 12-14-19-994

12:14pm HOH James, Zakiyah, Paulie and Nicole
Talking about Tiffany’s Melt down yesterday… Paulkie beleives it’s all a trick
Paulie says Tiffany saying that she’s going to quit is a old wreslting trick.. segue into his wreslting stories from highschool and how he use to employ the same tactic..

Paulie – there’s three clear targets.. everyone knows there game.. we know what it is so we’re prepared for their game.. (LOL PAulie needs to take a nap)
Pauliw brings up his sister is a psychology major so this may give him more insight with Tiffany.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-15 12-31-24-990

12:30pm Paulie and Zakiyah

Paulie – I don’t get paranoid ever..
Paulie going on about how logical he is..

feeds are cut to Jeff.. Road kill competition under way

2:40pm Feeds still cut..

3:50 no feeds

4:50 pm no feeds 4 u

5:40pm no feeds never

6:45pm Still nothing..

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188 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers Nomination Results “We capsized the boat we didn’t rock the boat we capsized it”

  1. A fictional, yet truthful example of why Nicole is the worst:

    Corey: Frank wants to punch me in the face.
    Paulie: Yeah, bro. And Frank will put me on the block for sure.
    Nicole: Oh my gosh! Frank hates me!

    1. Unite and get rid of the showmances. Take Corey out this week with the roadkill nomination.
      Corey – Nicole = He’s ok, will get over it, still a competitor
      Nicole – Corey = crying, paranoia, and blowing up her own game.

    1. I wish all of the free agents (James, Nat, Da, Michelle and Paul) would align to go up against the Showmances: Corey, Paulie, Z and Nicole. You still have Frank, Tiff and Gidget hanging in the wind looking for a safe port. Tiffany will more than likely be gone this week (she is far too perceptive, manipulative and volatile and with so many lying loose lips in the house, no one is willing to take a chance on her); if Frank and Da’Vonne could just agree to disagree and call a truce for 2-3 weeks, the Free Agents would have 2 more numbers on their side and the house would be divided 7-4. Once the Showmances are fractured (take Paulie out first…they HAVE To see he is the biggest threat in the house physically and socially), then it can be a free for all blood bath.

      1. day has spent the entire game, after the first hour or so, undermining and pushing everyone away from her. She talks bad about James to Nicole, she says get Nat out to Nicole, get corey out to James, get nicole out to frank, get frank out to everyone else, get paulie out, oh can’t have those showmances, but she doesn’t say, oh, bronte and bridget are having a girlmance, better break that up. just as bonded as any socalled showmance, but for some reason she decided the 4 people who come to her and say, we really really want to go with you all the way to the end, she’s got to break that up and undermine all that, and basically say how she doesn’t want to be a 5th wheel.

        well how about now because you aren’t any kind of wheel in anything, small or large, she basically has no one because all she does is run around and talk about how she wants everyone out of the house, all the vets she is supposed to be working with, the 3 others all thought they were all working on the same goal, in them meantime from day 2 she’s been talking about getting out each and every one of the others, to other people. she didn’t have time to push everyone out of her way, and out of her circle, in her season, but even in that season you saw hints of it. someone comes to her with an alliance plan, and the first thing she does isn’t ‘ok, even if i don’t really want this, i’ll just go along because as long as they think we are cool, they aren’t going to put me up’, she just runs off and say, nope, not having anything to do with that group. not having anything to do with this other group either, just me myself.

        it’s Big Brother, she claims she is a fan, and yet she does so much contrary to how to stay in the house. on the other hand, nicole is doing what she needed to do to stay in the house, other BB winners have done similar things. all Nicole needs now is to actually stop being so paranoid about James and just work with him, because she should already know he was good with the vets.

        i have to say Day turning on the vets aligning is probably the worst game move she’s made in both seasons. She now has both Frank and Nicole ready to have her go, where before it was only Frank, and before that Frank thought he was working with her so he wanted her to stay anyway. eventually Day will have pushed James right out and over, especially if she continues to target Natalie where no one else does.

  2. Hope Frank or Bridgette win RK today and put up Corey! Nicole is going to spaz out!

    I hated Tiffany at first but I love her now!

    Tiff for the win!

  3. Now this is what BB is all about! Tiff with Frank and Bridgette. Maybe even Da. These people don’t know what their doing. None of them can keep a secret so they have no idea who to trust. I think Paulie is full of sh$t running around with his chest out like he’s going to do something. Big talker knowing you can’t put Frank and Brig up bc they are safe. He wouldn’t do it if he could. Nicole needs to be the RK nominee. She’s following Paulie and Corey and she’s the vet! I think Natalie is going home this week but I would prefer Nicole gone. Too whiny and dumb

    1. I literally had to turn my feeds off because of Paulie. Listening to him in the hoh room talking about how phenomenal he is at wrestling and people tried to psych him out like tiff is, but he’s just too good. He would beat them every time no matter who they were. Oh and same with soccer, he was just way too awesome at soccer. No one could ever psych him out try as they might. On and on about how smart and great he is.

      I’m like ugggghhhhh, do you hear yourself right now?? I’m ashamed I actually liked him in the beginning.

    2. If I may channel Paulie’s sister for a moment: Guys who talk a lot, always talking about what they’ll do, how smart, logical, and calm they are…..then ALWAYS do the precise opposite are really trying to convince themselves of this false reality.

      Now I’ll cut him some slack and say he’s playing the game and being so over the top makes it less likely his partners make side deals and easier for him to have the clear path to do just that…but if his partners were older, more experienced in the world they’d know that he’s completely full of s**t and so afraid of Frank, he’ll sell them all out long before he willingly faces him head on.

      1. Ivanka, please stop posting on this site using your father’s name. He already has enough problems with people thinking he is a delusional hack. We all know this isn’t Donald because Donald only knows five words.

        1. 1. Make
          2. A
          3. Merica
          4. Great
          5. Again

          Not a coward hiding under “anonymous”. But then again, if my last name were Ruosso, I would change it out of shame!

  4. Watching Nichole’s game fall apart is priceless. She has spun so many lies about hg and they are all now talking. lol

  5. Love it, Nicole’s game is exposed. If Corey, Natalie and Tiff are on the block, Paul’s vote is crucial and it will be the decider if they will be able to break the foursome or not. James, Day, Frank, Bridgette on one side can vote out Corey while Mich, Z and Nicole will vote out Tiff. It’s amazing how Day’s target is diminishing, at this point i doubt that she will go home before Frank or one of Nicorey.

    i honestly don’t think that these people are stupid players (apart from the revolution minus Paul), Day and Frank knows how these people move but the problem is that these two do not trust each other and tried to sink the other people’s boat. If the two can actually team up, they can do major damage.

  6. Paulie you are stupid I bet you just lit a fire under James
    he is going to anything to protect Natalie . Then he’s coming after you.
    If the next HOH is endurance you are going to have to kill James cause
    he is going to win it .

    1. I dislike Frank but I wouldn’t say he was a floater. He’s put in a lot of effort over the weeks. James’ power? People talk to him but he’s not the decision maker, he just follows the “house”. Paul isn’t a floater by choice. He’s making moves to keep himself safe and not piss off certain people. I think he’s consciously playing real low key, flying under the radar trying to find a move that will help him. I see him as a sleeper.

    1. Was it a true blindside??? When Bronte was talking to Julie about it, Bronte said she only found out 20 minutes ago. So someone told her she was being voted out? Did Frank and Bridgette also know beforehand?

      1. It was a true Blindside for Frank. Bronte’ was just a casualty of war. They were trying to blindside Frank that why Bronte’ was informed beforehand.

    2. Unfortunately it was not a true blindside as the vote was revealed beforehand! The reactions were not the reactions the CBS audience deserved! These houseguests have no sense of how great the drama could be! Dan Geesling, Dr.Will were the masters of the blindside! No chatter, just stick it to them live!

      1. One of the best ones for me was Austin leaving the house with no shoes lol! Now that was a great blindside.

  7. This house is about to get super interesting! I loved last nights episode and all the drama that followed.
    I’m not a fan of Frank but I’m kind of hoping he pulls in Tiffany and Davonne and they unite against the showmances!
    Everyone is playing all sides of the house now! So each vote should get really good!
    I hope Nicole and Corey are this weeks causality because they played the middle and it didn’t work out well.
    If Frank da and tiff can put their emotions aside and play the game together the showmances are in for a surprise!

  8. Prediction Nicole will start crying soon and isolate herself because she is getting caught and the only game she will play is hide and squeak!

  9. Paulie is getting in way over his head! This Hohenwald is gonna do more harm than good as he will be exposed and show everyone how he thinks he’s running game the show.

    1. It’ll be really funny when his HOH gets blown out of the water and he loses his boy.

      His Vanessa paranoia will blow through the roof.

      1. What is with that? He talks about Vanessa at least 10 times a day. She must’ve really left an impression on him lol

  10. OK now I feel like like an idiot – Tiffany played on my emotions like a fiddle! I felt all sympathetic and bad for Tiffany’s meltdown and now she says it was all (80%) strategy. I would be awful at this game.

    1. I don’t really believe it was intended to be strategy, I think she really did feel bad and just decided to roll with it. She is embracing her emotional crying as a strategy because thats all she got!

      1. Exactly. That wasn’t strategy, she was legitimately over it. Every time she walks in a room they literally get up and walk out. I don’t care who you are, in life or big brother, that would be upsetting to anyone.

        She’s trying to play it off because the whole “emotional” crap has been going around for two weeks. She doesn’t want frank to “be afraid to tell her things” like day said.

        1. One of my managers once told me “Nobody like whiners!” and boy was he right. When someone constantly walks around the house with a black cloud over their head, why would you want to hook up with that person? I like James and Nat because they always seem to make the best of their situation. If you are the hunted, gather weapons and then choose a good line of site and take out your targets.
          Tiff has not even tried to garner good will with anyone.

    2. Keep in mind she was talking to Frank when she said this…She is playing the game and some of her emotions/crying is real emotion dealing with these people.

      She also knows Frank bought into Days crap saying she is unstable and she is basically telling him it was game. Some may have been who knows what % but Frank now isn’t worried about giving her info knowing she won’t flip out.

      She is not trusting Frank fully either but they are both smart to strike at the 4. Paulie Corey Nicole Zak need to be hit, damaged and then ended.

      Michelle, Day and James would be smart to jump on board fully because Tiff and Frank are laying down the plans for rest or game right now.

      Corey goes this week then I feel you take out Paulie next. Nicole is annoying but you don’t take out her first. You take out Corey and let her explode her game and thus is gone in 3 weeks tops.

    3. Just like Vanessa… yes I said it… the difference between ugly crying, hiding in her hat and glasses and talking like its strategy is MEDICATION. The girl got her meds.

  11. Tiff is unstable! Saying that her crying was all a ploy/strategy. If that is true she has even manipulated viewers into feeling sorry for her and calling other HGs bullies when the whole time she was just playing her psycho game. I never would have predicted how badly the save Tiff vote would have turned out for those who decided to flip. I also felt bad for her and wanted her to stay. I feel played. Fortunately for me the outcome means more BB drama. Not the WTF have we done?! drama and headache for all of the HGs who SAVED her!.

    1. I don’t think I have ever pulled for a HG that most of the house and fans hated. Never but for some reason this season I’m pulling for Frank. Can’t stand Bridgette bc she’s just a follower. I think it has something to do with how terrible the rest of them are. Frank included. I’m disappointed in James bc he got a second chance to win some serious money and he’s blowing I for a showmance. At this point keep Tiff, Frank and Da just for the drama. If they can keep this up for the next few weeks it might actually be their best season in a while. What if Josea comes back in!

  12. Now I get why Paulie wanted Tiff out so badly…he is not bale to function under stress and drama…he s totally losing his grip on reality…his subconcious mind was probably trying to save him from this…but still love least he made for us the most crazy week since the start

  13. The host said last night that it was 4 back to back battles. I’m pretty sure it went:
    Glenn vs Jozea
    (Winner) vs Victor
    (Winner) vs Bronte
    Bronte vs (Next Weeks Elimination)

  14. Was there any question? Paulie is a wimp. Nominating Nat to go alongside Tiffanessa was a woosy, impotent move. Now there’s a chance another spy girl will go home just because Da gets a hair up her ass and decided that it’s better to keep Tiff again. Nominations should be later in the week. There’ too much time for production to get in the HGs heads during DR sessions to change their minds and rescue production’s house “pet”.

      1. I’m sure Paulie see Natalie and Tiffany as the simpliest ones to target, creating the least drama. He wasn’t thinking of a radical realigning of allegiances, Tiff moving with Frank, Da’Vonne doing…something, alienating James by putting Nat up even as a pawn, and Nicole/Da’Vonne splitting. I think Paulie had no clue he walked into a hornet’s nest and no one’s really sure how things will finally settle. No one’s really in a dominating position now.

  15. I hate how davonne thinks she’s running shit but I’m hoping for a frank brig James tiff nat and day alliance. They would run over Corey Nicole paulie and zak alliance. Paul and Michele are lame.

    1. I am new to this show, because of a physical attraction in an attainable-way, i have become a fan.
      I truly have respect for all of the guests.
      Was hoping that this blog could state easily who Paulie put up for Noms before I have to deduce it from BBafterDark.

      1. Ryan at the top of the page the nominations are noted Natalie and Tiff, we do not know who is nominated for Road kill.

      2. Did you try looking at the houseguest pics on the right of the Home page? It easily shows who his Noms are.

        Thanks Simon and Dawg

      3. I think on a mobile device the house guest collage is at the bottom. That will have the HoH, RK winner, RK nominee, and POV winner all marked as they become known.

  16. Best case scenario this week, Frank wins roadkill nominates Corey, Tiff gets veto, Paulie puts up Paul. Day and James now team up and control the votes to send Corey packing. Imagine how great the feeds will be for next week then.

    1. I’d rather have Nat safe and Tiff on the block where she can’t pull a Roussou and stab in the back those people that just pulled her bottom out of the fire.

  17. I think that the house would be a lot more interesting if FRODO were in it. Not to mention that the overall house IQ would improve!

    Parents, don’t let your kids do spice (K2)!

    1. I think Frodo should be recruited to BB19. He’d have a hell of a strategy. He’d keep them all guessing!

  18. I will give it to Paulie as far as entertaining/interesting he is by far the better newbie but when it comes to the game he is not as smart as he thinks. That guy does not stop talking, when he claims everybody has his back I want to laugh….wait till the end of this week my dear Paulie and you will see you are not in such a good position as you believe. These fools have zero game plan, their obsession with getting Frank blew up in their faces. They keep a girl who they think will go after Frank, then when Frank is safe they target that same girl pushing her right in the arms of the guy you are trying to get out. By the end of this week, I would not be shocked to see Frank having Paul and Tiffany on board with him…then smart ass Paulie its you who will feel the heat

    1. Paul may be entertaining but does he have to be so LOUD??? Maybe he only does it when he knows BBAD is airing but if it is at all day thing I don’t how the other HGs can stand it. If I was in the house I think I would be tempted to vote him out just to get so quite.

  19. Day is having a bad hair day.

    I guess that is better than Natalie having James’ baby.
    Pokemon: short and oriental.

    1. All you “thumbs down” people have to admit that you are LOL!

      Pokeman with 11 hairs on his chin, talking like a redneck and trying unsuccessfully to “upskirt” Natalie.

  20. Very intrigued by what Tiff said to Frank… She has said numerous times that Van told her to lay low the first 3-4 weeks- I am really hoping that she has in fact been (laying low by skulking around on the outside watching the dynamics growing/changing amongst the rest of the houseguests), and is now going to come out guns blazing. She seemed to be pretty perceptive about who the true alliances are, and who is expendable to whom. Was cringing reading her meltdowns on the feeds, but would love to see her turn around and become an evil duo with Frank. Fingers crossed!

    PS- Thank you to Simon and Dawg- have been coming to your site for years, wouldn’t be able to make it through the summers without you!

  21. Meanwhile, Paul is making another batch of MUFFINS, but this time they have tons of LSD inside them !!!!
    Eat them up everyone.
    – And whoever wins the Roadkill PLEASE put Nicole up !!!

  22. How many times has Paulie said he was going to call someone out while he puffed up his chest and put on a show for everyone, and then… crickets…. nothing happens.
    NO, he’s not playing Cody’s game at all.

  23. Nicole was one of my favorite during her season, but now I can’t stand her. Take out her man, let her paranoia begin.

  24. I really dislike this “team” business. It takes away from the true BB game. Wish Pandora’s box or something crazy would happen to bust up the teams. Will love it when Nicole and Corey get knocked down a peg.

  25. I think Frank looked at Tiff differently after her survival last night and her speech. He gave her his best shot and couldnt get her out. Hey this girl is good and he respects that. One reason he wanted her gone so bad is because he respected her so much.

    Now somebody is going to say Tiff did nothing so.far. It’s a game people. What she has done got her here and still in the game. You can hate her all you want and say she is horrible player and person. That’s on you. Frank did give her his best shot and she still alive. We 4th week now. Time to turn it up a notch. GAME ON!

    I like Franks game in that he is always playing the game. I am a fan of the game. Natalie fans sorry but she is a floater and doesn’t play. She cheerlead kicks around the house with no care in the game hoping that James is making right moves for her.That I can’t respect.

    If this plays like it’s leading to we could have one of the best seasons ever on our hands folks. Started off a little bumpy and slow. But it’s looking good for next 2 months now.

    Should be good let’s enjoy!

  26. Paulie’s hoh-itis is back…Paulie shut up!
    Also to all the males this season…u r not ‘my boy’

  27. I’m prayin’ harder than Dean Martin with an empty highball glass that there is a Corey backdoor blindside in our future.

    1. It will be about 2 months, Jozea will take care of that backdoor problem for Corey. As for Dean Martin, didn’t think that relics from last century were still remembered.

        1. By the way, you’re welcome to come up mine any day. Love to chat about yesteryear and how the Donald will clean house when elected!

    2. Just kidding, someday we can have a pow-wow with Dean and Jerry Lewis. You’re probably a teenager compared to me. Want to sit on my lap Minnie?

  28. I hope that this is the last week of RoadKill and the teams. Roadkill wasn’t so bad, but the team thing would have been more interesting and fairer if the team that was safe would not be allowed to participate in the following HOH

  29. Not a big fan of Tiff, but she has played too emotional in this game. She could have waited to blow up people’s game. When you are on the block, things change so fast so quickly and she should know this. Look at how many times people have wanted Vanessa out and she managed to weasel her way to the final 3. Maybe Frank will win RoadKill and take her down, who knows.

  30. I think DaVonne and Paul should secretly team up. Have side alliances to help both of them and manipulate those people to stay clear of either of them. I don’t think anyone would see it coming until it was too late.

    1. I am not sure about Paul he can be bought and sold too easily it depends on “who’s on top”. He could squeeze on by to a good position he does not mind being a pawn. I think Da would be dangerous for his game.

  31. The Vets need to seriously team back up together in order to win this game. A newbie will not take them to the end, and if a Vet decides to take a newbie to the end, they will still lose the game.

  32. Voting out Bronte was one of the worst moves ever…it blew everyone’s cover including Nicole/Corey/Paulie and all who wanted to target Frank. Frank is an ass 100% but he is far from being dumb, and if these idiots had seen Frank’s season they would have known that once Frank’s back is against the wall is when he is at his best. Frank was clueless about what was going on, the fact that Nicole/Corey wanted with Day and Paulie to BD him why give him all this info now by voting out Bronte ? makes no sense. Why would Nicole/Corey risk their own game by aligning with Day who cant win a comp and is a horrible social player? Its going to make for a great season because people are either going to lineup behind Day or Frank.

  33. Bb getting to be a bunch of sniveling whiners why the he’ll did the vets all freak out so early they had this wrapped up. C’mon dumb young inexperienced. Wanna bes. Get it together Frank needs more meds he’s not getting enough.

  34. Why is the fav houseguest poll on this site totally different from what most of the posters here post. James and Paulie #1 and #2? What?

    James is a floater “ok so what are we doing now?” Give me a break little man. And hey I know you all excited about Natalie, but bro you been in a house with her 30 days now and havent even got a peck on the cheek bro. She not that into you. She playing you little asian man.

    1. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t want to do anything in front of cameras. In the jury house James will get a first class ticket to titty town.

  35. The 8 pack is dumb. They made a dumb decision to keep Tiffany in. Let Frank stir up drama. Why not spill the beans to Bridgette about how he played her, nominated Bronte and got her alliance member voted off. If Davonne doesn’t want to pair up with the showances she can get Bridgette, Natalie, James and Paul on her side. 5 vs 4. And leave Tiffany and Frank as the two lone wolfs. This is why Davonne is the worst big brother player. She started all this drama but too dumb to see the bigger picture.

    I am very entertained at the moment though.

    1. So what is it that’s entertaining you?

      You don’t seem to be keeping up with what’s going on in BB.

      1. Where do I start. Tiffany and Frank losing it. Nicole’s game being exposed. Davonne going from strategic to emotional in 1 day. Bridgette realizing she has no clue what’s going on in the house. Michelle playing both sides getting information. Paul going from most hated to most liked. Paulie and Corey thinking they run the house. Figuring out where Zakiyah’s loyalty lies between Da and Paulie. How Natalie changes her game when she realizes she’s not safe. And James, probably the most level headed player in the house. Basically that’s what’s entertaining me. It went from knowing who will go home to anyone who is not safe can go. Anyone who goes as a pawn can go home. I find that entertainment.

  36. Hey Not-Cody, my sister is majoring in neurosurgery, can I cut open your head? Maybe to insert a brain?

  37. Really, Tiff? You are trying convince us that all that crying and paranoia was strategy? That from day one that was your game plan? Girl, all of that was what put on the block in the first place! Well, maybe Frank will swallow that and maybe she will actually get her head out of her ass and start to play now.

    1. When Tiffany is back on the block the sunglasses and hats will come back on a Vanessa poker play. I agree the histrionics are real calling it gameplay is nonsense. Vanessa may have used it for strategy but Tiffany seems to be fragile at the best of times.

  38. First off thanks Simon, you kept up w/ all the drama last night I tried but these people are crazy, I’m not a Tiffany fan like some but I am super happy she’s blowing up Corey’s game and Nicole better watch herself she’s going to war for someone who is totally playing her. This week will be good no matter whose side comes out on top!

  39. Slowly starting to dislike Nicole… I’m loving that Tiffany & Frank talked to each other & put the pieces together!! Nicole, Corey, Paulie, & Zak’s egos are getting wayyy too big right now, so we need a little shake up in the house… I think this season is finally going to get good!!!

  40. Simon/Dawg, when theres a comp on can you sometimes put this 4th bottom line when its an extra long wait…

    feeds are cut to Jeff.. Road kill competition under way
    2:40pm Feeds still cut..
    3:50 no feeds
    5pm no more feeds for you…come back, 1 year

  41. Paulie has some interesting logic — guess what my Uncle is a heart surgeon so I have some insight on how to perform a bypass … Smh

  42. Cripes my prediction came true that if Tiff was not booted it out she would align with Frank. It serves them all right for flipping the vote! This is one interesting BB it changes by the hour.

  43. If Da exerted as much energy during a comp as she does doing her hair, she’d be smokin’ everyone. She’d win HOH, POV, and Roadkill, a trifecta.
    Just cut those damn things out, have Z give you a cute pixie cut, and win something.

    1. Why are you people so obsessed with how long it takes to do her hair. How does the amount of time she does her hair affect you?? Some black people take a long time doing their hair. GET THE FUCK OVER IT! Braids take a long time to put in and a long time to take out. It’s common sense not rocket science. I’m seriously about to never come to this site again. I’ve never seen so many racist comments on here ever. I have supported this site in the past by donating money and I planned to do the same this year. NOT ANYMORE! I will be sure to tell others I know to never donate to this site again. Too many racists running rampant on here and nothing is being done to get rid of the racist comments. People have been on here saying nasty things about Da’s skin color and hair since day 1 and I’m sick of it. Z has got some hate too but nowhere near as much as Da.

      1. I am with you I do not like that talk about racism. Also fat shaming, comments about Corey’s eyes, calling him gay. Yesterday there were thumbs down for “Prayers for the people in France”. All sites have trolls with nothing better to do. It does not bother me to get thumbs down for my post I got my point out.

      2. Hey scooter, take a deep breath – I didn’t say anything about race, you did. My point is Da, who I was initially rooting for, spent something like 11 hours on her hair the other day, then crawls into bed exhausted. If she didn’t have to spend that my energy on it, she might have energy to win a freakin’ comp. I’d say the same damn thing about any of the other women if it they did it. And shame on you for making it racial and then threatening not to send money to Dawg and Simon.

      3. I feel the need to weigh in here.

        I didn’t see anything in that comment that was racist. Please note: All races have hair. Women, in particular, spend a ridiculous amount of time playing with theirs – so maybe the comment is sexist?????? Or is mine sexist???? I think it is just factual. By the way, vanity is not confined to one race or one sex, humanity, across the board, is afflicted with it.

        Calling racism where there really is none actually negates the real deep systemic issues we have in society. It devalues the problem. Kinda like crying wolf for no reason. People stop listening and we can’t have that.

        On the other hand, trolls take advantage of the anonymity afforded by boards everywhere to spill their venom. Simon and Dawg have no control over the quality of people that visit. I have noticed when people take offense, they look at the complaint right away. Just because someone doesn’t like the comment, doesn’t mean it should be removed, as then you are interfering with the right to speak people’s views and opinions. Readers tend to colour their perceptions of others writings, from their own perspective. The writer may not have your experiences and may not mean what you read into it. Writers can’t know what triggers any and all people.

        In short, racism is a real problem, please respect other’s views and think twice before shouting vile accusations that may not be/aren’t true. But I hear you about the personal nit picking, it isn’t needed, but people still do it.

        I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to get all preachy, but sometimes a comment is just a comment

  44. Michelle is a flop and I really don’t understand why people liked Nicole to begin with she playing horrible. Also it will be so funny if victor comes back for the battle back challenge.

  45. Hope someone can answer because I’m confused
    Was it Paulie who said if the next HOH is the wall he will stay up there until Frank comes off?
    If the answer to the question is yes:
    How does attempting to show everyone how tough he is and how stupid he is at the same time help? No matter what the next hoh is, his butt is on the sidelines as outgoing HOH.

  46. paulie says who cares if frank knows we are after him he cant win everything lol. Must not be that big of a fan of BB frank went crazy his season he was in beast mode after he became aware what was going on

  47. Nicole literally can’t keep one thing to herself . Every single thing she hears she goes and tells somebody. So annoying. Can’t wait to see who won the roadkill. Hopefully someone who puts Corey or Nicole up.

  48. Michelle looks like Rocky Dennis got stung in the face with hornets and chain whipped in the head with barbed wire.

    1. Imagine that, it’s a shocker cause she was almost out and now she’ll be able to stir something up and create drama! I’m sure production is shouting for joy that…she…managed…to…win, well I guess we’ll take productions word for it.

    1. I have not been Tiff fan but happy for her win. These people were rats and deserve payback. What DA and Z did to her was reprehensible very hard to watch those tears were real not gameplay. I hope teaming up with Frank and Bridgette will further this new alliance. I only hope she puts up Day and not waste it on Corey.

  49. Not that I fully believed Paulie would actually call Tiff out in front of people, but if the feed cut on purpose RIGHT when he and Paul just walked into the damn room where Frank, Cabbage Patch and Tiff were I’m going to be pissed. Wtf BB!

  50. Tiffany won roadkill… another good week in store… sounds like corey is main target with nicole a possibility

  51. Rumor has it that after Da finished the RK competition and Frank was was walking up to do his turn at the RK that he slapped Da on the butt. Da kept walking, but then turned around and threw one of the ornamental bricks and it hit Frank on the head. ER was called and Frank was taken away in an ambulance. Nobody knows his condition.

    Da, Tiffany, Za and Natalie have walked out of the BB house and refuse to play unless Production guarantees them that Frank will not return. Production is talking to them and the other HGs are sequestered in the HOH room with some of them talking of joining the other girls in protest.

    Could the rest of the season be canx if Da, Tiffany, Za and Natalie don’t return? Is CBS facing a huge lawsuit? Is Frank going to be okay? He was unconcious when they wheeled him out into the waiting ambulance.

    1. Are they going to arrest Davonne? I just knew that girl would go all ghetto on you if you pushed the right buttons. It will probably turn out that she has a prior arrest record, probably for stealing some hair straightner and Newports from Walmart.

  52. Guessing AG waddled her ass into the house to chew the house guests out for going against Frank’s plan.

    Come on. What’s taking so long?

    Simon or Dawg, don’t you have some behind the scenes people who can tell you what’s going on? Lol

  53. Tiffany – … By the way no more of this crying bullshit, “Half of it was strategy by the way.. I know how to tap into my f****g crying.. I play into it.. i pulled in the girls.. ”
    Tiffany- that was strategy f****r, I’m not stupid..
    Tiffany 80% of it is strategy.. it’s gotten me this far.

    Tiffany, the crying strategy has in fact got you to the predicaments you have been in most weeks. If you think the crying has been good for your game and kept you in the house then you might want to consider the possibility that you are stupid. The crying strategy has put you on the outside, alienated people and made them reluctant to tell you anything. The crying strategy is what has got you nominated / put you on the block.

    How does claiming it was strategy benefit you? Was it half or 80%? You lost it and then woke up… who is going to believe it was strategy? Even if people believe that it was strategy who is going to think it was good game play and want to work with you?

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