Tiffany “If I get put on the block sh*t is going down! Everyone’s sh*t is getting blown up!”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition July 16th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 18th
HOH Paulie Next HOH July 21st
Roadkill Competition Winner: ?
Original Nominations: ?, ?, ?
After POV Nominations: ?, ?, ?
Have Nots ?, ?, ?

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Big Brother 18 Alliances Help Guide

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1:25am – 2am Bedroom – Natalie tells James about how insulted she is that Bridgette asked her if she was the flip vote. She said I never looked her in the eyes all day. Why would I vote out my own teammate!? I said when I say I’m going to do something I do it. I am a very honest and loyal person. When I make a commitment I do it. James says Bridgette’s fishing. Tiffany comes in crying and Natalie goes to find out what’s wrong. They head into the havenot room. Tiffany is crying and asks Natalie to just talk to her. She says she can’t trust anybody!!! I have no f**ks to give at this point. If they ask just say I’m missing home. I wish we were in the same alliance from the beginning. I have nobody NOBODY!!! Natalie tells her to calm down. Tiffany says I have no one! NO ONE! No one talks to me! I’m going to self evict! They’re so rude!!!! Every time I go into a room everyone leaves. Natalie says its just a game. Tiffany says I wish I did leave today. Tiffany says They ask me if I’m making deals with Bridgette. Not trusting me. They act like have leprosy. I don’t know if its the fact that they know my sister.. I don’t know if you know who my sister is. She did really well last season. I’m not playing like her at all. She was loyal to the end .. people must not have watched her season. I’m f**king over it! I can only take so much of this sh*t. All week no one told me I was safe. 2 o’clock in the morning they were like lets piss frank off and keep her. Natalie says I’ll hang out with you. Tiffany says its hard to have fun when you’re always on the block. I’m over it! Tiffany says if I get put on the block sh*t is going down! Everyone’s sh*t is getting blown up!! Tiffany says you’re a good girl. Natalie says I do not belong in this game. I thought I was going onto a cooking show. I thought I was going into the real world and a cooking show. Just remember its just a game. Tiffany says psychological warfare. Natalie says I literally pretend I’m not in Big Brother every day.. and I literally just have a good time.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-15 01-57-57-391

2:15am Bedroom – Frank, Bridgette and Natalie are talking. Frank says I thought it was going to be unanimous. I’m an idiot. Bridgette says happy birthday b***h! Natalie heads to bed. Frank and Bridgette discuss who the votes could have been. Frank says I feel like everyone genuinely doesn’t like her.

2am – 2:25am HOH room – Paulie, Zakiyah, Michelle, Corey and Paul talk about getting Tiffany out this week. Paul says Tiffany is a sociopath. She has already started to throw us all under the bus. F**k Tiffany .. should have gone home! Michelle says she’ll go. Nicole agrees. Paulie says he was thinking of saying in his nomination speech .. Tiffany rest assured you’re a pawn at the end of the day.. Natalie I don’t like how you’ve messed with James so you’re the target. Michelle says oh my god can you say that! Nicole says James was bummed today. Corey says I wanted to punt that girl. Michelle says that Tiffany thought Nicole and I were sisters and literally looked through my stuff to find the name on my prescription. Paulie says at the end of the day its nothing more than .. I see her as a potential threat. If its not this week she is going to blow sh*t up. Michelle says I would not want to be in jury with her. Paul says I’m pretty sure I could get home girl to swing at me. Big Brother blocks the feeds.

2:30am – 2:45am Havenot room – Tiffany asks Frank I just wanted to hear from you .. no one wants to talk to me. WHat happened with day. Frank says I told you. Frank says last week before we voted Vic out. The day before she (Day) told me that she talked to Bronte and Natalie about starting an all girls alliance to team up and get me out. I don’t lie. Tiffany asks why are you playing all sides then. Tiffany says this kind of makes sense. Did you watch my sisters season .. do you know what she did to my sister .. faked an all girls alliance. Frank says I forgot about that. Why would they keep you and then now want to send you home again this week. Tiffany asks they’re saying that?! Frank why didn’t we work together since the beginning. Frank asks who the votes were. Tiffany says I’m making the deal with the devil… Tiffany says I’m going to blow up their sh*t!!! I know so much information! Frank says well then lets do it! Paulie and Corey want you out like crazy. I don’t give a f**k at this point! I hope you don’t f**K me over. Frank says I need to know information to know who to put up tomorrow if I win the roadkill. Who were the 3 votes? Tiffany says I don’t know .. they didn’t tell me …they’re all in on it…. they told me at 2am they wanted to keep me to f**k you over. I don’t even care if I’m blowing up your game right now because at this point I kind of want to go home. Frank asks so I can’t trust Nicole? Tiffany says no … none of them .. they all want you out. I wanted to work with you.. I could have been a number for you. Tiff asks be honest with me did you campaign to get me out? Frank says all I did was get Bridgette to put you up. They’ve been talking sh*t about you all week. Frank says I’m glad you told me this .. I think you and Natalie are going on the block. If you’re name gets drawn, pick me and I will pull you off. We only need 5 votes this week. Frank says we need to work on this roadkill sounds like I need to put up Corey. Frank then says I think we put up Day instead of Corey and turn the heat up on her. Hopefully we can get James to help us.

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Come on James …. Tell Frank you and Natalie were the 2 votes for Tiffany. Nicole needs to be EXPOSED.


I want Nic’s game to get exposed and blown up so bad lol. James and Nat should call her and Corey out for throwing them UTB to Frank. Heck Tiff should call them out too. They were on her team, and barely spoke to her at all last week.

What I’m kind of hoping happens this week is that Tiff and Nat are nominated by Paulie, and either Day or Nic are RK. If Day is RK then I hope noms stay Tiff/Nat/Day and James/Z/Paul/Meech vote to evict Tiff while Frank/Bridge/Nic/Corey vote to evict Day and Paulie breaks the tie sending Tiff home and exposing Nic/Corey. Or Nic gets RK, exposed by any and everybody and evicted. If Nic goes then I see Tiff aligning with Nat moving forward.

Go Trump and Pence 2016

Tiffany is a lot like Trump, everybody wants her to win but people are afraid to say so because of what others will think of them.

Go Tiffany and Frank – the most powerful duo in BB history!

Stupid teams....

Get rid of the “team twist” and let everyone play their own game!!!!!
Things will be so different, with many more possibilities. I hate some of BB’s stupid twists.

sunny dee

nic and corey should have come clean when correy told nicole they should tell frank they voted to keep tiffany. all she had to do at that time was say she was a sympathy vote, and cuz tiff is on her team and she didn’t want her going out thinking her own team wouldn’t throw her a vote. then she can say she had no idea anyone else would vote to keep her, but that she thinks it is not about keeping tiff, it was about getting out bronte, and say she thinks they heard bronte saying something about what she’d do if HOH or road kill. nicole’s paranoia backs her into corners she can’t easily get out of, there is no reason why she couldn’t throw out that.

on the other hand, i doubt that anyone told tiffany that they were voting to keep her in order to throw off frank’s game. for one thing (ANOTHER LIE) it isn’t true that ‘no one said she was safe’. EVERYONE told her she was safe (exception of natalie and bridget obviously, since bronte was up there) in fact she was told she was safe by every single one, who then talked to each other about feeling bad they have to lie to her.

not just that but she is laughing and chatting with Corey in have not room only an hour before another mental breakdown, and the breakdown is from going up to the HOH room? and her saying ‘no one must have watched my sister’s season and how loyal she was”. really? people did watch her sister’s season, that is why they think she is sketchy, vanessa was loyal to no one but herself, her emotional outbursts were creepy, and she pouted until she got her own way, not to mention the marathon skittle counting or whatever it was. she was painful to watch, the only person loyal in that house was Austin to her, but Vanessa tried to get him out more than once, then she stabbed him in the back first chance.


How on earth did Tiff and Nat get cast?! On a personal level I empathize with Tiff (if I was in the house I’d initially be worried, but after studying Tiff I’d know she’s her own person). The house has treated her like she has the plague and it’s largely due to Frank and Day (and now Paulie) planting seeds of paranoia about her b/c of Van. Unfortunately Tiff shares many quirks with Van (wearing sunglasses and hats, hyper emotional, etc.), and HG interpret these quirks as Tiff trying to play like Van even Tiff is nothing like Van (as a player).

I’m frustrated that somebody like Nat is on the show when thousand of actual fans audition every year to be on s show they love. She’s nice enough when she isn’t still obsessing over Victor, but she brings nothing to the game. At least Bronte wanted to play.

Paul I like you, and I get that you’re doing what you have to to stay in the game, but Tiff isn’t a sociopath. She’s a girl cast on a show far too soon after her infamous sister played. That is Tiff’s major, and really only, crime.

Corey wants to punt a girl? Why am I not surprised? Ugh.


I disagree with the notion that everyone who gets cast on the show should be a superfan.


I didn’t say entire cast have to be full of super fans (you can have casual fans and recruits), but have people who are actually there to PLAY. I don’t care if someone’s a bad player as long as they actually are trying. “I literally pretend I’m not in the BB house everyday” is ridiculous. Nat is on the wrong show.



Superfans just try to mimic what they’re favorite players did and most don’t really grasp the psychology of why the stuff their favorite did worked, so we get ham handed gameplay that is beyond predictable. Moving away from superfans would refresh the show, where maybe people end up on the same path, but they get there naturally….or they chart a new strategy that is entertaining.

This show isn’t science, it’s art….but superfans try to play a formula, which becomes a paint-by-numbers season that is boring. If I wanted repetition, I’d just re-watch old seasons.


I will never complain about Nat being on my television.

WT Heck....

Why all the hate for Natalie? She’s a cute girl, always complimenting someone and seems to be positive most of the time. It can’t be easy being so confined and limited. I like her and hope she goes really far. OMG, I can’t handle Tiffany any longer. Tried. Just can’t.


Don’t let a few down voters fool you. Most agree. She’s #2 behind James in the poll at jokersupdates


“the house has treated her like she has the plague and it’s largely due to Frank and Day”

I thought it was because she wears sunglasses when speaking to people, demands information, cries when things don’t go her way, blames everything except herself for her social standing and refuses to be loyal to anyone.


Tiff isn’t at all likable, her quirks are extremely annoying and her meltdowns make her unreliable. From the beginning people have stayed far away from her in fear of a major crying jag or other drama. They agreed not to talk game to her because she could lose it and blab, which we see was right since she is now blabbing to her worst enemy Frank.


Elissa was treated like she had the plague. Tiff has been pampered by comparison.

WT Heck....

I loved Elissa!


OMGGGGG TIFF! Take a chill pill!!! She and Vanessa’s gameplay are cut from the same cloth, the problem is, Vanessa played with dumb people and this cast is a little bit wiser to the fact that keeping her in the house can be detrimental to their games with her pulling a Courtney Love every five seconds. Her unpredictable nature is what will get her evicted soon. I have a feeling everyone’s shit will be revealed by weekend’s end. Needless to say it’s all enertaining! Pop the popcorn kiddos, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!


Holy crap Tiff and Frank coming together? I didn’t see this coming. S**t has hit the fan this week! All hell is about to break loose.

I’m so glad Tiff just blew up Nic’s game with Frank. Corey leaving this week would be glorious. But I don’t think I see James teaming up with Frank and Tiff. He wants them both gone. And of course Frank is still salty with Day lol.

I don’t really mind Frank gunning for Day/Nic/Corey next week before being knocked out himself though.

Grats Tiff fans

Your brilliant player doesn’t even want to be there now.


Frank is a tank I live the guy he is playing smart a little to hard but smart and he about to turn this house upside down with tiff. The whole other side of the house are pu$$ys, babies and they f**ked up hard by dumb a$$ Paulie winning the hoh cuz now the keeping idea backfired was no point for it, they messed shit up with Frank now can’t get him out this week and we all no how much changes in the bb house in a week, he’ll get off people radar and put it on other people just watch


Paulie is playing his own game, he has every right to play hard for HOH, they shouldn’t be throwing comps anyway. Maybe this will teach them next time. If only Paulie would be up Tiff and James, then maybe next time James won’t be so quick to throw a comp.


Our honorary member Frank the Tank has finally gotten the information he needed and BBWAR is about to commence. We tried to inform everyone earlier that Frank will continue to cause chaos in this house and when you add to that an extremely emotional Russo we get great entertainment. The Frank and Tiffany alliance is forming and the house is about feel the wrath. We are no fans of Tiffany or her sister in anyway but if it means Frank gets further in the game and the complete destruction of the “in the closet” alliance of Paulie and Corey, the “trash bag” alliance of Davonne, Zakiyah and Nicole then count Chilltown in.


That sounded so much like Will, lol!


I’m beginning to regret rooting for Tiff to stay. She has spilled the beans to Frank already. I thinks part of her problem aside from the fact that people see Vanessa when they look at her is that all of her decisions are emotional not strategic. That is why it was so easy for Frank and Da to smear her in the first place. No one else has cried as much and she was doing it before being nominated. Too emotional makes people leery of trusting you. Now she is doing exactly what was predicted. ” I am not going to bother getting the facts before I react. I’m upset now and I am going to cry and blab all I know and I don’t care who I take down.” It makes it hard to argue that she has been unfairly targeted. There is going to be some fancy foot work this week by the anti-Frank alliance.


People wanted this nut job to stay but wanted Bronte out for having a high pitched voice?


Unfortunately, the cry pic of Tif says it all – and yes, Tif, please do self-evict … right away … now … go… you should not play games like this before getting some kind of therapy …. I’m serious, not making fun .. hope you find some peace in your life. P.S. Loved your comment about Bridgette being Frank’s Cabbage Patch Doll … problem is you were far from trying to be funny – you looked evil when you said it and I guess that’s why you think others are being evil when they are just playing the game. I would love it if your extreme mood and energy swings were strategic, but I think not.


The problem isn’t really that they kept Tiffany…the problem is that, Day especially, doesn’t look at her as her own player, as a person. Day looks at her as a way to get to Frank. She looks at her as a vote and possibly becoming hoh to get Frank out.
But Tiffany’s a human who is starting to see that they don’t treat her as a fellow opponent, but as a prop. They use her as they feel necessary and when it doesn’t quite go they’re way, they want a redo and just put her back on the block. Meanwhile, stronger, snakier players are floating on by. THEY should be the target.
Tiffany can be sent home fairly easily mainly because she freaks out so easily.
Focus on people that might be harder to go home. Those are your actual competitions, dummies!

Good grief....

Vanessa, come and pick up your wack-a-doodle sister….
She’s not even fun to watch.

Stupid teams....

They also use Paul, but do you see him acting like her? NO! She is the last person that should be there. BB doesn’t stand for “Best Buddy”…


The difference with Paul is the others will still talk game to him and they don’t flee the room the moment he comes in. Paul has opportunities to play the game and he’s making headway there. Tiffany is a pariah and has been almost from the start.

A Girl Has No Name

Tiffany yapping off to Frank will be squashed. It will make him paranoid but it will be everyone accusing her of lying to get on his good side that makes him doubt her. She needs to go, and so does he.

Gonna be a good week.


I wouldn’t be so sure. Frank takes loyalty fairly seriously (even though he flips himself). So now that he found out Nicole was lying to him he will not go back to her easily.

He may not stay friends with Tiff but we’ve seen it before where two enemies join fairly successfully when they are cornered. After all if you make the effort you can kind of get along with anyone, especially when there is cold hard cash in it.


I cant believe Im saying this but Team TiffFrank!!!!


Didn’t someone say in another threat that Tiffany doesn’t cry more often that anyone else in the house?

Awesome Man

She doesn’t cry any more than anyone else who’s shunned by their allies for no reason. It’s funny how people try to compare someone who’s ostricized by their ‘friends’ because she might do something, to someone in the cool kids club who gets to hang out and ride coattails everyday.


I knew that in keeping Tiff she would eventually team up with Frank. Even if she blows up everybody’s game, she is still going home and Frank will be out the door next. She is too emotional and doesn’t think clearly


As a frank-lover this is beautiful justice for all those wanting to “see his face” as he got blindsided.

Stupid teams....

Actually, he did have a shocked look on his face. Especially after her creepy speech. That girl even looks disturbed. She really should self evict for her own sanity.


Nicole getting exposed is the best thing that can happen. Let’s see her weasel her way out of this


Can’t wait for the buy back on Friday. It would be hilarious if they cut Tiff this week and she bounced right back in. Not a Tiff fan or anything-She is way too emotional for this game. But I love that this season is unpredictable and no one has comfortably settled into the power seat mowing down the competition all the way to the end.


How is this season not predictable? The big alliance that formed early has gotten their way every week.


Bronte leaving shows a fracture in the “big alliance”. Nic is trying to play both sides. Bridgette and Paul have survived the ashes of the Josea alliance. Will Tiff and Frank help each other in the short run? Who will go first Da or Frank? Paulie is giving Frank a run for his/the money. There is no one alliance (or any solid alliances) so no big alliance is getting their way.

Awesome Man

If your friends treat you like dirt because they think you might do what they’re doing, blow those bitches sky high. At least Frank was honest when he didn’t like someone because they might do this or that. The rest of the weasels lie to your face with their scummy mouths and then show what they really think with their childish actions.

I’ve seen people shunned on this show over the years, but never have I seen half of the house align with someone and shun them because of something they MIGHT do. Usually, when someone gets shunned it’s because they get caught in a scheme, but I’ve never seen someone get ostracized by their ‘allies’ because of something they haven’t even done. It’s almost like they’re begging to get blown up.


After her Epic speech i was starting to like Tiffany…then she starts blowing up everyone’s game..BEFORE SHE’S ON THE BLOCK! She’s right she not playing Vanessa’s game, Vanessa won stuff when she needed to and was able to lead an alliance. Tiff just turned her back on everyone that saved her, and you wonder why you have NOBODY! Paulie’s explanation to her should be simple, They kept her to help them take out Frank, she lost forcing Paulie to win it. She could have been a pawn on the block to get Natalie out…she has 0 chance of staying if everyone finds out she ratted to Frank.
Surprised out of the 4 vets James is playing the best game…not perfect but compared to Frank, Da and Nicole he’s golden,



What a letdown. I’m one of the few Frank fans this season (yes I’m well aware that he’s a jerk) and even I’m disappointed in the HOH outcome. Instead of the battle we were all anticipating we get a retread of last week.
Let’s go after Tiffany and if a Spy Girl gets the boot it is what it is. Things better pick up next week, feeds have been good over the last week or so but it has yet to translate into a big game move.

Butters Mom

Tiffany wearing her sun glasses inside, crying, sleeping and whining has not helped her socially in this game. DA is who messed Tiffany up in the beginning by spreading lies about her and making everyone want to get her out. DA created Tiffany’s initial problems and then DA switched her hate train to Frank. If Tiffany were smart, she would have been paying attention much sooner to what was going on in the house… Its like she slept that whole week DA was spreading lies about her and missed everything and now is mad that no one is talking to her or including her. She may not be responsible for the initial negativity that went towards her but she is definitely responsible for her REACTION to that negativity. Paulie tried to tell his whole group they should get her out while they had the chance and they didnt listen to him. Nicole and Corey will suffer the most from this revelation from Tiffany and she’s on their team. The way she handled this with Frank was the worst thing she could have done for her own personal game… yes it will make things interesting but it wasnt strategic and it definitely was EMOTIONAL REACTION. I cant respect that.


The girls are not smart. They wanted a girl to win this year they create a alliance to get the boys out. Then four of them (N,Z,N,B) start a relationship and have the male control their game. I feel a male will win. Girls you only have yourselves to blame.


You people r crazy! How can u hate some of the house guests so much! They r people and this is a game!


That’s it, I’ll resuscitate you and shave off your eye brows!

Froot Loop Dingus

Remind me again how Tiffany is nothing like Vanessa? The tears, the breakdowns, the nasty head covering, the zits, bla bla bla.
Another Rousso basket case. Next she’ll be cornering people and commenting about her integrity.