Donny – There’s two kinds of tobaccer chewers in this world the Swallowers and the Spitters.

POV Holder: Chrsitne Next POV Aug 2nd
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 4th
HOH Winner 1: Donny HOH Winner 2: Nicole
Battle of the Block Winner  Caleb/Victoria Next HOH/ Next BOB Aug 7/Aug 8
Original Nominations: Donny’s Noms (Victoria & Caleb) Nicole’s Noms (Zach & Jocasta)
Final Nominations: Zach & Jocasta
Have Nots Frankie, Cody and Hayden
POV Players Nicole, Christine, Jocasta, ZachAttack, Caleb, Victoria,

BB16-2014-08-04 17-12-22-808

5:09pm Caleb and Donny
Chit chat
Caleb brings up his swollen gland and how he’d going to get it removed when he gets out.
Donny – What if you get a steroid shot would that help
Caleb – no that would make it worse
Donny – I thought you said it was from high estrogen
Caleb – ya..
He brings up that the doctor told him the will give him a anti inflammatory gel.
Donny – A bag of ice might help

BB16-2014-08-04 17-31-40-813

5:27pm Kitchen..
Frankie doing his personalities.. Christine and Cody are cackling away
Talks about Ricky Martin doing a Evita on Broadway and how “Ricky MArtin” acted just like Ricky Martin during the play not in character. The Evita roll was horrible was cast because she was from Argentinia.

BB16-2014-08-04 17-33-00-838

5:38pm Hammock Zach Attack
Talking to himself says If he stays he’ll have to win Competitions to survive.

BB16-2014-08-04 17-59-33-360

6:00pm Derrick, Caleb and Cody
Pool talking about the rules. Caleb has issue with them not using all the tournament rules.

BB16-2014-08-04 18-06-48-304

6:05pm Backyard
Donny say she would share his chewing tobacco if he had more but he’s on his last pack.
Donny – I’m going to put enough to just choke a squirrel down”
Zach smells the chewing tobacco says it smells good. Donny – It’s peach
Cody – That does smell good
Frankie wants to try it he’s never done it before. Zach and Donny tell him he’ll throw up .
Donny – There’s two kinds of tobaccer chewers in this world the the Swallowers and the Spitters.

BB16-2014-08-04 18-23-51-577

6:13pm Hammock Derrick and Victoria
Derrick – what’s up
Victoria – just chilling.. the slop is hurting my stomach.
Derrick what are yo thinking about
Victoria – My family
Derrick says they are now on the downward slope of the game she’ll see her family soon enough.

Victoria starts to cry says she misses her family.
Derrick tries to comfort her by saying they have 45 days left, “it’s going by quick.. it’s going by’ll miss it when you are home”

BB16-2014-08-04 18-38-05-769

6:36pm Derrick and Cody ROCK ROOM
Derrick – now that nom are locked in wheres your head at
Cody thinking about the pros and cons of calling Christine and Frankie out. Cody – “At this point I want to say you are f***g trying to play us”
Derrick says there a possibility that Frankie and Christine trying to cover both sides and they are doing too good of a job because it’s coming back to them. . There’s a small possibility they are actually loyal and working with them and are just covering their tracks.
Cody thinks Christine is going to try an take a shot on them he knows in his heart..
Maybe they are talking sh1t about Derrick and Cody but are just doing it to make sure Hayden/Nicole don’t know they are allies.
Derrick – “It looks like they are f**g coming after us.. you know what I’m saying’”
Cody thinks Christine is going to try an take a shot on them, “I genuinely honestly believe that they are not trying to cover their own tracks”t..
Cody says CHristine knows him and Derrick are in the centre of the house. Cody brings up Christine asking Victoria what she thinks of =Derrick and Cody.
Derrick – you have to take what Victoria says with a grain of salt she cannot remember what happened yesterday.
they hear Frankie coming .. Cody = “F****ing Frankie”

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Caleb finds a big a$$ moth

BB16-2014-08-04 18-54-45-876
6:44pm Zach Vs Caleb in pool
Zach – You rack them I’ll crack them..
Zach – It’s in the head flip..
Donny – it’s in your head you are your worst enemy Zach
Zach breaks sinks the 8 ball
Zach screams – “Game who is next who is next one.. lets go”
Caleb looks very upset – We’re not playing that rule anymore
Hayden is setting up for the next game, “Oh ya that’s a rule”
Caleb – we stopped that rule..
Hayden – No no that’s always been a rule’
Caleb – LISTEN we stopped that rule.. if you scratch on the break you don’t loose and if you sink the 8 ball you don’t win”
Zach start screaming out how he won sinking the 8 ball on the break it’s all in the head flick..
Zach – My hat even fell off that is how fast the head flick was
Caleb – That was the weakest win I have ever seen in my life… you’re weak.. your breaks are weak and you…. SUCK”

BB16-2014-08-04 19-10-37-096

7:06 cam BEEHIVE Derick and Frankie
(Moments before Cody and Derrick tried to have a conversation in the Rock Room but Frankie interrupted them)
Derrick about COdy – “He says he sees a lot of people talking.. “
Derrick tells him Frankie came out 5 minutes too early COdy was about to tell him something.
Frankie – F****
Derrick – He definitely was going to say something .. All he said I see a lot of people talking and you walked in
Derrick – I don’t think it’s bad I think people are just getting paranoid
Frankie – Is Zach going home
Derrick – No he didn’t say anything

Where the Vote is..
Zach going home.. (He has two votes to stay right now)

Frankie, Christine, Zach and Caleb on one side. Donny, Nicole, Hayden, Jocasta on the other side. Derrick and Cody with both. Victoria is somewhere in the middle as well she’s vocal about targeting Frankie but is heavily under the control of Derrick.

Quad Squad = Nicole, Derrick, Hayden and Cody
Zankie = Frankie/Zach
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole
bottomfeeders = Derrick and Nicole

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Coward Cody

Take a shot every time Cody says he’s going to call someone out. Take another shot when he doesn’t.


Tired of princess(Cody) saying hes going to call someone out. Every week, princess has someone new to call out but never does it. Chop his balls of america. the kid needs gender transplant.


His father seems to like him quite a lot though…


this made me laugh out loud….I am still uncomfortable at the way his father told him good-bye!

Alcohol poisoning...

…is a serious thing and should not be encouraged. I will not dear sir take that many shots and die in the hands of pu$$y calafiore. thank you and goodnight.


I can’t believe the most entertaining player in the house is being evicted! Here’s to hoping either Frankie or Christine are this Thursday’s double eviction casualty. Maybe we can get Jocasta to pray for that.

Cough Derrick

What’s entertaining about Zack? He sleeps 20 hours. Wakes up and invents some sort of make- believe fight so he can throw a tantrum. Then he goes back to bed. I’ve already heard his evict speech 6 times. He never talks game or strategy. He’s a one-trick boring pony. Leave already Zack.


I rather zach over cody and jocasta anyday


I would give you 100 thumbs up if I could! To think that Zach could go before that rat face Pisstine makes my blood boil!


They need to get Frankie and Ratine out ASAP or they will be sorry that they didn’t act while they had a chance


If Zach leaves this week (production doesn’t interfere), Frankie’s and Christine’s game are over. I do not see why Derrick and Cody only think Frankie is a threat. Hayden in my opinion is a big threat He won the BOB he was in and the Veto he actually played in and placed very high in most HOHs and im pretty sure he throws them at the last minute and he is close to some of the people the Derrrick claims that he controls aka victoria. It would not be smart to vote out Zach before Hayden, once hayden leaves Nicole is weakened and also Donny. Once Hayden leaves he can real in Nicole and Donny already doesn’t like Frankie already and then it becomes Derrick, Cody, Donny, Nicole vs Frankie Zach and Christine with beast mode and jocasta just there. BAsically if derrick wantsto win he cant have Hayden or Frankie near the final 5… and he needs to take either caleb or victoria or cody to the end.


Rachel (who was far more entertaining than Zach) was evicted by the Brigade, and production did nothing to interfere. If production loves Zach so much, they will bring him back for another season.


If production wants to save him, it will have to be a Team America task.

I can see it now — Wed at the end of the show….Which houseguest would you like Team America to evict, America — Zach or Jocasta? To cast your vote, do XYZ.

The TA card would say that America is casting your vote. Do you choose to participate?

Knowing that America likely digs Zach’s actions, I would expect Donny to decline again — which would actually benefit Derrick (in that it wouldn’t destroy his alliance with Cody) and would cripple Frankie.


zach back for a pamdoras box… Mission blow up everyone’s game


Cody is a coward! Act all tough about going after Christine, buddy! Bet it’s easier to go after a girl than to go after Caleb, huh?


I want Christine, Frankie, Cody, Vitoria, celab to go home ASAP! Am so sick of them. They disgust me.


Frankie swallows.

team Zach

Oh yay! Donny sitting around talking about chewing tobacco! It’s totally worth keeping the feeds to stay up to speed on this entertainment gold! So glad the cast are hellbent on sending everyone entertaining home.




Spitters and swallowers…..You said a mouthful Donny!


Hahahaha….perfect! Best post of the season fangrl!


Victoria better start remembering/fearing me…nothing I like better than returning to carry off a cry baby!

Crybaby Caleb

Don’t forget me!!! These guys aren’t playing pool the right way. I wanna leave!

I hope my swollen gland doesn’t make me too heavy for you, Mr. Crow….

Ready For a One Liner

LOL…Donny says there’s two kinds of tobacco chewers in this world the Swallowers and the Spitters. Then Frankie says __________________ (you fill in the blanks)


As always, Frankie says RELAX!


Please get rid of the 2 Hohs


Derrick needs to stfu and vote Zach.


Donny please don’t chew that stuff. You’re too awesome a man too die young.

BBFAN hey!!

Hey! You stole my SN! no joint for you!!! Puff n pass to everyone else!!! Ha! Thanks Dawg and Simon for updates! I know its boring watching the live feeds! Off to think of a cleaver screen name!!:-pp


Right now I’m begging for someone, anyone to throw a) a towel over her mouth, b) throw that big-ass moth at her or c), throw her into the pool. Just for kicks, you know? Oh guess who I’m talking about?
I’ve watched every episode of Big Brother US and Canada so I don’t believe anyone has suffered a nervous breakdown but Victoria is getting dangerously close ’cause she wants her mommy and her nice smooth sidewalks where no one should fall on their rollerblades because they are so perfect.
Throw her a clue at least?


Production needs to leave fake crows all over the house. Sitting on a shelf. Hanging from the ceiling. Everywhere! To help remind Victoria of home so she won’t be so sad. 🙁


I don’t know what I want rather happen… Jocasta is useless, zach at least is trying to play, “at the end of the day” maybe next week is more exciting…

Yeah, but how?

Nichole, Christine, Victoria, Jocasta are all extremely boring.

Caleb, Cody, and Derrick? Extremely grating.

Zach has been the saving grace this season, to get rid of him this early is dumb on production’s part…and yeah, if he goes, it will be because production let it/wanted it to happen. They saved Rachel, let’s not pretend they didn’t.


If zach is voted out it will probably light an entertaining fire to see in the house… If jocasta leaves probably nothing will happen…

Jameka Jocasta

Theyre sisters. Its not a racial thing its the fact that they are the exact same player


Damn Aaryn, thats horrible of you to say. I got two words for you.

Those were the days


Devin (megalomaniacal dick) = Good TV
Amber/Brittany (eye candy) = Good TV
Joey/Pau = Okay…Bad TV
Hate Zach all you want, but he is Good TV.
This is rapidly becoming the bland leading the bland.


Caleb, Cody, zach, eye candy


Hey Anonymous, have you SEEN any of Cody’s “underwear” modeling pics? If you consider a jock strap “underwear!” Cody isn’t eye candy – he’s MAN candy!


Zack says “i’m not gay or homosexual, I I can really go for Frankie” If anyone needs meds, it’s ZACTLY.

Caleb's ESTROGEN Level

Caleb GROW a pair and quit F**king around…no woman will want you after you’ve been acting like a freaking punk ass “romantic cowboy” Ugh! I’m just saying – if those BB guys were really your BROs they would tell YOU!


I wish Caleb would put a shirt on and take that rag off his head. I really think he thinks he’s cute. NOT. It’s overkill. Then he puts Donny’s overalls on. I guess to cover his lumpy tit. I sure wish he was going out this week.


Is Skankie still a have not? I am surprised that no mention has been made in these updates. I was sure he would be complaining every 5 minutes.


Derrick is spitted mad game right now on feeds. Dude is legit game player.

Uh, no.

Derrick is just mad paranoid. He’s got no game. He did last week, before he decided to pull a Devin and start coming after his own team.


Are you watching the feeds? He is playing hardcore starting at 8pm. He just played Frankie and locked him in. Then is playing Nicole even harder a little later. She is falling hard for it.

If anyone likes could old fashion BB gameplay last hour has been legit.

Geez Louise

I can barely hold in my excitement about the events of the house this. Please give these houseguests some beer, wine, red bull, 5 hour energy…. something! I feel like a crazy person checking for updates only to find Caleb pouting, Victoria crying, Frankie trying to Mack on Zach, Zach failing miserably at trying to be a villain, Cody whining, Christine making goo goo eyes at Cody, Nicole pretending to make a big move, Derek scheming, Donny chewing, and Jocasta doing nothing. Hayden is the only one not annoying me. And what do I do? Still check for updates. It can be tough, sometimes, being a BB Fan but it takes dedication. 😉 Now enough of y rambling, give these people some alcohol!!

Evil where are you

Precisely, Geez!


Yes if Zach leaves then this season will be done because the rest of the guest are just boring and at least he has fun with it…end of the day he is good TV. Jocasta is a nice person but not worth watching on TV for an hour at a time. I hope BB talks them into keeping Zach

Codys testicles

Help I cant find my human that I’m supposed to be attached too

Taint the Jury!

i hope Zach sees to it that Derrick and Cody lose if either makes it to the final 2…not that they will. If those idiots vote their shield out this Thursday, the house will quickly be coming for them. Frankie, Christine, and Caleb will be anyway, and how long until Nichole and Hayden finally hear what Donny is saying-that Derrick is the puppetmaster!

Cody and Derrick are idiots. nice knowing you guys, but your games are over.


When are these people going to catch on that Derrick is the ring leader and needs to go! Also Cody is a big Wimp who always says he’s going to call someone out, but always backs down. Please, Please get rid of Caleb ASAP, he is annoying as he’ll. Has yet to live up to the name “Beast Mode Cowboy”, it’s all about him!!! Get rid of him, I wonder what the people in his home town think about what he has said, he makes it sound like everyone is jealous of them. Judging by how he has played this game, he’s a big fool, wait until he is home and I pray he watches to see how nobody liked him or respected his game play. He is an idiot!!!


I agree with a lot of people on here if zach goes the excitement goes with it! Let’s be honest no one has the balls to try and take out Derrick he won it’s over just end the season… Pray for all stars next year!


This statement is only meant to illustrate an observation:
If Victoria were a black woman the amount of negativity she is receiving would be blamed on her race.
I sincerely believe that is true. Time and time again I’ve seen people post comments about someone utter inability to play Big Brother who might happen to be black and the boards get lit up by people questioning the source of that dislike. I venture to say (at least for myself), I dislike a person’s strategy based on a few standards: 1. Ability to adapt constantly and 2. The ability to maintain as much personal integrity (no one can claim 100%), without having to attack another player personally to advance (this is the most challenging).
It leaves very few for me to absolutely admire and leaves one Golden Standard and it was Will Kirby when he first played the game. He was The Master and I have yet to see one individual measure up.
Jon from Big Brother Canada 2 came pretty close in my opinion.
Just food for thought – or slop if you don’t agree.

reality check

Race gets brought into every discussion board because we live in a racist country. As a result whenever negativity is aimed at someone who happens to be a person of color it’s only natural to wonder if there are any racist overtones. No this is not paranoia, just responsible and conscientious people making sure certain long fought for standards are being maintained . Its comforting knowing you’re an equal opportunity critic, but sadly the rest of the world is not.

Circling the Drain

Realizing if Zach goes there’s not many options of people to root for, or even root against. Yeah, I want to see Derrick and Cody get theirs, but i mean really who cares. Devin was a far better villain.

I’d honestly rather see someone who’s done nothing this season win over someone who has played such a terrible game as those two. Devin turned on his alliance, it was a bad move, he deserved to go home. So do they. They deserve to win even less than Devin, because they didn’t even learn from his mistake.


Frankie an derrick if you vote Donny out it will make us America real mad in production no this so please production save Donny if Donny goes thiers no team America in no rating


I don’t know if it’s here, but there was an interesting conversation between Hayden and Donny where Donny was subliminally pushing for Zach to stay because he knows Zach won’t put him up (like last week), and he knows that Zach is more valuable as a competition threat than Jocasta. Hayden talked him out of it though. I thought it was an interesting insight into what Donny’s thinking, and I almost hope he sticks to his gut and ignores Hayden.


Nicole just fell for Derricks game play right now so hard. He is workin it tonight.


Are these people stupid? They’re voting out the HUGE targets, that will keep the target off their backs.. 1st Devin, now Zach… All while the floaters are cruising through..

Don’t they realize, if you take the most hated to the finals, you’re guaranteed to win?

I’d be surprised if Derrick don’t win…


Around here…there’s no cracks in the sidewalks, no CATS without LEASHES, but there are some BIG ASS CROWS! We’re all here waiting for our photographer/ARMY joining /first made out at eight years old PRINCESS.

Victoria's Neiighborhood

Forgot…weave wearing CRY BABY!


Zach was fun while he lasted, but how he is just doing too much. If I have to hear his eviction poem one more time…. He is trying to hard to be a villain. Evil Dick or Dr. Will never had to run their speeches by people. They just did it because they were badasses. People thought that the season was over when Devin left, but then Zach stepped up to be our new entertainment, now when Zach leaves we will have someone step up to bring the crazy. There is always someone willing to take that spot. Production sets it up that way. We love you Zach, but time to go!


i totally agree. villains don’t practice their villainy. zach is a good boy who wants to be bad so he’s completely overplaying it. he should go this week.

air quotes

if the houseguests of the bb house were the cast of the zac efron/ seth rogen movie neighbors, derrick would be seth rogen’s character—the guy in his early thirties who is happily married with a baby girl, but still wants to hang out with the young guys. the frat guys would be caleb, cody, zach, and frankie. caleb would be zac efron’s character—the crazy, kind of dumb young kid whose frat brothers mean everything to him, even though the brotherhood is really falling apart. (similar to caleb’s situation with the bomb squad) brittany would be derricks hot, loving wife. amber would be caleb’s girlfriend, who strays and falls for his fellow frat bro, cody. zach and victoria are derrick and brittany’s jewish friends who have recently separated and hate each other, but realize they love each other in the end.


Zactly and his little squealy girlfriend need to go.


I want Dr. Will in this house. So bad.

Christine's crazy eye

Once more we return to the kingdom of BB16…
We find Donny de Beard, Lord of the Carolina’s, and Caleb, the BeastMode, discussing the merits of chewing the weed most foul. Lord Donny endeavors to help the hapless BeastMode with his maximized mammary. He apparently suffers an excess of the dreaded estrogen.
Meanwhile, the court jester, Zacharias O’Iamalia try’s to convince the fair and golden Nicole, she of the most charmingly strident tones, that he should remain in court, to serve her. “Of, fairest of the land, I swear, I shall never, ever, ever make attempt to dip my hands into your buckets o blood again. Nor shall I attempt to introduce yon Sir Hayden to the luverly Julie Chen. ” But of course, gracious poster, he has his finger crossed behind his back.

Tune in later for further exciting posts from the land that CBS built…


Im from a town about 10-15 mins from caleb, believe me, we all know hes a psycho nut job!!!! Wish he would quit telling hes from kentucky!!!!!!!! Soooooo embarrasing!!!!!!!!!


This is our future if characters like Zach leave – Donny talking about things…we just don’t care about. But no, SAVE JOCASTA!

Compelling television.