Hayden – “I want Caleb to go home so f*** bad.I had a straightener in my hand and I wanted to f** burn him”

POV Holder: Victoria Next POV July 19th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 26th
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Cody
Battle of the Block Winner Jocasta/Amber Next HOH/ Next BOB July 24/July 25
Original Nominations: Brittany/Victoria(Cody) Jocasta/Amber (Frankie)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players Cody, Brittany, Victoria, Caleb, Nicole, Zach

BB16-2014-07-19 22-16-30-790

Nicole “I’m so over this hat”

BB16-2014-07-19 22-20-24-275

10:23pm Derrick and Caleb Backyard
Derrick doesn’t want Brittany in the game for the simple fact she’s made it obvious she’s targeting the Guys.
Derrick “She wants to take the food out of my kids mouths she’s gone”

BB16-2014-07-19 22-29-14-252
10:29pm Cody gets his A$$ kicked

BB16-2014-07-19 22-30-49-409

10:30pm Kitchen Cody, Christine and hayden
Cody is pissed off at frankie right now he told Amber that it was Cody fault for her going up
Cody – “Pretty much pinning it on me.. I don’t know if it’s caleb fabricating ”
They agree this week could have gone so much better but Zach and Caleb f***ed it up. .
COdy – “If we were one week later I would be putting him up.. 8 million percent”
Hayden – The best thing to do is put up Caleb but it makes no sense.. personally wise.
Coyd is mad at Zach and Caleb and wants to punish them but he can’t because of the Alliance
Hayden points out that Zach and Caleb are “So selfish”
Cody – it would be catastrophic
Cody brings up telling Zach to “F***g Stop” disrespecting Brittany
Hayden explains Caleb screwed them by not grabbing the veto he had the chance but went for the money. Zach had no choice and got the trip, They agree Zach is being a a$$ hate right now because he has the trip.

BB16-2014-07-19 22-41-39-150
10:38pm Storage room Hayden and Cody
Hayden saying Zach has been pissing him the f** off sometimes. Cody mentions how the way Zach is acting he’s going to lose Donny’s respect.
Hayden – “He brings us all down”
Cody thinks if he’s ever on the block with Zach he’s not going home Zach will be sent packing. Thats one reason to keep Zach around.
Hayden – “we still need to get Brittnay out and Amber out”
Cody is pissed at Zach his attitude and what he’s saying is really getting to him.
Hayden – obviously it would be amazing if Zach or Caleb would go up
Cody – Ya they are 100% going home .. Brittany has to go home
Hayden – Amber is lying all over the place she’s getting worse by the day dude
Hayden – I want Caleb to go home so f*** bad so F*** bad”
Cody I know
Hayden brings up in the bathroom after the POV Caleb was walking around saying he’s the richest man in the big brother house.
Hayden – I had a straightener in my hand and I wanted to f*** burn him
Cody brings up the POV competition where Nicole grabbed the German penalty instead of the vacation because Brittany almost got it.
Hayden says nicole is more loyal than half people
Cody – 100% dude
Haydn – This all shows where Caleb’s head is at.

BB16-2014-07-19 22-41-28-151

BB16-2014-07-19 22-54-21-059

10:52pm HOH Frankie, Zach and Nicole
Nicole says Amber was telling her how bad she feels for Brittany. Frankie groans “Boring”
Nicole – I had to leave the kitchen before I said something mean
After Amber said that Nicole pointed out to her what Brittany has to do is no harder than wearign the costume for 7 days, “I just walked out of there”
Nicole adds Amber ways just talking sh1t about Brittany last night
Zach – Amber’s the worst
Frankie – amber’s the worst .. she’s just the worst
Zach – She’s like Devin .. she’s lost.
Frankie – Oh my god she’s just a mess
Nicole – if she’s trying to make me feel bad i’m not feeling bad.. I said I’m taking the POwer of Veto from whoever it’s not personal”
Frankie assures her there is no chance Brittany is staying.
Frankie says even if Cody did something crazy like put Caleb up Brittany would still go home
“She’s (Amber) an idiot .. you want to tether yourself to a sinking ship good for you.. i’ll watch you drown”
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BB16-2014-07-19 23-10-03-462

10:59pm Cam 1
Victoria tells Brittany she’ll come out later and be with her so she’s not alone

11:30pm Brittany getting a hard time for not being excited. Brittany “I’ve kicked a thousand fricken balls man you get excited by a thousand fricken balls”

BB16-2014-07-19 23-52-16-506

Brittany says the Diary Room told her they will have sunscreen and a tent set up outside when things get hot. Brittany laughs says she’ll get this done before the sun comes up.
Brittany complains that inside of her leg is sore. Derrick shows are a way to do it that doesn’t hurt her groin. Brittany is confused ‘Girls have groins”

Brittany gets ahold of the bottle of red wine starts crushing it.

Donny gives Brittany a hug

BB16-2014-07-20 00-18-41-227

12:08AM Kitchen Cody and Frankie

Cody – Dude why did you throw me under the bus
Frankie – Me .. shut up
Cody that’s what I heard you told Amber I Was the reason she went up
Frankie – No.. She say in front of me and told me.. she said the same thing to you that she said to me
Cody – She’s lying to him (Caleb) that she never said it to the both of us.
Frankie – Exactly i was like She said it to me and she said it to cody
They head up to the HOH where Zach is sleeping
Frankie says he talked to Amber today and warned her to stop making side alliance with people outside of the alliance.
Frankie wants Amber to calm down so when the time comes for them to evict her she doesn’t see it coming.
Frankie “I wasn’t trying to throw you under the bus.. I was trying to help her feel more secure in this group because the more secure she is the less she’s going to try”
They agree one way to get Amber out will be tell Caleb that Amber tried to kiss Cody. Cody – “I’ll either get punched in the face or he’ll run to her and tell her”
Frankie points out if he hits he’ll get removed from the house. frankie will use makeup to fix it.

Christine comes up. Frankie says it doesn’t benefit them if AMber and Brittany are fighting.
Frankie says Jocasta, Brittany and Amber have formed a power house 3 person alliance called the witches of eastwick he adds that he named it.

BB16-2014-07-20 00-38-03-473

Hayden – “This is what I have to deal with every day.. it’s a problem”

12:47am hayden, Christine, Derrick, Cody, Brittany
Brittany says after a thousand she’s jumping in the pool and resting on the Hammock.
Hayden tells Cody “This is my life.. it’s a blessing and a curse”.. mostly a curse because it’s gross”
Derrick asks what the elastic around the top is for.
Hayden says it’s to keep “It all in there.. I have to undo it every time I … It just explodes it’s an exploding sausage Nicole likes to hold it for me”
The soccer net is broken they get called into a indoor lockdown while Production fixes it

BB16-2014-07-20 01-23-44-523

1:29AM Brittany still working on the 2400 goals.
Cody gets 3 “penalty kick” calls in a row. (Big Brother plays over the speakers “Penalty kick” when they want him to use the she kicking machine)

BB16-2014-07-20 01-43-16-207

1:36AM Derrick and Frankie HOH
Derrick – you think we’re good right?
Frankie says he talked to Amber about her feeling she’s at the bottom of the list and she is trying to make alliance outside and by doing that people in the alliance are starting to question her. Frankie told her to stop that and sopt rilling up Caleb.
Derrick – is this week a wrap or do we have a lot of work
Frankie says thy will need to coddle cody until the ceremony
Derrick warns him if Cody flipped and they kept Brittnay it will be detrimental to their game.
Derrick – “For this week to be a success we have to marginalize their alliance”
They agree Britney cannot be left alone with Cody.
They are certain If Donny is the replacement Brittany is going home but if it’s Caleb they will have a tough time convincing people to vote Brittany out.

Frankie starts talking about Brittany home life says Brittany is not poor, “Mothers that are struggle can’t leave their kids”. Adds she marries wealthy men, Drives a BMW and was a playboy bunny at hugh hefner’s mansion.
Derrick says he’s not looking at Brittany’s home life that doesn’t concern him he’s just worried about everyone sticking to the plan.
Zach joins them

BB16-2014-07-20 02-26-06-600

Brittany hits 1000 goals

BB16-2014-07-20 02-08-37-415

2:00AM Frankie, Derrick and ZacThey talk about Caleb wanting to trade the money for the trip to Germany so he can take Amber.
Zach I just want to make it to JUry so I can vote for one of you to win. Zach wants Amber gone next week. Derick says Amber or Jocasta. Zach doesn’t think JOcasta is a that.
Derrick “We said originally Brittany or Jocasta” He’s very confident Amber will fall in line when Brittany goes “She’ll play ball she’ll have to”
Zach mentions everytime him and Cody are talking she’s staring at him and listening im on the conversation
Zach – “And she talks loud”
Derrick says Caleb will keep Zach over Hayden . If the majority of the house is voting one way he’ll follow the house,
Derrick – he’s loyal to a fault.. thats one thing you can rely on
Zach – But he’s more loyal hayden
They talk about Caleb wanting to trade the money for the trip to Germany so he can take Amber.
Zach I just want to make it to JUry so I can vote for one of you to win. Zach wants Amber gone next week. Derick says Amber or Jocasta. Zach doesn’t think JOcasta is a that.
Derrick “We said originally Brittany or Jocasta” He’s very confident Amber will fall in line when Brittany goes “She’ll play ball she’ll have to”
Zach mentions everytime him and Cody are talking she’s staring at him and listening im on the conversation
Zach – “And she talks loud”
Derrick says Caleb will keep Zach over Hayden . If the majority of the house is voting one way he’ll follow the house,
Derrick – he’s loyal to a fault.. thats one thing you can rely on
Zach – But he’s more loyal hayden

BB16-2014-07-20 02-45-32-148

2:17am I’ve been cleaning up mopping up blood he says it’s been a really tough week for him
Derrick wonders why they haven’t been talked about the second Team America task they usually get question by now. Derrick mentions that they all agreed with Donny that Amber was a physical Threat. Derrick says every time he’s in the Diary room he builds up the Team America Alliance. He thinks there’s 6 more weeks of the Team America twist
They agree Donny has to stay in the game he will not be coming after them.
Frankie is a bit concerned that Donny will tell someone in the house about Team America. Derrick isn’t worried they all signed contracts. Frankie explains Donny has loose lips something might slip up.
They agree DEtonators to the final 5. Amber told them final 4 Caleb, Amber, Derrick and Frankie this makes sense to them as they think Andrew and Caleb are very beatable in competitions. Derrick makes it clear that Caleb and Amber have to leave before that.
Derrick tells him the team America is an alliance he would really like them to make it to final 3. They all have something in their past that brings them together. He knows they’ve been honest to each other Derrick having a checkered PAst and Frankie wanting to build a schools\.

2:54AM Everyone up milling around the backyard
Alliances (Some Of these are dead)
Zankie = Frankie/Zach
Bomb squad = Caleb, Amber, Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Christine, Zach, Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole
Not a showmance= Hayden/Nicole
Los Tres Amigos = Derrick, Cody, Zach
The bottom Feeders = Derrick/Nicole
We hate Devin = Christine and Zach
Outsiders = Brittany, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Stalker = Caleb/Amber
Quad Kings = Derrick, Zach, Cody and Hayden (still being built)
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
Final 2 Deal “The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick

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8 Million Percent Bro!

Not a Brit fan at all, BUT,,, I gotta give it to her.
She’s got more balls then all the boys in the house do.
Literally and figuratively… 🙂
Good for you girl !!!!

Michael from Canada

If only she had watched a couple seasons of the show before, she could have been a great player.


imo, most recruits have the opportunity to watch at least a couple of seasons. Shane did that before BB14, and others had as well. They make the effort, they take the time. They don’t just get called on Tuesday, asked if they want to be on the show, and enter the house on Thursday lol

Allison Grodner

You know that new Weird Al parody music video about all the people on the Internet who use words wrong and look foolish? You need to stop using the word literally until you figure out what it actually means.

8 Million Percent Bro!

Brit had been literally kicking a ball for over two hours!
I was literally making a joke and using a pun referring to that.
So, next time, if you literally do not like it, or you literally just don’t get it,
then literally, just scroll past it.


Anyone who literally admits to watching a Weird Al video,
sounds pretty foolish to me!


I wish girls like Danielle bb3, Danielle bb8/13, Janelle and even.Rachel could come and give these girls a lesson on how to compete with the boys. People don’t like whiners


What?? WHAT??? Cody kissing Caleb’s fiancé? The gull of them treating a beastly, wealthy, cookie dough producing, ex-military surviving, bible-reading, non-racial, breast cancer fighting, good ole southern cowboy this way?? Not with HIS old lady!! huh uh!

Big Jacket

Guess you prefer the Satanic type of houseguests who hate America. You sound like an evil Republican to me.


*Points at Troll*

*Gives Big Jacket Gold Star for Best Trolling Comment of the Day Award*



Nick, help me out. Am I the troll in this scenario? Or is it the large jacketed person? I seriously can’t tell! I promise, I won’t be mean about it.


Yep, that’s me! Eeeeeeevilllllll…..bwahahaa


It was just a little sarcasm, hon.

Brainwashed much?

the fact that you think there is a difference between political parties means they got you hook line and sinker…


This is the funniest comment I have ever read. Hahahaha! This gave me more joy than this entire season of lunatics! Caleb’s fiance, LOLLLL!


Breast cancer fighting!!! HAHAHA! Where have you been all of my BB life?


Lol! Well, apparently, I’ve been burning the flag and breaking into the Democratic Party leader’s offices. Oops! Caught me! (Glad to meet you, Misty!)


They are so mean about amber. First was victoria now amber, whos next? Barack obama? Like geeze. Its so sad seeing a nice girl getting played by the whole house. But she had it coming when she opens her mouth too much. I want amber to fucking own that hoh and show them whos boss

Big Jacket

I thought Frankie and Andy the Rat Face from last year were the same person. Frankie is not as smart as Rat Face, but at the least Frankie doesn’t call other houseguests c..nts, azzho’s, whorews behind their backs while pretending to be nice to them.

Frankie, Cody, Nicole, Zach and Christine are aholes!

Andy was dreadful. despicable, disrespecting ratface person. This one is not as awful but he’s still the evil gal clown of the House.

Frankie, Cody, Nicole, Zach and Christine are aholes!

Should learn to proofread.

“evil gal clown” should read “Evil-Gay-Clown”


Everyone in this house is literally making up a lot of stories and telling a lot of lies (except Jocasta, I think she’s talking to God more than talking to the HGs and she’s just like disappear from the house). I want Brit stay but I think she has no chance now cause HITMAN is just so scared to put Caleb up.


The fratbrats wouldn’t have all the power if Ratine, Nicole we’re up their butts. Any everyone trusts Der-prick. Guess it helps being a professional narc.


In all seriousness, this penalty for Britt is probably the best thing BB could have done. For her. She’s getting some serious sympathy and respect points that would have NEVER come her way by just bitching and whining.


Yes but if she doesnt do it she wont play in the pov. She can tell them that and she might stay cuz they know she cant compete next week


Good point.


I don’t understand what you’re trying to say. The POV comp has been played and as a result this is Brittany’s punishment for that POV contest. Victoria has the POV. No more chances for Brit.


From what I understand from the blogs, if Britt doesn’t complete it she can’t play in next week’s POV. I think. 🙂


HAhaha……funny from Hayden about the wiener. 🙂

Luv your posts Suze, BUT,,,

Haydens sexual jokes are getting old really quick!
I know he is just trying to be funny, but honestly, it’s not anymore.
Imagine if you were in the house and every time you were around him,
he continuously made comments like that in front of, or to you?
Trust me, it would work your last nerve!!
So says the guy with the: “That’s What She Said” jokes.


I’m just responding to what I read under the picture posted on this site. He was talking to one of the guys, I haven’t seen the live footage yet. If it went on all night, I’d have to agree.


If I hear Derrick say one more time “they are taking food and money out of my babies mouth”, I am going to punch a hole in the TV screen. What show does he think he’s on? That all he had to do is show up, and the check was his. How dare anyone else think about winning the money. I am so sick of his feelings of entitlement. The guys this year seem to be loud mouth jackasses. {Excluding Donny}
I now loathe Hayden, his ego is out of control, and I can’t stand his girlfriend and her sidekick. Yuck! For super fans they are 2 of the dumbest that have ever come on the show. Someone posted earlier that this should of been the year of the coaches. I think all of the coaches would of self evicted.


I don’t like when Derrick says that either.


He should be worried about taking food out of his wife’s mouth, she could you it. Too far? I don’t care.


I did not make that comment.


Ladybug, your comment is spot on! I cringe each time I hear Derrick made that stupid remark. I find myself loathing, detesting, despising Derrick more and more with each passing minute. He is so irritating. And yes, Hayden’s ego is ballooning and his comments are becoming Spencerish. I predict cracks forming in allegiances and relationships soon.


Derrick is a hypocrite with that statement. Always saying Britney doesnt deserve to win more than anyone else in the house just because she has 3 kids yet he makes the comment about you dont f with a mans family. Your taking food out of my kids mouth. Etc.

1000 goals so far. Shes being really positive, I would be cursing that ball out esp when missing the goal. She is going to be so sore to get up and continue kicking the rest of the goals. Poor heart.


King Der-prick is the ultimate hypocrite. He can talk about his wife and kid but Brit can’t talk about her kids. But then what do you expect from a man who made his living gaining people’s trust then throwing them in jail.


He’s telling people, Brittany is using the single mom, three kids things etc. etc. THen…before the conversation is over he does the same thing


More than any other HG, Derrick is playing a role – extremely well. He’s “matching talk” and manufacturing reasons to want his targets gone.


Heyden is such a disappiontment!!

8 Million Percent Bro!

Yeah Hayden has definitely is a disappointment.
Liked him at first, and had high hopes for him.
But now all he does is say sexual comments all of the time, which are totally getting old,
and has become just as catty as the rest of the “mean group.”
Maybe the fact that he straightens his hair,,, should have given us a clue…


Super fans ? I don’t consider Christine & Nicole super fans cause if they were they would do something about Derrick and try to riley the outsiders to flip the house and think nothing but big moves there not they observe & report what the girls say to Derrick all with out getting a Scooby snack or a pet on the head.

There’s two different types of super fans there’s the ppl who just watch the show when it come on I call them CBS fans and then there’s the Real Super Fans ppl watch the show, watch the feeds, read and follow the blogs everyday check it in the morning, day, & night those the Real Super Fans Christine & Nicole are CBS fans in my eyes


Even if Ratine and Know-Nothing Nicole were true superfans (which I think production thought they were) they really don’t understand the game. If they did then Ratine would have used her info to get the girls to keep Joey and get rid of Pow Pow. Then they would have put pressure on the guys to prove there was no BS Squad by putting one of their own up each week and taken them out one by one. With Hayden and Donny they would have been the power in the house. They may have watched the game but haven’t got the guts to Woman Up and play it.


The people leaving comments on OBB are as bad as Brit with their whining.

Wah, the boys are too smart, they’re whipping these girls too hard at this game. Someone please save these clueless women from these darn boys who are actually playing the game… sob sob sob.

Give me a break.

Truth Hurts

the ratings on your comment which is spot on, show how messed up the world is. No keeping score, no free speech, all politically correct, if it isn’t going my way somebody should intervine and change it. Sad really. I don’t know why nobody seems to want to let the game play out. Everyone wants to piss and moan about what isn’t fair who deserves what based on frivolous personal opinions. Let the players play the winners win and whinners go home. Let the thumbs down rain…
Reality is not mean
Just because you are offended it does not make you right.


as crazy as everyone thinks Caleb is, have you heard him talk about other players the way Hayden/Nicole/Christine bitch and bitch?! What have they done in this game to feel so entitled and powerful to hate everyone and state whos leaving week after week. The Amber bashing is horrid, I wish she had a bullshit radar so she could pick up on how these girls hate her, its sad to watch! And Big Brother, nobody likes a shady edit, show Nicole for who she is and Hayden and fuck the girl next door + funny surfur you are trying to portray them as. Derrick is annoying but atleast hes playing a decent game, i wish Amber would for fucks sake….just form a solid alliance with Caleb and stop distancing. One thing in the big brother house that is PRICELESS is loyalty, its hard to find and even harder to keep, when you know someone is willing to go on the block for you, just ally with them! Not people you know dont give a fuck about you. Big Brother needs to calm down with the recruits cause it seems like they just dont get it.


You are right. Amber needs to get her head in the game. A strong alliance with Caleb who is being honest (even though he’s a bit stalkerish) would help her game. Right now she’s going to be blindsided by her own alliance. Also everyone gets so excited about winning a trip to Germany or $5000. Damn these kids don’t know what real money is. Guess that’s why they are on big brother.

Frankie, Cody, Nicole, Zach and Christine are aholes!

Expect unexpected could be Brittany wining a golden veto for completing the 2400goals/24hrs task.

Go Babe!


they have a veto comp, she loses and gets a punishment only to be rewarded?
Truth Hurts was right…
reward the punished?
and the 48 thumbs up SMH even more.

Derrick Fan

Derrick is a playing one hell of a social game. If you asked all the other players to list who they trust the most it seems like everyone, except maybe Donny (who’s handcuffed to him in TA), would have him in the top 3. If he can convert this into a win he will have played an all time great game.


Since King Der-prick is a government trained narc who made his living gaining people’s trust so he could send them to jail I’d say he had an unfair advantage.


I think for the first time ever I will quit watching BB


Bye Brit your game is weak.


So it is ok for all these guys to have side alliances but not Amber?!?! Even their rat Christine has a side alliance. I can’t wait until someone catches on to her. I wish Caleb would tell Anber do to trust Christine.


BB is trying to help Brittany and she can’t even see it.


Derrick has a flaw in his game…. it is subtle now… hardly noticeable. He is targeting all the other people that have children and saying “He/She is taking food out of my kids mouth.”…. You know what happens when it is a group of single people with NO kids and you keep talking about somebody taking food out of their kids mouth… “That is not my problem that you reproduced… you have a job your kids will be fine.”… They get tired of it and they just don’t care after awhile and they will start thinking why does he need it more than me. Get him out.
He should keep Brittany in the house… he really needs another parent that can compete… this will really bite him in the butt later in the game.


Ummmmm. Is Derrick really sitting there and saying he wants Brit out because she’s taking food from his kids mouth???? What in the blazing carcus does the fool think he’s doing to her!!!! Instead of him aligning himself with her because they are both PARENTS, it seems his main goal is to get all the females out! BB needs to stop this male domination and choose women for BB who aren’t afraid to make big moves and actually like each other. That would be a wonderful change. They usually choose one or two females with enough sense to know what’s going on, but then you have the timid ones who don’t want to make any waves and depend on their looks and fake personalities to get them further. Right Nicole?


whats with Hayden saying Nicole wants to hold his sausage, where they get these pigs from, no respect for the woman at all. I sometimes think they forget its BB and think they at local bar.I hate pigs.