Big Brother Spoilers Cody “How much more of a Snake is (Amber) than Frankie

POV Holder: Victoria Next POV July 19th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 26th
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Cody
Battle of the Block Winner Jocasta/Amber Next HOH/ Next BOB July 24/July 25
Original Nominations: Brittany/Victoria(Cody) Jocasta/Amber (Frankie)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players Cody, Brittany, Victoria, Caleb, Nicole, Zach

BB16-2014-07-19 20-04-11-285

Hayden – You smell good
Frankie – It’s my deodorant


8:10pm Brittany working on her penalty 2400 goals in 24 hours. If she fils she doesn’t get to play in teh next Power of Veto competition

BB16-2014-07-19 20-18-12-379

8:09pm HOH Frankie and Amber
Amber says she heard people in her alliance are “Throwing “ her name out there. Frankie says it’s because of Brittany being the instigator.
Cody comes up, AMber mentions her name is being “Thrown out here” Cody asks if this has to do with Caleb. Amber says no. Amber says she only sees her and CHristine as the girls in the alliance and Christine is sitting back and taking it easy. She feels like she’s doing more than CHristine and taking all the risk.
Frankie says that Christine will start pulling her own weight when there’s a mental challenge, She’ll be the one running around scrambling.
Amber sees all the guys talking and when she’s in an alliance she doesn’t want her name being thrown out “It hurt my game as well”
Frankie points out Amber is good with people outside the alliance this is why she doesn’t hang out with the alliance as much. . Amber says of course it’s to benefit the alliance.
Frankie doesn’t want her to freak out over this. Amber says she’s not freaking out she’s just not getting it she never mentions other peoples names and their games to harm them.
Frankie tells her the 8 person alliance is broken up into two pieces, Zach, COdy, Christine and Hayden on one side and Amber, Caleb, and Frankie on the other.
Frankie – “I think Derrick is probably in the middle”
Frankie mentions if Zach wins HOH he’s not safe. .
Frankie instructs her to cultivate her relationship with Caleb
Amber asks Frankie how close he is with Zach.
Frankie says Zach as a friend they are buddy buddy
Amber – In the game
Frankie – I don’t trust him
AMber – he’s already thrown us under the bus that is what scares me.. He’s hurting Cody’s game as well
Amber asks him who they are voting out. Frankie says Brittany.
Frankie says next week if it’s double eviction it’ll be Victoria or Jocasta . Frankie warns her once those two and Donny are gone it’s going to be literally 2 groups of 4 brawling it out and the person in the HOH will have all the power. Frankie adds every week there will be a HUGE game move backstabs and blindsides every week but they have to get there first.

BB16-2014-07-19 20-31-44-145

Nicole gets the GermiTard There’s beer in the stein.

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8:47pm Caleb and Cody
(Prior to this conversation Caleb talked to Frankei in the HOH told him id Brittany can complete the penalty she deserves to stay. Frankie tells her no way is it going to happen)
Caleb saying it’s a shame they have to send home the person who is fighting so hard to stay in the game. Cody agrees says this is the hard part of the game.
Caleb says if Brittany make the 2400 goals it really show you something makes you feel bad. Caleb points out how she’s a mother of 3 kids and to fight so hard.
Cody says Brittany is going to get to a 1000 and take break.
Cody says Brittany told him “what do you think my dad thinks of you right now”
Cody – That f***ing sucks
Caleb doesn’t understand why she would say that.
over the speakers it says Brittany has 23 hours to go
Caleb – she’s supposed to do 100 an hour and she’s already at 250
Caleb would hate to have a player like Victoria make it far, “Victoria and Brittany who would you have sent home”
Cody – Victoria 100%”
Cody says Amber did tell him she would be fine going up against Brittany because she knew she would be safe. (Amber told Caleb she never said that)

BB16-2014-07-19 21-04-16-148

8:56pm The Gmeritard tells them her stein will re refilled with Beer or Apple juice as long as it’s beer coloured “I think they will give me apple juice most of the time..” . She takes a drinks “It’s not light is it.. ugh”

BB16-2014-07-19 20-50-41-705

8:50pm 1 hour down 250 Goals scored

BB16-2014-07-19 20-59-44-291

8:57pm HOH Frankie, CHristine and Zach
Zach saying “They” are doing whatever it takes to keep Brittany
Christine says the girls in the house are catty as hell she is so tired of them.
Frankie says he talked to Amber and told her she’s making alliance with people outside the 8 that is why people are freaking out.
Frankie and Zach both mention Caleb going around saying if Brittany makes the 2400 goals she deserves to stay.
Frankie – “I said Great and she’s leaving”
Frankie told Caleb if you are campaigning for people against eh 8 you will be a target. Zach brings up that Caleb told him “Brittany isn’t coming after us she’s against Christine and Nicole”
Frankie – Christine is in our alliance you dumb F***”
Frankie is telling everyone “Anyone who votes outside the 8 persona alliance becomes a target”

BB16-2014-07-19 21-02-12-009

9:02pm Cody gets called to do a penalty kick


BB16-2014-07-19 21-20-39-706

9:19pm POOLTABLE Zach and Cody
Cody is pissed at frankie, say cody is trying to get out of this week with no blood on his hands he’s talking to Amber and putting the blame on other people.
Frankie threw cody under the bus saying to Amber the reason she went up is because of Cody.

BB16-2014-07-19 21-33-34-226

9:33pm Backyard Caleb and Derrick
Caleb says Amber told him she’s not voting Brittany to go home. Caleb told her than she’s going to be the target next week if that happens. Amber wants more girls in Jury because it will help her in the end.
Derrick – “Bingo”
Caleb says In ambers defence she thinks we will all gang up on her and she’s gone.
Derrick thats true but would she be in the house if they weren’t here.
Derrick says he would love every single person in the house to get the money but that is not the case. “Amber could win the whole thing.. She may.. I’m saying she may”
Caleb doesn’t’ think the jury will give the win to Amber over him.
Derrick says he only trusts Amber because he trusts Caleb. Derrick adds if Caleb left in the game derrick would stay loyal to her because he knows that is what he wanted.
Caleb – “Me, you, Amber.. really the only three I trust.. Really”
Derrick – “If he puts up who I think he is putting up .. Donny.. she won’t have the votes he deserves to be here he’s a beast”

BB16-2014-07-19 21-44-45-055

9:44pm Kitchen Cody and Zach
Cody says Frankie is throwing his name under the bus to people outside of their 5. Cody adds Amber did say to him she didn’t mind going up as a pawn. points out that Frankie put AMber not Cody he’s trying to put the blame on COdy.
Zach can’t stand Amber calls her a Snake.
Cody “How much more of a Snake is she than Frankie.. like in that situation how much more of a snake”
Zach doesn’t think Frankie did it on purpose.
Cody – Oh my God Zach.. c’mon don’t try to play.. he smart he’s not stupid.. he’s so smart he knows exactly what he’s doing”
Cosy – “He’s trying to playing it like he’s Mr Goodguy”



Alliances (Some Of these are dead)
Zankie = Frankie/Zach
Bomb squad = Caleb, Amber, Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Christine, Zach, Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole
Not a showmance= Hayden/Nicole
Los Tres Amigos = Derrick, Cody, Zach
The bottom Feeders = Derrick/Nicole
We hate Devin = Christine and Zach
Outsiders = Brittany, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Stalker = Caleb/Amber
Quad Kings = Derrick, Zach, Cody and Hayden (still being built)
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
Final 2 Deal “The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick

BB16-2014-07-19 21-43-10-154


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I like Zach so much more when he is in Beast Mode A$$hole.


It’s kind of hilarious. At least it’s just brazen and not the passive aggressive cattiness that has afflicted all the girls in the house.


Omfg im tired of hearing amber is a snake! Like wtf wat world r u in. But im glad cody is seeing the real frankie.


If he is smart and has balls we would put Frankie up.


Why would it be smart to put up frankie now? He is working with him now. Same goes for Caleb, he is working with Caleb now. Doesn’t mean he likes the two of them, but they will help him advance if one of them wins hoh next.

Just because you personally don’t like and want to see him gone. Doesn’t mean Cody should put him up.


Or Caleb…Frankie or Caleb. Pleasepleaseplease. Just not Donny.


Personally, I think that Derrick has noticed that Donny is keeping his eye on him, AND he’s (Donny’s) got game, friends and ability. IMO, I think he either really wants him out or wants to see what the others will do in the vote if he’s up. I think Derrick has just about everybody figured out and lined up except him. Derrick is two or three plays in front of the rest of the house.


I think Derrick and Frankie need to remember that Donny is TA member, and right now I believe that if they were to keep campaigning to get him on the block and out, that TA will be stopped. If they want to continue to do TA challenges and get $5000 each, i think they need to be aware of their moves. There isn’t any pros to bring up his name as a possible replacement nominee, imo, it doesn’t benefit or not benefit either way. They could easily put up Christine for a change, who has enough supporters that she’d be in no danger, and she would finally be contributing. Also, it keeps in with the Cody style of only putting up the girls.


Cody, grow some balls and handle your HOH. Derrick didn’t give a damn about your opinion when he was HOH, and he’s now telling you what to do with yours.

Leave Amber alone

The whole damn house is full of snakes


and she’s the most honest out of all the HG with the exception of Jocasta and Donny.
this situation reminds me of Candice all over again.

Really Christine? all the girls are catty but you and nicole always talk about Amber. But I understand why Christine is angry, I would be mad if i looked like Mike Boogie with a wig on.

Victoria's Secret

And wayyyyyyy out of left field comes a person with a chip on their shoulder – what the hell has this got to do with Candice?

Amber is the nicest girl in the house

Because the other girls treated Candice like crap for no good reason. I think Gina Marie and Aaryn hated Candice because she was a beauty queen that was on an episode of Oprah. As dumb as that sounds, women hate on each other for the cattiest reasons.

This seasons the girls are intimidated by Amber because she’s a model and two of the guys find her attractive.


yeah well I don’t know, nearly all of the HGs, guys and girls, have made comments about things they don’t like about Amber’s personality. It seemed to me like she was given a fair shot, people tried to like her but she does things that make it very hard. so I am not so sure people don’t like her bc she’s pretty, that’s a little too easy of an explanation.


Uh Candice won miss teen Louisiana – woohoo!. She was not on Oprah she was on a show called Looking For….
In any case, Lance Armstrong was on Oprah, people who molest children were on Oprah – does that make them somehow better or admirable? What’s the point (she wasn’t on the show anyway).
She was an annoying golddigger who evaded paying back a government assisted loan. Gave hand jobs on demand to ‘Howie’ and called Aaryn ‘Barbie’ quite a few times. She was detestable and acted entitled in that house.


Arryn called Candice a bitch which is way worse than Barbia which is actually something Aaryn doesn’t deserve to be called. She is horrible and racist. I love how people forget all the things they have done when they are trying to make someone else look bad. Really Aaryn is most likely BB has to try so hard to gain their viewers because no one likes to watch a racist ugly bitch on tv.


I really hope Cody changes his mind and decides to put someone else up other than Donny.. He could make a big move and backdoor someone strong


why wouldnt you consider Donny strong. Yes he hasnt been in the main alliance, but he has proven to be good at comps and has a great social game


Donny is strong but I like Donny so I don’t want him to go, I’d rather see someone like Zach or Caleb go instead


Wait, why is Frankie telling Amber there is two groups of 4? I thought he was tight with Zach and Cody? Is he trying to sabotage their game.


Did Christine just say that all of the girls in the house are catty, and that she is tired of it…?? HAHA. Christine, you are the girl that talks so much crap about all of the girls. You sit in the HOH room every week with the guys and have a bashing session. Half of the time, it’s you leading the bashing. You complained for weeks about Devin being like the people in high school that bullied you. You my dear are no better than those people. I thought that I was going to be rooting for you this year, NO SIR!


Makes u wonder what she says about customers at Starbucks, huh?


Christine is the biggest snake of all


I think Christine is under the impression that because she doesn’t indulge in make up or having any sort of sex appeal that somehow she is different and real and can’t be catty. She found a friend in Nicole because of the glasses and the perception of Nicole being nerdy per her own description and way she looks at herself. I bet if Nicole came in there with the same personality but lost the lenses and was into her looks more had was more obviously sexy she would hate her too.


Christine has made the deepest impression on me as a woman. Her one statement about still remembering the look on her husband’s face the first time he saw her naked is the epitome of sexy to me. That’s a moment that she can hold onto for a lifetime, intensified by the fact that she was a virgin for him. That’s internal, which is what being a woman is.


The Detonators are cracking! baaahaaaaahaaaahaaaa!


Hopefully they see Frankie for who he is which is a Snake
They should put Caleb up or Frankie


That makes now sense for Cody’s game. If they don’t go home and one of them wins hoh. Cody goes on the block. Right now he is working with them and all is kosher. They will battle later.


I heard Caleb tell derick he wants to go on bended knee to Amber in Germany where she was born! Omgosh I really think he needs serious help! I think BB needs to intervene with this Caleb obsession it seems borderline dangerous even Julie opened the show with one is obsessed with a girl! So they are fully aware of his mental state at this point! Im sorry but if girls are lined up for Caleb like he thinks they will be after the show thats pretty scary! Who would want to date an obsessed dillusional man like him! Its scary!! Im glad Cody told Zack to cool it with Britney I mean when is enough enough already?! Im starting to question these people’s sanity at this point! It really isnt entertaining to watch an obsessed stalker and hateful people! At least not all the time 24/7! Although watching them sing kumbaya isnt either! There has to be a middle ground somewhere!! Oh and funny they “finally” give them alcohol when Britney gets this all nighter punishment! Smh poor thing she wanted alcohol for days!! This season has me perplexed! Not sure how I feel about this season thus far:/ sadly


On BBAD tonight, did everyone see Caleb repeatedly talking into his microphone asking production to make Cody do the butt kicks over and over and over??? Amber was laying beside Cody on the ground at one point and Caleb says to Derrick, “There she goes again.” and tells production Cody is sleeping, make him do more kicks!

Caleb is just nuts. He mentioned earlier that his last girlfriend can’t stand him and won’t even speak to him. I can only imagine why. Makes you wonder what psychotic thing he might have done to her, or to some guy that just looked at her the wrong way.


So true!


Oh my sexy, sexy Caleb! He’s a sweet guy, just extremely visual. Like a cat who’s captivated by the bouncing ball. Amber is stunning to him, and he just can’t keep his eyes off of her. Maybe he’s just a sexy dweeb, or maybe he’s a weirdo. IDK, have any official complaints ever been filed? If this were the work place, however, HR would need to engage.


Really sick of Cody and his “I’m a tough guy, I’ll call everyone out” self righteous attitude. If you would like to confront someone STOP TALKING ABOUT IT AND DO IT. I really liked him in the beginning but the more he gets power the more I think he’s the biggest snake in the house. Also, It’s really evident that the reason he wants britney out is because she wasn’t all over him like he wanted. But I have a slight hope that she’ll stay this week if she can really manipulate him like she did with Devin.


“Christine says the girls in the house are catty as hell she is so tired of them.”

Says the cattiest girl in the house.

Big Jacket

I would love to see an Amber win HOH next week along with Donny. The HOH’s could then put up Cody & Hayden vs Zach & Derrick. That would shake the house to its foundation. That would be AWESOME!


Ha, keep dreamin.


Couldnt agree more

Hayen Nicole F2

Yes to Derrick and Zach, no to Cody and Hayden. I love Hayden!! Cody’s not so bad.


Totally agree, although I’d rather see Frankie up there instead of Hayden…

Big Jacket

Regarding Brittany’s task of scoring 2400 goals in 24 hours, can someone help her by retrieving the ball for her?


This cast isn’t much of an upgrade from last season. The amber hate is getting really old very fast. Her game sucks and she’s clueless but a lot of people are pulling for her just because of the way she’s being treated and slandered. They’re in for a rude awakening when they leave the house and see how people have actually precieved them. Christine is guaranteed to be the most hated house guest, God knows what that will do to her already low self esteem.




What? Couldn’t spell out an actual question?



God's got better things to do Jokeasta

It’s really interesting to see the very first two episodes and after dark episodes and see how drastically people change. Their skewed view of themselves (in most cases) causes so many problems in socializing in Big Brother. Victoria thought she was the best looking girl and made up a phony occupation (photographer), which was staged.
Zach came in just like Zach – unemployed, hates people, etc.
Brittany’s little montage showed her having cocktails with a few friends (rough life Brit).
Jocasta does not appear to have a husband other than God.
Paola is not a DJ (staged again).
From what I gather, Donny still lives with mama and papa.
You get the picture.
Victoria seems to have thought she’ll just bring in all her pumps, hair, makeup and be set (like in Florida).
Brittany’s boob job doesn’t come cheap so taking care of her children being the top priority – not buying that bullshit.
Derrick (with his pig snout), needs extra money to feed the heifer wife.


Yikes!!! Harsh


Actually, you’re wrong. Donny said on the live feeds that he lives 5 miles from his parents and 2 miles from his brother when frankie asked him if he was living with his parents. It was right when found out who was team america and met by the weight bench. He just visits them everyday


Your an a$$hole. Donny said his biggest accomplishment is that he paid cash for his house he also mentioned that he lived alone. And dont start bashing the spouses o the houseguest like that. I hate when people take personal jabs at other people’s family members. Low life.


Yeah, really, about Brittany. She’s a recently divorced mother of three who probably got some sort of settlement in said divorce. Really!!

Frankie, Cody, Nicole, Zach and Christine are aholes!

What about the giggly-nasty Christine? Glad Cody starts to see through Evil-Gay and realizes that he’s a very bad, despicable person.


I love how all you guys preach about how you don’t have to smack talk in BB and hate on anyone who smack talks, but then the comment section of this website is filled with hateful comments trashing the houseguests.


LOL! Look at all those thumb-downs! Looks like a lot of people on these boards like to hold the mirror to everyone but themselves, huh?


Lolz at thumbs down


Cody feels so sorry for himself. Frankie let you stay HOH and put up Amber because apparently you were so close to her now. Whatever, instead of managing her paranoia and making her feel safe (like Frankie is trying to do) you sat in the HOH room for two days bitching about her. If all you have is a mediocre social game don’t be HOH next time.


Donny wont put up Derrick or Frankie, he wont risk team America going home… same for Frankie this week and derrick last week… Donny, Frankie and Derrick are going to protect each other as much as they can so they each can win 5000 thousand each week….


Derrick wants Donny out ASAP


If you think that Derrick and Frankie won’t nominate Donny, you are delusional. They have already talked about getting rid of him because he is such a threat. Derrick even talked bout putting him up this week. They don’t care about Team America when it comes to their own game. Those two would sell their own mothers up a river for a sliver button.


put that little bitch frankie up…i would bet everything i have he is going to blubber like a baby…he wouldn’t be sent home, but it would scare him a bit and maybe knock down his attitude a bit

Hayen Nicole F2

I would be THRILLED if Frankie was put on block and went home instead of Brittany!


Cody is such a p***y & I cannot wait for Christine to get exposed. She would completely crumble if she was in Britt’s position right now. Someone from the other side is going to win HOH next week and it’s going to be perfect!!


Final two prediction: Zach & Derrick (Derrick wins 9-0)

So I guess there’s no real reason to watch the rest of the season, right?

Might as well look forward to BB Australia in the coming weeks.


id love to see frankie get voted out.


I want to see him lose to Zach in the final 2


These people are getting to be as worst as BB15
without the racism

A Snake

I’m offended !!
Stop comparing me to those doushe bags please?!?!?1


lol Cody’s aged with power


I’m hoping the power shifts in the house. I wish it would have this week actually. Haivng a bit of tension and fight is more fun to watch. I do feel like production tried to give the girls a chance with how they were paired for the HOH comp. The overall cast on these shows are making them less fun for me to watch. I still wish they would cast like the Amazing Race which includes more mature ages with people with different types of experience and backgrounds. Or cast like they use to in the beginning. I remember enjoying the earlier seasons of BB better. This is the second year back to back where it’s more like a mob mentality house strategry.Maybe it will change but they started off doing it so I don’t know. The mob stratery includes overkilling in the slander campaigns on one person until the rest are brainwashed are too scared to vote on their own lest they are next.
The social politics really are starting to overwhelm more sophisicated game strategies and alliances. I don’t think there is anything wrong with Derrick being a cop . I think it was a great casting choice actually. But he’s in there with people who aren’t as experienced or street smart as he is and being a superfan of Big Brother isn’t the same as having experience as a narc cop or being a 21 year nursing graduate.And you have girls like Amber and Victoria just aren’t getting it. I I hope they have an All Star season next year since the mentality of the players collectively will likely be much different.


Amber is stuck in the cyclone of the “pretty girl syndrome:” too cute to take seriously, but not too cute to use. But she did it to herself. She picked the big boys to hide behind. That’s the difference between Amanda and her. (Aside from Amanda just isn’t cute.) Amanda picked a dork that she could lure, but she presented as the power broker. Amber has played coy, and when she asserts herself, she presents as whining. So, what she gets, she bought.
Really, Cody is as much of a fly-caught-in-her-web as Caleb. He actually allowed his attraction to her to put him at odds with Caleb, his ally. She won’t necessarily win in this scenario because guys will find a way to stick together, in the end.


The problem is all the women in the house always seem to be playing defense instead of making offensive moves to further their own game play. Every season the men smooth talk,cajole them into playing the game against their own best interest, yet they seem blind sided when they are voted out.

Amber had the best opportunity to double agent the guys since she has a non-threatening relationship with most of them. Easily she could’ve put all of them at ease and been working behind their backs to get things done. The only tricky part is getting the other women to step up and show some ruthlessness.

Brittany complains about everything as if this is supposed to be a fair game. It’s not. Step up and put forth a strategy otherwise accept your eventual fate of being booted.


Idk why they are trying to get Amber out when Caleb would most likely flip out and go beast mode on the people who got her out. And why Amber who has done nothing snakey to put her out of the game. Its Caleb everyone is afraid of her because Caleb likes her and would do anything for her. I really liked Caleb until I heard the things he was planning on doing and she hadn’t even said yes to the date (not that she will)! I really hope something goes on between Cody and Amber. But someone needs to wake up and see that Amber isn’t bad!