Hayden and Nicole agree no showmance “I’ll take you on a date after the show”

BB16-2014-06-30 23-06-38-786
11:07pm rock room Nicole, Joey, Derrick and Brittany
Nicole is still sad about potentially being portrayed as someone she’s not. She doesn’t want one thing she says became a giant thing and get twisted. Derrick explains to her the only reason they had a issue with it last year was because it was so prevalent. He says the only people that are catching everything are the feeders and they watch for patterns. Nicole is not the person they see a pattern of bad things.

BB16-2014-06-30 23-32-20-197

11:08pm honeycomb room Christine, Zach and Frankie
Laughing at the state of the house right now everyone is breaking down and being emotional.
Frankie impersonating Victoria “I didn’t know this game was going to be this hard.. it’s hard for me to be away”
Frankie goes on a short rant about people crying on his shoulder, “Everyone is crying I didn’t realize this game was going to be hard… I didn’t realize i was going to be upset sometimes… I didn’t realise I would be sad and miss my family be alone”
Christine looks at the camera tells “Tim” she’s sorry for not crying yet but she wants to win the money.
Frankie is glad Derrick is in there dealing with the people crying.
Christine says they are in such a good position. Frankie agrees they keep saying how “set up” they are.
Frankie laughs at Joey “Losing it” he prepared himself mentally and physically before he came on the show wonders why other people don’t.
They wonder why everyone is so emotional today
Frankie – “Emotions are contagious”

BB16-2014-06-30 23-21-16-878
11:20pm Victoria crying alone in the hammock telling people in her family how much she loves and misses them.

BB16-2014-06-30 23-30-16-662

Jocasta leads them in prayer

BB16-2014-06-30 23-36-44-293

Chilling in the honeycomb. Sounds like they are all having to do Diary Room sessions tonight..

11:42pm CAm 1 kitchen  Derrick and Cody Talking about Amber telling Caleb she[‘s not interested. “Gotta be a shot to the ego”

BB16-2014-06-30 23-46-48-781

11:42pm Fireroom Nicole and Victoria
Victoria – someone is going to be gone in a couple days thats when things are going to get real
Nicole says the entire house now knows she has emotion after her crying fit. Nicole doesn’t like hurting people in the game.
Victoria – “They try to talk to you to get to know you but you have to vote them out”
Nicole – “Theres no way to go without lying since day one”
Victoria – “Look at Joey she dug her own grave”
nicole I love Joey
Victoria says it’s so hard to know who to trust everyone is trying to get information out of her
victoria mentions devin coming up to her and asking her who she is going to vote out.
Nicole what did devin say to you
victoria oh my god I want to smack him in the face
Victoria says she cannot stand Devin, retells earlier today when he was telling her he wants the vote to be unanimous so nobody is the odd person out.
Victoria – “He’s so f***ing annoying”
Nicole says Hayden is a really good person and she likes him a lot as a friend.
Victoria doesn’t like Brittany says she tries to control everything.
Victoria – “Christine got really hurt by Brittany” (Something about Brittnay grabbing the frosting for the cake and saying “I’m the queen of frosting” Christine wanted to help icing the cake)
Victoria – ‘I like Amber she’s sweet but she’s wearing my pants like they are hers”
Nicole says she;’s had her jacket for 11 days, “I don’t care that she wears my jacket everyday.. but ASK”

12:05AM they agree Hayden is “So real and genuine” with a “good soul”
They both like Jocasta “She’s amazing”

12:06am Hammock Derrick and Christine Derrick says he wants a fan to win the show someone that wasn’t recruited who has no idea about the game.
Derrick says Cody and Devin have already had words he doesn’t want to see Cody get put up if Devin wins the HOH. Derick asks if the Girls thinks he’s with Caleb and Devin. Christine says yes there’s suspicions of an alliance.

12:17am Kitchen Devin talks about working two jobs because the mother of his daughter wanted to be a stay at home mom, “I was getting sick I was tired but financially we had to do that.. i didn’t think it was fair.. I don’t know I got tired.. I didn’t feel like I had any help.. it was stressful. I would love my wife to stay at home and be with the kids instead of a daycare but we were not at the stage in our lives”
Devin – “She’s still the greatest mom I could have ever asked for and she’s still my best friends.. and maybe with some life changes.. I love her..” Feeds flip to backyard.

The Hug BB16
12:46AM Kitchen Devin is going on and on about gaining weight, “I’m not going up on stage with a chubby face” He’s moaning about being hungry Frankie comes by with a piece of toast in his hand. Frankie wants to give him a hug. Devin jokes says if Frankie comes near him with that toast he’s going to eat it out of his fingers. Devin demands he eats the toast before giving him a hug.

Brittany – “I love seeing POW eat cause she eats like she hasn’t eaten in days”

BB16-2014-07-01 00-57-08-846

12:58am Caleb and Devin
Caleb saying he’s starting to miss some people at home.

Caleb is missing people he can call up to cuddle with, “Curl up watch some movies.. made me feel like i’m loved.. I don’t know exactly what it’s called”
Devin – “I’ll curl up with you dude”
Caleb – “We got a long way to go it would be nice if no one was scared to cuddle cause I will cuddle in a heartbeat cause I miss it so much even if I only get three channels up top just the thought of holding somebody”

Devin – “bro I know exactly what you are saying man.. i just got Derrick to cuddle man.. i’m just trying to make you laugh bro I don’t want to see you down”
Caleb – “i’m not down do I look down”
Devin – “Ya”
Caleb – “I thought the sleep helped”
Devin – “it’s just an experience man”
Caleb thinks it’s the down time that’s getting to him.. he says there will be certain days and dates which are going to be hard for him “Thats just all military… military stuff”

Devin – “you talkin bout your boys”
Caleb – “ya”
Devin – “just know man I can never relate to what you went through but i’m always here for you”
Devin – – “We’re pretty deep into a bromance we don’t need a showmance when we have a bromance”

Devin says his moms boyfriend works for Raytheon (a major weapons maker not sure why I added this must be getting late)

Looks like Devin got his chew

BB16-2014-07-01 01-15-15-724
1:14AM Hot Tub Caleb and Devin
Devin explains that Amber told him she doesn’t like Caleb in a relationship way. Devin says Amber told him when she first saw him she thought he was her type, ‘She said she’s only dated someone black or mexican”
Devin tells him he’s going to meet a girl 1000 times better looking, “She’s going to knock you off your feet.. one day I’ll be at your wedding and there will be a sparkle in your eyes.. never settle bro.. this isn’t a place for a showmance.. I hope you me and Amber are all friends for life.. and I hope we’re just friends because it’ll mean much more”

Bomb Squad = Frankie, Caleb, Devin, Cody, Derrick, Zach, Amber, Christine
Fragment of bomb squad no name  = Christine, Frankie, Cody, Derrick Zach
Double Ds = Devin, Donny
Bed buddies = Nicole, Christine
Final 2 Deal Zankie= Frankie, Zach
Old defunct alliances
TheCrazy8s = Frankie, Donny, Joey, Paola, Devin, Amber, Nicole, Cody
El Cuatro = Paola, Amber, Joey, Nicole

Where the vote is 

As of now Joey is going home.. (Still early)

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what did Nicole say? She say something racist?

Jimmy 64

You know the problem with BBAD too many commercial .


So true seems like the commercials are like 5 min every 15 min.
I miss it that’s it’s not on Showtime anymore and now it’s only 2 hours


You might try DVR ing the show…I wash dishes or something for 1/2 hour then watch the show your recording from the beginning, speeding through commercials! That’s my fix for the commercial problems…if I see Jenny McCarthys smug electronic cigarette smoking face one more time! Grrrrrrrrrr…


It has nothing to do with alcohol withdrawal. She just knows absolutely jack about the game, is a first week havenot, which ruins opportunity to create strong bonds. Her only ally is also clueless about the game, not a good social player either. All of this, plus DR seems to not really care to have to recast the vote, probably so they can have a more popular star voted with Frankie and Donny/Caleb.

DR has groomed equally-bad or worse players to say the right things in the past. All they would need to do is coach her on how to use AT as a bargaining chip. Too late now.


Strange that BB recruited Joey from her job as a barista here in Seattle! You need people who understand the game, don’t play too hard right off the start, and are prepared for a few months of mental,emotional stress. I think Donny is the kind of player they need more of.


Nicole is so hot, she’s like my nerd queen.


First the good news, Caleb is over Amber,finally.
The bad news ? He is now in love with Brittany.
(Run Brittany,run!!!)


When i 1st saw Caleb,thought to myself,good looking southern boy,girls will love him.
Boy was i wrong LOL
(Now we all know why he is still single) #Creepy


So in order to prevent a “racist cast” disaster like last year they cast super religious people this time around. Haha. Imagine the blow up (inside and outside the house) when one of them starts swearing on the bible and then going back to their word. I think that would be how the fans would remember this season. Best case scenario, Jocasta doing that. :))))))


religious people can be some of the most racist people especially in the deep south ..


Carlos’ they swear on Mothers, Fathers, children, every year…this game is all about the deception,laying low, making one great alliance of 3!!! Or less, and getting info back to your people…haven’t seen swearing on the bible, but if it was done, Dr. Will, the greatest player ever! Did it!


Victoria needs to STOP smacking her lips when she eats. Disgusting!


It’s the small things like smacking lips that drive you nuts by September! I wish somebody would clean the damn house…driving me crazy to see the filth!


I totally agree . Why is it on BB CAN we see them going around cleaning like BB told them they have to, but I never see it in AD or referred to in recaps for BBUS. Cuz they really need it. Can’t believe Caleb has stuff on the floor and so on when he’s been military.


In BBAD I’ve seen that they are cleanings and washing the dishes but it’s always mostly Nicole Donny Cody Britney and Amber and the other ones are just watching


That screencap of them prayin around the bed is the BEST! Its nice to see a house full of hg’s who still believe in the Lord.


I can watch Joel Osteen if I want to see meaningful prayer…I imagine all these folks are praying for is a day without slop, to stay off the block, etc. What I EXPECT from BB is some strategy, lying, cheating, accusations, etc. Let the game begin!





Butters Mom

So is Hayden moving on to pursue other women in the house or does he still really like Nicole and is just keeping the “showmance” out of the deal and hiding their “friendship” so they can both go further in the game?


Is there a reason people can’t watch the videos of these moments?