[Haleigh is] going to be climbing straight up your a$$hole you’re going to be able to taste what she eats.

POV: ? Next POV: Aug 4th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 6th
HOH: Angela Next HOH: Aug 9nd
Noms: Have Nots

Big Brother Spoilers – WOW what a season !!! looking forward to tonight 🙂

7:20pm JC says he thinks it’s going to be him
Fes claims he never knew that Bayleigh had the power.

7:20pm Rocks can’t figure out what went wrong…

7:23pm Rockstar cries in the storage room. Mad at herself for getting the HOH question wrong.
Rocks – I’m so fuck*ing stupid

7:27pm Angela, Brett and Sam

Angela says Brett said what he said to make sure Bayeligh is ok. Angela brings up how nobody on the other side is smiling.
Sam – I was this close to snapping on HAleigh because she’s getting on my last nerve and she’s going to be climbing straight up your a$$hole you are going to be able to taste what she eats.

Sam – I’m probably not going to be around y’all because I’ll slap her in the head I don’t want to do that she’s a sweet girl
Angela – she sucks all the energy
Sam – she gets on my nerves

Sam – I can only fluff and primp for so long. I’m not going to sped 6 hours in the bathroom faking something
Sam – don’t put me on the block.. right.. and tell me what you want to do right.. and everything else I’ll pretend what is happening

Angela – this is a vacation week for you

7:43pm JC, KAycee, Tyler and Fes talking about Rachel being pissed…

7:48pm Tyler, KAycee and JC talking about Backdooring Bayleigh this week. (HAHAHAHAh omg the bro prophecy is coming true)
JC warns them about the rocks just floating on by
KAcyeee says this week is coming to a 5-5 vote and Angela will make the choice.

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Sakura Haruno

Is Tyler going on the block with Bayleigh power app?

Darrell G Irick

if that was to happen; he would likely use his power app.

Cra Cra Kaitlyn

He would have to know before the noms i order to use his power.


He cant. He needs to play is power before noms.
But he will have the votes on the block against anyone except maby kaycee.


I think she had to take over the noms before the HOH made them, not after it was done. At least that was my understanding of it when she read it at the app store. Since the noms have already been made, I don’t think she can use her power now. I hope Angela will put her up and backdoor her if she doesn’t win the veto. Only to make sure that her power app is gone. Bay sort of screwed herself by telling Rachel about her power app, she should have kept it to herself like Tyler has about his. She shouldn’t have even told fessie boy about it. I absolutely loved Bretts speech, its great that he blamed it on Rachel telling him and made everyone aware she had it. Bay had no reason at all to trust Rachel with that information, not like they were working together, Bay knew that the girl alliance wasn’t real to them all. Only her, rocky and hayleigh believed it. If Bay does go out this week it is no ones fault but her own. I am only starting to have someone I hope goes to the end and it’s Tyler. He is working his butt off, he is good with both sides and they all trust him..for now. There are also some that know what he is doing and they will come after him, when that happens, I do hope he wins veto or is able to use his power app to save his butt. No one else is really doing much. Even Brett, all the times he was the target and should have gone home, it was mainly Tyler who went around and got people to save him over whoever he was beside. When/if Tyler is evicted I am not sure who I will root for..will depend who is in there and playing well. I know no matter who it is against I will never be rooting for rocky. She is the only HG I dislike with ever part of me. I don’t even want her to come in second place because she doesn’t deserve any more money than what she is already getting.


Please just don’t put up Fes tbh


So disgusted!!! Watching Fes picking his nose!! Flicking boogers for crying out loud! Omg he actually just ate one! Good grief I’m going to be sick:-0


Those are not boogers but little bis of his puny brain….

Remember Raven and Matt

Did he really do that? I know you get used to the cameras but come on! At least he’s not as bad as Raven. Just thinking about how gross her and Matt were last year, I almost throw up a bit in my mouth.

Sam Says She is on Her Period

“JC warns them about the rocks just floating on by”. Compared to the hardcore competitor that JC is ….

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Except JC’s social game is exceptional and he works every person in the house throwing around confusion, false story lines, etc. Rocks just…. sinks to the bottom …. like a rock.

Sam Says She is on Her Period

Seems she is playing pretty solid herself. She is older yet she is locked in to a pretty solid alliance.


Not really, she’s on the losing end of every vote, knew nothing about her “ally’s” power when the rest of the house did. She’s occupied space in an alliance and kept because she’s a non-factor. This week Angie did well in the HoH so people may take her little more seriously in the coming weeks if she’d start to interact more with folks like Tyler, Angela, Kaycee, and Sam. Most of Angie’s game is Bayleigh/Haleigh and that isn’t cutting it.


Like a rock…..thank you Bob Segar!


Who the hell is Angela?

Just me

The next victim of HOHitis. She’s going to be crazy! Her message to Rachel was brutal.


I can see her being more vicious/petty than Bayleigh.


Yeah she sucks, it should make for fun tv though


She is the mean girl. Cold as ice..brrr

Love Kaycee

I don’t think Angela is mean per say, but I think she’s a very serious person and she says what she means.

Sam Says She is on Her Period

Sam was right Angela’s a$$ pretty damn quick, so not sure what the F she is talking about.

Marianne Martin

pretty sure she is talking about Hay

Sam Says She is on Her Period

Sam has been up Angela and Bays a$$holes before anyone blinked.


Angela needs to make bay feel safe
Then put her a$$ up next to Scotty
Tell bay she is just the pawn and if she goes home, then oops shit happens
If one of them comes down put rockstar up

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

After Dark was so boring last night I fast forwarded through most of it (especially Hay Bay and Fez laying in the HOH bed studying for the HOH comp. Tonight should be GOOD. Thanks for the awesome updates. I’ll add your amazon link to my desktop and remember to link from it – I shop Amazon constantly. Will also do a donation.

Just me

I ABSOLUTELY loved the show tonight. I honestly thought Brett would chicken out, but damn! That was awesome. This is honestly becoming one of my favorite seasons.


Right on. I’ve been watching since Season 2, and this without a doubt is one of my favorite seasons ever. Right up there with Janelle thinking she’s playing Will and Will and Boogie phoning in all the actual gameplay! Lmao love this season. Brett is gonna be a fan favorite for sure


I couldn’t figure out what Rocks reminds me of, it took a few mins…..those pics of Rockstar remind me of Sid from the Ice Age movie!


OMG!!! 100%!!! Hahahahahahaha

I’m sooo confused

Please don’t insult Sid.?

Not a Rockstar fan



I try not to make fun of someone’s appearance, but with Rocks, she intentionally makes herself look bad! When she wears her sleek bob and no weird glasses or balls of yarn, she looks really nice. Why would you try to look like a drowned rat?


She did look really nice on elimination night when she was on the block.


Wow I underestimated Angela. She’s dumb if she doesn’t backdoor bay even if she doesn’t use her power


I believe the all girl alliance is as dead as Harvey Weinstein’s career.


Rachel summed it up nicely tho. “It’s Big Brother”. Exactly !! L6 did play it out a little too hard in my opinion. But.. she’s going to lay in bayleighs lap and cry and think just because it was a raw moment for her, that whatever bay was saying was the truth. If she can turn that easily on her own alliance, they did need to get rid of her. Loved Brett outing everything. But. Bayleigh didn’t seened surprised at all. Did Tyler inform her beforehand that Rachel told and what was going to happen ? Little disappointed Bay didn’t seem shocked in the least.


Yes Tyler told her that Rachel told him about the app

Team Tyler

Tyler told her right before the vote that he was voting to evict Rachel. I can’t remember his exact reasoning but I did hear him say that he told her.


WHOA ! ANGELA ! After all that studying by the Hive…( I MUST take the smirk off my face )
Haven’t watched the show..I’m in Los Angeles…but…can’t wait.
I do feel sorry for Rachel though. She never had any idea. Brutal !
Rocks crying….I think it’s worse when you tie..and then the math question *rocks * your world.
She says she meant to multiply 60X30..and put 1200.
She STILL would have been wrong. 1800 would not have been close to the winning number.
Now….Bay knows they know how the power works. So..the question is who will win the double bluff?
Best thing is to maybe put up Bay and Sam/Tyler.
If Bay doesn’t use the power…then veto becomes super important.
Angela is a smart cookie. Working with Tyler we will see something that pretty much cover their bases.
GREAT WEEK coming up.
Granny…get back in time….you’re missing great feeds 🙂

Gordon Ramsey

Simon, please help. Bayleigh can change the NOMS after the initial ceremony but not AFTER the Veto, correct? If so, is she eligible to be the Veto replacement?

Sam Says She is on Her Period

I do not believe this is correct. Bay can not “change” nominations after the ceremony. She is effectively the HoH and makes the picks prior to the nomination ceremony. She directs angela who to select and angela must pretend the picks are her own.angela can not out the picks as being Bays. Bay can not pick the replacement nominees. replacement nominees belong to angela.

The Beef

This makes about as much sense as a football bat, and I don’t believe it is correct, although I believe that Bayleigh did say something to that effect to Fes in “explaining” her power to him. Big Brother has always in the past gone to great lengths to let everybody know when a power was being used, and to make an HOH pretend nominations are their’s, when they clearly are not, would be very detrimental to that persons game and unfair IMO. I just don’t see how they could control how hard someone “pretends” the nominations are theirs, or what they could do about it if they didn’t enthusiastically go along with the ruse (would an eye roll on turning the key and revealing the nominee not let everyone know it wasn’t yours?).

Guess we’ll find out if and when Swaggy Bay does her thing.


My thinking is if there were no announcement about the power being used, there would be no requirement for the HoH to claim the nominations. Right now would be a perfect time for Angela to take a swing at whoever and just claim Bayleigh used her power.


Bayleigh’s app works like this: She activates it and picks her two choices BEFORE the nomination ceremony and when the HoH reveals their choices it’ll either switch to Bayleigh’s choices before or after the HoH reveal. It was supposed to be a secret that the noms were switched so I’d assume Bayleigh’s choices would be the only ones the house sees.


Bay puts up 2 noms before HOH’S noms are revealed. However..it was supposed to be annonymous. 🙂
Now with the hacker…it gets complicated

Sam Says She is on Her Period

Bay can not change noms.
Bay can not pick replacement noms
Bay could be a replacement nom at veto as HoH power reverts back to angela.

Sam Says She is on Her Period

Holla if you hear me. I have studied the powers. Before Angela can put up her 2 noms Bay can use her power and select the noms. It has to happen before angela makes any picks before the ceremony. Angela is prevented from telling anyone. She can’t tell people they were Bays picks or she can be evicted from the game. Tyler’s power only protects himself. Nobody else. He has to use before the HoH or Veto nomination ceremonies. It has to be invoked before the HoH invokes her picks. So he basically has to invoke before Bay makes the actual picks, thereby outing his power. Bay could simply pick someone else. Scenarios:

Angela as HoH is thinking about her noms
Tyler does not go to angela to invoke his power
Bay approaches her before noms and tells that angela must select Brett and Tyler
At the ceremony Tyler and Brett go up

Angela as HoH is thinking about her noms
Tyler approaches Angela and invokes his power
Bay approaches angela before noms and tells angela that she must select Brett and Tyler
Angela tells Bay that Tyler invoked his power so she can not select Tyler and must pick someone else
Bay tells her to nominate Brett and JC
At the ceremony JC and Brett go up

*** Tyler’s power is problematic as he must use it before the HOH “names” the picks. Not after. He can not wait to see what Bay does and then invoke the power. It must be told to the HoH first and invoked before Bay names her picks at the nomination ceremony . Also, he can not use it to take himself off the block if he is named as a pick at the ceremony. So if he is nominated, the power can not be used to take himself off. In the case of him not being the initial nominee, he could invoke the power prior to the Veto ceremony. So if 2 other picks are nominated he can invoke his power before replacement nominees are made. So its insurance against getting back doored.

The Beef

“Identity Theft
Description: At any point in the first half of the game, you can secretly steal the identity of one Head of Household at the Nomination Ceremony! The reigning HOH cannot be nominated and will still control the replacement nominee at the Veto Meeting. When only 8 houseguests remain, the Identity Theft power is no longer in play.”


I found the above via a Google search (link included). It says “you can secretly steal the identity of one HOH at the Nom. Ceremony!” (paraphrasing). Nowhere does it say the HOH has to pretend the nominations are their own. The phrase “secretly steal” implies that the HOH cannot identify who stole their identity and made the nominations in my mind, and not that the HOH has to pretend the nominations are her/his own. The fact that everyone now knows that Bayleigh has this power kind of makes this a non-issue in my mind, and Angela is free to tell anyone and everyone that “somebody” hijacked her noms, just not who. I think Bayleigh is misinterpreting that part of her power and so are you.


The power DOES NOT require the HoH to claim, pretend, act like or in any way ascribe ownership of the switched nominations to the current HoH.


I like how they aren’t even trying to hide that Tyler is their favorite on the show anymore. Way to give him the golden edit CBS. I can’t help but resent the production pets a little bit.

It’s like 10 seconds of someone else, then back to Tyler, 10 seconds of someone else, then back to Tyler, Tyler in the DR, then back to Tyler, lol.

Sam Says She is on Her Period

A steady diet of Brett and Tyler with a little bit of Bay on the side for the next few weeks. Angela got a bad edit on the goodbyes. Allison Grodner loves and protects her boy toys throughout the history of the show. Last year being a farce to rig the game for paul. The hacker game will be “Guess what number Brett is thinking”. Brett will participate and give the answer


I think a lot of that is Tyler interacts with almost everyone constantly. He’s rarely not in game mode so there is a lot more footage of him being all gamey.

another name

The hive mind…. i mean…. ummm…. dang. five weeks in, and they haven’t figured out what’s going on. and every time they get a little close, they turn on each other instead, spending days saying what happened. i said it before, but great alliance name if you consider how many species of bee are on the endangered list.


Does anybody know anything about this new HACKER thing that starts soon? Sure hope it doesn’t screw up Tyler’s game. I’ve been sitting here trying to come up with a way to force Bayleigh to use her power without Tyler having to use his, but every scenario I come up with has them both having to be used.
Any masterminds out there?


If I were Angela, I would have a one on one with Bay explaining that she is not on my hit list. BUT that could change if Bay uses her power to change noms. If she does, I would call for all out retaliation to get her backdoored after veto and voted out.


Side Note: These people have got to be the worst critical thinkers in the history of Big Brother…I mean, let’s start with their mathematical skills: Rockstar thinks that 30 x 60 = 1200…OMG! Then, Kaycee thinks that the vote is going to be a 5-5 tie?…really?!?! Good grief!


Side Note: These have got to be the worst critical thinkers in the history of Big Brother! Let’s take their mathematical skills (or lack of): Rockstar thinks that 30 x 60 = 1200?…OMG! Then, Kaycee thinks that the vote is going to be a 5-5 tie?…really?!?! Good grief!


LMAO I love when other floaters talk about someone else being a floater. Exactly what have you done JC? anything? At least JC talks to everyone, where as rocky only talks to her little group and talks about the others..LOL. I hope they do back door Bay, that way her and her little app is gone and not a concern to anyone who wins the HOH. Besides, if she goes this week, she will probably be able to see scaggy, no doubt he is still at her parents. LOL. Bet her dad was forbidden from watching the live feeds because of scaggy talking about having sex with Bay with all the other HGs. I can only imagine what any young womans father would think of a man saying that with thousands of people watching. All he has to do (if he is a computer guy) is go on to youtube, I’m sure someone has posted all the times scaggy talked about having sex with Bay. It’s a dirt bag move IMO to do something like that. I would love to see the look on her dads face and how he would handle it when he finds out what scaggy said. why does scaggy wear a shirt with his name on it to her parents? seriously, I think he needs those shirts cause he might forget the dumb a$$ nic he gave himself. LOL.