Angela “Put up Fes & Rockstar, then we do the whole hacker thing and then backd**r Scottie.”

POV: ? Next POV: Aug 4th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 6th
HOH: Angela Next HOH: Aug 9nd
Noms: Have Nots

7:55pm Lounge room. Fes, Tyler and Rockstar. Rockstar – f**k, this f**king sucks! This sucks! Rockstar – who will she put up? Tyler – No clue! She was the one I was worried about. Fes – we’ll see what she wants to do. Rockstar – well I think its pretty clear that she is working with Brett and Sam.. and Kaycee. Tyler – well I thought they were working with Rachel. Rockstar – Brett is a super salesman. Tyler – Brett didn’t talk me into sh*t, Rachel talked me out of it. Rockstar – four times that I have voted wrong. Tyler – at least you’ve never voted to evict the HOH. Rockstar – she’e never been on the block. Tyler – Rachel was spreading line about me to Bayleigh. She wanted her and I to go after Bayleigh because she knew that Bayleigh has the power. I told Bayleigh right before that I was voting her (Rachel) out. Fes – how does she know Bayleigh has a power? Tyler – because Bayleigh told her apparently. Rachel is an idiot, she talked herself right into it. I know Rachel is that one vote last week too. Either she did it to pin it on me or she did it as a sympathy and then tried to pin it on me. Rockstar leaves. Tyler – what the f**k you voted Rachel to stay? Fes – yeah. Tyler – I should have gotten you to vote with me. Now we just need to see who she is going to put up. Rockstar comes back. They talk about the tie breaker question. Rockstar – I don’t do math.. I’m math-t@rded. So Brett stays again! Fes – for the second time. Rockstar – this sucks!

Storage room. JC and Scottie. JC – its either you, Me or Fes on the block this week. Scottie – I wanted Rachel to stay. Everyone told me they were voting Brett out. I didn’t want to be the one person to do it. JC – if there is a girls alliance the only three that will go on the block are either of us. Who else? Scottie – there is me, you, Fes, Tyler and Brett. JC – on I forgot about Tyler. Brett won’t go on the block. I don’t want to go on the block with you and I don’t want you to go on the block with Fes. Scottie – you took last week off and it all went to sh*t! JC leaves. Scottie to the camera – I have no idea what is going on! I just want to tell you that if I end up winning big brother, I am the worst player ever. I have no idea what is going on .. and I love it.

8:08pm Havenot room. Brett and Fes. Fes – does Bayleigh have a power? Brett I have no idea. She didn’t tell me. Fes – I am closer to Bay than Rachel and she didn’t tell me. Brett – When she volunteered to go up is when she probably told her about it. Fes – Rachel was PISSED!!! Why did you think Rachel was the head of the all girls alliance. Brett – because she named it. She told me she named it the man-eaters. Fes – why would she tell you? Brett – she was just trying to work everyone. Plus it was out enough so she wanted to cover her a$$. JC joins them. Brett leaves. JC tells Fes that he is working keeping him and Fes off the block. Last week I let you do all the work and look what happened because I didn’t put my hands on this.

8:18pm 8:40pm Big Brother switches the live feeds to the BB re-runs.

Lounge room. Bay and Sam are talking. Sam – that happened before I was HOH? Bay – yes. Sam – with Rockstar? Bay nods. So that is done and over with now. Remember when you told people about your power …I can’t say yes or no but just like you I didn’t want anyone to know that I had a power because I wanted it to be a secret. Sam – but you do? And he (Brett) just blasted you? Bay – yes and that’s why I was so hurt. I don’t know why Brett attacked me because I wasn’t attacking him. Sam – did you choose Identity Theft? Bay – MMMmhhh. Sam – so what are you replacing noms? Bay – Yup, I get to replace both noms. So its like I get the HOH but I don’t get to choose the replacement nominee. Sam – so when does your expire? So this week and next week your power is irrelevant. Unless you can override what the hacker does. Bay agrees. Sam – are you sure? Bay – yes, because mine has to be done before noms. Sam – so you can just go in and nominate before the HOH nominates. Bay – yes. This new thing (Hacker) is a pain in the butt. I feel like I just got screwed in my butt! Sam laughs. Sam – I am so going up on the block.

8:50pm Bathroom. Bay, Angela, Rockstar and Kaycee. Angela tells Bay that Rachel made a final two deal with her and Kaycee on the same day. Bay – WOW! She was running around literally lying about people.

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9pm Tyler and Angela. Angela – I am thinking Fes and Rockstar. Bayleigh has the power to change nominations but now with this hacker thing it doesn’t even matter. So I kind of think that she isn’t going to use it unless its on herself. Tyler – so she can’t use it after the veto ceremony can she? Angela – nope. Tyler – so you can do a back door? Angela – I’m thinking put up Fes and Rockstar .. then we go through the whole hacker thing and then backdoor Scottie. Tyler – I am thinking if worse comes to worse backdooring Bay. Angela – I think put up Fes and Rockstar. Bay won’t use her power and Fes will get pissed that she doesn’t use it on him. So they kind of turn against each other. Tyler – if Fes wins the veto, you just put another one of them up. Angela – and Rockstar isn’t going to win the veto. Tyler – I plan on winning the hacker.

Tyler – I am all for whatever you want to do. If one of them win the hacker, I will probably go up. Angela – with this hacker app.. it gets less blood on my hands. I can say that I am putting up two people that I think can fight. That’s what I will tell Fes .. I will be like I don’t want you to go home this week. I know that you can win and if you can’t I am going to do my best to make sure you don’t go home. Tyler – if he wins the hacker too he can take himself off. Angela – I feel that Scottie is always going to be around. Rockstar is just obnoxious. Haleigh is just a follower. Tyler – Scottie is definitely with the other side. He voted with them. Tyler –

Angela – do you think I should put up Scottie and Rockstar?Tyler – just right off the bat. I think Rockstar and Fes would be good. Then plan to backdoor whoever you want to. If one of them win the hacker they would put up Brett.

9:09pm Bay and Kaycee getting close..

9:16pm Brett and Angela. Brett comes in and hugs Angela. Brett – about f**king time! How was my speech. Angela – it was perfect! Angela – what a f**king relief! Brett – so first and foremost I totally want to marry you. Our kids are going to get your memory. I do need to tell you about Bayleigh’s power app. Angela – I already know. Brett – I was thinking of forcing her to use it. Angela – I just think there are too many ways for her to pull herself down. Brett talks about how Bay told him that she told Fes about her power and then two seconds later Fes was telling Brett he had no idea about the power. Angela tells Brett her goodbye message to Rachel – Rachel, let me go over a few bullet points with you. First off you talked yourself onto the block then threw all our names under the bus, then you tried to turn Tyler against me, then you lied to my face, your stories don’t make sense and you’re about as irrelevant as you were week two. She is going to cry for months!

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Is the hacker thing a comp?

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

From what I’m picking up on After Dark, they will do some sort of a comp for the house to compete for the secret hacker benefit for this week; and they will do another comp next week for someone else, or perhaps the same person, to win the hacker benefit for next week. BUT they change the HOH noms if they are the hacker, and no one supposedly will know who has it (except perhaps their alliance members); and then another person, even that same hacker, can go up on the block as a replacement, even if they just took themselves off. So Angela is planning on all this as “just in cases” for her HOH week.


Bay has “hacker” tendencies.

Sakura Haruno

Crossing my fingers that Tyler wins the hacker!!!!!!

Tyler FTW

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Rocksulk’s stink/sad face makes my week 😀

Sam Says She is on Her Period

Some of these idiots do not understand Bay’s power. She is effectively HoH making the picks BEFORE the HoH ceremony. She is not going to let angela put up Fes and Rockstar. Bay can not afford to let L4 put up her own side. She has to use her app power. HAS TO!!!! Right before the ceremony Bay will name her picks and angela must pretend that the picks are hers and not Bay’s. This power has officially become a clusterf@ck because everyone seems to know Bay has a power. But they are confused about how it works. and angela doesnt seem to know that she has to keep her mouth shut about how actually made the nomination picks.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

But the only power in Bay’s power would have been her not telling ANY one about it the way Tyler has kept his to himself. If everyone opposed to you knows exactly what is going on, and how to work around it, it’s no longer that much of a power. Angela doesn’t have to keep her noms secret to the people she’s working with. They are strategizing about it.

Sam Says She is on Her Period

Angela can plan her own picks. She can say I am putting up Fez and RS to L4. Bay has the power to approach her prior to the nomination and say “you are picking Tyler and Brett”. At the point angela can not say Bay changed the noms. People can infer that, but angela can not confirm it. The rules are clear on that. So her team can guess that Bay stepped in, but angela can say nothing.

Nah, Imma Stay! (Namaste)

I disagree. The power is called “Identity Theft.” It was supposed to have been anonymous, not Bay “approaching” Angela to tell her who the noms will be. My guess is that when Bay decides to use the power, she secretly enters her switched noms’ keys into a 2nd box; which Production then switches with the HOH noms.


Bayleigh makes her choices, Angela makes hers, nomination ceremony happens Bayleigh’s choices come up. That’s her power, that’s it, no requirement for the HoH to act anything. The HoH can say anything they like about the nominees.

The Beef

Angela can absolutely confirm that her nominations were changed by the identity thief. She just can’t say who that thief is by the rules, which is a moot point since everybody now knows that Bayleigh is the holder of that power. So she can make the changes, but everyone will know about them and everyone will know exactly who did it.

She may want to watch her a$$ since she was just the HOH with an extreme case of HOHitis, AND her side is down on the numbers. More blood on her hands and more pot stirring may not be in her own best interest. The more you stir it, the more it stinks!


I image that if Bayleigh uses her power (and she probably will because she’s gotta know two of her people are going up) then Angela will be called into the DR and told she will not be naming nominations and that she can’t say they aren’t her picks? Otherwise, how would she be expected to know the provisions of that power?

What is the hacker thing all about? Anyone know?

Sam Says She is on Her Period


Nah, Imma Stay! (Namaste)

I don’t think production will tell Angela privately. I think if Bay uses it, she will have put keys in a 2nd box. Then when Angela is about to name the noms, the whiz-bang sound will air and “Identity Theft” will be announced. When Angela turns the keys, they’re Bay’s noms! And no one would have known it was Bay! (But she leaked, so it’s no longer a secret)


There is absolutely no provision in Bayleigh’s power that can be inferred that hints that the actual HoH has to pretend it was their choice. Much like in a real situation of identity theft you can shout all day that it wasn’t you.


Bayleigh’s power DOES NOT force the HoH to pretend the nominees are hers.

another name

as Bayleigh tells the sweet baby bird everything about her power, including it’s duration, and who knew about it…i’m sitting here thinking is she going to offer to give it to him next?

another name

by next week is he going to have them so hypnotized that they cluck like chickens every time rock says yaaaas? (hint to sam, start building that chicken coop).

Sam Says She is on Her Period

Message to Allison Grodner- stop putting in THREE magic app powers that overlap and your own players do not know how to use and do not know how they work. You have 2 powers that these idiots do not understand. And now you throw in another hacking power???? WTF are you doing??? Bay can effectively make L4 down to L3. Did you create this new hacker power because you dont want Bay running the house and tossing Brett or Tyler. for crissakes, let the damn game play out. Stop interferring with new powers to protect your boy toys every damn season!! Your interference always ruins a good season. You suck Allison and I hate your guts! I hope JC takes a kitchen utensil to your genitals.


They are a little obvious about Tyler being their little star and Brett being their anti hero. It’s getting painful to watch.

Sam Says She is on Her Period

Yes. It is going from unpredictable to predictable yet again. I wish production would just let the game go on organically.


Tyler a favorite of a lot of people. He’s playing the best game.


How do you know so much about this Allison Grodner? and who do you think she wants to win this season?


really this is just their backup to extend the game a week since kaitlyn couldn’t solve an 8-piece puzzle in 2 and a half minutes. rewind and/or jury buyback will be what happens.

Smitten By Haleigh

What a low life !!! Angela goodbye speech to Rachel. Tyler, Sam and JC have exposed themselves that they are working with L6. The remaining Hive Team should 100% shut their mouths and not campaign to Angela at all this week. Silence is Golden!!!

another name

there is no way the hive team doesn’t backstab each other campaigning. they backstab each other about rogue votes.


the hive can’t seem to figure out the extent of tyler’s lies or step back enough to put it together. should be obvious. kaycee and angela obviously voted to keep brett. hayleigh and rocks obviously voted to keep rachel. fessie voted the same was as hayleigh. sam and jc voted the same way as tyler. by process of elimination you can figure everything out (and scottie doesn’t even matter). they just can’t put it together.


OMG Haleigh and Bayleigh seem to Think Rocks flipped.. this is too good to be true.

another name

i was so sure fivehoursinahammock would cause chaos and destruction after the vote… but a rock on the block party will be fun too.

JC Meltdown

For having 1 point above genius level, Bay is really slow on the uptake. Seriously thinks Rockstar has a final two deal with Brett. That side hasn’t got a clue.

Sam Says She is on Her Period

Angela – I think put up Fes and Rockstar. Bay won’t use her power and Fes will get pissed that she doesn’t use it on him. So they kind of turn against each other.

This makes zero sense! Why would Bay pass on her power and let the other side of the house pick the nominees? Why would Bay let Angela put up any member of Team Hive??? Why risk that??? angela is hot but dumb! Bay would not use the power on Team Hive. Bay will use the power on Team L4 so she can secure the nominees.

1- angela thinks she can put up fes and rock
2- hacker competition
3- Bays nominates 2 members of L4 before the nom ceremony

another name

Bay has told her trusted sweet baby bird that she only plans to use the power to save herself. she also says the hack lasts two weeks and it makes her power irrelevant, so she isn’t planning on using it.
it sounds like the hack comp is after the noms from the way the hg’s were talking.


4- Tyler won hacker comp and changes Bay’s noms. He puts up Bay and Rockhead….hahaha.

Sam Says She is on Her Period

Why not just let the producer of Big Brother pick the nominations???. Its essentially the same thing. they are just adding and subtracting powers to get the nominAtions they apparently want for tv ratings. Game play does not seem to matter if you keep adding power after power. pointless


Shit Fes is goin up


Guys can somebody tell me what exactly happens for somebody who wins the Hacker comp

another name

tyler says to scottie that the hack comp winner can change one nomination, choose one player automatically for veto (could have been play in veto whether chosen or not), and nullify one vote.

Sam Says She is on Her Period

Tyler is really crushing this game.


Right. I believe we are all fans with a pretty good idea about the game.
Sam just called a house meeting, telling them her idea of the hacker twist.
I don’t understand it at all. None of it. It sounds so bizarre.


Basically, since Sam doesn’t understand the game and refuses to actually play Big Brother, she now is trying to convince the entire house to stop playing Big Brother because they’ve all made jury, lol

another name

or, sam is under the impression that whoever wins the hack comp will put her on the block. and she’s trying to make sure she isn’t the option to go on the block if everyone throws it to her. (if you are of the mind that her entire i don’t know what’s going on schtick isn’t just her strategy). could be either or both.

another name

I think i can actually hear the Grod’s head exploding as this house meeting is happening.


Bay – yes and that’s why I was so hurt. I don’t know why Brett atta

Uhhhh…didn’t you put him on the block? ?????

Haleigh's Melanoma

Queen Bay to her Hive: “The beatings will continue until morale improves” This is awesome.

BB Imbeciles

Tonight’s episode was great minus the badly acted swaggy segment. I like this season so far because it has been back doors and blindsides not the whole “vote with the house” thing. Sure the cast are far from original with the young party people type vibe but at least it’s better than all the seasons we’ve had since 14 in terms of game moves and power shifts. That foutte alliance sure is a a dumb batch though how they haven’t figured out about level 6 is mind boggling. This is how big brother should be played and Tyler is playing a great game but I feel it will catch up with him eventually


The Hive Team are really dumb! If they try to use common sense and see who is always hanging out with who then they can see is against them.


Bayleigh SCREAMING at Rocks..calling her a liar. I mean….screaming. WOW. Bay making it ALL about HER.
HOHITIS still there..BIG TIME.
Accusing Rock of voting for Brett to stay.
Not asking Rocks….biting her head off.
I am so DONE with Bayleigh.
A C** T of the 1st water.


can’t believe they still can’t see Tyler in the house.


Bay is out of control tonight!

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

After Dark is OFF THE CHAIN tonight! Bay is NOT HOH and she is STILL losing her s###! She’s got Rocky cornered and is wearing her out over a supposed alliance between (get this) Rocky & Brett! She’s MAD and she wants answers and she wants them now. She’s talking to Rock like she’s a bug under her foot because things didn’t go her way again this week – BUT Rock is one of the few people who are actually loyal to Bay. She’s just not a nice person. This is going on after a house meeting called by Sam trying to get the entire house to agree NOT to use the hacker twist production threw at them in tonight’s show. No one could agree – so that idea is out. Which is fine; there are 5 people to target this week and they’ll work around all the apps and hacker twists to get one of those 5 out this week, end of story. Can’t believe I”m saying this, but I actually felt sorry for Rock. Bay is a diva, dude. This will be a bad week for her and there will be lots of good drama.


Bayleigh: “I don’t know why Brett attacked me because I wasn’t attacking him”… Ummm, you put him on the block and made it clear he was your target to go home?!?!

Who said that!

How does Bayleigh trust JCs vote over her 4 HIVE allies?Bizarrely oblivious.


bay – i don’t know why brett attacked me because i wasn’t attacking him

girl, brett was your target last week and you put him on the block. how is that not an attack?


The only person that actually knows whats going on in the house is Tyler!!!!!!! Genius


JC has a pretty good handle on things as well and I’m thinking he’s playing a pretty good game.