Graig “We want a good cast bro.. If I’m out of here It’s going be doot de doot de doo”

POV Holder: Johnny Next POV ?
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 12
HOH Winner Brittnee Next HOH April 8th
Nominations: Kevin Bobby and Graig
Have Nots Ashleigh, Bobby, Zach, and Kevin
POV Players ?

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Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-05 21-01-35-649

12:01am bedroom, Bruno, Graig, Zach and Ashleigh.
Graig telling Bruno Kevin is with them. “he’s right there bro..”
Graig tells Zach “I’m close.. jordan is 1 million percent with me, Godfrey is 1 million percent.. you are my wildcard.. “
Graig says the season will be boring without him “If I’m out of here It’s going be doot de doot de doo” Graig says ‘We want to be a good cast bro”
Graig – My life is in your hands bro
Zach – I don’t think it is
Graig – It is bro

Graig says he hasn’t had a chance to fight in this game he’s only played in two competitions.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-05 21-06-16-124

Willow comes in and Graig gives her the same story the season will suck without him and with him in the hose things will be exciting “It’s Big Brother Bro”

12:10am Graig, Godfrey, Zach and Jordan in the bedroom

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-05 21-17-19-212

12:16am Zach and Jordan Storage room
Talking about sending Graig home.
Jordan – He’s going home lets ride the middle

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-05 21-27-36-750

Bruno and Ashleigh come in, Says if Graig stays he’s the bulletproof vest in front of them. The girls are always going to target him. Zach says if Graig stays they’ve declared war on the other side if Bobby stays they have done what the other side wanted.
Zach – Our targets get bigger if we keep G (Graig)
Jordan says Bobby has a better chance to win Competitions over Graig.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-05 21-33-41-460

12:32am Willow and Jordan Storage room
laughing and comparing notes about Graig scrambling for votes. Jordan mentions how Bruno is fighting hard to keep Graig.
They count votes and agree they have them to evict Graig.
Jordan – it’s a easy week


12:37am they find the tiles that activate the HAve nots room alarm.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-05 21-49-09-341

12:45am HOH Johnny, Brittnee and Sarah.

Sarah says she’s seen Bruno laugh at Graig’s Gross jokes. Johnny syas it’s been a tough day he’s going to bed, Brittnee and Sarah congratulate Johnny on how he did today.
Sarah – You both did so well
Johnny leaves.
Brittnee says that Godfrey is with Bobby. Sarah thinks Godfrey is smarter than Bruno.
Sarah – He’s smart because he plays stupid really well.. and that’s not hard to do.
Sarah mentions that the lack of sleep they’ve been having has been adding to the paranoia.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-05 22-03-01-748
1:03am Zach and Ashleigh Cuddling/kissing in the have nots room


Week One there’s a lot of Alliance but we’ve tried to make sense of it all.. Read our alliance help guide (Keep in mind the feeds have been down for a good while so things will most likely have changed)

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I think majority would agree that Naeha is more entertaining than Graig.

sunny dee

pilar is more entertaining than Graig imo\

Bobby should go tho, if they are thinking straight. Graig unlikely to win a comp, Bobby highly likely to win a comp. plus Graig highly likely to continue to be a target

I;m just glad to see two guys up there, i had a concern that even Brit would end up putting up a girl. I was sorry that she put up Kevin tho, because he is really in the middle and they don’t have enough numbers without making sure those two, Kevin and Johnny, are on their side. She must know by now that Graig & his side want Johnny out, so bringing J in with whoever J is with makes sense. She could have put up any 2 guys and replaced with any one of them, and still been ahead. Bobby, Graig, Godfrey, Bruno, even Zach all fair game.


Honestly, Graig is the right target for Sarah and Brit’s game, for one, there’s no leeway with graig, Sarah’s team will always get nominated unless Graig goes out the door, whether he wins an HOH or not. Whether I’m the only one seeing it but he do have an influence in the house, he can strong arm Ash and Willow and is the ‘leader’ of the meatheads. He also have the chop shop in his back pocket. By eliminating Graig, they are able to isolate the other three meatheads as potential targets in case any of the floaters wins the next HOH.

In contrast to Bobby, who although may win a challenge, he is an outsider among the chop shop and the meatheads (as evident with bruno and Godfrey campaigning against him and Willow, Zach and Jordan potentially targeting him next). There is still a potential for him to create an alliance with Sarah’s team while with Graig it is a closed deal.

PS. I think this is the only season of Big brother that I’m appease with a lot of floaters, not because they are not showing their allegiance with anyone but because most of the floaters Jordan, Ash, Willow, Zach and Kevin(?) know what they are doing and is clearly playing a strategy. In comparison to other season who are completely unaware and just simply following the whim of the HOH.


Isn’t it Graig who wanted to push Cindy out with a ‘huge back door’? Ironic how he hates to go out by that means when he has done exactly the same to a strong competitor. And seriously, given the track record in challenges, appearances in the show and presence in the house, Sindy is way much more better of a character than he is.

Alec Tryhard Beal

I don’t know if Bobby was awake or asleep during the Zach/Ashleigh makeout/handy session, but it would feel crushing to sit through that and listen. I would have probably gotten up and gone to the living room or hot tub for a bit.


Graig reminds me of Syndrome from the Incredibles.


Complete with the hair and wonky attitude 🙂


Graig reminds me of Woodstock from Charlie Brown.

another name

things that made me laugh:
willow (in bathroom to Jordan) saying here we go, we’re the most hated houseguests.
graig implying the cast would be boring without him.
said by two of the people with the lowest amount of air time on televised big brother episodes. by edit they aren’t hated or exciting: they’re invisible and forgettable.

sunny dee

i just want anyone who is more concerned with playing TV than they are with playing BB. It shouldn’t matter if they make good TV or bad TV, it should only matter to them that they are playing BB. it irritates me when someone like Graig comes along and says stuff like that.


What do you think production feeds the HG’s? Play hard BB style or “we need good edit for TV”. Little naive to say the least.


Glad to see Britt win HoH and nominate two people and stir things up unlike the piss ant Kevin! – Let’s just say if it’s Graig on his way out the door I wouldn’t want to be the one shaking his hand – you never know where it’s just been?!


in Kevin’s defence, he didn’t really hve much time to talk to anyone
and he’s also trying to lay low right?
nominating two guys without talking to anyone isn’t that good for his game


It was acceptable that he nominated Naeha but not nominating Bobby given that he has a valid reason for it shows how much of a pussy he is. He was afraid of the guys and underestimated Sarah, Brit and Johnny. Now instead of playing it low key, his popularity inside the house dwindled as those three will now think that he is working with the meatheads. And even if he is safe this week, he just made himself the perfect scape goat for those three to nominate again and again. And we know that the other side is gunning for him as well, so unless Johnny is sitting against him in the chopping block he for sure is 100% going home.
What he needs to do is win another HOH and mend the bridges with Sarah’s team, the very least he is target number three or four there while if he bat for the other team, he can be sent home packing right away.


ok. but even if kevin had nominated bobby and naeha
do you think jp and zach would actually vote to evict bobby?


Love Zashleigh!!!! <3


Lovee Zashleigh!!!<3

Alec Tryhard Beal

Before everyone rips Graig a new a-hole all over social media over the fact he is low on likability and strategic gameplay, remember that he is High on Entertainment!

I’d take him to be cast on BB over players like Pilar, Britanee and Willow any day of the week!


Speaking of Graig’s entertainment value……….. If he figures out that he’s leaving, he may blow up the chop shop (Devin style). That’s not a big deal for Bruno and Bobby, but I’m sure a few people would be interested to know about Zach, Willow, and Ashleigh’s involvement. Not to mention how ticked Godfrey will be that his closest companions are in an alliance without him.


100% great observations.


Also Newport is starting to become the shield 2.0, are they really taking credit for putting Graig on the block??? Like it’s pretty obvious that Sarah, Britnee and Johnny are going after the meatheads, they have done nothing to influence how this HOH falls. Ugh. I can’t wait for them to get their reality check, but for now I’m just glad that Graig is squirming.


graig: “we want a good cast bruh”


Reasons why Jordon is a little jerk;
1. Constantly punking Kevin about the fortress alliance.
2. Using Sindy’s desperation to stay in the game to get her to make-out with him.
3. Constantly referring to the other house guests as idiots.
4. Saying on national television that Willow gave him wood…really?? Unnecessary.
5. He tells Zach that he (Jordon) is the brains and Zach is the brawn. Zach isn’t stupid. Why does Jordon think it’s okay to inform your partner that you’re smarter than them?

I don’t care for Jordon. His attitude is rubbing me the wrong way, and I hope he gets booted sixth.

He’s just a little jerk. He thinks he has the whole game figured out because he joined up with the golden boy of the season.


but aren’t you acting like a jerk for giving so many reasons why someone else is a jerk? lol



Bubba Bubbala

Agreed with most of the reasons except reason 2. A regular male needs to be paid to make out with Sindy. That ugly plain face needs some serious renovation, and they called her a beauty queen?


Guys stop saying “character” these people aren’t characters they’re people :S


bwahahahaha Graig you are trhe most hated HG this season and nobody gives a SH1T about you.
I know the smart thing to do is send Bobby home but Canada will throw a party when Graig leaves. So nasty in every way.


Willow still gives me the lesbian vibe, don’t care what anyone says. Am I alone here?


Why do your are though? Don’t you have your own sex life to worry about ????


You care though ***


Meatheads – I’m really sick of Zach and Jordan. I’ve never seen the big draw to Zach at all. I tend to put him in the “meathead” category. I think Jordan sees that too. However, cant stand Jordan either. Want these two gone along with the other meatheads which is basically almost everyone including many of the girls.

On a sidenote: I nearly spit my beer out when Graig accused Neaha of being a far better player than Neda. OMG that comparison is not even close. Neda would never have played with the emotional outbursts we’ve witnessed from Neaha. No – Neda is above and beyond Neaha’s gameplay.


To be fair, we have not seen enough of Naeha’s game at this point to compare her to Neda. When Neda was put up on the block as a pawn she cried because she was stressed out that she was noticed. What saved her were the intent of the 1st 5 to get out more intense characters before the girls. Also, Neda was shielded by a much larger personality on the girls side, Ika.
Different circumstances and people.


Brittnee and Sarah are good this week, but I don’t think it’s going to last long when you look at the numbers…

There is going to be a shift in power… Jordan has Kevin and Zach, Zach has Ashleigh, and Kevin has Pilar. The girls always end up leaving their own and siding with their showmances in the end. If Naeha comes back, the girls may have a chance but not with Kevin and Zach around pulling strings.
If Graig comes back, the Chop Shop will take out Sarah and Jonny with Brittnee always being a pawn. If Brittnee is out, Godfrey will end up being the pawn since he isn’t in the chop shop. If not, Godfrey, Bruno, Willow, and Jonny are on the outs. Jonny may stick around as Kevin’s shield or depending on how long Brittnee and Sarah are in the game. Those 5 (Kevin, Zach, Jordan, Ashleigh, and Pilar) can lay low and stick around for a long time.


i don’t realy like zach and ashleigh together :/


I don’t like them together either. It’s seemed destined from the start though.