Zach asks if the live feeds can see in the havenot room? Jordan asks did she give you s*xu@l favors?

POV Holder: Johnny Next POV ?
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 12
HOH Winner Brittnee Next HOH April 8th
Nominations: Kevin Bobby and Graig
Have Nots Ashleigh, Bobby, Zach, and Kevin
POV Players ?

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-06 06-14-06-377

9am – 10am Big Brother blocks the live feeds to wake up the house guests. Up in the HOH room Johnny is talking to Brittnee and giving her new batteries. Johnny says that he tossed and turned all night. Britt says that up in the HOH room she had the best nights sleep she’s ever had. Johnny says that’s what Sarah said too. Johnny heads downstairs and says he could literally cry because there’s no coffee. Sarah and Johnny comment on how the backyard is locked. Sarah complains that its been almost 20 days since the sheets have been washed. Sarah says I don’t even go that long at home and I’m a disgusting person. They talk about the backyard being locked and Sarah says Easter Monday? (Last season they had a Easter egg hunt on the Monday.)
Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-06 06-24-13-413

9:30am In the pantry – Bruno and Graig are talking. Bruno says that he was talking to others about needing to keep Graig. I am putting my neck out there for you and if you stay I hope you do the same for me too. Graig says F**K of course I will! Graig says I just want to go down with a fight. I am just going to stay low for the day. Graig says I know JP and God want me to stay, like seriously. We can pull this off! Bruno agrees. Its a tough one though. It’s tough when its two of our guys. Graig says I know.

9:45am Out in the hot tub – Bobby and Bruno are talking. They agree its hard being two of the chop shop members on the block. Bobby and Bruno fist bump for final 2 deal. Bruno says its going to be unanimous. Bobby says he thinks the chop shop is all loyal. Bruno asks do you trust Willow still? Bobby says yeah. Bruno questions if she is with them. Bobby thinks she is. Bobby says in his speech he’s going to say he’s not going to win HOH any more till final 3. I’m not winning HOH, I’m not winning anything. I just want to lay low. I want to make it sound like I don’t want to win HOH even though I really want it so bad. Bruno says if he wins HOH he would put up Johnny and Sarah. Bobby says he doesn’t want to take a stab at Kevin but Pili needs to go so bad. Bobby says hasn’t really thought it through but would maybe put up Pili and Kevin together. Bruno says with putting up Johnny and Sarah.. one of them is going. Bobby says he’s not that scared of Sarah. Bruno says Sarah is poison. Willow joins them. Bobby asks her how tight she is with Zach. She says she’s tight with him. They agree one of them needs to win HOH this week. Bobby says that Graig has thrown my name under the bus. Bruno says to me he hasn’t but I’m sure he has to others.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-06 06-36-10-488

Up in the bathroom – Bruno talks to Zach. He says if Bobby is here he is a beast in competitions and can win stuff. If Graig is here he is target number one. It’s a tough one. We need to sit down and talk it out. In the kitchen – Willow says she would take $100 over seeing her family for an hour. Jordan thinks that’s crazy. Willow says I have nothing. $100 is a lot to me. Godfrey agrees and says he can see his family any time. Jordan says he would do slop Chicken George style to see his family (Taking slop for the rest of the season).

10:25am Out in the backyard – Zach asks Jordan if the live feeds can see in the havenot room. Jordan says yeah. Zach asks how well they can see. Jordan says really well in the day and there’s inferred at night. Jordan asks what did you do? Jordan asks did she give you s*xu@l favors? Zach says I couldn’t really control myself last night. Johnny joins them. Jordan tells him that Zach pulled a Godfrey. Jordan talks about how other house guests have had s*x in previous seasons under the covers. Jordan says that Emmett and Jillan had s*x. He questions how Jillian is still a teacher after doing that. He says Brendan and Rachel / April and Ollie also had s*x on the feeds.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-06 07-13-05-187

10:40am – 10:55am Out in the backyard – Pilar and Willow start running laps around the yard. Up in the HOH room Sarah is alone laying on the couch. Jordan, Ash, Britt, Zach, Bruno, Bobby, Godfrey and Kevin are hanging out in the backyard talking about marriage and other random conversations.

11am Big Brother tells the house guests the backyard is off limits. As the house guests head inside they hope they’ll be getting an Easter egg hunt. Kevin heads into the havenot room and investigates the havenot floor tiles. Big Brother tells him to “Stop That!”

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-06 08-06-02-880

11:30am – 12pm In the pantry – Bruno and Zach are talking. Bruno and Zach agree its going to be a hard decision. Bruno says he hopes after they (Chop Shop) can all stay loyal. I am loyal to a fault. We definitely need to all sit down and talk about it. They end the conversation and leave the room. In the living room – Godfrey talks about being an extra in commercials and other things. He says one time he was in the mall and a guy got him to come out to the parking lot and offered him up to $1000 a scene to do p*rn. Godfrey says he said he wasn’t interested. He says they told him they could blur out his face. Big Brother blocks the feeds. When the feeds return the house guests are sitting around talking about the modeling world.

12pm – 12:40pm In the kitchen – Ash is watching her savoury (BBQ) and sweet (Maple syrup) slop creations cook. Godfrey comes through and tells her in the next havenot comp he’ll throw it if they’re on opposite teams so she isn’t on slop again. Ash says that other people that haven’t been on slop should be it next. The house guests joke about Big Brother giving them clothes. Godfrey says he needs running shoes and tanks. He heads into the diary room and requests them. When he comes out Willow tells Godfrey they’re not giving us clothes they’re taking them away. Bobby runs up stairs and throws some of his tank tops off the balcony for Godfrey. Godfrey thanks him.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-06 08-52-50-176

12:50pm Jordan and Graig are talking under the stairs. They comment on how it was nice of Bobby to give Godfrey tank tops. To Bobby its nothing but to Godfrey its everything. The conversation turns to talking about how the house guests on the US version are allowed to sleep any time of the day. In the living room – Bruno is talking about buying storage lockers.

1pm Big Brother blocks the feeds.
2:15pm The feeds are still blocked.


Week One there’s a lot of Alliance but we’ve tried to make sense of it all.. Read our alliance help guide (Keep in mind the feeds have been down for a good while so things will most likely have changed)

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I think Kevin is using Jonny big time. Like he was contemplating putting Johnny up, but said he couldn’t put pilar up because she’s too cute?! (she is really cute lol) but wtf this guy is a loser. Sarah better win next hoh ??


Because he is too stupid to realize he is being used also…and how absolutely disposable he is once the guys don’t need him anymore…


Well he was until Naeha and Johnny opened his eyes, I think he understands now that he’s not safe even though his actions made him safer in the house than he was last week.

Why is BB stopping Kevin from finding the hidden power? When its unlocked he won’t be looking there again cause BB stopped him unless BB announces that its been unlocked.


I used to like sarah, but her constant “Im a good person and have a hard life” is giving me too much of a Nerd Herd vibe. So annoying.


Two people I was rooting for before the show were Sarah and JP and they are both getting on my nerves. JP + Zach = Sheyld. I fear JP is gonna be the Peter of this season….all talk and no game.


Wish they would vote out Bobby instead of Graig … not that I want Graig around,
but Bobby is much more likely to win HOH and comps. Graig can’t seem to win anything


Yes Zach, Canada and your family saw everything. Womp, Womp, womp. Jordan will get worried about Zach’s uncontroable showmance.

I hope Bruno gets burned with trying to play both nominees. He is running around like a chicken with his head cut off.

Kevin is REALLY trying to find that special power. I don’t blame him. Production constantly telling him to stop it clearly means they have their own way the power will be revealed.


I wish Kevin would see that Zach and Jordan really aren’t on his side. It annoys me when my favorite players of the season can be so easily manipulated. I really wanted Kevin to win, but it looks like he might just be another jury vote if he doesn’t reevaluate his strategy.

Who do you all think is in the best position to win, as of now?


I’m off to a stellar season of bad guesses lol So take what I write with a grain of salt.

Bruno- until he decided to play both sides which is certainly dangerous he had the best social game IMO. He’d be a top 3 guy but he’s gotta show he’s comp worthy.
Willow/Ash- there not on any ones radar. Unlike Pili they have a decent alliance even if the chop thing is old and stall already, and for me it is.
Zack- little social and positioned both sides of the house atm. I think Newport has a problem though. How do you make big moves without exposing yourself? He should go farther than Jordan but a front runner can’t sell that.
Person Unknown- The HG who makes it back into the house. That’s more insane than my usual foolishness. As BB rarely sees a returning HG go beyond 2 weeks plus or minus before they are evicted again. If the return and become a swing vote or lets say bobby comes back and chop shop still around maybe…. Likely not the scenario that will play out.

Truth is I don’t see a front runner. Willow over Ash due to the showmance thing. Bruno or even Kevin. I keep thinking a lot more to Brit than this years pawn.


used to like Kevin, now I’m like mehhhh he’s kinda a douche haha


He was always a douche.


I think Godfrey is the new beastmode cowboy , all he needs is an obssession


Only diff is that Godfrey is not an genuine idiot like that cowboy.


So are Zack and Ash full on showmancing or just having a little fun?


You have the POV holder status wrong on this post.


kevin is figuring out the thing in have not room


So have there been any frontal nudity so far? Either male or female, preferencially male?


If there ever is we post it on our tumblr site here


a showmance is fun.


No, not unless you are very young otherwise it is pretty boring. And in recent BB strategy it is poor game play.

Not Fair

I think the whole Canada and Usa voting to get rid of a player is bullshit! A group of people come in the house a form an alliance that controls the house and is punished for great game play. The under dogs always getting a break because no one wants to see the powerhouse win! That’s why there’s HOH competitions and vetoes to help you in the game. Also it’s called being social too! I would hate because I came in the Big Brother house to win money to help change my life and I’m voted out by people not even playing the game! I thought it was about who is playing the best game to win the prize. No matter how you look at it, everybody in the game is not playing a honest game because everybody is lying to everyone. It’s like sports everyone has there favorites but whoever plays the best game wins. Just saying!


Being social includes adapting to changing game situations. This includes unknown/foreseen shakeups.

Not Fair

Yes like the other members winning HOH or veto but not the public interfering the game! Example what if that group or houseguests has many twitter or facebook followers which would give them an advantage? What if your strategy going into the game was to be evil and lie but fans vote you out over this? Having people that’s not in the game influence the outcome is completely wrong. It’s bad enough someone gets to re-enter the house after being voted out! Why should players get penalized for being in a strong alliance? That’s what big brother is all about ” alliances ”. Everybody would be mad if someone like Pillar wins but hates to let a player that controlled the house wins! In the end the questions are always why do you deserve to win Big Brother not if it wasn’t for fans helping you. But its easier to be a viewer and shatter someone dreams of winning than actually playing and having someone shatter your dreams!

another name

I agree that blatant manipulation to such an extent as ending a player’s game is crap. thought it was crap wholeheatedly when Canada was hoh in bbcan season 2. imo the premise of the game is tarnished when outside influence completely alters the competition. in a way it puts an asterisk next to the win as really/not really. I liken it to playing a game of football or baseball, but 1/2 way through the game the fans of the team currently losing are given sniper rifles and instructed to take out the other team. is it still a fair game?

Guy From Canada

I think Alec from Season 1 BBCAN put the outside influence the best.

Remember when Gary got voted back in, Alec said that Gary in a sense won a popularity contest. Looking at the deeper meaning, it shows evolution of the game which adds an additional angle to play with when you are in the house.

lets say you play the villian. The public may like you and you have potential to stay in the house (like Evil Dick BBUSA) or get voted out like Andrew “nosepicker” or Slobrina (BBCAN2). So in all fairness, with the live feeds interaction to what goes on in the house is what is also entertainment for us, the viewers, which are required for a younger generation to keep the show on the air.

I too used to think that outside influence was BS, but when re watching some old seasons, reading blogs of some of the greats, its really an evolution of the game as the society who is watching the game is also changing..


Who is Bruno?I feel he’s our JennCity of the house, completely useless, bland, and boring

I still hate this season… it has been shit the first few weeks, and it will be shit for the remainder of the season
I don’t believe this season can redeem itself, not like BB5 when the women finally ganged up on the men,
they’re clearly outnumbered…
if Graig is the one who gets to come back… ugh I can’t

anyway ya it sucks

another name

i’m more apt to believe in the authenticity of the kevin/pilar pairing than the Zach/Ashleigh pairing. no surprise. I’ve been critical of the way Zach is being promoted. realistically, it isn’t about Zach, I had the same reaction to bbcan season 2 adel when I found that the show was pushing so hard to promote him as the face of the underdog. by midseason of bbcan2, I couldn’t stand adel. seeing production so blatantly market and manipulate to create a hero always has the opposite effect with me. so my negativity toward Zach is in large part due to being told I must like him so much. on the global bb alliances blogpost big brother takes credit for the Zach/Ashleigh ‘romance’ as matchmaker, so I’m skeptical. I expect the ‘but they fooled around in the have not room’ response. yeah, because early 20 somethings never fool around with someone just for the sake of fooling around. ever. it’s always about true love. face palm with eyeroll included.

TY Ashleigh

A happy ending to a Happy Easter! lolz
I haven’t been that happy since I found out Johnny pulled off Kevin and backdoored Graig…