Godfrey – “Dude If I win 100% those two guys going up man .. but if I put one couple ..”

POV Holder: Kevin Next POV May 1st
POV Used No POV Ceremony May 3rd
HOH Winner Kevin Next HOH May 6th
Nominations: Bobby and Brittnee
Have Nots Zach, Bobby, Willow (Season slop pass)
POV Players Kevin, Bobby, Ashleigh, Brittnee, Sarah, Pili

7:05pm Willow and Bobby
Bobby says he’s not going to bug Sarah for a vote he knows how close she is with Brittnee.
Bobby knows it’s obvious if they voted for him to stay it would expose their games. Suggests he can pin the vote on Ashleigh and Zach.
Willow tells him it wasn’t Zach’s idea to keep Bobby on the block. Zach wanted Godfrey out.
Bobby – Zach wanted God out and Kevin wanted me out
Willow – mmmm hmmm
Bobby – well I knew that .. Yeah..
Bobby – Zach would never keep me..
Willow – I dunno
Bobby – you think he would .. I lied to him

6:20pm AShleigh, Pili and Kevin Chicken confusion

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-03 16-26-28-189

6:20pm Hot Tub Bruno, Sarah and Zach.. Chit chat.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-03 16-45-56-981

7:37pm Kitchen.
Godfrey saying he loves the girls they give him the best part of the food. The girls give Godfrey all their salmon skin.
Godfrey – trust me the skin is so good yo
Ashleigh calls Godfrey “Garb”
He’s got a plate of salmon skin, decides to put it back on the backing sheet to “Roast” them up a bit more.
Brittnee grabs some yam fries from cooking sheet – “Godfrey he’s got his weird ass skins”
Godfrey makes a skin sandwich

pili and Willow

8:18pm Cup Clapping Pili and Willow

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-03 17-20-26-235

8:19pm Sarah and Brittnee
She’s convinced there is no way the house is going to switch their votes and vote out Brittnee.
Sarah says they have to win the HOH she doesn’t trust Bruno. Brittnee says it’s funny that Bruno thinks they trust him.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-03 17-50-54-556

8:45pm Living Room Godfrey and Bruno
Bruno – you still going to crush these boys next week
Godfrey – Of course bra .. can’t wait for that HOH bra .. we have to win Bro
Bruno – I need you bro..
God – 6 against 3 bro
Godfrey – Dude If I win 100% those two guys going up man ..
Godfrey then says he’s going to put one of the showmances up, “If I put up two guys their girls can win and take one off.. but if I put one couple they won’t risk it because they’ll know the other one will go up”
Godfrey – we got to win it bro
Godfrey – we put up two guys girl wins take guy off.. yeah ok.. the other goblin goes up

Bruno – it’s the better option one guy one girl


8:53pm Bruno and Bobby

Bobby thinks he can pull Kevin closer to him, “Maybe i’ll even drop the purple cobras”
Bruno – we have to be careful we have to be careful how we play it we need a plan”
Bruno says it’s not the best time for the showmances to split but they have to try.
Bobby doesn’t think the showmances will split at all.
Bruno mentions how he’s trying to get Zach/Ashleigh to keep Bobby because Bobby can be used to get Kevin/Pili out further in the game.
Bruno tells him he’s going to work for him just keep it cool. Bobby thanks him but says he doesn’t need to do this.
Zach comes in asks them if they want to “Tub it”
The boys head out to the Hot Tub

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-03 18-01-21-043

9:04pm Hot Tub Bruno, Zach and Bobby talking about “tats”
Bobby says he feels really pressured to “Make good TV” Ashleigh and Willow join them. Bobby calls for them to do one last chop

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-03 18-10-51-256



There are always a lot of Alliance but we’ve tried to make sense of it all.. Read our alliance help guide

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So over Bobby.. Been waiting for him to leave for weeks. I think Bruno is in a very good spot and he should just let Bobby go before it hurts his game. Also loving God and Sarah.

Habs Rule

I agree with you that Bruno in a very good spot right now……if everything stays the same (highly unlikely)then next weeks triple evict might bode well for bruno…….seems like zach wants to keep bruno for as long as they can,so if zach wins HOH then bruno may not go up and needless to say godfrey wins bruno is safe as well. sarah or willow and maybe britt if she doesnt go home (which i think she may)seem to want to go after the couples…so that leaves ashleigh and whats her name …what is her name???….kevins little friend….anyway whats her name probably wont win HOH and ashleigh will do whatever zach wants……and if bobby stays well that a given. Where i dont agree is that bruno should just drop bobby cause bobby is a vote for bruno to stay if bruno is put up……wow! this game is alot easier to play when your not playing it!!!…..lol!!


Forgot to mention that Willow as well seems to have stepped up her game. Coasting for the first part of the game is actually a good strategy and she did it well.

Watching in Brazil

I really hope when they learn about triple eviction they do not just chicken out and put Pilar and Asheligh or Britnee and Willow or Britnee and Pillar.


I really don’t know why it’s beneficial for Kevin to get Bobby out this week… But don’t get me wrong I will be thrilled if he goes – I litro cannot stand him! Rather him go than Godfrey!

another name

I think kevin wanted bobby out because:
bobby targeted kevin for the chop shop during his hoh. and mentioned wanting kevin gone every week until pilar won hoh. to everyone.
he thought bobby and Bruno were Zach’s backup position. he doesn’t want Zach to have that backup, thereby ensuring Zach’s loyalty until it’s time to cut his throat. with a knife named godfrey.
he knows bobby is considered Bruno’s comp muscle. especially in endurance. he considers Bruno a threat, so wants to weaken him.
without bobby and cindy in the house, he thinks he and pilar can win endurance comps.
he knows Bruno and Bobby voted out Jordan, what’s to stop the two of them from targeting him.


i honestly believe Kevin getting out bobby has less to do with it benefiting his game than it does proving he is playing his own game and not zach’s.


im suck and tired of bruno
like he went from my top 3
to my bottom 3 really quick

another name

I’ve been trying (not always succeeding) to be objective regarding the players this week.
some things are eating at me.
Brittnee: quit whining about being a pawn and make a change. instead of sitting back until people tell you that you are going to be a pawn, be proactive and try to get some form of ties to everyone. try to be included in making the plans instead of lying low until the plans are made and complaining about your lack of input.
Bruno: drop the machismo bro’s to the end talk, because if those guys sit back and say who can pull their weight and who can’t: you are bottom of the totem pole. you only won an hoh because three or four other people helped you win. ditto for your pov.
Ashleigh: stop being a plus one. you only appear on episodes to enhance Zach’s storyline. think for yourself a bit more. if you make it to top two, you can’t win at the rate you’re going because you’ve contributed nothing beyond letting Zach guide you. even your conversations with other people sound like you should begin each sentence with ‘Zach thinks…’
Zach: get those tarot cards back from the reward/punishment have have not game to see if you can channel Jordan to perhaps get a clue about what’s going on around you. it’s getting sad.
Sarah: sitting back waiting for things to happen has never done you any good. keep on top of the house dynamic and stay in control of your emotions or you could be in trouble. wait until Tuesday? you and britt just agreed when people have made up their mind they’ve made up their mind. not a bobby comment that should be emulated.
Kevin: get off of pilar and go see what’s going on in the house since you dropped your ‘bomb’. if you want bobby to go, make sure it happens.
thanks for bearing with me. meltdown averted.


These people are seriously exhausting. I want Willow to win the game just as a giant, well deserved b!tch sl@p to all of them.