Big Brother Spoilers – “If Caleb or Amber don’t win POV Amber is going home” -Frankie

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 26th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 28th
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Zach
Battle of the Block Winner  Nicole/Christine Next HOH/ Next BOB July 31/Aug 1
Original Nominations: ZACH’s Noms (Christine & Nicole) Frankie’s Noms (JOcasta & Victoria)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Nicole, Caleb, Christine, Derrick
POV Players ?

Victoria gets wet

Victoria splashes some drink on hayden he runs her down and Caleb comes up from the back and splashes electrolyte drink on Victoria. (Not sure who started it could have been Victoria)

BB16-2014-07-25 22-13-24-344

10:00pm Derrick and Victoria FIREROOM
Victoria doesn’t want Caleb, Donny or Amber to win the power of veto. She mentions how Nicole gets jealous when she spends time with Hayden. Hayden is a brother to Victoria.
She asks him what people are going to do . Derrick doesn’t know nobody ever talks game to him the only person that does is victoria. .
Victoria brings up Zach’s nomination speech says it was crazy. Derrick explains that zach is putting on a show for everyone. He’s putting on good TV he’s probably in the diary room saying he doesn’t mean all that shit he’s just making it fun. Derrick says it’s unfortunate that Zach’s actions upset Nicole and Christine.
Derrick – you’re going to be safe this week you’re not going home
She hopes so she feels people who were close to her not long ago not her friends. “ I’m just so emotionally drained “
Derrick says he didn’t want to be picked agonist Frankie in the HOH “Obviously i wanted to win” he didn’t care about the HOH power he just wanted to get off the slop the slop is the worst.
Derrick is going to go do his video for his family then head to bed. Derick doesn’t want her to do anything, “You’re on the block right now you have to be extra careful”
Victoria – I want to punch Frankie every time i see him.. Frankie he doesn’t respect me as a player at all.
He puts victoria on the block 2 times “doesn’t care about anyone but himself”. Victoria thinks Frankie should have at least talked to derrick about his nominations because Derrick gave him the hoh. Derrick doesn’t think he would give any names because that could come back to him. victoria appreciates that Zach told her the truth and didn’t put her up, “He (frankie) doesn’t care he’s trying to avoid me right now.. he’s buddy buddy with christine.. the other day he called me family .. how do you do that”
Derrick says sometimes people on the block campaign too much and talk too much look at brittany. Derrick stresses Victoria must chill.
He’s instructing her to think positive and get ready to fight. He’s not even fighting for his life tomorrow but he’s still getting prepared he’s conserving energy so he can win tomorrow for his family.
Victoria is worried Frankie will throw the veto. Derrick is certain Frankie won’t.

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BB16-2014-07-25 22-48-37-323

10:45pm HOH Frankie and Zach

Frankie wants to backd**r Amber but the vote has to be unanimous if it’s a close one 4-5 he’s f***. He can’t have Beast mode cowboy after him during the double eviction week. “it would be the stupidest thing.. you can do it because you’re b@lls out don’t give a f*** but I can’t’
Zach – If it ends up being Victoria and Jocasta we’re sending Jocasta home right
Frankie – yes yes 100 percent no one is on board with that except for Amber and Caleb

Frankie -If given the opportunity to backdoor Amber I will do it but will do it with Caleb’s blessing
Frankie is going to tell Caleb the honest to god truth about what Amber thinks about him. “I will tell him man to man.. just so you know I have been sheltering your feelings she doesn’t give a f** about you and she talks sh1t about you we all know it’s the truth the entire house knows it’s the truth except for Caleb”

Frankie – Worst case scenario Amber wins it takes down Jocasta, I will try to convince her with every part of my soul not to use it
Caleb – well if she does use it who do you put up
Frankie – Donny
Zach – Donny goes home
Frankie – no Victoria goes home.. Donny is not going home
Frankie – if I back door Caleb…. it’s just that he’s not coming after me but Jocasta and Amber are
Frankie blames Brittany for Amber targeting him because of the stories she told Amber.

Zach -As long as Amber or Caleb don’t win you are telling Caleb how Amber really feels about him ?
Frankie – yes
Zach – Yikes.. you got to do what you got to do though
Frankie tells him he has to repair things with Christine . Zach doesn’t see the point she made at him for saying to nicole to not trust her which isn’t true he never said that.
Frankie says he’s lost Nicole’s and Hayden’s Vote because Nicole has a lot more pull on HAyden than he thinks he needs Christine back to recover votes in case he goes up..
Frankie says Jocasta and Amber are his main targets to him they are equal in priority
Frankie – you’ve seen how good AMber has been now that Brittany is gone
zach -She so fake man
Frankie – Ya she can win competitions over Jocasta
Zach – i’m in such a bad situation now I’m f***.. it’s going to take luck for me to get to final 3
Frankie – that is why you need christine you really need her the way she votes is the way Nicole will votes and the way Nicole will votes is the way Hayden will vote, “You need Christine.. the easiest thing just for this week is mending fences I don’t want your name going around this week”
Frankie says Christine and Nicole will put him up the way things are right now.
Frankei you don’t have to go crazy i’m not saying s**ck her dck just make her feel comfortable to come up here for this week
zach ok dude

Frankie says if he backdoors Caleb nobody will be mad at him
Zach – it’s a viable option
Frankie says he’s a person fighting for him in this game it would be stupid to get rid of him
Frankie wants to turn Calb against Amber than Caleb literally will only care about Frankie “It’s just a number for me”

frankie there is a large large large chance of Amber going home this week I want it to be in the best interest of the house.
Frankie – If i blindside Amber, Caleb, JOcasta and maybe Donny will come after me
Zach- not donny
Zach – Christine, Nicole and Amber want Amber gone solely for Cody’s affection
Frankie says the only thing Caleb cares about is getting to the jury house with Amber.
Zach – if amber stay and wins you and I are going on the block.
Zach says if Jocasta wins she’s putting up Frankie and derrick
Zach – So if Caleb or Amber don’t win Amber is going home.
Frankie – Yup
Frankie thinks Zach should do another one of speeches during the veto meeting
Zach – I’m going to sleep all day Sunday
Frankie leaves – Love you
Zach love you Bro
Zach comes back climbs in bed with Zach.

They think if they can survive this coming double eviction they are golden in the game (they just think it’s double eviction no confirmation)

BB16-2014-07-26 00-04-07-183


BB16-2014-07-26 00-04-23-167

12:02am Germitard stripe show

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Bob Superfan

I think the twist with the 2 HOH is quite bad because while normally HOH has so much power this time the HOH isn’t safe at all until after BOB. They should have done like super HOH or soething


Gotta agree. I totally get why production thought it would make the game more interesting, but here’s why I think it didn’t work:

First: with 4 players going up on the block each week you’d think that there’d be more drama because people would be extra motivated to form alliances to try to avoid getting nominated. All that scheming makes good tv. What ended up happening is that between Battle Of The Block and POV you’ve now got lots of chances to get off the block before the final vote, so being nominated isn’t as big a deal as it used to be. Lots of houseguests don’t seem to be trying very hard this year.

Second: 2 HOH’s should mean twice the drama because they’re both forced to p*ss off houseguests by putting them up on the block. Plus they should be trying to nominate weak players to ensure that they keep on being HOH after BOB. The stronger/better/cleverest players usually have the most interesting personalities so BB wants to keep them in the game. What ended up happening is that the 2 HOH’s seem to always work together, stratagically picking the players based on who they want to go home instead of each HOH selfishly nominating the weakest players just so they can stay on as HOH for the rest of the week. More collusion = less drama, and the strong players with big personalities are still going home early.

I know they have to keep trying new stuff to keep the game from getting stale, but I don’t expect to see the 2 HOH idea being used after this.

Such a lame twist!!

Agreed!! The only way I think this twist could have been salvaged and things made more exciting was if the dethroned HOH automatically was made a 3rd nominee. A lot more strategy and scheming would have to go into things that way, and there would be a guaranteed shake up in nominations (since HOHs vary pretty well). No more of the same people always being on the block.

Production/ writers team

Three people on the block didn’t work last season … I know I know … Lets do 4 !!!! And have two hohs !! Hahahahaahah we are genious. Reality … Hey we are both hoh we obviously have to work together cause if we don’t we will just put each other up. Lol … Production team .. Why don’t you do some scenarios before you run with these dummy ideas .. And more punishments please ! Those are hilarious 🙂


I hate Frankie.
That’s all.


Does anyone know about the Amber and Cody arguement that went down earlier i cant seem to find it i need details someone help.


I just have to make this remark about Christine. Christine plays the “poor” victim and anyone who has anything more or nicer than her is stuck up and deserves to be talked about viciously. I also don’t see her getting out of the house and defending any of her behavior or actions she will just laugh and go away. BB15 wasn’t always nice but they had the guts to back it up.


I never thought I’d miss Amanda Zuckerman but wouldn’t it make great tv if she was in there with this crew. She’d tell them all what’s up and how boring they are. Amanda and Zach together would be tv gold. XD


All Stars. They enter the house and go “What up Cousin!”



However bitchy she got, Amanda is a strong, intelligent, woman and she would rip these guys to shreds if she were there. She’d run them around like puppets or get right in their face.

I’m likely in the minority, but I enjoyed Amanda. She was “good TV” (or internet, whatever).


I don’t understand why people would think Amanda Zuckerman was this great BB player. she was nothing but a low class vile person who was part of the worst BB season ever with her racist alliance in the house. Amanda would never get away with what she did last year with this group of people in the house right now. doesn’t anyone remember when Spencer put Amanda in her place last year and she cried to McCrae? as much as this season is becoming predictable, this season has a way better class of a cast and entertaining season than last season. BB15 was joke and by far the worst season ever. all I will remember Amanda for will be for the racist comments, f&cking McCrae every night on the feeds and her dumb ass crying behind the trash can. Amanda is not this BB allstar she believes she is. Evel Dick even put her in her place a few days ago when he blasted her on twitter.


What did Mr. arroganant Evel Dick say to her?


go on Evel Dick’s twitter. Amanda deleted her twitter post from that night. Evel Dick mentioned that Amanda FCKED Jessie from BB10.


Why the hell is Victoria even bothering Derrick at this time? Didn’t he just receive news about a death in his family? What is this bitch made of? Go talk to Frankie you moron. Can she do nothing right in this game.
I love that basically Derrick is telling her to keep her mouth shut right now because she’s on the block and PEOPLE DON’T WANT TO HEAR YOU TALK ANYMORE VICTORIA.
No outside skills, no in the house skills, no social skills, no physical prowess, no looks to even back her claims to be so gorgeous and WAY TOO MANY FUKkin BOWS IN HER HAIR.
So sick of this bitch.

Eviction night

Anyone else notice on eviction nights, Victoria ALWAYS self consciously fixing herself in the mirror while everyone else does a planned handshake or whatever ? Over her.


YESSS!! she checks herself in the mirror behind the door ALL THE TIME! She’s not even in the hallway yet! LOL get over yourself vic!


Derrick is reaping what he sowed so I don’t feel sorry for him at all. Victoria is a vapid idiot who Derrick is solely cultivating as his person to take forward & win against. I cannot fathom that she actually thinks he only talks game with her & I’m amazed these other idiots can’t see what he is doing there. I don’t like Derrick – I think he’s a bit too underhanded & shady, but I’d like to see how he’d do against better players.


I felt sympathy for her being victim at the beginning, but then her true colors came out, I’m so glad none of her hate speeches against Brittany were shown on Thursday

Runs deep

Hey, don’t hold back on your feelings about Victoria, please. She must be the devil to elicit such deep hatred. I’m sure we as viewers can figure out everything about her value as a human being, and respond with vitriol to her very existence. She’s right up there with the worst of criminal elements. No deep seated hatred towards woman there, of course.

A Nonny Mouse

Sorry, but it has nothing to do with sexism and everything to do with her CHARACTER, which is self-absorbed to say the least. Someone who has flatlined would have more personality than her.


He won’t put up Amber unless he gets Caleb’s permission? Frankie is such a pu$$y it’s ridiculous


Frankie thinks he has Caleb in his back pocket therefore pissing Caleb off is not a wise game move for him. Be it right or wrong, there is game logic behind it. You don’t want to piss someone off who you think is completely on your side and won’t put you up.


He is planning on telling him that Amber talks shit about him all the time, he’s going to plant a boat load of seeds to make Caleb believe that amber said things about him and did things that she didn’t do. this way he gets his permission. he actually said that Caleb pays too much attention to amber, I need to get her out so that he focuses his attention on me. I personally thinks he’s got the hots for Caleb.


I agree with you Rosie. I also think he would approach Zach and Cody more aggressively if he knew for sure they would be to that type of lifestyle. I’m not quit sure if Zach is playing with Frankie’s emotion on a game perspective or if he would try it or has.


Frankie’s sole objective in his game play is to ensure he does not, at any cost, get blood on his hands so it guarantees him the most jury votes no matter who is in jury house at the end. He uses Zach’s style of game play to his own advantage (and everyone else’s game play, for that matter) while being loving, caring and supporting to all. Meanwhile, Frankie does major plotting and scheming behind the scenes but always makes certain he is not perceived as the aggressor. To put it in terms that Caleb would understand: he must be sure with Caleb that to put Amber on the block for eviction, he does not have any of Amber’s period on his hands. He can accomplish this by being a caring, loyal friend by telling Caleb the truth about his relationship with Amber and thus, turning Caleb firmly against her. Will Caleb leave his delusions behind? How convincing will Frankie be? I can’t wait to see this plan in action.

new to BB 14

Is Frankie the BIGGEST weenie/weasel in BB history?

OMFG he can NOT figure out that Donny is loved in the house ?

Frankie needs to be evicted for shear stupidity


Frankie knows Donny is loved. Everyone does and has said so many many times. They put Donny up against someone for the purpose of sending the other person home because no one will vote against Donny at this point in the game. Later, however, they will send him to jury because, again, they have all said no one will win against Donny in final two.

Your comment makes no sense. You must have read something wrong.


Frankie is quickly approaching the “biggest weasel” label, yes.


What – I don’t get it – Victoria’s mother’s nose is fake?


Most women will claim accident, deviated septum, etc before admitting to cosmetic surgery on their nose.

Victoria's Mother's Nose

I am fine. Please don’t worry .


oh that’s good I thought the crow got you


This thing with married Christine openly flirting and just about dry humping Cody is driving me nuts. I’ve been trying to figure out why her hubby’s response is only that he “isn’t stoked about it”. I’m wondering if they maybe have an open marriage, some of those couples just don’t want to see the other doing their thing so that maybe would explain why he isn’t stoked about seeing it but isn’t filing divorce papers.
If my husband acted like she is, I’d have those papers filed and his dick in a blender…just saying.


Dick smoothie… ouch!


Supposedly, her husband is really hurt over her behavior (cuddling with Cody, etc). He already blocked 30 people on his twitter account over their comments.


Agree. What kind of man would think it’s ok for their wife to cuddle, touch, flirt, tickle, etc another straight male?? I don’t care how secure you are in your marriage, it’s innapropriate. Christine is obviously loving the attention from an attractive guy because she’s never gotten it before. Outside that house, none of those guys would speak to her. She’s living out her high school fantasies because she was the unattractive dorky girl. As far as the insults directed at Amber, she’s so delusional and jealous of the “pretty girl” and can’t stand it. Just shows that the stereotype of the the pretty girls always being the mean ones isn’t always true. Something tells me Christine’s husband doesn’t wear the pants in their marriage and will do/say nothing to her about her behavior.


God please help amber win the pov. Frankie only nominates girls cuz hes scared of the men. Smh. Why isnt caleb the target?!!!!!! Bb fans lets hold hands and pray amber wins pov! Jocasta you can start


This game went down hill fast. There was no telling from that crazy first week that this was going to be a snooze fest. CBS…. Twist this up. ASAP.


I just hate Christine, Nicole, and Hayden they are Rude, Useless, and Ungrateful. Boring White Bread.


What the f is it with Hayden? The guy’s an imbecile.

Nicole Hayden F2

I am with you regarding Christine. However, I love Nicole and Hayden. I love Donnie too.


Can’t beleive how golden everyone always is. Seems to be the constant factor in the game right now. Someone is always golden.

A Nonny Mouse

That, and making “blood on my hands” into a frikkin mantra.


Again i am going to say this.
Worst Season Ever & Frankie Fucking Sucks!


Great so for the second week in a row, someone is going home that we want to stay.. Great.

Zzz zzz

I bet Nicole’s family is praying that she doesn’t date Hayden outside of the Big Brother house, cause she is way to good for him!

Gayden Voss

I think Hayden is just a clueless idiot! just like BB15 David was, they both think that they are All That but really deep down inside their dark souls they are not.


hayden gets a pass from everyone in the house, and people on these websites. I just don’t get it. usually someone linked to a person of the opposite sex is taken out immediately. hayden is just gliding along, no one caring that he is there. annoying as heck “HEEEEY JULIE….”I want to smack the kid


Chances are Hayden will be top 4-5 just from doing nothing… This cast is focused on the wrong people…


Nicole’s ass is so flat


Your brain is so dead.


“Flat. Buns. I like flat buns. (I like the flat ones.) Flat. Buns. I like flat buns.” (From the Hardees commercial)


Is Jocasta away on vacation or is she playing the game? She doesn’t seem to care much if she wins any competitions when she’s on the block. She doesn’t even try. I just can’t stand her lazy attitude about the whole thing.


I don’t know how she got cast. She is def on vacay. Must be her first trip to Cali. She better catch on quick coz her ass is out the door. Not holding my breath though..

So what

So what are Hayden, Christine, and Nicole doing? Jocasta won a comp even if she had a partner she still won. Christine and Nicole only won cause they were put against the weakest players. Nicole won a crap shoot PLEASE, anyone could’ve won that. Hayden hasn’t done crap AT ALL. Jocasta and Donny have the same heart, neither is trash talking nor backstabbing anyone, yet Donny is America’s Sweetheart. Yeah yeah it’s big brother!

Nicole Hayden F2

That did not make a lot of sense. You said Jacosta at least won a comp, but then said Nicole and Christine only won cuz they were up against the weakest players.?? So is Jacosta good cuz she won a comp or is she one of the weakest players?


its sad that at this point our only hope is another #WILDCARD HoH

this time, make it a regular solo HOH, and rig it for our fav HG


bad feeling first double eviction=goodbye #WILDCARD. if that is the case, they need a non eviction double eviction lol. time to really start rigging this game so someone has to feel uncomfortable for longer than Zach’s short HOH reign


Love Zach or hate him…but at least he has the friggin’ balls to do what he wanted to do. He put Christine/Nicole on the block and when he did that, he made me like him even more! He’s not scared of getting blood on his hands, unlike Frankie, Derrick, and Cody! What is it with Frankie’s plan to backdoor Amber or Caleb? Just put them up and own up to your decisions like a man; and do not use the passing of your grandfather for your actions! You’ve said that you’ve left Frankie outside the Big Brother house to play this game…sweetums, you are playing as you before you’ve set foot in that house so don’t give me that BS (and it doesn’t mean Bomb Squad either)! I may not like Derrick’s cocky cop attitude, but after his grandfather’s passing (and I send my condolences to him and his family), at least he’s not using it to further his game unlike Pinky! Victoria, you’ve really sunk low crying to Derrick about being put up on the block because of Frankie. Can you SEE that Derrick is mourning the death of his grandfather and all you care about is “Why would Frankie do that to ME?” and all that crap! Get over yourself, be a woman, and campaign to stay! Jocasta, girl get your ass into gear and campaign! I understand your love for God and the good word of the Bible; and I truly respect that, but seriously, get off your ass, throw away the friggin’ bowties, and fight woman! Christine is still a rat and catty bitch! Cody, you’re still a p#%%y!! Amber, just tell Caleb once and for all that you’re not into him and you just want to be FRIENDS! Caleb, you’re a decent guy and find yourself a woman that would TRULY love you! Nicole, you’re not that innocent so cut the crap and just go for it with Hayden! Donny, you’re just an All American Good ‘Ol Boy and cannot wait for you to get HOH when the Battle of the Block ends so you can do some Houseguest Cleaning! So right now, I truly love and respect Amber, Donny, and Zach; and I think they should be the Final 3!!


That was perfect. Im rooting for amber donny and zach too


Jocosta’s young son has a side business making and selling bow ties. Good for her promoting them even though they look kinda dorky on her in my opinion..but showing them on national TV is a good idea for her as a mom.


Perfect! You expressed my thoughts and feelings exactly. . .but oh, so much more eloquently! Thank-you! I’ve loved Zach since day one, but even more after he stirred the house up!


Donny and Zach are literally the only people that I would like to see win.
I cant wait to see how the other house guest feel when they see that Zach is a fan favourite!! #WILDCARD


yesss well said BigKenny48! I Completely agree with you!

zach is on the ATTACK

the only reason I am semi hoping Frankie stays around is because I do think he really wants to talk #Wildcard to the final 2 with him. pretty soon he will become the guy you can’t lose sitting next to. just wonder when that change from “the guy you want out” to “the guy you want to sit next to” begins.


After Big Brother is over. Caleb and Sock Monkey hiding behind Amber’s bushes. Amber calls the police. Caleb replies ” Amber if you keep calling the police I don’t think this relationship is going to work!


I have to admit, that is funny….

echo 1

Double eviction drama that works first Frankie then Derek!!!


I was (and still am a little bit) hoping for a double eviction week. There would still be 2 HOH’s but instead of the battle of the block, the week is played out regularly. Like nominees, then veto (except 2 people could win veto to change nominations), and then two people go home (because 4 people would be on the block.) I hope this makes sense.


Victoria – “I want to punch Frankie every time i see him.. Frankie he doesn’t respect me as a player at all.”

Uhhh, nobody does, honey. NOBODY.


True, that!


Cody’s so annoying when he complains about being linked to zach like come on u were kissin his ass when zach was hoh. God Cody needs to grown up and play the game.


too late for him to grow up, he should have stuck with his gut and gotten caleb out last week, now he leaves it for someone else in his alliance to do and then at the end (if he gets there) he has no points…what’s he going to say? yeah I made a big move I got out a 29 year old mother of 3?


Cody, you’re pissed at Zach for lying right to your face?!?!
Well then, go apologize to Donny, cause your punk a$$ did the same thing to him !!
Got news for you, your game is effed, and Zach has nothing to do with that, you do.


If you want to be the man, Frankie!!! Backdoored Amber or Caleb!!!!!


I love how people say that certain people in the house are rats, catty bitches, digusting, white trash, ugly, stupid, has a horrible personality, slobby, rude, mean……….so what does that make everyone on here?

You gotta to do what you got to do in order to stay in the game. Its Big Brother


I have never commented on this blog, but I gave in…..
A couple of things keep going through my mind.
1) Don’t like Derrick & his cocky attitude, but he is a genious when it comes to the game. I do not think his grandfather passed (if he really did, I apologize to the family). He is not using it YET, but he knows this week could be a double eviction & if one of his alliance members has an opportunity to throw him the HOH to see pictures of his grandfather they will do it.
2) The game was to big for Brittney. I would have picked up that ball at 2,399 and gave a speach first to my kids (throw in some tears) & then to the house that was all there in front of me explaining that I am not a threat to anyone, I cannot play in POV, I will not be able to walk so I won’t win HOH, I am not in an alliance and you all need the numbers. I will listen to any and all offers. If no one wants to work with me I will go home & see my kids no harm done.

More thoughts likely to come b.c. I am obsessed with this game….


Very thoughtful – and true – 1st post, Deborah!
I agree, Brit should have done that.
Post long, post often! 🙂


My favorite players: Brittney & Donny. We all know what happened to Brittney, so my fingers crossed for Donny. While I think Derrick is very good at playiang this game, in my opinion he made a mistake not taking out Donny while he had the chance. Brittney was begging for someone to take her under their wing. It was so obvious she did not have a clue what was going on (she though Caleb was running the house!)
I am hoping Donny can win HOH before Derrick catches on that he is after the head of the snake. I think Derrick is figuring it out by his comments last night.


Love your comments and observations! Wouldn’t that be just like Derrick to make a fake move like that just so he can gain sympathy and lay low for awhile. It’s an interesting thought.


Caleb confessed his love for Amber instead of saying ugh no not interested because she’s in the house with him but he’s obsessed with her but to all the hgs shes dogging him out and frankie wants to use it to get her out oh well now the prettiest person left on the show is Julie I very dislike this cast but christine did a girl alliance I really dislike her someone should leave cheese under her pillow


I see what you are saying I think. When it comes down to it Frankie and the rest really do know she’s not dogging him or doing him wrong. But they will agree with him to use and manipulate him to green light getting her out etc because he’s not that smart and he’s actually rather vindictive in his own way. For Amber’s game it’s too bad Caleb didn’t get evicted earlier. She was damned if she did or didn’t with someone like Caleb who has a way of filtering what happens in his mind to coincide with his massive ego. So even if she decided to boldly yell she wasn’t into him. He wouldn’t have let it be and it would have came up in his emotions or actions against her. If Caleb was truly on her side and wasn’t trying to control her or treat like she’s a piece of property they wouldn’t be able to do that.


I really think/hope if Donny ever wins HOH he will put up either Derrick Cody or Frankie.

Make it happen!

Or christine of course

Caren in Canada

Ok I am so tired of all the self righteous people on the chat boards saying how when we vent our feelings about the HGs that we are no better than they are for calling them “catty” “rats” “snakes” and so on! Look I get that this is a game, I have seen every season made, so I know how it works, and the backstabbing, slandering, trash talking, lies being spewed in this game, have NOTHING and I mean NOTHING to do with the BB game! To be so out right nasty about someones character all because you are jealous of them, is just plain wrong, and I do sincerely pity those of you who defend their vicious actions! I apologize for taking up chat space, but dayum it is just ridiculous that there are people defending certain “slander” in here! (just my opinion)


There he goes again.If Cody feels like Zack is fucking up his game then why not sit down with your boy and confess your damn feelings instead of being a Lil bitch and confessing to Amber and Victoria.Cody won Hoh and did not wear it ten year old daughter has more balls then him.Amber is damn distraction, maybe once she is gone caddy Cody and can’t take a hint if it sat on his face, cowgirl will figure out they are here for half a freaking mil!good god, get your head in the game!!!


Donny needs to win HOH before Derrick catches on he wants to “take out the head of the snake” and it is too late.
While I think Derrick is very good at playing this game, he missed a “golden” opportunity to take out Donny while he had the chance. Brittney would have done anything he asked to stay in the game, and she had no clue what was going on (she thought Caleb was running the house!)
Christine, Nicole, Jocosta & Victoria can be gone already, I cannot even watch them on the feeds.


I agree, Donny needs to strike first, because from what I saw last night on BBAD, Derrick and Zach talking and Derrick caught a little bit about how Donny doesn’t trust him 100%. Well, that’s all Derrick had to hear from Zach. He kept it real cool, but pretty much told Zach, stay close with Donny, and keep me updated on what he’s thinking. Derrick is good with EVERYONE else in the house, so when he gets the first chance, he’s taking out Donny (sad face).

I think Derrick is playing hte best game in there, but I guess that’s not saying too much because the house is FULL of people who don’t have a clue about what to do. I wonder how Derrick would measure up in a different season.


i can’t believe these guys seriously think that no one knows they are working together in an alliance, and that Amber or Caleb could possibly do anything to ‘blow it up’. I also can’t believe that Derrick thinks if he keeps saying ‘no one talks game to me’ while talking game with someone that anyone still believes him either.

i think that Frankie is totally going to do something unworthy of being HOH, and just get rid of Jocasta or victoria if he has to put someone up for POV. Instead of doing something worth doing while he has the chance.