Frankie says if Caleb puts you on the block! You f**k Amber! Cody “yeah I would be all over her sh*t!”

POV Holder: Victoria Next POV July 26th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 28th
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Cody
Battle of the Block Winner Jocasta/Amber Next HOH/ Next BOB July 24/July 25
Original Nominations: Brittany/Victoria(Cody) Jocasta/Amber (Frankie)
Final Nominations: Brittany & Donny
Have Nots ?
POV Players Cody, Brittany, Victoria, Caleb, Nicole, Zach

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-24 02-18-32-427
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12:30am – 1:20am In the living room – Frankie and Derrick are talking. Derrick says I love you buddy. Frankie says we will be friends inside and outside the house. The cameras switch to the HOH room where Christine, Cody and Zach. Christine tells them that Victoria admitted to liking Hayden. Zach says I am starting to really sweat Victoria. I think I have a better chance with Amber. They tell him he has a better chance with Victoria. Zach says I used to not like Victoria but after our blow up we’ve become really close. I am not going to say I like like Victoria because I like like Amber right now. Zach says I just feel like Amber and I are prefect for each other. Brittany says Chirstine and I will hook up before you and Amber do. Zach says that’s probably true. Brittany tells him he should jump in bed with Amber right now and start nibbling on her ear. Zach says I actually love Amber. Christine says stop why is everyone always talking about Amber. Cody says I don’t! Zach says I would spend every dollar in my Chequeing account for her but that’s after I transfer most of my money from Chequeing to my Savings Account. Brittany says if Big Brother gave us enough alcohol it might happen. The conversation turns to talking about if next season would be Fans vs Favorites or Favorites vs Villains. Derrick joins them.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-24 02-42-16-082

1:20am – 2am Frankie comments on how being in here he will have time to deal with the tragedy of his grandfather dying. My family literally feels like everything is the end of the world until it isn’t. That is why I wish I could be there with them. The fact that they didn’t want me to leave means something to me and that I won’t. Christine says she would have been heartbroken if you left. They talk about random things.

2am Up in the HOH room – Zach, Derrick, Victoria, Brittany, Frankie and Cody are up in the HOH room. Zach, Derrick and Victoria are talking about medicine and doctors. Zach discusses his 2 knee surgeries. Frankie comments that he’s going to sleep down stairs. He says he’s tired. They tell him they’ll leave so he can sleep.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-24 02-45-01-662

2:15am Victoria and Brittany try to prank Derrick by smearing Vaseline on his pillow and sheets. In the kitchen Derrick tells Victoria that he knows something is up with her because she’s been giggling. He knows she is trying to get him back for him grabbing her leg last night in the dark and scaring her. He tells her that if she’s done something to him he will not let her sleep for the rest of the game. Derrick heads into the fire room and feels all over his bed and says oh you mothaf**ker! He leaves and goes to the kitchen to find Victoria he tells her he’s not going to let her or Brittany sleep all night. Brittany goes to lay a towel over the Vaseline so that Donny wont roll on it. Derrick heads up to the HOH room and locks the door. Brittany and Victoria come up and knock on the door. Frankie, Cody, Zach and Derrick watch them on the spy tv. They laugh when Victoria look through the mirror. Zach and Derrick put shaving cream all over their hands and open the HOH door. Zach goes after Victoria and Derrick goes after Brittany. They get them and then all run into the HOH room. Derrick gets Brittany again in the HOH bathroom and then he gets Victoria.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-24 03-01-56-341
2:30am – 2:45am Frankie says that Brittany is walking around saying she didn’t even do anything and Victoria just told me that it was Brittany who put Vaseline on Derrick’s bed. Cody laughs. Brittany comes in to wash up. Frankie tells Brittany and Cody should just shower together. Frankie and Zach asks Cody if he would hook with Amber? Cody says not with Caleb in the house but says maybe if she’s gone. Brittany leaves the room after showering. Frankie says she messed up her exit she should have let her boobs slip out of her towel. Cody says she is so f**king hot!! Frankie tells him to go hook up with her. Cody says no I can’t its just not me. I can’t hook up with her and send her home the same week! Frankie says you don’t even have a vote. Just tell her if it comes to a tie you’ll vote to keep her. Derrick comes up and says that he knows it was Brittany who started it. He says that he is holding back from dumping ranch dressing into her suit case. Victoria comes into the HOH and says she’s scared. Cody says don’t get involved in something if you can’t handle it. Cody tells her that she started it and needs to get ready for war! Victoria is worried about leaving the room. She tells them that they are taking this way too far! They joke about taking all her clothes so she won’t have anything to wear for the live show.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-24 03-23-12-520

Brittany comes up to the HOH room and they all tell her they know it was her who started it. Brittany asks really!? What did I do? They tell her Victoria told them she started it. Brittany starts getting mad yelling really Victoria?! Really!?! You’re going to blame it on me?! Big Brother blocks the feeds..
Big-Brother-16-2014-07-24 03-25-27-419

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3am – 3:55am When they return – Frankie, Zach and Cody are talking about needing to win HOH. Zach says if Caleb won HOH I would be on his a$$ like sucking his D**k 24/7. Frankie says MMmm yeah I like that! Cody asks if its just one HOH would you just put up Caleb? Zach says no. Cody says I would. They talk about how they’re glad tomorrow is finally here. Its been a small chess move week. Zach tells Cody he should have nominated Caleb. Cody says if Caleb puts me on the block I would tell him he is a f**king punk and he better send me home. Frankie says no, you know what you do if Caleb puts you on the block! You f**k Amber! Cody says yeah I would be all over her sh*t! I wouldn’t f**k her because I don’t think she would be into that being on tv but I would be all over her. I would put him through hell. They notice on the spy tv that Caleb is cleaning with Amber. They laugh at how he’s only cleaning because she is and how they’ve never seen him clean before. They talk about how they’re running the house right now. Zach says after we send Caleb home next week we will have the numbers till there are only us 5 left. Unless for some crazy reason 2 of us are on the block. Frankie, Cody and Zach go to sleep.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-24 03-03-22-299

4am Caleb and Amber continue to clean the kitchen. Cody, Frankie and Zach wake up. Cody and Zach head down stairs to get something to drink. They head back up to the HOH room and talk about how they can’t really sleep all day because of the live eviction. Zach tells Big Brother he is sorry for telling them to f**k off. Big Brother blocks the feeds again.
Cody says that he legitimately can’t get a full boner wearing a condom. Zach asks Cody how many people he’s been with. Cody says not a lot 14 – 16. Cody talks about his first time. Zach asks how long did it last for? Cody says like 2 minutes. Zach says that his speciality is the jack hammer. Frankie asks them if they’ve had s*x in the a$$ before. Cody and Zach both say no. Cody comments that he just remembered this is all live and that people are listening to everything they say.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-24 03-57-15-348

4:25am – 6am In the kitchen – Caleb, Derrick and Amber are talking. They think if Donny wins HOH he would put up Christine and Me (Derrick). Derrick says but he has to win HOH over everyone on our side. Caleb says that he told Brittany that at the end of the day Amber and him want to keep her but if everyone else isn’t then they can’t vote to keep her. Derrick explains you can’t tell Brittany she’s going because she might say something and then you have to defend yourself after she’s gone. Caleb says I am voting Brittany out. Derrick tells Amber she really needs to win HOH tomorrow along with one of the guys. Derrick says Julie said expect the unexpected .. and nothing happened. Something is happening tomorrow. Derrick tells Amber not to tell Brittany she’s going home becuase she could throw you under the bus on the way out. Derrick heads to bed. Caleb and Amber continue to clean.

Up in the HOH room – Frankie, Zach and Cody talk about sports and Broadway. Cody says I feel like we’re going to be friends for life. Frankie and Zach agree.

The conversation turns to talking about Amber and Caleb. They talk about the date they went on and how Amber said she would have rather been with us but that it was the best date ever for Caleb. Zach wonders if it could it get any worse? Frankie says Ummm he could propose to her. Cody says Caleb told me he went into diary room and asked for something. Zach asks like what? Frankie says he asked if he could buy her ring? Cody says yeah. Big Brother cuts the feeds. When feeds return they’re talking about cost engagement rings are.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-24 05-29-45-600

Alliances (Some Of these are defunct)
Zankie = Frankie/Zach
Bomb squad = Caleb, Amber, Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Christine, Zach, Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole
Not a showmance= Hayden/Nicole
Los Tres Amigos = Derrick, Cody, Zach
The bottom Feeders = Derrick/Nicole
We hate Devin = Christine and Zach
Outsiders = Brittany, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Stalker = Caleb/Amber
Quad Kings = Derrick, Zach, Cody and Hayden (still being built)
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
Final 2 Deal “The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick

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Wish someone would open the closet and let Zach OUT!


This ^ is gold!


This is boring. When did sitting around talking about who you hate become interesting. You can only say it so many times. It would be different if they went up to the persons face and told them, I hate you and I’m coming after you. That’s game.

Perhaps, that’s a big move “I hate you”. “She so fake”, big move.
I don’t get live feeds nor do I watch the TV show. I only ran over my daughters house to see Jocosta speaking in tongue. It was more interesting to read it here and read the comments. I ask her was if more to see. Lol
There must be some big money being made on BB to keep showing this crap!


Ha! Good point!

Fuh Q

I thought the very same about Jacosta’s ‘speaking in tongues’ routine. Incredible. I’m still shaking my head.


Hoping the HOH competition is a puzzle because Donny has been saying he’s good at puzzles. We do love to hate Christine but would like to see her evicted before jury. Maybe her future could then be coming back to BB as a villain.


Caught up!

Christine is only judgmental of mean people? Who decides they are mean? Oh right, her because she is judging them. SMH

I don’t think the jack shack is doing it’s job. These people are all so horny. When all the girls are gone I bet the guys are gonna look really good to Caleb.


This is the biggest egotistic group of meatheads, I have ever seen, particularly Cody… I’m sure Amber can get guys like him without blinking. He acts as if he is a prize for someone like her. Get over yourself Cody. Can’t wait to see these guys scurrying when they are not in control…


Don’t think Amber would be that interested in a spineless coward like Cody outside the game! He is the biggest pussy in the house by far.He wants to tattoo his future kids on his arm….how do you spell WIMP and WUS!!!!!Big talker but NO action!!!!!

Caleb's Cool With Me

Talk about wretched…Caleb would never talk under Amber’s clothes the way those stooges did; yet Caleb gets called all the BS names for telling Amber that he likes her and would like to know her better after the show. Not once has he mentioned “F-ing her” or any disrespectful comments about getting her into bed.
Where are all the negative posts about the 3 STOOGES rambunctious commentary!!!


No Caleb just talks about leaving her to pay the bill and smashing her head.
Feeding her a banana with a pickle in. He not fooling me. Talking about you can’t judge a book by its cover. His cover is he is trying to come off as a nice guy in love. Then the next thing she will find out is she waking up in the bed with Rambo standing over her slurring at the mouth like savester S.


He HAS mentioned smashing her face, or as he put it, her grill ( which I think is a racist remark, what say? ) and leaving her with the bill if she doesn’t return his love. That IS a fact and what I consider un-gentlemanly behavior. I really don’t understand how that can be justified.


and… don’t have to give me the race card speech; I honestly don’t know. Is it a cultural thing??


i am sick of Caleb always saying ‘she must have her period or something’ everytime she ignores him or has not thanked him for ALL that he has done for

Caleb's Cool With Me

Question: Did you even read the article for “frankie says if caleb puts you (Cody) on the block you fk amber”? And of course, Cody’s response? You should learn to stay on the subject matter. Whenever men openly talk about screwing a woman “for the reasons” that they are discussing it sounds more like female belittling than just males talking. Oh, and since I didn’t hear Caleb saying that Amber “must be on her monthly”, I wouldn’t consider that to NOT be the same as chatting it up about screwing her to SPITE someone. It sounds more to me that people who have chosen to ACCEPT what Frankie and Cody were saying are not only disrespecting Amber, but disrespecting the female community as a whole…including yourselves…if you are indeed females. I don’t play favorites when my honor as a female is being disgustingly ridiculed by scummy asswipes.


I hope listening to Cody/Zach talk about Amber/Brittany gave Christine a reality check. She is in a competition to win 500k, not Cody.


This is by far the worst season, worst cast in eons!
Who are these ass clowns? BORRRRRING!!!
I cannot stomach the feeds any longer. Just pop
on here once in a whole to see what a great job
DAWG & SIMON are doing. They endure the
torture fest so some of us don’t have to.
Thanks guys!

Detroit Girl

“Christine says stop why is everyone always talking about Amber.”
– Are we SURE Christine is married? She’s getting ridiculously jealous, every time someone mentions, looks at, or compliments Amber. If she keeps this up, there will be separation papers when she’s evicted – to loud boos.

Christine's crazy eye

It’s not weather WE are sure she is married, it’s weather SHE remembers she is married.
and stop judging her, that’s her job. So now, turn your back so she can tell everyone how mean you are.


One should learn to spell or use spell check before dropping in to talk shit on others….its WHETHER not WEATHER! The temperature has no bearing on WHETHER she is really married or not! lmao

Detroit Girl

“Derrick comes up and says that he knows it was Brittany who started it. He says that he is holding back from dumping ranch dressing into her suit case.”
– Vaseline that easily washes out of bedding that you don’t own vs. ruining clothes someone else does own. Another example of Derrick being a d!ck.

“Victoria comes into the HOH and says she’s scared. Cody says don’t get involved in something if you can’t handle it.”
– I haven’t agreed with Cody in awhile, but yes! You know this is how Vicky & her nose made it through school. Do the deed and blame someone else. Why didn’t Cody tell Derrick?


Wow… I dislike Frankie the more he opens his mouth & I’m actually warming up to Zach as well. There is NOTHING Christine can do to change my opinion of her!!!! Cody is a spineless coward & now that Zach is crushing on Amber, he should tell Amber how much Cody says he’s sick of her behind her back & how Christine trashes her & maybe that’ll be wake her up!!!

I would love 2 see her, Zach & Donny together. I would throw in Jocasta but let’s be real … She is useless.


I’m still not certain Zach is really interested in Amber or is just pretending to be just because he’s Zach and does that sort of thing.

Christine's crazy eye

Zach enjoys stirring the pot. I think he has Christine’s number and is just trying to mess with her.

Michael from Canada

I think so too. Zach reads people pretty well and knows how to toy with them.


I find it funny that anytime any guy in the house says Amber is hot or that they like her that ppl on the forums immediately question/denounce it.

When Caleb first started crushing on Amber – Oh he’s just doing this to clean up his image because of the bigoted things he said on social media

When Cody started commenting on Amber’s look- He doesn’t really like her, she just follows him around all the time so he shows her a lil attention in return

now when Zach says he likes Amber- Oh its definitely not for real he’s just being Zach

Amber is definitely Gorgeous in my opinion so I don’t see why its so unbelievable.


The BB All-Nose team:
1. Christine (captain)
2. Victoria
3. ?
4. ?
5. ?


3. anteater 4. toucan 5.Pinochio(after 80 lies).


Don’t forget about derrick.


Derrick is the worst! He is despicable &
Malicious. Every day these dick heads
keep getting worse. I cannot wait for
him to get voted out!

mr ed

A walking talking TURD !!!!!!!


Just wondering how come gay men on Big Brother, Frankie and Andy, are such despicable people? They say the most disgusting things and are disgusting people. They are two of a kind. Ugly little rodents on the inside and outside. Still think it’s a travesty that Andy won last year and if people don’t brighten up this year is going to end the same.


It’s not a nose on that girl; it’s a beak. Sorry, Christine, but if you’re going to be catty and judgmental and pick apart all the girls, then you should be able to take it.


Wow and all this time I thought it was a big toe.


Just wondering if it’s a possibility that the wrist thingy’s might have an impact on tonight’s voting results. J made a pretty big deal abt them and the fact there’s no have nots this week. Maybe bcuz it wouldn’t be fair for them? Also, whoever got the 2400 kicks would certainly be WAY up there in activity numbers, and only a desperate player would end up with that POV prize. Maybe a special power for the most activity points? Would HATE to see anything mess with Donny, tho.


P.S. Donny has been on the elliptical a lot, too. That could help him. I just love how he watches EVERYthing!


I’m hoping for a coup d’état… 🙂 We haven’t seen that since Season 11, as far as I know. That would allow Brittany to remove herself and Donny and then name the new nominees. Most likely, it’s all wishful thinking.


Julie said the people with the lowest numbers on their tracker will be the ones who are Have Nots for the week – so I don’t think it’s going to be anything different; UNLESS BB decides to use it to save Brittany. But considering the edit they’ve been giving her, I’m not sure they care whether or not she stays.


As much as i would like to hear boos for christine it wont happen. The majority of big bro fans do not watch the feeds and have no idea what shes really like. Even amanda zimmerman barely got booed. Christine is getting as bad an edit as technotronics man

Michael from Canada

The boos are louder than they seem. Production messes with the sound levels to cover them up.

Double D

I don’t think the 2 HOH twist went the way production thought it would.
Wouldn’t you like to see 4 guys nominated, fighting it out, tempers flaring.


I agree, production wasn’t expecting it to be steamrolled by 1 side of the house. But how boring would this season be if there was only 1 HOH? Even worse. I hope the 2 HOH continues because:

1) Gives Donny a better chance of winning

2) Earlier than later, if Detonators are still intact, will need to start turning on each other.

3) The houseguests “think” the 2 HOH will only go on for another week or so because “there aren’t enough people to put up”. Yes, that’s the point! With normal 1 HOH, there is a HOH until the very end and there’s only 1 left on the block. Why not do it with the 2 HOH? Gotta feel the pain, people! This is a game for $500K, don’t need to make it easy for you.


Oops, sorry, “only 1 left NOT on the block”


And I really want to see it when there are 2 HOH that don’t agree with each other as to the 4 to put up. Or don’t talk to each other at all. USe those stupid egg things and whoever gets to nominate first, use it to your advantage, not just “what we agree with” The last week, they didn’t even show Cody and Frankie opening eggs, what’s the point?

Double D

The HOH put the weaker players up because they want to remain HOH.
Double eviction could be one of each HOH will be evicted and end the 2 HOH there.


This season really sucks so far. There is one big “team” and the people who are not on the “team” are to afraid to go against them. I really hope someone not included wins hoh. Preferably Donny or even Jocasta. They are the only ones that would do something exciting. Or I hope they give Brittany the coup d’état. She is another one that has balls to go against the house. I hope CBS shows America how Christine really is. She deserves to get hated on like she hates on everyone.


If Jocasta or even Victoria won they’d easily be manipulated by the usual gang into putting people up who benefit that unwieldy original BS group. Those two aren’t really there to play the game. They are just taking up space in the house.


BB should have a season with just girls. Now that would be an interesting.


Hell no it would turn into The Bad Girls Club type show… yuck.

Aaryn G.

From the pic, looks like Frankie is mourning the loss of his dear grandfather by slipping into bed with Cody.


When Cody wears those glasses he reminds me of a young superman.


More like Superwussy !!!


You may be on to something…I am pretty sure Calebs “STALKER STARE” has more strength than Superman’s laser eye-sight superpower!

Caleb's Cool With Me

I just can’t deal with how they waste so much LIVE TV time on some of the conversations. They act as though there’s a timer on some and “no timer” on others. It makes me ILL to sit and watch the LIVE shows at night when they waste 20 minutes sometimes listening to dumb repetitive convos about absolutely nothing. I tape the shows and F.F. through them when it gets totally nauseating to sit and listen and look at the B.S. I want either Caleb, Jocasta, Donny, Amber, or maybe Nicole to win HOH. For goodness sake will Caleb ever know how much they talk goo-garbs of crap about him. He needs to put his ears to the floor or the walls or the vents or something because it’s like an avalanche of B.S. rolling behinds his footsteps every single day. I don’t want to see Caleb out of the house. He needs some payback for all the stuff that HE DOESN’T EVEN KNOW IS BEING SAID ABOUT HIM. Caleb needs to stay, but really, I’m okay if Amber had to hit the door.


If Caleb gets booted, it’ll be his own fault. He is not playing the game at all. I’m sick of hearing about this beast-mode cowboy and then seeing such beast with his head up the ass of a girl who does not care for him at all. He doesn’t deserve anything…he needs to earn it.


Is it just me, or do these guys talk like they have no respect for women at all? Caleb doesn’t respect Amber and likes to take credit for her accomplishments (etc.), Derrick with his sexual comments towards what the girls should do in order to get further (b j’s), Zach and Cody with their daily remarks….how they talk about Brittany’s boobs and Victoria’s virginity. It’s disgusting to listen to them. I know the girls aren’t playing much game, but it has nothing to do with their sexuality, they’re just stuck in a house with alpha males and haven’t had a chance to prove themselves.
Amber has been nothing but nice to everybody but yet she gets dissed every chance they get. I wish there was a way both Brittany and Donny could stay just so there’s a chance of switching things up in the house, I guess we’ll have to wait and see if anything happens tonight. If those guys win again then we’re in for another boring week of knowing who’s going home.

Christine's crazy eye

What Alpha males? Outside the house, none of these guys would be alpha. They r just wanna bes.


Alpha males?? Give me a break theyre just sexist morons that all think theyre gods gift to the world


Thats probably the way Derrick moved up in rank since he mentions it all the time LOL.

Julie's Glitter

Hate to break it to you, but that’s how a lot of guys talk about women in real life. It’s the Bro-s before Ho-s mentality.


Sorry but most guys think more about the female body during the day than we’d like to admit…it’s just the way we are wired. Nothing wrong with appreciating the female form…


why derrick want donny out he keep saying put him on the block i hope donny wins hoh with joc or victoria they desivre one win so the house could change


Donny said if he wins anyone who come up first to his HoH is going on the block. Lol anyone remember that? If so Derrick and Frankie are going up lol


Derrick knows Donny is smart and onto what is going on in the house and a matter of time before he figures out Derrick is running the show. Donny is the only non-alliance member who is really a threat to his game. Plus, if he is sitting next to Donny, Derrick most likely will not win.


I’ve watched a lot of seasons of BB…the only time I seen start to finish domination was season 12’s “The Brigade” alliance. I hope this one gets crushed.


People who keep talkin about how boring this season is right now need to think about the long term. It’s going to get interesting when they all start turning on each other. And they will turn on each other! Lets just hope amber & donny win HOH tonight!!!


I think these guys main goal is to make it to Jury to get some money in case they don’t win. Then they will all be diplomatic about it Even Zach said I just want to get to jury, he want to win the money but he’s ok if he don’t. Cody has no back bone. Donny will quietly go out. The only hope is Caleb, he might be a ticking time bomb. Frankie will cat walk hisself off. And Hayden will win. Lol lol


Agreed. There’s no real reason to get brutal yet when they have so many easy targets left to pick off.


I hope Donny wins HOH also…I don’t see him nominating the two other members of “team America” since they are making $5,000 per week right now.

Cody & Christine?

Julie's Glitter

This seems like it’s been the longest week ever. So ready for a new HOH.

Zach Brain

when he loves/crushes on someone he acts like her hate their guts and campaigns like crazy to get them out. EX Amber and Victoria.


Going to get yelled at like crazy, but isn’t that what 3rd grade boys do? Pull the girl’s hair?

Julie's Glitter

Derrick is not playing around. He’s already proved that he can kill (for real) when he decides it’s necessary: April 2007: Central Falls officers Derrick Levasseur and Maximiliano Gonzalez fatally shoot Selvin M. Garrido Morales, who had a knife. A grand jury clears them.
“A man called 911 for help at 9:53pm an Aril 8. When police entered the apartment at 71 Rand Street, a man was holding a knife over his head. The man cam at the police ant the officers wanted the man to put the knife down. The man did not listen and the officers were forced to fire at him.”

Power Of Veto Corleone

Watched BBAD and Jocasta and Cody were talking about religion (Again).
Jocasta told Cody that Christians and Catholics are 2 different religions. She actually told him that Catholics are not Christians.
Where did BB get these people from?
She is a bow tie wearing, bible thumping fraud.

Suite Life of Zach and Cody

Cody should just make moves on Amber in front of Caleb, maybe even kiss her. Caleb seems like the type to try fight Cody and then Caleb will get kicked out of the game.


You blew your chance Cody to put up Caleb. Now he coming after you. I hope karma is biting your butt. Just like penalty kicks on your butt.


this should confirm that Zach is the ultimate troll

he is an awesome #WILDCARD

and he is on the ATTACK


I just want to say that in watching the live feeds there have been many people mentioning other big brother sites in the chat rooms. Every time I see them I make a post that onlinebigbrother is the BEST site to get information and stay informed. Simon and Dawg do a great job here so give them your support and tell others about this site.


good, Zach needs to get back in with cody. I don’t trust what derrick does when he is around cody (isolate Zach)

I really am trying to figure out how derrick will go home, I haven’t heard one person saying they will nom him


please Zach win HOH and stir this sh*t /house !!


sad to see the hottest female leave the house tonight. bye Bit 🙁 bye eye candy.


Cody is so dumb. How does putting Donny up as a pawn help his game? It doesn’t. The reverse, actually. Derrick, Frankie and Christine need Caleb in the house to take out Cody without getting blood on their hands. Derrick and Frankie are running things, but neither will want to take Cody to the end. If Caleb takes Cody out, they can dispose of Caleb easily enough. Cody should have put Caleb up and mended fences with Brittany. If Cody was smart, which he apparently isn’t, he would have backdoored Caleb and put Amber in his pocket. He would have realized that in his bro alliance, he is vulnerable, but he could have secretly aligned with Donny, Hayden, Jocasta, Brittany, and Zack. He could have ended the week sitting on the fence between two sides, leaving his options open depending on which way the wind blows with the next HOH. Does he really think that Derrick or Frankie would take him to final 2?

The game is getting boring. I want to see Christine and Derrick on the block, with Frankie as a backdoor option. Sadly, I think the only person that would do that is Jacosta, maybe Donny, and the odds aren’t good. If the double HOH doesn’t end today, I wish the 2 HOH would stop putting up people to lose the BOB and put up 4 strong players. Would love to see Derrick, Cody, Frankie and Caleb sweat.


Ay! Christine! How can a super fan not see that her game is fragile at best. She is playing for fourth or fifth place. Didn’t she see what happened to Diane (BB5), Keisha (BB10), Brit (BB12) and Dani M (BB14)? Doesn’t she remember that the only times a girl has won the game was when they took out the testosterone early and sat with another girl at the end? And she calls herself a superfan!


I’m pretty sure Christine is no longer thinking of winning the $500k – she just wants to ride Cody’s jock for as long and as much as possible. It’s pretty pathetic, especially given the fact that she’s married.

Bb16 snooze alert

What a boring season. I’ve never been this disinterested in Big brother. I used to check out this site like every 10 minutes….this whole season ive been on here like maybe 5 times. I haven’t checked but I’m pretty sure the ratings dropped. #TheyshouldvekeptDevin #Whataboringcast #BringbackSurvivor

warlord link

hey how they know brittaney was going home ?? her kids pop up on cbs in california they live in tenn by mississippi ??? something fishy now ??? really fishy,,,frankie wins cause derrick feel sorry for him could of won,,i believe they lost hoh on purpose,,,zac won cause christine lost on purpose seem to me,,,supreme hoh going be frankie ya…whom going on the block i tell you whom jocasta ass,donny ass,,then zac going place victorie and nicole up or might be jocasta and nicole and donny and victorie up,,frankie likes caleb he aint putting him up cause hes alliance to help him also derric not going up nore christine,,,


I’m just really disgusted about the way a lot of these ppl are edited for TV. Everyone has already stated Nicole and Christine’s cattiness so no need for me to reiterate what’s already been stated but what about

Hayden and the way he said he wanted to murder that b***H (Amber), push her off a balcony, and just all the constant “I hate her” . I don’t see where his hatred for Amber comes from unless he’s just hates her because Nicole does which shows that he has no balls or character. Its sad because I really liked him in the beginning.

This is the first season I started watching BBAD and reading forums so maybe this is just how it is every season and I’m just new to this but now that I know I only have 3 ppl I can root for

Amber, Donny and Derrick. Hear me out on the last one, I know a lot of ppl don’t like Derrick because he controls the house and lies to everyone but I can deal with back-stabbing and manipulation as I see it as part of the game. The problem I have is all the malicious talk behind ppl’s back. If Derrick has done that, I’d like to know but I haven’t seen anything yet. Anywhooo…… just my opinion