Frankie says Amber will always overshadow everything in his mind. He’s an idiot.

POV Holder: Hayden Next POV Aug 2nd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 28th
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Zach
Battle of the Block Winner  Nicole/Christine Next HOH/ Next BOB July 31/Aug 1
Original Nominations: ZACH’s Noms (Christine & Nicole) Frankie’s Noms (JOcasta & Victoria)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Nicole, Caleb, Christine, Derrick
POV Players Frankie, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny, Hayden & Christine

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-27 09-27-38-623

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9am – 9:35am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the live feeds return – Caleb and Frankie are out in the backyard by the pool table. Caleb wants to talk to Cody to confirm what Zach said about Amber. Frankie says that no one can tip her off. You can talk all about it on Monday with Cody. I know its about your personal life with Amber. That conversation would make my life very difficult if you did that. I would just rather you didn’t have that conversation because then she would be freaking out all day long. There are plenty of other people that can confirm that. Zach and her are really close so its only going to blow up in you confront him today. Everything can come out and we can talk about it on Monday. Frankie asks what does it gain you. Caleb says I know that Zach is a liar and that he could have never talked to Amber and just made all that up. Frankie tells Caleb that the things that Amber said about your date with her were true .. she came up to me and told me. I just didn’t have the heart to tell you. Caleb says telling stuff like that wouldn’t upset me. Frankie says its not a secret that she treats you like sh*t. I’ll put her up and then we can decide if she stays or goes. Put it on blast on Monday and let them figure it out. Caleb says I literally went to bed 30 minutes ago. I don’t even care about the photo booth. They finish their game of pool and then head back to bed.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-27 09-26-50-897

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9:35am – 9:45am Up in the HOH room – Frankie tells Zach that I just talked to the cowboy. And he doesn’t trust you. Zach asks he doesn’t trust me? Frankie says he wants Cody now to go talk to Amber to confirm what you said about Amber. I begged him to please go to sleep and we’ll all talk about it on Monday before the meeting. Zach asks so he doesn’t trust me? Frankie says yup. So lets not talk about it till Monday. I knew this was going to happen because Amber will always overshadow everything in his mind. He’s an idiot. I told him that what Zach said about the date was true because she said it to me too but that I just didn’t have the heart to tell you. We just need to talk to Cody and tell him don’t you dare do that. You with me? Zach says yes. Frankie and Zach go back to sleep.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-27 09-36-31-815

9:50am – 11:25am Donny is the only house guest awake. He is out in the backyard working out on the elliptical. Donny finishes his workout and sits on the backyard couch in silence. Donny walks around the yard and then heads inside to put his sheet on his bed. Donny continues to wonder the house alone.

12:15pm Christine wakes up and heads to the bathroom. False alarm.. Christine heads back to bed. Donny is still the only house guest awake playing with the slinky in the hive room.

12:30pm – 12:50pm Jocasta wakes up and talks to Donny in the kitchen. Donny tells her about what he’s been up to this morning. She says wow you’ve done everything. Donny says I’m about ready to go back to bed. He then says no not really. Jocasta heads outside to do her laundry. Donny heads outside to eat lunch.

Zankie = Frankie/Zach
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
Final 2 Deal “The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole

(Defunct or unknown status)
Bomb squad = Caleb, Amber, Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Christine, Zach, Hayden
Not a showmance= Hayden/Nicole
Los Tres Amigos = Derrick, Cody, Zach
The bottom Feeders = Derrick/Nicole
We hate Devin = Christine and Zach
Outsiders = Brittany, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny
Stalker = Caleb/Amber
Quad Kings = Derrick, Zach, Cody and Hayden (still being built)
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smd nicole

frankie is being such a pu$$y! if he was smart he would be getting rid of caleb this week! it makes absolutely no sense to go after caleb

smd nicole

absolutely no sense to go after amber ….not caleb


Caleb is a for sure vote for them. Amber is iffy.


Even after voting out Amber they can persuade Caleb any way they want. We’ve seen it over and over. They’re going to make it where Caleb wants to vote her out too. That will keep him in their corner. Smart. They cannot control Amber.

Bullet Bill

Exactly Cheryl. What many people seem to not understand is that the “core guys” only want people around that they can control. Caleb is easily controlled, Amber, Brittany and Donny are not. If I was them, I would rather get out the people who I can’t control than the ones like Caleb.


Caleb is stupidly loyal to the first 6/8 alliance. He thinks putting amber up is his idea, plus that there is no intention of sending her home. I think him saying if she blows things up he’ll vote her out is just bluster, all talk with no intention of acting on that, to make him look like beast mode cowboy. reality is that he won’t vote her out, my guess, and that no one will tell him until right at the end what the plan is.

I love on the other recap Derrick saying how a lot of people are lying about what they do. Uh, ok, D, as far as I can see at this point, the only one left lying is you. Frankie has talked about what he does, he doesn’t talk about who his sister really is, but their reality is talked about. She is a sister, and that is how he refers to her, in that context.

I think the people that seem to be splintering out of that detonator alliance will do well, with Hayden, Nicole, Donny, Cody and Jocasta for the votes I guess. if they get Christine aka Andy out soon.


Caleb is just playing stupid. So are others. Derrick is playing the smartest game by letting others get targeted. I’m disappointed in the women who just sit around and wait to be told what to do or whine about something stupid.


Amber controls Caleb and Amber could try to get the others to get rid of the BS Squad. So get rid of Amber and they can control Caleb. That’s assuming Caleb doesn’t go batcrap crazy…or more than he is now.


I don’t think Caleb should worry about Amber being on the block because by Monday, Caleb will be up on the block.

Dumbo Caleb – Priceless!


It’s all about the speech, my boy Frankie is going to tell Amber that she’s being backdoored simply because she stopped talking to me.


Have they even considered a double eviction happening? If Amber goes, Caleb just may win HOH. I’d love to see Zach win it though and out up who he wants out. Or back door whoever he wants. Shake it up wildcard! Entertain us!!!!


It’s not happening.


Isn’t double eviction always announced to the viewer?


Yeah, the double eviction is always announced to the viewers, but that could be on tonight or Wednesday’s show…so this week is still a possibility. They usually will have two of them during the season, so it’s time…It’s almost August already and we still have 12 HG’s.

I predict this will be a double eviction week.


Nope. Every time there is a double eviction, Julie announces on thursday, “watch Sunday to see noms, then find out who won pov on wed, and join us 1 week from today when we have a live double eviction!!”


My bad, you’re right. I did the math wrong. If they have a nine person jury again, then the jury house will begin when there’s 11 left. So a single elimination this week will put them at 11, and then next week they could have the double eviction and send the first two to the jury house.


Here’s the dream. Double evict = Amber gone. BowTie (by some accident/freak of nature) wins single HOH puts up 2 of the boys Derprick/Cody/Frankie/Zach. If one comes down with POV Caleb goes up. Don’t care who goes because next HOH Donny wins. Then whoever is left of the BS Squad will be scrambling and Hayden can pull Nicole and Vic in with BowTie on board to whoever Donny wants gone. I think he really wants Derprick gone because he knows Derprick is not a groundskeeper like he said he was and that he is pulling the strings while keeping his hands clean.


When you dream you dream big! None of that will happen though. And Donny knows Derrick is not a groundskeeper? News to me. Although the resemblance is uncanny I don’t think Donny is Gandolf the magician/wizard. MY dream would be for Donny to really be Gandolf and he’d swing his magic wand & make all the little boys do his bidding until all who are left at F2 are he and Derrick. Nice dream though.


There is no nice way to say it… Beast mode Cowboy is bat sh1t crazy

Devin's Tears

That screenshot of him is going to give me nightmares ::shudders::


If there is a comment of the day that would be it!


Caleb look like Chucky with a hood on. Lol


Stupid move, they are getting out weak players. You should be getting out strong players. Damn have they study this game before playing. Joey didn’t watch BB but at least she tried to make great moves.


Joey made her move too soon but she had the right idea. These people are fans but they have no idea how the game is played unless they think sitting and waiting for someone to tell them what to do is how they play?


Caleb when Amber is gone. You will always have Sock Monkey!!!


Sock Monkey needs to take a lesson from Clowny and try to off himself.

Irked by the stupidity!

Frankie is so damn slimy. He knows how cra cra Caleb is and he has no qualms about putting Amber in harm’s way. Can’t wait for this to bite him in the ass. ????


I would like to hear from Caleb’s old girlfriends. To hear what it was like having a relationship with him. Or even some of his friends from back home, commentating on this subject.


I truly doubt that Caleb has ever had a second date with anyone except his hand. I think all his past girlfriends were all in his mind.


He said that his last girlfriend refuses to speak to him.


Oh, and Caleb is obsessed?? How ironic.

Not a PHD Student

For the record your comment is not ironic. It is not the opposite of it’s literal meaning. That is the definition of ironic


Oh, and Caleb is obsessed?? How ironic.


I don’t think its obsessive to be curious about Caleb’s past behavior. Seeing how creepy and clueless he is makes you wonder if this is his standard operating procedure.

I Don't Like Derrick

LOl. Oh my gosh. You need to stop. Seriously. You and so many other people are simply blowing Caleb out of proportion, and it is RIDICULOUS!!! You are obsessed with talking about his obsession. But please really learn what stalking means. I’m sure you have to know. You just simply choose to blow it up? What is the point in doing that? What the hell do you call that? Not a PH.D Student, You simply missed the point.


Caleb is doing himself a disservice with his play. He may be a nice guy who likes a pretty girl but it seems to viewers to have gone far past that and remember this is a game. The time for him to act like a star struck teenager is after the game. His ego is so big he can’t get past it to play the game. It’s sad because I think he may see himself and be embarrassed how he played the game and looked foolish chasing Amber who never was interested in him that way.

Christine's crazy eye

When is the right time to be concerned over his clearly abnormal preoccupation with Amber? He watches her when she sleeps, he has kissed her when she is asleep. He has blown way out of proportion his “relationship” with her. Every move she makes, he is watching. She cannot speak to any other male (Cody). Trying over and over to isolate her and make her solely dependent upon him.
He has ignored, on many occasions, any demur she has voiced as to her feelings for him. He ignores any thing that runs contrary to his own opinions regarding Amber. He has made numerous plans for their life together outside the BB house. Ignoring once again, anything she says. These actions are not those of someone playing with a full deck. They are in fact the actions that may signal on coming DANGER!

I Don't Like Derrick

How would you describe a real stalker or a real dangerous situation? Everything you said is blown out of proportion. He watches her when he sleeps? Does he really? Or did you just get that from the fact that he kissed her on the forehead when she slept? Kissing someone on the forehead when they sleep is not a big deal. But to you and all the other exaggerators, it is.


He has said he watches her sleep.

Not A PHD Student

It’s not ironic or irony at all. I most certainly didn’t miss the point. The poster did not use the word “ironic” correctly.
To have someone post they want to know the background of Caleb to see if he is a stalker and then have someone post oh and Caleb is obsessed, how ironic…… incorrect, that is the point


This is sad!

Messed up

It’s really sad. Production finds so many non legit reasons to step in and they can’t step in and help this poor girl out because she doesn’t feel the same way about a boy that her feels for her she losses a chance at 500k !?! It’s so wrong on so may levels. She is going to see this and feel so victimized. They protect people from physical abuse but what about mental abuse that has potential to turn into harassment or even worse outside of this show. He is scary and obviously not a rational person. This has gone beyond funny-crazy straight to crazy-crazy!

I Don't Like Derrick

Seriously? You’re blaming Caleb? Amber is getting evicted because Frankie and the others decided that’s what they want to do. Do you really think Frankie is backdooring Amber because of Caleb? PLEASE!!! They decided it is her time to go. DAMN!!


I need Caleb to blow up and end up on the block. Amber going before Caleb does not sit right with me.


I will be very surprised if they can pull off this backdoor of Amber without Caleb getting mad. It will take Amber 5 minutes to get Caleb back on her side. It doesn’t matter what the guys say…….he is obsessed with her. Logic is no longer an option.


Caleb told Frankie to put of Amber. Caleb wants to scare Amber, but he doesn’t know she is the target. Amber will be gone before Caleb has time to stop it.


I agree. Amber is there to play the game as where caleb is not. Caleb is there for a wife when amber is fighting for her life. Lol that ryhmed. It doesnt feel good that a player who is genuinly nice( amber) is going home for someone elses mistakes (caleb)


Caleb reminds me of Gina Marie’s obsession with Nick…..but scarier.


well…gina marie acknowledged and eventually laughed at it

I am genuinlly nervous about what caleb’s reaction will be to how he comes off. and the sad part is, if they weren’t so nice over there at CBS, they would show caleb for who he really is

my real question about him Is this: does BB production not even ask him game related questions in the DR? I know they often try to get people to think things through and will plant ideas in their head. well with caleb, its almost like they avoided all game talk with him for a couple weeks in hopes that his absolute cluelessness about those around him will continue.


A new day and Christine is still ugly. Get her out of there.


She looks like the muppet beaker.



Sock Monkey

H ELP HELP Get me out of here. The guys are all looking at me in a very funny way. Don’t want to turn my back on them. Afraid they will detonate me.

Teri B

I really can’t imagine Caleb “containing” this alleged “back door”ing of Amber. He will blab. He thinks he’s going to have power over her with this stupid move and he won’t be able to NOT tell her…or at least tell someone else who WILL tell her. Just my humble opinion.

Also, with as boring as this season is, I wouldn’t be surprised if Hayden doesn’t even use the veto! Then it would be a total yawn!

tdmoore a obsessed little boy. It turns my stomach as tough he portray’s.


BB Floater: a player with little self-locomotion who is carried by the energy waves of the house to be an extra vote. BB!16 best example: Victoria


BB Barnacle: a player with no self-locomotion who attaches themselves to a player to be carried as far as possible. BB 16 best example: Jocasta. She attached herself to the hull of the SS Donny and that’s pretty much it.


You are so correct Caz.
Now do Christine. 😉


Christine is the BB Octopus: A player with suction cupped arms who crawls along and uses camouflage to go unnoticed as a means of defense.


Christine – An annoying, cackling, snot blowing, married barnicle, who because of dumb a$$ devin bringing her into the alliance, has attached herself to Cody’s privates. And refused to attribute to the alliance to go up as a pawn and throw the BOB. She is useless to an alliance.


Hoping today has a bit of drama.
Note to self: when on Big Brother, know that sleeping, playing pool, and eating are really really boring to watch.


Probably tomorrow after the veto ceremony, there hopefully will be drama.


I wonder how successful Caleb is an “Adventure Hunting Guide”? Would you like to be in the wilderness with him? Does anyone hear Dueling Banjos?


Although douchebags and vaginas usually go hand in hand…I have never seen so many d-bags who are such pussys in a BB cast (women included). Never thought it would get worse than BB5’s four horsemen, but this season is giving them a run for the title of most delusional, slimiest, dumbest, cockiest douche-vags in one house…


I have seen every season. Actually enjoying this season.

echo 1

Love to see Frankie and Derek figure out they are being back doored during an elimination. Then well see real acting!! The final 5 or 6 bro/ho’s going down . Prime example of the feminzation of males!


Things I absolutely cannot stand about BB16:
1. Frankie
2. Zankie
3. Caleb’s Obsession With Amber
4. The Misogynist HOH Crew
5. Christine & her face + laugh
6. Cody’s lack of balls with everything
7. Victoria
8. The Double HOH/BOB twist
9. Team America
10. Derrick’s Arrogant Attitude


But it’s sooooo much better than last year.


thumb up

BB Psych Ward

LMFAO and couldn’t agree more!


I agree…especially Cody’s lack of balls…except he is actually a walking vagina. Hence…walking around the house with a panty liner on is face…


Wouldn’t it be a great night if it were a double eviction next week and both Frankie and Ratstine went home?!?! One can only dream….

my issue with this season

isn’t how its gone necessarily. its how there is really nothing that will change

no one is targeting cody, instead they target our #WILDCARD(why he needs a power in order to change up the game), no one is targeting derrick. thanks to Zach some are now targeting Christine. Nicole and Hayden are the most comfortable showmance in history

and yes, this has to change, but it just seems like everyone is happy out of that bunch to just send home Caleb, Amber, Victoria, Jocosta, Zach ATTACK and then they will fight it out

and it appears that even a double eviction will just lead to a faster end to our #WILDCARD and the only positive is that its a quicker way to get to the rest of them fighting. which it seems none of them will because they are so lame. and I am not saying Jocosta or Victoria need to spend 1 more day in that house. I wish we could vote out 2 people right now and end team america

my issue with this season

sorry, Donny is in there with those they will gladly toss out before hayden and others which perplexes me to the max

my issue with this season


he turns on the awesome HG’s that we need in the game, and complains about the worst things. overreacts to every single decision he makes by throwing his hat like he just blew the world series.

if only that butt kicking was all summer


I’m so over houseguests that make moves and say “this is what America wants.” No Frankie, what we want is for the other houseguests to grow some balls and get either you or one of your alliance members out.

Victoria's hair

Sooooo who cares about Victoria having fake hair? Im so over her dumb ass.But yet she says that she wont talk about how she just randomly lost her hair…


Oh yes Travis, because that would leave such interesting ppl in the house.

You know with that said, i dont understand why half the ppl watch BB. All yall do is whine about every damn season about whos running the house and bitch about the good game players, only happy if the floaters who do nothing to be there are there.
I swear 90% of BB fans were bulllied in high school by the so called popular ppl & thats why they always cry about who’s incharge wanting the shtty floaters to always make it to the end.

Capt obvious

Spot on comment!! Every time I hear someone say ‘I wish Christine, Nicole, Jocasta, ect would wake up and take these bullies out’ I’m like what in Gods name have they done to justify you cheering for them in any way, shape or form??? They are doing NOTHING!! Then I realize, that person commenting is a loser as well reliving some part of their life.


I wasn’t going to comment this year but I feel I have to. First off NONE of you folks ragging on ad nauseum about Caleb being a “stalker” “crazy” etc have ever actually experienced a TRUE Stalker. As in the police are involved, restraining orders and abject fear for your life. Well kids, I’m here to tell as a victim of years of ACTUAL stalking from not just around my neighborhood but from around the globe. What Caleb is doing? is called: “an immature guy who is locked up for some 3 months surrounded by hot girls (less 2, Fugly and Bow tie…obvs) who has an inflated ego and delusions of how he THINKS he is perceived in that environment and in his real life” A pathetic deficient hopeless romantic with delusions of grandeur. In short: loud delusional thickie. Thus endth the lesson.
A pathetic deficient hopeless romantic with delusions of grandeur.

I Don't Like Derrick

Thank You. That is what I have been saying all along. I hate when people blow things out of proportion. It takes away the true meaning of stalker.

Irked by the stupidity!

I guess being “stalked around the globe” would make you an authority on the subject though just imagining the magnitude of such a horrific thing, I am surprised you would use THIS platform to educate the rest of us ignoramuses. Uuh…do your stalkers know you are posting here…since they are everywhere? Sounds a little suspect to me…like a Vic-story. Just sayin….


Excellent reply. Wish I’d said it myself

Caleb is a stalker

He is a psycho. Chill out and get your panties out of a knot. Or has your stalker taken them already and started sniffing them?

Christine's crazy eye

Did your stalker start out full blown crazy, or did it start with hi, I think you and I have something in common? Because, Caleb needs some distance from Amber. So that he might get some perspective. And not become a full blown stalker type. Which is why her being voted out might be the best thing (or him being voted out)

beast mode cowboy creeper

I love how Caleb thinks that putting Amber up is his idea. This guy is going to look so stupid when he leaves the house and sees that this is the plan the whole time. He is so creepy! He is doing this because he thinks she will come crawling back to him. What a psycho! He is going to murder someone when she goes home.


Caleb’s game was done when Devin went home. Devin was his best ally and friend and now he has nobody. If Zach was voted out that night, this game would have gone in a different direction.


I want Caleb to go tell amber what they are saying. I wouldn’t listen to nobody telling me don’t say anything because it might hurt their game, f**k your game cause they could be lying. Even tho amber did say some of that stuff but she also told Caleb she’s not interested in him. I just want him to flip out and hopefully mess up Frankie game.


You guys do an awesome job. How do I donate to this site?


At the top of the page in the big blue line there is the word donation Click on donation and it will take you to Pay Pal where you can donate to these awesome guys who keep us amused all summer.


I just finished watching last night’s BBAD and Amber joined with Frankie, Christine and Nicole in bragging about taking out Joey, Pao Pao and Devin – crazy ones according but Miss Amber declared that they be called the “wild ones”. I wonder what she’ll call herself when the door hits her backside. She’s acting like a real Uncle Tom. Can’t wait to see her blindsided!!!


For all the Derrick haters. Just to forewarn all of you. Derrick beloved in the house and isn’t going anywhere any time soon. He really has no enemies and has very strong allies.

beast mode cowboy creeper

Love him or hate him, the guy is playing one hell of a game!

I Don't Like Derrick

So, who are you following? Could it be Zack? He said the same thing, She is not contributing to the alliance because she is unwilling to go up as the pawn and throw it. Are you kidding? The other 4 winning HOH as contribution does not compare to the expectation of someone willingly going on the block and throwing it. Zack only said that to justify putting up Christine, because he did not want to put up Derrick or Cody, not because she had not won HOH. If Christine had won HOH and Derrick hadn’t, do you really think Zack would have asked Derrick to go on the block and throw it? HELL NO!!! Christine is on their bottom 5. That is why Zack put her up. It has nothing to do with her not winning HOH. It is called justifying your bullshit.


Why do they bother waking the house up every morning if they are allowed to crawl back into bed? Give them some chores to clean the place up each morning or something. Make doing chores a way to stay off the have nots… bet the place would positively sparkle.


It is strange that we can sit at home and watch things play out and say that they are clueless about what is going on.

1) Calebs obsession with Amber: She is the only girl in the house that he finds attractive. If it was the real world Caleb would have other females around and probably would play the field. There is no field in that house. Jocasta is married, Brittany had kids, Nicole is sweet and involved with Hayden. Victoria… mmm ok she is not his type. Christine is married and to be kind is probably not his type. The girl pool is real shallow in that house.

2) Derrick Runs the Show: let’s be honest the chief rarely makes it to the final two… rarely. Derrick will probably be evicted after the jury starts. I would not be surprised if it was by Hayden.

3) Why keep Jocasta, Victoria, Caleb and Nicole; and not Donny: It is all about control. You need people to control at the final stages that are disposable. The core boys need these people in the house so that they can go farther. If you sheep misbehaves they become Lamb Chops and you are done with them.

4) Why a House Flip is Needed Soon: Mostly for us viewers and some key players in the game need a House flip desperately. Donny especially, I think people would stop watching if Donny got the boot at this point or next week.

Messed up

Yes I blame Caleb because he has messed her game up since day one in that house. She hangs out with him they say they’re two votes because of his obsession with her. She tries to distance herself from him and he trash talks her to the rest of her to the rest of the house and says she straying. She hasn’t gotten to play her own game because of him and it’s sad. She’s damned is she does and damned if she doesn’t. So Damn right back to you….. Seems you and Caleb might both have a little pent up passive aggression in you, is that why you feel the need to defend such a crazy guy, reminds you of yourself a little?

warlord link

caleb got damn war hero was in iraq 6 yrs baby,,,hes was ask to go on survivor but refused cause he said he just got out that was 2 yrs ago,he joined at age 18 did 6 yrs….he and his family got hunting business…he won some prizes in there…bob ross the painter on etv now pbs had show that lasted for 13-16 yrs i think his son did do paintings on the show everyone when his dad got ill he did take over did the season out….bob ross was in the army in vietnam i think….many people in army get jobs in hollywood like drew carey was in the army ya hes a comic got price is right now he had many hit shows,movies…


Caleb’s instinct is talking to him. He better listen.


Pleaseeeeeeeee! Someone tell me why it’s okay for the not so hot wj/chick to flirt with other men in the house when they obviously have a fantasy or obsession on someone else, but when a woman (Amber) who clearly stated she was not interested, was thrown under the bus because she rejected someone (Caleb) who is obviously living in the past? Zack is an evil monster who is threatened by the power of women, Frankie is a lost person who only caters to his own needs and Derrick is a lying piece of crap who could not handle the truth if it hit him the face, (that’s how some COPS react to situations). This game is once again one sided and I refuse to believe that’s it’s not RIGGED! Zigbot could you please get rid of the remaining House Guest, PERIOD!