Frankie about Nicole “she was a monster..calculating, convincing and manipulative”

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 30th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 1st
HOH Winner Caleb Next HOH Sept 4th
Nominations: Nicole and Christine
Have Nots Derrick and Nicole
POV Players ?

BB16-2014-08-29 19-08-49-355
7:09pm Bathroom Derrick and Christine
Christine says she will pick Cody for houseguests choice. She feels more comfortable with COdy than Frankie. Derrick thinks Nicole and Cody are close thinks she might pick him.
Christine says she got a migraine from eating a reese’s butter cup, “My stomach is bubbling not painful but uncomfortable”
Christine brings up a twitter fight she had with someone about feminism.. says she finds it funny.
Christine thinks there will be a lot of haters why they get out.
Christine says Tim’s hair looks so good, “Don’t cut your locks you know I like them.. I wonder if he got any new clothes.. we both had the same wardrobe for 3 years.. I’m just curious he went out to buy some”
They talk about how nobody will understand what it’s like in the Big Brother house. Derrick says they will never understand the level of stress they deal with by being apart from their family.
They talk about Danielle (BB14) and how bad she must feel for using the veto on Dan and putting Shane up in his place. Shane went home and would have taken her to the end. Derrick says Dan was lucky Ian honoured his final 2 with Dan.
Christine says Spencer (BB15) was a floater and boring.. “Gina Marie’s speeches were so drastic”
Derrick yeah they were crazy..

BB16-2014-08-29 19-56-40-511
7:55pm Christine and Derrick
Christine – Nicole is probably going to work to destroy me..
Derrick doesn’t think it will work
Christine is worried Nicole will win the VEto
Derrick doesn’t think she should worry.
Christine wonders what Nicole was saying to Caleb last night. (For damage control Caleb told Christine Nicole was throwing Christine under the bus, this didn’t happen all Nicole said was If Nicole doesn’t win the Mental comp Christine would most likely win.)
Christine says today Donny enters the Jury house. They are probably all pissed them.

BB16-2014-08-29 20-14-13-837

8:13pm Kitchen Frankie, Caleb and Victoria
Frankie made Dinner for everyone
Frankie and Victoria think they will go to bed after they eat. “I only slept for an hour last night”
Nicole has just woken up rolls through grabs some juice “ahh I gotta pee”

8:38pm Caleb and Cody HOH
Caleb can’t wait until that Backyard is open slam a monster and hit the weights.
Caleb – dude 20 days left
Cody – how crazy is that

BB16-2014-08-29 21-04-37-153

9:00pm Still not much going on..
Caleb says Christine will go home during the double eviction, “THat would suck man I would hate going out the fourth person”
Cody says Zach was a snake, played it dirty and didn’t play it good. “This season was dirty dirty game play”
Cody explains how the final 3 works “It’s so intense it’s so exciting we’re so close”
Caleb – I would hate to play the game I played and be the third person not make it to final 2”
Cody tells them from here on in only the winner feels safe.
Caleb – I literally feel safe if you guys win
Cody – ya I was just thinking that.. I would feel safe if you were HOH
Cody – we have 3 more weeks to enjoy this insane journey
Caleb – people don’t understand what it’s like
Caleb says when he was talking to the DR they said they will have to talk to “Caleb’s Agencies”
Cody says when he gets out of here he’s going to get an agent.
Cody is worried he said something he didn’t mean and it blew up
Caleb – I said the R word a bit
Cody thinks they will be OK with that. They both agree Zach is probably taking a lot of flak for the things he said about girls calling them the “B” word
Caleb – I like JEssie dude
Cody – she was in a season of SMOKE BOMBS
Caleb – SHe had a DONK son
Cody says Amanda wasn’t bad she wasn’t great.
Caleb – in a way Brittany was hotter than Amber.. Amber was all around a good girl inside and out. that is why caleb liked Amber more.
Cody – and she cooks absurd food
Caleb – she cooked like the iron chef
Christine joins them. Say neither Victoria or Nicole will talk to her or look at her. Christine looks at Victoria and Nicole on the HOH TV, “Oh looks like they are talking about something serious”
Cody says it finally clicked in Victoria today “I’m f***”
Christine – WE’ll Nicole and Victoria talked for a hour today
Cody says Victoria can’t win a comp and she’ realizing she was literally dragged this far the entire time
Caleb – she was horrible yesterday
Christine – did she get it half way
Cody – she didn’t get it a quarter
Cody gets called into the Diary room.

Caleb is saying that Nicole is the target and being a have nots twill make her weak in the POV. He adds Brittany went on slop three weeks in a row and he was on slop too.
Frankie comes in.
Christine says sh’es 99% sure the Veto is the double evict veto with the maze and the rod.
Frankie knows that one.
(Apparently something big is getting built in the back yard)
Caleb – are we all ready for the veto tomorrow.. my knee is starting to feel better.

BB16-2014-08-29 21-48-00-421

9:45pm HOh Christine and Frankie
Christine saying that Nicole and Victoria are not talking to her or looking at her. She Asked them if there hips still sore and none of them answered.
Frankie says they are pissed at her because how safe Christine has been acting. Christine says Victoria is going to get picked for the Veto but won’t win it. As long as Nicole doesn’t win they are final 5 like they planned.
Christine thought if Victoria wins veto and uses it on Nicole she’s in trouble but there’s really no chance of Victoria winning anything.
Frankie doesn’t think Victoria will choose Nicole over Derrick
Christine – She’s good with her words she’s like making things up .. good things
Frankie – Victoria is broken I loved what Caleb said to her today.. everything you said fell on deaf ears”
Frankie about Nicole – I hate her.. she’s the worst
Christine – She is..
Frankie – I can’t believe neither of us say this coming.
Christine – ya right
Frankie – how did we not know that she was a monster..
Christine – I honestly don’t know she hid it so well from me.. we should have seen the signs.
Frankie – I can’t believe how calculating convincing and manipulative she is.. I just want to beat her fucking a$$ tomorrow”
Christine start coughing.. (Her cough is really bad)

BB16-2014-08-29 21-59-14-703

9:56pm Derrick talking to the cameras giving his reasons why they didn’t save Donny it would draw a line between team america and the detonators. Mentions he would have to turn against his closest ally in the house Cody.

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He just cant help but bad mouth people. He is disgusting. If he wins I will be done with Big Brother because I’ll know production has totally sold out. It’s sad to see that such a great game has been reduced to such a sad state. Thanks Allison Grodner.


Lmao!!! Frankie based on you crapp# game play and with everything you have said, the way you have acted, your unending lies, super ego, fame slut etc…well in reality, probably the worst BB player that’s played in this game in a long time, Nicole might sounds like some kind of alien/monster (normal) OMG Frankie I have to turn the channel or put in on mute, every time you start talking.

Roisen Dubh

“My fans are watching BB, so there are a lot more 12 year-olds watching, but I won’t win Fan Favorite” – Frankie just said that on the feeds. Would you let this Pennywise pervert babysit your kid? This guy needs to get thrown back in his cage when this show is done.

Michael from Canada

Frankie doesn’t have any fans, at all. Ariana Grande has 18 million Twitter followers. Frankie has 260K Youtube followers, and she appears in like half his videos. The only people that follow him on YT are Ariana fans that watch them to see her. 99% of them don’t give a crap about what Frankie has to say.


It’s as if Frankie-stein is already undermining anyone other than him winning AFP. So if Donny wins it’s because 12 yo are watching ?

Such a bitter soul doesn’t seem like a charitable person who has purpose and close relationships.


Derrick is the one that is responsible for most of the bullying that has gone on this season. Frankie is just so damn friggin crazy and self absorbed that he boarders on cray cray. Derrick is using Frankies persona to unnneccessarily inflict pain on other houseguests and create a really bad vibe in the house. You can rant about Frankie all you want but that is just so easy and so predictable. Take a look at the nasty things Derrick has done and then you can see why this season has truly sucked. If Derrick wins, I will know the show was fixed from the get go.
Donny is going to wing Americas Favorite and there is no way CBS can change that because the backlash would be so OVERWHELMING that Julie Chen would end up getting and Apple Pie slammed in her face. Hope that Zach takes someone cool to Germany like Hayden.


Notice how Frankie is trying to drum up votes for America’s Favorite by pointing out that he would be the first gay to win AF. Is that the new quailfication? I thought it was supposed to be who the viewers want to win. I think this man child will stoop to anything to get a vote. Does he not realize how repulsive his behavior is?


I’m just sick of looking at his FACE. I’ve been looking at it all summer, and I just can’t stand it anymore, I’m sick of his eyebrows, his cheekbones, his hair, his teeth, his smirks, his smiles, his winks, his walk, his bounce, his rubber gloves, his fish, his bathing suit, his feet and his clothes. I’m glad this is almost over because I’ve never been so sick of looking at another human being before in my life, and I hope to God that I’ll never have to see him again.


Well said, that is exactly how I feel. Can’t stand listening to his vile, vulgar, pathetic mouth that is attached to his troll headed, rat faced, snake in the grass body. He is delusional and so is Christine, saying about Julie Chen asking Nicole when she walks out on the stage about being hated and being a mean girl. Seriously, are you fricking kidding me, you pathetically, jealous, mean spirited skinny beaaaach. Julie should really make a montage of her saying the word hate, never heard anyone ever use that word so much. There should really be another one of Frankie, being his vile self, saying how he would punch Nicole right in the face, calling her the “C” word, etc. Also, all the vulgor sexual things he says, I am by far no prude, but he is too much.


Speaking of a great game to play thanks to the above comments.

Lets play…. Who beats Frankie in the voting for America’s Favorite HG in BB 16.

1) Donny – nice decent man with simple value. Everything that is great about America summed up in one person!
2) Nicole – enough said
3) Hayden – Surfer dude versus fame whore no contest.
4) Jocasta – Minister that does not understand religion versus a douche bag. Any religion beats Frankie! ………………… Amen
5) Zack – Insanely entertaining versus no talent wanna be!
6) Victoria – So bad as a BB player she’d get the pity vote. Close here but living in a gated community with parents that spoil you has to be worth and extra 2%. ROFL
7) PowPow – This says it all. The most popular player from NY this season versus “the sense of entitlement” champ on BB 16.
8) A few names not worth mentioning way ahead of douche boy!

Maybe Cody and Christine lose because of there foolish closeness. Christine loses as does Amber. Girls aren’t fond of pretty and Frankie is way more ugly. Brittany loses for the same reason. Toss up Derrick. He is definitely disliked on the boards but losing to Frankie in AF not sure that would happen. With this group of mostly losers Frankie couldn’t beat enough to count on more than 1 hand.


I’m still amazed that he actually believes he’s entitled to America Favorite Player. That nobody else could possibly be considered. It’s not about how many followers you have on some social network. It’s about whether or not a vast majority of viewers feel compelled to vote for someone they actually like. Frankie definitely does not meet that standard in my opinion.

Frankie has done nothing more than use BB as a platform for further self-promotion and incessant blathering about his sister. Most normal people don’t like bragging and they most certainly don’t like people who EXPECT be rewarded simply by gracing us with their presence. Winners should take pride in their accomplishments, but there’s a certain amount of graciousness that comes with being a winner. We all know this is a trait woefully lacking in this GRANDE disaster.

Thankfully his days are numbered. On the one hand,I pity the jury house having to be stuck with him,but at least the viewer won’t have to see his smug,superior,overly-bloated persona again until finale night.


Derrick can have these idiots take in his BS, but we’ve been watching him 24/7… YOU AIN’T FOOLING US!!!


That’s the game tho…it doesn’t matter what we think or know, it only matters what the other HGS think and they are under Derrik’s spell right now and have been all game


Which makes him the best player right now.


Derrick is the best player in there. I would loved to have seen Donny, Nicole, Zach and Hayden in the final four, but they didn’t merge and realize until it was too late. Derrick is using everyone there to get to the end, that makes him a great player. He must look at Cody and Caleb and Victoria as useful idiots…I certainly do, although I like Victoria a bit more than dumb cowboy and gay tool Cody.

Michael from Canada

He BS’s worse than Clay Morrow.

“Everything I do, I do for this club (Team America)”

Bitter Jury

This jury is not voting for Derrick. Here’s a poem.

Derricks the one
So many keep sayin
But theres just one thing
That you keep forgetin

Derrick was slick
That much is true
But theres another tail
That is also true

You can fool me once
Maybe fool me twice
But Derricks Bullcrap
Was just not nice

You can sing that song
All day long
But in the end
They will know that Derrick was never their friend.

So when the votes are done
And another HG has won
Derrick will be left
With the proverbial bag.(Vicoria)


Wrong, when they are all in the jury and the bitterness have left, they will see they were all played by Derrick and that he played the best game.

Bitter jury

No Marie. The jury does not always vote on game only. Lots of examples of this. This particular season is not normal by any count. This jury is not going to reward those that bullied others regardless of whether they make it to final 2. Donny alone along with his best friend Jacosta won’t reward someone who went beyond playing a game and inflicted pain and isolation on others. Neither of them are going to forgive Derrick for praying with them and then stabbing them in the back while making the sign of the cross.


You can say whatever you want about his game play or about him as a person. I’m not a fan of the latter. That said, stop trying to rationalize why jury members won’t vote for Derrick. If he makes it to the final 2, he will not lose. Not a chance. I find it hilarious that anyone would even suggest that these morons might wise up once in jury. He has ruled and manipulated this house all summer without winning comps or taking clear sides. Between the 9 jury members, there might be the equivalent of 4 actual brains…and that would apply for every possible combination of evictees. They won’t wise-up and they will, most definitely, give the prize to Derrick, no matter who remains in the house with him.


Michael it sounds like you are the one who is rationalizing. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. We just have to wait for the jury to vote to see how wrong you are.


Agree with Kyle. While I do think Derrick is playing a very good game (probably bet in the house), I can’t stand that he lies to viewers. He never wanted Donny to stay. And that’s his choice for his game, I get that. But the OWN IT. Tell the viewers that. I would have a lot more respect for him if he was straight up with viewers. if he DO NOT tell viewers in the DR you tried everything you could to keep Donny. Caleb and Frankie were practically begging to send Nicole home and they only needed 3 votes. Plus Victoria’ in his pocket. Now it looks like Derrick is trying to do spin control with live feeders, and it’s not gonna happen.


What planet are Christine and Frankie living on? I think that they spread so many lies about Nicole, that they are actually starting to believe them. Nicole wasn’t the one who flipped and went back on her word, they were. Nicole isn’t the one that made up lies about alliances and deals to cover her ass, they were.They thrive off talking crap about everyone, then turn around and talk crap about each other. It’s repulsive. I’ve never seen a season of big brother where I was more interested in what was going on in the jury house rather than the actual house. There is no one that I would want to see win this game at this point. I’m almost hoping that Victoria wins just to piss all of them off, and the cherry on top would be Donny as America’s Favorite.


Next year an interesting game changer would be to have all evicted house stay in the house. People lie and change stories to turn on evicted house guest emagine if they were still in house after to continually striring the pot on the house guests


also hate the way Frankie twists things. Did Donny say that Donny would win America;s Favourite? I think the only ones obsessing about that title have been Caleb and Frankie. The cheers with Donny’s eviction only finally hit home to Frankie that Donny is popular, but prior to that, and the Apple pie gate incident with Julie, no one would have known.

And i agree, what planet are those two living on to say these things about Nicole. I supposed it is CYA tactics. So each of them know the other will ‘never’ believe Nicole telling them something the other one has legitimately done.

i also liked how one of them discredited Christine’s claim that Nicole and Victoria snubbed her, by going down and sitting with them and all having the appearance of a great time and conversation at the dining room table. 🙂


Please CBS show us more of the jury house, let us hear what they are talking about ! And that goes for TVGN and BBAD too! Sick of hearing Frankie and Christine speak, let’s hear Donnie , Hayden, and Zack !

gags Beazly

When this show has finished, I hope that a random person goes up to Christine and punches her in the face. This will do two things: improve her looks and make everyone feel good.

Amanda queefs slop

I want to shit in her mouth, since that’s all she has been spewing this season anyways. Wouldn’t want to punch her on the off chance it fixes her face.


Ewww… you do realize people sometimes do that as a sexual thing right?


Yep, seeing Christine getting decked would be pretty satisfying. I’d pay money to see that. The only thing better would be to have Tim deck her!!!!


Right Frankie. Nicole is the manipulative monster. What a delusional idiot.


Well Frankie it takes one to know one!


OMG, Frankie, if you only knew that you’re the most hated; NOT the favorite. I hope this guy takes a good look at himself when he gets back to the real world.


Christine is sure quick to turn on her “friend” and say nasty stuff about her. The real monsters are Frankie & Christine with Cody, Derrick & Caleb not too far behind. Seems Victoria is starting to use her brain a wee bit. Too little too late though.


She talks trash about Frankie whenever he is not around. She is actually right on target when she talks about Frankie being nasty!! One of the most disgusting HG’s of BB.

Fortunately Donny balanced out Frankie’s nastiness and was one of BB’s most decent and loved HG’s.


Christine eats a banana in the HOH room, in front of Cody, then deposits the banana peel onto the sofa next to her! Who raised this disgusting woman? Not only did she lay it on the sofa, but then moved it to the other side of where she’s sitting, played with it while scheming with Frankie…and, there it rests! I can’t imagine what the homes of these people must look like! Vile!


They are going to have to gut the inside when they leave. Good thing we dont have smell a vision. Plus with all the fish they eat maybe they have mercury poison and becoming delusional.


F*ck Derrick


The only thing that Derrick hasn’t been able to control in this game is public opinion and he knows it. He’s trying to explain his side of the Donny situation to America because he doesn’t want to be seen as a bully. I know that this isn’t a popular opinion, but I think, and have from week 3, that Derrick deserves to win this thing. He’s really had no real opposition.


Just another thought…if you notice, there isn’t a statement that comes out of his mouth that isn’t calculated gameplay. He’s kind when someone needs him to be, which is something the rest of them could learn from, and always finds a way to subtlety bring up the final two chances with each player; positioning himself better. He’s figured out each player’s strengths and how intelligent they are and play to that while they think he’s complimenting them. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…he’s good. PS: I know he’s had “training”, but some things can’t be taught. He’s a natural.


I definitely agree with you. Like Derrick or not, he is playing the game right! And he isn’t smashing other peoples personalities or making it personal, he wants to win it. I do think that he addresses America to try to get the America’s Favorite, but it isn’t going to work. But I do think he deserves to win it.


I been saying the same thing suze he’s managed to make it this far not on the block he says that right things at the right times he is play bb I don’t no why people don’t like him it’s a game and he’s playing it good he’s the only one who is. Now Frankie is gross he gets on my nerves how he thinks look at me everyone loves me no not you they love your sister he talks nasty about Nicole he hates her cause she put him on the block since then that little hermit had issues with her SEND HIS ASS HOME!!

A Visitor

I agree that Derrick is playing the best game. I don’t like some things about him, and the way he plays, but overall, he’s been 100% the most skilled at doing this.

What I don’t think the public has taken into consideration, is that he’s SO good, that we may not be seeing “the real Derrick” either. Sometimes it’s obvious he’s talking to the feeds to influence viewer opinions, but I bet there’s times when people think he’s being “himself in private” that he’s not. Diary room etc. – Does it make sense that he’d be so on point with manipulating every person in the house, and would NOT think to do that with America? Everything he says to viewers (through feeds, through diary room) should be AS suspect as what he says to the houseguests. This is a smart, trained, guy. He hasn’t forgotten that the viewers opinion of him also matters. I trust nothing he says to the cameras. – Not because he’s a bad guy, but because I think just like he covers himself when he speaks to every member of the house, I’m sure everything he says to the feeds and cameras in the diary room are as calculated, and as fake. Viewers think they’re seeing the real Derrick and he’s pulling the wool over everyone else. – Newsflash, every single person in that house thinks the same thing about him.


I think that you are all overestimating Derrick to the point of fandom. The more you idolize his gameplay, the more that you feed into the cult of Derrick.
In the end, there is money involved here and they all are greedy to win. Regardless of their being snowed by Derrick, money is a great motivator for clarity.
Derricks training as an undercover cop was an unfair advantage going into this game. To reward him for this is just not right. I look at BB as kind of like Master Chef: I want amateurs to be battling out against amateurs, not professionals (Derrick) battling out against amateurs( everyone else). Everyone has their own opinion on this but the elephant in the room has always been that Derrick is the only one with a PhD in manipulation and lying.

Local Views

At least Derrick KNOWS how to play the game. By far, this has been the season of airheads. Nice to have at least one thinker in the bunch.


You poor Legions of Derrick are going to be crying so hard in your ice-cream when he gets evicted before final 3.


Frankie is such a bad person. I really hope he sees how bad he looks when he says those things. He seems so arrogant too. You can tell he was brought up in a rich family. I honestly think he is my least favorite houseguest of all time. Go Nicole! Get that POV tomorrow. 🙂

Roisen Dubh

I’ve known a lot of people that came from rich families. I went to school with them, and for the most part, they were all decent people that were brought up right and reminded that they hit the lotto. Frankie comes off as someone who never got his ass kicked at that certain point when he was a teen. Dudes, you know exactly what I’m talking about, the rest of the guys in that house did, even though they’re d-bags, I’d bet they have a pretty good reason. No excuse for Frankie. When you have to use your little sister and try to chickenhawk her fans like this guy does, it’s obvious that this guy is 2 tacos short of a combination plate.


Caleb really is as dumb as a bag or bricks if he takes Cody or Derrick to the final 2, he doesn’t stand a chance! They only person that would vote for him is maybe Hayden, simply for the fact that the doesn’t like Derrick and Cody. Frankie is the most hated player among the jury. No one really likes Caleb either, but his best bet would be to take another person who is not well liked. If he takes Derrprick or Tampax, he is done for!


Nope, you got it right the first time. Caleb really is as dumb as a bag of bricks.


Don’t worry, Caleb won’t make it to final 2. Derrick has plans to cut him before that. He’s already convinced the simpleton that he will win America’s Favorite Player, so that’ll soften the blow of being shafted by Derrick.


Frank-n-freak, you flat out bite!


“Frankie about Nicole – I hate her.. she’s the worst” – If Nicole is WORST, no words will fit in your character Frankie. than MORE WORST.- correct me if i am wrong guys.


I think they make up these stories to justify their guilt. Otherwise he’s delusional.

Brittany for the win

Does anyone believe that lowlife, bottom feeding, slithering excuse for a human being will donate one thin dime towards building schools in Africa? Once Donny wins the cash for being America’s favorite, I can see Frankie giving the finger to America and taking his stipend and whatever he wins back to New York, and blowing it all on a bash for the hangers on, that he thinks are his friends.


He won’t have any to donate after he pays his shrink, all his doctors, his life coach, pays for all his STD tests, and buys his new wardrobe.


I loved frankies shocked look when he was told he wasnt “getting pie”. That train wreck was an excuse for him to put on makeup.


Frankie is a pos. He is so vile. I have multiple male gay friends and love them but Frankie is just an overall bad person. Doesn’t help that his sister who sounds like Mariah Carey underwater or mariah Carey w marbles in her mouth (what the hell is she saying or singing?) Is supposedly a huge bitch as well. I think their whole family is a bunch of famewhores who need to go away. I can’t wait for his eviction. Hopefully someone gets some balls and makes moves w this double evict. Nicole for POV please!

mr ed

All the fucked up apples fall from the same Grande tree. They are ALL phoney pieces of waste!!!


The “new” Kartrashians!


no….no she isn’t. I sure wish she was one. I wish she was a smart gamer. no. Nicole is a froot loop dingus. it is what it is.

new to BB 14

Pretty sad when my three favorite remaining Houseguests are Dawg,Nicole,and Victoria(no offense Dawg)

Nicole should just go flippin bat shit crazy if she doesn’t win veto and it is not used on her
Start calling the remaining HG’s out like Cody always says he will
Cody you’re a big frakking pussy coward you and an adulterer
Derrick you’re and evil maniaical control freak who uses others to do his work
Calib your just stupid
Victoria you are naïve do you know you are playing a reality game show?
Christine you are an evil bitch and adulterer who has Zero respect for the union and vows of matrimony and you disrespect your husband Tim on a daily basis I hope he finds a good divorce lawyer because he has plenty of evidence
Frankie you perverted woman hating self centered turd who lives in the shadow of his semi-talented younger sister drop dead loser
Peace I’m out self eveiction Big Brother open the damn door I am exiting

Too Funny...

LOL! She might be up there tied with Donny for America’s Favorite if she did that.

Roisen Dubh

She would steamroll Donny if she had the brains and the guts to do that.


I get Frankie wants Nicole out because she was gunning for him, but DAMN! The things coming out of his mouth is too much. Nicole a monster? Just wait till he watches himself back on tv and realizes the “monster” is the one he looks at in the mirror everyday! All the makeup and glitter on his face can’t mask what we see.


Frankie is such a narsissist that he cannot see anything bad when he looks at himself. He can only hear good things coming from his mouth. He is delusional.

Roisen Dubh

How does Derrick stay off the block all this time and nobody questions it? Frankie ain’t winning shit. He showed the world what a little turd he is. Good luck when the show’s over. Christine- can you say world of hurt when you leave? Cody- I have to give it to him, he admits he’s a pussy and a floater. The guy isn’t dumb. Nicole- dingbat. Caleb- straight up dumb dick. Vic- Just a hot mess. Don’t know anymore, as long as Derrick, Frankie and Chris don’t win, who cares?

The doctor

Frankie is such a disgusting person. He has to be the worst person ever to be a participant on bb. There is absolutely nothing like able or of value in Frankie. He has made the show almost unwatchable. Everything he does is perverted obnoxious improper. He is an embaressment to the gay community. Maybe bb should try to feature a cool gay Or just have people on your show that are good human beings He and Christine are examples of what no one wants there spouse partner parent sibling or child to be.


I’m disgusted with this season in general. Not as disgusted as last year of course because watching people make racist comments against each other isnt entertainment at all it’s just disgusting, but still disgusted nonetheless.

The fact that there are sections of people who are starting to cheer for VICTORIA of all people just shows how bad this season has become. For the record, I’d rather see ANYONE win before Victoria. You may not like the play of Derrick, Cody, Caleb, etc but at least they are playing the game unlike Victoria.

How anyone could honestly root for her is mind boggling to me no matter how bad the season is. She is everything that is wrong with the game at the moment tbh. Weaker than weak players like her are what drag down the game and give perpetuate negative stereotypes on women’s ability to compete with men in these types of settings.

Im not rooting for anyone to win anymore as I dont like anyone left except Nicole who is going to be leaving soon without doubt. So I have to simply have to have integrity for the game itself and go for Derrick, Caleb, or Cody to win in that order. People may HATE the way Derrick has manipulated the game and made it so one sided. People may even come up with the excuse that the other houseguests are just stupid and thus it made it easy for Derrick to win.

Whatever view you take of Derrick the facts are that he took advantage of the situation he was dealt and maximized the positives to his benefit. You can’t hate the man for playing the game even if it was made a little easy for him. This game is all about taking what is given to you and using it to the best of your ability. He did it flawlessly.

Enough with the bitterness against him. He’s a liar and yes he thinks America is dumb and is buying his I couldn’t save Donny sob story, but it doesn’t matter. The integrity of the game dictates that if he makes the F2 he which it looks like he will, he deserves to win no matter how boring it would be.

Those who want Victoria to win just because they dont like the other houseguests should be ashamed of themselves. Victoria is one of the worst players in the history of the game. Her winning or even finishing in the top 2 would be a travesty to the integrity of big brother.

joel f.

I don’t think people should be ashamed of themeselves for wanting or rooting for Victoria to win because I think if she did CBS would see what a casting disaster the show has been these last two seasons & changes would be made. I don’t want Derrick to win just because he outwitted this cast of half wits. He has zero likability & zero personality! Plus, I hate cops!!!!


What an ignorant remark to make “I HATE COPS”. HALF OF THE COPS ON THE STREETS ARE VETERANS WHO HAVE FOUGHT FOR THIS COUNTRY!! please stop generalizing and think about what you are saying.


I hate cops who lie to get on national tv and take advantage of people who are not trained to be liars.
There, is that better?

joel f.

I stand by my comments or I would not have posted them. PLZ!!! ANYONE BUT DERPRICK THE COP TO WIN!!!!!


I get what you’re saying, but you’ve negated your own point – Derrick is the person who has been protecting Vic this entire time bc he wants her in the final 2. Solid strategy, but hell, if he’s going to make her “a player” – and that’s what he’s done by protecting her – then it’s hypocritical to hate on people who’d rather see her win it at the end instead of him. Not saying it doesn’t suck, just sayin’…


Disgusting— the “integrity of the game”. Haha hahahahaha!
You’re so sweet. Don’t ever change!


I agree with you 110% except I am even more disgusted with this year’s demented, delusional, perverted, ignorant bunch of oblivious “gamers” than I was with last year’s debacle! You would have thought CBS would have learned a thing or two about their casting practices but this year they chose to put one or two people who actually UNDERSTAND how to play the game in with a group who barely even realize there is a GAME being played whose object is for ONE person to win $500,000 and not to be continuously playing it as if it’s a GROUP effort! Derrick IS the only one who understands this principle and even though I truly despise how he has done it, he DOES deserve to win it! Next year might I suggest an ENTIRE cast who have NEVER seen the show OR a cast who have follwed it from Season One? One way or the other, at least we woulod have an even playing field.

Amy Pond


Bless your little heart.


Beast Mode Hairweave

Did I miss something – why are people commenting that Victoria has a brain today? I see no change; still flatlines on the brainscan.
Her fake laugh is probably more irritating than Christine’s.
She’s sick of all the fakeness. Her fake hair, fake face, face smile, fake profession, fake virginity, fake stories about crows are all very authentic.
I feel bad for Nicole because Victoria did actually hit on Hayden a lot and he even said she was ‘inappropriate’ with him physically a few times. She is wayyyy over the line when it comes to touching Derrick. Speaking of the snout with clout; why is everybody so mesmerized by this cop? It doesn’t translate on the screen when I watch him. He is transparent.
I hope Victoria does not get taken anywhere near final 3 because she is an embarrassment to CBS as far as I can tell.


At this point they should just give the 500k to whoever is Hoh when Frankie is evicted and then finish the season there. Then make next year all stars to save BB from this awful, downward spiral it’s on.


Unfortunately because the Big Brother ratings are at all time highs we’re not going to be seeing much difference in the way they cast these houseguests moving forward.

So they’ll continue preferencing the glam contestants with no intellect and high emotions, rather than people who actually have brains and tactical knowledge because that’s what all the young teens who are starting to tune in and give the show such high ratings want to see.

Big Brother with intelligent game players as we used to know it is basically dead.

Roisen Dubh

Yeah, you are right and it’s shame. The golden years of that show were from Season 2-12 IMHO. It had everything for everybody. The past couple of seasons have really shown people’s dark side. I still like the show, but it was a more interesting show when they casted people that were somewhat established in life. This show has turned into the real world. Something’s very wrong when MTV’s the Challenge is more intriguing then BB.At least on that show, you will get put on blast if you act a fool and the people on that show actually play the game.

Golden years

Hey Roisen, did you walk uphill to school both ways when you were a kid too? Just want to know.


She is a smart gamer. She knows this is not how it’s to be played. Nobody buys her very logical proposals. That’s why she’s crying because she knows they are all F**ked up. Not to mention how ostracized she feels.

The only thing she doesn’t see is how Derricks been head mobster.

Roisen Dubh

You give Nic way too much credit.


Crustine looks like an orc from lord of the rings in the last pic


LMFAO, Damn good one !

Skerry Sherry

Skerrick’s pet Victoria is starting to develop a brain…maybe she’ll actually think for herself and do something independently. Good grief…it’s skerry that next to Nicole I’m hoping that Victoria will do well. Fakie is the worst. His skewed sense of entitlement is absurd. NO ONE LIKES YOU FAKIE.


Frankie should fire his agent for placing him on BB. His career is over.


What career? social media mogul?
Fakie came on BB to establish one and he blew it.

Ironic that Donny got a cameo without auditioning. Best part he didn’t even know what Bold and the Beautiful is. LMAO. Good for Donny.

Fakie will have an embolism when he finds out plus Donny also winning AFP.


not to mention that he will literally have cardiac arrest when he find out that Donny’s fans have donated more than $2000.00 to gofund me. Skankie will literally die and will literally beg Zach to hold his hand while he literally slips away to join his grandfather. But wait, before literally passing away with no fuss, no muss, Skankie will literally demand his make-up artist transform his ugly face and then post it to youboob.


What career…..?


Why does Caleb feel he has to exaggerate how many times he was on slop to justify putting Nicole up two weeks in a row? He was not a have not twice or three times in a row. He was a have not weeks 3 and 5, there were no have nots week 4. Only Brittany and Nicole have been up in back to back weeks this year. He doesn’t really have to justify his behavior, but maybe he has a bit of a guilty concious?

Roisen Dubh

Just when I want to hate Caleb, he says something that I have to point your finger and say, This guy isn’t a complete lost kid. Today’s gem” I don’t play. I quit school in the 3rd grade because they have recess.” Cmon, you wouldn’t want to spend the night getting drunk with that guy? That would be some funny shit.

Great Entertainment

He was on slop for weeks as punishment the received when he and Victoria won HOH


I forgot about that. Your right he was on slop for 3 weeks in a row. I apologize.

Skerry Sherry

I just read Fakie’s bio. What a joke. He describes himself as “charismatic”. He’s about as charismatic as a case of herpes. He also talks about being described as “an angel” by someone he alleges to have saved from suicide. I call bullshit — he always talks about wanting to help others but it’s so obvious he’s among the most self-indulgent, self-serving people on the planet. HE’S SO FAKE! Too bad he’s not clever enough to cover up his transparency.


Frankie should fire his agent for getting him on BB. Frankie’s career is over and done.

mr ed

Don’t you have to HAVE a carreer first before you can lose one?


Nicole is most hated ? What are you talking about Christine. I can’t wait till these people find out what America REALLY thinks of them.

Donny's visor

Will you people left in the house STFU already! Donny is gone, you got what you wanted. Stop badmouthing him 24/7. Clueless dipshit turds!

Team Nicole

Yes Frankie, you’ve brought more fans to Big Brother…but to HATE you!!! I can’t wait the day he leaves the house. Sorry sissy, it’s not Best Friends game, it’s Big Brother.


if I were Frankie’s sister I would be so ashamed of how he talks about people. This troll does not deserve any fame, acknowledgement whatsoever. he is pure scum, but the sad part is he is making it to final two…maybe just maybe no one will give it to him, but it just sucks he is going to make it that far…show some balls people at get the asshole out.


CBS’ s plan to promote Ariana is a big FAIL….she will forever be tied to that piece of sh!t brother of hers. It would behoove them to get Frances out sooner rather than later!

Roisen Dubh

I kinda think CBS put Frankie on that show to knock his sister down a peg. She was on a couple of popular Cable shows that are owned by CBS. I’ve heard for the past few years that she’s a complete pain in the ass and has said she only does tv until her music career takes off. OUCH. Now she’s just blown up and all of a sudden this clown shows up? She comes from a wealthy family with serious connections, so CBS had to crack her some other way. These guys have known what an ass-hat Frankie is and knew he would be the monster. He didn’t ruin her career, but he embarrassed her big time and shaded her in a bad way.

Michael from Canada

I honestly think they tried to make him look good. He was getting a great edit for a while. But his true colors were well known to live feeders, and it was becoming scandalous how good of an edit he was getting. They had to throw him under the bus.

At the same time, his recent bad edit almost seems personal. His candid moment in the DR almost seemed underhanded by production, and the ‘overwhelming no’ was not only a deliberate slap in the face, but had the potential to blow up his game because of how sketchy it was. Whatever the reason is, production definitely has it in for him from this point on.

Roisen Dubh

Good observation.


I think they brought Frankie on the show because this was supposed to be the “Season of the Grande’s. While his sister was opening the VMA’s and promoting her songs Frankie was supposed to be winning us over on BB. His goal is to win a title whether its BB16 winner or BB16 AFP. If he doesn’t win either this season is a bust for him.

I think fans and production liked him for a while, then his true colors started to show and now its become more entertaining to talk more bad about him than good. People want to see how far he goes or watch him fail. Either way Frankie=ratings.

Donny or Zach for America's Favorite!

Why is Frankie bringing his sexuality into America’s favorite? Is he really trying for pity votes? Him being gay isn’t the reason why America doesn’t want him to win, we just don’t like him!

Skerry Sherry

Apparently America is progressive enough to vote a flamboyant gay man into Team America but not progressive enough (according to Fakie) to accept a “man dressed in drag”. C’mon…how big is this guy’s ego where he can’t accept the fact that his idea SUCKED and the execution of his idea SUCKED. He is narcissistic to the point where he can’t take responsibility for a failed idea where HE WAS THE SHOW PIECE that he has to blame something outside of himself. Seriously folks, take a look at narcissism — the fundamental definition is an individual who is always blameless for things that fail in their lives.


I agree 100%. Now, how do we get the message through to Little Lord Sissy-boy Fancy-pants?


Frankie will play any “card” he has in his hand.. He can’t survive on his own substance, as it truly shows who he is.. A spoiled demanding Diva; deplorable human being. Time to fold, you over-acting, pink prancing unicorn. Who the heck would ever hire this stupid childish Glitter Face? Probably why he is relegated to some backyard social media channels.


Codys dream mate half man half woman.

Israel's #1 Twit

Has anyone else noticed Derrick acts and dresses like an 18-year-old punk and lays on a weird accent (part Jamoke, part New York?), when he’s hanging out with the ‘boys’. He also ends a lot of his sentences with ‘done’. Like this is what we’re doing. Done.
Loved watching Cody get under Victoria’s skin tonight.
She’s got a heck of a mean face; not to mention ugly with a definitive seething destructive anger underneath. Dead cow-like eyes too that are not warm in any way.

Michael from Canada

It’s a weird combination with her. Her smile is very sweet and innocent looking, but her eyes often look cold and vicious. I think she just has two drastically different sides to her personality.


Shark eyes. . .coming in for the kill. . .pure and simple, dead, cold shark eyes!


Frankie is just plain and simple a spoiled little girl who needed to be the center of attention and anytime anyone starts to get more attention then him, they are out or he has a temper tantrum. And I will bet anything not one person tuned into Thursday’s show because his sister was on it…no one knew you dumb ass. Man I would LOVE to see Nicole win the VETO, simply to see Frankie’s face. Oh he would be so pissed, and I would laugh so hard!


There are no redeeming qualities in frankie and christine. They just get worse and worse and worse. Its incredible

Expect the unexpected

Try this for unexpected …
After Nicole gets evicted the 500k goes to the jury instead of the pond scum that are left in this house.

Great Entertainment

Frankie is a train wreak. Christine is too. Derrick is a scum bag manipulator who has become my most hated.
Victoria is clueless. Cody is too. Caleb is a stalker. Nicole has to win POV or she is gone again.
I would love to see Donnie tell the other Jurors about Team America. I wish we could see more of the Jury House.


Don’t think I’ve ever watched a season where more ppl prefer to watch the jury house rather than the remaining houseguests. Speaks volumes


Took a bit, but finally understand why Frankenstine hates the girls. They are taking the
attention he wants from the guys!!!

Michael from Canada

Production has really turned against Frankie the past couple weeks. I wonder where it started though, maybe with mistreating staff during the NFL event, or maybe just bending to public opinion?

It makes me think of that football BOB; if production really did bump up that challenge specifically for him, only to have him act like a turd after at the reward that they gave him. Obviously that would be pretty insulting.

At any rate, he’s obviously really pissed them off, and it’s gonna be fun to watch the edits that he gets from this point on.


Snake is Cody’s tell word. When he wants someone gone, he calls that person a snake.

Jody H.

I will gladly go on record and say I don’t like anyone left in the house. Nicole screwed herself early on when she gladly voted out, one after the other, people who would help her game. Plus she also played the mean girl about the other girls.
Now, I don’t much like Frankie, and I think he is quite narcissistic. However, the other guys and Christine (except for Donny) are just as bad. So why all the extra hate for him. Granted he has the maturity level of a 12 year old (and the things he says is what someone would say to impress his friends at that age), but Zach said some nasty things, as have most of the people left in the house. I think the vitriol can be passed equally among them.
Other HGS in the past have been nasty, etc. I think because it went along with such blatantly bad game play that we have no choice but to notice that these idiots shouldn’t be talking bad about anyone else because they certainly can’t compare to any other year.


Quit insulting 12 year olds.


PLEASE, Nicole– if you do not win POV, you will be going home. Do all of the BB fans and Skankie haters a big favour. Before sitting down on Eviction night in the infamous chair, please “borrow” all of Skankie’s make up. Cover yourself from head to toe, and when Julie asks everyone to head to living room, you can walk in and sit down and give Skankie a very innocent smile. It is not stealing because we know everyone borrows something from other hgs, Skankie would literally shite bricks as he contemplates the rest of the season and finale night without make up. Maybe he would self-evict.


Did Derrick and Frankie ever discuss the TA results. I’m sick of all of them but if Frank or Chris win I’m going to be vomiting and shitting at the same time (really sick).


There was actually an article in some magazine about how awful Ariana is to fans, so I don’t think Nicole was lying about the Hayden scenario. People have to vote for Donny for AF. Nothing will make my day more than watching Frankie trying to act like that is no big deal. It honestly is the only thing in this season that I am looking forward to this season, because let’s face it, Nicole is going home soon.

Gay and Ashamed to be Represented by Frankie.

Next summer they will get a cast of hot looking but regular gay guys and gals from all walks of life. Frankie…it isn’t really the fact that he’s gay, more the fact that he is frustratingly pointless. I hate him more and more, can’t stand to look at that unfashionable, dried up old tart. A skank is a skank is a skank, and he’s an old one. Over for him.


I know how you feel.


Takes one to know one, Frankie.

I don’t know if I’ve ever hated a reality tv contestant more than him. Seriously, Colton from Survivor doesn’t ever hold a candle to this guy


If Frankie makes it to the final 2, I would love for this to be one of the questions a juror asks him:

“Frankie, was being rude and personally vindictive towards just about every player in the game part of your strategy, or are you just a genuinely awful person?”


I hope that Frankie realizes being awful to Nicole makes his already infinitesimally small chance of winning all but nonexistent. Nicole holds so much sway over the jury- Jocasta, Hayden, and Donny all love her. Plus then there’s her own vote, which means that anybody who goes out of their way to attack her will automatically have 4 votes against them.


First let me say thanks to the people that keep us informed of the “behind the scenes” antics of the show. If I had extra income I would donate to help with the costs of maintaining this site.

Second, I am too old to be getting so worked up over the behavior of some of the HG but I just can’t stop watching. I has become my “guilty pleasure” and I am now obsessed.

Now, onto my thoughts…..

Frankie,dear Frankie *eye rolling* – He has already started with excuses by playing the “gay” card. Are you trying to convince us or yourself? America’s dislike for him has nothing to do with his being gay or the brother of a celebrity. It is solely about his bitchy behavior. He is no more special than anyone else. He does not compare to his sisters talent. I would suggest he take a good hard look at himself, tone down his diva behavior, and realize that his best hope for success in this world would be to get his sister to have him as one of her backup dancers or get the role of a flying monkey in a remake of Oz. Period.

Christine – I generally try not to point out peoples physical attributes, but girl….. Her inside is just as ugly as her outside. Does anyone else think that the picture of her with boy face paint makes her look like her husband? Why does this little girl think that Cody would really be “interested” in her for anything other than helping him get to the finals? She has obviously hurt her husband and embarrassed her family with her pathetic “do me, Cody” behavior, and she wants us to believe that it is all for the game. Well, I’m not buying it. Christine is delusional by thinking that mirrors lie and that she would seriously have a chance with Cody. Poor thing. Can we say “Wicked Witch of the East?”

Cody – You are not behaving like a man. Your behavior reminds me of the high school football player with a Senior “to-do” list. He, IMHO, is a floater by getting all the girls to do his “homework.” He needs to have a heart and stop filling Christine’s head with hopes of being asked to the prom. Be a man, Tin Man!

Derrick – Again, be a man! He has everyone else doing his dirty work. His “bits and pieces” need to grow and he needs to stand on his own two feet. Tell people the truth! You wanted to do something other than the BB play so why tell Frankie it was a cool idea. You wanted to keep Donny so why did you say your were on the fence when Caleb has the guts to tell Cody that is what he wanted (at your urging)? Where is your courage, Cowardly Lion?

Caleb – He is an honest and brave player. The only fault I see in Caleb is that he is too trusting of Cody, Derrick, and Frankie. Of the players left standing, I hope he wins. He does need to get a clue and stop playing the role of the Scarecrow. Wise-up, Beast!

Donnie – I hope he remains America’s Favorite. The man quit his job to take a shot at $500K but I believe had no idea what it took to win. I believe he is the Toto of the game. Everyone just wants to pet him (and he could use a good grooming).