Frankie “If Brittany doesn’t have kids do you get mad or nail her in the bathroom?” Cody says nail her!

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 30th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 1st
HOH Winner Caleb Next HOH Sept 4th
Nominations: Nicole and Christine
Have Nots Derrick and Nicole
POV Players ?

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-30 01-54-26-064
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12am – 12:30am Up in the HOH room – Caleb and Frankie are talking. Frankie is telling Caleb that how when picking havenot he should have just pointed to Nicole. Its like ripping a bandaid off. They discuss what happens when it gets down to the final four. Frankie says it all comes down to the jury. Caleb says yeah. Frankie tells Caleb that you need to stop telling people you have the jury votes. If people think you have the jury votes they won’t take you. You can tell Derrick but that’s it. Frankie tells Caleb – I think you have a wonderful shot at winning this. Frankie says that he didn’t even notice Nicole for the first 7 weeks. That would be my one regret not recognizing Nicole as a good game player earlier. Caleb says I would love to see you and I in the final two. As long as we’re sitting there I’m okay with it. As bad as I know it will be a tough decision in the end I would still take you. Frankie says I think you have a better shot than I do but I would still take you. Caleb says they could be voting on who won the most comps. Frankie says I need to keep winning comps. I don’t think Jocasta liked me. Donny said he respected me for my competition wins. Frankie says I don’t think anyone could beat Derrick of Cody. Caleb and Derrick head downstairs to the kitchen to eat.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-30 01-50-31-594

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In the kitchen – Victoria paints on Derrick’s arm and then he pains on her arm. Meanwhile in the bathroom Cody showers. Cody and Christine are in the kitchen eating with Caleb and Frankie. Frankie asks Cody if Brittany tells you she doesn’t have kids do you A) get mad at her or B) rail her in the bathroom? Cody says nail her in the bathroom. Frankie asks your biggest regret in the game is A) talking to Devin on day 1 or B) not nailing Brittany. Cody says B. The conversation turns to talking about medications. Frankie says he’s obssessed with reading labels for medications.
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-30 02-32-17-422

1am – 2:15am In the fire room – Derrick says good night quickly to Cody and Victoria. Victoria asks is that it? That’s how you’re going to say good night?! Derrick says life’s tough, get a helmet. Derrick leaves the room. Nicole and Derrick are in the havenot room talking about up coming comps will be. Nicole says coming back in here I lost some of my fire. I am done crying. Derrick says its okay to cry. Nicole says I’m tougher than that. Derrick says for my being here I gave up a lot like the my kid growing up and I can’t get that back. If I don’t win I lose you know what I mean. Derrick tells Nicole that she at least leaves with a good friendship and maybe more. Nicole says I just want to go home. Derrick says like you don’t want to go to jury. Nicole says I do but I don’t. I just really want to see my family. Derrick says that she just needs to win the veto. He tells her that its not looking good but that she just needs to win the veto. You have an equal opportunity to win it. Nicole says she thinks this season has way more butt kissing than she’s ever seen. Nicole says Caleb said he would take someone he could beat but I would take someone that would make for a tight game and give me a run for the money. Nicole says I can’t believe I’m a failure at comps. Derrick says you’re not you’ve won 3. Derrick says I would love to see you still in this game but I can’t jeopardize my game. Nicole says I know I wouldn’t as you to. Nicole says I don’t know how Donny pull out so may veto wins. Derrick tells Nicole that Cody and Christine are definitely close.
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-30 02-52-34-895

1:30am – 2:15am Cody and Christine lay in bed in the earth room talking about movies and music. Cody loves watching good love stories. Cody says that in Tim’s video to Christine he looked so cute. Christine agrees and says that she wishes his tattoos were showing. Christine starts talking about Tim’s music. She says that he has a following in Tucson. He has a voice of an angel. She says that after this is over she will pay for Tim to go to Nashville to record his music. She says that her and Tim’s combined income is 24K a year. Cody asks what Tim’s band is called? Christine says Spider Cider. They continue to talk about random things and then go to bed.

9:30am – 9:50am Big Brother blocks the live feeds to wake up the house guests.

BB16-2014-08-30 10-07-33-511
Christine is the only one up on the camera
Frankie and Caleb sleeping in the HOH

BB16-2014-08-30 10-29-36-870

10:30am Back to everyone sleeping
Christine crawls into bed

BB16-2014-08-30 10-44-25-880

10:46am Not the best morning for Nicole
10:57AM Nicole and Christine have been in the kitchen preparing/eating their breakfasts nothing is said. Cody rolls through, Christine is all giggles until he leaves then it’s back to silence.
Victoria wakes up rolls into the kitchen tells them she’s super sore. SHe wonders when they pick the veto players.
11:10AM Most the houseguests are getting up now.

BB16-2014-08-30 11-21-01-648

11:16AM HOH Caleb and Frankie
Caleb says his throat is sore feels like there’s frogs in it. Frankie tells him to gargle with Salt water, hydrate and steam shower.

Frankie – I’m not going to put make up on OH mY GOD

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228 thoughts on “Frankie “If Brittany doesn’t have kids do you get mad or nail her in the bathroom?” Cody says nail her!

    1. I thought I comment on something besides the usual Frankie-is-despicable same ole same ole.

      I think I’ve only watched 4 seasons of BB but the thing I liked about the shows were the diary room sessions where you get some insight on player’s game. I don’t appreciate Derrick’s diary room session at all because he’s manipulating ’em and I wish he wouldn’t. He would be so much better if he was frank and no apologies, none needed, as you’re playing YOUR game unlike most of these people.

      I think it’s crazy people donating money to Donny. Why? I like the guy because he had some good one liners but do I think he’s the nicest person because he says he has a big heart and cries a lot? This Donny movement is so over the top it’s mind boggling. I’ve always had a dry sense of humor and I enjoyed Donny’s snark but I can see why it would rub people the wrong way. And his constant why they picking on an old man spiel got old after a couple dozen times. Taken from the movie Steel Magnolias: if you don’t have nothing good to say, sit next to me.

      I know people have been on slop for more than 2 weeks consecutive like last year there were several who were on it for 3 weeks or more. The outrage of unfair in BB is laughable. No one remembers Nicole/Christine on their bitch sessions about everyone. How they hated everyone and wanted to be the last girls standing. Remember Nicole and Hayden right before he was evicted saying how they’re in a great position in the game? I’m not sure who Nicole was talking to when someone said that Derrick was taking Victoria under his wings and taking her to the end and Nicole said, I believe to herself (read it) why can’t that be me? That’s her game plan is she wants to ride it out with Derrick.

      I think Caleb is a smarter player than I originally thought. I cannot tell who he’s really loyal to: Derrick/Cody or Frankie. Caleb has gone from where people couldn’t stand to be in the same room with him (Amber talk and his 4% body fat and just his awesomeness) and being the next one to be evicted to being best bud (Cody).

      Lastly, Derrick (production) is going to plant the seed to keep Nicole if she doesn’t win the veto.

      1. I cannot watch Derrick anymore at all. Whenever he is on the camera and his lips are moving, he is lying. I will never be able to understand why people consider him such a great player. Everyones entitled to their opinion but Derrick has ruined this season for me. I am so disappointed that they cast Derrick and Frankie during the same year as it has made this season just a trainwreck.
        Hey CBS, can you at least flash the words “HE IS LYING” behind Derrick when he is in the DR room so that it can be at least worth watching? Thanks in advance.

        1. I agree Derrick’s DR sessions are a joke. Doesn’t “diary session” imply something you confide in and tell secrets to? Who would lie to their diary? So why lie to America in his DR sessions? I thought America was his BFF (he sure talks to us enough). Does he really think we are that dumb? So why not just play it straight up? I’d have a whole lot more respect for Derrick if he just admitted he is playing and manipulating everyone for his game. Stop trying to manipulate America! Wtf?

          1. you just don’t get it do you? derrick’s biggest enemy isn’t any other houseguest, it’s production. he knows that production is trying their goddamndest to rig the game and alter outcomes, to the detriment of derrick’s game. so he has to manipulate production, not you.

            1. Ok so if Derrick is trying to manupliate production then he is really dumb…Production sees more than even the live feeders see!

              1. you’re playing checkers; he’s playing chess.

                revealing your gameplay to production is a surefire way to get evicted if you’re going against their desired narrative. derrick is a fan and observant player so he knows that. he has multiple stories going on for different houseguests and production. at most, one of them can be true. his goal is to convince production that his dr story is the truth, and whatever inconsistencies he tells houseguests is just whatever he needs to do to win. in truth, insofar as his gameplan goes against the production grain, his dr story is also whatever he needs to do to win. maybe production doesn’t buy it, but the only way for derrick to succeed is to try.

                there are intelligent people trying to win half a million dollars. i don’t know why anyone thinks you can ignore key strategical aspects of the game, like managing the influence of production.

                1. I agree with this 100%. I may not like the fact that Derrick’s actions are furthering people I hate in the game and kicking people out that I like, but I respect the fact that he knows what he’s doing. He’s the only one playing the game. Dan did the same thing. Everyone loves Dan. I think people just hate Derrick because he’s aligned with ass-hats: Frankie, Caleb, and Christine. And that he’s stringing along Victoria, the floater.

              1. thanks! i think they are people who are driven primarily by emotion as opposed to logic/reasoning. if you remember months ago, there were a lot of housewives who HATED arthur chu for playing jeopardy in a way they didn’t expect. for chrissakes, the guy was trying to win real money.

        2. Big brother IS about lying and deception and, in the BB context, Derrick does what he needs to do in order to win.Or how is it?

        3. Derrick’s DR sessions are the reason I don’t like the way he is playing the game. I have watched BB since BB1 and I loved Will, for in the DR he would tell us what he was thinking and how he couldn’t believe the HGs we’re falling for his lies and tricks! Derrick tries to lie to us in his DR, and America sees through him because we are watching the feeds. I don’t want to just hear these fools talk anymore, I want to hear what Donnie, Hayden, and Zack are saying and thinking , please CBS show us more of the jury house, and BBAD can we have cameras in the jury and hear them too !

        1. He has astigmatism and very poor vision, he’s using the money from big brother to get refractive eye surgery.

        2. Wow Arby and I agree (same people, different screenname) Why are you so envious of Donny? Let people donate to him if they want and you can go back to complaining about how much you hate your own life. Geez!

        3. “I agree “. I can help you with your statement. First, no one is telling you to give, so what people do with their money is their business. Second, it’s people like you that make the world this way. Humanity comes from within a trait your lacking.

        4. You should try not to let it bother you… nobody is asking you to donate! Nothing wrong with having an opinion although we would rather you keep it to yourself ‘cos nobody cares!

        5. A) I think Donny would want to earn any money he receives and not be concidered a charity case, and
          B) how do you know if all this money will actually get to him?????

      2. Not sure I understand why you believe Production would help Nicole. The two times they’ve blatantly intervened it was to hurt Nicole both times.

        The first time it was to save Frankie by coming up with a BotB contest he could win 1-on-2 after they found out his partner was going to throw it. The result was that Nicole got evicted instead of him.

        The second time was when they used DR sessions to try to get the players to vote out Nicole instead of Donny.

        Frankie is the one they’ll try to save because CBS is convinced his sister will draw them ratings. They probably plan to have him in F2 and book her to show up and celebrate with him when he wins it. She might even lip-synch one of her airheaded songs.

      1. Bravo, Bravo – What an amazing tribute to a top contender for America’s Favorite! Bravo, Bravo

      2. Go to you tube, “Ariana Grande’s house” you will see Frankie with his original nose and teeth, quite a surprise to me. Also, looks like Ariana has had work done also. teeth and maybe brow lift? Not that I feel cosmetic surgery is wrong, but it is humorous to see how different they looked, specially Frankie. Also, as they were interviewed Frankie seemed almost ‘normal’, like a lower keyed guy.
        Ariana did sing and, to me, her voice was good.
        and so FYI……..

  1. part of me just wants nicole to go to the jury house so she can at least spend time with people who actually like and care about her- jocasta, hayden, zach and donny and not be stuck in the house with mean and horrible people like frankie and christine.
    but i would hate to see the satisfaction in frankie face when nicole gets evicted. what exactly has frankie gotten against nicole? he seems to be venting his anger and jealously and not being well liked on her.

    1. You have to remember that Frankie is a narcissistic asshole douche bag mess of the person. And being a narcissist it’s all about him. He could not understand that Donny and Zach were well liked. And Donny’s popularity just set him off. He did not stand that Zack was liked. Doesn’t understand how anybody could like somebody more than him. Now he’s set his sights on Nicole.

      I heard about the term “narcissist rage” and looked it up. OMG it explains that waste of space called Frankie to a T. Some excerpts:

      “the narcissist brag, scorn, talk down, primp and belittle too much” in order to continually prove to the world and themselves that they are larger than life”

      “Narcissistic rage is the response of a narcissist to anything they perceive as a threat to their ego, their control or their power.
      It is usually intense, out of proportion, often random and is used to manipulate.”

      “Any threat (real or imagined) to the narcissist’s grandiose and fantastic self-perception as perfect, omnipotent, omniscient, and entitled to special treatment and recognition, regardless of his actual accomplishments (or lack thereof).”

      “To the narcissist, the rage is justly directed towards the person that they felt slighted or challenged them; to observers, the rage is irrational and unjust. The fuming rage impairs their cognition, therefore impairing their judgment. During the rage they are prone to shouting, fact distortion and making groundless accusations.”

      Oh please oh please get rid of this dick. I can’t even stand the way he walks now. It’s literally like he’s got a stick up his ass

      1. Once Frankie learns just how much he was disliked by viewers, he’ll convince himself that it was only because he’s gay.

        1. My brother is gay and if he acted like Frankie, I’d slap him! Frankie is a skinny twerp. …nothing male on his body other than his penis. He uses the gay excuse because he doesn’t want to admit people don’t like him because he’s a vile creature.

      2. Everything you say about Frankie also applies to Derrick? Think back to Derricks behavior toward Donny(I’ll knock the skittles out if his hand) or Derricks behavior toward Devin ( when he isolated him to get him evicted) or Derricks reaction to Frankie whenever Frankie challenges his authority or Derricks reaction to Cody whenever Cody tries to make a “big boy move” Or for that matter, his derision of Victoria on a daily basis?
        Derrick is just a much, if not more than a narcissist as Frankie is. Frankie us just more obviously one because he’s flamboyant. Wait to you see Derricks narcissistic rage when he gets evicted! It’s going to be epic!

        1. Yeah I think you’re right. He’s going to be pissed if he gets tossed out. I think Frankie’s expression would be priceless

    2. Frankie despises most if not all of the women. Nicole is just the target so he feels the hate propaganda has to be intensified. His hate isn’t uniquely set apart toward her. It’s spread around because he’s screwed person. It’s just set apart for her this week because he considers her a threat. That’s one thing I hate about the last two season the intense hate campaigns by some especially when the person is already likely going home. Nicole was the one who flat out told him she didn’t trust him to his face that week she tried to get him out. Frankie knows she’s onto him just like Derrick knew Donny was on to him. He knows there is nothing he could say to get Nicole to not think he’s a snake since she say him in action as a full blown liar during the “amber campaign”.

  2. Dan’s mist smelled like roses. Derrick’s mist is straight BO and it’s taken him a long way. Moral of the story, Deodorant is overrated.

    1. Dan didn’t have mist. He got lucky a huge fight broke out because “America (Production)” voted out Jessie his first season and caused a HUGE fight right after Michelle won the following HoH. After that, he was thrown to the other side with Renny, Keesha, Libra, and Memphis. From then on we saw him get to the end by playing up the divide in which any person with two brain cells SHOULD do.

      I personally don’t understand why he is seen as the GOAT.
      He was good but not the GOAT.

  3. Cody and his dad are VERY VERY weird. I am also close with my dad. We watch football and drink beer together. No creepy “messing around” or making out on tv.

    1. Thank you. I found the dad kind of creepy as well and their strange relationship. I think a lot of parents these days try and be best friends with their kids rather then good parents. Kotex Kody is obviously aware of his good looks and relies on them for everything. He seems to crave people being into him

    2. Cody is a odd man, definitely if he is not full gay, he is bisexual. He asked Nicole how Hayden kissed and responded “nice” , guys ask other guys how a girl kisses, not asking how a guy kisses. When Caleb was over exagerating his knee injury and Cody was sitting in the bathroom while Caleb was showering, I noticed the cameras were on Cody’s face and slowly panned down to his crotch area and back up, probably seeing if Cody was excited to see Caleb showering. Then last night he painted on Christine’s face, half women/half man, obviously what he is secretly desires. He is too damn feminine and annoying as hell, so is his dad. Hope Cody leaves soon, he is a tool

      1. He even stated to Christine that her husband was cute. I personally disagree and I’m gay but to each their own

  4. IT PROB NOT GOING TO HAPPEN but how amazing would be it i vericona won veto and nicole finally got her to see the light and used it on nICOLE FORCING TO cALEB TO NOT only put up one of his “boys” most likely Frankie. Cody will want to keep chris and derrik will want to evict Frankie. This week could be amazing if FRANKIE WAS explaining is words at hie eviction interview. ths plan relay heavily on vericona though o maybe jut nicole for pov

    1. The problem with that plan is the boys would NEVER let her evict Nicole and unfortunately Victoria has no guts to ignore them.

  5. Its sad that caleb is convinced that frankie is his route to fame that now he’s in frankie back pocket.
    Doesn’t he remember that Frankie had lied and thrown him under the bus?
    Make a big move Caleb!!!

    1. In order to make big moves…Caleb and Cody need balls. Unfortunately Frankie is holding them in his back pocket. Frankie needs to get a steppin. Get out fruit loop….you’re a growth that needs to be burned off. Ugly little creep is a poor excuse for a human!

    2. Problem with Caleb is that he is ex-military. Derrick is using that to force him to follow. If you notice, whenever Derrick is challenged, he cuts the conversation off by saying > DONE!! It is a pretty typical cop move as they are traineid to control all situations. The only hope of anyone in this group not being shut down by Derrick is if they realize that there is money to be had. My guess is that very soon, Cody or Frankie are going to make a move that will turn the game upsdie down. Then we will see how good Derricks game is. My gueess is that Derrick is going to fold because he wont be able to use his authority as a cop to get people to do what they want at that point. He will have no idea how to handle those tha openly rebel against him and he will become angry and show his hateful self. I am sure of it.

      1. Cody has no balls PERIOD. Derrick plays into everyone’s weak points or strengths. Last night he was playing into Caleb’s ego, telling him how strong and great he is. Derrick is an evil genius. He plays into Victoria’s weakness, the only one who was not weak minded was Donny and therefore, he had to go.

        1. When I saw Cody paint Christine’s face with a beard, it sent a RED flag up for me. He very well could bi or he could be an a$$ using Christine as his personal CLOWN (in this circus) while he plays with her on BB. I don’t feel any sympathy for Christine. She has been a puppet for Derrick and his band of misfits. She might as well be part of Cody’s circus as his TOY clown. It is really sad she is willing to sell out when she could have played a completely different game, gained respect as well as winning the money she and her husband CLAIM they need desperately. Also, LADIES – Cody is the guy your mom, dad, and family members have warned you about when picking a husband or boyfriend. This guy is NOT above any despicable behavior to further is objectives in his narcissistic life.

      2. Being former military has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that Caleb is a stupid mindless idiot! That’s insulting to all who have served that have a brain and know how to use it! I married a dad just retired from the army after 27 years and they can think on their own. Caleb is DUMB plain and simple!

        1. Caleb is the type in the military that most soldiers want to beat the shit out of. I am 100% positive he exaggerates his military experience as he does everything else. If he was a guard, was he an MP? infantry? I doubt. My hubby ex 82nd and doubts nearly everything Caleb says

    3. He’ll make a big move if Derrick tells him to.
      I find it sickening that Caleb finds so much joy in belittling women. I wonder why the girls arent flocking to him? I feel so bad for Nichole!
      I can’t stand Frankie!!! I don’t want to be a have’s too cold! OMG!!! I want to drop kick him!!!!

  6. Best case scenario:

    Victoria wins veto and uses it on nicole.
    Watch the lying and detonators throwing each other under the bus.
    Enjoy the show.
    Caleb puts up Frankie/Derrick
    Either one goes home

    Its unlikely to happen, but we can dream right?

    1. I wonder if production ever offers them “bonus” $$ to vote a certain way or take someone off the block? So top secret that if they reveal they forfeit the money…….umm just wondering.

  7. “Derrick says life’s tough, get a helmet.”

    I’m sorry but that made me lol, especially since he said it to Victoria. That’s some good advice for that dingus.

  8. In that pic it looks like Victoria is giving Derrick felatio. W/ wine on the table. Lmao. Now that Donny’s gone and Nicole will be soon…..I’m rooting for Caleb or Derrick. Caleb has been a beast and Derrick is like now the elder sage wiseman. Everyone single person talks to him. EVERYONE!!!! And Frankie could easily beast up soon in the stretch run. Still would be hilarious if Victoria won an HOH and the final POV. Like literally a “WTF?!?! just happened?”

  9. I have nothing to say other then I can’t stand Skankie!!!!!
    That’s all I can add to the conversation right now.

  10. I have to give it to Derrick, he never stops working it. “I would take someone who played a tight game” (Victoria?!!) “Notice how close Cody and Christine are”. “You would definitely beat me in a comp or in F2”. And it’s working! They even mention him never on the block but never in a conversation about who to put up!

  11. OMG Frankie is such a great representative of the LGBT community! I am so proud of him. I hope he wins big brother! He is such a hottie and has an intelligence that matches his drop dead gorgeous looks. LOVE YOU FRANKIE! Or should I say “fakie” as these haters that post on this blog do.

    1. “OMG Frankie is such a great representative of the LGBT community! I am so proud of him. I hope he wins big brother! He is such a hottie and has an intelligence that matches his drop dead gorgeous looks. LOVE YOU FRANKIE!”

      …said no one ever.

  12. Oops! Roisen Dubh didn’t mean to post under your sign in. Read your comment, liked it and somehow your handle was posted with my comment. Sorry!

    1. I am so glad you posted this. Someone used my name to post something and the comment was a little off-the-wall. It ticked me off and I couldn’t imagine why someone did that. I even posted something to the unknown person asking why – and people gave me thumbs down ??? Now I know what probably happened, and feel I can rejoin the conversation.

  13. Im a huge Big Brother fan and I have to say the american version could do with some improving to make it more exciting and even the playing field for the houseguests (or at least give them a chance). That being said, im no BB US expert but i dont think this cast is representative of Americans in general. The season started very promising but has gotten more disappointing as time has gone by. The interesting fun players like Zach have been evicted and there are not nearly enough twists considering this is supposed to be the most twisted season yet.
    That being said, I think we need to differentiate between someones game play making them appear ruthless/bad/nasty/mean-spirited and just a having a mean character. Dan and Will were ruthless game players (remember Dan saying to Danielle that you have to be ready to ‘cut anyones throat at anytime in this game’)but at the same time through seeing their interactions with other players, their DR sessions and their lives outside, we got to see that this was just a game and they were actually very nice guys. Conversely, you look at pple like christine and frankie and there are no redeeming qualities. They suck as gameplayers and seem to have black hearts. Frankie is suprised that america like seet old donny- the nicest dude as opposed to liking him… SMH…

    1. This is exactly why I don’t think Derrick is a good person. I think he is just mean at heart. What you just said about the difference between what they say in the DR room and what they say in the house is the reason I hate Derrick so much. I thought Dan and Dick were really good players but they just were playing a game. Derrick is just too twisted, he can’t turn it off. YUCH, he disgusts me.

  14. If Nicole goes I am not rooting for anybody. I guess it comes down to who I’ll root against:
    Definitely Frankie the narcissistic glitter troll wanna-be fame whore trash talking faker.
    And Christine the troll faced husband betraying trash talking hater.
    Victoria you b*tch house plant who cut up the pink hat.
    Least mode cowpoke the delusional dumbsh*t stalker who bullies girls.

    I guess that just leaves Derrick and Cody. Blah!

      1. There’s no one likable left. A lot like BB15, in that respect. Almost a month left in the game and I just don’t care, anymore.

    1. There is my main man again, telling it like it is. Shoot Big K, what am I going to do until summer of 2015? It is very skeery knowing that after BB16 finale, we are cut adrift. How will I vent my frustration and anger? Who will save me when I fear I am drowning in a sea of Frankenpoop? Simon and Dawg, I know you are looking forward to a well earned rest ( and you will not be bringing us BB AU highlights ) but perhaps you can “open for business” twice weekly for those who need to vent, those who have workable ideas in how to rid the internet of the scourge known as Skankie Frankie.

  15. I think that next year BB should have a rule that the HOH is the only one that sleeps in the HOH bedroom! Frankie has had his dumb Ass up there the whole season!! Everything about that guy bothers me and I don’t think he will look back at this and think he did anything wrong..He believes his lies and I’m pretty sure that he behaves like this outside of the house. I don’t care who you’re sister is…you’re a soulless human being! I just wish I could see the look on his face when he finds out Donny was asked to appear on the Bold and the Beautiful. …that alone would make this season worth it!

    1. RIght after they institute that rule that no undercover cops with covert training in infiltrating a group can be on the show. Yeah, that rule would have prevented this sucky season that we have. What a waste of a summer!

  16. Nicole sure needs to win this POV.
    Production needs to decide to give her a Diamond POV.
    A coup d’etat would be even better.
    Still looks like she is going back to jury. I love it that neither her nor Victoria would talk to Christine for hours last night. They completely ignored her every time she approached them. Christine is vile, as is Frankie, and I can’t wait for both of them to be voted out. After that I’d love to see Derrick gone and have it come down to just Cody and Caleb in the final two. Not sure who I’d vote for…at that point, who cares. Finally, an end to the most boring season ever!!!

    1. Caleb, Cody and Frankie always get pissed when other people are talking or playing game. They are so narcassistic and self absorbed, they feel like they are the only ones allowed to play BB, but everyone else has to be shunned if they do the exact same thing! Sick disgusting “men” these three are! Amber is laughing hysterically and I hope she has a restraining order again this idiot

  17. Can we just have a coup that would switch the jury members for this bunch of nasties? Each year that goes by just highlights the decline/degradation of society. I\d love to see real documented results of this so-called “social experiment”.

  18. I’m not sure if anyone else agrees but I would like the next “Team America” assignment card to have a quote/or quotes from the media mogul regarding his feelings about America when he realized America may not love him as much as he thinks they should.

    Right under the quote: “Since you feel that way, Team America is officially disbanded.”

  19. This season would have been SO SO SO different if Hayden/Donny/Nicole won HoH during the Double Eviction. It would have made this season really good.

  20. anyone else notice the empty spiritless eyes of the Grande family, I pulled up a picture of the mother sister and faggie, all their eyes look hollow, no spirit empty souls. its like a family of satin, spawns of medusa. and the fathers (the mothers been married a few times) satin brothers. I hope when faggie gets out and returns to NY the NYer’s beat the living shit out of him I mean fuck his face up!!!! ( hey I can say this because faggies remark about Jacasta killing herself) I hope he hangs himself from all the hate he will get!!!!

  21. Lets all put a voodoo spell on Christine, Cody, Frankie, Caleb, and Derrick
    Meditate before casting this spell.
    Place the black and red candles into a pentagram and light them. Focus on the person your casting the spell on. Chant:
    As black as night, now i focus all my might. I force the wrath of Hell upon thee. Eternal pain shall be yours. Thy fate is sealed. So mote it be.

      1. not nice to insult innocent ferrets , he is a troll who needs to crawl back into the rotted hole he climbed out of.
        The other guys are idiots, this would be the perfect time to backdoor that troll ,and be done with it, but no, not a brain or a set of balls between them

  22. What i would like to know…. If The Ugly One And Tim (ugh) can’t afford to buy clothes for 3 years, how the hell do they afford all the tats? Stupid freaks.

    1. THANK YOU KATE! I was wondering the same damn thing. Crusty says that their combined yearly income is like 24K?, yet both of them are covered in those nasty tats and those ugly “gages” in Tim’s ears. They want to make themselves look even more hideous? They do both look like the evil step-sisters on Cinderella lmao. Tim just got a HUGE new tat on his ribcage, something satanic looking actually …hey aren’t they the devout Christians ? SMH

    2. Who cares if they prioritize tats over clothes? Who is anyone to judge how others spend their income, as long as they don’t have starving children? We can dislike the tattoos without making it into an issue of financial planning, lol. Maybe they are smart for not falling into the American herd mentality of consumerism. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a victim of that myself. But like my dad always says, why do we need so many clothes?

  23. what the Fu(k is up with all the makeup Victoria uses? The lipstick makes her look like a cheap prostitute, honey, all the makeup in the world couldn’t help you!!! I wish Nicole would break one of those wine bottles and slit Frankie’s tongue off the next time he puts the snake tongue out. Would love to see Christine choke on one of those pubic hairs (Cody’s) and drop dead. Production, can we please get a heavy camera to fall on Cody’s head!!! and a final one, I hope Derrick is cooking on the outdoor grill and the gas line breaks and lights his di(k ablaze, will never span another offspring again!!!

    1. What n the hell is wrong with YOU? everything you wish on people is liable to come back on your ass. You need some sense knocked in you. This is a game show! not everyone is going to do and say everything you want them to, so lighten up on your mean spirit.

      1. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU????? its ok in your pea brain for the hg to say and do the vile thing they say?? Frankie and Christine spew hatred and death out of their mouths!!!n go take the pole out of your ass, I agree with this persons funny thought!! beoch!!!!

  24. Anyone notice how BB caters to every whim of Skankie, especially when it comes to FOOD? Constantly getting very expensive fish ….Have heard the other HG commenting on the price…{this package of fish was over 100.00} and that was cooked for ONE MEAL!!!…Yet….I never see them eat steak….JUST FISH…In other years the HG were thrilled to get steak…But we all know Skankie only EATS FISH…no meat…so therefore I guess the other HG are screwed…
    Simon or Dawg????
    I read somewhere that BB pays some of the contestants more than the others? It mentioned Rachels sister and Frankie….is this true? and if it is….I bet thats why he gets all that expensive fish…betcha he negotiated a tight contract to get what he wants.
    And Skankie whining about can’t be a Have not….cause I have health prblems….But he sure is healthy enough to kick ass in comps…and he is constantly on the move and exercising….seems to me…If you have health problems, you would not have the energy or stamina to go like he does!
    Lord he makes me ill….He reminds me of a Old Hag I once knew!

    1. I can believe it – about Frankie being paid more and getting special privileges. CBS is desperately trying to get the younger viewers. Sorry to tell them – Frankie wasn’t their ticket in- as evidenced by the Apple Pie vote. That spoke volumes about who is watching this show and what we expect.

      1. Hey, wait a minute folks. Didn’t Derrick also manipulate the situation so that the Team America task would not be to save Donny? I remember watching Frankie and Derrick talking about how they cannot let that happen and Derrick forcing Frankie to come up with something creative instead. Derrrick is just as much at fault as Frankie. America was voting against Derrick just as much as they were voting against Frankie.
        In Donnys exit interview, he said that “team america’ voted him out. He knows that Derrick is a snake! I am not forgetting that. I know what I saw on the feeds.

    1. This is the second time I’ve seen you mentioning his youtube videos. Why? That would only create more traffic. Not mentioning it would be better.

    2. The problem with youtube is that to give him dislikes you have to give him views…so the end result is we help Skankie earn $. Better to just ignore to fame whoring POS.

    1. Nope, he touched a lot of people including myself. I remember he had me crying early in the season when he was lying alone in his bed and told Devin something to the effect that he was touched by the kindness shown to him by some of the younger houseguests ( Pow, Brittany , Devin , Hayden Amber) Donny is a good, good man who I am gonna vote like crazy for AF. He didn’t deserve the hate he got from Cusstine, Skankie, & Cotex. Donny will be the REAL winner of BB16!

    2. Yes, you are the only one that cried when Donny was evicted. It’s just a game! You do not actually know the man. Get a grip!!!

      1. I cried when JFK was shot and I am not American. I was 10 yrs old and we had not started studying much US politics but our teacher was crying and telling us it was the saddest thing in modern history. Because our teacher was crying, mob mentality set in and most of our class was crying for a man we would never meet and up until that time, had little impact on our lives. As years passed and we found out was goes on behind Washington closed doors, I regretted wasting my tears. Donny has been transparent and kind to everyone even though they ignore him. Donny overcame tremendous odds to reach this far and that is one reason he is well loved.

  25. its been said over and over but I have to say it again, these people are so stupid, brainless, naïve and blind as a frickin bat, can the 20’s year old generation be that stupid to not see all the clues right in their faces that Derdick is spewing lies and manipulative words out of his pig nose mouth???? if I was the parents of these kids I would be mortified, humiliated, and VERY embarrassed to admit they were my off spring, relative, friend, employee, neighbor, husband, wife or even a pet of theirs!!!

    1. If Skankie is evicted this Thursday ( and no chance of him returning to house ) I will donate an additional $25.00 to Simon and Dawg for all their hard work. I have already once and will begin my Xmas shopping soon on Amazon, but an extra $25.00 is well worth it to see the look on Skank’s face, Anyone else up to the challenge? It does not have to be $25.00 but we all know how hard S&D work to keep this site entertaining.

  26. Just when I was starting to like BMC, he puts up Nicole & Christine. Did I read right – he even wondered aloud why his brother would tell him to ‘put on his big boy pants’? Doesn’t that give him a clue to grow a pair & quit targeting women, but rather some of the stronger guys? This really isn’t even a strategic game anymore, it’s a mob mindset & “vote with the house” is just plain chicken $hit on most of their parts. After these last 2 seasons, I think I’ll be reading some good books next summer & quit wasting my time on this unentertaining crap!

  27. The people we have to thank for the way these people act are the PARENTS, the 60’s 70’s and 80’s generation was all about ME ME ME, the parents saying how proud they are makes me sick!!!
    Varner Family (Christine)
    Grande Family (Frankie)
    Calafiore Family (Cody)
    Reynolds Family (Caleb)
    Rafaeli Family (Victoria)
    Levasseur Family (Derrick)
    Yup you all did a hell of a job with these scum bags, all the mothers should have swallowed instead of conceiving the sperm venom!!!

  28. I hope at the reunion Brittany and amber cuss these guys out for all of the inappropriate shit they have said. I would especially all it if they have boyfriends to punch them in the mouth. Cody u have no balls to nail anyone. What a waste of space these douchebags are. #bb16 season of scum

    1. Yes, all the crap that Derrick said about Brittany too. In fact, he talks about everyone in a mean way behind their backs. He is such a phony piece of crap. Him and Frankie should start a law firm together where they can both lie and cheat. They can call it “Pinky and Stinky”

  29. Notice how the only HGs worried about “haters” on the outside are, well, the haters themselves? Christine especially. Note that Donny and Hayden didn’t seem too concerned about haters. Christine, here’s a tip: if you stopped being such a hater, maybe you wouldn’t be so hated.

  30. The US government needs to look into all the children Frankie had contact with in the US and Africa, I am sure they would find a slew of boys that he molested. NO WAY on gods green earth would I ever allow my kids to see anything the Grande family sang or produced or stared in let alone babysit them, his sister is as screwed up as Frankie from what I been reading (her behavior with her fans and her demands from people that she works for and with is horrendous) a true scumbag family in so many ways, why do people support this family is beyond my comprehension! Just my opinion and didn’t I read that Parez Hilton say that Ari was doing coke and he had to take it back because she threatened to sue him? I could be wrong but her behavior with her temper tantrums could explain this as being truthful, again just my opinion!

    1. Can we take all the married men who fool around with young girls (probably like you loser!!) and drop them off on an island together so that we can purify the straight world of predators? See how that works out for ya!

    2. After watching ‘Ariana’s Home” on Youtube, and seeing Frankie seemingly not as hyper there when interviewed, and comparing the way he was to the way he is now, I wondered if he is on cocain?(spelling)? He always seems so wired up on BB.

  31. Sending Nicole is such a waste of an hoh. Everybody in the house knows that her target is Frankie 110 percent and the way he is talking about her I can’t imagine her changing target. If next week was DE they could throw the hoh to her to get out Frankie (assuming he doesn’t win pov). Then they could easily get her out the following week seeing as she is ineligible to play for hoh. Especially knowing that they would all be safe during DE this late in the game is huge. Nicole for Pov!

  32. My wish for the players when they leave the bbhouse. Caleb spends all his bb money on beastmode cowboy shirts and can’t sell a single one. Frankie the only job he can get is being Arrianas roadie.Derrick when he gets home he has bill for 500k from the irs.Victoria every mirror she looks into turns into a fun house mirror. Christine Tim becomes a famous rock star and leaves for the first hot groupie that comes along. Cody he marries a woman JUST LIKE CHRISTINE. Nichole marries Hayden and they live happily ever after. Donnie buys one lottery ticket and besomes a multi millionaire.

  33. Why does CBS keep using the same comps over and over? Are they that lazy and unimaginative? Why should the HGs get to plan ahead how they are going to work together to get a specific player out during? Example: the stay and fold challenge. They should all go in on an even playing field.

  34. I believe Frankie has his pink panties in a bunch cause he’s finally realized after Donny left how much he’s hated by America & now he’s taking his anger & Jealousy out on the closest person to Donny who happens to be Nicole!! Nicole stop crying, put your big girl panties on & fight for that POV!!! I hate Frankie & I usually don’t say things like that about someone I dont know personally but he’s a absolute asshole!!! The things he’s spewing out of his nasty mouth is a disgrace.. Somebody please send his ass to jury!!!!!

  35. What if Nicole won the Veto and used to save Nicole?
    She has about 20% chance. If it is her and Nicole at the end Nicole might throw it to her.
    Caleb is banged up and probably could do a physical challenge. He is not good at mental.
    Christine is not as smart as people think.
    Nicole is completely drained and will be a Havenot.

    they are building a huge set outside. Now the PoV could be the one where Big Brother takes the pictures of evicted house guests and morphs them into one person. A vein self absorbed looks conscious person may be able to identify the pairs faster than the people who have problems looking them in the eye all Season.

    So Victoria saves Nicole. Then who is left for Caleb to nominate…. Frankie, Derrick and Cody.
    Let the brutality begin Derrick and Cody will really push for Frankie… Frankie will push for Cody to go up… to separate Christine and Cody or Caleb may want to give Derrick a taste of the block, he has never been nominated. personally I would backdoor Derrick for that reason… At this point he is the one to beat for the $500,00.00 Prize.

  36. I agree with the previous poster that Frankie is a true narcissist and will not accept any responsibility for his horrible behavior and personality He will fault someone else ( America) as being anti-gay, and hence become a victim. He has a plethora of personality disorders traits : Histrionic, borderline, some sociopathic tendencies, narcissism, so he has his defense mechanisms going in overdrive. This tells me that he may have had a chaotic childhood, not enough attention ( mama married and divorced like 3 times) possible jealousy of a baby sister 10 years younger, not the cutest, etc. picked on for being effeminate; previous suicide gesture ?? This explains a lot of his over the top dancing, fondling, singing,, attention seeking ” ME ME ME ” .So, to sum it all up. He is majorly fu*cked up! No remorse aka ” dark soul”

    1. That would make Derrick a sociopathic narcissist with slight messiah complex. Just as bad but Derrick always carries a gun. Worse thing that could happen with Frankie is you might get a bad makeover.

  37. I thought I would like to see Frankie evicted to a rousing chorus of BOO’s. On reflection I would like him to be evicted to audience silence. Crickets whistling, tumbleweeds floating by…. silence.

    He doesn’t deserve the effort or attention of a boo.

    Hey clueless, it’s not because you are gay, or bad editing, it’s because you are a spoiled, entitled, mean spirited, manipulative little toad and the worst person to play the game in BB history.

    1. Agree completely……….Silence would STUN him! He could justify the “Boos” to himself (they 8 gays) but if it was completely quiet……….He wouldn’t know how to react.
      That would be priceless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Donny for Americas Favorite Player!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. The day after Nicole came back in the house, she made the comment to Crusty that she felt shy and timid. Right there I realised that she should not be back in the house and regardless of the number of times Hayden or Donny tried to warn her about snoutboy, she has ignored their warnings. I like Nicole but no point in her snivelling now unless the snivelling will put her in a true fighting spirit.

  39. Really hoping Nicole can get the veto and win HOH next week and put up Frankie and Caleb, but since I don’t think that will happen I really hope that Caleb is the one who gets rid of Frankie. Blind sides him and hurts his poor little feelings like he did to Zach. I think that would would be worth watching…. Don’t see much else to look forward to happening this season, lol

  40. This week, at the beginning of HOH, Julie should announce — ” a new twist hgs”. The winner of HOH is the only person permitted to use that room. Any hgs caught using it for sleeping, bathing, strategizing or groping will receive a penalty nom.

  41. You guys are all rest giving death threats to these ppl this is a hard game it’s not easy everyone in that house is going through a lot. Frankie might be whiney bitch but he’s a human being all you crazy fans are giving people death threats. All you crazy fans are f*cking mental giving death threats to innocent ppl

      1. At least I’m not a fuckin hater I don’t think you could go into this house and act normal. You have to give these houseguest credit they made a huge Alliance and stuck to it. Just because donny and Nicole are out because no one likes them everyone on this site is hitching about Frankie. Frankie has played an excellent game winning 6 challenges and have the best social game in the house he created a solid Alliance that didn’t disband

  42. Who can get rid of Derrick? They all think he is so great? Nicolle won’t even put hi up if given the chance.
    Come on production, get on the stick during diary room sessions and get things moving.
    Somebody has to target Derrick.
    Oh yeah, To Cody’s dad… Keep your hands to yourself. What kind of parent are you?

  43. I called this weeks before brit left, and got a bunch of negative votes just for saying cody really wanted to bang brit and not the other ones. Zach called it too, it was super obvious that cody wanted some, and when she started to not give him that type of attention, he booted her

    so I will say, if Christine says her play was 100 percent because of “how he tossed brit aside for not showing attention”, I would actually give her a pass for most of this pretty awful stuff she is doing in the house while married.

    1. You are exactly correct. Brit held her ground and when Cody couldn’t get in her pants, he and his bro Derrick did not like that a woman wouldn’t do what they wanted. In fact, those 2 have consistently targeted women as much as they could. Christine doesn’t count because she gives Cody what he wants. And Victoria doesn’t count because she gives Derrick what he wants.

  44. lets convince CBS to do the SILENT audience thing. I want Frankie to get NO response. nothing. no clapping, no yelling, no booing. just silence. it would be amazing beyond belief.

        1. Sorry, not gonna happen! The audience is made up of CBS stooges, not real fans! I begged CBS to have at least one pink hat for Zach when he was evicted (or better yet, to have all audience members waving pink hats!) but that sure didn’t happen. Might’ve taken away from their relentless focus on the “Zankie Showmance” that Julie wouldn’t stop talking about!

  45. It cracks me up that Victoria is insignificant enough that people can’t even get her name right. Vanessa, Veronica, Vivienne…whatever…that girl with all the makeup.

  46. where is a good studio fire when you need one (no casualties of course) but the bb house burned to the ground. 500 thou has to go to one of the jury members (Donny) and AF goes to Zack. Start anew next year with a new set, rules, and production staff!!! remainder of house guests (go home and pout) bunch of scumbags!!!

    1. If it would end this train wreck of a show early, I’m all for it. Just put the remaining HGs on a bus and send them all home.

    2. No one has touched on this but DAMN that house is ugly this year. Who in gods name designed that HOH bed? The kitchen table looks like $hit. The Big Brother house in Canada was super glossy and cool looking compared to this house. They need to do a major reno on it.

      1. OMG I was just about to post about that EXACT subject! The entire house this season looks like it was made from leftover scraps of lumber, plastic and misc. parts and pieces from seasons past! The HOH room is the worst I have EVER seen! I mean WTF? A BIRDS NEST bed surrounded by little bird houses? I don’t even know what to call the kitchen? A ROCK room? A BEEHIVE (well, okay, that one sorta makes sense!) but the rest? A pathetic MESS!

  47. Frankie’s transference of his qualities and behaviors onto Nichole are nothing less than a revelation about who he really is in the BB house as well as ( more than likely) who he is in real life. So many here keep recognizing Frankie is someone you wouldn’t want to know under any circumstances, let alone share genuine friendship. His “fun, glittery, over-the-top and friendly exterior are betrayed by the “true Frankie,” a very dark, cruel and delusional soul. Your life coach and therapist aren’t fulfilling their professional obligations, Broadway Boy!***** Now, Nichole, regain your positive attitude which you’ve maintained throughout most of this game! Get out there and win the POV, while PRODUCTION gets its act together and helps you find the DPOV or some other game changing power so you can decimate everybody else’s game. Expose them for the vile, lying. mediocre players that they are*****not one of them willing to make the “big move” in the game!

    1. Agree 100%. For the sake of all of us viewers sanity RIG it up so Nicole can win POV, please. I have never, ever seen more people agree on these boards about a particular season than this one. There isn’t even any debate about the sheer loathing of the players left in the house.

  48. You notice how production shows frankie’s nastiness…so we’ll be more focused on him and not derrick! Those are the two that should be on the block. They want pig-boy to win.

  49. I am a little confused. After watching TVGN last night and listening to the conversations between Caleb and Cody, then Caleb and Derrick, about who they would take to the finals. Then reading the conversation between Caleb and Frankie. Who is Caleb lying to?? Is Caleb playing all of the guys???? If so, {and that is a enormous if so} does that mean he knows he has no alliances with any of the guys, {then why didn’t he take Nicole offer, and never mind Nicole is still on Derrick’s bandwagon}, Did his brother’s letter finally sink into his head “You have enough friends at home”, “put on your man pants”?

  50. If I was Nicole I would agrivate the hell out of Frankie whether I stayed or not she has nothing to lose!!! He knows he’s hated by America & its driving him nuts & that’s why he’s acting like an narcissistic jackass!!!!

  51. To the the Jury, Derrick is a “good guy”. However, in the real world, he is “a bad guy, pretending to be a good cop” and has gotten in too deep in his occupation that he has bought into his own lies of being “a good cop, pretending to be one of the bad guys”.

    He is trying to fool America but really is fooling no one but himself.

    PS BIG BROTHER, please stop mimicking SURVIVOR. What’s next for BB17? Blood vs Water?

    1. It is bad enough that Survivor has cast the terrible twins from TAR and I must now give up Survivor until they are voted off. If BB even thinks about casting them, I will shoot myself.

  52. As far as the donating to Donny goes….His brother just posted a letter specifically talking about how Donny would not want people to donate to him. Basically that they were brought up with the hard work for what you get mentality and would feel bad for taking it. On top of it, people are trashing his family for them voicing that very opinion and that would bother Donny the most since he is so close to his family.

    1. People’s intentions are good but if his brother said that than maybe they should listen. I personally wish they would just let the season play out before donating anything and focus on voting him America’s Favorite instead and go from there.

  53. Frankie, I’m watching you on Big Brother, and apparently I must have forgotten to mention a few things in our “life training” sessions: don’t say hateful things about people, clean up after yourself, don’t clip your toenails in the living room, don’t brag, don’t molest and hump on others, and it’s really not necessary to shave your armpits, paint your nails, and glitter your face. Oh, and don’t expose your balls. (And you still owe me $1,000 for our last session.)

  54. It is a comfort to me to know that Frankie is so vain that he will not hurt himself physically when he finds out what America really thinks of him.

    It would be great if he could learn from America’s assessment of him, but I do not think that is possible.

    1. Frankie need not take anything from the assessment of complete strangers – who only know of the BB character Frankie AS WELL AS ALL OF THE OTHER CONTESTANTS are playing. The real Frankie James Grande is amazing. He is kind and sweet and generous and so smart. He loves his family, would do anything for his friends, and cares deeply to make the world a better place. Frankie is loved by any and all who actually know the real Frankie. And that is all that matters. For everyone feeling the need to pass judgement on him – or assume that the character he is playing in the house is who he really is….get a life. No doubt you are the same people who have lots of “internet friends” but find yourself alone every night.

      1. Okay, I will play along. If Frankie is all that you say he is then he must be the most incredible actor the world has ever known. That he has the ability to stay in character 24/7 without anyone noticing a slip up in his protrayal of the “bad” Frankie Grande, then I say give him an Oscar, Tony and Emmy right now. But as good an actor as he may be he has to one of the most foolish and uninsightful people in the world, to think that the majority of BB viewers would like this hateful, foul mouthed, sexually immature, vile, historonic, hysterical, attention seeking character he is portraying Yes we don’t know Frankie Grande but most of us dislike intensely the Frankie Grande he is showing us.

        1. Yeah he’s actually just an amazing actor. He’s really a good guy, playing a bad guy, playing a good guy, playing a bad actor. Beastmode actually had it right; he’s not even gay!

  55. How on earth could the team america members think that was a good idea to put on a play? I am still shaking my head over that one. They could do anything for the american public and they decide on a play and break up team america. Total morons! that move should go down in history as one of the most bone headed moves.

    1. they had the chance to go with Donny’s idea. Even production told them to go with Donny’s idea, (by saying that the play was a bad idea, or implying it at least). They chose not to, then turn around and claim that Donny never contributed to the TA tasks. Even before there was a task those two chose not to do (flip the house votes or something like that, Donny was willing and they were not). All we hear over and over tho is how Donny said no to one of those tasks being bad for their games.

      I don’t think either of them realize that on one of the tasks they think they succeeded, but it was a fail (the get two houseguests to argue).

  56. I just don’t understand why everyone can’t hold Frankie responsible for his actions. Why does everyone blame Derrick for the way people are acting. He is playing a game and seeing his little girl makes me understand why he plays so hard. But u don’t hear him talk about himself or others the way Frankie does. Frankie is a horrible person. At least Derrick is honest about what he is doing with the money. He wants it for his child. Frankie doesn’t want it for children in Africa. He wants it for himself. More makeup and glitter. If he donates anything at all to charity I will be very surprised. But he can do that anytime with his pop star sister and doctor father I think he can afford it. I mean u can tell he has people wait on him hand and foot bc he doesn’t know how to wash dishes.

    1. Hmm … I really don’t recall hearing about this “school in Africa” business before. You’d think he might mention it at least once in his d r sessions if it was so “important to him”. I believe when he revealed himself to the hg’s that it was the LAST thing he mentioned and almost forgot. I’d guess from his behaviour that he might send $1 out of the 500k if anything at all just to say he’s a “good person” and “donated” to charity. #FrankieSilenceUponEviction

  57. This is a serious question…I’m not trolling Derrick fans.

    How is Derrick’s game different than Andy’s?

    Andy was nice to everyone..aligned with everyone…Derrick does the exact same thing. He even did it with Donny before he left…tried to have a heart to heart. I know some of you are going to say he is playing for a jury vote but isn’t that exactly what Andy was doing too? Let the thumbs down begin!

    1. Here is the difference:

      Andy was an endless shit talker about Elissa, Helen and Candace. He said some of the grossest things that should have got him kicked out of the house and banned from the state of California.

    2. Andy was a floater, he floated to whoever was in power and sucked their dick.

      Derrick has had a solid alliance with Cody since day 1 and part of the big alliance since day one. Andy floated to people in power, saying don’t put me up. While Derrick tricked the idiots in power, to put up who “he” wanted. Derrick then controlled votes for eviction, with more subtle manipulation. He controlled peoples HOH’s, Andy did not. Andy skated to the end. Derrick manipulated to the end.

      Oh and you won’t get thunmbs down, because people here hate Derrick. I will get thumbs down for spelling out the differences in their games.

      1. Andy and Derrick are playing the same game but Derrick is trying to be a bit more undercover about it. Andy did not have Derricks training in covert operations and infilitrating a targeted group so Andy was a bit more over the top at times. Derricks training has given him an unfair advantage in this game and that is why the Derrick fans don’t see the difference between their games. I liked Derrick up until about 2 weeks ago and then I was turned off by him His game has really devolved a lot and become way to personal. He is guilty of doing almost everything that Andy has done in his season but Derrick also has really crossed the line with Victoria. His treatment of her is just beyond game and the fact that he is married makes it even worse. Sorry, no longer team Derrick. And for the record, I may or may not have a law enforcement background.

  58. nomore casting celebrities or family members. what’s their drive? it certainly isnt the money. l

  59. I can’t wait until this Disastrous Storm BB16 is over, so I can see the look of Frankie,Derrick,Christine,Cody,Caleb and Victoria face. AMERICA FAVORITE DONNY OR ZACH.

  60. At the finale, Julie should hand Cody a bag containing two balls, saying to him that these dropped out of his pants as he was entering the house.

  61. I’m really hoping for a Pandoras Box this year! I don’t care who gets it or who it does or does not benefit! Just any excitement will do!!

  62. At the finale Julie should hand a bag containing two balls to Cody, telling him that he dropped these as he was entering the BB house.

  63. SIMON, DAWG, ANYBODY……. ok apologies for shouting but need an answer. Why have they already closed voting for America’s Favourite Houseguest? The finale is nearly 3 weeks away but we can no longer vote?????????? This does not make sense. It means I, and thousands of other fans cannot vote for Donny. Is this a set up? What did I miss??????

    1. Taylor, I went to the BB CBS Home page and typed Big Brother America’s Favorite and got the same page you did that says the voting is now closed, but if you click the link at the bottom that says Terms and Conditions it is all about the 2013 vote. I don’t think they have opened up voting for AF yet. I remember JC saying at the end of the episode where final 5, 4 or 3 was set. that the voting for American’s Favorite was now open.

  64. My dream scenario….
    Victoria somehow wins the veto and pulls Nicole off the block, forcing Caleb to put up one of his boys. I think he would choose Derrick, because he and Frankie have a final 2, and I think he would consider Derrick has not been on the block, so it’s his turn. Christine goes to jury, then HOH is played and Nicole wins. She puts up Frankie and Derrick to split up the “pairs”. If Caleb wins the veto and takes down Frankie, she puts up Cody; if Derrick wins, she puts up Caleb. Eviction – one of the pairs is broken. Hopefully Derricks, because Victoria can step into that, but hopefully Nicole has solidified a good alliance with her by saving her. Ideally, Frankie gets evicted, or perhaps Caleb. HOH played after the double eviction night… winner? Victoria. She puts up Cody and Caleb (or Frankie). Nicole wins POV, keeps the nominations the same and Caleb goes home. Remaining houseguests are Nicole, Derrick, Cody and Victoria. HOH is Derrick, nominates Nicole and Victoria, plans to backdoor Cody. Nicole wins POV, Victoria goes up and gets evicted. Final 3 are Derrick, Cody and Nicole. Nicole wins and evicts Cody. Final 2 are Nicole and Derrick.

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