Nicole “It’s not strategy to get me out it’s for Frankie’s satisfaction.. he’s manipulating Caleb”

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 30th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 1st
HOH Winner Caleb Next HOH Sept 4th
Nominations: Nicole and Christine
Have Nots Derrick and Nicole
POV Players ?

BB16-2014-08-29 16-45-43-947

4:43pm Kitchen
Christine tells Cody she’s worried that they will air her saying the ‘S’ word after she fell in the Endurance Competition. Frankie joins them and they start talking about America’s next top Model. Frankie says one of the girls that one were hideous but she took the best print.
5:00pm Kitchen
They are saying Derrick is the person whose best to be a have nots with cause he’s always cooking food.
Nicole knows she was a Have not with Derrick when they had the pizza and fish.

BB16-2014-08-29 17-04-05-164

4:53pm BEEHIVE Christine
I hate them I’ve done so much crap for the stupid Detonators F***G bombsquad and I always end up on the block i’m F****g done .. I’m playing for myself and that means I don’t want Vittoria up and If I win next week she’s not going up.

BB16-2014-08-29 17-09-30-688

5:08pm Storage room Nicole and Derrick
Nicole knows how it goes in the house when there’s a person on the block and they are the target. Everyone ignores them. She wants at least someone to talk to. Derick tells her they can talk anytime. She’s going to go to sleep after the dishes. Derrick will do the dishes for her. Nicole is worried that people will start saying she’s leaving dirty dishes laying around. Derrick tells her not to worry he’s taking care of it.

BB16-2014-08-29 17-19-50-935
5:19pm Cody and Christine
Chit chat.. He says hopefully it’s a running around competition because that way he’ll CRUSH it.

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BB16-2014-08-29 18-20-16-841

5:30pm Nicole and Victoria have nots
Victoria is icing her ankle it was sprained in the competition
Nicole says Christine went up as a pawn and she’s the target she needs to win POV to stay in the game.
Nicole – that speech was so weird
Victoria – the vibe is so weird
Nicole says Frankie is manipulating Caleb sand using him.
Victoria has had enough of the fakness in the house
Nicole has never seen so much fakness before she just wants a real person to talk to.
Nicole laughs ‘It’s a waste of a HOH i’m by myself he’s doing what Frankie wants.. this is not a big move.. “
She explains she’s by herself in this game, she’s not targeting Caleb she’s not a threat at all to him.
Victoria – there is no drama there is nothing.. it’s pathetic.
Nicoe – I can’t believe Cody and Christine are so close.. they are obviously together game wise..
Nicole doesn’t understand what Caleb is thinking about he can’t play in the HOH next week and Christine will never put up Cody.
Nicole says about Frankie “He was laughing before the nomination ceremony he always knows what is being said”
They both hope Frankie’s chip doesn’t get pulled and he plays the veto.
Nicole – I hope I pull your chip..
Nicole – they can’t do something physical if they do Caleb will win it he’s not sore.
Victoria – Caleb’s knee is f***d up he can’t walk up the stairs.. the Doctor told me I can’t walk so the competition cannot be physical .
Nicole – Cody is super close with Caleb, Derrick and Christine.. you can’t keep everybody safe..
Victoria – It’s a boring a$$ season
Nicole agrees says the group of 5 hates everybody else and they share information they never keep anything to themselves, Donny, Hayden and Jocasta are all loyal and they are in the jury.. this isn’t a season of keeping your word this is a backstabbing group it’s crazy.. it’s so crazy..
Victoria will be disgusted if Frankie makes it to the final 2
Nicole thinks there will be a lot of people that will be disgusted.. “I’ll have a hard time voting
Victoria knows that they are saying really nasty thing in the Diary room
Nicole says Frankie tried to flip the house at the last minute yesterday because he was scared of Nicole.
Nicole – It’s not strategy to get me out it’s for Frankie’s satisfaction.
Nicole – there is no one here that will change or work with me.
Victoria says things change all the time
Nicole says there hasn’t been any changes in this game thus far
Victoria says they finally got to see the real Cody when he was outside..
Nicole says Christine is not real either she’s just as fake as Cody.
Victoria – she’s brutal
Nicole – she told me  all the crap she said about you in the DR.. and she talks crap about me to.
Nicole – She talks more crap about people than anyone i’ve seen in my life. They agree that Christine is the worst.
Victoria – She is the most brutal person i have ever met.. she gets pleasure about talking bad about people
Nicole everything that comes out of her mouth is negative unless it’s about Cody
Victoria – I really don’t like her.. Frankie doesn’t like her.
Nicole didn’t know that about  frankie and Christine were not close.
Nicole – I knew she wasn’t a good person when she told me you and HAyden made out..
Victoria – that is so personal
Victoria claims that Rachel was never mean in her season.. “She never got personal” (LOL huh)
Nicole says Dan was such a good player and never talked bad about people.
Victoria says last year was racist this year is personal it’s you getting bashed all day long
Nicole says she’s been trying to get people to notice thing in this house but it’s not working “I want to open people’s Eyes”
Nicole points out that Derrick and Cody are close they will do whatever they want .
Victoria doesn’t think so.
Nicole – I think if I would win the veto Christine will go home nobody wants to send you home you are in a very good spot.. honestly don’t be worried about that..
They agree if Christine comes down they will put Victoria up and get rid of Nicole but if NIcole wins POV they might backdoor Frankie.
Victoria – no way no how
Nicole wonders if maybe Cody will go up so they can get Christine out.
Nicole – I think Derrick is playing a great game I would love to give him the $500 000

BB16-2014-08-29 18-17-41-868
6:24 HOH Detonators (they’ve been up here for the last hour)
A mix of Studying, talking bad about people and chit chat.. bashing Victoria, Bashing Nicole and when she’s not around bashing Christine.
When Christine isn’t around they study. Frankie says Big Brother is the hardest thing he’s ever done in his life after this he can accomplish anything.
Frankie – I would be talking to my shrink every day if I was this stressed in the world.. And my life coach.. ”
Frankie explains that Actor health issuance pays for Life Coaches.

BB16-2014-08-29 18-35-23-853

6:36pm Detonator b1tch fest is over
Frankie stays with Caleb to sleep. Christine and Cody heads downstairs off camera. Derrick stay in the kitchen with Victoria chit chats.

BB16-2014-08-29 18-41-35-828

6:41pm Derrick goes around collecting the dirty cups says people leave them in all the different rooms.
6:47pm Derrick tells Christine who is in the living room laying down that some of the cups he found have been in the rooms since week 2 or 3.

(The majority of the house is sleeping)

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“Nicole – I think Derrick is playing a great game I would love to give him the $500 000”

I’m so sick of everyone saying what a great game Derrick is playing and not seeing him as a threat that needs to get out of the game. Instead, Nicole says $hit ^ like that! Seriously, the house is full of idiots! You are all playing Derrick’s game and have been all season. Everyone should have just walked out the door, give Derrick the $ and then we could be done with this boring season. That is the only honest and true statement that these people have been saying over the past several day. It’s a boring season!


I think she just sees the nice guy Derrick is to her face who also has some clout but he also makes it out to be less than it is. She doesn’t see the snake under the grass because she’s so hated by the rest of the house that it blinds her to the real overall threat whcih leaves Frankie because he’s the big outright threat that openly wants her out. She also doesn’t see it because he’s that good. Fuck it I’m starting to want Derrick to win after this whole season of me disliking him.

If I were in Nicole’s position and that piece of garbage Frankie was talking trash about me, campaigning for my head, generally just hating me – I wouldn’t be able to help but want to get him out above all. Yes Derrick should be gone first if anyone wants a chance at winning but how can Nicole see past the immidiate threat that is Frankie. That being said, it is ridiculous that she says she wants Derrick to win (like Zach said before he left) and the lightbulb doesnt go off that she should be campaigning against him. If it did, she wouldn’t pursue it because he’s the last supposed ally she has left (he wants Christine out as much, if not more than Nicole).

We Want to Watch The Jury House

Nicole, Nicole, Nicole…goodness gracious! Didn’t Hayden & Jocasta get it through your thick skull that you need to target Derrick & Cody? Did you already forget that because he will talk to you and smile at you? Don’t you wonder why everyone else in the house is too paranoid to even talk to you? Can’t you figure out that Derrick has nothing to fear because all of his puppets fall right into line for him? Including you. Did you understand what Donnie was telling you? Guess Zach was right about you being a fruit loop dingus. Yeah. I’m done rooting for you. I think that even Victoria is figuring out Derrick, although in her case, she is probably okay with the thought of being taken for 2nd place.


The problem is that Frankie wouldn’t win the prize against any houseguest but Victoria. My concern is that the longer Frankie is around, the more enticing it will be to keep him for the final 2. If Victoria gets booted soon, Frankie will be the next best option for final 2 for all of these guests. Scary to even think about that flouncing freak show making it to the final 2 but it might happen.

These people are too stupid to realize...

…that the people in the jury vote in the end, and the smartest ones will have the last say. Derrick seems to be the only one who’s trying to garnish the votes before these houseguests are evicted. They don’t like him, but they hate him the least.

Frankie the scumbag...

…had the audacity to throw shade at Jocasta after she so graciously conducted a beautiful memorial ceremony for Frankie and Derrick after they lost their Grandfathers. No class whatsoever. Boot him to the curb. The maggot trash that he is.


Is there a chance Nicole is trying to play Derrick by talking nice about him to Victoria- hoping Victoria will tell Derrick Nicole is not going after him?

Roisen Dubh

The thing that is maddening is that nobody questions how Derrick has avoided the block for 2.5 months. A real superfan would’ve sniffed that one out in a heartbeat. That’s why I’m so down on Nic. It’s so in your face and she still refuses to see it. She is by far the biggest disappointment of the season. She was in the position to rock the house to it’s core and she kept running back to the guy who’s managed to stay off the block. She still didn’t get it when they sent her boy toy packing and apparently the only time she smartens up is when she goes on the block, and even then she still doesn’t get it right. That DE week was make or break, Hayden and Donny tried to tell her and she still didn’t listen. I can’t feel bad for her, she had a chance to play and pussed out every time.


Maybe it’s her strategy. Is it possible that Nicole might be saying these things to paint a target on Derrick’s back? If the other HGs think he’s collecting votes in the jury, maybe they’ll oust him???


Alright this week: Derrick and Nicole bond over being HN, He realizes that she wouldn’t come after him, and gets the house to vote out Christine. Nicole wins HOH during DE, puts up —– (Derrick?) and Frankie and Frankie goes home. Then cruises a few weeks as detonators fight it out. Win an HOH near the end and secures her spot in final two. Not gonna happen, but a girl can dream.

it is hard

there is no way Nicole will put up Derrick side with Frankie, Derrick wouldnt let her. Derrieck will tell her to put up Beast mode cow boy as he put her up. so Code and he plus Vic will vote out Frankie. and Derrick will take care of Beast mode cow boy to ensure he will be on board. I think this is more close to reality.


I mean this with everything in me….I absolutely hate Frankie


His pathetic TA speech upon evicting Donny made me want to hurl and then in the am on the feeds prancing around so happy Donny is out of the house, I wish CBS would show that.


…is the most despicable person ever to play Big Brother. So phony, such a kiss-@ss, humps everyone and everything…Gross! Wait until he finds out that America hates his guts.

Pink haired turdlet

I had a dog once that used to hump blankets, pillows and peoples legs. Hhhmmm…reminds me of Frankie, except the dog was at least nice.


I think Frankie will become one of the biggest villains in BB history just because he’s so despised by the viewers. Maybe BB can have a good guys versus villians season. Would love to see Frankie torn to shreds by Evil Dick. Now that would be entertainment.


HELL NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO….I don’t want to see Frankie on TV ever again


I can’t wait for dereck to say “let’s backdoor frankie”. I mean, come on. What is he waiting for? I don’t like Derrick but I will give him credit for the way he is playing the game…. Oh yeah, I forgot! It’s hard to have a conversation when nasty funky is everywhere. Uhhhhh

Skidd Marks

Frankie is protected in this game. He isn’t going anywhere. He will at least be final 3.


Frankie getting to final three and no farther would be just perfect. He wouldn’t get 1st or 2nd place money and he won’t spend any time in the jury house annoying them.


Yeah but he’d be annoying us!! Get him out and let the losers in the jury house have him!! He’s such a skidmark


I don’t give Derrick credit for how he’s playing the game. He’s playing it too cautiously–talking about getting Frankie out, but continually saying it’s too early yet.. He’s stated that he knows that the first person to make a move within the alliance will be in the best position to win, but he keeps putting it off. He may find he waited a week too long when it comes to the double evict week this Thursday. I could easily see him going home just as much as Frankie.


I’m sorry am I the only one that laughs when someone says “Backdoor Frankie” …


Would be great if the jury had access to the live feeds. Twisted summer indeed.


If Nicole goes home this week there is seriously no point in watching this show anymore ._.

Nera's Mommy

Hang in there, Joey. It should get really interesting once the boys have to start turning on each other. I predict (hope/pray) that Frankie, Cody, and Caleb will make things so batshit crazy that Derrick considers self-evicting. Considering I haven’t had to take Ambien for the last 3 weeks since BBAD is such a snooze-fest, I’m kind of looking forward to things heating up.


Appraently Skankie’s lil brat of a sister is just as big as a spoiled self absorbed spoiled pig as he is so read the article:

Cele|bitchy | Star: Ariana Grande is as insane, nightmarish diva who loathes Mariah Carey

Not a flattering expose of this horrible family that has Frankie as a member!!! Bad choice putting this vile hateful family on BB!! The hate runs in the family.


She sounds like a Lindsey Lohan in the making. Maybe she can take Frankie down with her!


Wow I was feeling bad because I was wanting Arianna to not support her horrible brother. AND now to see that she is just as arrorgant n spoiled MAKES ME FEEL BETTER. I just dont like people like this to do well for the simple reason that they are role models. Just listen to victoria about how much she love her. I’m glad u posted that….parents, dicourage them both no matter how well she sings n he u tubes.

Skankys sister's Problem

Check out this parody of his sisters current song:


Thought it was hilarious in that article where it quoted Joan Rivers as saying Ariana probably has a My Little Pony vibrator. Ah, ha ha! If this girl starts treating her fans badly, she’ll be a flash in the pan.


Frankie, you post stupid (seriously, watch them) videos on youtube. You are not an actor.

And it does not surprise me at all that you have a life coach.


His life coach is doing a pretty crappy job!


Yes, but look at what his Coach has to work with… 😉


Nicole basically summed up the season perfectly. It sucks cause she really does have good points and is right about a lot of things but even if she tried using this info, everyone in the house is so brainwashed they would just have it go in one ear and out the other. Her only option is to win comps


They are all so delusional and each think they are in control of their own games. Maybe Christine will wake up and actually try to work with and listen to Nicole (doubt it). “talking bad about people and chit chat.. bashing Victoria, Bashing Nicole and when she’s not around bashing Christine” this one line sums up the douchebag detonators. I normally try to separate my personal feelings about the houseguests from how I see them as players but I just cant with these a-holes.

Off Camera?

Well Cody, I hope you were in the dark. WOOF


I’d just like to point out that during all the bashing going on in the HOH room, Cody is the only one who’s not participating at all.
Frankie, Christine, Derrick and even Caleb are bashing everyone and everything, and he doesn’t.
(Meanwhile, Nicole and Victoria are in the HaveNot room, bashing everyone in the HOH room…)


Maybe not in this instance, but Cody does it as much as the rest of them. He’s no better.


“as much as the rest of them” is simply not true.
Esp. Frankie and Christine have gotten extremely nasty in their bashing, he’s never sunk to such a level.
There’s a certain extent of “going with what the group says” we see every year in BB, and he’s unfortunately had his fair share of that.
But he’s been way more classy than those scums.
The first weeks showed (me) that he’s a good person – now forced to play with bad people. At least, that’s my opinion.


Cody is too busy BASHING Christine’s husband by playing hanky panky with her. This is not a game anymore. He is doing a lot of damage and does NOT care who he hurts. That also goes for Christine’s behavior with Cody. Even Julie has made comments on how inappropriate their behavior has been in BB.


It’s sad he had no moral upbringing.


If you mean by “classy” floundering all over a married woman in front of God and everyone, talking “tough” BEHIND people’s back as in he’s going to punch them ect. then doing absolutely nothing, talking crap about every single house guest besides Derrick, then yeah, ok…we’ll go with that.


They’re sleeping again SHOCKER!

Well we just wait for Derrick to win. These dimwits have never and will never put him up LOL. They are ridiculous and the more Nicole talks the more clueless she gets, even Vic is making a lil sense. LOL

Eure ka!

I have only watched a couple of seasons so this is an honest question…is Frankie the worst human being ever to play Big Brother? If not, it has to be close.


Did you notice he was the only person not around/helping when victoria was sick?


LOL… That’s because he knew the cameras would not be on him…

Kathie from Canada

You’re right, he IS the worst. And it’s not even close!!!!!!


He’s the worst human being ever, period. And I’m not even totally sure he is human.


I agree I don’t think Frankie is human. The hate that spews out of his vulgar mouth makes me go with Satan. I did not know someone could have such hate as talking about euthanizing and hating, Jocasta after she did the memorial service for his grandfather, blood of babies on his hands and him being a racist. I mean the way he talks almost reminds me of Hitler probably in his early years except everyone already hates Skankie which is a good thing because you see through his fake smile which is frightening if you truly look at his face. He almost looks like a sociopath that would stab and kill you and then lick the blood of his hands. He is sick!

Carlotta Attendant

He’s an awful person, but I think you’re taking it a little too far. Cut back on the graphic novels, ok?

Wake Up and Smell the Baon

Frankie is such an entitled, spoiled bit@h, I would be embarrassed to be related to him. He is a sadist taking pleasure in causing emotional pain. When Zach tried to campaign to stay, he said he would wreck him. When Nicole came back into the house, he said let’s treat her like the help until she’s evicted, but he would have been kissing up if she won HOH. He’s a disgusting sicko.


Idk, Amanda was pretty all around nasty. Spencer could match him pervert to pervert. Andy was just as mean spirited. Overall BB 15 had some awful people.
Although, I would say they were smarter. I think what makes Frankie ao bad is that he is a spoiled brat.


Yup. he’s the worse in all 16 seasons. Examples of his vileness:

1. Euthanize Zach with a slow drip
2. Jocasta .. go kill yourself after she held a service for the passing of his grandpa.
3. Calling Nicole the “C” word for no reason
4. Wants Cody to have sex with Skantine because he’s pissed that he’s not AFP
5. Completely pissed out of his mind that Donny is AFP and not him
6. killing a baby and bathing in its blood
7. His revolting play … need I say more?
8. shows the guys that his balls are bigger than lemons
9. Humping and fondling all the male house guests
10. His uncleanliness and expecting everyone to cater and clean after him

The list continues on and on …..


Yes, Frankie takes the cake for most hated houseguest, but Amanda from BB15 comes in a close second. Funny, how these two are AG’s pets, so what does that say about AG? Think they need to hire some fresh leadership there at BB, unless you’re planning on starting a new reality show called “The most hated person on Earth.”


Of all the things for Disgustine to be worried about people seeing and it’s the S word. Go figure.




You know this season sucks when america wants victoria to win once nicole leaves

I blame Amber

People forget the reason this season has been so predictable is Amber let her alliance totally screw her without calling them out. She could have let everyone know what was up and changed the momentum but like a total airhead she was shamed into being ” a really bb player” . what a tard


Well if you watch any of her You Tube Live Chats you can make a drinking game considering how many Times Amber Says I Don’t Know. she is a wimp.


That is by far not the only reason but she didn’t help. But nor did Nicole when she was in her purple haze. It didn’t help that Devin actually placed people in positions and then went nuts and got evicted. And he got evicted during Derrick’s HOH which set the precedent up that he was the hero that got the big monster out of the house. It didn’t help that spunky women like Joey and Brittany needed to know just a little bit more about the game. It didn’t help the Pow Pow wasn’t good at comps because I seriously doubt she would let the men run all over her but was in low totem pole position. I didn’t help that they screwed with the game’s normal mojo by doing a dual HOH and a battle of the black which inadvertently ushered mob behavior. And it mad two extra people feel like targets and feel like they were being ostracized an extent. It didn’t allow people to live or die trying to pull themselves off the block but be teamed up with someone lazy like Victoria who helped screw people’s chances of winning the BOB up. So although, I think Amber’s game was sh*tty and mind boggling how naive yet shallow she played she’s not the only reason the game dynamic is what it is.


Has anyone who reads these updates noticed how obsessed skanky is with Donny being America’s Favorite? Seems to me the attention who re is really worried someone is liked more than him..


It’s called narcissism.


If you look up narcissist in the dictionary, you wlll see a picture of Derrick. Frankie would be categorized under histrionic.


Victoria – there is no drama there is nothing.. it’s pathetic

Victoria – It’s a boring a$$ season

Looks like Victoria is much smarter than I’ve given her credit for…


She’s implied this before but Frankie immidiately shoots the notion that “BB16 is boring” down because his ego can’t take that we find him and his alliance boring. he always says ‘No this is the best season ever’ or something like that. Delusional turd.


Victoria is calling it like it is in the BB house – BORING!!
On Jokers a little while ago, it was being posted that Cody was reading the Bible, Christine was deep in thought in the LR, and Victoria was doing her nails. Oh… A few minutes later, Christine shared with Derrick she was premenstrual. LOL.. That explains a lot…
Christine is letting people know she is going to be CRANKY so there will be no hanky panky tonight with Cody. Cody probably realizes it is going to be a slow night for him so he picks up the Bible in an effort to find some spiritual guidance in his life. Victoria has been primping all season because there is nothing else to do but wait until Derrick gives all of them their marching orders.
The viewers of BB have been watching this exact scenario all season and are also very BORED!!


And yet people still hand over hard-earned money to CBS for the privilege of watching these idiots eat, sleep and spew hatred from their mouths.


The only good thing about this is after Nicole leaves & i’m hoping she wins POV they will have to turn on each other I don’t care who gets Frankie out, but somebody please send this self absorbed jack ass packing so Donny can torture him in jury!!! I never thought I could hate someone & not know them personally but this dude is a piece of work!!!! Everyone hates you Frankenstein!!!

(oo) Derrick Is A Lazy Slug Pig!! (oo)

Hopefully Flankie goes to jury so Hayden can put a total a$$ kickin’ on him for messing with his girl (Nicole)! Now that would be reality TV to watch Hayden slap that pink feather haired fruit around the house and listen to Flankie scream like a little school girl!

Derrick you SUCK!


I have never known a person that is hated as much as Frankie is by the world and anyone that watches Big Brother. I would not want to go back to my life with the hate that Frankie so richly deserves. I think he is going to be shocked at the hate that he gets when he is back in reality and that he is not just disliked but actually HATED. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving person that Frankie. Apparently, his lil sister is just as nasty as Frankie is from the above article. He is apparently a women hating racist sex pervert from his actions on this show.


Yeah, funny how CBS and Allison Grodner thought that recruiting this fool would help Ariana Grande’s CD release and make him a BB celebrity, but they were wayyyyyyyyyyy off the mark. This is a true definition of “backfire.”


I did not think it was possible for me to hate anyone more than Frankie. I really didn’t. But after watching Derrrick the last few days, I hate him more. Frankie is so out there its pathetic but Derrick is just another level of disgusting human scum. If I had to pick between the two, at this point I would pick Frankie. Why did CBS give us these two losers in the first place?

Boreal Bag Lady

hahah….the screen shots of Crusty Britches laying on the bed with the bible on her stomach and her hands entwined with Grody Cody’s. You think she is praying that he will still want her when they leave the BB House…I mean wtf else could that be about….neither one of them has any couth at all 🙁

Brittany for the win

Frankie is going to have a rude awakening when he leaves the BBH.
1 America likes Donny infinitely more than Frankie.
2 Donny got offered a role on the Bold and the Beautiful, that never would have been offered to Frankie.
3 America is ready for a man in drag. They just couldn’t stomach him in drag.
4 He probably wouldn’t have been chosen for Team America if Joey had not been evicted.
However as a self centered megalomaniac, he will not accept the reality he is faced with, and will find a way to blame it all on a society that is so ignorant that they do not understand. Take a look in the mirror Frankie (we know you love to). Your biggest problem is looking right back at you.


He wasn’t in drag, he was a man with a bad makeup job. Watch RuPaul’s drag race, even the worst of them show better. Frankie is a tired queen, not a drag superstar!


Donny AND Zach blow Frankie out of the water in terms of popularity (well and just as a human being in general). He will surely need therapy when this is over and sees how it really is.


He better keep the therapist and life coach on speed dial. Better yet, fire the ones you have and get new ones.


Where did u find out about donny and the bold and the beautiful? That means money and notoriety for a well deserving guy! I can’t wait to c Frankies reaction! Ha ha f**king loser! And by the way, youtube shouldn’t allow Frankie on their site. He’s a disgrace to BB, CBS, to gay people, and everyone in the world. Don’t forget he’s only using the TA money for children in Africa. Mayb he’ll get ebola while he’s there. He sees a shitload of doctors and has actors insurance…please. In the words of an old friend, he’s a gosh damn, mother f**king, hose bag b*tch! Sorry I needed to vent!


Aw, look at Victoria noticing that BB16 is a boring season.

That is so cute, I think I also want her to be F2 with Nicole. 🙂


6:45 pm and theyre all asleep…..

oh well, Project Runway and America’s Next Top Model is back on!!

(oo) Derrick Is A Lazy Slug Pig!! (oo)

Crustine: “I hate them I’ve done so much crap for the stupid Detonators F***G bombsquad and….”

Well duh you quazeyed loof! You sure the hell didn’t think you were final two, did ya?, who’s the stupid one now, dumb-shit! Hey Crustine, btw, you are NEXT to go out, because daddy Derrick wants to keep his wife…(my bad) Victoria safe, and take her to final two, and Cody has no say so because he has no b@lls between his legs to say different, so boo-hoo you ugly troll!

Derrick you suck!


What she really means is, she will put up Frankie and Caleb, not Victoria. Good luck even winning hoh.

Roisen Dubh

Good. I don’t feel bad for anyone left in the house. I remember when Nicole was a mean girl, now that she’s on the other side, she gets butthurt? What about the people you talked about little NicKy? Amber, Britt? Donny on the beginning? Sorry, Donny was the last decent person to walk out that door. These little scumbags get everything they desrve.


It would be so precious if she took Victoria to F2 and Victoria won. Go, Victoria!


I JUST WANT TO SCREAM I HATE YOU GUTS FREAKY FRANKIE, YOU JERK, YOU JERK!!!!!!!!! You make me so sick I can even watch the show anymore because I get deathly ill when I do.


I can’t stand to watch anymore..I despise that Pink haired pansy & hopefully Thursday his ass is sent to jury during double eviction!!!! This dude is going to be in for a rude awakening when he returns to the real world..he’s a mean condescending ass wipe!!!!


What does Fakie have to be so stressed out about? He’s in a winning alliance and gets to take over the HOH room every night. I guess he’s just used to caviar and lobsters. Or maybe he’s finally put two and two together and realized bad publicity is not the same as good publicity anymore. If anybody ever asked me if I’d want to see him on another show, that would have to be an OVERWHELMING HELL NO.


Just watched Donny’s interview with Jeff S. Donny told Jeff he had 3 skittles in his pocket last night at the live eviction. everyone should watch it this was funny.
Shankie’s sister being just like him does not surprise me at all, the apple does not fall from the tree.


Has anyone seen Frankie’s audition tape for Survivor? It’s on YouTube. Hilarious! Can you imagine him without his makeup bag, lotions, and all his other “necessary ” comfort items? Two days of eating rice, pooping in the grass and no comfy bed would result in a worse meltdown than Carlton. They are filming now, I say we knock him out and fly him there. Wouldn’t Jeff have fun with him?!

Best to be gone and forgotten

Sure but then that would mean that he got a gig to be on TV and I don’t ever want to see him on my television screen ever again nor wish this malice on anyone else.

Boreal Bag Lady

Jeff would self evict from the Island if any of that bunch showed up haha!! 🙂


Feel like I’m being dumbed down by CBS. I mean, what is wrong with you people? Can the next BB please have some normal intelligent interesting people and not these frat house buffoons?


I do not think in all the seasons of BB that there has ever been anyone as hated as Skank a** Frankie is. I would not want to be him when he gets out of the BB house. He is not just disliked but actually hated, and it could not happen to a more deserving person than him. He is a vile woman hating racist mean person who deserves the hate. I mean even Evil Dick had people that loved him, but Frankie is just a vile person. Apparently his lil sister is just as vile and mean from reading the above article and guess it runs in the entire family. Would not want to be him or anyone associated with him. Caleb and Cody better wake up and distance themselves from this sick individual.


I hate Frankie, wish he would just get over himself. Hate Derrick almost as much. Hope someone else wins this game besides either of them. They both suck.

Caleb is Gretchen Wieners-Fetch

I’m surprised to see that Caleb is listed as Beast Mode on the poll. He keeps calling himself that but that name hasn’t stuck. I don’t see it, I don’t get it, I don’t need to put in any effort not to acknowledge it. I’ve long forgotten about it until he mentions it again. I sure have other, more suitable suggestions for a nickname and they aren’t any to be proud of.

Kuda Bux

Caleb is not going to be called Beast Mode much by CBS because they don’t want to pay Marshawn Lynch each and every time the trademark is infringed:

Sure, he can nickname himself all he wants inside the house, but he’s living in a fantasy if he thinks that Beast Mode Cowboy is going to fly as a merchandising idea before a team of lawyers descend upon, and take, his family’s house.


This is the perfect cast for the Wizard of OZ
Nicole as Dorthy
Cody as Cowardly Lion
Caleb as Scarecrow {no brain}
Derrick as Tinman {no heart}
Victoria as Glenda the Good Witch
Skanie as The Wicked Witch of the West
Cheaterstine as Flying Monkey


Brilliant post!!!! my version has Derrick for Cowardly Lion, becuz he avoids the metaphoric
blood on the hands, and Cody for the Tin Man because when he finally “dumps” Christine,
the show will reach its absolute zero… which sorta leaves everyone else where they are,
unless you want to swap Frankie + Christine, so Frankie has to wear a stupid monkey suit.


No Derrick is the Wizard “pay no attention to that man behind the curtain”. Christine can be the Tin Man as we know she has no heart for her Tim.

There is a girl in the BB house whose name begins with V.... I think

Veronica – there is no drama there is nothing.. it’s pathetic.

Oh the irony that she of all people is making this comment. But she does have a point. I guess she’s not completely useless. Just 99.99999% useless.

pants on fire

I don’t have the live feeds…that’s why I follow these posts. I do watch BBAD though…is it just me or are the camera guys showing close ups of Frankie eating, or close ups of Christine and Cody doing the snuggle bunny thing, or just staying on Christine for several minutes even if she is all alone at the moment…are they intentionally doing this to just piss us off?

Michael from Canada

Christine can hate the Bomb Squad all she wants, but she probably wouldn’t even have made it to jury if it weren’t for them.

Roisen Dubh

Thank Devin for that one, he brought her in.


Jury should have the last laugh and give the 500k to Victoria! Now that would be a twist, and those bozo’s left in the house will not “expect the unexpected” hahahaha

Daddy Derricks Daycare

I don’t think that it is so far off that this jury is going to surprise every one. My sense is that half of that jury aint’ given Daddy Derrick the money no matter what. Frankie would have an even more difficult time with this jury. Looking at Caleb and Cody coming in 1st and 2nd in that order.

Mama Bear

Here’s the twist. Victoria has been pretending she is dopey, and sucks at challenges this whole summer. Expect the unexpected. She kicks it into high gear starts winning all the comps and kicks these losers to the curb taking Frankie to the final 2. He of course will think he is so popular he has the votes. Camera pans slowly to his face as they announce Victoria the winner!! Donny comes out arm in arm with Frankie’s sister (whats her name) and hands Victoria the check. Oh if only……

Uh No

Honestly I’d rather Derrick win than for this to happen. Victoria is just as unlikeable as every member of the detonators. Only likeable person left is Nicole. If any unlikely scenario were to occur then I’d want it to be Nicole becoming a POV beast and continually taking herself off the block week after week.

The useless and unentertaining Victoria needs to be evicted like yesterday. Even Fakie and Crustune two of the most disgusting houseguests of all time deserve to be there more than she does.


Victoria doesn’t think there’s a chance Derrick could be alligned with Cody!!!!!!!!!! Oh I forgot, he told her he wasn’t. I can’t take this! Victoria, you see how all the males except for Donny, jump around like schoolgirls & hug & basically make out with each other after they win pretty much every comp!!!!!!!!!! Maybe they are in an alliance!!!!………Wonder if there’s any truth to the rumor Simon & Dawg want lobotomies after the season to make sure they have no lasting memories from this summer?


I’ve never been a Nicole fan but I don’t dislike her…….she will now be treated like Donny unless she wins POV. I am rooting for this GIRL to take herself off the block and then kick some ass like unfortunately she didn’t do when she was HOH. Come on Nicole give these creepy-ass boys something to fear. I’m including Christine in that group.


I could not live in this nasty ass house with these slobs. Even thinking about breathing the same air makes me want to barf. They are all so lazy and shitty. these people are just aweful and nasty. how on earth did this group get selected. Casting is the most important aspect. Next year better have way better people. #1 trait everyone should have is respect for the bb house and the bb game. If i was in that house and I won HOH I would request a new bed after nasty ass frankie has been sleepign and farting in that bed for the past month. this whole debacle puts a bad mark on previous big brother seasons and players. immature rotten people.


you know whats crazy? the fact that I couldn’t stand Victoria but now shes actually wearing on me due to all the other despicable ppl in the house lol shes not all loud and phony etc does that make her boring for tv, yes. but I mean its nice to have her when all the others heads are so big lol


you know whats crazy? the fact that I couldn’t stand Victoria but now shes actually wearing on me due to all the other despicable ppl in the house lol shes not all loud and phony etc does that make her boring for tv, yes. but I mean its nice to have her when all the others heads are so big lol


I am not sure who Frankie´s life coach is, but he should be giving a full refund! My dog has better life skills than he does! What 30-something year old acts like that’???


What 12 year old acts like Frankie?


Did anyone else notice when BB did the Christine and Cody segment that Cody’s father was the only one who didn’t have a problem with their flirting? No wonder he does it. It’s safe to say between that interview with his family and the video of him leaving them to go to the BB house he LOVES flirting with his dad and sister too!!! Nasty!!! I hope Tim kicks him where his balls should be!!! Oh yeah, you da man Derrick!


Like FATHER – LIke SON!! Perhaps dad taught Cody everything he knows about charming MARRIED women… I agree with you that TIm should take Cody to the woodshed and give that KID a good whooping!

Loyal BB Fan, but maybe time to move on ? ...

Someone PLEASE get a MEGAPHONE and let Caleb and Frankie know what most of us think of them; it might shake up the house and save this season! Those two are disgusting and not what I would call a ‘man.’ Just when Caleb was looking like he could be a decent guy, he puts Nicole up as a have-not … total douche move Caleb.

Frankie is probably the most disgusting, vial, arrogant, spineless wimp I have ever seen! He is self-centred, mean and plain gross to watch – I cannot understand how anyone could follow him on social media. UGH !!!

Production Sucks

Well said!


If this show was a movie it would be called “Mean Boys”


If I recall, Aaryn’s parents (BB15) hired spin doctors and PR people to deflect all the hate Aaryn was receiving. I imagine Skankie’s family will do the same.
Would also like to know how Skankie would deal with a situation where people were ostracising his grandmother, the way Donny was ostracised. As a matter of fact, all the remaining hgs should be required to attend sensitivity classes. Wonder how snoutboy would deal with other kids bullying his kid when she starts school? I don’t think he would like it but don’t all kids who bully think of it as a game? Game or no game, these hgs were NOT brought up with respect for others.


Exactly – they use the excuse “it’s a game” to crap on people. This game can be won without being hateful. The longer they are in the house, the more their true personalities come out – and they ain’t pretty.

Show me the money

This goes for Derrick and Christine as well. Both of their behavior has been beyond game. They both have brought disrepute on their families. I can’t imagine what Derricks fellow cops think of him right now. Some of the male cops must be wondering if they can ever trust him with their wives and the female cops now realize what a woman hater he is. Don’t want to be him when he gets back to his job. Nobody at Starbucks is going to want to work with her because she aint going to get no more tips when she words the register. Shes going to be surprised at the reaction when she gets back to her real life.

Frankie is trash

I’ll say this about Aaryn, she must have learned something from her BB experience because she’s handled her post-BB life with class. You never even really hear about her anymore.

Frankie on the other hand…. he won’t take the fact that he’s loathed by everyone who watches this show very well and he’ll be in full meltdown/denial mode for the foreseeable future once the season’s over.

go donny

Do anyone know what slop consist of?


From the Big Brother On Line Compendium

.”Big Brother Slop is Vitamin and protein fortified oatmeal. There’s dozens of different brands but they are all essentially the same thing. It’s safe to say that CBS Big Brother productions does not buy the sweetened stuff.

Typical Big Brother Slop ingredients

Natural oats, proprietary blend of whey protein concentrate, soy protein isolate, wheat protein isolate, milk protein isolate, natural and artificial flavors, vitamins and minerals (vitamin A palmitate, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, pyridoxine hydrochloride, cyanocobalamin, vitamin D3, alpha tocopherol, niacin, biotin, pantothenic acid, calcium carbonate, magnesium oxide, zinc oxide, copper gluconate, manganese sulfate, ferrous sulfate, folic acid, potassium iodide), cellulose gum, salt and acesulfame potassium.”

Seek and ye shall find… Thanks Simon and Dawg

Little Boy

Frankie is acting like a 5 year old having a temper tantrum. He is so ticked off by Julie Chen’s comment “Overwhelmingly NO” – because he realized that people out in the real world are NOT breathlessly waiting for the day BB ends so that they can kiss his ass. He’s decided that since so many people hate Ariana – it’s okay for him to be hated. As he said last night – he chose this life to be a Super Star – and haters always attack the Super Stars. Paranoid, constantly droning on (please hold your breath – shut up – go to sleep – do something we just don’t want to hear the sound of your voice) and throwing a temper tantrum. I’m surprised he hasn’t started throwing things around the room like many 5 years olds do in the middle of their tantrums – but he is crying like it though.


has anyone every said nice about Frankie?


What’s nice to say about him?
Call it like u see it… Low life trash! He is totally disgusting!!!


Just give Derrick the $500,000 already. It’s a done deal.