Frank tells Bridgette “Become a deaf mute if that’s what works. Be the baking fairy. Be invisible.”


POV Holder: Big Meech POV Competition July 23rd
POV Used NO POV Ceremony July 25th
HOH James Next HOH July 28th
Original Nominations: Frank AND Bridgette
After POV Nominations: Frank AND Bridgette
Have Nots ?

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2:10am Paul goes to get in bed in the London bedroom. Michelle starts laughing. He then smells the baby powder all over the bed. Paul says you motherf**ker!! There is so much baby powder on my side of the bed. All you pieces of sh*t! You f**king a$$holes! I knew it! He gets up and turn on the light. You peices of sh*t. Michelle says its all over your back, your leg. Paul says your boy goes to the DR and comes back .. GHOST! It looks like I’ve been doing blow all night. Who pours the entire bottle on my side of the bed.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-28 03-50-49-632

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-28 03-42-25-970
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1:30am In the Safari room – Frank and Bridgette have a bottle of wine. Frank pours a cup for both of them. Bridgette tells him don’t make it so full I’ll drop it. Frank says well you shouldn’t drop it, you’re an adult. Paul joins them. Frank tells Paul about how Bridgette said he was offensive. Frank laughs. Frank says he’s going to ask in the DR if he can say eat sh*t and die in his speech. Paul says I would watch it. Paul asks is your speech going to be grandiose. Frank says he finished his speech after OTEV. Frank tells Bridgette they’re all full of sh*t. Obviously if its a unanimous vote tomorrow, then you can’t trust Paulie. I told him not to vote for me and he said he was going to no matter what everyone else is doing. It could just be a ploy to get you to trust him. You know, like I still voted for Frank. I wish I had a better read on people to help you out. Obviously you need to get rid of Da and Nicole and then Paulie. If you separate Nicole from Corey you could work with Corey. You need to use Michelle being bummed about be going. You need to look at Da and Nicole as deadends ..not possibilities. Don’t trust Nicole worth sh*t. James and Nat are going to float around a little bit. Its not the best thing to work with them. They’re too emotional. James isn’t going to win anything but endurance comps. He’s too stuck on being the endurance king. You can beat him. Don’t trust Paul for sh*t. He is going to flip flop to the power. Maybe try and work with Paulie in the short term. You might be able to work with Michelle. Maybe you can build something of of that. If you can string together a couple of wins, things might just work out for you. Become a deaf mute if that’s what works. Be the baking fairy .. bake some cookies when no one is around, leave them out and then go to bed. Be invisible. I feel like you have to win HOH and if you don’t you have to win POV. Nicole joins them and says that Vic yelled at them for chatting while he was trying to sleep.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-28 03-57-43-278

4am – 4:25am Nicole, Corey, Bridgette and Frank hangout chatting and eating in the kitchen. They all head to bed.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-28 04-26-02-678

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-28 06-42-34-126

6:45pm Paulie, Paul and James (They are whispering Very hard to hear them)
James is saying Corey gave Frank a hug, “I dunno friendship.. sketch”
Pau land Paulie say they never got a hug.
Frank – maybe they made amends.. maybe they made peace.

James wants them to make sure they don’t drop out of the HOH until Bridgette has dropped out
(They are talking about the next target and who is best they put up. I hear Nicole and Corey’s name and “putt them UP” the rest of the conversation is tough to hear)
Zakiyah walks by and they change the topic to “Playing the smoosh game”
James leaves..

6:58pm Big Brother calls Paul into the Diary room
Paul – you got to be shitting in my mouth
This leaves Zakiyah and Paulie..chit chattting..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-28 07-15-48-014

7:05am Zakiyah and Paulie

Zakiyah is defending her position getting mad at Paulie for being flirty with the other girls.

Paulie – Things like that mean nothing.. I come from an Italian family (Paulie’s get outta jail free card is is italian family.. This is something I’m going to try 🙂 )
Zakiyah says she knows now that his family is like that.
Zakiyah says she’s not being petty she doesn’t flirt with the guys.

Zakiyah – you’re making me feel stupid
Paulie – you shouldn’t feel stupid if you do that’s you.. I didn’t ask to sleep in a bed with someone else to get a reaction outta someone else..

Zakiyah – you’re making me feel a type of way now..
Zakiyah says she’s adjusting to the way he’s is around people.
PAulie – You tried to be spiteful…

Zakiyah – if anyone right now should be upset it’s me. . Are you like this with everybody.. Every girl..
Zakiyah – I’m really territorial.. I’m not that way with anybody else here… I don’t do that.

Paulie back to the family.. Saying they don’t go to random people at the bar.. They are close to people they are friendly with people they know and are close to. Paulie says Nicole was talking to someone else at the time they are friends and feel comfortable with each other.
Paulie – Nobody thought anything of it but you
Zak – so something is wrong with me
Payulie – no
Paulie explains she’s interpreting it differently.

Paulie – you’re the only person I cuddle with at night you’re the only person I cuddle with in general.. Someone rubbing my head for 2 minutes doesn’t outweigh spending an entire night with someone.

Paulie says Corey and James are friends of his and Nicole and Natalie are close to those guys. It’s just playfulness..
Paulie – i’ll do my best to be mindful of it so that you feel better. .

Paulie – I don’t want people to try and use if they see you mad in a way that can hurt me yo or someone else we are sowking with becuase they feel like thay can use it against you and me
Zakiyah says she never intended to meet a guy in the house
Paulie says she never planned on meeting a girl
Zakiyah – I had asked you you want to keep it strictly business..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-28 07-40-27-609

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-28 07-08-48-675
7:07am Paul and Michelle
Michelle asks if he thinks Frank has the card
Paul – No never cared
Michell e- never cared
Paul says they’ll send Frank back.

7:18pm Paul still going on and on about Frank…. “Nobody is really sneaky”
Michelle – nobody is strategizing at all
Paul – It’s going to be a long thing whoever can survive nobody has a grandiose plan.. It’s whoever dodges the most bullets.

Paul asks who is making good TV this season
Michelle – you
Michelle – people are probably disappointed in Nicole because she’es in another showmance
Paul – she’s got a big showamnce

Michelle – James has one for some reason.. a big Fan base. I don’t get why
Paul – James is a nice guy
Michelle – if he comes off Cocky sometimes.. I love james..
Paul says James really likes the fan attention he’s getting..
Paul – Cocky is like Damn i’m the best.. he just loves the attention.. he loves his fans he loves talking about it.. that’s not a bad thing
Michelle agrees.
Michelle – I hope people like me.. I don’t want people to thin I’m mean
Paulie – nobody thinks you’re mean .. I think Frank is going to get a lot of shit
Michelle – he did a lot of shitty things and did said a lot of shitty things..
Michelle – I hate him
Paul says Frank is trying to be someone who he sin’t and it blre up in his face. Paul is claiming that Bridgette and Frank cuddle. (not really)
Michelle says it’s weird.
Paul – significant others.. pissed..
Michelle says Frank use to shout out “Ashton” (Franks girlfriend) but hasn’t in 3 weeks
Paul – pissed

Michelle says yesterday they (Frank and Bridgette) spent their day telling Bridgette synopsis of movies.
Michelle – it’s so boring
Michelle starts to impersonates Bridgette (implying her voice is annoying)
Paul follows suite. (don’t want to look mean right?)
Paul – it’s really weird
Michelle – you should try and steal the NASA hat.. i’ll wear it when he’s gone
Paul – i’ll do it tomorrow
Michele – no don’t do it he’s had it since he was a kid
Paul – I won’t do it.. Do yo thin he’ll get booed
Michelle – no idea
Paul – I’m pretty sure the whole a$$ slapping was on TV

They agree Cody and Derrick were both boring..
Paul- they were really nice guys just nice..
Michelle- I liked Caleb and Zach.. I was hoping he came back
Paul – if he (Zach) came back we would butt heads.. we’re both energetic and loud.

They talk about the girl that
Michelle – OH MY GOD I don’t like feminists at all..

Michelle – she said this really creepy thing.. yo know the favorite parto her body is
Paul – knees..
Michelle – what the heck
Paul – she’s a little odd..

The talk about Bridgette having a knee fetish and how weird she is.
Michelle – is it possible to put a knee up you v@gina

7:48am Paulie joins them conversation changes..
They plan to play a prank on Victor making him think there was more clues for a secret power while he was sleeping
Paulie – we should make it like Jumanji.

10:16am Everyone sleeping

12:04pm Feeds on Jeff houseguests are in HOH Lockdown

1:22pm Feeds back, showing sleeping houseguests on 1 bank of cameras and 3 houseguests eating on another bank.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-28 13-39-41-786

1:39pm Paul brings Paulie breakfast in bed.

1:54pm Paul and Nicole
Paul is going on about Bridgette and Frank cuddling where they both have significant others at home.
Pau l- I wold be embarrassed
Nicole – I would be sad and embarrassed

Nicole doesn’t think her fans are cool with the Corey showmance.
Nicole says her and Hayden broke up 6 months ago.

They talk about Natalie being shown like this seasons Victoria.
Nicole – I came back I wanted another shot..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-28 14-27-15-958
2:26pm Safari room Paul and Nicole
Paul saying he doesn’t like being “put in a box” he has no outlet he’s going to freak out. He’s got no creative outlet.

Paul goes on about how being free and being his own boss is more important than money. He likes to have a spontaneous life and doesn’t want to get tied down at a regular job making money. Some times he wants to be able to say “Hey wanna go to japan for 2 weeks” (His family is wealthy)
Nicole now saying money doesn’t matter to her.

Paul says in university he wrote his dissertation on Happiness. goes on to explain the philosophy of happiness..
Paul says he took a bunch of dual core classes and when he went to community college they gave him credit for him so he graduated early.
Paul goes on to explain his time at Pepperdine university.

Paul goes on to talk about the area of philosophy of happiness.. “Lower your means of happiness” (it’s interesting.. this conv is cool but not game related.. )

Nicole starts talking about getting married and having a family… (LOL of course she is)
Paul says he’s a serial monogamist.. “I just like being in relationships”
Paul – when I got on coffee dates it lasts 4 or 5 hours

They go on and on about past relationships. ..

Nicole explains her relationship with Hayden says it felt like they were together for 4 -5 years. It was a long distance relationships.

3:25pm Feeds to Jeff… probably won’t com on until after the live show.

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Paul is a douche

I can’t stand Paul. He is the rat of the house but everyone is so focused on Nicole, Bridgette and Da…. I really hope Nicole has the round trip ticket so that when she will be blindsided, she can comeback and kick all their a$$

Pinocchio Obama

Frank is the worst in my opinion. I hope he gets the boot tonight.

If the girls were smart that would align together because Paulie and Victor are going to dominate these comps.


Paul is the worst, he is a kiss ass, he is a wus, he talks crap and cannot back it up, he calls his mom mommy, he dances like a girl and has an infatuation with holding cucumbers. Those ppl need to wake up and get him out, plus he is ruining my summer of big brother… I hear his voice and fast forward, I see him and fast forward. he throws himself into every conversation and he is gross and needs to go!


He is Paulie’s Bitch. I wanted to like him at first and now he just annoys me. I wish he would have been evicted when he was on the block.


Final Five prediction:



And I’m so sick of him calling himself “your boy” No, the audience hates you. You are not “our boy”

every year

It’s funny how certain hg each year, Paul and mech this yr, think they’ll be fan favorites but are actually the most despised.

Meech looks like the Toxic Avenger

Meech reminds me of Christine from bb16. She thinks everyone will love her but her attitude and appearance is just disgusting. When she doesn’t have makeup on she “literally” looks like someone “threw her under a bus!”

Dump Da


Michelle looks good.


Yes! I thought I was the only one! I think they’re sisters! Maybe another twist?



Do you think it will be 9-0 to evict Frank?


Dawg, can you put a most disliked houseguest poll on? Just curious how different the order would be from the most liked bottom to top. And j don’t get how James gets 30% of the vote, never got how he was liked last season and I still don’t get it. He’s a spineless weasel, who seams like he’d be a redneck, gun toting Trump supporter who looks like the offspring if E.T and the alien from American Dad had a baby.

Addios Frankie

Spineless? He just had the stones to put Cry Baby Frankie and Bridgette on the block. Get rid of Frankie and make the house great again.


Ugggggghh, yeah spineless, especially for putting them up! He gave them his word. Bridgette dropped her arm because of his word. She could have won. He was gonna stick to his promise until Paulie came into the HN room ant told him who to nominate. So not only did he not stick to his word, he also let somebody else decide his nominations. That’s the definition of spineless!!!


If it gets Frank out the door it is all good. James played them all like a fiddle.

The Beef

James changes the initials behind his name from AFH to CSD (Chicken Shit Deluxe). I’ve always liked James, but damn that man has the backbone of a worm. Did his balls never drop into his sack? I mean, seriously, has he ever made an independent decision on either of his BB seasons to improve his own game, that didn’t involve “throwing” a competition?

Chicken Shit Deluxe fits him to a “T”.

Addios Frankie

I loved the dance party in the store room on last nights episode after Frank and Brig got put on the block. Priceless.

Motorboat Natalie

I hate all these people. What a disappointing season. The casting people have really done a shitty job. You have 2 people that are simply dick chasing. One titty chaser with a cool personality but no idea how to play the game and no backbone. A guy that is a shit talker with a napoleon complex that’s playing Andy the rat to a T. Some grandiose punk who legit acts like he’s part of the mafia. He had one of the gayest pictures on Twitter w his friend I’ve ever seen. I can never unsee that. UGH!!!! Michelle, the human garbage disposal. Day, STFU Already!, And the rest of the pawns. These people suck so bad. What a horrible season.

Daisy Rose

Lol, which one are you referring to that ‘legit acts like he’s in the mafia’?


very funny comment but the napoleon complex and the legit mafia man both apply to paulie and paul


Of course gay had to be included in your insults…smh

Motorboat Natalie

Go find the pic, holmes. It’s super gay.


Paul and his big mouth is so far off base with his assumptions regarding the viewers. Mean jealous Michelle too. He thinks everyone hates Frank and he’ll get booed. Wait till they get a big dose of reality and what most people really think of them.


I hope the crowd cheers for Frank super loud. I wasn’t really a Frank fan in his season, but he is my favorite this season.


Me too. I’m so disappointed in this! I hope there’s some sort of saving grace and Bridgette wins hoh.

Bridgette’s sister tweeted Tiffany and thanked her for being kind to Bridgette. Made me feel really bad for their family members. Must be hard watching someone you love being treated like that.


I love seeing Frank voted out because now I can root for Bridgette,


and not just the cast, this season has had the most fck’d up twists to date, they have prevented a lot of early gameplay!


Can’t wait for Frank’s speech. Paul is a troll.

Pinocchio Obama

I’m willing to listen to his speech as long as he goes home after it.


If Frank does go, I hope he does have a speech that shakes up the house. Everyone claims that they don’t like him, but imagine how damn boring it’s going to be just watching these stupid couples bunching up. Yuk.

Pinocchio Obama

I don’t like Frank because he is so rude and arrogant but all you have to do is look at the poll on this site to see he is pretty popular with many of the fans. He is a great competitor but he needs to learn some manners. Tonight will be great if he leaves but I do fear Production getting involved.

They don't complete you

Why doesn’t Frank use the biggest trump card. The fact that Paulie wants to get rid of all the girls. Paulies been talking about it to all the guys almost from the beginning.
It could shake things up and split the house in two.


Because these people are retarded ! ha ha ! cant wait for Anonymous to throw a bunch of hate at me . obviously no real life going on in that world . has time to comment on just about everyones comment . FYI : Z called herself ghetto , when am I getting an apology Anonymous ? hummmmmmmmmmmmmm


It would be heaven if Frank calls Paul out and makes him look like the fool he is. Would like him to throw Michelle under the bus too for her jealousy and treatment of Bridgette. Sweet!!!!


Who cares what Frank says as long as he goes. Paulie is getting the last laugh as he takes control of the house while Frank gets evicted.

Hide the chips

Da and Paul need to shut their pie holes.
How on earth is James still the favorite?

Reality Check

The choices are limited. There is not much to choose.


Dang, I hit dislike but I didn’t mean to 🙁

Hide the chips

I’ve done that before too.
You can just click like and it will switch.


Glenn for America’s Favorite House guest!

Coz we dont have much of a choice

I believe most of the houseguest are disliked …and tho James is not a good player, he s really not pissing too much viewers off coz the only sucky thing about him is his gameplay while for the rest of the house …they mostly suck in not only the game, but their personalities too…everyone of them has some fans (t.e I still like Paulie), but the only stable person that didnt really disappoint his fans is James(and NatNat coz there were really no expectations)…coz if you were a fan last year you had to know that James is pretty below average, at best average in this game and he has no drive nor motivation to improve…so as a last year fan I m not disappointed in James, can t be said about the rest …

Tim 2

I know ppl in the house might not like Frank & Brig and think Frank was using her.but if they cant see what Meech and all of us see is that Frank really cares about here. and I think they friendship made a lot of ppl in the house jealous cause they want somebody to be that close with. and the way Paul talked to her yesterday I wanted to punch him in the face. why try and breakup a real friendship like Frank&Brig I know its weird korky but it works for them and I can see they friendship lasting outside the house. they can talk for hours about anything and not bring the game up cause they are true BFF/ bro sis relationship and I think Brig found the brother/bestfriend she always wanted. and I can see them being long time friends way longer than any of them showmances .


I’m a grown woman and I think they’ve mistakenly given Frank a bad wrap for not treating women right. He mostly never takes anything personal. My sister and I call each other slut all the time although the incident seems to have been right after D called him a douche so… Most all of fail the perfect speech test and just pick and choose to turn the house. Paul preaching too ANY one about appropriate behavior… Seriously, that little moron isn’t worth Frank’s time. He’s not man enough to get it either. Giving away all his balls and all.


Frank is so terrible at the game. he got outplayed by Day and cannot move on. He wanted to pit James/Da against Paulie/Corey but in the end they saw all his BS. Frank’s legacy as the underdog that continues to fight is forever ruined by his antics against Day this season.


Outplayed by Da in what way exactly? I must’ve missed that.

String Cheese Theory

I think he played too hard at first and went after the wrong people based on lies. Day is a sneaky liar so yeah I guess she did outplay him because her lies didn’t get her in trouble and she always blew his shit up (re: Tiff, Nicole). She aligned with the right people, he didn’t.

I like Frank. He seems good natured. I don’t recall him every really flipping out and acting like an ass and he played to win unlike the floating parasitic trash like Z and Nicole. He will be missed.


Yes da did get Frank on the anti tiff campaign BUT she was doing that against tiff not Frank. So blowing up Frank’s game wasn’t intentional. I don’t consider that outplayed.


I believe they mean “out lasted” rather than “out played”.


I don’t know, I think what Frank lays out above is a pretty good read based on what he knows. Frank’s problem has always been he gives players too much credit, rather than schmoozing and manipulating, he’s far more straightforward and blunt. It’s not an uncommon weakness to assume people recognize their own self-interest. He’s playing a game and assumes everybody else accepts this premise and is playing too. But they see a big guy, one who isn’t paranoid, fearful and that scares them…so despite doing the exact same gameplay, they vilify him.

Again not saying Frank’s a great player because victory is the determinative measurement, not saying he isn’t a flawed player and person, but it would be really fun to see him in a true all star game, where nobody is just happy to be on TV (because they all know it’s 15 minutes), nobody just wants to make jury, and everybody plays to win. You’d see players that fear him, but just as many who would see him as somebody to use, especially if there’s a contingent that wants him out….because if they’re on the block with him, he goes home. In an all star game, only floaters do what a majority wants because real players don’t evict other players threats.

Bridgette’s only move is to be imminently pleasant, fun….but don’t try too hard and wait for others to come to her, looking to use her. She has no leverage to make moves and volunteering promises will blowback. So it’s win comps and be a non-threat, until somebody comes to her revealing who they want her to threaten and then figure out if she can at least be some groups 3rd, 4th wheel.


That’s why I like Frank and Bridgette, I just like their personality. To be a good game player you can’t be naive but that is the quality I like most about them.

Hide the chips

Outplayed by Da?
Lol if Da, Victoria and the eviction couch were in a competition … My money’s on the couch


Just like Frank’s first season , in the beginning he runs around and acts like the head of the house and dictated what everyone should do. Then when everyone turns on him, he turns into this nice guy that fights to win and gets the fans behind him. I do hope he has the round trip ticket, so he can come back in and send these girls who think they are on the “Bachelor” out the door. And please Nicole ” stop your whining “. Why can’t these girls be strong and independent women ?


Gotta love how truly pissed Frank is about being on the block and (very likely) going home right now. I mean, anyone would be upset at the prospect of being evicted but Jesus, he acts like he’s done absolutely nothing to warrant voting him out. Yes peeps lied to you, Frank. You’ve been lying as well and made a million different deals with people in the house over the span of a couple weeks, so just slow your damn role. The team immunity twist seems to have turned Frank the Tank into a spoiled brat, good god.
Don’t get me wrong, he’s an entertaining guy to watch but this whole “eat sh*t and die” tantrum has gotten old. As has him saying to multiple people “you need to talk to (insert HG name here) for me.” Actually, no Frank. Nobody NEEDS to do these things for you. You want votes, go get them yourself ya big crybaby.

That said, I look forward to his immediate return once he’s evicted.


I think I’ve flipped as much as the house has. I’m rooting for Frank now and I was NOT a few weeks ago. I can not stand Paul. I liked Paulie but even his facial expressions look like paul


I go back and forth with some as well. Paulie was ok at first, then couldn’t stand him. He’s back to okish. He just talks TOO much out of all sides of his mouth and there’s usually little strategy or intention. He’s just ask over the place. Just a lot of really bad game play up in this house.


I can’t stand Paulie – He consistantely drops multiple combinations, of female names, for nominations next week. It’s either a Da combo or a Nicole combo. Then he turns around and says all of the females have to go. All the while he is saying this to PAUL the spy of the house feeding information to both sides of the house. So naturally this will get back to Da and James so eventually Paulie will become target number 1.
And as much as ZAK is making a complete fool of herself, so is Paulie. I say this because – He may have not wanted a showman but he got himself in to one by cuddling with her the first few weeks exclusively. So now just tell her you don’t want one instead of IGNORING her. – Or just go cuddle with Corey and make both your dreams come true !!!!!


Please let frank have the round trip ticket

Pinocchio Obama

I’m sure production would like that due to all the drama he creates but I hope he doesn’t get saved.


Simon/Dawg….Regarding your last poll…only Frank, Bridgette & Nicole are showing up & there’s no title for the poll.


I do not think I have ever disliked so many annoying and arrogant house guests in one single season.

Paul, Michele, Da, and Z (whatever the fuck her name is, nasty maxi pad changing pig)
It is to the point as long as one of these 4 do not win.


Z is so hot i would eat her maxi pad

Big Jim


The Real Big Meech

RIP Frank The Tank

Addios Frankie

We won’t miss you.


I’m putting cases on all these houseguest these motherfuckers will be getting drunk at a bar after I win the 500k I’m the king of the house I run shit in here Godzilla ain’t got nothing on me


Please give us an America’s HOH and put up both Paul and Paulie and let the fireworks begin.


Preferably let’s have an America’s HOH for the next 4-5 weeks please, wishful thinking.

Bernie Millennial

Oh, yeah! Let’s destroy the game play because our favorites are losing.

You know what else sucks? Freedom.


Yeah I agree with this. What would the point of the show even be?

lol what?

And have ANOTHER game breaking twist to further prevent gameplay?


I’m the Judge Jury and Excutioner



Don't bother posting

a comment. Dawg won’t put it up.
He only puts up post that align with
his agenda. I bet he hates Frank…


LOL here we go again.


There are a lot of pro Frank comments on this site. More than anti Frank comments.

You need to stop trolling.

inside joke

Huh!! Doesnt get it…lol

Unbattled Block

Actually your right. Simon and Dawg had a Pre-Season meeting with all of us and we passed a BB resolution that your posts won’t be posted. Next year make sure to get here earlier for the secret meeting

Geesh..Conspiracy theories

Velvet Rose

LOL Good one LOL made me giggle, yeah some folks don’t realize our comments don’t post immediately. if they check back in a few minutes they will find the post. I’m sure they check for really offensive language, but our comments are posted.


Ahhhh haha Jessie Ventura is that you? Hang in there Simon …it takes all kinds. Love love OBB


All posts are moderated. When a comment is “posted” it is sent to Simon and Dawg. They have to approve each comment, sometimes they do a bunch and some bad ones slip through or maybe one gets caught in a sea of work from home crap. Anyway, Simon and Dawg are not entirely machines and so require some sleep. They also have jobs and families so sometimes comments can take some time to post to the site. It may be a few minutes to several hours. Give them a break.


Thanks Hmm… you nailed it.

I appreciate the understanding. 🙂


They have “needs” that need to be met. Don’t forget smash time as well.


I usually watch BBAD every night but after last night’s regular BB show I said f it. I can’t take the losers in there any more and with Frank going all that’s left besides Bridgette are losers. People I really don’t like so why watch morons like Paul and Victor spazzing out all over the place or the dreary couple. Jeez, it’s excruciating watching them cuddle.

Nicole, just suck his dick already. I mean you are all up in his bed and draped all over him anyway. How long can that go on?

Corey's slippers

The only one licking Corey’s lollipop is Victor!!!
P.S. Those tacos we ate last night worked better than KY!!!!

Spray Nozzle

Frank is apparently much more appealing as the underdog. (Not to me. I see him as a douchebag with a wounded puppy act.) If he had simply been evicted week two like people wanted, he never would have had time to build a fan base and he would have simply been another Jozea–someone who overplayed, irritated people, and got booted.

Spray Nozzle

I think you’re right, Spray Nozzle. I always agree with you.


I don’t watch BBAD takes too much mystery out of the game. People who just watch the three televised shows enjoy the game far more than us who read and watch BBAD so I have switched to just reading the forums the sky few years and my life and enjoyment has been better for it.

Depants Mode

Frank and Bridgette are like brother and sister. The kind that really want to have sex with each other.

So Sad

It’s eviction day and Frank is still a di*k!

Get to steppin’!

Here’s your second AFP award, we’ll see you on All-Stars 2.


I’m not particularly fond any of these guys, so I’m campaigning for Glenn to win America’s Favorite Player. He’s got my votes!


I’ve always thought that it seemed a little unfair that not everyone has an equal shot at AFP. I could be wrong but I don’t think anyone who was evicted pre-jury or even early jury has ever won.


I think that has a lot to do with air time. I think Glenn has had about 7 minutes this season. Plus with the TV shows editing, certain house guests have a lot of the crazy hid. We’ve only seen a hint of Big Meech’s crazy on the TV show but there have been some moments where I think there were PO’s taken out on her. Zakiyah…her pettiness is something a middle schooler would call her out on but we haven’t seen too much of that either. Frank has been given a more positive edit than the feeds warrant.


I’m going to vote for whichever houseguest winning would really stick it to the rest of the idiots in there. Remember the look on Frankie’s face? I want big beech, Paul, Paulie, z to all have that same look lol. I’m thinking Tiffany or Bridgette.


That’s the main reason I will vote for Glenn. Most of the house guests probably forgot all about him. Plus he was screwed from the get go. Poor guy had absolutely zero chance of making it more than 2 weeks. Which the longer this season goes the more I realize Glenn got off pretty well.


Hi All: was not able to follow for a while. Can someone tell me what’s happening with that secret veto? Did anyone get it yet? Thanks in advance.
Wish Frank can stay, he is fun to watch!


There was a secret room,Paul was the first one to find it. In the room there were a bunch of envelopes with an number on it. They all got one. The one who has the winning envelope might have a chance in coming back in the game. They won’t find out until they are evicted. Julie Chen will open the envelope once they are evicted, and let them know if they have have the winning one. If they open it ahead of time it will be void. I think it’s only good for 4 weeks.

Chubs Roundie

I know Frank is a bad guy, for the most part. And I know Bridgette is faking most of her personality. But, I just really really like their co-dependent relationship. I like how they are both dark and moody souls who lean on each other and tell each other lies, like that they are the only honest and good people. They will be the center of most of my BB fan fiction for the next few months, and it will be steamy and inappropriate Just the way I like it!

Daisy Rose

Hello creators of the blog, Excellent job! I visit your site every year for updates and I’m never disappointed. I love the consistent detailed updates. I know it must take a lot of hard work to get them up so quickly. I just wanted to say thank you and I appreciate it and I was wondering if you could make a poll asking who people are planning to vote for for America’s favorite player? I’d love to see who is in the lead and where people’s heads are at on that vote. Thank you!


I hate it when viewers say they don’t respect someone’s game because of what kind of game it is (floater, rat, etc.) or that they respect an honest or “clean” game more. There isn’t one specific or “clean” way in which one should play. People should play the best the can, regardless of what kind if game it is, and players should be respected based on the effectiveness of their strategy.


Agreed, Anonymous! There has to be all of these different dynamics or the game wouldn’t last. There are always going to be strong, loud, annoying people and their polar opposites. Otherwise, there would be too many loud obnoxious voices and we wouldn’t be able to understand a word they said. I wish these showmances would break up, I would love to see how they would play without their playthings.


Anyone else think Zakiyah & Caleb would be a match made in obsessive-psycho heaven?? She is 100% useless in this game. Can’t stand it anymore. She’d be a guaranteed 2nd place if someone took her to the end but it would kill me to see her get 50k for this…

Tsk Tsk

Caleb wasn’t that bad to Amber. She allowed his pursuit because she didn’t want to lose his protection, but told other people that she wasn’t really interested. And the boys pumped up is ego, lying to him that she liked him.


I really tried to like Michelle but after watching last night’s episode it’s pretty clear she’s nothing but a petty, insecure mean girl.


You’re about a month behind with that observation.

The Roach Coach

Frank gave Bridgette great advice… Nailed it, has every HG pegged perfectly… not sure why it took him so long to see what was going on around him. I guess he needed his back against the wall to be able to see things as they are… From what he told Bridgette he actually has the most accurate read on the HG’s. Too Bad. Hopefully someone will come along for me to cheer for, but I cant imagine that…. I think I will be tuning in every week just to see the disappointment on the faces of these unlikeable HG’s when they meet Julie


Not all of them. He told Bridgette to work with Paulie. Frank still doesn’t see that Paulie is the architect of everything.


Frank told Bridge to “momentarily” work with Paulie cause he knows if the guido wants to survive, he has to turn on Da and Z. Paulie can’t make it happen with out using Bridget as a vote…

P.S. Bridget is so cute, girlfriend
material no doubt


No I truly don’t believe I am wrong. Frank doesn’t really trust any of them. But for some reason Paulie is still close to the bottom of Frank’s hate list. So no, he doesn’t realize that Paulie is the main influence against him.


I do hope the audience is loud and cheers when Frank walks out just so Paul can hear and maybe rethink his outrageous perceptions of what’s really going on. He’s a loud mouth punk and an idiot. I can’t wait for him to be gone so I can listen and watch the feeds without being annoyed by him.


That would be awesome


With Frank gone, Paulie sails to the 500k. Absolutely no competition.


So Paul says he and Zach would clash? See, I knew they should’ve brought Zach back. Not bc of his gameplay but just for entertainment value. Besides his game couldn’t be much worse than any other of the vets right now. idk but someone needs to put Paul in his place. Ugh

Frank & Bridgettes Wedding Planner

I really hope frank has the round trip ticket.. I feel like he and bridgette are a powet couple and if he doesn’t bridgette needs to bring her A game and destroy them all


Why don’t my post show???


Because you touch yourself at night.


The worst pricks in the house (Paul, Paulie, etc) stayed up until morning. Hopefully they are exhausted for HoH.


Cmon production buy back the enveloes with a luxury comp so nobody find out that you rigged this prize. Watch an see. luxury comp xtra ticket for admission your envelope.

ba bye frank

No doubt they all said winner


I can’t say it enough, I really can’t stand this dude. You’d think Meech would have a clue, being a Super Fan, that we totally hate Paul’s ass. He was actually saying that Frank would get booed, wtf get a clue numbskull.

Please let Frank come back and really f things up, I hope he gets over da and goes straight for Paulie and Paul. I can’t wait to see the melt downs. I hope he walks in and points at each person and says f you, f you, f you, Bridgette you’re cool, f you, f you, Natalie you’re cool, and so on.


Hey guys! Thanks to all of you for forgetting that I have a boyfriend at home but cuddle up to another man on national television. I mean it’s pretty terrible of me. But since you’re all on the Frank bandwagon now it no longer matters. I’m a lucky girl!


This post is really going to demonstrate how irrational and bias fandom can be. Everyone who downvotes it knows that it’s true, but they’ll do it anyway.

And this one as well. LOL

Some posts from 2 weeks ago

“Ugh Frank and Bridge up in the HOH bed made me cringe so bad! I thought Bridge had a BF and was never going to be in bed with another guy?”

“Bridgette really making me sick tonight. For someone who made such a big deal the first few weeks about not sharing a bed with any male, lets Frank stay with her in the HOH her first night and is now ALL over Frank tonight. ”

“The whole Bridgette and Frank laying up in the HOH room, drunk off of (fleeting) power, assessing all the rest of the HGs who are downstairs socializing was cringe-worthy to me.”

“Ugh oh. Looks like Bridgette is the new Christine.”

“Wasn’t it Bridgett that was being all weird in the very beginning about not sharing a bed with a boy. Because of her boyfriend or whatever he is. There really isn’t much of a difference in all the snuggling right now with Frank. And she’s not seeming too worried about her boy right now.”

“Bridgette and Frank up in the HOH bed was the creepiest thing I’ve seen on BB in years. They both seemed psychotic. Is Bridget really a nurse?”

“I am enjoying BBAD tonight (always enjoy the houseguests having fun) but Frank and Bridgette are super creepy. She’s cuddled up with him, talking smack about everyone and actually thanking the man for nominating her and Bronte as Roadkill nominees. ”

“Bridgette and Frank on the HOH bed is making me sick. First of all saying “f***” all the time isn’t “cool” little girl. And if I’m her bf and she is cuddling up to Frank like that alone in a room telling him how wonderful he is all flirty. I’d dump her ass so fast her tears over it I wouldn’t even see.”

So what changed?

Seriously asking

I mean I know even this will get thumbs down because it doesn’t fit with this week’s herd mentality. But beyond that I’m actually curious to have someone explain to me why the quotes above are no longer true.

Howard's gonna rape me

They were never TRUE. They were just the opinions of a few hypocrites.

Wasn't a few hypocrites

All of those posts had near universal thumbs up.

Frank's Fart's Are Juicy

So are we saying that the same people that wrote those quotes have been writing more positive things about these two this week? I’m pretty sure I was always on the Frank bandwagon and never said a bad word about Bridgette. I’m assuming we believe there are only 7 or 8 people who post to this site so they all must be flip floppers like the HG. And for the ones that did flip who could blame them when you got people like d!ckhead Paul running around in the house.


I’m completely saying they are the same people.

Mister pickles

Please go ask your husband for sex.


Man, you have a lot of time on your hands. Peoples likes/dislikes change week to week when there’s no one on this cast really worth getting behind. It will probably be that way for the rest of the season. Not sure why that’s such a difficult concept for you to grasp. The more we learn about certain players, the more they are liked or disliked.

I don't dispute that.

This isn’t about like or dislike. Changing who you like is understandable. However just because you like someone now doesn’t change whether or not what they did is questionable. Are you seriously saying that it was bad for Bridgette to cuddle when Frank when she was disliked, but now that she’s like it’s not bad?

I'll put it simpler

Is it your opinion that Bridgette cuddling with Frank was disrespectful to her boyfriend when she was unpopular, but now that she’s more popular it’s no longer disrespectful? Because that is what your reply seems to indicate. That like/dislike has an effect on the morality of that act.

Powder Puff Girls

I put little thought into the act of Bridgette cuddling with Frank I have more consuming things to do with my life.

Going that route I see

“You spent time arguing a position different from mine, so therefore you have no life.”

I get it. As deflection tactics go it’s a tried and true classic.

Powder Puff Girls

My comment was tongue in cheek.

I am not peppering the blog using a different user name each time trying to get my opinion across about “CuddleGate”. Many people who hate Frank (or other players) ONLY post when the chips are down for that player… when they want to stick to the bloggers. There are also people that may have not supported “cuddle gate” but still support Frank and Bridgette warts and all.

Powder Puff Girls

Once the HG’s learn the character of each other they change their alliances, strategy. I think viewers change their opinion based on game play and on players displaying BAD character.

Why not talk about the herd mentality in the game? I have never seen such extreme pettiness, meanness it is like a cancer in the room and some of the boys are not immune. I do not call the following good strategy: PLOTTING to avoid and not talk to players such as Brittany, Tiffany, give them cold shoulder, make it unbearable & uncomfortable for them to live in the house, walk out of the room when they enter, imitate, laugh at one when they cry, threaten to punching faces, throw out the food that was baked for them.

Most of these players, lack strategy, rely on showmances and some are only there for want reality fame. Da wants to be the last Vet standing that strategy will get in her way.

I have always rooted for Frank since week 1. Now having difficulty finding a new front runner.

Not a meech fan

Meech obviously has no girl friends outside the house. She is the worst of the mean girls and she must be like that outside the house. I have always believed that you treat people the way that you want to be treated. So being the mean bitch that she is ………… VOTE her ass out!!!!!! I hope Bridgett wins HOH and puts her sorry butt on the block. And she gets boos when she walks out. Best payback ever.

String Cheese Theory

Since she would have worked with Frank if it wasn’t for Bridgette I think she’s OK. If Frank could have told Michelle what she wanted to hear the other night he would be safe tonight and everyone on here would suddenly be a fan of hers. She only did what she did out of jealousy and spite for Bridgette cuz Bridgette stole her man which is funny af.

p.s. Why hasn’t one of the females hooked up with Paul? hahahahaha


Hook up with Paul? Ew just no


Evel Dick has a video on his sight about Paulie and another Guy that looks pretty gay. They are doing like ballet with roller blades. They both are wearing something that’s looks like between an underwear and a thong. Not sure if the video is authentic.

Min O'Pause

Sounds pretty “La Cage au Folles” to me.

Min O'Pause

The only thing gayer than a guy in a thong is a guy running around in a jockstrap and he ain’t within 50 miles of a locker room.

Poll Idea

I remember either Simon or Dawg had been wanting more poll suggestions a couple posts ago and I was wondering weve already had “which vet goes home first” How about ” which vet makes it the farthest”? Im really curious to see what people say because obviously Frank’s days are numbered but I wonder which of them will make the farthest and would like to see others input

Best Nat Nat boob

Left or right? Poll it.


Awwww Frank …. We don’t say “deaf-mute” anymore! I have “hearing impaired” parents and that quote is quite offensive to people! Most hearing impaired folks DO speak. I believe deaf-mute hasn’t been used in over 60 years! Sorry ….
Please try and refrain making comments like that in the future Frank!
Simon & Dawg you guys ROCK! Thanks for the hard work yous guys do for us!


You are absolutely right….however they don’t recruit the house guests at college campuses or tech schools……most of them are brainless as to “what’s correct” or vocabulary skills.


You forgot to change screen names before replying in support of your own message.


Sykes, you are hilarious. Your posts are so funny I lol. Seriously.


I hope Paul and Michelle both get booed when they walk out.


Michelle says yesterday they (Frank and Bridgette) spent their day telling Bridgette synopsis of movies.
Michelle – it’s so boring
Michelle starts to impersonates Bridgette (implying her voice is annoying)
Paul follows suite. (don’t want to look mean right?)
Paul – it’s really weird
Michelle – you should try and steal the NASA hat.. i’ll wear it when he’s gone
Paul – i’ll do it tomorrow

-Sums up Michelle and Paul. These two spend more time talking about Bridgette and Frank then the entire house combined, and Frank and Bridgette have no idea.

Been watching BB since season 14 + Canada, can’t remember the last time I despised pretty much the entire cast so much.


It’s all about Glenn for America’s Favorite!


Nat has my vote. Not the best player but the best person by a mile.

Velvet Rose

I wonder how long the house guest would survive a zombie apocalypse? BB12 was the best season ever, when Ragan put Racheal in check……CLASSIC


BB6, BB7, BB8, BB10 were the best seasons


I wish they would have a follow up show of the house guests after the show is done and how they react when they know they were not liked.

tea leaves

Seems like a pretty disappointing season thus far,…and yet I can’t stop watching. I enjoy this site Simon and Dawg, and all the remarks and observations.

sunny dee

it’s interesting the people who are saying nicole, then corey are ‘shady’ because they were talking and joking around Frank and Bridget in the kitchen. Then we see recaps here and in after dark of Zak, & michelle and who knows who else doing exactly the same things, and not a peep out of anyone about it.

not sure how long day can keep promoting the lies about corey/nicole working hand in hand with frank/brdiget ‘all along’ when it was nicole who said flip the house to keep tiffany, so frank’s plan would fail, and that frank threw nicole under the bus during HOH, which would never happen if they were actually always working together. to me, having a conversation is not working in a tight alliance,

not many people are smart enough to see thru the lies, i imagine maybe paulie is and all we are seeing is his final end game plan that is to find someone anyone who will get nicole on the block to be voted out, and he’s as good with Day going out next, in any order really. pretty sure he is well aware that frank is not and never really was working tight with nicole, since paulie has always maintained a tight relationship, he’d be the first to hear about it or be included in it, and he’s the first to hear how hard frank is targeting nicole/corey. just works for his agenda to play along like it’s all news to him

in many ways, if he did get to F2, given that so many feed him info, he really does, at this point, deserve to win. i also think that at the end of the day, this ‘italian’ style pure hatred of women to the point of making sure not a single one has a chance to win or play at the end could also be the thing that is his undoing. That blind focus, when some of the other guys do not share it, may get him into trouble.


paulie knows his path to victory is forming a majority with weak players while threats overlook him and take each other out (which is why he’s fine with the target shifting to nicole/corey as it will get those two gone and the target’s more likely to swing back to da (finally!) than him). his ideal final four is him, paul, meech, and z. he beats any of those three in the final 2 and all four look too stupid and/or too weak in comps to vote him out.


maybe Nicole needs to leave next so we can at least get some Corey/Victor cuddle moments.

Maybe Corey won’t be so boring once she leave. lol