Michelle “He totally forgot how to play BB! I wish I could send him home, he scares me!”

POV Holder: Bridgette POV Competition July 9th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 11th
HOH Bridgette Next HOH July 14th
Roadkill Competition Winner: Frank
Original Nominations: Paul, Tiffany, Bronte
After POV Nominations: ?, ?, ?
Have Nots Nicole, Corey, TIffany

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Big Brother 18 Alliances Help Guide

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-10 18-36-30-034

6:30pm Bedroom – Tiffany asks if Paul says I think that I’m okay. I don’t want to ask .. just a vibe. I don’t feel anyone has any animosity. Tiffany says I’ve heard that more than likely it won’t be used. She doesn’t want to ruffle any more feathers by having to put up another person.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-10 18-34-31-914

6:40pm James and Michelle are talking. James tells her that Frank is wanting to take her out. Michelle says I don’t get why? James says I think because he thinks you run your mouth. Michelle says but that would be good for his game .. easier to beat. Maybe he is telling you one thing and the group another thing. He needs to go! He said Day and then me next. James says he said he wanted me to take out Paulie or Corey. Michelle asks what’s his deal? James says he thinks we don’t talk to each other. Michelle says he totally forgot how to play big brother. I wish I could send him home. James says you should! Michelle says I can’t (She’s on his team). James says Frank will only put up the people he knows he has the votes for. He doesn’t have the votes to get me out. Michelle says I think Bronte needs to go … her and Bridgette. She’s a lose cannon and does whatever she wants. He (Frank) scares me .. he’s dangerous. Like seriously we need to!! You’re not secretly working with him are you? James says promise. Michelle asks did you agree you would put me up? James says no. I said I would put Corey and Paulie up and then I went and told Corey and Paulie. Michelle says I want to confront him. James says you can’t not until he’s on the block. If we don’t take him out before jury .. he’s be competing to get back in here. Michelle asks why does he want me out.. He told Paulie its because I can win mental comps and told you its because I run my mouth .. which is it?! James says its probably both. Michelle asks can you convince Natalie and Bronte to throw it? James says I want to win it. James says that Natalie is on board. She doesn’t know everything but she knows enough. She doesn’t like Frank because he’s always messing with her.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-10 18-50-33-464

7pm Big Brother blocked the feeds. While the feeds were blocked Category 4 (Frank, Bridgette, Michelle and Paulie) got to choose another team to join them for the Outback Steak House dinner in the backyard. The picked Big Sister (Paul, Zakiyah and DaVonne) to join them. In the HOH room – Natalie tells Bridgette it was a good move not picking us. Bridgette says people would group us together. Frank and I talked about it. It’s obviously Zakiyah’s birthday. Paul’s been second place to me twice and I put his a$$ on the block. And Day and Frank need to repair their relationship after what he did this week. And if I show that I’m respecting Zakiyah’s birthday .. maybe people will respect mine next week… and not nominate me.. not that I think people would.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-10 19-22-34-657

7:25pm Bridgette show them her bruise. She says I’m trying to play it off because I don’t want people to think I’m weak. (LOL WHAT?! That’s a good thing, it makes you less of a threat.)

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-10 19-24-16-738

Bedroom – Michelle is annoyed that Frank is telling people different things on who he wants out. He needs to go. DaVonne says he’s next. You’re throwing it. Paulie’s throwing it and he’s throwing it. Nicole joins them and they talk about why Bridgette chose team big sister. Nicole says I think its because they didn’t want her team (DaVonne) and my team together alone in here. You saw how quick she picked. They already talked about it.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-10 19-33-15-009

Michelle, Zakiyah, Nicole pose for the live feeders. Michelle tells them how James told Nalalie about getting out Frank. I think she needs to go after Frank. Nicole agrees.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-10 19-40-51-736

7:55pm – 8:05pm Safari room – Corey says that James said .. do you want to know what the final 6 looks like its right here. (James, Nicole, Corey, Tiffany, Natalie, Bronte) Nicole says its not good for us to get rid of our own 2 weeks in a row. Nicole talks about how she doesn’t trust Tiffany. I think she will play dirty when it comes down to it. Nicole says getting Jozea and Vic out was huge .. its like getting Zack and Franke out.. they were huge personalities. I don’t want to vote to get Bronte out .. and be the only two to not vote Tiffany out and paint a target on our backs. I tried to test the waters with Z and she wants Tiffany out 100%. I do want Bronte out this week though. Corey says I don’t care .. she sucks at comps. Nicole says you need numbers.. Tiffany would never put us up during a double eviction .. Bronte would.

8:30pm James, Natalie and Bronte are in the living room chatting.

8:40pm Nicole and Corey listening at the backyard door to see if they can hear the Outback Steak House dinner the other house guests are enjoying.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-10 20-41-37-290

8:50pm Corey talks to Tiffany and Nicole about how he girls he’s dated and how he would drop hints about not wanting to see them any more but not come right out and tell them.

8:55pm – 9pm Category 4 and Big Sister come back in from having their Outback Steak House dinner. They met the Outback Steak House guy Adrian. Michelle is drunk and kissing Corey, Paul and James.

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Hello? Yes Michelle, vote out bronte on Thursday. Then next if you can’t get Frank, take out his little minion Dora. Keep Tiffany she will help you dummies get rid of him.


People here keep pushing this line, that Tiffany helps them and voting her out helps Frank….and it’s absurd. She literally helps nobody’s game, has no value, brings no information, has no strategy that benefits others in the big picture besides evicting Frank, which is already the majority plan, and is emotional, unstable, and therefore unreliable.

She can’t even see the obvious danger signs: they only want to take down Frank backdoor, which means they don’t want a fight…and keeping you is a shot across his bow, so why would they toss their strategy just to help her? She knows 4 of her allies don’t see her as final 5, James’ only game it Nat, Michelle is furniture, and Da came right out and told her she’s got cover from the showmance 4. Does she even notice that she’s getting treated far more like Victor than Bronte….that nobody is talking game to her, but people are going out of their way to be nice to Bronte and Paul?

Fancy Berries

I hear you. Tiffany brings nothing, NOTHING to anyone’s game. She has no intel, has no personality, has no one-liners, isn’t eyecandy, ect. She goes into a room, sits in the corner, gives her stoned James Franco stare at everybody, then goes back under the covers.
I mean she has to be the most boring, pointless houseguest of all time.
The only thing I can think of is her sister and co. are trying to flood comment section to win her Americas Favorite because no poll shows her as a favorite but somehow the comment sections signify her as the next coming of Dan. Might also have to do something with the mediation of which comments post.


Lol so since you aren’t a fan of a particular houseguest you think anyone else that is a fan is a family member? Get real. Tiffany has fans on the feeds and people that aren’t just like every single houseguest on the show.

I’m definitely not a family member by any stretch of the imagination, but I’m definitely pulling for Tiffany to get out of this mess. Maybe your a member of franks family? Ahhhh see how stupid that is?


woooooooooo frank n berry Tiff not a smoking hottie are you kidding? One thing Tiff is frankly is good looking. That said she is a terrible player. We’ll see after POV if she can scramble versus Frank. Da needs to keep her as the target and send her home.
It’s important Tiff goes this week. It’s all about not alerting Frank that he has no numbers in 8 pack. 9 vote with no 8 pack members on the block Frank will smell a huge fart if Paul goes home. Frank will likely think of a girls alliance not realizing the guys are in on it like complete idiots. If you want to backdoor Frank he needs to feel safe. The guys actually had him feeling safe enough to throw the next HOH yesterday.
By the way to all the Frank haters who whined about his edit after he got butchered last night no need to keep whining. He deserved it too for his treatment of Da and other woman in the house. At this point I think backdoor Frank and him seeing nothing coming is on schedule. It really is sad non of the male HG’s, especially James, don’t get that unless the stop voting out guys they all are going. In fact if Paul survives this week he might be the last guy evicted.


There are people that have cried more in the house and for less reasons. Stop singling one person out when many others are doing the same thing.

And unstable? In what way? She’s actually been given quite a bit of information and hasn’t told anyone. Not sure where you get unstable from?

And yes, it seems as though she does notice it. But as she told Paulie earlier, she is just trying to lay low and not have any sort of confrontation with Frank because she feels like that’s what he’s going to try to do. And she’s right. He has said many times he wanted to get her riled up or upset. But other hg keep telling him not to.

Not sure why anyone would vote out an alliance member over the other side at this point. Tiffany really hasn’t done anything wrong other than question King Frank. Numbers are numbers and so far she hasn’t done anything to show them she wouldn’t be a number for them at this time.


When Tiffany was on the block as the Roadkill nominee her alliance believed they needed her to throw the comp, told her the plan and who the target was. They asked her to throw the POV comp but she tried to win it and got caught by Da’Vonne when she counted up Da’Vonne’s point total and ran out to get enough points to beat her.

Not refuting anything else being said. Just that the idea Tiffany has not given anyone reason not to trust her is not supported by the facts. Yes. She has been smeared with lies and embellishments but she owns her choice not to support her alliance’s plan by doing what they asked her to do.

Pull my finger

Corey needs to stop stringing Nicole along. Everyone knows he’s gay.

Min O'Pause

Well it’s obvious his eyeballs swing both ways.


His eyeballs swings both ways!!!! Lol!!! That’s a good one!!! LOL!!!!


What gives you that impression? Oh yeah staring at Frank in the shower. BB tonight was awful! That edit trying to make Frank look like a terrible person was uncalled for. It’s easy to see none of what he was doing was intended to be demeaning. I say if they were still in a solid alliance Da wouldn’t be making a big deal about it. But since she’s pissed bc he’s trying to win this game she blows up. Paul and Bronte are in Frank’s back pocket and they are getting rid of Tiff. What idiots! Cash that check Frank!

Dirk Nowitzky

You pervs always support each other.

Min O'Pause

Ummm…no…i mean his eyes are funky. The left one is off to the left or something.


I respect your opinion on the edit the incident received, but I disagree. It just goes to show how two people can watch the same thing and get a completely different feeling about what they’ve just seen. I thought prefacing the entire thing with a diary room recorded after the incident (the one where Frank was in d/r for almost an hour a day later judging by his shirt) where Frank talks about being a loveable jokester, then the incidents, followed by Da’vonne appearing to be too sensitive, then Frank coming to the miraculous conclusion on his own that perhaps he went too far? And Da’vonne carrying a grudge. come now. It was a really bad bandaid solution so that Frank looked better than he deserved. Did they include Frank’s talks before roadkill of perhaps putting Da’vonne on the block instead because her acceptance of his apology didn’t feel sincere enough for him (or would that have seemed too retaliatory for the good natured country boy)? I’m glad they aired the actual incidents, but i’m left with the feeling that viewers of episodes without feed knowledge are still going to be left with the Frank as victim message. He doesn’t deserve that edit given his behavior. He should not be given a pass.


Any female today who does not want someone touching them inappropriately knows to speak up. Da is by no means a shrinking violet and I guarantee you she would not put up with it outside of the house. She’s a single mother so I assume she works and every job I’ve had since the 80’s has a seminar on how to handle sexual harassment. I believe she is using this as an excuse to get him out. She could have told him long ago she was not comfortable with his actions or she could have asked one of the guys to speak to him. I am not condoning his actions, just saying the girls should have told him earlier they did not like the way he was treating them. Some guys are just a**holes and think they are being funny when they are really being offensive.


Or he should have known that it’s inappropriate to touch women without consent.


Big Brother isn’t the real world. It’s a TV show where everyone is locked in a house together trying to eliminate each other for $500,000. If the girls confronted Frank about his comments earlier, then maybe there would have been no escalation. Those comments while crude or mean aren’t so serious, so the girls tolerate it for fear of upsetting their game. In Big Brother you have to let some things slide or you make yourself a target.
Frank took that as to mean it’s good and he escalates to slapping their butts loud enough to be heard in other rooms. I don’t know any girls who are comfortable enough with someone they’ve met for less than 3 weeks that they are ok with getting their butts slapped, especially if there is no other physical relationship.
The psychology of the big brother house is entirely different than the real world. You have to tolerate some behaviors you wouldn’t ordinarily. Frank’s comments grew in number and scope and he escalated to physical contact. Frank was clearly in the wrong and I believe it was his way of showing dominance.

Tiny trump hands

Da complained about Franks disrespectful, demeaning behavior and asked him to stop. The result is now she’s moved to the top of his target list. BB is a social experiment, and if you ever want to know why women don’t report their harassers, here’s your answer. The know they will pay dearly for it.


I’m sorry but I have to root for frank to stay if he leaves this season will be soo boring. I can’t stand the showmance4 +day like do people really just want to watch them run the show to the end? Talk about boring


I’m just rooting for the anti-Frank movement to be outed…and either he can pull allies for a straight fight or holds on for a few weeks with plenty of tension.

People here looking forward to a boring blindside are as boring as most the HG’s and clearly the boring audience the boring producers cater to with season after season of a boring show for several years now.

Unless somebody is cutting me in on the check, I couldn’t care less who wins….and it’s not like the winner gets life changing money…I root for tension, drama, fighting….

Franks Fake Gf He Claims looks Like Natalie

I knew it was bad and Tiff had no shot at winning this game…when a couple weeks ago she was upset and asked “so everything in this game is a lie?” Oh Tiff obviously you learned nothing from watching your sis play the game. Your game play is so many miles below hers that it’s painful to watch. You are a sweet girl. Not cut out for this show though.

If you go this week which is likely because you seem to still think you can trust most of the people in the dead “8 pack” and sit around still asking why it doesnt still exist. I realize you thought you could ride that for 4 weeks then start to play once the last two Jozea minions Bronte and Paul were gone. But you need to adjust on the fly in this game and you have not.

Bigger problem now is you can’t win comps and won’t get back in either.

Anyone else miss Vanessa when they watch Tiff play BB? Like I said earlier she is a sweet girl. But Vanessa was a Bad Ass!

Powder Puff Girls

So it sounds like James will be the one stepping up to the plate to send Frank home. I am betting it will be a backdoor plan. If James team does not win who do you think will do the job?


CBS actually showed Frank being a jerk! Well sort of. I am a bit surprised they showed their golden boy in that light.

Donald Trump

Where did they find these boring moronic losers?

Min O'Pause

The DNC?

Fuzzy Num Num

Well, color me flabbergasted. I was sure the Finger was gonna get a gloden edit. But CBS surprised me. I still think he’s gonna know what’s up sooner than the house guests want. Which will give him time to redirect them to another player.
As for Brigette and her goal to make friends, geeze, doesn’t she know she’s playing Big Brother?
Nicole, just stop. Maybe if you stop looking a pretty boys, you might meet a man.


Fuzzy Num Num

And watching bb afterdark: what the hell happened to Brigette warrior princess’ “when I Find out who won road kill and put my powder puff girl on the block I WILL END YOU! ”
Well the Finger admitted it, why are you still cuddled so close? Are you lulling him into a false sense of complaicency? Do you really believe it was meant to compliment Brate? really? Really?!


Hey Frank…..it’s coming back around! Can’t wait!

Go James!!!!!!!

Frank's Farts Are Juicy

James? He’s playing just like his last season. Nat is his Meg and this one is playing way more attention to him. I like James but he’s not cut out for plotting and scheming. Does anyone out there really believe there is someone in the house who will get out Frank? Maybe if it’s final 4 and he doesn’t win HOH or veto. That’s the only way. None of them have any balls


Simon or Dawg quote “James says you can’t not until he’s on the block. If we don’t take him out before jury .. he’s be competing to get back in here” Do the remaining houseguests know about the comeback?


The current 180 from Nicole and Corey mixed with Michelle saying Bronte has to go and Da saying she wants Tiff to stay in diary…. well it looks like the producers want the Frank and Tiffany battle to continue for a week. The entire Da’vonne backstabber stuff from Nicole was a bit surprising.
Is this more early in the week diary influence shenanigans to increase drama for the first half of Thursday’s show?

Hal 9000

What’s up with Bridgette and James? I thought Asians were smart.


I don’t get this hyper awareness of race, it’s like you have to figure out someone’s racial background before you can form an opinion on them. It never would have occured to me to categorize Bridgette as Asian, to me she’s just another person.



Hal 9000

No I’m just not a PC butthurt loser like you. There’s a difference. And since when is it racist to call a race smart?


Because, although the concept is useful to the few to control the masses through divide and conquer and far too many people choose to believe in the idea… There is only one race of human beings! The superficial features used to identify different groups as separate races are not significant genetic differentiation.

The concept of race is a tool to pit larger groups against each other so millions can be prevented from uniting against the few who exploit the many for wealth and power.

There are no separate races of the human species… we are all one race!

Put an end to the lie once and for all! Stop pretending the lie is isn’t a lie!

Hal 9000

Well I don’t give a crap about all that. Go tell someone who cares. And learn the difference between a joke and an actual racist comment you PC loser. People like you are ruining society.


Tiffs only shot at flipping the vote is going to Frank and telling him the whole house is gunning for him and working with him.

I know you all going to say Frank will never work with her. But if she lays out to him the facts and he then actually sees what’s going on he isn’t stupid he will want to keep her and work with her.

#play the damn game Tiff. Let’s go!

Am I wrong?

Ok. I like Da and I like Frank. Even tho I’m not impressed with how he’s playing the game at times. But that being said. Didn’t Da call him a douche before he called her a slut? Then didn’t she joke and laugh about it. Then didn’t she say for him to move his something or other before he said to shut her mouth. So Da can smart off to him but he can’t say anything without being a jerk. The slapping on the butt would not be ok with me !! But sure seems like if she would tell him the first time


By itself, using the word “slut” wouldn’t be horribly offensive, but you have to take it in the context of allllll the other crap that Frank is doing. He has slapped Z, Nicole and Da’s asses multiple times, called several of the girls fat and is calling them sluts, hussies and other names. Yeah, Davonne is playing along to get along (laughing and joking) because she is stuck in a house with an a**hole who can’t keep his hands to himself but that doesn’t excuse Frank’s behavior.

Good Grief Eh

Tonight’s episode provided me with an excellent teachable moment for my 12 year old son and @Am I wrong, perhaps you too.

I explained to him how DaVonne was being sexually harassed by Frank and that her reactions were typical of victims of harassment when their options for safety are not clear or they are in a situation where the aggressor has power or control over the victim, ie typical in a work site environment. I explained that in this particular situation, Frank has demonstrated that if a female questions him or stands up to him (ie Tiffany), he begins a negative verbal harassment campaign against them and targets them for eviction. DaVonne is in this house to win money and feels that she can not stand up to Frank for fear of retaliation (ie she will be his target for eviction). In fact, I would venture to guess that the majority of females in that house feel the same way (afraid to confront him).

I further explained to my son that this kind of behaviour is still a reality in many workplaces and that while society is aware of it’s inappropriateness, often the victim is blamed for not be more assertive in telling the aggressor to stop. I explained that this is another example of oppression that supports the aggressor by placing the blame on the victim. But, just because the victim is unable to inform the aggressor that their behaviour is wrong, doesn’t somehow make the aggressor’s behaviour appropriate.

I asked my son to not be like Frank. I also asked my son to champion for the victims, ie that if he witnesses something like this, he should stand up for the victim and help them file a report if necessary. I explained that turning a blind eye is supporting the aggressor’s behaviour and further victimizes the victim.

I explained to my son that now that the employer, in this case Big Brother, is aware, the onus is on them to ensure this is managed appropriately. I explained that in previous seasons, BB has removed HG who crossed the line and became physically aggressive. I explained to my son that sexual harassment becomes sexual assault when verbal changes to physical such as slapping an ass or other inappropriate touching.

I hope this helps you to understand. You will note that I tried my best to be gender neutral in my post, because sexual harassment is not gender specific, which I also explained to my son. I’m glad BB didn’t try to “sweep this under the rug” so to speak, but I think they need to do more. Not just for Davonne, but for her daughter and for all the sons and daughters out there who could use a great teachable moment.

Anyway, rant over. I apologize for the length of my post and for anyone still reading it, thanks for listening to me.

Am I wrong?

Oops. Seems like he does feel badly and will change that. But I really didn’t get the hate for Frank tonight. Was very surprised they showed all of that. he seems really clueless but not intentionally malicious. Maybe I’m wrong. Just my opinion


I’ve found myself inexplicably sensitive to this issue. I didn’t realize I would get so angry about it, and stay so angry about it. I’m surprised that I can’t let it go, and I can’t just say let bygones be bygones the way the show has.
According to the rules of the game physical interference is not tolerated. there is no level or scale in the rule. The moment she complained on camera of him putting hands on her, he should have been called into the diary room and given the exact same treatment as any other person that has committed a violation of the rules regarding physical interraction.
I realize my example is extreme, I’m not saying the example is the same, but was Hantz given the opportunity to apologize and continue in the game? An incident occurred, a complaint was made about physical interference and a ruling was quickly made. There was no if and or but in the matter. The moment Da’vonne said stop slapping on my ass Frank, he should have been pulled into the d/r.
Given the current solution in place, what does that set in motion? The women of the house will be aware that the event has happened, that he is still present, and that they have to tolerate his behavior because nobody is going to enforce the rules. Their game itself is placed in jeopardy because they have to be worried about harassment along with game dynamic and intrigue throughout the house.


So Frank’s allies want him gone, mostly out of fear even if they dress it up in personal animus or because they heard he was playing the game with others, just like they do….and not one person wonders what happens post-Frank with so many left in the house.

Does Paulie really not see he’s the best candidate to be the new Frank, with him covering all bases, being slick with everybody, and therefore scary? Does James not see that spending all his time with Nat can’t be rectified in a day and that the games been going on around him, which means any new deals are likely coverage, not the real alliance, so protecting the staus quo of 2 weeks ago is his safe play till he can gather more info? Does Da not realize she’s on an island, the 1st to be sacrificed by the showmance 4, with ready votes to evict from Paul, Bronte, Bridgette, and Natalie? Does Nicole not see Corey could be the next big scary guy targeted and she would be acceptable collateral damage were he to get veto, as a vet…because as soon as one vet goes, it breaks the seal, and getting the vets could gain traction?

I don’t understand their read of the game: If I’m any of the above, I make a choice now: Either I dump Tiffany now and keep Frank as the big fish/heat magnet until at least 2 of the Spy Girls plus Paul are gone….and maybe he’s precisely who I want as an ally and therefore final 2 since he can;t win…or I go to Frank and say I just can’t dump an ally to save 2 who aren’t and I even try to broker a Frank/Tiffany truce, then at the first chance dump Frank and hope there’s no blowback.

Sgt. Hartman

Frank is so ugly he looks like the best part of him ran down the crack of his Momma’s ass and ended up a brown stain on the mattress. I think he’s been cheated.


Has anyone seen any hint of Paulie having a final two with anyone? I’d be very surprised if Cody didn’t tell him to form a Hitman alliance with someone early on but I haven’t seen or heard of any secret alliance of his.


Paulie has a final two with Corey. Paulie has a final two with James. Paulie had a final two with Frank.
I may be mistaken, but i believe he has multiple final threes in the grouping with Corey, Zakiyah and Nicole depending on who is in the room and which one he’s trying to mist.


Not much talk at all about Paul going home, he really turned things around and is now involved in actually playing the game. He went from obvious next out to being safe for awhile, yes let’s get tiff out, yes lets get Frank out, yes let’s get the showmances out, yes the Bronte needs to go…. he took the shirt off with the target on it and is handing it over to others.


Paul has really adapted to the game since Jozea and Victor left. I’m impressed. He’s currently letting himself be used by the “bigger” players, and simultaneously flying under the radar. People are starting to feed him more info, and he’s learning when to hold onto that info, and how to twist it to his advantage (such as lying to Bridge and Bronte about Tiff wanting Nat up on the block to spook Bridge into keeping the noms the same). When you hear people talk about him now they want him in the final 11, then the final 9, then the final 8, etc. It’s a fantastic turn around all things considered. He’s also sitting next to two fantastic targets. Most of the house wants Tiff out (for now), but Mich, Nic, and Corey are starting to want Bronte out. Meanwhile people are forgetting about Paul entirely. I love it! Keep on floating Paul. You don’t need to pick a side or alliance just yet. In fact he might not have to. He could float to the end, and take the right person to F2, and win.

The Roach Coach

Da vs Frank is going to be epic!
Ohhhhhhh yessss!

Bridgette BF should dump her

Bridgette and Frank on the HOH bed is making me sick. First of all saying “f***” all the time isn’t “cool” little girl.

And if I’m her bf and she is cuddling up to Frank like that alone in a room telling him how wonderful he is all flirty. I’d dump her ass so fast her tears over it I wouldn’t even see.

Most of the house wants to keep Tiff. Nicole and Paulie are the ones now with Frank leading the get out Tiff charge. Zak and Day would vote to keep Tiff in a hot second if they knew they had the votes. James also. Corey too. Michelle. Do it fools!

Nicole and Paulie need to go! I can’t stand those two.

Give Me A Brake

Nicole and Paulie aren’t going anywhere for a long, long time (unfortunately). Very possible Final Two.


Where do you come up with Da and Z would keep Tiff in a hot second? Da is the one who started the “she gots to go” campaign. Or is she just so intent on getting Frank out she has put all her focus on him now?


Change is fast and inevitable. Da’Vonne is anti-Tiff / pro-Tiff depending on the changing tides of her mind and the environment.

Natalie is using James

Michelle is one of those girls that sometimes you look at her and you are like ehhhh. And other times you like damn she’s hot.

Tonight was a hot night. She was roKkin the hell outta those pants. Damn baby.


Yes, Michelle has that geek sexy persona going for her. Overall I think Natalie is more attractive but if you go for the sexy librarian type then Michelle definitely fits the profile.


Down voted for name.


I watched after dark clips and Bridgette was going to try to talk to others about voting out Paul. Why hasn’t she done that yet?


if they vote to keep tiffney that show frank they not with him in if it endurance
he try hard to win real hard so please keep tiffny this week so frank could find out about his game
in go on a win streak


Day should try and get close to paul.
he can be useful.

Paulie is a b*tch

Paulie is clearly a total douche bag. And moves like a little stocky gay man with a big ugly noggin. That noggin is huge and his little body. Haha.

I can’t take it these people are so unattractive and get more so each day.
The girls dance? Honestly it grossed me out. And I’m a guy and no not gay. These girls are nasty.


You must be a blast at parties.


I could watch a three hour show of just Nat dancing.


First off, hello and Happy Summer to Simon, Dawg and all the commenters! So glad we are all together for another season of Big Brother!
This season holds a lot of promise to be the best in a long time but houseguests need to seize the opportunities and stop talking so much.
I am enjoying BBAD tonight (always enjoy the houseguests having fun) but Frank and Bridgette are super creepy. She’s cuddled up with him, talking smack about everyone and actually thanking the man for nominating her and Bronte as Roadkill nominees. The trust and devotion she has for Frank is reminiscent of a Charles Manson groupie. Scary and creepy.
I like the idea of a 6 person alliance: James, Paulie, Z, Day, Michelle (didn’t think I would like her but she’s growing on me) and Paul.

Right On!

Love him or hate him, At least Frank is causing drama and he is also winning at competitions.
Some of the guests spend their time sleeping at 12 noon and crying under the covers.
Hey James! is a cool guy but the prankster role is so played out; he’s so busy being funny
that once again he has zero strategy and will be voted out soon.


I think Frank isn’t too bright and his behavior was way out of bounds.
However, he did apologize when he finally clued in that he went too far.
I think Da or any of the other girls offended by Frank should have spoken up immediately instead of letting him feel like that they were ok with it.
He never should have treated any of them in that way but stupid people need to be told they are being idiots since they can’t figure that out for themselves.
If he continued after being told then he’s just an ass.


Nope, still don’t care for Michelle. Paul is OK.

Tiny trump hands

Bridgette and Frank up in the HOH bed was the creepiest thing I’ve seen on BB in years. They both seemed psychotic. Is Bridget really a nurse?


Wasn’t it Bridgett that was being all weird in the very beginning about not sharing a bed with a boy. Because of her boyfriend or whatever he is. There really isn’t much of a difference in all the snuggling right now with Frank. And she’s not seeming too worried about her boy right now.


Michelle seems like a brunette version of Nicole to me.