Frank – “nobody looks at me in a bad way right now”

POV Holder: Bridgette POV Competition July 9th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 11th
HOH Bridgette Next HOH July 14th
Roadkill Competition Winner: Frank
Original Nominations: Paul, Tiffany, Bronte
After POV Nominations: ?, ?, ?
Have Nots Nicole, Corey, TIffany

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-10 23-14-37-728

9:00pm Frank and Bridgette watching the spy screen..
Frank says Da’Vonne is a influencer he’ll get one of the boys to get rid of Da’Vonne. Bridgette says she won’t be the one that does it.
Frank says these next couple weeks will be interesting adds that Jozea and Victor were part of the group so them going home was easy. Tiffany’s going home because she was starting shit. .

Frank – Corey will never put me up.. But I don’t want to go to the end with him.
Frank adds that Corey and Nicole aren’t that close. Bridgette calls Zakiyah’s game a “Floater game” adds that her game would be a “float Game” if she hadn’t won the HOh this week.
Frank – Michelle’s a floater she’s not going to win anything.. I say that but she’ll be good at some of these comps.. Later in the game. She lacks a lot of common sense.

Frank – Ideally Michelle wins next week..
Bridgette – what about you Frank
Frank – I don’t want to have to win until it’s so low and I need to.. If I win next week everybody will expect em to put up Bronte.. Again.. I’ll let Michelle do it and try to win Roadkill and put somebody up like…..
Frank I might go after Corey next week

Frank says PAulie trusts him. Bridgette doesn’t think he trusts her. Corey says PAulie is too well liked and he’s too strong a competitor he’ll need to be taken care of soon. Frank thinks he can get James .
Frank – nobody looks at me in a bad way right now
Frank says if he wins BB roadkill he would put Da’Vonne p and if she comes down he’ll put up Corey.

Frank admits to winning the Roadkill he put up Bronte because he knew Tiffany was going home.
Bridgette – I won’t tell anyone.. I trust you
Frank I know you won’t… I trust you..
Frank admits to putting her up week 1.
Frank says Da’Vonne should go next week before jury, Da’Vonne or Paulie. Frank wants to get DA’Vonne, Paulie and Corey out over the next 5 weeks.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-10 23-14-48-836

10:00pm Frank and Bridgette still watching the spy screen as the girls prepare a dance.
Frank calls Corey a goober.. Says he’s a good kids but sort of a goober. Bridgette says Corey is just here for the free advertising.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-10 22-05-07-815

10:09pm Paulie and Corey
Corey wanting to send Bronte home this week over Tiffany says Frank wants to get rid of Tiffany and Da’Vonne two people in their alliance.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-10 22-31-09-117

10:18pm There’s going to be a dance competitions girls vs guys.. Paulie, Paul and James are in the bathroom practicing.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-10 22-28-56-061

10:22pm HOH Frank and Bridgette
Frank says they’re getting to the point where they have to make a move. Frank says he likes Nicole and Zakiyah they are good and trustworthy he also trusts the boys.
Frank – they can be casualties.. I would like to take a shot at Corey and Da’ next week.
Frank – we got to utilize some roadkill comps. He pointed out that between the two of them it was a clean sweep this week.
Frank says if they end up in the final 3 and she wins the HOH she has to take him. Bridgette says she will.
Frank says he’s not even thinking of teams he wants to send Paulie and Michelle home eventually. Says he’s not worried about Michelle right now because she won’t win shit but PAulie will.
Frank doesn’t expect Natalie to win a competition this year. BRidgette says she’s confident but she does stress out a lot.
Frank says Nicole and Z are so much more level.
BRidgette – Z has her ups and downs
Frank – she does.. She was on slop for 2 weeks.. What do you mean ups and downs?
BRidgette says one moment she’s crying holding her giraffe.. She spends an hour a day putting on makeup she doesn’t have her eyelashes on she doesn’t leave the room.. Girl get your sh1t together.
Frank says Da’Vonne mentioned to him she spend 1 to 2 hours a day putting makeup at 10pm at night so she can stay up late with Paulie.
Frank has noticed not seeing Da’Vonne all day either.
BRidgette – she (Zakiyah) doesn’t say sh1t about people all she says is good things.. She hasn’t say one bad thing about a person (BRidgette doesn’t year all of what da says.. lol)
Frank jokes says all he does is talk shit about people.

Frank says out of all the people that have left already Glenn would be the one he wants back. Bridgette argues that Glenn is so neutral it might be better for a jozea to come back. Frank now agreeing says Jozea coming back would be best he won’t win shit and everyone wants him out.

10:50pm They are trying to figure out why all the guys are not wearing any shirt, Frank has noticed a lot of guys wearing their underwear as pants.
Bridgette says she’s scared of the shit Da’Vonne can pull any second.. Right now Da’Vonne is chill especially after she survived the first 2 weeks.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-10 22-45-12-380

Guys do their dance.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-10 22-56-32-833

10:57pm Girls do their dance.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-10 23-39-15-575

10:58pm Paul challenges Michelle to a rap contest..
Big Mich vs King Friendship

11:11pm Frank and Bridgette HOH Lights going out.
Frank – 50 thousand for you half a million for me .. I’ll buy you a new surfboard

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-10 23-41-42-948

11:40pm Zakiyah says Bridgette and Frank went to sleep Together she points out that they both have significant others. Zakiyah adds “Didn’t she say she doesn’t want to lay with a man”
Paulie says Bridgette will cling to whoever she thinks has the power in the house, “She did the same thing with Joeza”
PAulie saying they will get rid of Frank then Bridgette after that it’s smooth “Cut the heads off.. Momma Da wants to send Frank home”
Zakiyah – Big Time

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-10 23-41-38-941

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-11 00-03-48-442

12:03am They just sang happy birthday to Zakiyah.
Chit chat..
– people that are old and are “Hot”
– Denzel Washington return being 3 times
– etc etc..

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i think my favorite part of these quotes from frank is your use of them as titles. keep up the good work, simon and dawg!

Brody Schiller

frank/bridgette suck

i really enjoyed the z birthday night

michelle was hilarious tackling and tickling james, as well as her rap battle with paul

michelles goofiness makes nicole laugh alot, they are fun to watch together


Ugh! Frank is so sickening to listen and to watch! He’s acting like Mike Boogie 2.0, his unwarranted slapping of the women’s asses make me want to get into the house and beat the crap out of him (I’m gay and I feel he has no right to touch any of the ladies inappropriately like that), he farts all over the place, eats like a disgusting pig (even more than Victor), more narcissistic this season than on BB 14 (anyone noticed he’s still bitter that Ian Terry got him out of the house and won the 500GS), and really think he’s God Almighty (worse than Jozea, the Self Proclaimed “Messiah”)! It’s good the house want him out, but they need to wait until after the BuyBack, get organized, and backdoor his ass so he cannot be in the Jury! I can just see Frank’s face when he’s evicted and see his goodbye messages…especially from Da…he’d shit a cinderblock when she tell his ass off in the message; and I’d ROFLMAO until I piss myself!


When it comes to slapping the women’s asses, nobody gave Frank any indication that it was wrong or bothering them until Da did. Since then he hasn’t done it so he needs to be given a bit of a break on the issue. Yes it’s incredible how much self awareness he lacks, but when he thinks he’s joking and nobody tells him he’s crossed a line how is he supposed to know? He’s not and he hasn’t done it since it was brought to his attention.
As for his game play, he’s rivaling Jozea right now in the arrogance and cluelessness, don’t think I could criticize his game any worse than that.


If I started a new job and two weeks later slapped a girl on the butt, I’d be unemployed. There is no way a person assumes such a level of comfort with someone else that slapping them hard on the butt becomes acceptable in that short a time. Frank’s feeling untouchable and it was his way of showing dominance.


You believe that it is kosher to slap women’s asses whom you aren’t related to and to whom you are not in a ‘relationship’ with… until they tell you to stop?


Big Brother is not a place of employment, and he wasn’t doing it in a sexual way. Da’Vonne got upset about it and he stopped, with everyone. What’s the problem? If he continued to do this after he was told how everyone felt then yes, it’s sexual harassment.
I don’t even like Frank, think he’s a petulant child and kind of a jerk, but this has been blown WAY out of proportion. That’s understandable inside the house because it’s not always best to be confrontational and there’s no where to hide. But outside the house? Get real people.

Butters Mom

Technically it is a “place of employment”… they are all being paid to be there.


Big Brother house rules prohibit physical abuse and in the past have resulted in immediate removal from the house / show.
Harassment is not limited to sexual harassment.
The house guests are contestants on a show put on by a sponsor with prizes awarded for outlasting the others. HGs are confined and unable to leave the abusive environment without suffering financial loss. If they exercise their right to leave they are off the show; no jury payment; no prize money.
Legally the Big Brother house is defined under the same rules as a workplace.

A Girl Has No Name

A woman feeling violated is NEVER “way out of proportion”. His behavior is TOTALLY unacceptable and he disgusts me. I’ll be glad to see the last of him.

Powder Puff Girls

the HG and fans ignore the fact that Da’V called Frank a Douche then in retaliation he called her a Slut – correct me if I am wrong. Both should be criticized.for name calling!


You are absolutely right!


What’s up with Bridgette? Is she just telling him what he wants to hear or is she that useless of a player? She could’ve done so much this week, but instead it seems she’s Frank’s b****.


I was hoping to god she was this mastermind that was totally pulling Franks legs but the more she talked last night the more she displayed what a moron she is. “Thank you” is what she said when Frank revealed to be the one that Road Killed her first week. “THANK YOU”….oh wait and “Your the man Frank”. I LITERALLY almost barfed. The ultimate justice would be for Michelle, who is a super fan and who loved Frank and who now rightfully despises him, to be the one to send him home. The guy is just a complete and utter clown.

Natalie is Winnie Cooper all grown up.

If Frank gets a third chance to play Big Brother (he will be gone soon), he should remember to bring a clue with him. The first time he played, and this time, he obviously came into the game without one.


Your name is perfectly correct.

Ian's Lament

I just don’t get why Paulie would gun for Frank. Makes no sense when Frank winning HoH saves you for a week each time. I know he’s a threat but not for awhile. Dumb gameplay

Guy From Canada

So long as Frank is in there, Paulie has a meat shield o keep him from getting picked off.


Paulie has no handle on the game at all. He said “they will get rid of Frank then Bridgette after that it’s smooth” – does he think the evictions end after week 5? The rest of the summer they just hang out, tan and play chess?


Frank would be a good meat shield for Paulie, but he can’t afford to keep Frank in the house because Frank is coming after him. Frank sees Paulie, Corey, Day, and James as his biggest obstacles to the 500k check. He believes he can steamroll Bronte, Nat, Mich, Nic, Z, and Paul and drag Bridge to F2. Paulie’s social game will save him for a while, but eventually other players will come for him if they’re smart.

His best bet is solidifying his foursome with Nic, Z, and Corey, keeping Paul close as a 5th wheel, and taking out James and Day after Frank is gone.


Doesn’t Bridgette have a boyfriend fr you said you couldn’t sleep with a guy in the house so Frank isn’t a guy smh .
Hoping Tiff doesn’t go home but it doesn’t look to good for her honestly I want Bronte to go home imagine the look on Bridgette’s face when you sent one of your allies home and Frank will lose it OMG and no jury for Bronte .
One can dream …


I agree, Bronte going home would be a great payback for Brig letting Frank run her HOH.
Plus sending Tiff home now might come back to bite Paulie’s side. If somehow next week 2 of his side gets put up they may now have enough votes to save them even if there is also a pawn (like Nat) up there with them . Remember those on the block don’t get to vote.


Yeah theyre all dumb game players! Not just Frank…vets turning on each other when they are hopelessly outnumbered to begin with. smh Not one of these idiots understands the concept of keeping a big target in the game as a shield. Guess what Paulie, Davonne, James! When Frank goes, ya wont be far behind!!!


A meat shield is a person who is a bigger target than you AND… IS NOT A THREAT TO YOU!

Frank might be considered a meat shield for Nicole, Bridgette, Zakiyah, Paul,… Natalie and Bronte

Since Frank is coming after / targeting Tiffany, Da’Vonne, Paulie, Corey, James…and Michelle, that makes him a threat; NOT a meat shield for them!


Gotta roll my eyes at these people acting like Frank is Patrick Bateman all of a sudden. These people are on Big Brother, they’re not in there curing cancer.

Then Davonne crying because she wants to be a role model for her daughter? You’re on a game show where people prance around in bathing suits all day and ride huge phalluses to win competitions! Get frickin’ real!

Frank and Bridgette Logic

LOL, I like how Frank and Bridgette comment that they barely even see Z or Day all day (insinuating that they kinda hide out and are anti-social). Meanwhile, Frank and Bridgette are currently hiding upstairs in the HOH room while the entire rest of the house is hanging out together.


Ugh Frank and Bridge up in the HOH bed made me cringe so bad! I thought Bridge had a BF and was never going to be in bed with another guy? And I’m not sure why Frank reveres MB so much. MB was just a Coaster riding on Will’s coattails in All Stars. Frank and Bridge have a lot of nerve incorrectly labeling other players as Floaters. Frank you’ve been trying to float since the get go, an drag you billy goat to the end. I mean I can’t believe he said “50 thousand for you half a million for me .. I’ll buy you a new surfboard” and Bridge is just eating that crap up annoying giggles and all.,

Moving on to more pleasant observations…

Everyone else kept me thoroughly entertained downstairs. Tipsy Mich is pretty funny. Her and Paul rap battling had me rolling. I spit my water when Paul talked about her being a superfan yet tanning all day! XD

The dance routines were pretty good as well Z is a good choreographer, and Paulie has got some moves I’m not even going to lie.

The HG need to do fun stuff more often!


Okay. Drunken errors tonight. Paulie has pretty much revealed Frank won roadkill to Tiffany.
Michelle has said next week we nominate Bronte and Bridgette (i think) in front of Tiffany who believes Bronte is this week’s target.
I’m not so much bothered by these things. What is annoying me is Nicole asking Tiffany to study days with her, noting how well she has the days memorized, and knowing Tiffany is going to be evicted by her own alliance in order to mostly placate Frank. That one just rubs me the wrong way because it’s more cruel to recognize her value to Nicole’s team, and still do nothing to protect a loyal ally in order to please a disloyal target.
Let’s get real, Bronte is on the other side. TIffany is on their side. Everything else is irrelevant.


Bridgette really making me sick tonight. For someone who made such a big deal the first few weeks about not sharing a bed with any male, lets Frank stay with her in the HOH her first night and is now ALL over Frank tonight. AND then once he confessed to her that he won the first RK comp and was the one that put her up….she thanks him????


I wish people that were contestants on Big Brother would not use the words floater game when they mean social game.
Floater was originally defined as jumping from side to side depending on who is in power.
Floater was later defined to include unalligned players that follow the ruling alliances’ mandate in order to not make waves.
Social is depending on interpersonal game and alliance instead of relying on competition wins.
Social game is not the same as floater game.
Any time an uniformed house guest wants to insult the game of another, they drag out the word floater without actually knowing what they are saying. It’s irritating.

BB19 Champ

100% Agree. I pinky swear.


For Bridgette’s sake I hope she is only giggling to all that nonsense Frank is saying to play him. Like for real you will only settle for second place? I suppose that’s better then just making it to jury but really now?! Lol I’d be in it to win that half a million


Hoping Frank’s comment to Bridgette “50 thousand for you half a million for me .. I’ll buy you a new surfboard” gets her fired up. That would have pissed me off big time.


I don’t get why the hate. Frank is playing the best game in the house so far.


He’s playing so well that he’s the major target of more than 3/4 of the house, and thinks he’s safe with everyone. Yeah, he’s got his finger on the pulse of the house all right.

Misty Beethoven

I had to turn BBAD off last night because the ear shattering squealing from Brigette was making my ears bleed, plus all the bats in my neighborhood were landing on my roof in confusion. Could somebody please tell that (restrain myself) young lady that the noise eminating from her is fucking annoying and NOT cute??

Powder Puff Girls

the cats were howling in my neighbourhood thinking there was a cat on heat! I here you loud and clear!


The whole Bridgette and Frank laying up in the HOH room, drunk off of (fleeting) power, assessing all the rest of the HGs who are downstairs socializing was cringe-worthy to me. Bridgette, for all her proclaimations about ‘girl power’ laid there and thanked the biggest con (Frank) for putting her up and seems willing to let a guy lead her down a path that’s right for him.

The best bet is to keep Tiffany (Vanessa lite) around to agitate Frank’s game,annoying as she may be. She can at least take a legitimate swing at nominating him while the rest of the house benefits. He’s playing way too many angles wrecklessly, I might add.

Bad Breath

Tiffany = Vanessa Lite, perfect !!! got a chuckle from that


Ugh oh. Looks like Bridgette is the new Christine.

Butters Mom

Bridgette also told Frank that Natalie and Bronte didnt trust him…. but that she did. Girl power my arse. I like Bridgette less than Frank and that’s a lot.