Danielle is delusional, she actually thinks if Dan won the POV he would use it on her..

POV Holder: ? Next POV: Aug 25 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 27 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 30 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Dan And Danielle
Current Nominations:
Have Nots Dan
Last Evicted Houseguest Boogie and Ashley
Pandora’s Box POwer Ian -> Has a veto power


12:30am Shane, Danielle, Britney and Jenn are sitting around talking about random stuff. Jenn starts talking about how her and Boogie will get together after show and have dinner at her friends place. She talks about how they will laugh about everything. Britney says that on her season she cried when Monet went home and now when Janelle went home. Britney wonders how Janelle is doing. Shane says that Ian played better then Boogie. Birtney says that Boogie just underappreciated both Jenn and Ian. Everyone agrees. Jenn brings up how its just a game and some people forget that. Danielle comments on how some people take it personally. Jenn says that she thinks they will start to see different sides of frank now that Boogie is gone. Shane says that Frank will be more genuine. Jenn says that and he won’t have someone pumping him up all the time. Britney and Danielle head inside. Shane says he won’t forget Boogie and Frank saying he was a b***h and a p****y. Jenn and Shane talk about how he was prepared for it though. Shane says that he knew they were going to act like that.

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Britney, Dan, Danielle and Joe are talking. Joe tells Britney that he thinks Frank is planning to back door Shane. Joe says that he thinks because Frank said Shane was now his number one target after Shane nominated him and that this is all a plan to back door him. Joe says that he wants to come up with a plan for power of veto in case Frank tries to do that. Joe says he doesn’t think Ian will use veto. Britney, Dan, and Danielle agree. Joe asks Dan if he’s talked to Ian about using veto. Dan says yes he talked to him and I don’t think he will be using it on me.
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Meanwhile in the backyard Shane, Ian and Jenn talk about Ashley. Ian says that he is sad she is gone and says that he started to cry when he saw her stuff. Jenn tells Ian that he isn’t responsible for other people’s decisions. Jenn tells Ian that she knows the other night was crazy but you did your thing. Ian says that he regrets my nominations and that Joe got lucky. Ian says that he doesn’t regret voting out Boogie. Ian talks about what Boogie said to him after the eviction. Ian says that when Boogie said to him not cool, dawg not cool, he should have said neither is saying I’m expendable. Ian talks about how Boogie didn’t want to be here anymore.


Danielle and Shane are in the bathroom talking. Shane says big day tomorrow, it might look better if Britney wins. Shane says if he wins and takes her off and Ian takes Dan off cause that would not look as suspicious for the quack pack. Shane says that if I win I would put up Joe and Dan. Danielle says Dan wouldn’t still be here. Shane says that he is banking on Dan being here. Danielle asks why wouldn’t you put Ian up. Danielle and Shane talk about voting out Britney. Shane says that he is good with this, says he had been doing all the hard work to keep Britney in the game, and how she hasn’t won any competitions. Shane says that if he’s on the block with Danielle, he wouldn’t campaign against her. Shane says that he wants to try and back door Frank next week and says that he thinks it’s the only way to get him out. Shane tells Danielle that he will try and protect her as best he can. Danielle says that she thanks for being so sweet today. Shane asks was I, I didn’t even notice. Danielle says that he gave her extra hugs. Shane says he knows how bad it sucks, your welcome. Shane says that he think Joe is running up to Frank giving information. Danielle says that she thinks Dan is trying to get people to vote to keep her. She says it makes her said; it breaks my heart that he would do that. Shane says that Dan is a very good guy. Danielle asks Shane if he would keep her or Britney. Shane says you, she has already played this game. Shane says he is true to his word, final two with you. Danielle says that if Britney stayed she would beat anyone because she has a personal relationship with everyone. Danielle says that people will feel bad for her for getting so close last time and not winning. Shane says but she has not won anything.
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1:20am Britney and Danielle are in the arcade room talking. Danielle tells Britney that both her and Dan agreed to throw the power of veto. Britney says that she is still mad about the way Dan played the Pandora’s Box and says that if Dan had just tossed her a few quarters she could have won and they would all be safe. Danielle says that it was just a pride thing for Dan. Britney is trying to convince Danielle to play for power of veto. Britney says that if she wins it, she won’t use it. Danielle says that if Dan won it, he would save her. (She is delusional) Britney tells Danielle that she has got a deal with Frank making her and Shane safe. She says she knows what Frank says in his diary room sessions. Danielle leaves and goes to Dan to tell him about her conversation with Britney. Dan tells Danielle that if he doesn’t win the power of veto, he is going home. Danielle says she wants him to play for it. Dan says he won’t know until he sees what type of competition it is. Danielle asks if he would shave his head. Dan says that he doesn’t know. Danielle says that Frank said he would not. They talk about how they think Shane and Britney would take one of them off. Dan says that he isn’t sure about Ian. Dan asks do you think Ian will use it? Danielle says that if Shane or Britney wins I do. Danielle says that she just wants the four of us to stay. Dan tells Danielle the only way you’re going home is if I win veto. Danielle asks what do you mean? Dan says that he would use it on himself and not her.



Shane and Ian are in bed talking. Ian asks how do you deal with a problem like Frank? Shane says that I just have to be the one to take him out. Ian says that he wants everyone to play hard tomorrow. He says that he did Frank wrong once already and that he just can’t do it again that’s why he told Dan and Danielle to play hard. Shane says that he doesn’t want them to throw it and then I chicken out of using the power of veto. Ian says I can’t do it, I give you the Moon and then you ask for the stars. Ian is referring to what he did during live show and now Dan wants him to use the veto. Ian says that he can’t keep betraying Frank.
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2:10am – 3am Britney and Shane are talking. Britney asks Shane what are you going to do tomorrow? Shane says win it! Shane says that Dan and Danielle will take all the rewards and that he is going to take all the punishment. Britney says that she will take some punishment too. Shane says that Ian said he doesn’t know if he will use his power. They agree that he will use it if one of them use the other one. They say it will be one of the biggest moves in big brother history if quack pack pulls it off. They go to sleep. Meanwhile Jenn is the only house guest still awake. She is in the arcade room playing out scenarios and then heads into the kitchen to eat. After a while she heads to bed.


5:50am All the house guests are still sleeping..

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How funny would it be if Shane wins POV and saves Danielle and Ian saves Dan, then Britney goes up and Shane, Danielle, Dan, and Jenn decide that Britney threw the veto, was talking out of too many sides of her mouth, and is too hard to beat at the end…so they evict her? Seriously, how did she not come away from her season learning a singular lesson, which is Big Brother is not a team sport.

Do Britney, Ian, and Shane want to win or not? They have the votes moving forward without Dan and would be smart to insure themselves should Frank win veto next week, so why not make Dan the sacrificial lamb to lower Frank’s guard even more? When will these people stop playing checkers and start playing chess?

The only reason to go along with the double veto scenario is if they think being the final 5 and evicting Boogie and Frank somehow represents victory…which it doesn’t by the way. If making it to the final 2 and having a shot to win is the goal, then Dan leaving benefits everybody except Danielle.

Dannie Boy Rocks

Bottom line is that Dan has got to win this POV if he wants to stay. He needs to try to form an alliance with Frank, Shane, and Danielle to get Ian and Britney out. Britney is still trying to use the same strategy from her season. She is trying to get her hooks into a guy with the hopes that he will do all the work to get her to the end. Her Lane of this season is Ian. She is going to get played again because I don’t think Ian wants a vet in the final 2. Dan needs to watch out for Britney and Ian. Shane, Frank, and Danielle need to watch out for Britney, she is trying to play all sides, which is exactly what she got mad with Dan about last week when she found out he was making deals with Boogie and Frank. She is such a hypocrite. Screw the Quack Pack alliance. Britney needs to go.


Dan need win if he wants to stay. Danielle is a stupid ass if she thinks someone is gonna sacrifice their chances for her pathetic ass. I’m glad Ian don’t want to betray frank again. I would rather team up with frank than Dan at least frank wins.

Beau Dejesus

I am glad that Ian is starting to feel bad for betraying Frank. I know that this is a game and all but I do think that Frank and Ian would make a great time. I just cannot believe how Frank is still trusting Ian after Boogie called Ian out right before he left the house.

Oh well.


I don’t think Frank really trusts anyone left in the game, especially Ian. The problem is that Frank is all alone, so he has no choice but to make good with the remaining house guests if he wants a shot at winning this thing.

Frank wants to win BB more than anyone. He knows it will require him to make an alliance or a deal here and there to get to the end.

It’s the only way for him to win.

Lizzy B.

I hope Dan wakes up and Nell’s th offer this morning. He needs to play his game and win that VETO, otherwise Brit and Shane are going to evict him…


Is Danielle going to cry? Dan just revealed that he wouldn’t use the POV on her.
Actually what she heard is that he would use it on her, so she’ll be alright and
not cry. She can continue in her delusion.


Come on man! It’s Danielle she’ll cry either way!


Ian is such a coward, can’t make any decisions for himself. I hope DR does talk him out of using it and that Frank wins yet another POV. Frank has to be at the mercy of these jabronies again next week, why should he have to face-off against Dan AND Shane again? This dude has earned a spot in the F4, by default, in any BB longtime fan’s eyes this year. How can Ian not realize that he’s next on the list, right behind Frank?

Nobody wants to see another lame season finale that mimics last year’s pathetic showdown with: a slob(Joe), a nobody (Jenn), and your favorite flavor of floater (Brit/Dani). If they fail to take out Dan, Shane, or Ian, with 1 of those 3 winning, it will be much more tolerable to watch, but I can see how easily those 3 will be dealt with if Frank is out of the picture.

Not A PH D Student thinksAllisonGrodner isa d-bag

no one wants to vote out anyone else. Why in the world did they come on to this show if they did not want to win. In order to win you have to eliminate people to get to the end.Instead of voting certain people out and hve them mad at you, they would rather keep thjem in and get voted out themselves. The IQ of these people total 112.

That object that has been casting shadows around all season has started to speak aka Jenn, comes up with these magical words of wisdom “how its just a game and some people forget that.” This coming from the biggest pawn ever in BB history last week and went off because she went up. 1) I think she should be happy that someone even mentioned her name on the show 2) do not refer to yourself in the third person Jenn city, more like Jenn ghost town cause no one sees you anywhere

AG you are such a d-bag

Team Production sucks...

Frank deserves nothing… He was saved! if he can win fine…
DESERVES? get a clue…

Team Production sucks...

* my bad…

Team GB

Why on earth would the Quack Pack want to still keep Dan in the game? He has won this game before. They should vote him out now and then re-group to back door Frank next week. This is the best chance for one of them to win this game. I like Brit, she really make me laugh.


Here is the case scenario
Veto players:Frank (HoH),Dan (N),Danielle (N),Joe,Britney,Jenn or Shane
Host:Shane or Ian
Frank wins PoV
Keep the nomination a same
Ian saves Danielle
Frank puts up Shane or Britney
Dan goes home

So, If I was Shane or Ian. Don’t pissed off Frank.

King Silva

That little fucker Ian better use it if Shane or Britney win Veto.

I mean it would be one of the biggest moves to basically waste Frank’s HOH on Joe [more likely than Jenn].

Either way unless Ian or maybe Jenn/Joe wins HOH next week Frank should be in the hot seat yet again..

We’ll see what AG can do to save her man..


Was there ever a time the hoh opened PB and couldn’t play the pov? I thought that happened once before.


YEs i believe it is in the season that jordan won … i think it was the PB that Natalie won the date( and apparent engagement proposal… her not getting to participate in that weeks veto was to hvae extra time with him ( they offered it to her while she was in the middle of that dinner)


Frank, just focus on the game & win your 4th PoV. Keep the nomination a same. Don’t let quack pack get to you. Just keep fighting & win this game.


If I was Ian, Don’t pissed off Frank. You already pissed off Frank onces, and he will steamroll you.


O please, what’s Frank going to do? It’s not like he’s the main threat. Besides, who else does Frank have in that house… And Ian thinking that he has given Dan what he wanted… Come on. If Dan outed Ian as a mole, Frank wouldn’t be so angry with Dan. I agree with what Boogie said in his interview with Jeff, Danielle and Brit are in great shape to win. As a BB Fan, it would be nice to see Dan win a second time or Frank because of all of his wins despite being always targeted. However, I don’t like Frank at all because everything he’s saying about Dan not being a good person is a personal attack. I understand where he’s coming from, but he should see those moves as strategic not personal. Dan was making game moves. To top it off, Dan is not a jerk when he’s in the DR unlike Frank who seems to cherish every bit of manipulation he has done to the HGs. I honestly hope that Shane wins because he needs the money and because he has won competitions. The 2 people that I don’t want to win is Joe and Jenn –they haven’t done anything in the game.


hell yea Danielles delusional…she is soo delusional about shane too…How could she be sooo jeakous of a comment that dan made about Kara and shane… isnt shane free to date anyone he pleases ….danielle is so jelous she thinks shane is hers… I cant believe stupid britt was defending danielle to Dan lastnite on bbad.. and mentioned that dans wife cpuld be with the mailman… WHAT doesnt britt know thats a different situation Dan is married … Danielle is just delusional. how can anyone be so dumb about a guy… she needs to go….


Omg that pct of jenn is funny! Now she’s getting game? I have to say, when she came in, I wanted her to do well ….

Orange flair: frank
2 blue bowls: joe & jenn
Lemon: Ian

Lime & green bowl: brittney & Shane
Orange & lime: Dan & Danielle

Onion & orange: a side alliance between her & joe?


does anyone thinks that if britney wins the veto she won’t use it? same thing for shane? dan needs to win it


The plan is from what I understand is if Shane or Brit wins it, they take Dani or Dan off the block and Ian is suppose to save whoever is left between Dani or Dan. Shane/Brit is banking on their alliance with Frank that whoever doesn’t win the veto will not be put up which means that Joe and Jenn will be up. For the QP, this is their best case scenario. If everyone does their part, the QP will get through without casualties on their end. However, realistically, I do see Brit not using the veto because she’s worried that Shane might get put up. I do agree that Dan needs to win this, but he is known for gambling with the odds.


Dirty ass players…..here is Frank trying to work with Britney and Shane and they are trying screw him over. Shane your an idiot plan and simple.


Okay first of, name calling is childish, immature, and lame. Second, Frank has no one left in the house so he has to trust somebody. Shane & Brit realizes that doing this might keep them safe this week. Third, why are you attacking Shane and calling him an “idiot”? Is it really so much better to align himself with Frank than Dan? If Shane takes Frank to the end, Frank will win because of all the competitions he’s won, etc… If Dan’s team didn’t strike first, Frank would have –or have you forgotten that he would have put up Dan had it not for Mike talking him out of it?


this is what you get a cry b*tch a gay model and a kid that thinks he the best player in bb histoy. poor frank and boogie and jen there will be wach this at home and jury


He should put up Brit and Danielle. Then Ian pulls off Brit, he then puts up Shane. If Shane wins, he puts up Dan. Dan gone.


It all depends if Ian has to use it before Frank picks another person to go up if one of the Quackers win POV. Otherwise, Frank has to win another POV to survive again. Hope the rules are put forth before everything happens today so Frank and house guest knows all possible events. Shane and Joe are the two biggest BS’ers in the house. I think we’ll have 3 girls evicted next 2 episodes.


Also, it seems that these quackers aren’t thinking about Jury votes. Maybe, Ian is a little since he’s now lost Ashley’s vote and will lose Frank’s if he uses the POV.


Clearly Dan needs to play to win POV. Ian probably just said that stuff about production to plant the seed that he’s not going to use it. He’s not using it even if Shane or Brit win it. Dan better try to convince Ian that it’s his idea and a huge move, or Dan will be screwed. And for Ian, his best move would be to convince everyone he’s down with the plan, get Dan to throw it to Shane, then not use it and watch Dan get the boot. Hate to say it because I don’t want Dan to leave, but Ian could then claim villain status over two of the best ever players (in his mind at least).


Here is the prediction for next week

Shane wins 3rd HoH (Week 8)
Ian & Frank nominated
Frank wins his 5 PoV
take himself off
Put up Joe!
Joe evicted
Frank wins 4th HoH (Fast Forward)
Nominated Jenn & Britney
Frank wins 5th PoV
Saves Jenn & replace Ian
Ian evicted
Week 9
Shane wins 4th HoH
Nominated Frank & Britney
Frank wins 6th PoV take himself off
puts up Jenn
Jenn evicted
Final 4:Danielle,Frank,Britney,Shane
Week 9 fast one
Frank wins 5th HoH
Nominated Danielle & Shane
Shane wins PoV
Take himself off, Frank named Britney replacement
Britney evicted
HoH part 1:Frank wins
HoH part 2:Shane wins
HoH part 3:Frank wins takes Shane Final 2
Danielle evicted
Jury:Ashley,Dan,Joe,Ian,Jenn,Britney & Danielle
Final 2 votes
Shane wins 500k,Frank 50K,Ashley 25k (Favorite Houseguest)
What you think Simon?


My prediction helps that Shane & Frank Final 2. Quack Pack will vote Shane
Joe,Ashley & Jenn will vote for Frank.


its a fun theory but way out there plus shane and frank are never gonna take each other to the final 2 their guaranteed a win against anyone else

Head of Household

I’m sure Britney would get the 25,000 again over Ashley.

Eagle Eye Play Toy

Joe will win big brother 14… no questions asked

Mike Boogie's Ghost

Shane is a pu$$y…He’s a nice guy, but he is one of the “softest” men I’ve seen on this show, and I don’t think he’s gay btw…


Ian has a lot of nerve saying that it is a lot to ask of him considering Dan took the heat for him


Lol what a big Fuck you to Danielle when dan said he wouldn’t use the veto on her.. did she really think dan
Was going to give up his game for her?! The girl really needs some help.


Question. Why are shane and ian sharing beds? There’s not that many houseguest left. Are there still not enough beds for everyone?


Wouldn’t that be awesome if Jenn gets in the final two, no one expects it! She has been so invisible, that now it is like having a new person to cheer on, um, no that’s not it…..still she should have one fan, hum should I change my name to ladyluvsjenn?

Ice Princess

7:58am you can see all the houseguest are sleep and in their beds, except for Britney and no camera on the HOH room. C’mon production, stop hiding stuff. What are Britney and Frank doing? Britney is trying to win this money!

Ice Princess

Thank you production!!!! I am glad to see you are now following Frank


Sucks to be Frank, he’s all alone and the only way to make it to the end is to win either HOH or POV every week.
It’s a hard position to be in. I hope he backdoors Shane.

Jen W

I wish someone would tell Ian that Frank was making out with Ashley!!! LOL


I think he knows about the Skank and the Stank


I’m bit confused with Shane. Is he with Frank, quack pack or with both seeing who is more powerful?


I really hope that Frank sleeping the night away comes back to bite him in the butt with all the scheming that he missed lol


Remember what happened when Boogie slept the night away.


I hope Ian decides not to use it.

I find all those complaining about the reset/ person staying funny. They fail to realize that production had no choice but to ad someone in. AT the beginning of the week when the Americas vote as to whether to offer the coaches the opportunity to enter or not was announced they were already to few on players for Jury.

At the time of the announcement. there were 8 players. That leaves the final 2 and only 6 for jury.

By doing a reset it allowed the game to restart and everyone to be on equal footing. The players now would know the coaches style from seasons past and the coaches and players would have a few weeks of familiarization with each other. In truth it would more favor the coaches due to experience but not as bad as last year being dumped in cold against past players from the start.

Had the coaches said no and Frank or Joe were evicted then BB would have had no choice but to bring back at least 2 players since at that point there would only be 7 players “2 finalists and 5 Jury”.

I truly don’t believe that the reset/ coaches entering was not a save Frank move as so many want to but a simple semantics move. This was ultimately required because Willie and his charade and early departure screwing up the plans which I think was going to have a returny comp like last year. I think that is why they did the twist with Jodie week 1 and were going to do something with returnies either after 3 or 4 people were out.

However I do think production buts in from time to time, hence why Jeff was able to get the cou de tat to save Jordan etc.

Just my 2 cents, though prolly not worth a penny


I agree with you, the coaches’ reset was in no way meant to
save Frank, it was pre-planned before BB14 even started

Head of Household

Production did not butt in with the Coup De Tat….Jordan wasn’t ont he block when he used it, remember? If anything, production butted in when making the veto an endurance so Rachel would win it.


i completely agree and lets not forget that if the reset was not done frank would have been evicted and still had a chance to come back and im sure whatever the competition to come back was he could beat jodi,jojo and kara


If Ian doesn’t use the veto after Shane or Brit do then Ian would be an idiot at this point because he may have convinced Frank that it was all Dan but that is also because none of them are correcting it but if he betrays them then i believe that they will tell Frank the truth and then Ian will make himself a target as well lose jury votes but do we even know if the pov happens before or after Ian has to use it or are they just assuming all this


Aspie Ian will probably hold on to his POV, because it is good for
more than one week, he’ll save it just in case he needs to use it
later to save himself.


ians playin for second at this point anyway


Hey Guys! Here is my thought! If Frank wins POV or get the POV ticket. He will still play another POV! If he gets the Veto Ticket or wins the POV! he will automatic to get in another round!


If I were Dan I wouldn’t throw it.


Dan ain’t gonna throw it. He knows his butt is on the line. If one of his “friends'” butt was
on the line, then he’d throw it, cause all he cares about is himself.

Jen W

Can someone explain what I’m missing – why is Shane not on Frank’s radar? He even keeps saying that him & Shane are the ones that have won all the comps. Wouldn’t you want him out of your way?


That’s because Frank is not afraid of real competition.


I think production told Joe not to wack off in bed anymore.


Don’t need to tell Ashley that, there are no camera 24/7 at the jury house.


this is a game ppl only one can win!!! and I hope it’s not FRANK


I’ll cry if Dani goes home ;[[ she’s my favourite this year.


i think Shane is really considering working with Frank because he has yet to tell the Quack pack about his conversations he had with Frank about final 2.

VA Vet

Everyone was complaining that things would get boring once Mike left.

IMO, things couldn’t be more interesting than the current situation.

Still going with Ian for the win.


There were 6.4 million viewers tuned in to Thurs night
Big Brother.

Mike Boogie's Ghost

Did Frank only get 3K or we all still in the dark about what he got after Pandora’s Box?


You all forget that Dan took the blame for Ian, and did not expose him., Ian owes Dan big time and should use the veto for Dan. My little Frankie boy will still win this year, because Big Brother has his back. You all have to remember that Big Brother runs the show, and is the power behind all the players, and they have to obey. My Frankie boy will now be himself and not be influenced by Boogie Mike, and you will see another side of him. Britney is playing everyone to insure her safety, she will stab anyone in the back if she is given the chance. Danielle is with Dan all the way, don’t know what she will do after Dan leaves. Ian is a little twerp, he is going to be rocking on that hammock even after the game is over. He can’t make any decisions on his own without being influenced by Britney or BigBrother. Jenn and Joe floaters, Shane should shave more often he looks terrible with that growth. I do hope Dan gets to stay, it will make the game more interesting and it won’t be boring.

Frankie boy, keep the faith, watch your mouth, tell them all your sorry what you said about them, and hope you get evicted soon so you can come home to Nana.


You’re right with the latter.

Head of Household

I love how Shane is saying he will drop Britney cause she hasn’t won competitions…first of all, she won safety so your ass could nominate whoever you wanted and she hasn’t played in the last three veto’s. Her social game is the only thing that’s balancing his terrible one!


( around 12: 50 am) (They= Production)

Ian: They want us to work with Frank , me and you

Brit: Why, because it’s good for the story???

Ian: It’s good for the story They like you, and they’re working to showing me as a bad like, like, the bad forces and I was taken advantage of and now I’m seeing the light.

Brit: that’s fine.


LMFAO @ Production attempting a repeat of last season , only this time a Newbie. BORING

The rig began with the “reset”.. I’m starting to think like others, that Frank also got a veto power he can use at a later time, when it seems like he’s heading out the door..

Oh AG you’re so predictable, get some new material will you?, WOW us again. we see right through your manipulation.


What is Danielle drinking in that snap shot? lotion?

Big Game Move

This is a tough call. On one hand you have Dan as a threat but make No mistake. If Frank gets to the end he will win this thing hand down. Brit is doing what she did last time which will get her out around 4-5 place. By the QP turning on Dan now, they will just solidfy Dan’s vote for Frank in the end. Dan will see that this was Frank’s doing and not anyone elses “big move”. Frank honestly should backdoor Shane if he was truely smart cause then he would remove the las “physical” threat in the house. Shane needs Dan more than Britt and that should be his strategy. With Dan gone the 2 biggest threats are Frank and Shane. I never understand why they want to get rid of floaters..I would love to be in a final 3 with Joe & Butch. These honestly might be the dumbest Big Brother players Ive seen yet. Why does BB not have something in the contracts that say the Houseguests are NOT allowed to discuss ANYTHING about what production tells them? Yeah I know they say over the loud speaker, ” you are not allowed to talk about production” but they can easily say that anytime you mention something about production, you get fined (through your stipend) or you get some sort of other punishment. This just looks bad that DR is telling the houseguests what to do..Too much manipulation and while it might not be illegal, it will certainly cost the show in the end. The “unexpected” has now become the “expected”, thats not good TV.