Frank says all I know is if I win this s**t, CBS owes Mike $100 G’s!

POV Holder: DAN Next POV: Sept 1 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Sept 3 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Ian Next HOH: Sept 6 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Jenn and Frank
Current Nominations: Frank And Joe
Last Evicted Houseguest Britney

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5:30pm – 5:50pm Danielle is taking a shower, while Dan and Shane are cleaning up in the kitchen. Joe is making dinner. Frank is sitting at the kitchen table talking to them. They are talking about how eating soy releases estrogen in your body. Dan says that he will end up going home with D cups. They discuss whether or not it’s true and how they want to see a scientific study done on it. Shane joins Danielle in the bathroom when she is done. Shane starts talking about a car that someone he knows has where you push a button and the top goes back. Danielle says “my friend Trey has a car like that but it’s super nice.” Shane asks your dad? Danielle says my friend Trey. Big Brother cuts the feeds.


5:50pm – 6:05pm Frank and Joe are in the backyard talking. Frank says that its going to be pretty depressing if I get sent home by someone that was on my same team since the beginning. Joe says yeah I didn’t think of it like that. Frank says it sucks you don’t know who you can trust. Joe says yeah you never know who someone is when they come into the game and how they want to play the game. Frank says that the only to loyal mothaf***ers in this game were Boogie and I. Joe says that it was already unfair how the coaches got a three week pass. Frank says look at it from Mikes perspective he lost his chance at 100 grand. Joe say yeah this far in the game each one of the coaches would still have a shot at the 100 grand. Frank says all I know is if I win this s**t, CBS owes Mike $100 G’s! Joe asks did he push the button. Frank says hell no! Frank says he thinks Dan and Janelle pushed it. Joe says there is no way I would give Dan the money and if I am in the jury I am going to convince people not to give it to him too. Joe says that he still has 7 more hours left to campaign tonight. I need to flip some people. Frank says you think I got the votes? Who do you think I got? Joe says he isn’t saying.. you’ll see who I am in a room with. Joe talks about how he ratted Jenn out. Frank calls him a snitch, it didn’t help you any. Joe says it helped me more than you know. Joe says I would want to know if someone was stabbing me in the back. Frank starts raising his voice and says well why didn’t you let me know that Ian was stabbing me in the back? Joe says I didn’t know! Frank says okay. Frank says it was low down you telling Jenn that Ashley was stabbing her in the back. Joe says you don’t know what it did for me. I can’t tell you how it helped me. Frank says it didn’t do anything for you, we are both up on the block. Joe says you don’t know what it did for me, you will see when you get out.

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6:05pm – 6:20pm Joe tells Frank that he thinks it would have been better if Frank had gotten rid of Dan instead of Britney. Frank doesn’t agree. Joe says that he doesn’t think Ian would have put you up if that had happened. Frank doesn’t agree and says that Britney still would have been in his ear to put me up. Joe says we will never know until we see Dan sitting in the final two winning this s**t. Frank talks about how he is going to work on all four votes. He says that he thinks he has one for sure and that’s what he is working with. Joe says that he thinks he has one for sure too. Frank says I don’t think you even have one with that s**t eating grin. Frank asks who, Shane? Joe says Jenn, I saved her from Ash. Frank laughs.


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6:35pm – 6:45pm Danielle and Dan are in the arcade room talking about her home state and telling personal stories. Meanwhile Joe and Shane are talking with their feet in the hot tub. Shane tells Joe that Danielle talked to Jenn and she is 50/50. Joe says you never know, I know they are friends but she could just be trying to get information for him. Shane says you could be right. Shane tells Joe that he has his vote and Danielle, so it will at least be 2-2. Joe says and that isn’t that bad for me, because then Ian breaks the tie. Joe says from his talk with Dan it sounded pretty positive too and he said he would tell me for sure tomorrow. Shane says yeah and at least you will know who to target if you stay. Joe says that’s right. Shane goes to lay out on the lounger. Joe starts doing laps of the yard for exercise.


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6:50pm – 7:05pm Frank and Ian are up in the HOH room. Frank says that there is a possibility that there might be a tie vote, I just want to know what you think. Ian says that well you can’t play for HOH this week. I don’t know where the vote is, I can’t get a good grasp on it this week. Joe thinks it is going to be a tie vote. Frank says if I go out I can just see it being you and Dan going up on the block. Ian says okay. Frank says if I stay then it would be Dan I on the block. Frank says I really wanted to work with you this week, but you don’t seem too receptive to that. I still want to work with you, the way I think of it is that no harm no foul. Ian says that there is some obvious pairing off right now… Shane and Danielle, Dan and Jenn… which leaves me with Joe. Frank says I see why you think Dan and Jenn are working together but I think she is more with me than him. If I stay then it could be me, Jenn and you working together and Dan would be all alone. Frank says I still see you as a big competitor and want to work with you. Frank says even if Dan and Jenn are working together and I go …then they really will be working together and you’ll be the odd one out. Frank says if you keep me and Jenn wins HOH, you won’t be going up. And even if you do go up and I win the POV I can pull you off. Ian says you never know with Joe whereas you are straight up. Frank says at the very least even if you don’t want to work with me, it will mean you will be good for another week because it will be me and Dan going up on the block. Frank says I hope it’s not the person that I’ve been working with since the beginning that votes me out. Ian says right, I hope it’s not a tie vote because it’s going to be tough to make that decision. Frank says even with the silent six alliance we were only going to try and get down to the final 8 and then join up with you and Jenn and go four on four. Frank says I am not trying to sound like an a**h**e but I think I deserve 6th place more than Joe does. Ian agrees and says you probably deserve to be here a lot more than a lot of people. Ian says ah man, got a lot to think about. Frank says do you really want to be stuck with Joe as your duo? Ian says oh man it’s like being stuck with Adam (BB13).


7:15pm Dan asks if Frank went to work on Danielle. Frank says that he did and that he worked Ian a little bit. Dan asks what did he say? Frank says that he needed to sleep on it. Frank tells Dan that Ian thinks you and Jenn are working together. Frank says that he told Ian he didn’t think so and that it was more like Jenn is campaigning to keep me. Frank wonders if it will be a 4-0 vote. Dan says you never know. Dan asks so you’ve got Shane right? Frank says yeah. They talk about how you never know, that people could just be telling you what you want to hear, just like with Janelle. Frank and Dan talk about how they will get down to the right amount of people in the house. Dan and Frank start talking about past seasons. They continue to talk about past house guests.


7:15pm – 7:30pm Meanwhile out in the backyard, Jenn and Danielle are talking about Frank. Jenn says that she believes Danielle 1000% when she says that Frank has been arrogant because I have heard it from other people as well. Not that I wouldn’t believe you but.. Danielle says I am just trying to think what I did to him to make him not like me. Jenn says that she is worried that he will just not talk to you because he think I did. Jenn talks about how she wants Dan to let her know how he is voting so that she can decide how she is voting. Danielle asks when is he supposed to let you know? Jenn says tomorrow, when I talked to him this morning he said I was 50/50. Jenn talks about how she is trying to help mend that bridge between Danielle and Dan.

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7:35pm Frank talks about how he said to Danielle something along the lines of how he deserves to be here more than other people. Dan asks did you say that? Frank says no exactly in those words. Dan laughs. Dan says it would be cool for you if you came back a second time. Frank asks you think? Dan says yeah. Frank wonders in what capacity? Dan asks would you want to play in a season with all return players? Frank says hell yeah! He says that’s one thing that Mike told him that in All-stars it was such a great feeling because each week you get out a good player. Dan tells Frank that he needs to watch Big Brother 2 and says that Boogie was a good player but no one will ever be as good as Dr. Will. Dan brings up how Boogie proposed to his showmance at the end of seasons two. Did Boogie not tell you that? Frank laughs and says no! Frank and Dan talk about how the prize really should be a million. They end the conversation and leave the room.


7:50pm – 8pm Shane, Frank, Joe, Dan, Jenn and Danielle are out on the backyard couch talking. Ian is swinging in the hammock. Shane is talking about how he only makes $26,000 a year and has $25,000 of his $60,000 student loan to still pay off on top of other bills and paying $700 a month for his parents rent. They continue to talk about random stuff. Ian and Joe heads inside to make dinner.


8pm – 8:30pm Ian and Dan are sitting at the kitchen talking about Ian’s talk with Frank. Dan asks Ian how it went with Frank up in the HOH. Ian says that Frank said that next week if Frank leaves, Ian will be nominated with Dan. Ian says that Frank said that people are worried about me being smart. They talk about why Frank thinks it would be them nominated together. Dan gets up and says even Frank doesn’t know about the quack but he’s going to feel the quack tomorrow. Shane, Frank, Danielle, Joe and Ian eat dinner at the kitchen table and talk about past events of the house.


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Red Lampshade

CBS has nothing to worry about Frank, you’re not winning this game.


Nobody owes you anything! Frank, get over it!


If the vote is 2-2, and Ian casts the deciding vote, will he send Frank into the jury house to get “spray-tanned” by Ashley (ha-ha)? Or will he send Joe, who will cook for Ashley and Brit. Then Ian will “fake-flub” and get voted out during “Double-E” so he can get “spray-tanned” by Ash for a couple weeks before Frank wins the game? We will see tomorrow!


hahah I think the best part of the convo with Frank and Ian is when Ian gives frank an “in” to keep him in the game by bringing up the obvious pairs in the house including faking that Dan and Jenn are paired together, and then Frank corrects him and says, oh no me and jenn are together. hahahahaha. dude seriously? this is why you deserve to be in this game?


Hope not…but you know that CBS & BB Production will always try to help their favs win no matter what…..what we want CBS & BB Production is to see Frank leave the BB house FOREVER tonight and that Ian stays!!!!!!


The best part of this is that Joe thinks he can influence the jury votes LOL

the one

joe is cool dude tell frnk like it is

Danielle's Zit

it seems frank is worried about booger getting his money, than anything else


Ian admitted to having OCD tonite on the show. Surprised? You shouldn’t be.


Did I miss something? I thought he said he had ADHD. I walked in late on that conversation though.

billie two trees

It was nice tonight with all of the backstabbing that goes on in BB to see that Dan was interested in Ian and asking him about his ADHA even though at the time Dan thought he had OCD like his brother in law has. It made me really like Dan and Ian so much more because they seemed to be having an actual conversation and seemed interested in what each other had to say. It made them seem human and not just like actors in a scripted television series. It was a very nice thing for Dan to do and can see now why he won BB the first time as he has been the only house guest that seems to really enjoy talking and taking time out to actually get to know the other contestants on a personal level. It was nice to see!


And that is why Dan is a winner. He does that all the time with each houseguest. And I’m not saying he does it for the game, but he knows how to speak with people and have them open up to him.


No, he just does it for the game. The same way he reads the bible in public even though Jesus said no to. #irony


Ian did not say he had ocd.

billie two trees

I know that. I was saying Dan thought when he was talking with Ian that it was OCD and he asked Ian and that is when Ian told Dan no it is more like ADHD. Just thought it was sweet that Dan seems to take the time to talk to Ian and not just at him but to him and seemed to be interested in what Ian was saying and that Ian appreciated it.


Ian has not been diagnosed. He said “he thinks” ADHD. I think he needs to be diagnosed to find out exactly what he is dealing with. While it shouldn’t, his stimming could be restrictive when it comes time to get a real job. Knowing exactly what his disability is and being able to network with others who have the same disability could help him a lot.


I think he did actually say that he has OCD and ADHD but doesn’t want to take meds for either so he just rocks himself a lot to soothe himself.

It was nice of Dan to talk to him about it, but I think Dan was mostly curious. They have lived in the same place together for weeks and everyone in the house has had to tolerate Ian’s behavior.

I agree that Ian needs to be properly diagnosed because it is very likely that he has Asperger’s as well as some other things and get proper treatment if he is ever to function in the real world as a normal man. Otherwise, he probably will not reach his full potential, be able to hold a job or be successful in romantic relationships.

Ian may be able to memorize the Periodic Table and make good grades, but life is much more complicated. He appears to be very much behind men in his age group, but if he gets the help he needs then there is a chance for him to lead a psuedo-normal life. Otherwise, he will always be known as a weirdo. No one wants to bear that cross.


he may already been diagnosed and not want to expose it to the other houseguests and/or on national television.


True but I think many people who work as educators, mental health facilitators or in the medical field can figure it out just by watching a few episodes or the live feeds. His symptoms and behaviors are very obvious. He can’t hide that drama.


i vaguely remember boogie commending him on coming into the house with a disorder. I think he is diagnosed with something- and atleast production knows. Might be why they don’t stop him from making that swishing with his mouth and don’t take the hammock away before he rocks it off and flies away. I mean we all know any other houseguest would get “Ian, stop doing that”

Big Sister

Simon and Dawg, you guys are cracking me up with all of the “mist” comments. So much so that I am now on Team Dan!

Carol & Steve

very funny! it’s so much easier to just give into the mist – LOL!! welcome!


Wow! Best conversation ever. Dan’s misting powers fail in comparison to The Powerhouse. TPH4L!


The rule in the jury house is you are not allowed to talk about the game or the players in the game at all. Only on Fridays for an hour when the new evicted houseguest arrives.


No way. I’m pretty sure JJ pressured Shelly into voting for Rachel. Either that or she was dumb enough to do it on her own.


I think Shelly made her own decision. On a personal level, she was not a fan of either Porsche or Rachel. She set aside her personal feelings and voted for who she thought played the best game. Adam, on the other hand, voted purely personal. He voted against Rachel because she didn’t take him to final 2.


Totally agree on all counts


I absolutely disagree. Shelly voted based on what JJ wanted because she felt horrible about that situation with Jordan. I absolutely believe Jeff, if not Jordan had something to do with her giving that vote to Rachel.

I thought everyone knew that……


these two are a couple of pieces of work. they conveniently forget that the reset saved one of their loud a**es from being sent home. can’t wait til they’re both gone.

Carol & Steve

I guess Frank will agree with Joe that he should’ve gotten rid of Dan last week when he’s walking out the door – LOL! No W for Frank I’m afraid! LOL!! He is one misted guy!

Questions: can you catch a cold after long exposure to the mist? when the mist dries – is there a residue? is it sticky? LOL!

I says, I

You’re so right!!!

If Dan had gone out the door last week, I’m sure Britney would have abandoned Ian and taken Shane and Danielle into a SuperAlliance with Frank and Jenn, then Britney would have used the special power in her lazy eye to render Ian unconscious, allowing Shane to win HOH. Then Shane would have nominated Ian, who would be headed out the door this Thursday, with Joe to follow in short order. Then Britney would have drunkenly announced that Frank was her new favorite. Upon hearing this news Shane, Danielle, and Jenn would have self-evicted, allowing Britney to fawn over Frank, extolling all of his many virtues- of which she had been previously blind- for two weeks. The jury would disband in the days leading up to the finale announcing that for the first time ever, by unanimous consent, they were awarding Frank the half million by proclamation. The finale would then feature the first ever Big Brother wedding between Frank and Britney, while Ian sobbed silently in the corner. We would learn the next day that Dan had hanged himself in his parish bathroom a mere minutes after Britney said I do.

If only Frank had kept Britney everything would be golden for him…


No way.

The HoH winner would’ve been either her, or Ian, being that they’re both little & are great at those comps.

Frank was truly screwed either way.

Britney was already planning how to evict him the next week.

I mean, if someone comes to me and is a religious freak & swears on the bible/wife/grandfather, I’d probably believe them too, especially if I had no one else in the game.

Unfortunately for Frank, Dan is ruthless and will say and do anything to win.


LMAO *huge facepalm*

I probably should’ve read the entire thing before I commented huh?

I says, I

No problem…I do the same thing


Thank you. Other than me you’re the only person here I’ve seen point this out.

Nicky Brand

You’re right that Frank would have still been nominated by either Britney or Ian, but if Dan hadn’t been there, Frank would have won the OTEV comp and saved himself again, since he finished a close 2nd to Dan. So I still think his decision to save Dan and eliminate Britney finished him.


If Dan goes instead of Britney, Frank wins POV.

I says, I

You still don’t get it.

Nobody was going to work with Frank. Eventually his luck would have run out or he would have cracked under the strain of being all alone in the house.

Go back and watch James have a nervous breakdown in the 2 weeks after Chelsea left in BB9. I will always argue that most of us fans don’t grasp what it is like to be trapped in a house and secluded yard, with no contact with the outside world and what that does to you psychologically. Throw in the fact that all the other people in the house get quiet whenever you enter the room and when they do talk to you seem uncomfortable. Pretty soon you think every conversation is about you and if somebody is whispering, they must be plotting against you. We as fans continue to ignore all of these factors when we make fun of Danielle’s need for affection or the gullibility of everybody to Dan’s mist.

If nobody was willing to work with him, it was over, and Frank knew this (why do you think he was trying desperately to find partners). Dan was the only one willing to go make a compelling case. Britney did a horrible job, freezing awkwardly whenever Frank would put her on the spot with a simple question. So when Dan came with the truth, which made sense and added up. Frank would have been a moron not to take the chance. If nobody is with him, he would need to do win the following: veto, veto, HOH, veto, HOH. If you tack on the previous veto and HOH win, then Frank would have needed a 7 competition win streak to get to the end and each one was must win to survive. A long shot if there ever was one.

For all the mistakes Frank may have made, agreeing to try and work with Dan was not one of them.


I think that it’s a failure of imagination and strategy. Dan gave Frank some golden info. The correct move would have been to go through with the veto ceremony. Put Britney up and let Danielle fake it up. Then go to Britney, Shane, and Ian on Wednesday night and reveal Dani’s lies, acting and backstabbing. This would have saved Britney, got Dani evicted, isolated Dan, and bought Frank some time. Also, Britney and Ian would be most appreciative to Frank for saving Britney’s game and could have won him some allies. In conclusion, Frank is not good at this game.


The thing with some fans is that you all only think of the perfect situation, which is never likely to happen.

You think Britney would just say ‘Oh Frank, thanks for saving me, I’m indebted to you for the rest of the game.’ Uh, NO. They more than likely would’ve continued to work with Dan lowkey. Especially with Ian’s obsession with the Quack Pack.

The entire house has been hellbent on wanting Frank gone & they would’ve made that happen. They act as if he’s the only target in the house.

& At that point, Frank actually trusted Dan & Danielle to some extent and made a deal with them and Jenn, so why would he go and rat them out?

Frank was trying to trust them and they screwed him over (as usual).

Also, while we’re on the outside & can see certain things, it’s easier for us to say what someone should and shouldn’t have done. It’s 1000x harder for them.


Why would he trust someone on death row, and a girl that is stabbing her BFF in the back rather than take the initiative himself. It’s just not the smart move, obviously.

Nicky Brand

I agree with you, RS. And it’s not just in retrospect. I knew Frank’s decision was horrible at the time. Sparing Dan was crazy. A form of suicide even. Frank’s best bet was to use that info to try and blow up the Quack Pack, still eliminate Dan, then try to convince Britney that Danielle & Shane will eventually cut her out because of their showmance.

Long shot maybe, but anything is better than what he did. Frank thinks he’s a great player because he wins comps, but his strategy and diplomacy are horrible. If the whole house is always against you, then you’re doing something wrong. He’s Janelle without the social game.


if any of the coaches deserve the 100 gs then its dan for all the brain washing crap he pulled.. if the coaches twist was still in then boogie would be in a really good position, all of his players are still in the game and all the other coaches would still be there cus they all still have atleast 1 player in the is stupid for letting them play, it would be less boring at this point if janelle, boogie and britney were still in there.

La La

Frank is such a cocky little shit. I was rooting for him, but now i can’t wait till he gets his big surprise tomorrow…..the look on his face is going to be epic

BB King

This season should be renamed Stupid People Vs. Dan Gheesling, instead of BB 14. Seriously, how can all of these HGs want to work with Dan and trust Dan, knowing his past on BB10 and knowing that he faked his own funeral and backstabbed Britney. Ian trusts him, Danielle trusts him, Frank trusts him, Jen now seems to trust him.

Have they not been watching and listening to the same Dan, as I. Man, I don’t think Dan’s that good, just pretty damned lucky. Smart people would have targeted him after Boogie or even after Britney.


I somewhat agree with you.

Dan is lucky to be in a house with such idiotic people. They believe anything he tells them. Its the mist I tell you.

These people truly are stupid to trust him. Britney is probably the only one that saw through him.

The thing is Danielle trusts him because he was her coach, Jenn is infatuated with Danielle so she trusts him. Shane is clueless, so he trusts Dan.

I don’t understand it either. The guy constantly lies & schemes & continues to get away with it because these people are to stupid to know any better.

Ian deemed to avenge Brit’s eviction, however he failed to realize, just as Frank said, that he was the only one to vote for her. If Shane cared, he could’ve thrown a vote her way, but again, everyone gets looked over because Frank is target #1 for whatever reason. Dan sold her out and is the reason she was there, but he gets a freaking pass.

Dan is lowkey running this house and I honestly cannot believe it.

Being that this last HoH was endurance, this upcoming one may be mental, meaning Shane definitely isn’t winning it.


Glad to know I’m safe again. I work so hard to stay alive. I deserve to be here more than anyone else. I will go down as the best player in BB history when I win this. CBS owes my dog Mike $100 gs too, I know everyone roots for him like they do me. I’m not obsessed or delirious, I’m just bein honest, like my game. Can’t wait til me and Mike go out to celebrate my victory. I’m hopin to pack some fudge for dessert with my main man yo!!

Ians virginity

Good one bro. I wonder for the Frank bashers who in this house they could possibly find to be a tolerable person? ARe they Dan fans? He is a pretty good epitome of the American Christian. Do whatever you want as long as you’re sorry for it later.


Doesn’t look like a basher, just looks like they’re repeating what frank has said repeatedly in the house, except the last part of course. Why so upset? It’s just a game right? I don’t assume who’s a fan of who, but from the many blogs I’ve read on here it’s mostly obvious Frankie fans like you who get so damn upset over a GAME. Chill bro, Wtf??


So very true, and you didn’t have to up. He’s said all of it(except the packing part). Lol


i wonder if BB is going to bring back players for a good versus evil, they sure are giving Dan a bad edit, and Frank is a choir boy. I would like to bottle Dan’s mist, I would be a billionaire.


Bad edit? No Dan is just bad.


well here we go again with Pimp Danny ! Dan is like a Pimp the Way he uses Danielle, and she acts just like his little HO . what else do you want me to do for you Daddy Dan Who”s your Daddy Danielle. sickening to watch


Dan is not getting a bad edit.There is nothing of him to edit.He only opens his mouth twice a day the rest of the time he’s sleeping or trying to act like a choir boy.All 50 words he speaks a week are being shown


Good god, the things make up can cover. Danielle looks great with it on but the pictures with it off just frighten me.


LMAO. The mist comments are too funny.

Dan really has all ends covered. This guy is too good & these people really don’t even realize it.

the one

i wnt den out with jenn in then denllile finl 3 joe ien shen do you thinks so i do joe will win hoh tommrow in put up den in denllie i belive this will be true den will go home then ien win put up jenn denllile then denille go home then joe win next hoh put up jenn in shen shen win pov then jen will go home then next hoh shen win joe in ien go work see who win ien will win then shen in ien fin2 eudrnce vrs power with shen win by only 3 votes this is how it will go down i belive it do you


Either Cap’n Wedgie is back disguised as “the One” or it’s a relative.

I would change my name too if I was Cap’n or just not comment after all the “Frank win this. Frank win pov hoh then Ian and dan go home…….blah blah yadda yadda…

Excited about Frank’s departure and DE tomorrow night. I think Joe or Jenn will win HOH, unfortunately. I hope one of them go home. Then the battle between the quack packers start. Things will get interesting then.


Is you “a” button busted or what?


Lets see where we’re at with this group,
Dan – sociopath, bible thumpin hypocrite, sleazeball.
Danielle – The follower, can’t strategize on her own at all. Backstabber, Has stabbed everyone close to her in the back
Jack e Oe – Opps I mean Joe, just gross, would be a great politician
Jenn – Hasn’t done crap except for royally screwing Brit over, ruined the show
Shane – Clueless, but does well in physical comps
Ian – At least he has some loyalty to his so called quack pak, he actually has a strategy (although flawed), good at comps
I want to see Ian and Shane final 2
If not Joe n Jenn Final 2, oh how funny that would be
Great jobs cbs, way to cast the players, A freakin monkey could do a better job than you did.
Get a new producer one who has vision and new ideas and integrity, a new casting director, and STOP RIGGING the game.
one of the worst cast/concept/season ever!
No SHOtime or live feeds next time unless things change
CBS – Crappy Bigbrother Show


I agree about it being a horrible cast ALL of them…. bunch of fucking idiots all the newbs, and vets they brought back complete whack season , Dan’s moves the only true entertainment I had this season

Dan's part time bible

I think Danielle’s skin problems are caused by Dan’s mist.


She needs some De-Mistifying Cream


Even with a full bottle of “Dan mist”, every great BB player still needs a little luck in this game. Did you hear Dan admit on tonight’s CBS episode, about when it was just him vs. Frank left in the last POV comp? When OTEV told them the last question, Dan wasn’t at all sure whether the correct answer was Ashley or JoJo (Frank knew right away that the correct answer with Ashley.) So, Dan just decided to “grab whichever name he found first in the corn cobs, bring it to OTEV before Frank did, and just hope for the best!” Dan being able to both evict/sh*t on Frank’s dream all came down to just ONE bit of 50/50 Dan luck: Dan happened to find an “Ashley” corn cob before he found a “JoJo” corn cob! If Dan found first/brought to OTEV a “JoJo” corn cob instead, Frank wins the last POV, takes himself off the block again, and “Frank The Tank’s BB14 Dream” would still be 100% alive and well!


or Dawg.I read a comment on the previous update,that made it seem as though Dan isn’t still controling everyone with his mist(especailly Jenn)is this true?


. It’s good to know that Dan’s mist is still alive and kicking.Lol. Go Dan!


Hmm can mike still win the 100gs? he didn’t press the button


Pretty sure Julie announced that all that was needed was for 1 coach to press reset to send all coaches into the game.

Frank's gone, BYE-BYE!!! Bwahahahahahahahahaha

Frank is going home…(well, Jury house)! He can make a little stipend, nosh on Ashley, get some sleep, dream of Boogs!……Report to Jury, Son!


THe only two that were loyal were Mike and Frank? Just because they aren’t loyal to you doesn’t mean they aren’t loyal. It is ALWAYS all about Frank. Seems to me that Dan, Dani and Shane have been pretty damn loyal all they way through. Shane was even loyal to Brit until he found out she wasn’t loyal to him. I am beyond ready for Frank to exit the house.


Frank stated nothing but facts.

Everyone that he aligned with screwed him over somehow, even Shane.

Dan screwed over Brit.
Danielle screwed over Brit.

There goes your argument.


Maybe Dannie Manson or is it Charlie Gheesling?
Could send out his brainless Followers/Groupies, Danielle n Jenn at dawn to eliminate the rest of the players
It could save the show by turning it into a new cbs reality crime drama


LMFAO @ Joey Spankit rants about the “fight of his life” c’mon buddy, c’mon buddy the only “fight” he been in is with his peepee


I think the house guests and everyone else involved should just be thankful it isn’t Joe’s Mist.

Ians Beer


Joe's Mist

I’ve got em all misted! They think ol Eagle Eye is easy to beat. Powerhouse Joe knows this game


Danielle says “my friend Trey has a car like that but it’s super nice.” Shane asks your dad? Danielle says my friend Trey.

Oh shit, is this the 1st time she talked about trey to shane?


Lol now he’s just a friend when a couple of weeks ago they were boyfriend and girlfriend, then they only went on a couple of dates, then they were going to get married.

The girl is loony.

Clueless Frank

Dumbest bunch of houseguests ever. They have no clue what is going on in that house even though it is right in front of them. Absolutely no observation skills. You mean to tell me you see Dan, Dani, Shane talking and playing games all the time and you still think that Dan and Dani aren’t working together anymore? You know the history of certain houseguests and their running back and forth to tell everything and you still tell them your whole plan? Frank is sitting on all the information that Dan gave him and doesn’t tell anyone? If you didn’t learn anything from Dan then Frank is a moron plain and simple. It might not work but it’s worth a try. I was rooting for Frank to Win (I like underdogs) (he was the underdog from the very beginning) but at this point I can see that he’s just stupid and pays no attention to his surroundings. How does Frank think that Dan would abandon Dani who has been by his side from the very beginning? He wouldn’t do that to Boogie but he expects other people to do it .


Frank knows exactly whats going on make no mistake about that.Frank would not be campaigning so hard if he didn’t,and we all know this because he did no campaigning when he was up against Janelle.Weather it be he observation skills or the diary room he knows


“Jenn talks about how she is trying to help mend that bridge between Danielle and Dan. ”

Can’t you see? They ARE together! There is no bridge that needs to be fixed. What needs to be fixed is your eyes! Wake up and see the mist! BEWARE OF THE MIST, I TELL YOU!

This is why Britney should have stayed. She was the only one in that house aware of Dan’s mist.


Why do you think Dan wanted her out? He knew Britney was on to his shenanigans. She was the second smartest person in the house.


wow so true Britt was on to Dan, so she had to be elliminated, i know it is a game but seriously do people really have to cheat like dan is . i think people dont want Frank in because he actually has fought . Dan has really taken the game down by his deceitful ways. and Ian with His bad language , just sickening


I thought when the coaches entered the game there was no longer a $100,000 anymore because they were playing for the $500,000. Am I correct Dawg?#imon?????


Frank is going to regret “saving DAN”
Frank is going to flip out when he finds out “that DAN got Frank to hand over his “W””
Frank is going to want to die when he finds out “that DAN was the one that SHIT all over Frank’s DREAM”
Frank is going to have a lot of time to think about the different ways he can “kick his own ass” for handing over his game to Dan….HA HA


Thanks for the site and updates Simon/Dawg……..I will be donating the small amount that I can afford………


thanks boogieman I appreciate it. Glad you like the site :)


my friend Trey has a car like that but it’s super nice.” Shane asks your dad? Danielle says my friend Trey. Big Brother cuts the feeds.

feeds cut feeds cut even the producers are tired hearing about f@@@@ trey lol

Feeds never cut on OBB

I was gonna split my 50 bucks between the live feeds and OBB. But I noticed on here that every time things get juicy online, the live feeds get cut. So I then decided to just give all 50 bucks to Simon and Dawg instead.



Carol & Steve

That’s a great idea – just put the live feed $$ here where it does us the most good & gives us the most entertainment. I love the posts & side commentary & love the insightful & comical comments! Definitely next season I’m going to do that even tho I’ve never done the live feeds. Hopefully by next BB I’ll be employed again too! LOL!!

Carol & Steve

wonder if the DR told them to do some scheming tonight on BBAD – nahh – they wouldn’t interfere… LOL!!
must be just enjoying laughing every time Frank opens his mouth & tells everyone how he deserves to be here, yada yada yada!
can’t wait for tomorrow night!

on a side note – do you think Julie Chen could be misted or is she unmistable?


Seriously, at this point…I think Frank is constantly deceiving himself into thinking he’s not being evicted. Because he has indirectly been told he is going and he refuses to put 2 and 2 together. I think he doesn’t want to even try to believe it. Either that or he is just f’n stupid.

And was Danielle BSing when she said this:

” Danielle says I am just trying to think what I did to him to make him not like me.”

She had to be just talking sh*t because…..

Ians Beer

Mrs Powerhouse must be just mortified by what has been on the feeds, BBAD and all over the internet. In this case I genuinely feel sorry that his family is being exposed to his…uh….his….grimyness??? ickiness? joemistiness??? His kids are probably being ragged on at school and the internet after everyone in the free world saw Mr. Powerhouse playing his flute…not once, not twice but quite a few times. Nothing against a guy pounding his own drum BUT he had to do it in the little havenot room with 2 young females laying right there…Joe, ur an ignorant donk! (Get thy little winkie to the shower and pull your plug there)

shane prefers blondes

HAHAHA Danielle shane said Kara was the prettiest girl in this season then he said also Britney…and he said Miley cyrus looks better with blonde Hair… sorry Danielle mayb you should get off cloud 9.. shane named u almost last in pretty girls in this season…..BURNN


Probably hard for her to hear but it’s true they all look better than her except Jenn who is a man,and Jodi who really doesn’t count.She’s not ugly though


Does anyone know if Dan’s plan of making it be a tie with him&Jenn voting to keep Frank and Danielle&Shane voting to evict Frank.With Ian being the tie breaker and getting rid of Frank .Is still the plan for tomorrow?


I wondered that too.. I think that’s the plan still cause you know these people this season don’t want to have the blood on their hands. Ian will prob brake the tie. It would be good TV if He evicted joe who is the one person he hates the most that’s left. However, he’s feeling the mist from Dan so he will keep Joe.


Even though Dr. Will has “retired” from reality TV, I think CBS should hook him up with Jenn City. Have CBS offer her a free session with “Dr. Tattoff”, for his thoughts on all things BB14. Invite Frank along, too, as Dr. Will also deals not only in tats, but “dream removal,” too!


Just finished watching tonight’s episode Frank is gonna be sick about how close he was to winning that veto when he leaves this week


Boogie really was the best coach.If there had not been a reset he probably would still have all 3 players left provided Frank beat out the other evicted house guests to return to the game which i’m sure he would have


Turning off BBAD right after I type this. Why in the hell is Danielle getting pissed at Dan for the funeral??? Is this broad absolutely crazy? She’s still upset over that? C’monnnnnn


Here on the left coast, BB was preempted by political bullshit. Can anyone tell me if I missed anything?

Thanks in advance,
teri b


Simon and Dawg, this is my favorite site to get my big brother updates. You guys do an amazing job. This is my third year coming here, and I will always come back to this site. Just wanted to say thank you for all the time and effort you gentleman put into OBB. I donated $20. Wish I could give more. Thanks again.


Thanks! glad you like our crazy site