Joe tells Shane we need to start thinking smart Dan is the most dangerous player in the house

POV Holder: DAN Next POV: Sept 1 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Sept 3 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Ian Next HOH: Sept 6 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Jenn and Frank
Current Nominations: Frank And Joe
Last Evicted Houseguest Britney

8:44pm Cam 1-4 Kitchen houseguests chatting
random things

Danielle’s Big Brother Crush is Hayden.
Ian says the only person he follows on twitter was Matt Hoffman (@HeadOfHOFFhold).
Ian Asks Frank what his Big Brother crush is Frank says Danielle Big Brother 14.

Dan: “I know Ian’s crush.. Shelly Big Brother 12”
Ian thinks she was a good player the best from last year. Shane in horror “Better than Rachel “ Ian says Yes. Dan thinks that is ridiculous he would pick Rachel over Shelly for his team any day. Ian defends Shelly saying she wasn’t good in physical but very good in other aspects. Dan still disagrees thinks it’s crazy talk.

Frank says Kristen from Big Brother 12 was a “Good looking Broad”
Shane thinks Monet from Big Brother 12 was cute. Ian says Angie from Big Brother 10 was super hot.
Danielle ask Ian what he thought about Natalie or Lydia…

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9:08pm Cam 3-4 Shane and Joe Arcade room
Joe points out that Danielle is talking a lot with Jenn. Joe is worried that Jenn is pulling her over with her and Dan. Shane saw them talking today a couple times for longer than 10 minutes. Shane wants to go up and talk with Ian tonight but doesn’t want it to look too obvious. Shane wants them all on the same page if it’s a fast forward coming up.
They both Agree that Dan and Jenn need to go up if they win HOH. Joe says Dan is the most dangerous with Frank out of the house. Shane completely agrees.
Joe: “We need to start thinking smart”
Shane: ‘Well you do you think you can beat in a competition…. Jenn or Dan”
Joe: “Jenn” Shane: “Well there you go”
Shane: “So you do care if we leave her in the game”
Joe: “Nope”
Joe asks him what they are going to do tonight to waste some time. Shane doesn’t know.. suggests they play badminton or bags. Shane doesn’t know if Ian will play because of his ankle.
Shane: “Ian seems to think it’s going to be America’s choice tomorrow or you have your own chalkboard and it’s going to say this happened on what day.. ”
Joe: ‘I won’t win that”
Shane: “Don’t say that”
Joe think he would win America’s Choice though.

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9:05pm Cam 1-2 Dan and Danielle
They are talking about scenarios and how they might have to cut Shane before the final 4. He thinks they have a better shot up against Joe in competitions.
Dan seriously pushes bringing Jenn into the Final 3. They also have to make her think it was her idea. Danielle wants Shane in the final 3. Dan points out if she cuts Shane in the final 3 he’s likely not going to give vote for her. If she cut him 5th or 4th he still could vote for her.
Danielle tells him that everyone still thinks they are not together. Dan is happy tells her that stunt he pulled guarantees they will never go up together.
Dan :”The endgame is hardest”
Dan: “I gotta win this fu**** HOH”
9:42pm Shane Jumps into the room catches them doing some heavy scheming. not sure if he heard anything

9:43pm Cam 3-4 Jenn and Frank

Jenn was in the DR for 45 minutes she comes out grabs Frank and pulls him into the storage room. Tells him she really needs Frank to stay she talked to Dan made it clear to him. Jenn: “I thought we were suppose to be four” Frank is just worried about Danielle.

Frank: “I told Ian I was open to working with him.. But I’m really not”
Frank doesn’t know if Ian will keep him if the vote is 2-2 tomorrow. Frank is nervous a bit. Jenn says it’s women intuition that is telling her Danielle isn’t going to vote for Frank. Jenn is then worried if Danielle doesn’t she’ll influence Shane.

10:04pm Cam 1-2 Frank and Danielle
Frank trying to get Danielle’s vote “Don’t Sh!t on a Dream”

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Women’s intuition = DR

Carol & Steve

Well I thought Danielle has told her several times she wasn’t voting to keep Frank!
I call shenanigans! Obviously the DR needs a little more of Dan’s mist!


Totally DR—CBS—BB Production….they are trying real hard to find a way to keep Frank & get rid of Joe….hope they don’t make it happen…..if so that is it for me!!! This is a game…..not something for CBS—BB Production to rig for the ratings…they have the ratings….or maybe they HAD the ratings!!!

Just depends on what they try to pull over on us now before tonight’s eviction!!!!!

Ians virginity

It’s a television show before it’s a game. I’m sorry


Actually, Danielle straight up told Jenn that she isn’t voting to keep Frank. Jenn promised she wouldn’t tell Frank that he doesn’t have the votes, now she’s trying to be slick and hint to Frank that he doesn’t have the votes by blaming it on “Women’s Intuition.”


Yes Danielle told Jenn she was for sure voting Frank out when they talked early in the morning and then proceeded to tell Frank that their final four (Dan, Dani, Frank and Jenn) was solid and that he had the vote. It wasn’t until her DR session that she went to Frank with this women’s intuition stuff to warn him that things might not be as solid as he thinks they are. I’m not saying Jenn didn’t know about Dani’s vote already, I’m just saying that production is probably pushing Jenn to reveal more of her knowledge to Frank to stir shit up.

Karen S

I think Jenn is considering that Frank might give her a jury vote, should she make it to the end.
Something that Dan has been covering since he walked in the door. (The Social Game)
And now his taking credit for his (Master mind Play) *sticks finger down my throat*

Karen S

I agree with Carol and Steve.
I used to like the food comps and those that finished last.. was on PB and J.
It pissed me off this season that depending on who was in HOH, that they chose
who was on slop.
I’m really glad to see that I’m not the only one who has noticed Joe, figures this chit out.
As someone already said.. he just can’t win anything to stay. Although, he did pretty well
in the Otev comp tonight.


Yes, Joe! See the mist! See it and TELL THE WORLD ABOUT IT! Let them know Dan needs to go!

Karen S

Who would buy that it’s anything else.. after 45 minutes?
Ya know… the house isn’t giving Joe enough credit. Even though,
he has no credibility with anyone in the house.. He’s been on “IT”..
figuring out the alliances and what if scenario’s with what he see’s.
Yeah, I know.. eagle eye. Kinda wished they were listening to him
a little bit. I have a feeling, he’s been played a lot in his life and can
actually see through a majority of the BS. Not a Joe fan.. just saying.


Joe is getting fed info in the DR too. He’s been a moron with regards to this game up until this past week or so. Remember when Janelle had to do some serious coaching to rehabilitate Joe’s gameplay? Everyone has wanted him out since day one due to his big mouth and food issues, they just keep giving him a pass to get out smarter gamers. He didn’t even wake up to this game until Boogie was on the block. Since then he’s been coached by production (the value of alliances and deal making, suspicious behavior, observations, etc). Joe is as smart as a bag of bricks on his own.

Danielle's mirror

Was production was trying to work Jenn in the DR to get Frank to stay? It’s funny how she thinks of herself as a gamer and has no idea she has been used all season as a pawn. I would like to see her evicted right after Frank.

Carol & Steve

That’s what I thought as soon as I read this! obviously Frank hasn’t taken their hints & put two & two together so they pulled Jenn in. At this point, how much does Frank have on anyone to rat them out to the rest? Will it even make a difference for him this week? I don’t think so. If he can’t see the forest for the trees then he deserves to go. LOL!!

Danielle's forehead zits

from the past, the present and the future, production does it with every single person in the house.


Hmmm…….Production keeping Jenn in the DR for the last 45 minutes! The NIGHT before the vote to decide Frank’s BB fate? When we haven’t seen even 45 SECONDS of Jenn’s DR sessions on CBS all season? Well, what a freakin’ surprise!!!!!! How many words do you think JENN got in during those 45 minutes? My guess? 5 or less! And as SOON as Jenn finally does gets out of the DR, she goes straight to Frank, looking like she’s just been told that her dog died! What production told Jenn was no doubt the best BB action of the entire season.” Not to worry, though. Going through some “deep underground channels”, I have just acquired production’s top-secret transcript of tonight’s actual DR session with Jenn, and I thought I’d share. Some of the best quotes: “Jenn, you know that neither Danielle nor Dan really give a rat’s ass about you in this game, right?” “Jenn, Danielle would really rather spread ’em for Shane than you. You know that, right!” “Jenn, you know that Frank really WILL take you to the final two, guaranteeing you at least 50K, right? And THIS is how you repay Frank’s loyalty to you, Jenn? By not lifting a finger for us (ahem….we mean HIM), to work the other HGs for Frank votes?” “Jenn, you’re not a fighter! You’re not doin’ Brooklyn proud at all! FIGHT TO KEEP FRANK HERE, DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!” “Jenn, pretend you’re trying to convince a major record company to sign your new band to a rich, multi-year contract!!!” “Jenn, tell all the HGs that your ‘never-been-wrong-yet, women’s intuition’ is telling you that you need to beg and plead with all the HGs to change their minds, and vote to save Frank, not Joe, or the BB consequences will be dire for all of us!!!!!!” “Jenn, why are you sh*tting on production’s (oops….we mean Frank’s) dream????” “Jenn, you know that Frank called you a “brown water….” (AG quickly jumps in to interrupt—–then, away from Jenn, forcefully mumbles, “NO you blathering idiots! Don’t tell Jenn that Frank said THAT!!!!!!!!!!!! She’ll never work for us to try to save Frank if she knows THAT!”) Thought you guys would “preesh” this rare production look inside the DR! :)


Damn Frank your my boy but your done.What you need to do is stop campaigning to the other house guests,and start working on the diary room

Team Production

Just sit back and relax…..Count on us to give you a good show….yo!


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if cornhole was the next HOH and Joe won? He is probably the best at it in the house, and they did a cornhole comp last year for veto. I guess it would have to be the 2nd tomorrow night as they need a fast one for the first HOH comp.
Anyway, just dreaming of Joe pulling one down, I don’t want this F2 to be easy with Dan and whomever, ESPECIALLY not Danielle.
Hoping against hope she gets a GIANT blindside soon.

Carol & Steve

I wondered about cornhole last night. I figured they could do it for HOH or POV and just give everyone one shot to either get it in the hole or closest to. It may not be hauling bricks but it looks like something in Joe’s wheelhouse! LOL!!


I am so totally with you on this. I stopped watching the episodes b/c I can’t stand her and Dan, but if from reading this site next week I gather she’s about to get got, I’ll definitely tune in. I have to admit, though, she’s probably wonderful for ratings. Crazy people always are.


Me too. Its not so much loving Frank as it is not liking Dan and Danielle .I stopped watching BBAD as I would just watch it saying how I cant stand these people.

BB King

Joe seems to be the only one thinking intelligently in the BB house. While everyone is blinded by Dan, Joe is starting to see the danger that Dan is. He can think, but the problem is that Joe can’t win, thus he cannot implement his strategy.


That’s what Shoe is for. Or Jank. Whichever you prefer. (both are combos of Shane/Joe)


Jank would be joe/frank Joane= would be joe/shane


Here on the left coast, BB was preempted. Did I miss anything?

thanks in advance,
teri b


Absolutely not…even the DR’s were lame..The show has gone in the toilet,and it’s starting to clog up.Fortunately the double live gonzo happens tomorrow,so it should liven up a bit


they aired the POV competition, which Dan won and took Jenn off the block with so now Joe is up w Frank and they showed alot of scheming that is going right over Franks head so he most likely is out tomorrow, they showed what a tool
Dan has become game wise and they showed a softer side of Ian (and why he moves/rocks all the time)
that’s bout it :)


Thanks guys! I also watched it on and agree, nothing missed. I did enjoy watching Frank lose the POV though. LOL


Also I agree with whoever said it earlier, it was SO cool to see Ian and Dan talking about Ian’s “condition”. Glad he can open up to him. It must be terribly hard to control it in the house with the shitstorm that can be BB.


Rob C

I’m kind of hoping Shane wins BB14. He’s nice guy and not as dumb as people think he is. Plus he’s pretty solid in comps. I think he said at the beginning of the season his role model was Hayden. Let’s see if he can close out like Hayden did.


At this point, with Frank gone, I’ll definitely be rooting for Shane. He’s the only likable player left even if he isn’t all that sharp.

biily bob

oh now dr’s fukin with peoples heads,where were they at when britney needed some dr but to save frank they taint they wanna manipulate,fuk production,lol poor ian better win veto in this dd r he might be gone,


I vote to evict the Diary Room. That’s such BS!


just make it a triple eviction tomorrow, and please CBS stop beating a dead horse with these idiots in the house.


Ok, I haven’t been on this site since yesterday morning so I need to get caught up on one thing…What the heck happened to Danielle’s face??? Gross!! It looks like she’s been in a head on collision. How can she let anyone see her face without makeup especially in front of the love of her life, Shane?


UGA89 she has major zitville going on and she keeps picking at it according to Shane.


If Joe or Jenn don’t win the HOH in this double eviction the rest of the house guests should just open the front door and push them out. I’m gettin’ pretty tired of Jenn huffin’ and puffin’ her game talk when she really hasn’t done anything. At least Joe knows his place… the highest he can hope for is second place if and only if he gets there by accident! haha

Carol & Steve

Next season they should just go old school with Season 1 rules. No POV, slop is slop, no have nots. no diamond power of veto or anything else they’ve created. Then production needs to stay out of it & let the houseguests fend for themselves. LOL!!


It’s nice that Dan knows he will never be better than the great Dr Will.I would be willing to bet if they had those 2 in a all stars season it would be the best ratings they’ve seen in a long time.It’s to bad Dr Will won’t come back.Just think of chilltown with the Dr,Boogie and Frank unbeatable


If dan makes final 3 hes got to be considered better than will also i doubt will would want frank in chilltown wills game was never win a bunch of comps and make enemies he would use frank when he won comps then first sign of danger for him or boogie hed convince them to go after frank will uses people in power and plays a strategic social game which frank cant do


Has Dr. Will said he will never play BB again?


Evel Dick interviewed Dr. Will a few weeks ago and Dr. Will said he will never go back on BB. He even said he doesn’t even watch BB anymore. the only reason he was interested in watching this season was because of Boogie.


The one thing I did notice on tonights show was that Frank seems defeated,if that’s at all possible.He has toned down to a crawl,but then again that’s who he is when not in some kind of power or control. His social ineptitude really shows either way though. Maybe the reality of his stupidity has begun to wear on himself.Imagine doing something as dumb as he did in keeping Dan,and then have to sit in your own pile of shiet,that you created,for a week! Gotta be a tad demoralizing……But I LOVE IT!!! Really don’t care who wins this year,but never really did with this crew.Every season I think “This has got to be the dumbest group I’ve ever seen on BB”,and then the next bunch arrives to prove that theory wrong….smh


I love BB production!! The show will suck after Frank leaves! I would love to see thunder thighs walk out the door TMRW!


I love Dan but I am not agreeing with this week’s move. You have Frank, Ian and Dani in a F2 deal, Jenn in a F3 and Shane in a F4 the ONLY person you dont have deal with, who you have never really played with is Joe. I Love Joe, I would really love to see him win the whole thing just for irony’s sake, but I think Dan should be misting Ian to take him out. You can get Frank out next week then Ian out the next then shane,then Jen, then take Dani to the final. I dont think he can beat Dani in the end tho, really Joe might be the only one who Dan could beat in the end, so maybe I’m wrong about all of this.


Thats whats so weird ! Every one is like Get Frank out, QP til the end, but what they dont realize is they need hated players like him.

Ian said ‘ if Frank goes to final 2, he wins ‘ ; but what these idiots fail to realize is that THEY control the votes, not America. If they don’t want him to win, don’t vote for him.

They have wasted this whole season trying to get Frank out (who everyone on the show pretty much dislikes for whatever reason), and instead, they got out nothing but floaters, all of which they could’ve beaten in the end.

Then Ian has the nerve to get on TV and say his noms weren’t based on vengeance but on strategy. What kind of strategy is putting up Jenn, and risking her leaving? She’s one of the limited amount of people that you have a chance against in the Final 2.

The QP doesn’t realize that the majority of them cannot win against one another.

If any of them intend on winning, they have to take Joe and Jenn to final 2, but these people are so stuck on the Quack Pack and keeping their alliance that they aren’t even thinking about stuff like that.


I fking hate dani she has let dan play her whole fking game for her, she even is considering taking dan to final two and dumping shane. she is a bitch. i hater her she turned on the only people who truly had her back in this game, I hope it turns out that dan would have to slit her throat on national tv and she just balls up and cry. Cant believe she is helping this asshole who already won before get to final two. dumb bitch.


A tad roughly worded…but I agree 100% with your sentiments. She is an awful human being.


I agree with you to some extent but BREATHE.

It’s so weird though that these players fail to realize that Dan has won this game before and he’s well on his way to win it all again.

The players are stupid and Dan is so lucky for that.

If nobody catches on to him, he will win this season.

production rigged it

i know how pathetic is she, stupid bitch even said after his funeral speech that she would have went home for him, the fact that she was willing to be evicted for him even thought she left her life behind to come on the show and he has already won this game before just proves what a joke she is i hope like hell they find better players than her,shane and the ? next year.

the one

ture true she is dumb chick you will cut shen if he didnt win hoh them times you would of been going long time set home seeing it on tv i told you i dont like denille she is drity think she the best gme plyer but den is telling her to do this in she do it dumb chick get her out with den you know


I really think people attach nefarious motivations to production where none exist. Don’t get me wrong, I think production impacts the game, but not necessarily to pick favorites. I think they’re motivation is creating compelling television. Maybe the game selection and the order they’re chosen is meant to favor a certain type of player at a certain point in time, but the DR is very different.

Just think about what CBS wants to show us tomorrow. I tend to think they will play up a sense of uncertainty. Everybody is telling everybody else a different story. Of course, thanks to Simon and Dawg, it seems pretty clear that Dan is orchestrating a 2-2 vote, with Ian breaking the tie. This gives him some cover with the hope of preventing a Frank explosion and helps to potentially win his vote at the end. Frank’s fury will be at Danielle and Ian. So if we all agree to the premise that the CBS show is not always the most accurate reflection of what we see from the feeds, then we can agree that CBS might be taking the uncertainty angle.

Jenn seems to grasp that Frank is going but she still wants to give him her vote. I do think she would prefer Frank to stay, it’s just she doesn’t see the need to go out on a limb and fight to keep him. So when Jenn walks into the DR, production is going to ask leading questions to draw out the responses they need to splice into the show. They want to know what she is thinking as she interacts with each HG, should they use the clip of that conversation. The questions she gets asked is the first time all day she is able to think out loud, with complete honesty. Just remember how careful somebody like Jenn has to be. She’s got a juggling act with Dan, Danielle, and Frank. So she’s opening up and talking about all her true thoughts and the questions are all leading and presenting different scenarios of what could happen. Let’s say for instance she has decided she’s the glue between Dan and Danielle. That she will bring them together, they go to final three, and because Dan and Danielle are estranged, both would take her to the end. But as she very well knows, production sees what she can’t, so she very might well attach hidden meaning to questions and if she is predisposed to an idea or fear, these questions could set her off.

So Production asks: “Are you at all worried about Dan and Danielle being far closer than they’re letting on and if so, where does Shane fit in?” Would she panic and think Frank is a safety net? or “Are you worried what Frank might say if he thinks that you, Dan, and Danielle screwed him?” Would she panic if she thought she would be blamed along with Frank for Britney’s eviction? or “With Frank gone, are you worried that Ian, Shane, and Joe will see you as the next target?” Would she panic and think keeping Frank is her shield?

The way I see those questions is production wanting material for the CBS show. Does it make her see that evicting Frank makes sense for everybody but her? Absolutely. But does that mean CBS is trying to save Frank? Not at all.

Danielle's mirror

I think Dan will smartly vote to evict Frank and not upset Joe. Dan needs to earn Joe’s trust in case Joe wins the next HOH. That is more important than earning a sympathy vote with Frank.


So you think Dan is more concerned with Joe?

Joe has a 1 in 5 chance of winning…and if we’re honest his chances are even less than the numbers should provide. This is not even mentioning that as long as Dan’s not up with Danielle, he controls the vote.

So he’s so concerned about Joe, that he will risk a Frank explosion on a double eviction night with no time to mist, rather than just evict him with a close vote?

Imagine if Dan thinks Frank might say “Dan made a final two deal with me, while he ratted out the Quack Pack (I don’t think Ian and Shane know Frank knows that name), swearing on a bible, his grandfather, and his wife. You cannot trust him. Dan and Danielle orchestrated the funeral and the subsequent deal where I would convince Jenn to save Dan and we would scumbag Britney. Danielle was in on it from the beginning. Jenn I’m so sorry I lied to you, but trust Ian, Shane, and Joe. Guys, don’t let Dan survive tonight.”

It doesn’t matter if some or all of it is true. Dan does not know what Frank could say, nor what would happen next. Danielle will fall apart and go into victim mode if she is pressed in the minutes before HOH, leaving her likely useless to compete. He would have to win that HOH and if he did, he would need to decide on the fly who bought Frank’s story, who would knife him when given the chance, and who he can trust. Remember he would not be able to play in the next HOH.

So Dan, as brilliant as he has been, will risk increasing the likelihood of a Frank explosion…just to placate Joe…the guy who’s biggest contribution so far has been urine and semen encrusted slop burgers?

Maybe you’re right, but I’m just pointing out that there are still some variables at play and the mist is not completely impenetrable.

Stank Frank

You obviously didn’t watch the part where the “reset” saved frank from a 100% sure eviction. That’s production rigging at it’s finest. Just like last year also with pandoras box saving both Ratchel & Jordan.


So Willie being expelled did nothing to change productions plans?

The reset gave all the coaches the option to enter the game, but the result was nullifying Shane’s HOH. So could production have thought it possible for there to be some backlash from the newbies and the subplot of those who were voting out Frank being furious at whichever coaches chose to stay? They could not have thought it possible that the newbies would try to ferret out which coaches chose to play and target them for immediate eviction? Production did not think it might be likely that we would see a true reset of the game maybe with Mike, Frank, Shane against Dan, Janelle, and Britney?

Instead you think it was all just an elaborate rouse to save Frank…for one more week?


You can believe Big Brother picks the winners and losers if you want, but it requires conspiracy theories with no evidence and all the co-conspirators to remain silent. I believe Big Brother is interested first and foremost with creating dramatic television. And my opinion does not require every current and past employee of production to keep secrets, nor do I need any more proof than the examples I offered. Had any been the end result of the reset, each one would have dramatically changed the direction of the game…thereby creating more dramatic television.


Dr. Will is smart in not coming back.

Janelle came back and just about ruined her reputation.
She was horrible this season, not even game wise but as a person as well. Stirring up shit between JoJo and Danielle for no reason.

If I left as the best player, I sure as hell wouldn’t return & run the risk of not living up to my reputation.

Stank Frank

Don’t forget about Boogies greedy jew ass going for the $10,000 over the Safety or HOH. The game would of turned out alot different if Boogie wasn’t a greedy jew.


What does being Jewish have to do with this? Keep your racial rants to yourself, please. It is totally uncalled for and unacceptable to attack someone because of their race/religion.

Stank Frank

lol Boogie really is jewish? I didn’t even know that, I was just calling him a jew for being greedy & going for the $10,000, even Frank was pissed. It’s common knowledge jews love money like black ppl love chicken, it’s not racist, its life, get over it.


I don’t know if Boogie is Jewish or not, but that is not the issue. You are a racist! You stereotype groups and therefore you are a bigot. All Jews like money, well I am not Jewish and I like money. I like fried chicken and I am not African American. Take your head out of your ass, you moron! You are an ignorant person.


You would of thought that BB would of made this game better by keeping Frank in the game since BB had such a HARD time finding anyone to play the game this year and they had to get two players who were auditioning for a dating show. And a cooking chief that picks his feet does not wash his hands and then cooks. And Dan who should burn in HELL for using the bible and religion the way he has in this whole game the only thing kind he has done nice was ask IAN ABOUT his ADHD and Dani who is so insercue about EVERYTHING in life and always looking at her self or looking for a compliment about herself in everything I really feel she will need MENTAL help when she gets out of there from all the stuff Dan has done to her and all the back stabbing she has done and realize how people really feel about her. So starting next week this show with Frank gone this show will REALLLY not be watching for the rest of the season so for next year GLASS HOUSE here I COME and BACHOLOR PAD SO FOR ME AFTER TOMMORROW I AM OUT OF HERE………

production rigged it

they didn’t keep janelle,boogie or britney so why should they keep frank, hell they already saved him once with the reset….and as far as not watching after tomorrow as that old saying goes don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.



Team frank

This show will be nothing without frank. I will honestly stop watching it if frank leaves. I can’t stand any of the other house guests especially Dan.


If I were Frank, before leaving the house I would call everyone in for a nice morning funeral and then aggressively berate at each person one by one what a bunch of bratty, spoiled, lying scumbags they are in front of America.


Frank looked HOTT with his bandana on! I am rooting for Frank or Ian. Imagine if they worked together. That would blindside everyone. Wish they would!

the one

i wish joe win this hoh so he could get den out of this house then nex week ien shen could win in put up denille in jen in get denille out of this house you know i dont like den or denille they not trust worthy they did britny wrong frnk is dumb britny not den he might be lost without boogie do you think so


Am I the only person who wants to know what Ian said about Natalie and Lydia??????? ARGHHHHH!!!!!!!